i also thought he was a vampire for some reason

willowslesbidar  asked:

this is a very random question but if vampires maintain the physical form of the bodies they inhabit, does that mean that they also keep the stuff like bad eyesight or allergies? bc for some reason the thought of a super badass vamp walking around w a peanut allergy is like... rlly amusing. or a vampire who'd be super great at hunting/killing folks exCEPT they can't see shit so mostly they just kinda stumble around squinting at ppl bc glasses Ruin Their Vibe

see i’m not super sure. spike wore glasses when he was human, so i lean towards the bad eyesight no longer being an issue (heightened senses are probably a Big Thing with vampires). i’m not as sure allergies would go away though because there’s no real reason for that to suddenly be a non-issue? maybe since a vampire’s senses are enhanced the allergies might actually get worse which would be…just as funny

alternatively, spike’s been lying to everyone this whole time and actually can’t see shit