i also thought he was a vampire for some reason

Moment You Knew You Shipped Them

Seth Kate Fandom Celebration 2017 (Saturday, May 20th - Thursday, June 2nd)

So technically I shipped these two before the series. The movie actually caught my attention with the chemistry between the characters. Something about Seth (George Clooney) telling Kate (Juliette Lewis) not to save the last two bullets for themselves, but to try to take out another two vampires. Also when Kate asks Seth, if he wants some company and he sends her away with a cut of the money - I always had so many thoughts about that, wondered “what if” then we got the series and well, yup. Moving on to the moment…

This literally paused so perfectly when I was trying to grab the screenshot that my jaw came unhinged.  So it isn’t the moment they saw each other that got me, it was this moment in the motel room when they are alone. There was something about the moment of him opening up to her, without reason or sense that got to me. Here’s what I mean:

Kate is his hostage and in the moment before they’re going to go down and rejoin the rest of the ‘ramblers’ he asks if Richie did anything to her. Now Seth’s shook up about the bank teller, about Richie seemly being off the rails & getting worse, and about how he knows this plan isn’t the greatest, even as he putting it in play, but he still shows concern for her. 

After she admits that she was scared, he didn’t need to respond, but he gives her this brutal honesty when he mutters, “Yeah you’re not the only one.”  Why admit that to her? He could have been just talking out his own thoughts, but there is something about the looks between them here. Like they both realised that he didn’t mean to say that out loud.

The bumps and scrapes speech was great, but there was something about that little moment of trust that killed me.

// I can’t remember if I have already mentioned this.

But basically Controlled Richter isn’t a vampire or any kind of monster. 

Instead it is a manisfetation of everything that he has been trying to contain with himself. His desires, hatred, thoughts amongst others. Things that he would never dare to bring up- by his morales, beliefs and ethic reasons.

This manifestation basically throws away all of those things, in some way- it could also be seen as something that Richter would wanted to be. 

He envies this other personality in the aspect of how free he is, there is nothing holding it back. However, that doesn’t change the fact on how much Richter hates it.

sleepypremonition replied to your post “kira doesn’t need a monster AU he’s already one”

ah, the first thing i thought of was some sort of monster that must kill to keep their appearance! so a vampire but not a vampire lol……but i’m not sure how much kira cares about his appearance so. that’s scrapped

Yeah, vampire is actually very fitting for Kira, which I kind of knew already honestly and also I think Kira gives a lot of time to how he appears to others to have a good reputation and makes sure nothing seems suspicious. he seems to be appreciated by women too and I guess its for a reason (his noodle hair)

Surprise Me

Pairing: Dean x reader

Prompt: gif below

Words: 1905

Warnings: none, just lots of fluff!!!!

A/N: This is my entry for the SPN Celebration Challenge by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing. I got the number SFW09. Hope y’all enjoy!! Feedback is always appreciated!

“Dean, where are you taking me?” you sighed as you sagged further into the front seat of the impala, the leather sticking to your bare skin. It was warm outside, a hot summer evening, making your body sticky with sweat. The windows were rolled down and caused a light breeze to wash over your skin, making goose bumps appear even though the temperature outside was high. 

“It’s a surprise,” Dean smirked as he grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers. You rolled your eyes, looking outside curiously. You noticed you had never been too this part of town before, not recognizing the asphalted roads lined by high trees. 

“Surprise me then,” you smiled while squeezing his hand and leaning closer to him, snuggling against his side. 

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