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Are these on a03 because I’m really intrigued. I’ve been following your liveblogging since like 10pm yesterday

Moonlight and Steel is, but the full version is only on FF.net, because apparently AO3 was being finicky about letting the author post so much text or something. 

Manuahi Mau Loa and Fortunate Son are only on FF.net, under MidKnight Rider, who is @midknightwriter on tumblr. 

Manuahi Mau Loa is, in part, contained in Moonlight and Steel, but it’s also a standalone, and I think the standalone is a longer story. 

Moonlight and Steel is actually the Sam/Jack parts of another, much longer story called Sunshine and Shadow, which follows Daniel from S3 to S10 and beyond and gives him a love interest after Sha’re dies. 

Since I’m only mildly interested in Daniel, and more as a part of SG-1 than on his own, I haven’t read Sunshine and Shadow, but if it’s anything like the author’s other stories I heartily recommend it. 

Be warned that Moonlight and Steel is 185 chapters long and about 315,000 words. Pete is in it, but not for very long. And it’s not an incredibly slow burn, Sam/Jack (spoilers) get together about 30 chapters in, which is good for how long the story is. 

And that was probably more information than you wanted but I have a tendency to ramble. 

modern dregs: jesper

  • social media king, especially with all of those artistic shots wylan takes of him
  • he and nina are always in silent competition of who is dressed better because jesper is always serving looks. never an outfit repeater. loves his lime greens and patterns
  • gets behind every trend, no one can tell him flower crowns are over. he especially loves chokers 
  • sometimes “borrows” from all of the others’ closets, except matthias’s (because his style sucks) and kaz’s (because he’d kill him)
  • takes all of inej’s shirts because they’re so small they end up crop tops on him and he doesn’t have to buy his own. but his favorite wardrobe to raid is nina’s—this sparks many arguments
    • “come on, you’re not mad i took it, you’re mad i look better in it.” 
  • #letboysbefeminine #letboysweardresses
  • and if you don’t think his mother, master of all things, taught him how to sew up his own clothes you’re mistaken
  • (aspiring fashion designer jesper??)
  • works so many jobs: waiter, dog walker, babysitter. needs to repay all of his debts somehow!
  • he’s an enthusiastic runner, tries to quite literally burn out his energy
  • sleeps in too late, always late for school, has to use his charm to get out of detention regularly
  • finger guns galore, pun for every scenario, especially with food
  • also fills up the group chat with ridiculous puns but mostly flirty messages for wylan
  • “jesper, we will start a group chat without you!” -matthias
  • jesper responds with the gun emoji

nina | wylan |

I’ve been thinking about professor!magnus and soldier!alec since yesterday and idk if I want to commit myself to writing something like that when I know nothing about the army but I feel like there could be something very heartbreaking about it. 

Like maybe Alec is about to be deployed and it’s his what… 2nd? 3rd? tour and he’s happy to be unattached, despite what his siblings always say, because he knows how hard it is to be separated from the ones he loves but also to be left behind and he doesn’t want to do that to someone. So he doesn’t date and he doesn’t have a lot of close friends apart from his family and it’s ok, hes doing something important, serving his country and following his family’s footsteps (ofc they’d be a big military family) but then he meets Magnus … Idk where, somewhere random like a bookstore or grocery store or the outdoor market Izzy dragged him to and sparks  f l y. And Alec is confused/overwhelmed and reluctant despite Magnus flirting 110% with him. Maybe they exchange numbers maybe not, maybe they randomly meet again and Magnus is like uh funny twist of fate *flirty grin* and Alec is just…. abort mission holy shit help ???Because even though he’s had flings and hooks up, he’s never had a crush or somebody that made him go w o w  like this and it’s new? But he kinda wants to break his rule and say yes when the hot college professor asks him out and that’s new and kinda scary but he blurts out yes before he can fully think about it or change his mind. Of course, he has a nervous breakdown afterward and Izzy is like pls find your chill but he can’t find his chill cause he’s going away to get shot at in less than 3 months and the timing couldn’t more off and that’s not fair to Magnus to get him involved like that… Because, of course, Alec is the type of person to worry too much before anything even happens. Anyway, so they go on a date maybe a walk at dusk and some ice cream?? Idk why but I’m imagining this is set in a small coastal town? They can walk near the water while talking about everything and nothing?? I’m seeing a make out session on top of a lighthouse? Anyway, when Alec tells Magnus what he does and where he’s going he’s all sorry about that I should have told you straight away when you asked me out but Magnus is all its ok lets just see where this goes, it doesn’t have to be serious since you’re leaving so soon and they agree to have a fling… but feelings happen and it’s inconvenient!!!

I like imagining Alec walking Magnus to his classes when he’s stayed over the night before (Magnus teaches history in this, I feel it). And maybe on mornings he wasn’t at Magnus’ he does a little detour on his morning run to buy him breakfast and he leaves it in his office during the 8am lecture that Magnus hates so that he’ll have something nice after that hardship, a little muffin and a coffee with a cute note on the cup ‘cause Alec is sappy af even though he tries very hard to hide it. And maybe he buys Magnus peonies at some point, just because they’re pretty and Magnus is pretty and he’s never bought flowers for anyone before and he wanted to… And Magnus keeps teasing him flowers are not casual Mister!! because it’s easier to flirt and tease than to acknowledge the fact that Alec is leaving really soon and he might not come back, and Magnus isn’t even important enough to be considered someone he’s leaving behind (or at least that’s how he feels). Magnus tries not to think about it but he’s obsessing over the idea that he doesn’t even know Alec’s family and friends, doesn’t know anyone who would tell him if something happened??? But he doesn’t want to bring it up because it’s supposed to be casual and meaningless, something that ends when the semester ends. So they keep going on dates and Alec cooks for him and Magnus tries to ignore the uneasy feeling growing in his chest as time flies too fast. Until there aren’t any time left and Alec is leaving. So they take a walk just like their first date and they have ice cream and they make love and they definitely don’t talk about it even though they both know that they should and Alec just… leaves. 

And Magnus tries not to have a hard time about it but it’s tough and he’s grateful it’s the end of the semester ‘cause at least he’s busy between marking terrible essays and correcting exams. He goes out with his friends from the history department once they’re all done and he tries to have a fun time, but truth is… he’s worried. He starts watching the news a little too obsessively and his friends don’t like it but he can’t help himself. 

Alec has been gone three weeks when the first letter comes. It takes Magnus by surprise at first because in all the times they’ve been together Alec has always been a man of little words. That’s not to say he was emotionally unavailable or unwilling to discuss things and his feelings, but this is new, the way the words flow easily on the page like it was no hardship at all to put it all down, descriptions of his unit and where he is, a full paragraph about how much he misses Magnus’ cat and nothing about them at all. But Magnus gets it, he sees it for what it is, a peace offering maybe or a stubborn unwillingness to let go, so he writes back. He talks about his students, their successes and their struggles, and his friends, little things that have reminded him of Alec since he’s been gone. Soft stories for a soft boy in a hard place. And they keep going back and forth, sending each other little pieces of their respective lives and it should be enough, it’s more than Magnus expected, but it’s tough and he misses Alec like a limb, misses him in his bed and in his kitchen, misses him when summer classes start and he has no one to hold his hand on his way to work, no callused fingers to wrap around his… But every new letter is a blessing. It says many things but underneath it all, the most important message is I’m still here, I’m alive and I’m thinking about you. 

Okay so maybe it all comes to a halt one day when his phone rings and it’s Alec on the line, after all those weeks, all those months, and he sounds like h e l l  and he’s there on the phone, apologizing to Magnus because his phone bill is gonna be awful but I …. I just… I needed to hear your voice Magnus, I’m sorry. You… you c-can send me the bill if you want, I just… and it takes everything Magnus has for him not to break down and cry right there and then because Alec really doesn’t sound okay and he has no idea what happened and he has no idea what they are but that’s his boy there on the phone who’s hurting and he hasn’t heard his voice in weeks… So Magnus is like Please shut up about my phone bill, I don’t give a fuck about that. How are you? Are you okay? What happened? And Alec is reluctant to talk about it, doesn’t want to give any details, just keeps saying rough day, Magnus, rough day in this small voice and Magnus hates it more than he’s ever hated anything in his life. He doesn’t want to push Alec too hard so he just asks what can I do? and he hates the way his voice shakes, he wishes he could be stronger than this but Alec doesn’t seem to mind, he just sighs like he’s tired deep in his bones, deep in his soul, and says: just talk to me. So Magnus does, he rambles on nervously about what he had for breakfast and what he taught today, his lecture plan for tomorrow, his neighbor’s hatred for his cat and his favorite designer on the new season of Project Runway. He just babbles on, hoping it can help. All he wants to do is help. Alec hums here and there, asks a few questions, especially about Magnus’ work and at some point he runs out of things to say. There’s a beat of silence before he whispers I love you and he knows that won’t help but he can’t keep it inside anymore, he can’t live with this trapped inside of him, fighting to break free. Alec sighs again. I.. I w-wish… You… you shouldn’t say that. Don’t say that, please. It shouldn’t take Magnus by surprise but it does and it hurts. Me not saying it won’t make it untrue Alexander. Alec groans in frustration and Magnus can picture it perfectly, the way he’s probably bent over, head between his knees, one hand harshly buried in his hair. I didn’t want to put you through that. I didn’t want to put anyone through that but especially not you. He’s so noble and he’s so caring and Magnus knew that already but it hits him again, hard, that this is a man who puts others before himself every single time and who will fight tooth and nail anyone who dares try taking care of him. So Magnus does his best to sound as stern as he can:  Well just too bad because I’m here and you’re there and I love you. And you wishing it hadn’t happened won’t change anything and if you like me even the tiniest bit you’ll call me again because I have been worried sick. 

Alec calls every week after that. There’s a new kind of anxiety that comes with waiting for the phone call, waiting for the confirmation that Alec is okay, but Magnus is happy to live with it when it means he can hear Alec’s voice once a week, warm and soft when he asks Magnus what he’s been up to and insists to be put on the phone with the cat. I don’t want him to forget me! 

That boy. 

They don’t talk about what they are again and it takes until Alec is back on American soil, his head buried in Magnus’ neck so no one can see him cry, for him to say I love you back, but it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need it. For now, Magnus cherishes every time his phone rings and he gets connected to Alec, he cherishes every time he can make him laugh, he cherishes every single plan they start making, every single hint that they can have a future together. 

It’s enough. 

Something amazing happened yesterday (August 13, 2016) at Power Morphicon, and I want to take a moment to appreciate it. (Above photo from RangerBoard.)

The current blue ranger, Yoshi Sudarso, is a huge Power Rangers fan. He auditioned for Power Rangers for years without being cast. When he got the role of the blue ranger in Dino Charge two years ago, he was thrilled and since then he’s been super enthusiastic, passionate and an all-around amazing ranger.

His brother Peter, like him, is a Power Rangers fan, and has also auditioned multiple times to be a ranger. Unlike Yoshi, he was never cast. Anyone who follows Yoshi on social media knows about Yoshi’s brother and knows that they’re close: Yoshi and Peter are constantly hanging out together, working on creative projects together, and supporting each other.

At the end of the Dino Charge panel at Power Morphicon, the cast of Dino Charge was tasked with revealing the upcoming cast of the new season, Ninja Steel. Some members of the Dino Charge cast met a few members the new Ninja Steel cast backstage before their panel, but otherwise they didn’t know anything about the Ninja Steel cast in advance.

The Dino Charge cast members were given envelopes that stated the name and color of their ranger successor. For instance, Brennan Mejia, the current red ranger, announced that Will Shewfelt would be the new red ranger.

The last person to be handed an envelope was Yoshi. He opened it, and to his surprise, he saw his brother Peter’s name written inside.

Yoshi went to the Ninja Steel auditions and was told that Peter didn’t get the part. Yet there in front of his eyes was Peter’s name. Not only that, his brother was going to be the new blue ranger.

Yoshi’s voice broke as he announced that his own brother was going to be his successor. His brother, clad in his new ranger uniform, ran onto the stage. Yoshi knocked over his chair in his haste to greet his brother. As they embraced, Yoshi broke down with a giant grin on his face, clearly thrilled that his brother was getting this opportunity.

(Gif by erniesbrainfreeze)

Yoshi’s friends clearly understood how important and powerful this moment was for him. When Yoshi reacted emotionally to opening his envelope, Brennan Mejia looked over his his shoulder to figure out why, pat him on the back and grinned. At hearing the news, the current pink ranger, Camille Hyde, covered her mouth with her hands, obviously stunned, before placing a supportive hand on Yoshi’s shoulder and starting to cry.

As his brother proudly took to the stage with his new cast, Yoshi collapsed back into his chair in shock. The current green ranger, Michael Taber, crossed the stage to hug him, and Camille, still in tears, joined in the hug. When the hug ended, Yoshi pointed at his brother, beaming with pride.

Peter Sudarso is the new blue ranger and Yoshi couldn’t be happier about it. It was the way Yoshi was surprised with this news and Yoshi’s obvious love for his brother that turned this cast reveal into one of the most touching moments in Power Rangers history.

When you trynna kill

But your sensei makes a knot with your limbs

8. A First Kiss (from this list)

(not compliant with dark cupid)

i’ve always sort of thought of mari as being the one with experience when they get older, but the opposite is also an interesting concept, tbqh :3c

“H-hey, Chat?”


“You’ve… you’ve kissed people before, right?”

It was such an odd question that Chat stopped and stared. “I mean… I guess so? Why?”

Ladybug puffed her cheeks at him, embarrassed, and tightened her grip on the string of her yo-yo where it was secured to the next rooftop. “Just curious.”

“Oh… ‘kay?”

He extended his staff and primed his next jump, but apparently Ladybug wasn’t quite done yet.

“Can…” Chat glanced over and was surprised to find her fidgeting. “Can I ask when your first kiss was?”

He shrugged, watching her wind and unwind the string around her fingers in not-quite-concern. “Sixteen?”

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I’m not in the ml fandom bUT @illustraice ‘s Sun/Moon au has me h o o k e d.  Now, I’m no artist so I can’t draw for it (believe me I just tried drawing Mari and I spent more time outlining muscles than anything so that was a lost cause), and because I’m not in the ml fandom and I have no grasp on Mari and Adrien’s characters, I can’t write for it, either.  Buuuuut, given what I’ve read for this AU, I can certainly devise a playlist for it.  Because music is universal.

She is the Sunlight Trading Yesterday | May I Trading Yesterday | Run Leona Lewis | Drop in the Ocean Ron Pope | Little Do You Know Alex & Sierra | Losing Your Memory Ryan Star | Echo Jason Walker | Infinity One Direction | California King Bed Rihanna | Battlefield Jordin Sparks | Bleeding Love Leona Lewis | Listen To Your Heart DHT | Truly, Madly, Deeply Savage Garden | Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s | Saware Arijit Singh

Jotaro hugs my cat, cORA.

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for that reason im telling you all at once that ily 💖 and i hope you all have a nice day!!! happy valentines day!!! 

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also to all the people that received the message from me…. please dont think im dumb… i genuinely thought it was valentines day yesterday…. im on my winter break and calendar? i dont know her… time doesnt exist….. 😳😩👊🚫⏳

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4.7.16+1:25pm // 31/100 days of productivity // hello, everyone! i’m back with the bullet journal ideas. i made these yesterday after studying, and i was trying to think out of the box. also, i got the “celebrity wall” thing from when my friend randomly put “nicholas was here” in my journal. i thought, “hey, this could be a whole other page..” hope you find these useful!

Will picture from yesterday… I need to draw this babe more  <3

I think this is the look of pure contempt exhaustion. I figure capture the flag most be the most exhausting thing ever for the healers, especially Will. Not only do you take part, afterwards you’re the one who has to fix everyone who played rough. 

Also, since in my story //I gotta figure out how to say this that sounds less lame// Will isn’t really around as a counselor anymore, he lets the younger Apollo campers practice their medic skills on him, with varying results, so they can deal with injuries without supervision.



SUMMARY: -request-You told your sister that you have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set you up with people but now she’s coming to visit and you’re in too deep and need a fake boyfriend ASAP. (THANK YOU TO @super-slick-fanfic-chick for letting me use this idea for my series! Love you!)

PAIRING: Barry X Reader

WARNINGS: Swearing, super fluff (like a ton)

If you haven’t read:


A/N: I figured after the season finale, we all needed some Barry fluff. But be warned…angst is coming. I hope you guys like it and tell me what you think and any tips you might have for me! I absolutely love hearing from you. ALSO, thank you so much @winchester-with-wings for editing this. You are amazing!

          You wake up wishing yesterday was a dream. That your sister surprising you, and your best friend becoming your make believe boyfriend, was just your mind feeling anxious over a small lie. Only now, you know that it wasn’t a dream, and that small lie has spiraled out into a larger one.

           Sleepily you toss around inside your bed, cracking open your eyes only to use your hand to shield them from the light seeping through the window. You turn around, pushing your face into the comfort of your pillow. It’s the smell of food that finally edges you out of your bed with a groan, and out into the kitchen. The corner of your mouth perks into a half smile, when you see Barry. His back is to you, but you can still see his arm moving to flip over something on the stove.

“I didn’t know you could cook.” You state, falling into one of the stools in front of the island, and he turns around at the sound of your voice. Now with him facing you, you take the chance to look him up and down, admiring your friend. Although he was dressed in fresh clothes, his hair was messy and frazzled, sticking out in every direction. If you didn’t know better, it would have seemed like he had just rolled out of bed. Damn was he cute like that. Wait, did I just say that? About Barry? He smiles at you and you freeze, worried he just read your thoughts. Could he even do that?

           If he could he didn’t say anything about it.

“Hey sleepy,” he coos, noticing your own mess of bedhead. There’s a beat of content silence.

“How was the couch?” You ask him, referring to the one he was sleeping on last night. Since telling your sister you and your boyfriend lived together, it would have looked a little weird if Barry left. So, he stayed the night.

“I think we’re going to need a new arrangement. Your sis found me out there last night.”

“What’d you tell her?”

“That you were snoring,” he smirks at you when he answers and you roll your eyes. Suddenly the stench of something burning enters your nose.

“Uh, Bare,” you nod your head over to the stove. Barry’s face suddenly lifts in realization, quickly turning back.

“Shit,” he hisses and you see him scrape a black pancake into the trash, causing you to laugh.

“I guess I spoke too soon.”

“You distracted me!” He protests, waving up the spatula to point it at you, accusatorily. You can’t help but to smile. Barry looked so domestic, you can’t remember the last time he looked this way.

“Whatever you say, Gordon Ramsay.” You hold your hands up in defeat, as the sound of clicking heels begins, followed by your sister. Megan’s ready as well, and you feel under-dressed in your pajama bottoms and S.T.A.R. labs sweatshirt.

“You guys are too cute,” Megan gushes when she enters the kitchen and you can’t help it when your cheeks turn crimson. You’re sure that Barry’s are too.

“Morning to you too, Meg.” You greet, lazily.  

“So, are you guys ready?” Megan inquires, clapping her hands together as she asks this.

           You groan, having completely forgotten that she invited you and Barry to go out shopping with her. After she insisted last night to you “that no sister of hers was going to a Gala in a summer dress.” She looks over to you, and sighs.

“Hey, some of us like to sleep. Unlike you and America’s next top chef over here I just woke up.”

           Barry chuckles, but your sister frowns.

“Okay, okay, I’m getting ready,” you exit the kitchen, but not before swiping a pancake or two from the fresh stack Barry must have been making before you woke up. Not like you’d ever admit it to him, but they were delicious.

           The three of you squeeze into the backseat of the taxi that was waiting outside your apartment. Without thinking, you realize you’ve been squished in-between Barry and Megan, their elbows jutting into your sides.

“You know, we could have just taken the bus, it would have been cheaper.” You argue to your sister as you squirm in your seat, trying to breathe and buckle in at the same time. “And roomier,” you add, mumbling under your breath. Barry chuckles, being the only other person in the cab to hear you. Turning to him, you see how he’s leaning into the door.  The car begins to move, causing you to fall into the old leather seats in a huff.

“How long has it been?” You ask Barry after a moment, leaning into him a bit so Megan is out of earshot. He looks at you weird,

“What?” He questions with his eyebrows furrowed, but the corners of his mouth teasing into a smile, implying softness.

“Since you’ve been in a moving vehicle,” you refrain from giggling at the situation. Barry Allen. Able to run faster than the speed of sound…stuck in a cab moving slower than your grandmother’s driving. Barry opens his eyes wide in realization, and chuckles to himself. Before he can respond, a sudden sharp pain shoots to your side, pushing you into Barry.

           Beside you Megan rummages through her purse, completely oblivious. You move to sit up, straightening your back as you do so. Suddenly another elbow shaped jab to your side, pushes you once again into your best friend. Your hands move with a mind of their own, stretching out and grabbing the nearest objects.

           Heat rushes to your cheeks when you find yourself practically in Barry’s arms. One of your hands grips his bicep, while the other stays steady on his chest, his own arms wrapping around you by instinct. Taken out of context, this would be the kind of picture perfect moment you’d see in one of Iris’ romance magazines. A couple cuddled up to each other, their arms wrapped around the other protectively…

           Blood rushes to your face, your cheeks growing hot in what you’re positive is embarrassment. With a deep breath you glance up at Barry, his eyes already trained on you. You expect him to laugh it off, teasing you on how you’re even clumsy sitting down, but instead he’s quiet. Looking up at him, a series of emotions pass over his face, but none stay long enough for you to read them. You’re unable to move, and for a second you wonder if you really want to.

“Do I need to get another cab or something?” Megan’s voice pierces through the vehicle like a needle through a balloon. Suddenly and loudly. You scramble up and off of Barry, trying to appear like the recent thirty seconds didn’t happen as you sit straight and rigid.

“Sorry, uh, no we just, I—“ Megan gives off a quick laugh, graciously stopping you from rabbling too much.

“I’m teasing, Y/n,” she reassures and you can feel your shoulder visibly relax. The rest of the car ride glides into a comfortable silence between the three of you.

           “Guys, this is stupid!” You call out from the dressing room, grumbling to yourself. The zipper in your dress gets stuck as your hands fumble with it, “Megan, can’t I wear one of your outfits from home, or something?”

           It’s not that the dress didn’t look nice. It looked gorgeous on you in fact, hugging your curves in the right places, accentuating certain body parts perfectly, and kindly making your stomach look tight and fit. But all of this was the problem. You’re not sure if you’d like the attention it would give you, or if you even deserved it.

“Y/n, get your ass out here! You’ve been in there all day” Megan calls out,

“No,” you protest, “all day was when you insisted that Barry try on the same colored suit five times!”

          Her silence is a deafening response, and you smirk proudly in triumph to yourself. The sound of footsteps follow, growing loud until you can see the shadow of a pair of legs standing in front of the dressing room door. You expect your sister, but instead you are surprised by the sound of your best friend’s voice. It echoes a bit, deep and clear, because of his close proximity. The image of his arm resting above his head and against the wooden door, lips mere inches away from the solid surface flashes inside of your head as he speaks.

“Y/n, I’m sure you look amazing,” Barry assures, and your heart speeds up a bit, for a second you had forgotten Barry was out there. The thought of him seeing you like this, causes the senseless butterflies to flutter around your stomach, once again. This time you’re nervous, edging on the word of anxious. You can’t place a finger on exactly why. It’s not like Barry hasn’t seen you in a dress before, but lately…

           You stretch your arm behind your back, grasping for the zipper to pull it up any higher, but your fingertips only graze it.

“I need a little help in here!” You admit, calling out to them and the sound of a sigh being muffled by a deep chuckle, Barry no doubt, follows. Unlocking the door you allow Megan inside, and turn around so your back is facing her, hearing the door click as she closes it shut. “I can’t reach the zipper,” you wine helpless, reaching for it unsuccessfully to show her. She giggles.

“I got it, big sis to the rescue.”

           In one swift movement, she zips you up and the dress tightens a bit as it binds together. Resting her hands on your shoulder, she looks straight ahead, seeing your reflection in the mirror.

“See, I knew it.” Megan gloats, but she says it so kindly implying how beautiful you look. You can’t help but to blush,

“Thanks Meg.”

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Her face pulling up into a devious smirk as she says this, causing you to giggle and be worried at the same time. “What’s Barry like in bed?” This time you burst into a full out laugh.

“Hey, I’m serious. What’s he like? I have a feeling that cute, awkward, puppy exterior goes right out the window when the two of you get down to it.”

           Shivers run up your arms and down your spine, as she teases.

“What are you, twelve?” You joke, but you can’t stop your face from turning red. It’s something you have thought about, recently and your cheeks blush deeper. Unfortunately, Meg notices and she beams with pride in herself.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” You give her a stern face, not sure what else to do or say and she pats your arm, “okay, okay I’m dropping it…for now.”

           In a second, she unlocks and swings open the door, “Let’s show him how great you look.” You can’t move, anxiety pumping through your veins and an anvil sits on your chest. She pushes you out with one quick shove, and you have to catch yourself from tripping over the fabric of the dress.

           When your steady, you look up, being met by Barry’s gaze. His eyes are wide, and his eyebrows are raised as he scratches the spot behind his head, like he always does when he feels overwhelmed. Unconsciously, you rub your palms against your sides trying to look like you’re working to smooth out the creases, and not trying to stop your hands from shaking. His eyes find yours and for a moment you think you can’t breathe. All your insecurities melting away from the look he was giving you. One a friend normally wouldn’t give. Barry’s mouth lays open a bit and you have to force yourself to inhale. No one had ever looked at you the way he was, like you were the only person in the room.

           You can hear Megan’s voice, but its soft compared to the pulsing inside your ears.

“Well? Doesn’t she look great?”

           Barry doesn’t take his eyes off of you, but he stammers in his words, “Yeah, she looks…I’m mean…you look amazing.”

“Y/n? Barry?” The connection suddenly breaks by the new voice, and the two of you move your heads to the source.

“Cisco, hey.” Barry breathes out, seeing your friend mere feet away, a smoothie in his hand. You grin, noticing his Star Wars t-shirt.

“What’s with the dress, are you going on a date or something?” Cisco teases, being clever as he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

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The first image is from 6th grade, the second is from 7th, and the third is from yesterday. NEVER let anybody tell you that you can’t improve. Practice does make perfect. And just a side note it’s okay to feel like your old art sucks and it’s also okay to think it’s amazing. I honestly love the first two pictures because it proves how much I’ve improved over the years.


So, here is a lil’ ficlet I wrote for @sweetprincessluck. Also my first contribution to that positivity post I reblogged yesterday (I think?). Let’s cheer up folks.

The ficlet is inspired by this photoshoot.

When she got the emergency signal from Chat Noir’s baton, Ladybug came as fast as she could to the place that her yoyo’s GPS indicated. She was prepared for the worst, yet she wasn’t prepared for the sight before here. She blinked fastly, trying to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating the sight before here.

“I have everything under control, I swear.” imagining Ladybug was giving him that look that said she was entirely done with him, he tried again. “I can explain.” Chat said, his voice muffled by the concrete.

“I’d very much like an explanation of why and how you got stuck in a hole.” Ladybug declared, crossing her arms.

“There is a very serious explanation for this. And a strong, well-funded reason why I’m in this situation.”

There was a pause.

“You chased a red dot again, didn’t you?”

Chat Noir didn’t answer for a while. After a couple of minutes, during which Ladybug looked entirely unimpressed, Chat finally spoke up. “You can prove nothing.”

The superheroine rolled her eyes. From the hole he was stuck in, Chat whined. “My Lady, please, I beg you. Help!”

Rolling her eyes, Ladybug grabbed his tail and began pulling with all her might. Frankly, he was stuck. She tried again, pulling him by his legs this time. Nothing. She even tried to tie his tail to her waist while she pulled. All in vain. Ladybug hid her face in her palms ad screamed in exasperation.

After thirty minutes of struggle, Ladybug realized she could use Lucky Charm. Apparently, a huge bottle of baby oil was exactly what she needed to pull Chat Noir out. So much for being serious superheroes.

Later that day the article on the Ladyblog titled “Local superhero stuck in a hole” which included exclusive pics of the situation went viral. Every since, during a public appearance Chat always sticks one leg out too far while dramatically saying ‘I’m giving you the ol’ razzle dazzle.’


I’m in a weird place at the moment academically. On the one hand I’m really happy because I found out yesterday that I’ve got an interview at Keble College Oxford in a few weeks. But on the other hand I’ve been finding college quite a bit harder and I’m exhausted from travelling quite a distance yesterday on the train up to Leeds. I’ve also got a lot happening as I have a dance exam and EPQ presentation on Tuesday. 😱 Hopefully things will clear up.

Quote of the week:

The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think rather than what to think. - Bill Beattie

yeah ok so i went to see Hedwig yesterday and you think i would have been ready for that but I WAS NOT and jfc Darren ripped my fucking heart from my body wtf rain of tears through 90% of the show also he was hysterical and idk i’m just blisteringly grateful to have had the chance to see him do that it was so so so so good

CAMREN SAC🌎 on Twitter
“Eu sei que eu devo suspeitar do meu ouvido de camren shipper, MAS PORRA ISSO É A VOZ DA LAUREN SIM #ExsAndOhs #BestCover #iHeartAwards https://t.co/J9eS3YABDG”

Some people are hearing Lauren’s voice on that Camila snap … what do you guys hear?

I could hear a very similar voice … and remembering her night yesterday …

We know she was in the car … and someone came in and sat down next to her.

Then she posted this píc with her big ring…we know she won from grandma, but the ring is also something we always relate to Camren cuz Camila have a similar ring.

At the same time I think “they would not risk being seen and photographed having dinner together”… even if it was with friends … but I can also really hear a voice similar to Lauren’s in that video …

I heard something like “we loved!…” or “we hungry…”…. IDK..then she keeps talking “people are not very good…”

Well…. IDK… I’m delusional AF right now!

Punk/Pastel AU

(AN: I’M SO FUCKING LATE OMG SORRY!!!! Anyway, Baz is very soft and insecure in this one. It might seem a bit out of character sometimes, but I just wanted to try it. Also, Simon is a punk somehow, but still awkward.)


I try to go to the library as often as I can. Which is way to often (that’s what Agatha says). But I feel safe when I’m there. My anxiety is always smaller after I’ve been there.

Today I can hardly think about anything else. I’ve been in this classroom for too long, the air is stuffy and my butt hurts. I can feel people staring at me from behind and just hope that they’ll not try to kick my ass after this period. I’ve had enough of that yesterday.

When the teacher finally ends the class, I basically storm out of the room. Having long legs might be helpful, but there’s no better way to become a fast runner than being half-Egyptian and gay. Trust me, running is going to be one of the first things you’ll learn after starting school.

The bus ride is short and quiet. I look out of the window, counting every dog we pass. When I step out of the bus, I’ve counted 9 dogs. It makes me a bit sad, considering my personal record is 26.

I inhale deeply as I enter the library. Excitement fills me while I walk towards the little corner in which I always sit until the day outside gets dim and I have to go home. I have a little game where I try to finish a book before I have to leave. Once, on a Saturday, I sat here for 7 hours. The only flaw in this game is that I can’t cry when I’m finishing a book. It would make me seem like an even bigger geek, and believe me when I say that I’m already pretty far up there.

There aren’t many people in the library today. Normally, this would be the perfect atmosphere to start a book, but it seems to be one of these days where I can’t decide what to read. Nothing feels right. I sigh, sitting down in the green armchair, opening a book I know will be good, but the tingling I usually feel when starting a new book is missing.

Half an hour has passed and I’m not even halfway through the book I’ve picked. But that isn’t what makes me look up. Someone entered the library and I can tell that they’ve never been to one before. They are ruffling around, pulling books out of shelves and accidentally dropping things. I can’t even see them yet, but as I hear someone stumbling over a pile of books, I roll my eyes, deciding I don’t even want to see them. But as always, life is not on my side.

I haven’t even focused on the words on the page again, when someone walks right into the gap between the two rows of shelves where I’m sitting. I snap my head up, ready to glare at the person, but as soon as I lay my eyes on them, my mouth goes slack.

It’s a boy. No, that’s not right, it’s the sun in person. If the sun had a lip ring and wore shaggy jeans and Doc Martens.

His hair is spun gold and his skin is caramel, with freckles and moles dotted on it like tiny sprinkles of chocolate.

I must be staring at him with eyes like saucers, but he doesn’t even notice me. Currently, he’s pulling a book out of a shelve, just to put it back again. In the wrong spot. I frown, looking down on my book again because I don’t want to be caught ogling this guy openly. Still, I sneak another glance at him. He’s studying the back of Hamlet, looking slightly confused. Then, he puts it into an empty spot, between two books by Charles Dickens.

I don’t know what’s happening until I’m standing right next to him, clearing my throat.


Someone clears his throat behind me, and I try not to jump. When I turn around, I am confronted with the cutest dude I’ve ever seen. He’s wearing a pastel blue shirt, light blue jeans and white converse. His black hair is put up in a top knot and I nearly miss the blush under his olive skin.

“Uh, yeah?” I stutter, running a hand through my curls.

His eyes are darting around, like he doesn’t know where to look. Finally, his gaze fixes somewhere over my shoulder.

“That doesn’t belong there.” he mumbles, and gestures towards the bookshelf next to us.

I just stare at him, my brain working harder than ever. What is he talking about?!


The boy bites his lip and I am very proud of my self-control, because all I want to do is to kiss those pink lips right now.

“The book. Hamlet. It’s supposed to stand there next to the other books by Shakespeare.”


“I didn’t know!” I say, trying very hard not to sound like an absolute imbecile.

His brows are pressing together when he looks up at me. The only thing I realise is the extraordinary shade of grey in his eyes.

“Have you ever been to a library before?” he asks.


The boy’s cheeks flush beautifully and I have to tear my gaze away from his face before I do something silly. Like kissing that mole on his right cheek.

“To be honest, no, not really.” he confesses, fiddling with the hem of his Nirvana shirt. There’s something about this guy that makes my insides flutter, but he looks very straight and I’m not known to flirt with boys as cute as him. Actually, I’m known to not ever flirt.

I nod, and after that we spend talking several more minutes about how to behave in a library. When I’m halfway through lecturing him how to find the exact book you’re looking for, his hand brushes against mine. It sends something akin to a shock through my body and I can shut my mouth quickly enough so that I don’t gasp.

This boy is going to be the death of me.


I’m not sure how much time I’ve spend talking to this guy who laughs at my bad puns, talks passionately about the history of this library and shivers every time our hands collide.

But I’m very sure that it’s time to step this up a bit. I really don’t want to leave, not knowing whether I’ll ever see him again or not. (Because I absolutely want to see him again.) So I open my mouth before he can start with another paragraph about the importance of an organised bookshelf.

“By the way, I’m Simon. Simon Snow.”

He looks surprised for a second, but composes himself quickly.

“Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch.” There’s a cheeky flicker in his eyes.

“You’re kidding me, right? This can’t be anyone’s real name!” I exclaim, watching him grin with wide eyes.

“I’m being perfectly serious. You can call me Baz though.”

I nod, while trying to straighten my expression.

“Good, your full name would have been way to long as a contact name. Plus, there’s no way I could have remember that. I’ve already forgot it. You’ll have to type it in yourself.” I say, handing him my phone.

Baz blushes furiously, but starts typing anyway. When he looks up at me again, the smile on his face is shy, but so sweet I feel my heart begin to swell.

Our fingers touch for a heartbeat when he gives back my phone, and he reddens even more.



Simon practically beams when I tell him to call me. There’s a small noise at the back of my throat, but I keep my mouth shut.

I missed the bus, but I don’t even mind walking home twenty minutes. Not when I remember every time Simon glanced at me when he thought I couldn’t see it and how warm his hand was whenever it touched mine.

He might look like a homeless person who joins demonstrations every weekend, and for how much I know, he could be one, but I don’t want to miss this feeling ever again. It’s way too good to give up just because Simon looks not like any guy I’ve ever seen.

He might actually like me and hell, I’m sure I really like him too. I’ve never been more sure of anything.

And he promised he’d call me.

I still have a lot of feelings about yesterday’s episode but there’s something particular that I wanted to talk about. 

None of us ever expected the plot twist that came our way yesterday and it actually shocked me because I didn’t think it would ever happen. We do definitely get foreshadowing for this moment even from when Viktor and Yuuri first left for Beijing. 

At first, you’d think that Viktor was telling Makkachin not to do that because he didn’t want him developing any bad habits. That could also be true but it is also because Makkachin isn’t supposed to eat steamed buns because they are not good for him or he can’t eat them unsupervised. 

It is quite obvious to tell that Makkachin loves steamed buns because of the way he drools and looks at them when they’re left in front of him. 

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