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how does it help louis if we keep going in circles about how much things suck like i think we get it at this point...

Do we, anon? Because I still see an absurd amount of excusing and dismissing what’s going on with Louis, personally and professionally.

There’s also the fact that, through a combination of time and (all too convenient at times) distractions, people forget—the details or the context, or the very facts.

Time and again I’ve seen references to how the US is better when it comes to stunts, when in fact he got asked about his fatherhood and had stunt headlines for several interviews in the US: Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen, MRL, iHeart Countdown, Music Choice… and his TCA press was mixed up with an ‘interview’ about the kid from People, too. That’s just one example, but you catch my drift? 

People forget. And when they forget they stop caring, and they stop fighting. So, yes, I will remind them. On my blog. Because I also believe when there’s an unfair situation that isn’t resolved, you call attention to it. You don’t let it fade into the background; you don’t let the situation become normalized. You can’t fall silent and let injustice become the status quo. 

And I always try to reblog posts which remind people what we can do to support Louis, as well.

That’s my opinion, you’re welcome to disagree and blog however you see fit, as will I.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: don’t hate on popular musicals and call them generic and boring most of them have won tony awards and are tru inspiring works of genius why do you think they’re popular in the first place oh my god also there’s no such thing as fake fans and people aren’t oblivious to the deeper meanings of shows it’s just fun to have AUs and ships and stuff and never ever call actors untalented why do you think they got the job speaking of jobs don’t get angry when actors have to move on from their current show to a better opportunity this is their profession and how they make a living not just an opportunity to have fun and chill with their castmates okay just stop hate in the musical community please we’re supposed to be artists why are we acting like fucking trump @ mexico

I’vebeen thinking we need theme songs for the autism rights movement and my first contester is “Beyond the Matrix” by Epica.

I mean it starts off like this:

Shine through the sky
Beyond the matrix
Feel what it’s like to be divine

Autistic people are often said to see the world differently. We can see “beyond the matrix”. Also here’s a beautiful uplifting part:

Shine past the sky open your mind
Then you will be balanced and free
Be the master over your own energy

And then we directly move on to THIS:

Live in this moment like there is no past
All that matters is to be who you are
Be in this moment judgments will not last
Urge yourself again to claim back your life

I mean how many of us are still scared to openly show to be autistic? This seems like a sound summary of our movement.
Second Verse:

Shake off oiled feathers leave your past behind
Use your inner force to reach your true self
When there’s no future you can’t be occupied
By non-essential waste and ruins of the past
Recreate your hologram
Dare to dive and fall
The point of no return restrain us

Someday you’ll open up again
To learn and grow
Someday you’ll have to reach for new endeavors
To perceive your inner self
Perceive your soul
Someday you’ll start to live your life

Heck yeah, right?

Responding with anger
Responding with peace
The choice is all mine

Pretty self-explanatory. We have to defend ourselves when others want to destroy us but how we do that is our own decision.

It’s a small lie for a man but a giant blow for manking
We are almighty now
We have found the alchemy of life
We are all dominant here
We are the force in control

A little aggressive maybe but who unlocks our human existence will be in control inevitably. And I’m pretty sure that won’t be an allistic. People forget the achievements of autistic people all the time. It’s small lies but they add up.

And here are the last few lines which I think incorporate what we’re all fighting for:

Be the master over your life
Stay in charge maintain your duty
Dive into the sea of pure tranquility
We will be finally free

What do you say my friends?

(Small epilepsy warning for their newer videos, they work with flashing lights a lot.)

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Can I get hcs for what Erik would think of a shy admirer that likes to listen to his music but is to timid to tell him herself and also has feelings for him?

  • He’d know. He’s not the Opera Ghost for nothing.
  • He’d deliberately play in places that he knows she’s lurking in.
  • Erik would somehow figure out what her favourite pieces are and play them more often.
  • He’d likely watch her body language to see which songs get the biggest reactions from her.
  • He would be flattered, I think, and would know she’s not mocking him because they’re strangers. Never met before and you would have trouble mocking a stranger on a personal level so he rules that out.
  • He would speak to her using ventriloquism, not giving away his true location.
  • Watches her, getting to know her, figuring out who she is, her strengths and weaknesses etc etc. 
  • He doesn’t tell her that he knows that she has feelings for him - that’s something she has to tell him herself.
  • Probably shows himself to her one night when she’s crying, just to comfort her.
  • Compliments her taste in music and asks if she’s musically trained. If not, does she want to learn?
  • It’s almost like Christine 2.0 but this time he does everything right.

Phantom of the Opera: @liemarce @bingewatchingmylifegoby@sky-the-llama @suddenlyitisntwhatitusedtobe @phangirl-ofthe-operra @phantom-of-the-keurig @oddybutgoodie @starwarsandstufff @shingeki-no-julchen @keithmoonmoon @wolfwithabook @morningisnotalright @sanity-is-overratedxp @phantom-triumphant @daaerik @talesfromthecrepe

JUST Erik: @amariscorvo  @allthatyoudreamedicould

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What are your favorite background bits in the show? I like Madame Giry's "no boys" policy and how she reprimanded the one ballerina for flirting. And of course, Degas.

The whole Degas sequence is so beautiful I sometimes completely zoom out of the “Little Lotte” moment. I just love watching the ballerinas in the background. It’s one of THE best “pointless” background details ever in a musical.

I also love watching the various formations in Masquerade. Esepcially the whiteface clown & co, when they go to the side of the staircase, lean over the balustrade and just comment on people or poke at people or do silly stuff (it varies within productions). I think it’s when Christine and Raoul sings, so it’s easy to miss!

Come to think of it, both of these are due to Gillian Lynne’s choreography and blocking. She really made everyone on stage *do* stuff, to add to the storytelling or atmosphere.

idk if im over analyzing but ik in history art alway reflects the emotion of the its time period and looking around it’s so true? like lately tv shows have gotten more serious and cryptic, music has gotten darker, even fashion? and also nostalgia; were clinging onto the past and better times. i was watching forms of therapy on youtube (best kpop reactions btw) and he was talking abt this 90s trend in kpop and music in general and it’s honestly so true? and look at fashion too? i thought we all swore off denim!!! i even threw away my old denim jacket. anyway but i just think this is so interesting bc it rly does reflect the overall mindset a lot of us have and it’s usually something we look back and analyze but it’s happening rn and esp with social media and internet the shift is so drastic

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Hey Jenna, I'm roughly 5'1" with a petite figure, and people are always surprised when they find out that I listen to heavy metal. 🤦‍♀️What are some of your favorite metal bands/songs? I'm genuinely curious. 😄

That’s so weird. What does your height have to do with music? 

It depends on your definition of metal. My favorite band is NIN, which some people consider metal, but I don’t fully. I also really like Slipknot, SoaD, Beartooth, some Trivium, some Killswitch… I also like Marilyn Manson which again I don’t think is metal but some people will call anything that includes black leather and black hair dye metal.


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A/N: Listen I tried to do a bullet point scenario but that ended up garbage and its 12:33PM and i stayed up till 2am playing splatoon 2 and animal crossing but im not sleep deprived im just not thinking right ok. HAPPY BIRTHDAY/LATE BIRTHDAY WOOZI. Inspired by this beauty

Also sequel to Gone? kinda.

Genre: ANGST i still try. cries.
Word Count: 872 uhhh

Ever since Jihoon was discharged, he was out of his mind. He didn’t know what to do. He kept crying and crying. He hoped to see you again, even if he knew he couldn’t. He laid on his side of the bed, imagining if he saw your figure there, laughing. Since Jihoon couldn’t hear anymore, he couldn’t play music, he didn’t have a purpose, but you, your figure still haunted him. He wrote and wrote hoping you could see this, hoping you could be with him.

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1: what inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me! A significant portion of things I write are inspired by fanart, but I’ve also picked up inspiration for different things from music or movies or prompt memes or random conversations.

I’d say the common thread, though, is the dynamic between characters. There has to be an element of tension there to really grab my interest, and I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve written so much for so long for Rhys and Jack - especially given the range Rhys is given in TFTBL, you can make them fit together a lot of different ways, and explore a lot of different dynamics.

34: a scene/paragraph you wrote that you’re proud of

I am really fond of this scene from The High Road is Hard to Find

Then there’s a day where he wakes up in the desert and he doesn’t know who he is.

He knows he’s not on Helios; the bright sunlight piercing his eyelids gives that away. He rolls over and cracks his eyes - the morning disorientation usually goes away after a bit, he just needs a few second to adjust. He’s lying in the shelter of a billboard listing gently in the sand. It’s seen better days but it’s still intact enough to keep him out of the wind. He sits up, blinking to help clear the cobwebs, and the faded paint-job swims into focus.

Handsome Jack welcomes you to Paradise Crossing , the sign reads, and that’s his face up there, larger than life, but that’s not him, that’s not him-

He scrambles backwards until his back hits an outcropping of rock, eyes fixed on that face. That is his face, he recognizes it from the mirror - doesn’t he? - but that’s not his name - isn’t it? - and that’s when a shadow falls over him and he hears the distinctive click of a safety coming off.

Instinct takes over.

He lashes out behind himself, catching a leg and pulling the bandit down on top of him. They roll together for a few bumpy seconds, elbows and fists flying, but he makes sure he comes out on top and in possession of the gun. He pauses, breath heaving but pistol aimed steadily at the bandit’s face, which is rapidly paling.

“H-h-handsome Jack sir! I-I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you -” He realizes his goggles have broken and his scarf is loose around his neck, but the bandit’s words bring a wash of clarity.

“Wrong,” Timothy says, and pulls the trigger.

One of the most interesting things to me about Timothy Lawrence is his relationship with Jack, and in this fic it’s something Timothy really struggles with - the constant invalidation of his own identify, and layering over himself with Jack. In this fic Timothy is attempting to reclaim himself the only way he feels is left to him, and this is a moment - and not the first one, either - where he temporarily loses his grip on it.

(Writing Ask Meme)

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Ugh my day sucked I was home sick!!! But how are my favorite boys? I also wanted to know, are Herc and Laf together? If they aren't so you think they should be?

Alex: I’m really sorry your day sucked(Even though this was a few days since the idiot running this blog doesn’t know how to do their damn job)

John: (Alex!) We have been good, I guess. I’ve been sick, actually. And Alex got himself stuck up a tree.

Alex: It was not my fault!

John: Yeah, whatever you say, babe…


I wanted to finish it for Klance week but didn’t find the time 😳 The prompt was Welcome Home so here it is.

(beware of the volume, it might be loud!)

Don’t repost


But we’re a million worlds apart..

self indulgent boyf riends playing ds in the woods