i also think that the music

queen-of-parenthesis  asked:

So I want to get into clipping. but idk how I'd go at it. Is there a certain order I should to the songs in or something you'd recommend?

GOOD ASK!! it really depends on what kind of stuff you’re into, but I think their latest album Splendor & Misery is a good place to start (its my fave album by them so far). Here’s the synopsis:

like…………..i love them

OK SO u should listen to these songs in the order they appear on the album bc its a narrative (u should do that for all of their albums tbh.. im not like a Music Purist but if the band puts their tracks in a certain order they did it for a reason….also use headphones) here is the full album on youtube, tracklist in the description, which is nice bc it preserves the smooth transitions between the songs unlike spotify or bandcamp

If you like Splendor & Misery they have 3 other albums u can listen to:

Wriggle came out last summer, its.. it sounds like the album cover, basically. like a few of these songs legit fluster me to the point where i get embarrassed listening to them around other people LMAO.. anyway its a great lil EP that gets bonus points in my brain bc Cakes da Killa and Antwon have verses on it and i love them both

CLPPNG is from 2014, its the first album i heard by them & it is very close to my heart. I think Get Up is the song that made me a clipping fan, but tbh i like every track on this album save one. Fun Fact the title doesnt have i’s bc daveed didnt write any of it in first person which is pretty cool

Midcity is their first album its rad as shit and harsher/more ear-bleedy than their other ones and i just remembered as i typed that that THIS is actually the first album i heard by them, i listened to it when it first came out and didnt like it because my music taste in 2013 was like, sad indie men in the woods. anyway, get money

afirewiel  asked:

What is your favorite non-Austen period novel? Movie?

Okay I’m gonna do a rundown of all my favourites because making me pick one is just mean. (Also at one point in my notes on the following books and films I just wrote “Bagels” and I can’t for the life of me think what I might have meant or autocorrected that from. Maybe a shopping list started to take form. I don’t know.)

(If the film Miss Austen Regrets and book Longbourn by Jo Baker count as non-Austen then include them.)


Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India - 2001 (Sports! High stakes! Sticking it to the Colonial Man!)

Mozart’s Sister - 2010 (Beautiful music! Gorgeous androgyny! GIRLS CAST TO PLAY THEIR ACTUAL AGE AND NOT SOME 20-SOMETHING PRETENDING TO BE FOURTEEN!)

Possession - 2002 (I’ve tried the novel, and A.S. Byatt has some beautiful prose but her structures sometimes do my head in, so never finished it. Ignore Paltrow as best you can and enjoy lush Victorian Gothic mystery and the ending is one of the most poignant things I’ve ever been pleasantly surprised with on film, and it leaves you wondering about many, many things…)

Jodhaa Akbar - 2008 (You could put Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in the worst commercial ever made and I would watch it. Costumes, scenery, and, as a friend once put it “I’m not sure how they did it, but they just had a sex scene without any sex.” Bravo.)

Water - 2005 (Deepa Mehta is such a fantastic filmmaker and I loved this whole trilogy but Water is my favourite.)

Elizabeth - 1998 & Elizabeth: The Golden Age - 2007 (The costumes! The caMERA ANGLES!!! The compli-fucking-cated mess that is Elizabeth I.)

[Okay Tumblr won’t let me embed any more trailers, but those ones are easy to find, they’re out there.]

Vatel - 2000 (Any foodie who is also a fan of The Sun King and his era will dig this one. A great score, baddie Tim Roth.)

Alternatively, in the same era: A Little Chaos - 2015. Storyline is a little weak, but it’s so beautiful and the cast is great and the M U S I C. Kate Winslet. Alan Rickman. Helen McCrory. STANLEY TUCCI.)

Also: they’re not films, but TV shows - honourable mentions to the Spanish series Gran Hotel. It’s like a good version of Downton Abbey, only sorta on crack and with a tonne more murder mysteries; and while I have some Issues with its so-called hero and some comparatively weirdo plot-points in S3, overall, it’s fantastic and I’m obssessed. Please don’t mix it up with the Italian re-make which looks horrible in every way. Like, main actors dressed in a poorly-sewn-table-cloth-bad.

And shout-out to the new CBC/Netflix series Anne. I will defend this show to the DEATH, alright? They’ve gone bolder and fresher and have managed to involve period realism in a moving way while retaining the sunshine-and-pinafores element that so many people love about L.M. Montgomery’s work. There’s heaps of women with production credits, and I think it shows. Geraldine James is already my favourite Marilla after one episode, and I feel like R.H. Thompson (HEY JASPER DALE HEEEEY!) and Amybeth McNulty are likely going to become my favourite Matthew and Anne, too. People have complained about this series going off-book and in particular some have condemned it sight-unseen because the writers/directors are putting a feminist spin on it and OH GOD THEY SAID FEMINIST QUICK WE GOTTA SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE BECAUSE CHILDHOOD IS RUINED, but honestly it’s just perky and gorgeous and scrappy and nobody can tell me to my face that Kevin Sullivan didn’t go all the fucking way off-book from the very beginning so I am not gonna sit here and insist that the Megan Fallows Anne of Green Gables was perfection which could never be improved upon because that’s just a plain lie. It was nice and it has its place but it’s time for some new blood. (And NOT the telefilms they’ve also come out with recently with Martin Sheen, bless his heart, but they took a brunette child actor and dumped an atrociously stark box of red hair-dye on her before drawing on her freckles and then telling her to please play everything theatrically to the back of the house even though there is a camera ten inches from her face.) I am HERE FOR ANNE. RIDE OR DIE.


After that you might assume my L.M. Montgomery recommendation would be Anne of Green Gables and sure I won’t say DON’T read them, but for my money the Emily of New Moon trilogy is more my jam and I wish to God and Netflix in all my prayers that there might someday be a decent adaptation of them.

I was really into Cassandra Clark’s Abbess of Meaux mystery series for a time, but then things went a bit pear-shaped in what I think was the fourth(?) book and everything was OOC and honestly I haven’t caught up on the later books after that and they seem to be self-published now but I am a sucker for nuns and mysteries so I’ll probably get back into it when I have time.

The Princess Priscilla’s Fortnight and The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth von Arnim. Vacation-reads! Beautiful prose, some wry wit, and fun hijinks. If you’ve ever wanted to run away and live in an isolated cottage in the wilderness for a little while, these are for you. [ETA: I recently got my hands on a copy of The Jasmine Farm so THANK YOU to one of you who recommended it I am loving it so far only I don’t see the appeal in Andrew so wtf Terry you can do better.]

Edward Rutherfurd’s geographical history novels–Sarum is the classic to start with, but the others I’ve read are very good, too. (London, New York, and I’m now working my way through a first-edition of Russka.)

Amy Levy. A M Y   L E V Y. Criminally under-recognized Jewish Victorian novelist and poet. Novellas Ruben Sachs and The Romance of a Shop. (RS a beautiful and bittersweet story about the conflicts between love, identity, and expectations, and some would say a response to George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda. TRoaS reading a bit like a less treacle-sweet variation on Little Women, where four sisters try to make their way in the world by setting up their own photography studio in late 19th century London.)

The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgkin Burnett. Colonialist racism appears in this one, so be warned. Still the book is a THOUSAND times better than the utterly dreadful adaptation known as The Making of a Lady. Jane is better, Emily is better, Walderhurst is better, pretty much EVERYONE IS BETTER. The pacing is better. The plotting and suspense make actual sense.

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. A classic, and the grand-daddy of every secret-identity superhero.

The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy. Like, it makes me MAD how good these books are.

And last but not least, a non-fiction selection in Vere Hodgson’s WWII diaries: Few Eggs and No Oranges. Nothing else has ever brought the experience of living (or trying to) under the shadow of the bombs and the threat of invasion quite like these diaries. Fascinating details, engagingly written, and at times a stark reminder that the Allied victory we take for granted in our history could by no means be counted on by the millions who dwelt in daily uncertainty.

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yall my heart is rly gonna break, monsta x always work so hard and improve each comeback because not only do they want to better themselves and their music, they also feel like they can’t disappoint fans (which is impossible really, they’ve never disappointed us) and to hear that all they want now is a nomination instead of a win is so terribly sad because it’s really on us as fans to give them those things and it’s definitely not too much to ask of us considering all of the hard work they’ve put into their careers and the love and trust they’ve given us. really, all i can think of is that one vlive during rush promotions where they were telling us it’s their fault they didn’t get a win and how sorry they were and how they’ll work even harder and it makes me want to cry now just thinking about it because it’s never their fault. it also just makes me worry because how hard do they have to be on themselves to feel like not getting a fan-voted award is their fault??

i know they have plenty more years to come but they deserve this long-awaited win NOW!!! this comeback is evidence of the amount of effort and care they’ve all put into the album as a whole and i really think it’s the best comeback they’ve had so far. can we just applaud the fact that their first full album is absolutely amazing?? they’ve never released one bad song but this album really hits it out of the park! ‘beautiful’ is an amazing song and has stunning choreo, it deserves all the hype it gets. plus, i feel like this first win will give them the recognition and validation they deserve. they put so much pressure on themselves, this win could ease some of their worries about how they’re doing as a group and show how much we care.

can you just imagine they finally get their first win??? on a song from their first album??? JUST BEFORE THEY HIT THEIR 2-YEAR MARK???? i know we have a few odds stacked against us so please, monbebes, i hope we can pull it off this time and give them a win. fans of other groups, i hope you can give our boys a chance to at least check out their music and see why we love them so much, or just help us out with streaming and voting because we are a kinda small fandom and only have about 4 weeks before they stop promoting ‘beautiful’. please, let’s do this for them.

answering asks!

heheeyeyeheyehHE hey

oh also since this was asked a couple times.. chapter 4 will be starting after i finish the mini comic! i’m currently done with 1.5/10 pages of that.. so i’m unsure when EXACTLY but yea

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Holy crap fusions can fuse the weapons as well! That makes sense. I’m in love with the design of her bow.

I forgot to mention but i love this freaking music. It’s absolutely fantastic. I think the fusion dance music had Pearl and Amethyst’s themes as well, that was a really great detail, Opal’s theme is also excellent. The music composers are really talented people.

I also like how they didn’t just put Amethyst and Pearl’s voice recordings over each other and got a whole new VA for Opal.

Opal is officially fighting Garnet for most badass character.

Also… now that i am putting these two together, they have lots of similarities. Garnet has two gems as well, they’re from the same color scheme, she has incredible strength and fast reflexes, and so does Opal, Garnet has three eyes, Opal has four arms. That might be some typical crazy theory, but what if Garnet is a fusion as well? That would explain most of the things around her, including her having more abilities than the other gems, her extra eye, super strength, two gems, etc. But i might be just overlooking at things, it’s pretty hard to tell whether that’s true or not right now as we’ve just been introduced to the concept of fusion.

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion of the 1997 Anastasia movie? Do you like it?

I do! I think it is a lovely fairytale with beautiful music. Once Upon a December is, in my opinion, the most powerful song from an animated movie ever. The film was also where I heard the name Romanov mentioned for the very first time in my life, so bonus points there! :) Since it is very easy to do a research and realize how inaccurate the movie was, I do not even mind recommending it. It is a good baby-step in the direction of becoming a Russian history enthusiast.

eene-fangirl  asked:

Does Ed have any hidden talents?

ed has many talents which consist of art, of course, considering he does a lot of art for eddy’s scams. for example, the scam in take this ed and shove it, which i think is the most artistic scam? i could be wrong.

he even draws the characters in either almost the show’s style, or the show’s style. if you think about it, it means in the show’s universe, he does realism.

ed even supposedly sculpts or creates toys, or, at the very least, paints them, as his table has sculpting and painting material on it (sorry for the horrible quality and sign in the way)

and he clearly has musical art talent.
he’s seen in the show playing the flute exquisitely

and even though it was quite bad, the violin

at school, he plays the saxophone, but also quite badly

however, as for hidden talents, it’s a possibility he does have some. i dont have absolutely all the episode plots in my mind, but ed does a lot of things. he probably makes his own comics.
this may be a wee bit odd, but with a tongue like THIS

he can probably do plenty of things with it (i know its cartoon exaggeration, but- its evidence he’s probably got the longest, right next to eddy since eddy can do a whole turban with his)

sorry if this didnt exactly answer your question otl ive never gotten an inbox to answer before

anonymous asked:

I've seen people making symbolic references to the two proposals. They said in the first one, you have darkness in the room, but the lit candles make up the "artificial lighting". And the fact we didn't hear Iris say yes was a sign that something was wrong. For the second proposal, we see natural light coming through the window into the dark room, signaling that the dark days for WA are over. And it also ties into the fact that we see Iris say yes this time. What do you think?

YAS, I totally agree with those statements anon. It’s funny becuase a lot of the impact of certain scenes, with any OTP, has to do with the lighting (as well as the music) and the feeling it evokes; yet most people don’t acknowledge it conciously. How a scene is shot is often very telling of the story they creators are trying to tell you. As a matter of fact, I read upon somewhere that Greg Berlanti id known for visual symbolism. So if a scene looks dark and gritty or light and magical, it’s purposeful. 

I really like that explanation about the types of lightings, artifical and natural, because it’s  actually very accurate. The candles create a romantic aura, but it indeed is “false” lightning. Inclusively, all the candles crowd the room in a way that reflects on all the heavy shit that Barry is carrying on his mind and how hes trying to emerge with love from the figurative hell that’s “burning” him. In the lastest proposal, the room is dark but still illuminating. It showcases the light at the end of the tunnel. if you will, in this dark place they’re stuck in right now, i.e. the looming death of Iris. Then, we see the lighting turning warmer at the end as it symbolizes that love will prevail. It was just- it was brilliant and I think it was purposefully done for sure, so I appreciate that they did that so tastefully. 

francisballoonpants  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for wlw content? Movies, books, youtubers, music, etc

Ohh okay yes! I’m gonna organize this and make it all nice! These are some of my favorites and most of them are happy and positive.. I may add to this as I think of others though, these are just off the top of my head.. I hope there’s some you haven’t heard of!

  • Saving Face
  • I Can’t Think Straight
  • All About E
  • Yes or No
  • Imagine Me & You
  • D.E.B.S.
Books (I’ve only ready a couple, but they were pretty fun and good! I also have a goodreads list of wlw books I want to read but haven’t yet here)

  • The Abyss Surrounds Us
  • Of Fire and Stars


Music (okay i have a few wlw playlists on 8tracks here and here but these are some of my fave wlw artists)

  • Be Steadwell
  • Hayley Kiyoko
  • Mary Lambert
  • Halsey
Karamel Fanfic #31 Part 2

WARNING! Spoilers from Supergirl 2x16 and the Flash 2x17 (aka MUSICAL CROSSOVER!!!)

Title: Returned

Prompt: Mon-El talks to Kara while she’s in Music Meister’s coma.

Word Count: 3776 

Part 2 of Someone Who Doesn’t Leave

Part 1: http://busysciencegeek.tumblr.com/post/158601624828/karamel-fanfic-31

Also posted on AO3

Notes: Well, my initial plan was to write this and publish it before the Flash episode aired, but I had three exams this week and, well, it didn’t really work out for me. BUT what a week it was! Double dose of Karamel, with the musical crossover, all of my faves singing… It was just AMAZING! I don’t think anything I wrote can top what the show did, but I think I’d seen a post - I have no idea whose it was - on Tumblr about Mon-El talking to Kara about how much he loves her while she was in coma, and then she hears it, and I’d really liked that idea and wanted to play with it. I didn’t write Kara’s POV while she was in Music Meister’s dream, but you can imagine it being more or less the same as the show except the ending. 


Requested by @taurusclh. I hope you’ll like the second part of this, sweetie :))))))

Mon-El didn’t know for how long he’d been sitting next to Kara, watching her sleeping figure. Maybe it had been an hour. Maybe two. Maybe it hadn’t even been more than ten minutes. It didn’t really matter; after all, no amount of time spent by sitting here could change Kara’s condition.

Yes, they’d came to Barry Allen’s earth after Kara was knocked out cold when the alien, whom team Flash was calling Music Meister, showed up in the DEO, stole Kara’s interuniversal travel device thingy, and sang out, like it was a damn musical, that now that he’d gotten the “Girl of Steel,” he needed to go and catch “Fastest Man Alive.” All Mon-El and J’onn could do was follow him, with Kara in Mon-El’s arm, to catch Music Meister and bring the Kryptonian back.

But of course, because they were the luckiest people in two universes, everything had to turn to hell not a day after they arrived. And now, Barry was in the same condition as Kara, Music Meister was locked up in the pipeline and was being as cryptic as ever, and they couldn’t find a damn way to bring either of the superhero back.

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anonymous asked:

With zayn coming out on may June do you think that's why Harrys team is releasing things now instead of later music wise

No, not really? Harry and Zayn are in two totally different genres, and lets say the reports Harry is releasing his single on April 7 are true. Harry’s release date probably has more to do with Dunkirk and less with Zayn.  I actually think that’s kind of smart of Harry’s team, because you figure an album is probably somewhere in the May/June range, and that gives him time to do some promo for it and also capitalize on all that Dunkirk goodness. ::boob shrug::

anonymous asked:

if anything, i think darren may be doing the show in the west end. i think it's too early for a revival in NYC, plus in Sophia Anne Caruso‏'s tweet, it said the shoot was for Today Tix UK.

No. Right after she tweeted she posted another tweet saying it should have just been TodayTix, not UK. And she also hashtagged #broadwaybabes. 

The show already played in London’s West End - running from October 2016 through January 2017. Prior to that it had an off broadway limited run with Michael C. Hall as Thomas Newton and Sophia Caruso as Newton’s muse. Given that Sophia hashtagged both #broadwaybabes and #lazarusmusical - I’m guessing it’s coming to Broadway. (And it’s not a revival. It’s new).

@mshoneysucklepink asked:

Re: your spec on Darren and Lazarus…has Lazarus been ON Broadway yet? Because if not, and Darren is essentially originating the role, would this make him Tony-eligible?

Gleekto says:

No hasn’t been on broadway yet. Only off broadway. And being the first to play a role in any “new production” be it a remount/revival of something that has been there before or simply new for Broadway (Lazarus is new) is considered to be origination - so yes, Tony eligible. Only taking over a role in a current production is not eligible (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves ha ha!)

BTW - I also agree with others that this was a secret photoshoot for TodayTix - could also be for the new Broadway season generally and Darren is attached to something other than Lazarus. But I do think it would be odd for him to be in a broadway promo photoshoot (that is supersecret) if he isn’t doing anything Broadway soon. Though it could be Elsie Fest but again - why super secret and I feel like the timing is wrong for that. It’s just that Lazarus/rock musical fits Darren’s pop/rock voice so it’s an easy leap.

Anyways, exciting times. Or not. We just don’t know.

BTS signs to Def Jam Records

Ok, so i read some stuff and it seems like big doors are opening for Bts, as they are being signed to one of the biggest music labels in the United States, Def Jam Records.

For now they will only be promoting their music in the Japanese branch but their goal is probably to make Bts collaborate with big Artists. I’m soo happy for Bts and they deserve everything that is coming to them times ten, but i’m also sorta worried that if they will be introduced to the American label, they might also be forced to change to the American style of music. If you get what i mean. I’m not assuming anything tho. I’m just praying out loud. There are so many artists with actual talents ruined because they had to fit the typical mainstream media picture. 

Anyway let me know what you guys think  ♥

tagged by @canisfide (Thanks, I admire your dogs and training, so this mde me smile)

RULES: Answer honestly and tag 20 blogs you want to know better!

Relationship status: Single. Have been for all my adult life, sometimes I think a relationship might be nice, but I’ve also built my adult life around myself, so?

Favorite color: Purple. I have so many purple things it is ridiculous. Not consciously, just if I like it, it’s probably purple.

Lipstick or chapstick: Neither. Vaseline if I have chapped lips.

Last song I listened to: Some country song. The BBC had a country pop up station a few weeks ago, so I’m working my way through those programs. (Yeah, I like country music OK? Just not the terrifying chauvinistic stuff, it’s cosy and comforting)

Last movie I watched: How to train your dragon 2. When I was suffering from an evil cold, and it was on BBC iPlayer. I don’t watch many films, but that one was sweet.

Top three tv shows: Can I still have Buffy even though it’s now 20 years old? Sherlock and Dr Who is then literally all else I watch.

Top three characters: Willow Rosenberg (Buffy), Donna Noble (Dr Who), Mrs Hudeson (Sherlock).

Top three ships: Johnlock is probably the only ship I’ve ever really had (but not in a terrifying way, just that it would be cool).

Books I’m currently reading: The tenderness of wolves (thanks @graceking)

Name: Michaela
Nickname(s): Kayla, Micky, Mike, Mic.
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′

Orientation: Bisexual

Favorite Animal: Platypus!

Average Sleep Hours: 8/9. I can do less for short periods of time, but am honest incapable of functioning on less full time.

Cat or Dog Person: Dogs! I work in environmental conservation, indoor cats are not a thing in the UK, it’s very nearly a requirement for me not to like cats.

Favorite Fictional Character: Ummmmmmm. I don’t know? Just one, is a big ask… Ahhhh, now I can’t even think of one…

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Big cozy duvet because I am British and we don’t sleep with blankets.

Dream Trip: Dog, mountains, hiking.

Blog Created: A long time ago? 7 or 8 years ago probably, but for a long time just used to stalk fandoms.

Number of Followers – 700 and something. I really don’t know why there are 700 and something people looking at poor pictures of my dog, and my random ramblings, but it’s nice, hello!

tagging: @mylittlehony, @graceking, @phdpaws, @marlothemountaindog, and some new dogblrs @loyal-as-a-dog and @meithepei, if you would like.

also while i’m posting shit this is my fav pic of gil and odin 

this was from maggie’s book i think but like just the 2 of them chilling listening to music 

a Person You Resemble

Day 4: Secrets, also late, this may wind up being a running theme. Speaking of running themes, listeners might notice leitmotifs in these improvisations that come back in, little themes and ideas that come back again. I am thinking of all these improvisations as a story ^_^ Anywho! Previously Pearl had stopped playing the piano in her jam session with S. and was lost in thought. She recalled how she and Rose would play music together, and all these feelings came rushing back. She begins to worry that perhaps she only likes S. for the elements of Rose she sees in her, she worries that she might be using her to feel like she has Rose back, even a little, and she abruptly leaves as S. calls to her wondering what is wrong. Pearl runs off to be alone, to the remains of the cherry blossom tree that was her spot. She lays down and trying to collect herself drifts into sleep… to be continued.

anonymous asked:

In the video jack also had a jacket like Alex right? Do they all have their individual jackets? If so then I really hope they sell those soon because I want one lol. Also I saw in the video it said nice2knou on the wall, maybe they're hinting what the next single is? I really really hope they do music videos for all of the songs on the album

Yea most likely, i prefer jacks jacket because its darker + obviously im a bit biased looool. And yea i think so? Because lyn was playing at the background in dl mv!

anonymous asked:

#I just want Harry to act for one second like he gives a shit about anything but his own ego#pls @ GOD larries are something else. i sent an ask to the op saying that i hope she has fun watching harry prove her wrong over the next couple months cos all her whining isn't going to amount to shit since she's basically just pissed harry isn't acting exactly the way she thinks he should. i'm sure she'll ignore it or just post it saying she's blocking me :)

another gem from that blog is her saying that she’s gonna be so pissed if his music comes out before dunkirk therefore overshadowing the movie LMAO what kind of bullshit. i initially also wanted the music to come out after the film as well and thought it’d be the smartest move but there’s also benefits to releasing the music pre movie aka if the single and album really end up taking off i’m pretty sure is what columbia’s betting on, it will be kind of unprecedented for someone so young to launch

their music and acting careers in such quick succession and have them both work out in a big way for him. imagine potentially having a hit single, album and movie all at the same time? that’s fucking huge and as i said i think that’s what is expected

is that kati?