i also think that the music

to a lot of goths “nu goth” is like a bad word. But i think the style has come a long way since 2010, you can do a lot more with it now. To me goth is music and a state of mind, its a subculture and its a lot more than just fashion, fashion is just one great part of it. I dont think you need to dress goth to appreciate it so i dont like when other goths hate on nu goth. I think nu goth is the best addition to goth fashion that we’ve had in a long time and ive seen people mix it up and really make it their own. Nu goth can look cool but also be casual. It can be comfortable and a way for people to be able to express their love for goth in places that they cant always dress up, like the work place. i personally like to blend aspects of nu goth style with 80′s traditional goth style. i know plenty of goths who dress nu goth who appreciate the subculture and its music so i really hope that one day, nu goth wont be so looked down upon by other members of the goth community.

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(in no particular order)

1. sad song - scotty sire

2. better than sex - the midnight beasts

3. fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys

4. girls - marina and the diamonds

5. 20 dollar nose bleed - fall out boy

6. vegas lights - panic! at the disco

7. mr. brightside - the killers

8. hard times - paramore

9. riptide - vance joy

10. irobot - jon bellion

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Hi! I’m Laura and I’m 33. I’m Irish. I’ve been watching Rhett and Link for four years. These boys saved me and helped me through so much stuff. Especially this past year. I had been going through some weird things mentally and they never failed to put a smile on my face. I met them in Amsterdam at Vidcon this year and it was a dream come true.
I’m also going over to NY to see the Tour of Mythicality in October and I can’t wait.
Few things about me. I’m married. I really love tattoos. I really love punk music and Morrissey. I’m also very much into aliens and ghosts and conspiracy theories. Also I love dinosaurs and Chris Pratt.
And if you talk to me I will more than likely try to crack a stupid joke. I like to think I’m funny. Anyway, come say hi!! :)

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Hi I have a question, do you think hamilton musical is homophobic for not putting more directly Lams in the musical?

no. not actively. but, passively, early versions of some of the songs hint that Lin knew the extent of Hamilton’s relationship with Laurens and about his attraction with men, and he did actively decide not to include it in the final version despite keeping an unfounded het love triangle. the stage direction also unnecessarily placed Laurens in a scene flirting with ladies. I haven’t seen the play personally to know what staging was done to suggest a romantic attachment with Laurens (I’ve read enough people’s claims to believe that), but because it’s not in the script, subsequent performances have been able to totally erase that dynamic from the play. because again- subtext is not representation.

Maybe it was cut from the final version for political reasons- and maybe Lin had to settle for one focus and he picked race over sexuality. that’s entirely understandable, but as long as LGBT+ representation is sidelined, I don’t think anyone should pretend this is anything more than a head nod to Pride- which I’ll remind everyone appeals to a huge portion of Hamilton’s audience. but it’s not representation or productive support. 
more than anything, I think it’s gross to keep making half-assed appeals to the LGBT+ theater audience while allowing the show itself to continue ignoring parts of its source material. making little nods of solidarity on social media and in the public eye does not entitle a show or a cast or a creator of any media content to get patted on the back as an ally.

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I think Camila is in Jamaica she is Listen to Jamaican music and also she is not active in social media in this days like is a lot of coincidences

hm, interesting 🌚☕ *sips coffee*

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On that Chainsmokers interview, it stood out to me that they said Niall obviously has a really clear artistic vision. I liked hearing that so much. I'm also down for whatever he puts out, but it seems like he's refining his sound and he's clearly taking it very seriously. It's so exciting to watch unfold.

AHH, that’s my favorite thing to hear! it’s much more satisfying to (over)analyze stuff the way i love to do when you know there’s a certain amount of artistic intent behind it, but i think it also shows a really nice sense of purpose! if u think about it i reckon you could argue niall’s been solidly consistent not just in terms of the music, but in terms of building himself up as a performer.

‘this town’s’ solo acoustic style was such a great debut not just vocally but visually, as well! and on that token, he’s learned how to perform with a new band and without the guitar for ‘slow hands,’ and then reworking his cover songs to suit himself and the band as a unit that makes him the frontman without ever seeming to miss a step.

it’s definitely taken time, but nothing’s yet seemed unnatural to me, and i feel like if u gave these guys a setlist and some tour dates, they wouldn’t hit the stage like a bunch of strangers. waayyyy back in the 'this town’ promo days, i remember him saying when he’d started writing that he didn’t have to put much thought into how he’d want it to sound; he just knew. it’s been a while but there’s so much growth and experience squeezed into the last ~nine months since the first single dropped, all that stuff seems to have lined up perfectly with what he said, and it just makes me more confident than ever that it’s all gonna be so good.

i’m going to bed. y’all can go to hell.

the people on that post going “checkmate sjw’s… you cant handle the MIGHT OF 2B’S BUTTE!!! :D” can die in the lowest layer of hell for further ruining the perception of nier automata also

just fucking play the game, it’s good. its got a free demo. see that its not what you think it is for yourself. its really good. it made me cry. the game’s credits made me cry because of what was happening during the credits sequence. the music is great. the art design is great. don’t let bad fanart make you think the game is senran kagura. please think for yourselves.

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People who are rude about other people's dancing confuse me so much like ?? dancing is literally just an expression of joy, why do you need to shit on other people's fun to feel good about yourself?? Keep dancing like an ogre, keep doing you lovely 🌹

exactly!!!! i feel the exact same way. its pathetic its so pathetic. like i am just having fun !!! more fun than anyone who feels sad enough to criticise someone else to make themselves feel better!!! i have been told irl lovely comments abt my dancing by v nice and cool ppl so i think that outweighs that comment! also if a gal can dance like an ogre….she be a gal worth takin home!! i love skanking hard and being gross and loving the tunes. i have such a passion for techno and bassline and house music so if i look like shit whilst enjoying it and having the time of my life, i couldnt give two fucks!!! :-))) i will dance like an ogre forever dnt u worry!! i encourage u all 2 do the same !!!! keep dancing like shrek. its the way x

i think my drawing playlist for the zircons is the only one of made so far that has no real theme to it. like with other characters i’ve done there’s a clear obvious theme to it.

like ruby’s is rap, hip-hop, and soul. pearl’s is 70’s music and french pop. topaz’s is chiptune and aquamarine’s is modern pop.

then with the zircons it’s just???? here have two albums worth of rihanna’s music. and some U2. also here’s some 80s synthpop. now have some country music

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Harry's stage presence was always something special, but harry during otra hit a whole new level. He was so funny and magnetic and entertaining and you could just tell how well it would translate to his own show. And based on his secret shows, he's already well on his way to mastering the harry styles show 🙌

He was so funny the whole time, I think at times it was forced a bit just because I think he wanted SO BADLY for everyone to have a good time and I think he carried the weight of that on him a little?? does that make sense?? but also, he’s genuinely so entertaining like, it was so fun haha (the poutine rant is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed, I could not stop laughing, I was like…WHAT IS HE DOIN)

and same I think with his solo stuff he’ll be even more magnetic just bc he’ll be so into the music this time around, in a more personal way. GOD I cannot wait! 

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Name: Patricia
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hi! I’m moving up to my 11th year in highschool, I don’t have too many friends because I am an introvert. So I decided to come on here to make some new friends!

I love to read! Terry Brooks is one of my favorite authors! I also like the Hunger Games and Maze Runner.

I love my music, I listen to bands like ACDC, Iron Maiden, Korn and Metalica; to just name a few, lol.

I love to write. I aspire to one day be a director so I can make movies based on books and I get it accurate.

I’m pansexual, meaning I like people for there personality not their gender. I am in a relationship.

I’m very weird. I’ll say strange things and you might think I’m alittle bit crazy.

Preferences: I would like someone around my age so like 15-18. I only speak english unfortunately. I’m fine with talking on Tumblr, email, snail mail, snapchat.


[Audio] Shannon - Love Don’t Hurt (ft. Amber) (English Version)

I think I like this version better than the Korean version. Amber’s verse is amazing; her voice is so beautiful and fits the song to a T. I feel like Shannon might’ve originally written this song in English, because it flows just a bit better than the Korean version. Also, I love that her ad-libs at the end are completely different. Some artists, if they release two versions of a song, will by and large keep the same ad-lib style at the end, but she changed it up and I really appreciate it. This is fantastic. I hope she finds success with this release.

Looks like they (Lili and Cole possibly) may indeed be filming tonight! Lili just posted a video from the makeup trailer. :)
I don’t think this could be more satisfying if it tried. They seem to run errands for the show sometimes. Maybe they got dinner for everyone. Who knows, I’m just super satisfied, glad i have someone to share my satisfaction with!

Yes, industry insider, Pallettown, stars of network shows ALWAYS “run errands/pick up dinner” for their TV show. Cause it isn’t as if they

A) have PAs who do that (because their time is less valuable and they want actors available to be made up, dress and act

B) don’t have an on-site or contract agreement with a caterer to provide meals daily….something that’s also pretty fucking standard in the music business (when recording or on tours), too…and in acting is called “craft services”

C) I know she doesn’t know this shit because she’s a big fucking liar (and a complete fraud). And I don’t think this could be more satisfying if it tried.

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You should totally make more Candal stuff!! Do you have any headcanons for the two?

Man. So many.

If you’re reading Two Kinds of Steel on AO3, you’re gonna get a lot of hunterbro headcannon. And, honestly, I have a lot of different headcannons for different interpretations of their relationship. I upset someone over this earlier but I write two versions of Candal. I definitely respect them as platonic friends but also enjoy them in a more romantic mindset- two very different interpretations and a million alternate universes that fall within those two parameters.

Some random headcannons that are consistent regardless…

-Everyone thinks Cayde is the loud one, but once you get him going- laughing or recounting old tales- ANDAL is the one everyone is shushing so they don’ get kicked out of the bar.

-Andal is jealous of Cayde’s artistic abilities. He could practice a thousand years and not match the talent Cayde has with a pencil or brush.

-Cayde envies Brask’s musical abilities. Andal sings prettier than a bird and can imitate them too! The man can also whistle like a pro. Cayde especially hates that!

-They draw and sing for each other. Almost exclusively.

-Andal is the better sniper.

-Cayde is better with knives.

-They both cheat at cards. Only against each other and never maliciously.

-Cayde would rewrite time at the cost of hundreds of lives to bring Andal back but he knows Andal would scold him about ‘the greater good’ and make him undo it.

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With everything that's going on with the group right now, I really wish that Youngjae will be able to release some of his own music as well. He has such a beautiful voice and I can totally imagine him singing in OST for kdramas and such. I also heard that he wants to be in musicals? I really really hope he gets the chance to do those kind of things as well 😔

Hi dear, 

I also wish the same thing for our sunshine Youngjae. I don’t think that it would be difficult decision to let Youngjae releases his own music (as he has done that on his SoundCloud acc) or has solo activities like singing for OST (which I always wanted for Youngjae to get the chance to do this) or be in a musical which Youngjae himself said before that he would be happy if he were given the chance to do musical. I don’t wanna sound like I’m being greedy when it comes to Youngjae but I do think that Youngjae deserves the same opportunities like the other members too you know having solo activities to expose more of his talent. The public haven’t seen Youngjae’s full talent or potential yet and I think this would be the great timing to at least give Youngjae some solo activities. Right now, I pray really really hard for Youngjae to at least have something in store for him. 

I think about this image from Sonic CD a lot. there’s so much going on here and it’s not even the weirdest bonus art in the game

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So you know how J K Rowling mentioned that African wizards learn to channel magic using only their fingers. Do you think there are additional methods of magical channeling other than wands?

Yes, Pottermore states that wixes of Africa and most especially Uagadou use wandless magic.

In canon there’s wand magic, non-verbal wand-magic, wandless magic, and, from what we can see here, incantationless wandless magic. I also imagine that, in history and persisting in some places in the world other focuses were used than wands; staffs I think have been eradicated, but I can imagine some areas still using musical instruments to cast magic - rattles in various forms have been used for millenia - and some areas using different wandless forms - I really like @amortentiafashion‘s idea of hadaka no maho. You can also look at @themahouproject’s ideas for alternatives to wands as used in Japan. There may well be other ideas for elsewhere, but I haven’t started digging into those as yet, so feel free to pitch in headcanons.