i also think it's pretty relevant in this case

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I know some people assume that since Kylo and Rey haven't been shown interacting yet in anything regarding TLJ, that they might be separate for most of the film, but people have to remember Adam and Daisy arriving together to Skelling. Also the fact that Adam and Daisy had a private dinner together(that we know of) and since we know Adam politely turned down Mark wanting to hang out & eat, it's pretty safe to say Adam felt it necessary for his character to get closer to Daisy(Rey) for a reason.

Yeah, I think those are all important and relevant things to point out. It’s also worth mentioning that there was essentially no promotion of the interaction between Rey and Kylo in TFA at all, so people shouldn’t be surprised or worried if that is also the case with TLJ. It doesn’t mean the dynamic isn’t important - it just means they want to keep it under wraps.