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BTS React to S/O wanting them to join them in the shower

@yasssqueenyasss:  TS reaction to you wanting them to join you in the shower

Thank you for the request! Sorry for the long wait. Also this morphed into… shower sex? it just kinda went there…


Every young man’s fantasy, amirite? Sexy shower time is something Jungkook has been looking forward to for ages. He is beyond excited.

“Are you phrasing that like a question? Because do you honestly even have to ask?”

“Of course I will join you in the shower. What kinda man do you take me for baby? They type to turn you down, wet and naked?”

“If a day ever comes where that happens, just kill me. Seriously.”

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J Hope:

He literally bought shower footholds and handles just so you can have shower sex w/o slipping and dying. 

“Anywhere is a place for sex if you’re determined enough.”

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He would be no fun, thinking that you legit just wanted to shower. Not taking the hint that you want that agustD

“Share? Yeah that’s a good idea.”

“We woke up kinda late and this’ll save time.”

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Refuses to get out of bed at first, but once your offer registers in his brain, he is jumping up out of bed. 

Literally falls over himself rushing to the bathroom, tearing his cloths off and tossing them in his wake. 

“Come on baby!”

*You worry if he can handle shower sex w/o causing severe injury to himself. 

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Still ½ asleep, clinging to the bed. 

*throws pillow at your head

“Yah, it’s too early for this jagi! You kept me up so late last night, can’t you have some mercy?”

“I fucked you twice, twice! How can you already want more?”

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Would play dumb, following your lead into the shower, washing his hair and body. He would ignore the lingering looks you send him, the appraisal of his body. 

He would make you ask explicitly. 

“What’s that? You want what?”

“How am I supposed to know if you won’t tell me?”

Loves being the biggest tease. 

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He gets the gist, and what your offer really entails. He would treat you right, making sure he gets you squeaky clean, before getting you all dirty again. ;)

He would push you against the wall face first, chest glued to your back. Run his hands all over you, before leaning in, nibbling on your earlobe.

“This what you wanted jagi?”

“Wanted me to fuck you in the shower?”

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A World of Color

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Request: “ This idea came from new-fanfic-order’s Marvel blog, but I think it would be really good! A soulmate fic where your soulmate is the only person you see in color, but since kylo’s clothes are monochrome, only he knows you’re meant for eachother.”

Summary: Soulmate AU: (Y/N), princess of Lysatra, has been cursed from a young age by the infamous Supreme Leader Snoke. In hopes to end the last of the Resistance’s allies he happily awaits the day for his curse to enter the last phase. With all things going according to plan Snoke sends his most trusted knight and apprentice, Kylo Ren to finish the job. Little do either of them know however, that things are going to take an unexpected turn.

A/N: I really seriously love this concept haha, I hope I did it justice. I also remember someone requesting something along the lines of a Sleeping Beauty AU (I unfortunately cleared it cause my requests are closed but it’s meshing into this one) and it seemed so perfect for this. Hope you all like it!

In the dim light of the seemingly grand but bare hall Kylo stood with all his attention focused before him. Despite Starkiller’s destruction, Snoke assured he still had a space in which he could speak to his apprentice. Though rather than a hologram, Kylo was looking directly into the sunken eyes of the humanoid he called master. 

Snoke shifted his boney hand slightly, observing it for a moment before he spoke.

“Do you know why I have called you here today?”

Opting not to nod Kylo simply stared at his master, “Yes.”

Snoke smirked as he turned to face Kylo. Though Kylo was accustomed to his masters appearance, the sight would send chills down anyone else’s spine. 

“As I knew you would. …Today is the day in which we get one step closer to destroying the Jedi, as well as the Resistance.”

Snoke straightened himself in his seat as a more mischevious but subtle smirk settled onto his face.

“Lysatra has long been a sympathizer for the Resistance and a known home to force users and former padawans alike.”

Instantly Kylo stopped the horrid memories from playing in his mind once again. It was as if his subconcious was programmed to replay the fateful evening every time the word was uttered. What was done was done and he was onto a far greater path. Wasn’t he?

“Their beloved princess is not only intelligent, but a rare force user. A balance within herself. Mastering both the light and dark without claiming either as a refuge. Word has already surfaced that they wish to send her to Skywalker, further train her in her abilities. With her Skywalker would double his odds of defeating us. That is where you come in, my wise apprentice.”

Kylo straightened his shoulders, as if in an interview for the first time.

“As you know, in my own ability, I placed a curse of the force upon her through a tainted kyber crystal. Now after years of waiting, she has finally fallen into a deep, unshakeable sleep. That, however, is not good enough. We need to be sure Skywalker gains no more assets whatsoever. She must be rid of.”

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Guess who’s got a store now 8V 

I’m not sure why Society6 takes //ages// to upload my art but Redbubble does it in the blink of an eye? Either way I’ll find a new store if there are issues but for now, interested in some wrestling swag? :’3
Phone cases, shirts, mugs, tote bags, we got ‘em all~

Also note! The artpiece feat. Sami Zayn is basically for charity ie. the entire markup price will be donated to Syrian aid charities (and I receive no profit from it!). This is permanent and you can request Paypal statements for veracity. 
I’ll be doing hi-def versions of certain pics from the past to be uploaded so if there’s a specific work you want me to put up there, let me know!

Please spread the word!

I Can Be Normal, Watch!

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Request: can you write a jerome imagine where he captures the reader and keeps the reader safe and doesnt hurt them because he likes the reader and so then he wants to take her on a date. he tries to act normal but fails like he punches a guy or gets mad and pulls out a knife ALSO I WANTED TO SAY THAT YOU ARE SO PRETTY (im the same age and i look like a toe compared to you fyi) AND SO TALENTED I LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH

Request #2: Can you do a Jerome x reader imagine where he hears the reader sing in a bar and is captivated? Maybe some fluff?

Fandom: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Note: I combined two requests together. this contains kidnapping, swearing, violence, weapons, blood, and fluff. gif isn’t mine but i wanted to use it because it made me laugh.

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Jughead Jones | Rebels

Count of words: 1127

Warnings: smut, mention of bullying, body worshipping by Jug dear, slightly insecure reader, horrible attempt in puns (lol)

A/N: I hope you like it, this was the best I could do with my lack of inspiration.. Also it is set after Jug became a serpent… 

ps it takes a while till you get to the smut but you know, this needed to have a story line lol




anonymous asked:
It’s fine if you don’t want to (I saw the smut and thought it was good) maybe plus size reader jughead smut. Very attentive jughead. Fluffy smut? Its fine if not, love your work!!

Since a very young age you seemed to have trouble to fit in. It was your curiosity, really, that individualized from every five year old around you. But, it was also your body. You always considered your body different, unique and beautiful, but all those skinny girls around never failed to change your mind. They would constantly persuade you that you were not beautiful because of the extra pounds you had. But, believe it or not, you were always so beautiful. 

Now, appearence aside, you were such an amazing person since forever and Jughead purely adored it. He would always see you walk by and he would melt, despite how much he would deny it. He would swoon as soon as you hugged, or even talked to him, even if he was indeed one of your greatest friends.

 As the years went by, Jughead, began to appreciate you even more, but now your body was on the picture as well. He never quite understood why people thought your body was considered ‘ugly’. I mean, your hugs made him feel like he was in heaven surrounded by clouds, everytime you let him rest his head on your lap and fall asleep while you comforted him, was enough to drive him crazy. Sometimes he found it ironic how people would judge your body the one moment and then they would try to built parts of their bodies to look like yours. It was stupid. 

Like I said before, the two of you were friends since, basically, diapers, but after the whole situation with him moving to the South Side you drifted apart. It hurt you deeply, if you were being honest, so one night you desided to go find him. Slowly you climped down your window, making sure your parents wouldn’t hear you, and the proceeded on walking the long road that was now ahead of you. 

The cold was piercing and the thin fabric of your jeans and band tee didn’t do much to keep you warm. “So, what is a beauty like you doing by the South Side, at… 2 am?!” A male voice exclaimed behind you, a playful tone on his voice. You couldn’t help the smile spreading at your face as you quickly turned around and run to hug the ‘stranger’. “Oh, nothing. Just doing my usual ‘rebel’ routine, when I do crazy shit while trying to see my partner in crime,” you joked and Jughead poked your side. “So, I’m your partner in crime, huh?” He laughed taking your hand in his and walking towards the trailer with you. “Well, duh. We are the rebels of the ‘good’ side of Riverdale, Jug. I mean, damn, look at you looking all Damon Salvatore like, in a younger and sexier version. And then me. The Monica Belloucci of our generation. Only, a few pounds bigger-” “And a shit ton of sexier,” Jughead finished for you. Really, it was not something unusual for you to talk to each other like that. It was a friendly thing; or so you thought. 

After talking for a little while, enjoying the cold night, the frezzy air penetrating though Jughead’s jacket, you finally made it to the trailer. Like the gentleman he is, Jug, opened the door for you and allowed you to enter the warm place he now called home. The whole way there he couldn’t help but admire every single curve of your body, even the ones you hated. He loved it, he truly did, and he couldn’t help himself anymore. 

After closing the door behind him, he pulled you by the waist, pinned you on it, holding your hands above your head. “It’s ok if you don’t want to but, why don’t we rebel tonight?” He said in a seductive tone. You giggled slightly, though, finding his attempt to make a pun hillarious. “What’s so funny, Y/N? You’re killing the mood!” He exclaimed, chuckling a bit. You silently mumbled a quick sorry and he repeated his question. “So…” “So what are you waiting for mr Serpent. Go ahead, make the first move.” He only smirked at you and obliged to your reqest, roughly attacking your lips. It was a passionate kiss, something both of you wanted for a long time, but none of you ever admitted. Jughead slowly moved from your lips to your neck, easily findinf your sweet spot. Soft moans escaped you lips as his hands caressed your body, lips attacking your neck. It was only at the second he was about to remove your shirt that you became insecure, preventing him from doing so. “Are you ok?” He asked worried. “Is it something I did?” “N-no. It’s just that… I just feel that you will regret this the moment you see my body,” you replied truthfully. “You’re kidding, right? Come on, baby girl, you can’t really believe that. I love your body, and you. And I want to show that to you.” he said and you just looked away. “Let me make you happy, beautiful. Let me make you mine, so everyone, including you will know whose you are, yeah?” He proposed and after a second of hesitation you agreed. Once again he smiled and kept on attacking your neck. “I. Will. Mark. You. For. Every. Part. Of. Your. Beautiful. Body. I. Love.” He stated through loving kisses on your lips. And the ‘ride’ begun.

He started from your neck, carefully sucking and bitting the soft skin, blowing on the painless bruise he left behind. “I love the moans I can get from you while kissing you here,” he commented and moved on to the next part of your body, leaving a trail of light mark on his way there. Your shirt, already found it’s way to the floor as his lips attacked your, now visible, collarbone. He proceeded on doing what he previously did to your neck, and when satisfied with his creation he moved on to your breasts, skillfuly removing your bra. Then it was you stomach, your sides, your love hundles, your thighs, your hips. After seeing what he did to you, he thought it was the perfect time to give you the pleasure you deserved. His delicate fingers found their way to your underware, the only clothing item left on you body now, after all the rest had left without you even realising. His fingers hooked to band of them and, in a painfully slow pace, he removed the, now, soaked undergarment. His only task was to give youpleasure tonight, and he did just that when his fingers found their way inside of you, him, pumping them in and out. It wasn’t long before you were close to your climax, that Jughead took the pleasure away. “You only going to cum with me, not with my fingers,” he exclaimed after seeing your reaction at the loss of contact. Sure, fast enough, his clothes had found yours on the floor, and carefully he placed himself inside of you. Your legs were wrapped around his waist, allowing him access to your core. He never stopped throwing random sweetwonds here and there as he was making love to you. It wasn’t too long after that, that the both of you reached your highs, and then you found yourselves on the couch cuddling each other. “Now, didn’t we have fun being rebels,” he joked kissing you.

Butter kiss

Pairing: Jughead X Reader

Requests: Hey, I’d like to request a jughead x reader where jughead is like super protective over the reader. Like he walks with her in school. Sits with her in pop’s. The reader is never out of his sight (only when she’s home). And the reader doesn’t really mind, bc there’s a killer in the town and stuff. And it’s kinda hot Thank youu ^^

Hiii. I’d like to request a jughead x reader. And maybe something with jughead being super protective over the reader. But the reader doesn’t really mind, bc the reader think it’s hot? Thaanks

Hi I’m absolute jughead trash, can you do something with him being jealous please?


A/N: I just wanna take a sec to express how insanely grateful I am for the positive response regarding my writing. I honestly love and appreciate you guys so much and I’m so glad you enjoy the utter shite I put out onto the internet! I haven’t posted anything in ages because I’ve been super busy with work and I also had a bunch of issues with my laptop so I thought I’d combine a couple of my requests and therefore hopefully please two people with one imagine. Also I loved this request so thanks to the fabulous anons that sent it and I hope you enjoy it.

-          A xoxo

Warnings: none except kissing.


You heard footsteps clattering towards you at a remarkable pace as you made your way out of the school gates, bag slung over your shoulder and a redheaded companion at your left side. You smirked to yourself, already knowing exactly who it was even before he sidled up to your right.

“(Y/N) where’re you going?” Jughead asked through breathless pants, sounding half confused and half concerned.

“Home Jug, It’s the end of school, remember?”

Obviously but why didn’t you wait for me?” the annoyance on his face was evident as he shifted his gaze from you and then to Archie and back again.

“I didn’t think it’d matter. I know you don’t like me going anywhere alone but Archie’s coming over and he’s walking with me.” You replied with a frown, stopping to look him in his icy eyes. They were narrowed and you watched as he inhaled sharply through his flared nostrils and clenched his jaw. You desperately tried to diminish the flush that had crept its way onto your cheeks and dispel the surge of butterflies in your stomach as you observed his antics.

“So, you didn’t think to tell me that you were replacing me with Andrews, that sure is nice of you (Y/N)!”

And with that he turned back towards the school building and stormed away. Archie looked uncomfortable but you simply scoffed and pulled him along, continuing on your way back to your house.

Ever since Jason had been found murdered he had insisted on accompanying you everywhere you went so that he could ‘keep you safe’. Usually it didn’t bother you, in fact you found yourself anticipating your time together and falling for the boy who’s overly-protective behaviour stirred a familiar feeling deep within your chest. However lately he had been acting strangely when he found you in the presence of a certain redheaded Bulldog. You decided that you would confront him about his odd behaviour the following day when he had had time to escape from the clutches of the bad mood that apparently had a hold of him.

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The following morning you opened your front door, dressed for school and equipped with two pieces of slightly burnt toast that were swaddled in kitchen roll in order to prevent the hot butter from trickling onto your skin. You were met with the sight of a beanie-clad boy sprawled on the steps of your porch with his back facing you; a sight to which you had become quickly accustomed to after the shocking and gruesome discovery of the Blossom boys’ body. Jughead had absolutely insisted on walking you to school in the morning, hoping to deter the murderer should reveal they reveal themselves and subsequently make an attempt on your life.

Upon hearing the door close the boy turned to face you, smiling sheepishly as you handed him the toast with raised eyebrows, expecting an explanation for his antics the previous evening in return.

“Look, about yesterday…” he began, eyes unable to meet yours, instead watching his feet shift their weight and hands stuffed in his jacket pockets. “…I just wanna make sure you I can keep you safe, Jason’s killer is still out there. As for Archie, he’s my best friend and I know exactly how he gets around girls which means there’s no way he’d be able to stop himself from making a move on you which could only end in complete disaster! I’m sorry okay, it was stupid and I should know that you can protect yourself.”

“It’s not stupid Jug, it’s hot,” you blurted impulsively, biting your lip as you took in his dishevelled appearance that somehow made you weak at the knees.

He looked up at you now, wide eyes scanning your features for any sign of regret but they found none. You silently debated whether to pursue the idea that had just invaded your thoughts. You watched his tongue dart out and swipe across his slightly parted lips, wetting them as the tension built between you and the sight solidified your decision. Lunging forward you crashed your lips against his, standing on your tip toes and reaching up to wind your fingers through the ebony curls at the base of his neck. After standing there frozen in shock at first, Jughead soon reacted by pulling you impossibly closer by the front of your jacket and slipping his tongue between your lips gently. The two of you eventually pulled away, lips swollen and lungs breathless as you grinned at each other.

Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit

“As for Archie,” you began, imitating his previous statement. “You don’t need to protect me from him! You’re the one I want Jughead.”

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Holy Shit, I Wasn’t Dreaming

Kingsman: The Secret Service One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Eggsy Unwin + Merlin

Warnings: Mentions of drugs, swearing, violence, injury

Request: “Hiiii before requesting I’d like u to know that I’m seriously in love with your writings !!!! Could I ask for an Eggsy imagine, where I am also an agent at Kingsman and having a crush on Eggsy, little do I know he feels the same way. And on a mission something goes wrong and I almost die, and Eggsy says something like don’t die I fucking love you or something and I don’t die, and in the end fluff fluff fluff please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️” - Anonymous

Word Count: 1,822

A/N: HhhHHHHHH GOSH it’s been ages since I’ve gotten around to doing the one shots. Apologies to this anon for taking so long, but you did send in this request while they were closed. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and thank you so much !! *ONE SHOTS ARE STILL CLOSED, I’M FINISHING UP/CLEANING OUT LEFTOVER REQUESTS*

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anonymous asked:

hey sweetie ! ~💖 {im so happy to see a blog for best boy todoroki, i love him sm too !} Can i request hc with a female reader please ? Where todoroki has to take care of his gf since she drank too much because she felt bad and she wanted to forget everything for a moment ? However she is a little too flirty with him and she's also dizzy and everything, like she dont know what she is doing ? It can be nfsw or fluffy, as you want ! 😊💖

Ahh thank you for your request!! <3 
You’re so precious <3 <3
I’m going to age up Todoroki and the reader if you don’t mind :0

  • He doesn’t think much of it, when his s/o pulls out the alcohol-
         > Well what can he do? She’s an adult making adult decisions.

  • He only gets concerned when she seems to be taking it a bit too far. (The bottle’s gone at this point, and she’s reachin’ to grab another)

  • Shouto stops his s/o by grabbing her wrist.

  • “What are you doing?”
    “… .Quenching my thirst.”
    [SIGH] “Stay here, don’t move.”

  • He comes back with a glass of water. His s/o looks at it before looking back up at Shouto. 
         > ”You’re so niiiiiiice, thank you Shoutooooooooooo.”
    > He’s blushin’ a lil, but only a lil.
         > His s/o goes in to thank him more by placing kisses all over his face, almost makes him drop the cup.
         > He’s blushin’ a lot more now.   

  • “Let’s get you sitting down.” 
         > He somehow manages to guide a slightly stumbling and ditsy gf to the couch from the kitchen, and hold the glass of water without spilling so much as a drop. 

  • He lets his s/o finish drinking the glass before asking questions. She situates herself in his lap, hands around his neck, completely using him to stable herself. 

  • She’s a little handsy as well. Shouto doesn’t mind. 
         >The two of them talk it out, about why his s/o was upset enough to drink so much.
         >It was hard with her not being able to give real responses, but the message got across eventually. 

  • In the end, Shouto carries her into their room and tucks her in– making sure she’s propped upright in case she gets sick in her sleep.
         >He climbs into bed right next to her. 

  • Before she’s able to pass out:
         >”Pssst, Shouto……………………are you asleep?”
         >”Go to bed.”
It Was Just A Dare

*an actual sunshine*

Pairing: Fionn Whitehead X Reader

Word Count : 628 words

A/N: This is my 100th post wow! And also requests are open xx

Third Person’s POV

“Truth or dare, mate?” Tom asked Barry.

“Dare.” Barry spoke confidently.

“I dare you to tweet the fact that you used to wet your bed till age of eleven.” Tom smirked.

“Oh for fucck’s sake.” Barry groaned, taking out his phone.

“You are mental.” Harry said sipping his beer.

“I agree,” Fionn chuckled.

“Well, I do entertain you guys don’t I?” Tom winked.

“Wait until your turn boy,” Barry said sipping his can of beer.

Tom chuckled spinning the bottle again, it landed on Fionn.

“Truth or dare church boy?” Tom smirked at Fionn.

“Dare, but nothing involving social media please.” Fionn requested.

“Don’t worry mate, I wasn’t going to involve those since I love you,” Tom assured him.

“Bromance, nice.” Barry laughed.

“Heey, are you cheating on Y/N? She’s my bestfriend Fionn!” Harry joked.

“Piss off,” Fionn mumbled.

“Okay okay kids, back to the game,” Tom drew everyone’s attention,”Fionn mate, I dare you to pretend to break-up with Y/N over phone, and you can’t tell her it’s a dare until you meet her.” 

Fionn choked on his drink.

Harry and Barry started laughing harder.

“No way!” Fionn said.

“Hey now, a dare’s a dare, you gotta do it.” Tom smirked at him.

Fionn nervously took out his phone and began scrolling through his contacts landing on Y/N’s number.

“It’s gonna be fun!” Barry laughed.

“I hate you,” Fionn mumbled to Tom.

Tom chuckled,”put her on speaker.”

Fionn called her and began waiting for her to answer, he bit his lip nervously. She answered on the third ring.

“Hey baby,” she answered cheerfully and it broke his heart.

“Hi,” Fionn said sadly.

“What’s wrong my love?” She asked worriedly.

“Weneedtotalk,” Fionn said in one sentence.

“Slow down and repeat,” Y/N chuckled.

“Y/N, this is not working I want a break,” he said shakily.

“Fionn why?” He heard her voice become shaky on the other end of the line.

“It-it’s complicated,” Fionn closed his eye tightly, it’s breaking his heart.

“Baby, whatever’s wrong we can fix this, can’t we? I love you.” She sobbed.

“I don’t know.” 

“That’s not a reason, you don’t love me anymore, is that what it is?” She asked sobbing slightly.

“No, no no it’s not that I-I will explain when I get home.” Fionn panicked.

“I guess I’ll start packing then.” Y/N said hanging up.

“SHIT,” Fionn cursed, “thanks guys I probably lost my girlfriend now,” he stated bitterly and got up from the couch rushing towards the door.

“Mate, chill she’ll understand it was a dare.” Tom chuckled.

Fionn quickly got in his car and rushed towards his and Y/N’s shared apartment.

Once he got there his heart sank seeing Y/N sitting on the couch sobbing.

“Oh baby,” he went towards her to hug her but she didn’t let him.

“No! You are not allowed to call me that anymore, I-I was just going to pack the bags.” She sobbed lightly.

“Y/N no, my love it was just a dare, the boys dared me to break up with you.” Fionn explained quickly.

“A dare?” Y/N asked confusedly.

“Yeah it was Tom’s dare, I will kill him someday.” Fionn mumbled.

“So you’re not really breaking up with me?” Y/N asked smiling.

“Of course not, you’re my whole world, I’m so sorry for putting you through this.” I said kissing her forehead.

“You got me so scared.” She said hugging him tightly.

“I know, I’m an asshole, I’m so so so sorry.” Fionn said sincerely.

“It’s not your fault, I know how pestering Tom can be,” Y/N chuckled.

“Oh tell me about it,” Fionn rolled his eyes.

“I love you, don’t scare me like that again.” Y/N spoke softly.

“I love you and I promise I’ll not do that again,” Fionn said pecking her lightly.

Momma Hale AU pt 2

Pairing: Derek x Female!Reader

Word Count: 2127

Warnings: None

Request:  Anonymous said:
Can you maybe do a part 2 of the one where the pack are babies or toddlers? It was so cute!!

A/N: I now take Riverdale and Supernatural requests. Also, please take this survey !! LINK

Proofreader: @hanktheswaggyhonkeydonkey


Ages: Liam-4 Stiles-5 Isaac-6 Lydia-6 Jackson-8 Erica-8 Allison-9 Scott-10 Boyd-10

Again, I apologize for this being fem!reader. 

Your name: submit What is this?

A year went by and nothing more than laughs and fun went by. The family was tight-knit, but one day, they decided they might want one more. That day, they went and adopted Liam Dunbar, a four-year-old child with Intermittent Explosive Disorder. The child was the youngest and would soon be someone everyone loved, though it would take some getting used to. Here are some more lovely stories from the lovely couple.


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Come on out Kiddo

@supernaturallife123 requested: Can you do an image were demon dean all most killed his little sister and she is scared of him please.

A/N: I’m terrible at getting requests out in a timely manner. I also turned it into a one-shot because I couldn’t do it justice in an imagine. My bad. Hope you like it love & that it was worth the wait. This takes place in the episode that Dean is cured as a demon. Reader’s age isn’t too specific, however the reader is younger then Sam.

Warnings: Angst, Season 10 spoilers

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by the-captain-destiel

“Come out Sammy!” You heard Dean shout from your hiding place in a closet next to the kitchen. “Come on Sam, I just wanna talk. We were having such a nice chat earlier!” Dean’s voice was quickly approaching your hiding place and you had no where to go.

Originally Sam didn’t want you anywhere near the bunker while he cured Dean; not until Cas got there were you supposed to arrive. However once you got a text from Cas saying he was thirty minutes out that you threw caution into the wind and walked into the bunker from it’s garage you were waiting in. It wasn’t until you heard Dean’s voice shouting for Sam that you realized something was wrong. You quickly dashed into the closest place you could find and wanted to smack yourself upside the head when you realized you were in a closet.

You had closed off any chance at escaping. For now you just had to hope that Dean didn’t realize you were in the bunker and that he wouldn’t decide to check the closet you were standing in.

However you are a Winchester, and Winchester’s don’t have luck.

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Do you take AU prompts? I am rewatching the X files and came across (recent,means from 2007/2008) pictures of the actor who played Jack Willis. He kind became more handsome with age... there are pictures on the net if you want to have a look. Anyway if you do take AU prompts here comes one: Takes place somewhere around "one son".And there is a FBI Halloween Party and Scully and Mulder are there but so is someone from her past ...

So, Jack Willis isn’t dead in this story and I’ve also written some of it for my anon who requested ‘something about dominant Mulder maybe’. I struggled with that, I admit, because I can’t see it happening beyond her abduction and season 1 seems too  early. Sorry, anon. Maybe another smut-queen could write a much better story for you? Anyway, here is my offering for this prompt - and thanks for your patience anon. You waited a while for this.

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Because It’s You

She stood out, even in her mask and costume dress. Dana Scully, barely over five feet tall even in heels, was unmistakable anywhere. She wore a floor length purple gown that nipped tight at the waist like a Medieval courtier; it flared out at the hip, accentuating her tiny measurements. The bodice was boned and the neckline daringly low, creamy cleavage enhanced by the row of sequins around it. Her hair was piled on her head and her mask, black and purple, was studded with beads and crystals so that it flashed under the lights. Her lips were painted deep red and she’d darkened the mole above her mouth so that all you could do was look at it. Mulder sucked in a slow breath, tasting his own rising arousal.

He looked away as she walked to the drinks table. There were many tantalising costumes and Mulder spent some time trying to mentally name who was behind the masks based on hair colour and height. But the men blended. So many dark haired 6ft tall, slim-built agents in black tuxedos and wearing low hats or masks or both. He imagined that this is what it would have been like at early FBI functions - a Fedora on every head.

He sipped a beer, the bitter taste reminding him of El Rico and the growing distance between him and Scully. Before Antarctica, he’d have invited her to this ball as a friend, hoping for something more. Life was cleaner, tidier then. But now, everything was a mess. Diana was here somewhere. He hadn’t spotted her but she was bound to find him. He wanted to speak to Scully first, but she was talking with a small group of agents, all male, all nodding down at her. Mulder adjusted his mask and imagined what they were all thinking. He’d thought it too. Often.

“Fox,” she said, laying a hand across his shoulder and turning him. “I saw you lift your mask.”

He looked down at her long fingers, nails painted bright red to match her lips. Diana was wearing a simple, form-fitting green satin gown and her mask was silver with emerald feathers around the top. A simple silver chain dropped an oval pendant to the line between her breasts. He lingered a moment.

“You look nice, Agent Fowley.”

She lifted her mask to reveal smoky eyes. “Agent Fowley? How formal. And here I was hoping to ask you to dance.”

Mulder looked over at Scully. Another agent had joined the party. Taller, dark hair sprinkled with grey. Jack Willis, maybe? When Scully laughed, he knew. He put his beer down and smiled at Diana. “Sure, lead the way.”

Feathers and sequins and beads scattered across the floor. The music had ramped up. Food had been presented on decorated platters but now all that was left were curling sandwiches and wilted lettuce leaves. Drinks had continued to flow. Laughter was more raucous. He’d danced with Diana for a while, chatted with her, drunk too much and not eaten enough. Scully had danced only with Willis. Their height difference and closeness would have afforded Willis the perfect view of Scully’s breasts. Mulder swallowed.

           “Drink, Fox?” Diana asked, before tugging on his bowtie, “or perhaps you might want to head outside…back home?”

           Mulder stepped back and her hand fell away. He watched Scully head towards the drinks table and pick up a sparkling wine. She still had her mask on. She still hadn’t acknowledged him. And Willis was close up to her side, mask off, satisfied grin cracking open his face.

           “She looks like she’s enjoying herself,” Diana said, a smirk in her voice. “What say you, Fox? Taxi?”

           Distracted, he shoved his hands in his pockets and spun around. He only realised Diana had left when he saw the back of her sauntering to the doors. Mulder sighed and swallowed a beer in three long gulps. He headed over to where Scully was talking to Willis. He stood just behind them, fiddling with his mask. Scully glanced over her shoulder to him, and from just below her own mask, he saw her lips purse. Without the full face to read he wasn’t sure if it was a genuine greeting or a contemptuous acknowledgement. She turned away, put her glass on the table and headed towards the restrooms. Willis moved to a group of agents nearby leaving Mulder alone with just his thoughts.

The passageway beyond the toilets was shadowed with possibility. She let the door shut behind her and he made his move, slipping up behind her and linking his arms around her waist. She looked over her shoulder but he pushed her forward.

           “What are you doing?”

           He said nothing, ushering her towards the deserted corridor. He swiped them through and turned her into one of the meeting rooms, pressing her face first against the wall just inside. She hitched in her breath. Gently, he took her hands and held them above her head, both wrists in one hand. She looked up, stretching her neck. He bent to kiss the skin at the back, silk against his lips. She sucked in a breath. The floral fresh aroma of her perfume rose under his mask and he flexed his fingers around her wrist as she writhed against him.

           “You like that.”

           She said nothing but her long exhale emboldened him. He traced more kisses around her neck, out along her collarbone and she turned her face to his. Their masks clashed and slipped aside.

           “Mulder?” Her voice was ragged.

           He used his free hand to remove Willis’ mask. Her pained expression shocked him and he let her hands go. “I’m sorry, Scully. That was wrong.”

           She reached up and removed his. Fingering the eyeholes she looks at him. “I was going to say, Mulder, don’t stop.”

           “You knew it was me?”

           “I was watching you all night. But you were with Agent Fowley.”

           He shook his head. “And you were with Jack Willis.”

           She held up the mask and chuffed out a quiet laugh. “And you thought if you were him you’d be in with a chance?”

           “That’s not…no, Scully. No. I shouldn’t have done that with the mask. He left it on the table. I…there’s no excuse, Scully. I was wrong.”

           She reached out and twined her fingers through his. “Mulder, I knew it was you. I’d recognise your profile and gait anywhere, mask or not.” She leant in to kiss him, full on the mouth. “And I know your smell. And these lips Mulder,” she said, running her finger around them. “They’re unmistakeable.”

           He lifted her arms above her head and watched her breasts push together. “You still like this, Scully?”

           “Because it’s you, Mulder. Only because it’s you.”

I’ll look after you

Sister Winchester - I’ll look after you

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/A = Your age

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye Colour

Word Count: 1901

Warnings: Mental breakdowns and nightmares

Summary: You spend the day comforting Sam after he has a night of bad nightmares. Fluffy as I could make it. 

A/N: Sorry about not posting anything in ages. I’m getting a bit of writers block due to Netflix taking SPN off *cry*. Anyways I was working on a request and I am slowly getting through it but just needed a break from it and thought this might be a nice little fluffy thing. Oh and I am so sorry but I wont be writing anything for another 10 days because I am interstate with no wifi, sorry fam x. Also please excuse my poor grammatical and writing skills, I am half asleep here and it’s 1 in the morning lol, I do it for you guys thought. Love you long time xx

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In your Y/A years on this earth, you always saw your brother Sam as one of the most kind, caring and compassionate people you knew and loved. He was always laughing and joking around whilst also be a person you could rely on to give logical advice when you felt the world was against you. He was always there for you, from scuffed knees to breakups and bad grades and hunts. He always took care of you, even when you hadn’t said anything yet he would be able to read you like a book to know if something was wrong or not. You relied on him so much that you forgot how much he had been through himself.

However, today you noticed it. It was almost noon and you had not seen him around the bunker all morning. This was surprising because usually he was usually the one who had breakfast cooking when you woke up. Dean plodded into the kitchen with a newspaper under his arm looking for new hunts. You put down Dean’s coffee on the table, like you always did but Sam’s was now going cold.



“You haven’t seen Sam up, have you?”

Dean continued to flick through his paper unphased, “No I don’t think so. I haven’t seen him come out of his bedroom yet.”

That was pretty out of character for Sam. Slightly worried, you picked up Sam’s coffee and put it in the microwave to heat up, then wandered down to stand outside Sam’s door. It was shut and his room was silent, maybe he just slept in you optimistically hoped. You knocked on the door, “Sammy…you didn’t come for your morning coffee so I thought I’d just bring it to you” you sheepishly stated to the closed door. There was no answer so you awkwardly shuffled not knowing what exactly to do before placing the mug on the floorboards outside his room. You retreated but before reaching the study you turned around and quickly returned to Sam’s door, something just wasn’t right. “Sammy?” you softly spoke, “I’m just a bit worried”, no response you sighed, “I just want to make sure you are alright…So I’m coming in”. You fidgeted on the spot as nerves crept up your back. Your hand moved to the door handle and you slowly turned the knob. You creaked the door open to see the still Sam lying on his side on his bed. He was just having a sleep in you thought before you heard a small sob come from Sam. “Sammy?” you asked, “Oh Sammy, what’s wrong?” you walked round to Sam’s bed and knelt next to it. Sam continued to try and supress his shudders and sobs. He looked so vulnerable and broken you couldn’t help yourself reach out and help him. You moved a hand to brush Sam’s hanging hair from his eyes. After a couple of soft strokes, his own hand came up and held yours. He held your hand tight, using it to support himself with his eyes shut. You slowly moved yourself to sit on the bed and pulled Sam up to you and wrapped your arms around him. Sam’s large arms wrapped around you as he buried his face into the nook of your neck. You soothed his sobs and ran your hand through his long locks, untangling any knots from a day of staying in bed. With your other free hand, you rubbed soothing circles into his back, like he would when you were upset. You stayed like this for a while until he had calmed down. The shakes of his sobs subsided and his muscles relaxed, “Do you want to talk about it?” you asked whilst pulling him off your shoulder so you could look him in the eyes. They were red and puffy, his mouth gaped trying to find the words in answer but he was still in the clouds. “Hmm why don’t you have a shower first, that might make you feel better and wake you up a bit.” You suggested kindly. He nodded tiredly and you held his hands leading him to his bathroom. You got a new fluffy towel and turned the water on to a nice warm temperature. Sam looked so drain as he sat on the closed toilet seat as you prepared his shower. You stood him up and helped him out of his sweaty t-shirt, The nightmares are back you figured. You helped remove the bandages around his abdomen from past hunts and rolled them up. “Thanks sis” Sam hoarsely whispered. He had a slight upturn in the corner of his mouth but it soon dissolved again. He kept looking at you with desperation, as if you were about to disappear on you. You placed a hand on his cheek trying to comfort him again, “I will always look after you Sammy” you promised and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Your heart warmed when you saw another small smile return to your sad brother’s face, “Alright I’ll leave you to do the rest and I’ll lay some clothes out in your room, okay?” You informed, Sam just nodded staring at you with puppy dig eyes, making it ten times harder to leave him.

He didn’t want you to leave. You held him together and being away from you, worried him. He missed you and the comfort you provided, was like no other. When you slid out of his bathroom he felt instantly alone. He needed you back to help pull the monkeys off his back, he needed you to keep the walls from collapsing on him. His breathing started to hitch and he tried to calm himself as he felt his demons creeping back, “Y/N? Are you still there?” he called out. “Yeah I’m right here honey. Are you alright? Did you want me to get you something?” You asked worried. Sam felt instantly better hearing your voice and felt the demons retreat. “Oh I-I was just wanted to know where you were” he admitted. “Oh” you were caught off guard, you didn’t really think anyone relied on you that much, it warmed your heart, “I’ll just be around here waiting. Call out if you need anything honey, but take as long as you need in there” You responded sincerely. “Yeah do you mind if…if you just, you know…stay close- It would just make me feel a lot better.” Sam sheepishly asked. Your heart felt like it was pouring out as you leant against the bathroom door, “Oh course Sammy, I will always be here”.

20 minutes later you heard Sam finally turn off the shower and that meant it was you time to leave his room so he could have some privacy whilst he changed. Sam stepped out of the steam filled bathroom feeling a lot better after your suggestion of the shower. He was surprised to see his bed made, with fresh folded clothes laying on the clean sheets. He looked around the room as he changed and saw you had also picked up his dirty washing and put his clean clothes back in cupboards and on hangers in his wardrobe. He sighed in disbelief of how lucky he was to have a sister like you. He pulled on his oldest but comfiest pair of Jeans, a t-shirt and his favourite plaid shirt which you bought for him, last Christmas. He laid back on his bed exhausted and waited for you to return.

Five minutes later, you returned with PB&J sandwiches and hot steaming hot chocolates. Sam sat upright staring into space whilst clutching one of his pillows in his arms, he didn’t even realise you had entered the room. “Hungry?” you asked, Sam was pulled out of his trance and moved his green eyes to your Y/E/C ones, you noticed his were duller then normal. His eyes were red and puffy again and a bit glassy. You felt a pang of guilt for leaving him unattended and hated to think that he felt so alone that he broke down in the time you were away. Sam stole his gaze away and stared down at his fidgeting fingers. You sat down on his bed and crawled to sit next to him, leaning on the headboard. You gave him one of the sandwiches and he ate it slowly with small bites. You watched him in the corner of you eye worryingly. He obviously wasn’t in the talking mood so you pulled his laptop up and put on ‘Stranger things’. You sat there for the rest of the day binge watching the series and you think it helped him, at least it got his mind off whatever he was upset about. He even laughed a couple times which was a bonus. It was nice just hanging out with your brother and doing something relaxing rather than life threatening for once. You finished the last episode and closed the laptop shut, “Time for bed Sammy” you yawned. You pulled the covers away from you and was about to retreat to your own room when Sam reached out and grabbed your wrist. You swung back around to see Sam’s puppy dog eyes, “Sorry umm… could you stay? Please. It’s just that I’m getting these nightmares and-”, “Of course Sammy, don’t worry. You don’t have to justify yourself to me” you smiled. Sam’s eyes softened and he exhaled in relief before making room again for you. Whilst hopping back into Sam’s bed you sunk down into the warm covers. Then finally Sam opened up, “They are worst then ever…the nightmares I mean…” He begun “Everything from Jess to Dad to Dean and the yellow eyed demon. Bad hunts and people I couldn’t save. Mum especially and…you…That’s always the worst.” He shuddered and gulped back the stone in his throat, “I remember every time I have let you down. Every time you have gotten hurt in a hunt and then the majority of the nightmares are ways that you die…over and over again. Like that time with Dean when we got stuck in Mystery Spot. I keep thinking I’m there at Mystery Spot, but with you instead,. But then Wednesday comes and your still dead and I don’t get another chance to save you” His voice was hitching as tears started to brim his eyes. “And I don’t know…I woke up and they felt so real. I was too scared to get up today and see if you were still here because I had lived through too many times of getting up and Dean telling me that you died last week, or last month or last year and then falling for it. There’s nothing that hurts me more than the idea of anything happening to you. That’s why I need you tonight. So I can wake up and know that it was all a dream” Sam bought up his hand to his face to wipe away grief tears. You felt guilty being the root of his nightmares and shuffled over and gave him a tight hug. Sam held you to his warm chest and that’s when you realised you were crying to. Sam now started to pat your hair and kiss your forehead until you both calmed down. Using Sam’s chest as a pillow, you listened to the soft rhythm of his heart beat as the two of you fell into peaceful slumbers.    

Some people are expressing concern over the age difference between Moana and Nani...

This is a good point to bring up. I don’t know how old Moana is supposed to be in the film. I didn’t think she had an official age. But in my “about” page, I state “The relationships represented in this blog take place in AUs (alternate universes) in which the characters are able to interact and are also in an EQUAL and APPROPRIATE age bracket.”

I also state that I refuse to do edits of couples that are visibly disproportionate in age (e.g. NO Wendy being paired with Belle, etc.) unless it is clear that they are both adults. Even if the requested couple is comprised of two minors according to Disney “official” ages, it would make me very uncomfortable to pair them if they look visibly disproportionate in age. The AU wouldn’t work, and it would be creepy and gross.

In addition, sometimes I may edit the bodies of the couple so that they look older or younger– aging them so that they match in age. I did this a little with the Moana x Nani edit in the image where they are building a sand castle, because I noticed that Moana looked a little younger compared with Nani, and felt a little uncomfortable. 

Again, the relationships in my edits take place in AUs, where the characters are in an appropriate age bracket. HOWEVER, if a lot of people feel uncomfortable with a particular post, I will certainly remove it. I am definitely open to the concerns of my fellow humans on this subject.

Thanks, everyone.

Small Update

I have sooo many things on my ‘to draw’ list, including requests that have been filling up my inbox like crazy. Other than commissions (which are priority) I’m gonna try do some more Nora universe, like the crystal gems and fusions. Also:

Sofi’s Birthday Giveback Week

So, It’s my birthday this friday (and Ella’s too! go wish @buckysinthesinbin a happy birthday) and I wanted to do a little something to give back to all my amazing friends and followers on this site because you’ve been the best thing that’s happened to me this year, and I love you all a ton.

That said, here’s how this thing is going to work:

I will temporarily open my requests from Monday 21st to Friday 25th and you’re welcome to send me any marvel character you like (except for Peter parker and Dr. Strange) along with a prompt, either from this list or one of your own, and I’ll write you a short drabble! 
Please keep in mind that if you make a smut request, I’ll need to verify that you’re 18 or older, so anonymous smut requests will most likely be ignored. However, if you are of age and simply want to remain anonymous to everyone else, you can send me a message with your request and I’ll keep your secret *wink*

I will also post a new chapter for these three series on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday. All you have to do is vote for the chapter you’d like to read on that particular day (voting will take place a day earlier, so Sunday, tuesday and Thursday) and you can pick between:

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The rest of the time will be fully dedicated to headcannons and drabbles, so send me as many of those as you like and let’s celebrate together!

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Thats it! this is just a way to have some fun and to thank you all for your love and support. I look forward to this week, and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.

All my love

Dance Studio (Jisung Scenario)

↳characters: Jisung x reader

↳ genre: fluff

↳ word count: 1,868

↳ summary: [requested] “please do a jisung scenario where he likes a shy girl in his school and finds out she likes to dance so he tries to get to know her better through that knowledge.”

↳ author’s note: i’m really sorry if this is terrible, also i’m gonna write so that you and jisung are the same age/in the same grade since the anon didn’t specify, i hope thats okay! Also sorry I took so long to write this, I really wanted it to be perfect even though its terrible.

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Imagine Jorah getting angry after someone drunkenly hits on you

prompt number fourteen requested by anonymous


“Cheers!” you exclaimed, and Jorah smiled and clinked glasses with you, taking a chug from his ale. You sipped your drink and turned to Jorah, “Haven’t seen you in ages, Mormont. What’re you doing in King’s Landing?”

Jorah shrugged, “Work, mostly. Also thought it would be nice to see an old friend.” he said, smiling and taking another drink. He looked up, “Oh, I left my gold on my horse. Excuse me for a moment.”

You nodded, and Jorah slipped off his bar stool and headed outside. Almost immediately after he left, a man sloshed into his empty seat and leaned against the bar,

“What’s a lady like yourself doin’ all alone, huh?” he slurred. He’s drunk, you thought, and incredibly so. You could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“C’mon,” he said after you didn’t respond, “don’t you want some company, sweetheart?” He put his hand on your shoulder, which you tried to shrug off. 

Before you could say anything to the man, Jorah shoved his hand off of you and glared, “She has company, thank you very much.” His voice was calm but firm, and his hand was rested on his sword hilt. 

The drunk man quickly backed out of the chair and ran off, and Jorah took his seat and turned to you as if nothing had happened. “Sorry about that.” he said. You grinned, “My knight in shining armor.”