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Taking my usual break between VLD seasons to catch up on things I’ve put on the backburner to watch~ My friend suggested this series a long time ago and I never got around to reading/watching it until now. 

I marathoned this whole series in a week HAHAA. Ofc I love Todoroki the most!!! He’s so precious T_T Plz save him……my new son…….

Five Times Tony Stark Was a Good Dad (And One Time He Wasn’t)

So, I’m obsessed with the whole idea that Peter is Tony’s unofficial son and it’s only supported by Tony’s appearance in Spider-Man Homecoming, so I came up with this series, which is in the works and also posted on my AO3 account. If you like it or have any suggestions as to where I should take this, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Also, forgive any spelling errors or mistakes, I finished this at three in the morning one night and I was too lazy to go back and fix them. Enjoy!

Read Part 2 here


Tony swore when he was twelve years old that he would never be a father. He remembered that moment clearly, like it had just happened a day ago, not well over thirty years ago. He was in his room, his father still screaming in a drunken rage at his mother over something Tony did, his anger and disappointment following Tony down the hallway of their New York penthouse apartment. He remembered sitting on the cold tile floor of his room, head rest against the heavy wooden door that was doing nothing to muffle his father’s harsh words.

His father was angry, Tony had gotten kicked out of his third private school on the East Coast, the letter expulsion still clutched in his father’s harsh grasp. He wasn’t sure if he had ever seen his father this furious before and Tony knew that the only thing that saved him from taking a glass full of scotch to the face was his mother’s presence in the room. Maria Stark might’ve been docile about a lot of things, but Howard taking his rage out on Tony physically, that would never fly in this house hold.

Tears of anger and embarrassment welled in Tony’s eyes and he wiped them away furiously, refusing to waste anymore energy on that man that he was forced to acknowledge as his father. No matter what Tony did, it was never enough to please Howard Stark. He made his first prototype of an arch reactor at the age of six, Howard wanted it by age five. Tony skipped three grades, Howard wanted him to skip four. Tony, despite his age, was offered a spot at MIT and if Howard had it his way? He would’ve been there a year ago. No matter how much Tony achieved, how many goals he surpassed, he always came up short in Howard’s eyes. Being the constant source of Howard’s disappointment and ire made Tony wonder if he would ever succeed in his father’s eyes, if his dad would ever clap him on the back and say “I’m proud of you, son.”

He wondered, some nights, when he’d lie awake in his too big bed in his too big room in his too big house, if his father had ever wanted children, had wanted Tony.

The thought crossed his mid countless of times, until it latched onto his cerebral cortex and sat there, like the worst form of cancer that had no possible cure.

And while Tony sat there, head resting tiredly against the warm wood, Howard’s voice still echoing down the long hallway, that cancer spread until it proved fatal.

He never wanted his children to feel like this.



A complete and utter failure.

Tony was self-aware enough to know that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, that human nature was a pattern and patterns were destined to repeat themselves, without fail. Anger and rage and disappointment were the only form of affection Tony was used to getting to his father. His father was a cold man, always keeping Tony at a distance that no matter how hard he tried, Tony could never quite breach.

And Tony knew, no matter how hard he tried, he would always end up like his father.


Peter Parker came into his life unexpectedly and despite popular opinion, unplanned. He’d been keep tabs on the Spider-Kid since the kid popped up on his radar a few months ago, clad in that god awful homemade leotard/hoodie contraption and flying around Queens on his webs with all the grace of a child learning to walk for the first time. Tony never planned to actually meet the kid behind the mask or reaching out to the flying kid in his homemade costume, but when the Avengers disbanded and the only family Tony had ever known was decreasing in numbers, he needed back up.

Looking back, his intentions were purely selfish and it shamed him to admit, when he dropped the kid back off in his sketchy neighborhood in Queens with the new suit he’d made him, he never had any intention of keeping in contact with the kid.

To absolve himself from the guilt, he appointed Happy as his chaperone and threw himself into creating new legs for Rhodey, another way to attempting to soothe ache of guilt that had settled along with the shrapnel, in his battered heart.

He underestimated Peter, who was pushy and persistent and finally, after three months, Happy threw his phone at Tony and told him to call the kid. That night, Tony, with a glass of scotch in hand, filtered through the hundreds of voicemails Peter had left Happy—anecdotes of his daily patrols, everything from helping old ladies cross the street, stopping bike thieves to getting cats out of trees. Each story was told with excruciating detail, in that excited ramble the kid got whenever he was particularly enthused about something and warmth settled around Tony’s heart, fond amusement making his lips curl into his first genuine smile in months.

It took Tony another week to reach out to the kid, but he did and that’s how he found himself, in one of his more flashier cars, sitting outside of Peter’s school. He ignored the gawking, the stunned stares and the whispers of the students filtering out of the school, his eyes scanning the crowd before they landed on a familiar head of messy hair.

Peter was talking excitedly to the chubby, dark haired Asian kid by his side, who was nodding along to everything Peter said with a look of pure wonder on his face and Tony wondered briefly if his little friend knew that his BFF moonlighted as a super-hero in spandex at night.

Another kid appeared by Peter’s side and Tony watched as Peter visibly tensed and tried to skirt around the kid, but the kid threw a hand out and stopped Peter in his tracks.

The cocky grin that appeared on the kid’s face was all too familiar to Tony and before he could even second guess himself, he was out of his car and walking towards the three boys, ignoring the murmurs coming from the crowd.

“—when are you gonna stop lying about your internship with Tony Stark, Penis Parker? There’s no way someone like Tony Stark would ever take on a charity case like you—“

Peter looked up when he heard the murmuring crowd fall to a hush and his gaze landed on Tony. The amount of surprise in the kid’s features made Tony’s gut clench that in no way had to do with the greasy cheeseburger he ate on the way over here.

“M-Mr. Stark, what, uh, what are you doing here?” Peter stammered, flicking his gaze back to would be bully in front of him.

“Yeah, Parker, like I’m gonna fall for that—

“Is there a problem here, gentlemen?” Tony interrupted, smirking in satisfaction when the kid that was giving Peter a hard time, froze, turning his disbelieving eyes on to Tony.

“Y-You-You’re Tony Stark.” He said faintly, his voice shaking.

Tony smirked, “Astute observation and you are?”

The kid gulped, his adams apple bobbing harshly, “F-Flash Thompson.”

“Makes sense,” Tony said with a nod of his head, looking the kid up and down, “I’d bully someone too, if my parents named me after the lamest superhero to ever grace the pages of a comic book, overcompensation and all that,” Tony said thoughtfully, “especially with your perceived fixation on the male genitalia. Tell me, did it take you a while to come up with something that juvenile or did you have someone equally as childish think it up for you? Because I would think someone with—and I’m assuming here, so correct me if my deductive reasoning skills are off—a high level of intelligence would come up with something a little bit more creative than ‘Penis Parker’.”

By the time Tony was done, the crowd around him was snickering and the kid in front of him looked like he wanted nothing more than the ground to open up and swallow him whole, if such things were possible.

Tony smiled, but there was nothing nice about, “Now, if I ever catch wind of you so much as looking in Peter’s direction again and trust me, kid, I’ve got my ways, I have no issue siccing my AI on all your school records and wreaking havoc on your future plans for any Ivy League schools, you reading me kid?”

Flash nodded so vigorously he resembled a bobble head, “Y-Yes, Sir.”

Tony smiled, this one much more kind than the last, “Good, I’m glad we could reach an understanding, now running along so I can talk to my intern here without your sorry excuse for cologne clouding my senses, seriously kid less is more.”

Flash tucked his proverbial tail between his legs and pushed through the crowd of people that were now openly laughing, losing interest in Tony in favor of chasing after Flash to mock him.

Tony shouldn’t feel as proud as he did, but he knew what it was like to be bullied and he’d be damned if his kid—ahem, someone like Peter had to deal with someone as childish as Flash Thompson every day and it was within his power to do something about it. Like kid didn’t already have enough to deal with as it was.

He turned back to see a dumbfounded Peter and his equally as flabbergasted friend.

“That was—” Peter began, but seemed to be at a loss for words, shaking his head in disbelief.

His friend, however, didn’t seem to have that particular problem.

“—AWESOME!” His friend said excitedly, “oh man did you see Flash’s face? Dude, this is greatest thing to ever happen to me. Tony Stark just verbally assaulted Flash, Jesus dude, how is this your life? If you ever want to trade, even if it’s just for a day, I’m totally down—“

Ned.” Peter muttered, elbowing him roughly, giving a rough jerk of his head in Tony’s direction. He flicked his apologetic gaze over to Tony, who simply rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t deny the amused smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

Ned followed his gaze and flushed, “Right, sorry.”

Peter closed his eyes for a moment and Tony could see the kid physically trying to fight off his embarrassment and couldn’t help but chuckle.

Peter’s eyes snapped open at the sound and the surprise and confusion from earlier was back, “Mr. Stark, what are you doing here? At my school? Is everything okay? Is there a—“ Peter glanced around in a sad attempt at nonchalance and lowered his voice to an equally as sad attempt at a whisper, “—mission?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows in a manner that was making Tony wonder if the kid had a weird twitch he’d never noticed before.

Tony glanced over at Ned quickly, going back to his original curiosity of how much the kid actually knew about his arachnid friend here, but Ned seemed to catch on to Tony’s unasked question.

“Don’t worry Mr. Stark, sir, I’m Peter’s Guy In The Chair.” Ned answered helpfully, giving him a bright smile.

Tony glanced back over at Peter with a raised eyebrow, who simply muttered “dude” in an exasperated tone, shaking his head before returning his attention to Tony, “Ned knows.”

“Oh, well, in that case, no, there is no…mission,” Tony said in a mock whisper, making Peter flush, “I’m working on a new Iron Man suit and I need to pick your brain for some ideas on upgrades, figured I’d swing by and pick you up from school today.”

Peter’s eyes widened and Ned seemed torn between fainting or peeing himself from excitement.

“You get to touch the Iron Man suit?!” He squeaked, turning his wide-eyed gaze over to Peter, who only gave Ned a look, who bit his lip sheepishly, but looked like he was ready to explode from the level of his enthusiasm.

Peter ignored him, “I was supposed to help Ned finish the lego Death Star today, we were supposed to do it yesterday, but I uh, kinda got caught up on patrol.” Peter gave Tony a guilty shrug of his shoulders.

“So let me get this straight,” Tony said slowly, “you’re turning down quality time in my personal lab to build a lego Death Star with Ned over here?”

Peter’s eyes had lit up at the mentions of Tony’s lab, but with quick glance at a wide eyed Ned, who seemed to be stuck on the fact that Tony Stark said his name, his excitement dimmed. But Peter was loyal, almost to a fault, and nodded resolutely.

Tony, seemingly at a loss for words, just stood there, shellshocked at being told no, by a fifteen year old kid at that. A small part of Tony, the one that was actually looking forward to hanging out with the kid, was slightly hurt at the rejection.

Ned, who’d been watching the entire scene with wide eyes, was more observant than he looked and seemed to sense Peter’s indecision and Tony’s disappointment, because he gave his friend a bright smile, “Dude, we can finish the Death Star anytime and besides, my mom wanted me home tonight to help her with something, so I’m booked, raincheck?” He offered.

Peter glanced at Ned then at Tony and then back to Ned, “Um, sure Ned, no problem.”

Ned gave him a smile and then turning his attention back to Tony, his friendly smiled turned a bit more to the manic grin that most people wore in Tony’s presence, “It was really nice to meet you Mr. Stark.”

He offered Peter a fist bump, who returned it, before he started walking down the side walk, towards, what Tony assumed, was home.

Turning his attention back to the kid, he gave him a smile, “Good good, now we should probably be on our way if we want to avoid traffic. Now, as far as suit upgrades go, I was thinking of up-ing the suit’s repulsers a bit—hey, kid, you coming?” Tony asked from his position on the driver’s side, raising an eyebrow at Peter, who was still standing on the side walk. Tony followed his gaze and saw Ned still making his way down the sidewalk and chancing a glance back at Peter, who was still watching him with big, guilty eyes, he sighed.

The things I do for you, kid, Tony thought to himself.

“Hey, Ned,” Tony shouted, making the kid pause and turn around, looking to Peter, who was watching Tony with the beginnings of a smile, then back to Tony curiously, “would you like to join us? There’s plenty of room in the lab for three people.”

Even from a few yards away, Tony could see the kid’s eyes widen in surprise before he hustled his way back to an equally excited Peter, who shot him a grateful look.

“Thank you, Mr. Stark.” He said quietly, giving him a bright smile.

And Tony couldn’t help but smile back, “You’re welcome, kiddo,” eyeing a panting Ned warily, “make sure he doesn’t do anything…weird, okay? I don’t mind opening my lab to him but there was something in his eyes when I was talking about the Iron Man suit that made me decidedly uncomfortable.”

Peter gave a breathy laugh, “Don’t worry, Mr. Stark, Ned’s cool.”

Ned, who had come to a slightly sweaty stop in from them, looked up at Tony with wide eyes, “Can I try on the Iron Man helmet?”



Tony spent the majority of their time in lab just watching Peter and Ned run around like kids in a candy store—picking things up, playing with the robots—DUM-E taking a special liking to Peter, who, Tony was pleased to see, treated him like a human, thanking him when he brought them water from the stocked fridge and smiling when DUM-E beeped happily in return—and played with all the gadgets laying around.

Tony, albeit wearily, let them try on one of the Iron Man helmets from one of his earlier models and explained to them how the suit worked, both of them hanging on to his every word. He showed them the blue prints for his newest model, listening to their suggestions and even writing a few them down to look into later.

Ned, Tony found out, was rather intelligent with computers. He gave him one of his old security systems and watched with genuine interest as the kid hacked into the the files with ease and recoded the entire system in a matter of minutes.

When Tony looked it over, he let out a grunt of an approval, “Nice work, kid.”

Ned all but fainted at Tony’s praise.

The hours slipped by and F.R.I.D.A.Y. being the helpful AI that she is, had ordered pizzas without Tony even having to ask and had them sent to the kitchen, alerting them when they had arrived. Tony led them up to the kitchen, watching with thinly veiled amusement as they both took in every new surrounding with the same amount of interest they had shown in the lab.

Tony continued to observe them as they tore into the pizza like they hadn’t eaten in days and taking a quick glance at the clock, he realized with a flash of guilt, that they had been down in the lab for over four hours and the last time they had probably eaten something would’ve been well over seven or eight hours ago.

It was nice, Tony deiced, listening to their mindless chatter and what was especially nice, was seeing how at ease Peter was with his friend, looking like a true fifteen year old with his friend over to his house on a school night, like he didn’t have super powers, like he didn’t dress up in tight spandex and web his way through Queens and fight crime at night while trying to balance a normal life.

The thought nagged at Tony for the rest of dinner and as he rode silently with them in the backseat while Happy drove them all to Ned’s apartment first, who still looked like he couldn’t believe today was real, thanking Tony breathlessly for the best day of his life and telling Peter he’d see him tomorrow at school.

Peter watched his friend with a small, amused smile and when they got to Peter’s apartment building, Tony glanced over at the kid, the smile still had yet to leave his face.

“Alright kid, this is your stop,” Tony said, making a move to undo his seatbelt, but the kid’s hesitant voice made him pause.

“Mr. Stark?” Peter said softly, clearing his throat, “I uh, just wanted to thank you, you know for well, everything,” the kid breathed, smiling up at him so sincerely that it made Tony’s chest ache in the best sort of way, “today was amazing and I really appreciate you inviting Ned along with us, he really looks up to you, you know? And I haven’t really been able to spend much time with him since, y’know, the whole Spider-Man thing.”

The kid paused before continuing on in a softer voice, “And about Flash, I really, really don’t know how to thank you for that,” he rubbed the back of his neck, clearly embarrassed, “it’s kind of funny, in a way, I’m a sort of super-hero and I can’t even stand up to a bully—“

Tony’s heart squeezed painfully in his chest at the kid’s self-deprecation, “Look, kid, I’m no stranger to bullies,” he began, sighing heavily, “I had my fair share of them when I was in school and even in college. I learned that while you may no be able to physically fight someone, you can always fight them with words and sometimes, words can hurt more than your fists. All I did was give that Flash kid a taste of his own medicine and hopefully, got him off your case.”

Peter was silent for a moment, considering Tony’s words before giving him another appreciative smile, “I don’t think Flash will be messing with me anytime soon, but still, thank you,” Peter’s smile turned shy, “you’re the first adult, other than May, to stand up for me and I really appreciate it, so thank you, Mr. Stark.”

“Call me Tony,” Tony offered after a beat of silence, unsure of how to respond to such a statement.

Whatever he was trying to say, the kid got, because he smiled brightly and Tony, suddenly feeling awkward at the unusual sentimental moment, busied himself with unbuckling his seatbelt, ignoring the warmth in his chest.

He reached around the kid to open the door for him and Peter, rather than getting out, just like last time, he reached up and wrapped his arms around Tony, thinking he was hugging him

“This um, wasn’t a hug,” Tony began awkwardly, “I’m just getting the door for you.”

However, before the kid could pull away, Tony wrapped his arms around him and gave him a quick, but firm squeeze.

Peter gave him another smile before wishing Tony and Happy a goodnight,  getting out of the car and making his way up towards his apartment. Tony debated on his next move, mulling it over quickly and before the kid could get too far, he found himself making a snap decision and rolling down he window.

“Hey, Underoos,” Tony started, slightly unsure when the kid turned around and looked at Tony with hopeful eyes.

“Same time, same place tomorrow?” He said after a moment of silence, the kid’s answering grin melting away any self doubt before it could begin.

“Sure Mr.Stark—Tony,” Peter stuttered excitedly, “sounds great!”

Tony watched the kid go with a satisfied smiled, so caught up in his happy little pseudo-family moment that he almost didn’t hear his phone ring.

Not even bothering to glance at the caller I.D., he answered it with a smooth, “Stark.”

“Tony?! What the hell we’re you thinking going to a school and threatening a minor, A MINOR—“



Should I continue? Please let me know :)


First off, a little context. You can skip this if you want.

So Chris from GetLazy recently posted a few very interesting pictures he had taken from the design documents that were made around 2001. Some of you might have already seen this, but since I assume that not everyone here on tumblr is active on GetLazy (me neither honestly) I decided to make a post about it for everyone to see. So as the title might suggest, the documents hold quite a bit of information about LazyTown prior to the TV series. Unfortunately however, we can’t see the whole thing. He was only able to make a few blurry and shaky pictures, but, trust me, it’s still worth reading.

I also decided to make a few notes in case it’s too hard for you to see or if you’re too lazy to read it yourself or whatever. If you can catch more information than I wrote down feel free to add. I also left out information that is already common knowledge.


For this one, I didn’t make notes but I will quote directly from what Chris remembers reading, as it is much more informative. But I will still post the pictures.

So, as an abandoned and unnamed child, Sportacus worked in mines under a man named Mr. Kicker. Since none of the kids in the mines had names, Kicker referred to the kids by numbers.. Sportacus being number 10. There wasn’t much fun to be had under the mines, so the kids spent a lot of time learning lots of different kinds of sports. At some point during mining, number 10 accidentally found a strange crystal that shone whenever someone was being hurt, and he kept it. After years of abuse, number 10 finally decided to revolt. In secret, he built a hot air balloon powered by pedals and one day, he flew it out of the mountain, taking some kids with him. Soon after, he came back and dropped down a ladder and started rescuing other kids. He eventually rescued all of the kids from Mr. Kicker, and was even able to take Kicker’s spyglass from him before leaving the mines forever. Also, the mustache comes from rubbing his face with coaly hands.


- “his mother is a very busy nutritionalist”
- his parents love him immensly
- but they are not very strict with what he eats
- I think it might be because his mother didn’t have candy when she was young
and doesn’t want to take it from him as well


- forgetful and easily distracted
- which “should not be confused with stupidity”
- makes sure everyone feels included
- from a very warm and loving family
- her father is an elementary scool teacher and her mother an ornithologist
- “they are frugal but not cheap”

(Honestly I couldn’t find much new information here, but you can look at it yourself of course)

- demands and sues money from everyone
- “lives in the biggest, most decadent villa in LazyTown”
- “Mr. Spoilero”


- “he may seem stupid, but”
- saves the day when Sportacus isn’t there
- “a hero who has no interest in being one”
- lives with his mother in a very narrow building
- his room is dirty and messy


- “She is completely uninterested in her outward appearance”
- new in town
- “her family has moved quite a lot”
- lives in a trailer
- parents work very hard so they can buy a house
- which is why she has to fend for herself most of the time
- has two older brothers
- they’re not very nice to her from what I can tell
- “her best friends are her books”

(this text is hard to figure out I’m sorry)

- his parents own the local TV and radio shop and are also very busy
- “… monitor instead of his own mother”
- “Crying violently whenever…”
- communicates with his parents through the intercom or e-mail
- “…his inability to speak normally”


- “would challenge anyone who said a bad word about her” (just curious who “her” is)
- his father was a prominent politician and his mother a compulsive gambler
- has younger siblings
- went to a private school
- was very active in both the drama and chess club
- was kicked out of chess club for cheating in the championship
- not sure but I think it says that he stole his catsuit from a play in drama club, ran off with it and disappeared for years
- when he returned he has become a skilled con-artist

Officer Obtuse/Lolli

- good friends with the mayor
- they’re compared to Laurel & Hardy and their friendship dates back to high school
- which is literally the only reason he is employed as a police officer
- doesn’t have his own home but instead stays in his office in case something happens at night
- the kids call him “Officer OB” and he thinks it’s fucking disrespectful
- is the youngest of nine (!) brothers who ALL joined the “SFLC, Special Forces for the Leader of Country” except him
- he tried to join 18 times but was never accepted
- good at sports though
- caught Robbie cheating in the chess championship

The Rooster/Cock-a-little-do/Haninn

- really doesn’t like Sportacus
- silently helps Robbie but doesn’t want to make it known
- has sisters or something
- used to take pride in waking up every morning until he discovered that being lazy is much more fun
- left the farm he used to reside to find the laziest place on earth so he could be lazy in peace
- is now the laziest inhabitant of all LazyTown

Alright, sorry for the long post but I felt like this was very necessary for all of you to know!!


can we pretend? if only for tonight.

hearts left bleeding, by Coalitiongirl

Trollhunters Fanfiction Recommenation List Part 1

So, I’ve noticed there’s not a whole lot of fanfic recommendation lists in our little fandom, so I’m making one. Mind you, these are only the ones I have read and do not reflect on the fandom as a whole. If you want to add to this list or have any suggestions, I am happy to take them. Note: Most of these are not completed yet. I’m doing a separate one for Changeling/Half-Troll Jim stories. This is just the first part of the list folks. 

In no particular order:

1. The Fantastic Upheaval Series by a3rie. A what-if series where Barbara discovers a troll in her basement, which leads her to learning about troll society. Strickler and Draal are hilarious in this. Barbara is also pretty darn badass. 


2. Text Ya Later, Trollhunter by lovevalley45. A texting fanfic where everyone is on group chat and it is hilarious and chaotic and just plain fun. 


3. Withhold by Paw_07. An Unbecoming AU where Jim using a frying pan against Bular and it just gets better from there. Seriously, if you’re in this fandom and you haven’t read this, you really should. There is so much golden moments in this fic I might need to open a mine. 


4. Eclipsing Daylight by EarthboundJedi. Another AU where instead of two weeks, Jim spends six months in the Darklands and is both emotionally and physically scarred by it. If you like angst, then hop aboard this feels train of a fanfic. 


5. Under Sunlight by quietpagan. An AU where a young Jim rescues a certain six-eyed troll from turning into stone in his backyard. It is so cute and adorable and the characterization is truly well-done. 


6. The Strawberry Shortcake Chronicles by FoxLight. In short, the Stricklake series for any fan of the pairing. Description is phenomenal and the characters feel so alive and well-rounded. Seriously, go read this series. 


7. The Beauty of the Sky by FanaticFangirl2602. It’s a short yet sweet Jlaire fanfic and it’s just fluffy and sweet and nice. 


8. Birthday Candles by ummmmm. A Jim/Claire/Toby fanfic if you squint. AU future fanfic where the gang is middle aged and Jim questions whether he is aging or not like his friends and its sweet, angsty, and wonderful. 


I’ll post Part 2 sometime in the near future. Once again, these fanfics aren’t ranked, they’re just my personal recs. 

mild-lunacy  asked:

This is a bit more open-ended than usual, but there's no one else I could ask. To wit: are there any particular moments in Series 4 that suggest or demonstrate to you that John really loves and/or genuinely cares about Sherlock? I guess secondarily, how do you read Sherlock putting off rescuing John from that well until after he dealt with Eurus In TFP?

Any particular moments? It’s hard to pick, it’s kind of infused through the whole thing, but okay, I’ll do my best.

In The Six Thatchers, John should be deliriously happy. He’s got what he wanted: the normal life with a job, a wife, and a new daughter, but he’s also got Sherlock, who is as committed to maintaining this careful and potentially awkward balance as he is. They still solve crimes together, and Mary and Rosie aren’t an obstruction. In fact, sometimes they join in! John’s devotion to Sherlock is pretty obvious from that alone, but Sherlock’s special place in John’s life is underscored by John asking him to be Rosie’s godfather. 

John should be happy, but he’s not. He’s never managed to get over what Mary did and who she really is. His happy life with wife and baby is a lie. As his trust in Mary continues to decline, his trust in Sherlock never waivers. John and Sherlock confront threats together as a team while Mary lies, drugs Sherlock, and scarpers. Sherlock, weird, rude, and difficult, is John’s stable rock, and Mary does not look good in comparison. 

After Mary dies, John blames Sherlock and cuts him off. I’d suggest that this is more indicative of how much John cares about Sherlock than otherwise. Not only because he thought Sherlock was a superhero who could could genuinely protect Mary and Rosie from everything forever, but because, as we later learn, the reason why John pushes Sherlock away stems primarily from his own self-loathing. John betrayed Mary, and his guilt and despair at not being able to live up to Mary’s, Sherlock’s, and his own expectations leads him to push away the things he loves most, including his daughter and his life with Sherlock. This is underscored by his goodbye scene in the hospital, where he leaves his cane as a silent final message: you saved me, I didn’t deserve it, and here I betray you. 

We’ve had Sherlock’s mind palace for a while, which is a wonderful way to see what’s actually going on in his head. In The Lying Detective, we finally get the equivalent for John: Mary. Hallucinated Mary isn’t a ghost or even a memory, she’s the honest part of John. And she adores Sherlock. She talks about him constantly. She watches him mid-deduction with love and delight. She recognizes that Sherlock knows John, understands him completely, but John disagrees. Sherlock can’t possibly know how worthless John is; like Mary, Sherlock believes he is a good, moral man, and John knows that they’re both wrong. The voice in his head says: Sherlock may be a monster, but he’s my monster.

The most dramatic indicator of how John feels about Sherlock is his confession and breakdown at the end of The Lying Detective. This is the first time John has been completely honest in this entire story. John hides his feelings constantly, he lies about them, even to himself. And in this scene he nearly does it again, he nearly walks away. Had he done so, I believe his relationship with Sherlock would have been essentially over. He would have grown more and more distant and dishonest until their connection was entirely lost. But out of love and faith, he finally, finally makes a different choice. He chooses to be brutally honest and vulnerable. He cries, but does not turn away. He lets Sherlock hold him. No one has or ever will be this close to John.

Sherlock does not put off rescuing John in The Final Problem. From the moment he realizes that John is in danger, all Sherlock does is try to save him. The problem is that the solution is Eurus. We know that he can’t rescue John without her intervention because he was unable to the first time; the puzzle is too complex for him, it will always be too complex for him. The mistake he made all his life was thinking that intelligence was the answer. When he was a boy he didn’t have the resources to do what he does now: he recognizes that it’s sentiment that will save John, not brainpower. He’s got sentiment in his tool belt now, and that’s because of John. John made him feel and taught him to be a loving and feeling person, and that’s what allows him to triumph over his much more brilliant sister in the end.

yoi fic rec list, part 4

What to do when your friends suggested a story to read and you learned the story was part of a series? You read all of them in order because it just make sense! (Also, I have a lot of time so this is possible.)

Even Ice Gods Can Melt by chellethewriter / @the-jedi

Question and Answer

Viktor is growing old, and his competitors seem to be growing younger and younger. Thus, with every passing year, Viktor finds fewer familiar faces at his Grand Prix banquets, and he wonders whether his attendance has become pointless. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that one unfamiliar, alcohol-reddened face can make the whole night more than worthwhile.

(A canon-compliant retelling of the banquet in which Viktor falls head-over-heels for a certain drunk, Japanese figure skater, and Yuri Plisetsky is both displeased and incredulous).



Tantalus, Reaching 

When Viktor Nikiforov arrives in Hasetsu, he expects the Katsuki Yuuri from the banquet – the shameless, sensual dancer who made Viktor feel alive for the first time in years. Instead, he finds a different Katsuki Yuuri – a boy who lacks confidence and flinches at Viktor’s touch.

In Viktor’s determination to reconcile these contrastive personalities, he realizes two things: one, that first impressions are not everything, and two, that he may or may not be in love with every side of Yuuri.

(In other words, a retelling of the series that chronicles how a five-time Grand Prix champion might attempt to woo a somewhat oblivious Japanese figure skater.)



Get A Room, Just Not This One

Viktor and Yuuri can be in love all they want. Honestly, Yuri doesn’t give a fuck, so long as their romantic bullshit doesn’t interfere with his life. But… for some reason, it’s like Yuri can’t enter a room without being utterly smacked in the face with their cheesy adoration for one another.

Sharing a rink and a city with them is a nightmare – plain and simple.

(In other words, five times that Yuri Plisetsky walks in on Yuuri and Viktor being grossly affectionate… and one time that he doesn’t. Takes place in St. Petersburg, post episode 12).



Naturally Yours

Yuuri has never considered himself a “natural” at any particular activity. Almost nothing comes easily to him. Learning to land a jump, dropping unwanted weight, stifling his own overwhelming, crushing anxiety– all of those things have cost him years and years of tedious practice and rehearsal… have battered him with rigid mountains of frustration and failure.

Viktor’s smiles are fluid, passionate, overpowering – worth more than money, worth more than anything that Yuuri could possibly offer. They’re worth all the stars in the sky and everything beyond.

But he gives them to Yuuri freely, easily, every day. Viktor’s love is the steadfast “almost” standing between Yuuri and a formidable “nothing.”

(In other words, Yuuri attempts to understand how and why his idol came to reciprocate his feelings.)

What Yandere!EXO Would Be Like in Bed: Do Kyungsoo

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Part of the What ____ Would Be Like in Bed Series

Headcanons found below!

Based off of my Yandere!EXO X Reader Series: Monster

A/n: So, like I’ve stated above, this will be entirely based off of my characterization of these boys in my Monster Series. I suggest reading it before looking at these as they will directly relate to their characterization and you’ll probably understand them better that way. Feel free to also check out my ‘Ask My Muse questions as they will also help you understand their characters better. More points may be added over time as I think of them!

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got any good hurt/comfort fic recs???


So, ignoring my inability of closing tabs, I gathered some of the ones I really loved. OK, IT’S A LOT I KNOW BUT I COULDN’T DECIDE.

Please read the author’s description first because there may be some touchy/triggering subjects.

A Sleep Like Death - Pre-release. A view on Noctis’ childhood accident and on “can you see the light?” from the versus time.
Warmness And Affection - Polyamory. SNOWSTORM AND CUTE. More comfort than hurt.
Enough Is Enough - Spoilers for chapter 1. It’s short but it’s goOD BC  FRIENDSHIP *sparkle*.
Elixir - One-shot series. Pre-release. Looong. The last chapter was supposed to have a follow-up but idk what happened osrjgunojerg. I read these so many times.
Too Much Is Never Enough - One-shot. It’s really painful.I MEAN IT. Spoilers for the whole game. Polyamory.
Old Lullaby - It’s really sweet though. Polyamory.
Opantes Mortem - Kinda spoilery for chapter 1, I guess. I also suggest you check all the other works of this series. All pre-release.
Trial By Fire - AaaaaAAaAaA it’s short but aaaaaa.
Guardian - I want more.
The Guilty - Spoilers for chapter 10. Canon divergence and aoerngoudnvfcxkjnve.
Pride - I… LOVE IT.
Good Enough - Pre-release. Brotherhood spoilers. Kinda promptis??
Coping - This really hurts.
Play On Words - THIS REALLY HURTS TOO. Spoilers for chapter 13.
Father - It’s part of a really good AU series. Did I mention it’s really good? Spoilers.
It’s My Job - One-shot. It’s cute in the end and aaaaaaaa.
In The Tidemother’s Wake - One-shot. Spoilers. It’s really sad.
Etro’s Eyes - Pre-release. Because of the “eyes that see the light of expiring souls” theme from versus.
We Need you At Your Best - PROMPTOOO.
Hold on, I’m On My Way Highness - Pre-release. it’s CUTE. Ignoct.

I know I’m sharing complete works, but I just wanted to mention these two that are still going and are amazing:

Not Quite Home In The Darkness - AU. Huuge Spoilers.

Forever & always

Summary:   You & Dean tie the knot at seventeen & seven months pregnant.

A/N:  Such important flashback for RM. I highly suggest you read this before the update at the end of this week. It holds some secrets for what is to come annnd once again not promoting or glamorizing teen pregnancy. Wrap it & wait till your old enough to understand your actions.  Also, we get to see a bit of John and Mary for the first time in the series.**Picture not mine. Found on Google.**

***My fics are not to be saved or posted on any other sites without my written permission. Thanks!***

Catch up on the whole series and other oneshots here: Remember Me Masterlist

“Why does it even have to be some big event?” John asked Dean. “It’s about the two of you and my little peanut,” he said fondly as he held a beer out for dean.

Dean sighed and his dad a light shrug of his shoulders as he accepted the beer. “I don’t know dad. Pretty sure it’s a girl thing.”

Mary yanked the beer from her eldest son’s hand and glared at her husband. “Seventeen is not legal age to drink and did you ever stop to think that maybe she wants something more than the courthouse because of the circumstances?”

Dean blinked. “What the hell- Ow! Heck! I meant heck mom! Jesus. You could give me brain damage with a swing like that. What the heck are you talking about anyway?”

She sighed. “Dean, she loves you. I have no doubt about that. I also don’t doubt that if she hadn’t gotten pregnant the two of you would have ended up here in a few years anyhow, but I can guarantee this isn’t how she’s been picturing the day she married you. She’s seventeen, seven months pregnant and her parents are refusing to attend and won’t acknowledge their grandchild.” She placed a kiss on her son’s forehead. “This isn’t the fairytale wedding most little girls dream of. Regardless if the prince is right.”  

John looked up at his wife. “I know it’s not ideal Mary, but money is too tight for a wedding. The shop is barely making enough money to support all of us and with Y/n moving in and then Peanut coming along in a few months…” He sighed. “I doubt her parents are willing to help. We just can’t afford anything more.”

“I know that and so does she. That’s why she hasn’t asked for more. I am just saying let’s make it as special as we can.”

He turned back and looked at Dean. “If you could do it on another day. Maybe we could rent a place for an hour and then go to dinner but doing it on a holiday makes everything double son.”

Dean shook his head adamantly. “No. It has to be on Valentines Day. It’s our day dad. If she can’t have the wedding she wants it has to be on that day. It’s important.”

He sighed. “Alright. Well, let’s go pick up your bride to be. We’ve got a wedding to plan and a week to do it.”

 It’s been almost a week since you had moved into the Winchester’s house. Six days since you spoke to your parents. Six days of wedding planning. Well, not so much wedding planning. There really wasn’t much of a wedding. Just a trip to the courthouse, but Dean had everything in his power to make sure it was special. You had picked up a dress from the formal shop in the mall. It was an empire waist with a white top and blush skirt covered in fabric roses. It helped cover your stomach and was loose enough not to squeeze baby.

With everything going on your anxiety had been on high alert for the entire week. Dean had assured you that his parents didn’t care. They loved you like their daughter and were thrilled to have their grandchild living under their roof until the two of your finished school and could get your own place. You didn’t doubt that they loved you both, but you were worried about being a financial burden. Dean had started working twenty hours a week at the shop a while back and refused to let you work while you were pregnant and still going to school.

He had said: No. Absolutely not. I’m not gonna have you working some crap job where you’re on your feet too much and putting yourself and our papaya in danger. I can work at the shop after school and use it as work credit, so I get out half a day. Just- just let me do this, okay? I can take care of my family.

You didn’t know the gender of your little papaya and Dean had started calling the baby after whatever the baby book said matched his or her size. That week had been papaya.

Regardless of your feelings towards not working you couldn’t tell Dean no after the way he begged to take care of his family. He just wanted to do right by you and your papaya. So, you let him.

After you got your dress and Dean picked out a dark blue blazer to wear with the tan slacks he already had, you had picked up some fake flowers to carry and a few for your hair. John had even managed to convince Ellen to close the Roadhouse for the night by agreeing to fix the steering in their new food truck.

It wasn’t the wedding you had pictured in your head. You always thought you and Dean would get married at the rink. Sure, that doesn’t sound romantic to most people, but adding twinkle lights, pretty fabric and flowers to the rustic décor of the lodge that held the rink would make it beautiful. Plus, it held a pretty special place in your heart. It was home to your first date. Your first kiss. It was the place you fell in love for the first time. It would always be your favorite place.

That just wasn’t the cards you were dealt, and you were okay with that. All that mattered was you were going to marry your soulmate today. As long as Dean was the one standing next to you in the courthouse today everything would be okay. Everything would always be okay with Dean by your side.

John and Sam had kept Dean at Bobby’s last night and you had yet to see him. You had a girl’s night with Mary, Ellen and her daughter Jo. Not really a bachelorette party since you were underage for pretty much everything that happens at a bachelorette party. It was still nice of them to keep you company while Dean was away for the night.

As much as you loved them you were ready to see your guy. Or so you thought.

“Y/n? Honey?” Mary called. “Are you ready to go? Dean is out there waiting for you.”

You swallowed and turned around to face your mother-in-law, nerves finally showing. “How did he look? Was he okay? Did- did he look like he was ready to run?”

Mary frowned and grabbed your hands. “Darling. What’s going on? You look like you’re about to cry.”

“I just-“You closed your eyes. “I am worried I am ruining his life. What if he doesn’t want this? He quit the team, gave up his future. I’m scared he is going to regret this and twenty years from now hate me for ruining his life. I don’t think I can handle Dean hating me.”

Mary smiled and tugged on your hands. “Open your eyes honey. There you go. Listen to me, yes, football has always been important to Dean. It’s something he has wanted to do since he was little, but I have no doubt in my heart that the two of you mean way more than football ever has or ever could. This may not be the best timing and sure, you two did things a little out of order, but the only thing in this world more important to Dean than you is that precious baby. Football doesn’t come close.”

You blinked a few times to push your tears away, rolled your shoulders back and nodded. She was right. You knew how much he loved you. You saw it every time you looked in his. This was the easiest decision of your life. “Okay, let’s do this. I’m ready.”

She grinned and opened the door to the small office you were getting ready in. “I believe he’s waiting on you anxiously.”

You smiled and stepped out into the hallway and spot your husband to be right away. You could be in a room of a thousand people and you would always find each other. It was magnetic pull you could feel in your soul and it always brought right to Dean. Brought you home.

Deans eyes locked with you and he pushed passed his dad and Sam heading straight for you. He had the dopiest grin on his face and any ounce of fear you felt a moment ago was long gone. “Holy cow,” he swore under his breath. “How the hell did I get you to agree to marry me?”

You laughed and ran your hands over your dress, pulling it tight so your baby bump was more visible. “I think I was hooked way before you proposed, De.”

He chuckled and held out his hand for yours. You took his hand and smiled up at him. “There’s no going back once we do this you know?” you asked softly. “You ready handsome?”

He looked back at you, his eyes bright with want and adoration. “Always, baby.”

Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles Tags: @multifandombackpack @iamcraving

Remember Me Tag: @22sarah08 @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester @golddaggers @tacohead13 @soullessbabee @lobveemo25 @multifandombackpack @iamcraving

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Hi tarysande!!! I just caught up with all your mass effect works on AO3 and they're all so great so I shall patiently wait for more :). I was wondering if you have any shakarian fic recommendations that I can read in the meantime xD? Preferably longer series' though one-shots are fine too! Thank you very much!!! I look forward to your suggestions :D :D

Thank you very much!! <3

Okay, so I have been suuuuper behind when it comes to reading fic. Really. I went through a whole thing and so I was really only catching what I happened to see on my dash. I also (I know, hypocritically) have a really hard time with WIPs, so there are probably some really good ones out there that I just haven’t read.

That said: if you check the “favorite stories” tab on my fanfiction.net profile, there’s some good stuff. More than that, most of the authors I’ve noted there have continued to write even more good stuff since I stopped updating that list.

There’s also stuff in my “tara recs things she likes” tag (though that’s more of a hodgepodge of stuff across multiple fandoms.

I trust the taste of the person who runs @fuckyeahshakarian, so you can definitely find fic recs there!!

I’m going to leave people out and that makes me feel TERRIBLE, so I apologize in advance, but let me at least get you started with a handful of tumblr folk (who have AO3 accounts and write Shakarian I have loved): @w0rdinista, @fistfulofgammarays, @fourth-age@dearophelia, @todisturbtheuniverse, @madamebadger, @damalur, @servantofclio, @thievinghippo, @theherocomplex, @mystery-moose, @meggannn, @loquaciousquark (there are so many other folks like @bloodbright and @eponymous-rose who didn’t write specifically Shakarian and/or who don’t write in the ME fandom anymore, but still: good stuff) On AO3 orchidcactus and promisespromises have written stuff I really loved. I AM MISSING PEOPLE I’M SORRY.

And on the plus side, I’m pretty sure if you ask any of THEM who THEY like, you’ll get an even wider reading list to draw from!

What Yandere!EXO Would Be Like in Bed: Luhan

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Part of the What ____ Would Be Like in Bed Series

Headcanons found below!

Based off of my Yandere!EXO X Reader Series: Monster

A/n: So, like I’ve stated above, this will be entirely based off of my characterization of these boys in my Monster Series. I suggest reading it before looking at these as they will directly relate to their characterization and you’ll probably understand them better that way. Feel free to also check out my ‘Ask My Muse questions as they will also help you understand their characters better. More points may be added over time as I think of them!

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IF READING ISN’T YOUR THING THEN YOU CAN LISTEN TO SOMEONE READ THE STORY ON YOUTUBE (-i highly suggest listening to Mr.Creepy pasta read it because his voice acting is amazing-)


it’s not like your typical horror story it’s so much more
-also there’s way more characters but i only drew the employees-)

Steal The Show - Part 2: Crazy, Probably Will Kill You Ex

Previously On… (Masterlist) 

Summary: What happens when the famous singer, Y/F/N Y/L/N, or “Ms. HB” finds herself falling headset over heels for her new bodyguard, Dean Winchester? And just how long can she pretend that there’s nothing there - especially with some heat added to the mix?

Pairing: Bodyguard!Dean x Famous singer!reader; Y/F/N Y/L/N, or Ms. HB.

Warnings: Cursing, flirtaious mentions, slight threats, mentions of hot sex, mentions of insane ex, mentions of alcohol {for like a second}, long chapter again ( ;)) it’s gonna get juicy kiddies) 

Notes: Series are going to start up again soon! I believe I will be working with mainly this, and Whiskey, Leather, and A Whole Lotta Secrets, so if you enjoy Supernatural, you’ll enjoy this series. If you enjoy Sons Of Anarchy, you’ll enjoy the other!

Also, some chapters may contain music (links provided) so I would suggest going and listening!

Another thing to add, this chapter might go on for longer! Just because I’m treating this like a real book and I want to give you guys a good experience reading, so I hope you all like that the chapters will be long and the series might go on forever ;) 

Series Tags: (If you show interest, you’ll be added): @heyyyitshayley @alinahearts13 @geongie-forgot-their-password @eve05glee @deevvoon @curly-haired-disaster@mlovesstories@supernaturalteam @dackrn27 @superwholockgirl04 @lauriz67  @goddess-divine02 @thekingofselfloathing @nontimebomaladeusmeus @redmoon261 @flomcgoetze @tailsoflightning @supermoose67@nmaryuu @sammat97 @goldenzway @emlewis17-blog @superdeangirllove @josettewilljj @angelkurenai @classyputa  @harinithr98 @bemyqueenofdarkness @letmebeyoursforever @itstotalyblue @icanfeelyourheart   

^ If you’d like to be added/removed, please don’t be afraid to message! A line through tag means Tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you x(  

Forever In Tags: @waywardnewcomer @natashacamillaus @iliketowrite02 @mogaruke @casiskween @laceyn-1201 @supernatural-teamfreewillpage  

Enjoy! Feedback is the glue to my writings!

“So – how’d the meeting go? You looked upset when you came out, and haven’t said as much as a single word to me since we’ve gotten here.” Dean pried as I glanced up to him. The meeting had went off without a hitch – I got the gig and everything, but.. Why’d he care so much?

“It went fine, Dean, really. I just.. I don’t like talking about the meetings-“


“What is this a therapy session? Just drop it, Dean. We came out to eat, right?” I arched a brow as Dean frowned while sending a small glare towards me before nodding his head slowly. “Yeah, I guess.” He mumbled as I nodded, waving for a waitress, who hadn’t caught my waving hand.

               “Then that’s what we’ll do – figure out what you want, I’m buying.” I nodded towards the menu as I reached forward grabbing my own from the holder as Dean scoffed, grabbing his own.

“You’re not buying – the girls shouldn’t have to pay on the first date.” Dean grinned cheekily as I glanced up over the glossy laminated menu with a small bat of my eyelashes.

               “Oh? And who said this was a date?” I bit my lower lip, keeping it hidden behind the menu as I glanced up at Dean, who was smirking while looking down at his own menu before looking up at me with his bright, alluring green eyes.

“I did sweetheart, and I’m pretty sure you agreed.”

               “Shut it, Mr. Smirk-y.” I chuckled as a waitress moved towards us, a small smile on her lips as she took down our drinks and our orders and of course, sending a few signs of flirts towards Dean as I pinched my lips together.

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Star Wars, from a Marxist point of view

This post contains spoilers of The Last Jedi. I live in mainland China and the film won’t hit theatres until January 5, so what I say about the plot is only derived from the reviews I read, not the film itself. The TLJ spoilers about Rey are at the end, part 4 of this post.
This post is recommended for Marxists who happen to enjoy SW series or SW fans that are not intimidated by the concept of communism. If your understanding of communism are ‘OMG Gulag!’, ‘BUT famines’ or ‘Jesus Christ it’s totalitarianism!’ then I suggest you ignore me and move on.
Also this is not a formal analysis, just me mumbling jumbling to myself because none of my friends in real life watch Star Wars.

1.Jedi the Space Brahmins
The whole thing about Jedi is blatantly and shamelessly Orientalist, like Disney’s Mulan level of Orientalist. The Jedi robes, the padawan hairstyle, the pseudo Taoist-Buddhist-Bushido-whateveritisyouwhitepeoplecanttellthedifferenceanyway hybrid philosophy, the ridiculously unscientific and ahistorical sword fights, and even the word Jedi itself - an American’s absurd misunderstanding of Japanese syllables…
Every element is screaming ‘middle class shitheads jerking off by the bizarre delight taken from ancient mysterious Oriental otherness’. And jerk off happily they did, as every single SW film has miraculous box office. The capitalists who own the series are loaded.
(Though, to be precise, only the Jedi masters are Space Brahmins, while the average Jedi knights are Space Kshatriya. The Jedi’s faith and morals and Yoda’s ‘enjoy every shit fate throws at you’ attitude are basically Space Neo-Confucianism. Anakin was forcefully pulled up from Space Dalits, breaking the age-old norms. No wonder he later turned his back to Space Confucianism.)
2. Republic the Space Ancien Regime
Orientalism aside, the Jedis are set up to be the good guys - the light side - during the entire Star Wars saga, while Sith, their opponents, are set up to be some sort of fascist-ish bad guys.
This seems to be trendy among Hollywood blockbusters these days : the good guys are always some vague neo-liberal-ish (sometimes it’s even openly feudal, like Thor) individualist heroes trying to hold up the flawed but ultimately good status quo, while some vague ruthless fascist-ish villains trying to break the status quo so that hesheit could rule the world or get famous or get avenged or something. e.g. the recent Kingsman sequel and Thor sequel.
As for the third route, coughrevolutioncough, well, it doesn’t exist. There could be Resistance and Rebel, but no revolution. There is no Galactic Internationale, only the rebels led by the literal aristocrats ( princess leia everyone) of the old republic, and the Empire led by the relatively new (compared with the centuries old Jedis) oligarchs.
3. Princess Leia the Space Hilary and Emperor Palpatine the Space Trump
So, in contrast to the black and white version - the Star Wars ideology - which the filmmakers and fans try to present, the whole story of Star Wars actually goes like this:
Jedi knights are the essential components of the State Apparatus, functioning as a violent force of repressive execution and intervention in the interests of the ruling classes in the class struggle conducted by the space bourgeoisie and its allies against the space proletariat.
A proof for this would be that haunting scene in the Phantom Menace in which slave boy Anakin asked an armed Jedi knight if the Jedis are gonna free the slaves. The answer is no. And throughout the whole SW series no one mentions the abolition of slavery ever again.
Why is it so? Because the ‘peace and order’ that the Jedis protect with lightsabres is precisely the societal system which is built on the labour of slaves - be it the feudal-ish serfs on the third worldly planets like Tattoine or the hired slaves on the first worldly planets like Coruscant.
Padme teared up when she thought democracy died in thunderous applause, but the truth is there never was democracy in the first place.The Senators and Queens and Princes and Counts and Capitalists may meet in their air-conditioned council chamber while the actual labourer, the working people who produce every single thing in the Galaxy, have no say in anything, as they don’t even appear in the story. The fate of the Galaxy is decided by a very small group of people, usually force-sensitive, while the majority of the Galaxy is not even qualified to have a presence on screen.
When oppressed nations(planets) want to free themselves from this fake democracy, the Republic shows its true nature by branding them seperatists and sending Jedis to repress them with violence, which resulted in fancy lightsabre fights.
Well, the thing is, lightsabres are cool, and lightsabres are also weapons. The function of sabres is to cut people, not to cut fruit. By lightsabres alone we should be able to discern that Jedis are the instruments of State Violence, just like cops. They are Superpowered Space Cops.
It is also very worth noting that the major seperatists are aliens instead of humans, and are located in the financially worse off outer rims instead of the loaded developed central planets. Still their highest leader is Count Dooku, white male aristocrat Sith opportunist who uses the righteous dissatisfaction of alien peoples to gain more power. And failed. Because white male aristocrat Sith opportunist Space Trump. (so dooku’s romney then)
After the Jedi and the Ancien Regime were overthrown and replaced by the (i must resist the urge to say louis bonaparte)Sith, Space Obama Organa and his adopted daughter Space Hilary Leia came into the picture. Just like the Sith, they used the righteous dissatisfaction of the galactic people to mobolise rebels to work for their class.
Thus, the plot of Rogue One goes like this: Space Aristocrat recruited Space Lumpenproletariat to do their bidding. Suicide squad was formed. The squad also contained two former minor Space Brahmins who were now overthrown and homeless. They were smashed, along with Space Julian Sorel Krennic, by Space Thiers Tarkin.
Space Aristocrat continued to recruit Space Lumpenproletariat, the kind of rascals who shot first. This time also including third world farmer Luke.
Fast forward to the Return of the Jedi, a fitting title for the film, as Jedi, the symbol of the rotten old world, is restored, just like the English monarchy was restored after Cromwell died, and continued to exist to this very moment. What a happy end for conservatives.
4.Rey the proletariat
The self proclaimed progressive youth often complain about the lack of feminism/LGBT representation in Hollywood movies, yet they are perfectly fine with the lack of working class representation. Though this time there is one actual proletarian protagonist in the new Star Wars, at least by definition.
Rey is nobody’s daughter, a natural phenomena among proles. As Marx famously stated in the Communist Manifesto, ‘all family ties among the proletarians are torn asunder, and their children transformed into simple articles of commerce and instruments of labour.’ Rey, sold by her parents, owns nothing but herself, her labour force. On Jakku she has no access to the outside world, the only way for her to survive is to sell the products of her labour to the landlord, who owns means of production, in exchange of means of living. Rey has no power over her wages, and could only accept what the landlord distributes to her, while the landlord could sell the junk she picked to outside buyers ten times her wage.
And, like her predecessors, Rey is recruited by the galactic Aristocrat. Brainwashed by Bourgeoisie Ideology, she mistakes Space Ford for her father and Space Hilary for her mother, in a manner not unlike K in Blade Runner 2049. Old Luke, the Space Diogenes, laughed at her naive mindset, but did not correct her. It was only when she forceskyped with Space Snape that the illusion got debunked.
Space Snape, like Wizard Snape, is a misguided young fascist. I say misguided, because communist revolution is a thought crime and the only acceptable outlet for anger at the Capitalist status quo is fascism. Better Nazi than Red. So Wizard Snape who suffered bitter poverty in his youth did not recognize his true enemy being unequal distribution of wealth, and turned his loyalty to fascism instead. Later, he went back to the vague neoliberal-ish good guys, because of personal romantic reasons.
On the other hand, Space Snape, whose fate is yet to be set in stone, is neither a full blown fascist nor a penitent confessor kneeling at the feet of neoliberal justice. Yet. According to the spoilers, between Space Snape and Space Diogenes, the former actually has the moral high ground, despite the latter being the biggest Tom Sue self-insert in the history of filmmaking. Which is probably why the Last Jedi pissed so many old SW fans off, cuz it deconstructs their narcissism reflected in Luke. Personally I’d love to see Ren’s outcome in the next film.
All in all, although Star Wars doesn’t play into historical materialism at all, but since no film is produced in a vacuum and is always made by real people living in the real world, it couldn’t help but shows some distorted mirror image of the politics of the Capitalist society we live in. It’s fun to do mental gymnastics with it.

Fic’s in Progress.

Been awhile since I’ve posted one of these lists but i like lists and i’m writing this down so i can keep track.

Becca x MC: Puppy’s first night.

Becca x MC: Anon requested: Fic inspired by the song The Only Exception.

Kaitlyn x MC: Anon requested: Guitar shop and a puppy.

Ideas i’m considering:

The Freshman” from Becca POV, this would involved reading the whole damn series again, but i like the idea and it was also suggested to me.

Kind of want to do a fic for Becca, that’s like one of those special books that Chris, James and Kaitlyn got. (like the 30 diamonds one?) but no full idea for this yet, or if their is even interest. 

Also going back to a Becca x Kaitlyn that i abandoned because….writers block.

If any of these sound interesting, please, please let me know, this sorry excuse of a writer needs the push.

anonymous asked:

AHHH! You're drawings are AMAZING and you respond in flipping DOODLES, like, wow, that has to be the best thing I've ever seen! Your whole blog is just -SO PRECIOUS-. Also, question, do you know any good pinescone fanfic? I've only found a few, like the Mystery Best Friends series, but I've been dying for more. Suggestions?

Aww thank you Q v Q I’m not really good at expressing myself with words so I try to doodle something little for such kind people on this website! 

And HMM I know @skimmingmilk and @syl-writes-stuff writes amazing pinescone fanfics!! Actually it’s been a while since I read some fanfictions….. There’s too much assignments to do…. Q n Q 

thelesbianspiderman  asked:

I know it's not answering the whole Narissa is Faith question but remember that since TWAU is a prequel Bigby's story lives on! Fables is hella good. I suggest to to all

That’s true!

And I can also agree with this.

The Fables comic series is one of the best I’ve ever read, and if you love TWAU you should definitely check it out.

It provides a lot more depth to the cast of characters as well (for example, Flycatcher)


Just in time for New Year’s, I found this nice round number, and since NONE of this would have happened if I were all by my lonesome, I figure the best way to celebrate is with a long - but not exhaustive - list of shoutouts.

So thanks to @wearepaladin for starting it all, and for trusting a thief.

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Thank you all… so much.

And since I’m feeling all mushy right now, you’ll allow me to slip out of character archetype for a moment, and just this once side with - ostensibly - an Inspector who calls:

All of you here, named and unnamed, have stood by me, and I’m so grateful, and I’m standing by you.