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Taylor Swift as ‘Stella Swan’ in Firelight.

MadaTobi Soulmate Drabble

Soulmate AU where whenever you lose something, your soulmate winds up finding it.

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Ever since he was little, Madara would find odd bits and bobs nudged amidst all of his things – crayons in his pocket, pacifiers in his drawers, socks under couches, and even a tiny knitted beany in his little brother’s house slippers once. It’s very annoying. It clutters his room and he’s always being told off by his parents for it.

Then came the drawings. Sometimes crumpled, sometimes not.  Over the years, it grew from illegible, grainy scrawling to clumsy shapes and bendy forms that took less, and less stretching of his imagination to determine as hiragana characters.

My name is Senju Tobirama, one of it reads.

Paranoia coils in him. Soulmate or not, the thought of a stranger stumbling upon his belongings, his personal, informative, belongings is enough to make anyone holler out stranger danger. This soulmate mumbo jumbo is weird.

Strangely enough, that’s how he meets his best friend, through the strange mumbo jumbo.

“I’m supposed to be showing my little brother around school today,” bawls the boy with the bowl cut while latching himself on Madara’s arm, all big eyes brimming with tears, and snot running down his nose. “It’s his first day and I can’t find him anywhere! He must be so scared! Will you help me look for him?”

Considering it’s Madara’s first exposure to comforting a fellow seven-year-old that’s crying his eyes out, Madara himself feels a little lost. His panicking eyes flick around them for help, but all the other children have quickly vanished into air as if they were the ninjas they routinely pretend to be. Oddly, he feels betrayed.

Whenever Izuna cries, it’s because he either wants attention or food. Ransacking through his lunchbox, Madara grabs one of his onigiri, and shoves it into the crying boy’s hands. He takes a deep breath, and huffs out his next statement with enough annoyance to drown out his panic, “Will you stop crying?”

There, food and attention. He should stop his crying any minute now.

But much to Madara’s despair, the boy threatens to swell up with tears again. “But he’s alone,” the boy whines, “and he’s so small and everything’s new to him and I need to find him because he could be getting bullied right now–”

“I’ll help you look for him, okay?” Despite holding the onigiri, the shrivelling boy still has one arm clinching Madara’s own. Madara tries (and fails) to shake the crying limpet away. “I’ll help you look for your baby brother. Stop crying already. He couldn’t have gone far, he’s like five.

As if the magic words were a box of tissues, all tears dry up, and the boy glows. “Okay then, let’s go!” He jumps up and drags Madara with him, snacking on his onigiri in a way that makes Madara feel like he’s been played. “Let’s go find Tobirama!”

Madara stumbles over his own foot. His lunchbox almost falls out of his hands. “Tobirama,” Madara squeaks in a high voice.

His new friend, he finds out, is Senju Hashirama. Oldest of four siblings, like him, and really likes to talk about everything and nothing at once. Tobirama is the second oldest. He’s a bit of a smarty pants, according to his brother, so the dangers of meeting someone who might bully him is definitely a substantial one. Hashirama cheerfully informs him that he has to help beat up the bullies, as part of the agreement of their newfound friendship.

It feels like getting carried away in a Hashirama-shaped tidal wave. Madara ends up not minding it. There’s a tugging in his belly, pulling him towards the library. Flutters of excitement are running up his arm at the thought of meeting his soulmate.

When they do find him, his little body is curled up on one of the beanbags, absorbed in book that’s got to be way too advanced for a five-year old to read. Tobirama peers up from his book at Hashirama’s joyous exclamations. He eyes his older brother like a particularly unpleasant fur ball he’d just hacked up, the expression as prickly as his white hair, and dodges his older brother’s hug with an expert shuffle off his bean bag.

Then and there, Madara knows that he’ll grow to like his soulmate, just as he knows how Tobirama losing Hashirama on his first day of school was definitely not an accident.

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Hi there! Wanted to let you know I adore your work and that you've actually made me love Humanformers, which I hadn't even liked before stumbling upon your gorgeous blog. Also, I have a question: would you mind if I used one of your drawings as my phone's wallpaper? Pretty please! Also, I'd love it if you could draw Racer Dads taking care of a hurt Raf or KOBB after a falling out making up? Dunno why so dark and I guess you may not like the idea, so it's cool if you don't wanna. Love you!

Wow thank you that’s really awesome. I’m touched to hear i’ve had that type of an impact,thank you! 
And yes of course you can use, i’ve got nothing against that. Just really amazing to hear you like some pic that much,thanks.
And sure i can do that but i’ll add a personal little lighter tone if that’s ok

Great Baby Name Ideas:

Girls: Natasha, Margaret, Peggy, Pepper, Jane, Darcy, Betty, Maria, Sharon, Wanda, Gamora, Nebula, Helen, Hope.

Boys: Steve, Roger, Tony, Clint, Barton, Bruce, Scott, Hank, Pietro, Peter, Rocket, Drax, Rhodey, Nick, Thor, Loki, Lewis, Erik, Phillip, Coulson, Howard, Edwin, Jarvis, Wilson, James, Buchanan, Barnes. 

Gender Neutral Options: Bucky, Nat, Sif, Foster, Quill, Groot, Jamie (…but called Bucky duh), Sam, Captain, Vision, Carter, Agent. 

You know what? On second thought, these are all gender neutral. Just mix and match as you please. 


i fucking want you guys to know that i was blessed in walmart last night. as one of those many people continuously tortured for years in every tourist trap imagineable, able to find every name but my own, i stumbled upon not only my grievous deadname, but also my current name all in one spot

151220 Jikook/Kookmin

I coincidentally stumbled upon this today (I also screen captured the time frame so that you can check and watch along)

Just a tiny little thing, but still sweet and cute as usual ♥

Basically Taehyung corrected him, Jimin said sorry and everyone cracked up.

Jimin starts singing again.

Jungkook (in late 2016, to the world): “I can tease Jimin-hyung until the end”

also Jungkook (way back in late 2015, in his inner thoughts ): Of course I can tease Jimin-hyung until the end but when the others tease him I’ll support and protect him at all cost!

*in Jackson’s voice* cute!


yes I know he also ad libbed “잡고” after Taehyung sang, but fyi, it’s his part, see the live version to verify it here

I’m not downgrading anyone’s moment, I just wanna clarify in advance in case anyone feels unpleasant.

Thank you~~~, please love and support our babies a lot ♥ 🌺🌸


I took myself on a date today and it was sunny and beautiful out and I have the butterflies in my stomach just thinking about all the little magical places I stumbled upon today :) “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac also came on in the magical market I stumbled into and it is one of my all-time faves and djfkdshfdkfjds

The book pictured in this photo-set was so incredibly pure and beautiful as well…if you read the little summary on the cover and then look at the page I included…so amazing

Justification of murder and why there are only 13 victims

Ok, guys. So I didnt know it would get to it, but I notice it more and more and I want to address this problem. What problem, you might ask (or not, if you can read headlines).

Justifying murder.

Yep, here we are folks. This is the issue that needs to be addressed, which is so ridiculous in itself that its kinda sad. But thats what it is. This is a dangerously spreading trend especially in the mass shooter community. And dont get me wrong, if youre interested in Columbine and perhaps youre attracted to Eric or Dylan, or any other case/killer for that matter, thats fine. I have no ill will against you. Where my problem with you starts is when you get lost in a fantasy or try to tell me that there is any justification (besides self defence) to murdering someone. And it happens more than you could think at first glance!

15 victims and why teenagers have it better

So if youve been on tumblr’s true crime community for more than a day youve probably noticed that most of the “Columbiners” preach how there are 15 victims of the massacre, while maintaining that they have utmost respect for the inmocent people shot by Dylan and Klebold. From my point of view this statements contradict themselves. How can you claim to have any respect for people who walked to their school to learn and got shot dead, when youre ready to equal their brutal, unprovoked murders to a suicide of the perpetrators?

Now Im not saying they deserved to die, but their deaths arent caused by the Columbine Massacre. They got to choose to die and by chosing death they managed to go out without facing any consequences of their actions. Just imagine how much criticism would someone get if they said Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer was a victim of their own crimes. It would be brutal. While many people just accepted Dylan and Eric as some poster boys for bullying. Which wouldnt be a case if they were just a little bit older. Because teenagers can get away with murder, just as they get away with a lot of things, just because people make them into kids, unable to control themselves, nothing is ever their fault. And when someone opens fire on school kids, you shouldnt to get away with calling them victims of the same massacre. Because everyone is a victim, in one way on another. But you dont see all of the bullied, or mentally ill people taking their problems out on innocent teenagers.

Lets compare them to the Orlando Nightclub shooter. Wasnt he just a sad repressed man who decided to commit suicide by cop? Why isnt he a victim? Cause he took 50 people with him. Sorry, but that makes you lose your victim card when it comes to that massacre.

The blame game

What I also stumbled upon in my adventures in the dark side of Tumblr were people who will blame: the parents, the school, antidepressants and everything they can think of rather then putting a blame on the only people that should be blamed. The perpetrators. They talk about how sad Eric would be if he heard his father thought he was involved in the shooting. Even though its a rare example of parents actually knowing their kid enough to see something was wrong with them.

As for bullying, they didnt even kill any. They aimed for anyone. Because they didnt care. It wasnt as much a quest for revange, but an ultimate act of teenage rebellion- chaotic, reckless and short lived.

And in the end it doesnt matter how much they were victimized before the shooting. It was their decision take up a gun. Bullying didnt pull the trigger.

Hybristophilia blues

Now, you can treat it as a separate rant, or not. But these things Im about to point out are inherently linked.

There are a lot of people out there that are attracted to serial killers and mass shooters. And there’s nothing wrong with this. You can control who you find visually pleasing and hybristophilia is a real thing. But the problem starts when you actually have fallen in love with them. Or rather your romanticized version of them. The anti-hero, the misunderstood martyr. A dream partner for many people. They will say how they love them and would “change” them if they were just given a chance. Which is encouraged by the “15 victims” mentality.

Some of the TCC folk, as a call for attention or genuine (misplaced) feelings will claim they are “friends” with killers, or even that they communicate with them.

Lastly, I wanted to say how disturbed I am by adults in the Columbine community, being sometimes just as much deluded as the young people, when they should be the voice of reason. I saw many young people who were way more mature about their hobbies. So why are adult people encouraging these bahaviours? Columbine can be interesting but with a community full of people like this constantly linked to it, people are turned away from being associated with it.

Just understand that you can be interested with a person, you can be attracted to them and you can feel sympathy for anyone you wish, without having to justify their evil deeds.