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So I got some bad news today. Health stuff wise. This is personal stuff that’ll likely have a big impact on my writing, but ultimately it’s still personal so I’m going to put it under a read more. I apologise in advance to people phone-browsing.

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Miracles week; day 4: double team; option B: BROTP; Kuroko and Takao

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Naruto is one of those shows that I SHOULDN'T think too much on if I just want to enjoy it and not focused on the plot holes and the fuckton of writing issues. Like my mind is just "ooh fight scenes, ahh awesome music"

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it that way if that’s how your brain is wired. There are lots of ways to enjoy media. I mean, take the truly awful stuff that gets pilloried on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. It crosses the line twice and becomes so bad that making fun of it is as pleasurable as an actual good comedy.

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There’s also the thing where… I’m not sure if putting it succinctly will be clear, but it’s the fix-it impulse. The same thing that drives people to fix up cars and computers and remodel furniture and antiques and so on as a hobby. Basically I feel like a lot of what I do with Naruto is like saying, “oh yeah, she’s got her finish scraped up real bad and the engine’s missing a kahooburator, but we can fix ‘er up real nice, get her cruising, ayup.”

I think one of the reasons that Naruto attracts so much digital ink is that the plot, with its heavy, early, and continuous emphasis on the shinobi system, attracted fix-it focused people like myself. Because we like fixing broken stuff, and what could be more satisfying than fixing an entire society?! So when the series didn’t fulfill this early plot thread, we didn’t drop it, because that’s not what we do.

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🔥 that 'write what you want' 'purity wank' nonsense that's been flaring up like a bad case of herpes.

That I have an opinion on “purity wank” that doesn’t support fandom claiming criticism of kinks/tropes as an assault of their right to sexual expression apparently makes it an unpopular stance to take.

That being said, here’s another unpopular opinion (truly directed at people who believe “purity wank” is what happens when we talk about how slavery isn’t sexy and neither is dehumanizing people of color so they can be sex objects to white characters):

If you’re going to talk about “purity wank” as it actually exists in fandom, at least talk about the things that we’re actually seeing happen and that are exemplary of a focus on purity and keeping ships “pure”. You know, like how all of these young'uns are out here calling slash ships and shipping “sin” and “trash”, like that’s actually a problem that y'all haven’t managed to solve either and it’s a bit more harmful than people pointing out problematic and harmful focuses in fandom.

Like… instead of taking fans’ thoughts on how white women are consistently using their desire and their sexualities to silence comments made by fans of color about how racist fandom can be as an attack, maybe try and figure out how to:

a) educate young shippers who are out here genuinely calling actual sexual expression and queerness in fandom “sinning” even if they’re applying it to ships or “joking” because that shit is actual purity wank

b) accept criticism and maybe think of ways to make fandom welcoming (since “safe spaces” don’t exist for anyone but the people in power apparently) for marginalized fans who see their seuxalities or avenues to sexual expression constantly ignored, dismissed, shot down in fandom discussions because you’re too busy wailing and calling that “purity wank”.

Whenever I see the phrase “purity wank” used non-ironically especially as it relates to fans of color talking about racism/misogyny in fandom spaces, I want to shake the OP and demand that they grow some empathy and think about why they feel like only certain people get to center in these discussions about sexuality we’re supposedly having when we go “please stop objectifying MOC” or “writing about BBCs is racist because it dehumanizes Black men” or “this ‘trope’ is racist and eroticizes harmful history”.

Like why is “purity wank” the term you use to dismiss people talking about certain “tropes” and preferences fandom has come to adore? Is it that “kinkshaming” currently inspires cackling from people who hear it because it’s almost as silly a term as “reverse racism” in terms of “things that do not actually oppress people”?

Also, another unpopular (or slightly unexpected??) opinion:

I am actually a huge fan of writing what you want. I write what I want all the time. This is what I’m doing right now both in responding to you and in the Luke Cage and Doctor Strange posts I’m currently writing. It’s what I do when I write fiction – original and otherwise. I write whatever the hell I want and then deal with what I’ve written afterwards, deciding whether to scrap it or share it and how that’ll affect people who interact with it.

And honestly, I don’t think anyone should write things that they don’t want to write outside of schoolwork. That’s weird and it doesn’t lend to good writing or honest, inoffensive narratives. It leads to resentment and terrible, clunky writing.

But I need people to understand that “write what you want” isn’t a shield that you get to hold up to bat criticism away. Because writing what you want and posting what you want are two different things. You can physically write whatever you want and no one can stop you. But once you put that thing out there well…

There’s nothing about “write what you want” that says that other people can’t write what they want either… You know, like criticisms of the thing you wrote.  Like… I think it’s hilarious when people are like “you can’t say that, let people write what they want” in response to my posts or tweets because hey, we are both exercising our rights here.

If you get to write what you want and it gets to be problematic as fuck, at the very least, I get to make blog posts or tweets talking about it because that’s what I want to write about.

Fair’s fair, right?

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my buddy my pal if u don't want people shipping supergirl and that brunette chick maybe u shouldn't parallel them with literally the most heartbreaking otp of all otps in the mcu like wow. just a thought there kiddo but saying 'don't ship a parallel with steggy!' is yikes. maybe pay more attention to the point of the scenes ur giffing?

Oh boy I don’t even know where to start with this one… listen.. sweetie… clearly you don’t even go here so welcome to my blog, let me and my aro ass explain to you a few things.

First off, I do not ship Supergirl and “that brunette chick” because “that brunette chick” is her sister. And I am not going to be okay with people shipping siblings together romantically/sexually, that is a Hard No for me. Like I’m not going to go out and tell other people they aren’t allowed to ship them, but it is perfectly within my rights to express in the tags of my own damn gifset that I would prefer not to see tags about the two of them as a romantic ship in the reblogs. And I mentioned it in my own tags knowing full well that that is going to have absolutely no effect on anyone else’s behavior and interactions with my post and that’s fine, 90% of the time my tags are just me talking to myself

(plus literally the only things I said to that effect were “#but please… i am begging you all… please No Romo in the tags pLEASE it’s all i ask” and “#i would like to thank not only rao but also kara ‘alien jesus’ zor-el for the minimal romo in the tags of this post” which is not even referring to the specific ship at all??? it could be interpreted as just a general repulsion to romance, which, what do you know, is basically the foundation of my blog and therefore should not be surprising to most of the people who would even see those tags??)

And speaking of my general distaste for romance… here is a RADICAL #Concept:


How many times to I have to fucking yell this into the void??? Being in capital L, Romantic Love™ is not The Closest two human beings can ever possibly get. There isn’t some scale of interpersonal relationships where familial love trumps friendship or something and romantic love trumps everything else.

This is a huge problem in society in general. Romantic relationships are valued more highly over almost any other type of connection, and if you lack that romantic connection, then you and your life are viewed as incomplete. The idea that two people are “just friends” vs “something ~more~” is fucking terrible, like there should be nothing “just” about being friends, being “just friends” should not be viewed as a consolation prize or a stepping stone to something ~more meaningful~ (i.e. romantic). Your familial/parent-child/sibling relationships shouldn’t be viewed as training wheels for the eventual Real (Romantic) Relationships / “”“’'True Love”“”“’. “True (Romantic) Love” is NOT inherently more meaningful than the love between two friends or between sisters or between me and my fucking pet cat.

So the implications of you saying “maybe u shouldn’t parallel them with literally the most heartbreaking otp of all otps in the mcu” are fucking TERRIBLE like wow, just a thought there kiddo, but essentially saying “this highly emotional and heartbreaking scene MUST be indicative of romantic love and there is no way anything but a romantic ship could possibly have a goodbye as heartbreaking as my otp because the only interpersonal connection that is strong enough to cause that much heartbreak is a romantic one” is yikes. It’s one of the things I hate most in the world (and specifically in fiction/media and fandom — this happens a lot when two siblings have a strong bond, somehow people always start shipping them together romantically because society has trained us to automatically read strong emotional bonds like that as being romantic).

(Okay shit this is getting long so the rest is going to be under the cut because I am not even CLOSE to being finished, my guy)

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like don’t get it twisted I’m rolling my eyes at the way tumblr reacted to DC fans’ excitement over the casting of doj and the (perceived because I haven’t actually seen anyone being a dick about it yet but I fully believe they are capable of doing so) criticism of the newest DC announcements, but I think there is also a deeper reason why so much of “tumblr*” is resistant to DC and thus defensive of marvel? not just because marvel has a bigger fanbase. like there’s a reason the DC fandom died out on tumblr while the marvel fandom grew, and that’s because for the past 3 years DC’s marketing goal has been to alienate and drive away the “tumblr” crowd, whereas marvel actually made a pretty decent effort at superficially catering towards us, or at least not being so obvious in their disdain and disinterest in getting our money. up until recently, I mean. so marvel fans being resistant and distrustful of DC and protective of marvel isn’t really just an issue of an us vs. them thing, although that plays a major role in it. I think there’s more of a nuance to it, and definitely how the two companies have marketed themselves over the past few years is a big part.

obviously this doesn’t excuse any marvel fans who are being gross about all this, or who were sending everyone absolutely obnoxious anons (I saw so many, and gOT more than my fair share DESPITE BEING A MARVEL FAN AND A COMICS FAN BECAUSE OF THE FILMS come on y’all). and the inability to hear any rightfully earned criticism towards marvel, especially in favor of DC, is childish and needs to stop. but like, DC did such a good job at showing how little they respected anyone in their audience who isn’t a straight white male that of course there’s going to be some residual distrust. like, marvel fans’ first instinct of defending the fandom where they’ve felt safer for the past few years is obviously unhelpful, but I understand it. it’s unfair and wrong, because marvel studios is just as bad if not worse at the moment than the people in charge of the DC films, not even getting into either of the comics side, but I get it.

really the whole point of this post is that the only person who should be saying “on your left” is steve rogers as he sprints past sam wilson in a desperate effort to make some kind of human contact in a century he doesn’t fully understand or belong to and also maybe flirt a little.

*the use of quotes here is to indicate the assumed hivemind that makes up tumblr and is used as a catch all to refer to comics fans who don’t spend most of their time on reddit, etc

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You think adults writing graphic fics about kids fucking or adults fucking kids is okay? That AO3 shouldn't forbid any racism, homophobia or kid stuff at all? It it's so, I won't argue with you, I just need to know if I should unfollow.

Obviously not. And nor is the post I reblogged which I thought was interesting enough to share.

What I feel it is trying to say is that this is a far more nuanced issue regarding censorship than the thought police would like you to believe.

Adults writing about children in a sexual manner is abhorrent. Which is why Lolita being heralded as a literary classic and taught within many mainstream schools—particularly with Humbert Humbert as being a protagonist and not a villain—makes me squirm unhappily in my seat in the same way it did back then. I knew then even before I knew why that the way it was being portrayed to me was wrong and it was only when my teacher made a pass at me and continued to do so for the next four years, that I realized what I didn’t like about it. Namely the way Lolita was portrayed as the villain, rather than the victim. She’s even punished in the classical sense as all fallen women are, by dying in childbirth, while Humbert Humbert gets to live out his life and dies as an old man. And while we might say “well of course we know he’s the villain…“ there’s a lot of people who don’t. Especially not with how it’s taught and how the sexualization of Lolita is seemingly reinforced day to day when young girls are sent out of the classrooms because their attire is considered “distracting”.

To this day Lolita makes me want to vomit every time I see it in a bookshop or on television.But that doesn’t mean I want to see it banned either because I think it is a piece of literature that pushes boundaries and needs to be re-evaluated from the viewpoint of villainy and the insidious level at which rape culture is embedded in a patriarchal society. But I do actively avoid it. Even talking about it right now is making my anxiety skyrocket, which is also why I personally never read pairings concerning age play or dub/con in any of my fanfic either. But nor do I attack writers who do write about it.

On the other side of things I have a friend who was being groomed up by that same teacher who now finds Lolita type AU stories empowering because she gets to control the narrative and slit the fuckers throat in the end. Metaphorically speaking. It’s her way of dealing with something. And her comment section is filled with people telling her she’s a monster and should kill herself for writing about such things, even though she’s very clearly advocating for the death of the monster, and not his acts.

There seems to be this connective fail when it comes to reading comprehension at the moment though, where certain members of fandom believe writing about something = endorsement. Which it doesn’t, not always. So I can understand why there’s been a resurgence of “DON’T LIKE DON’T READ” because the majority of times, it’s not people writing about child abuse that are getting attacked, it’s not people writing about homophobia or racism that are being called out and reported, it’s just people who defy the current popular trend or who write about a “problematic” trope getting dog piled by people screaming THINK OF THE CHILDREN, who then go off to write 30k worth of abusive blood-play serial killer kylux fic and hide behind a mask of “I know they’re evil but I just can’t help myself UwU”. Often times it isn’t even adults writing these things, it’s teenagers exploring things in what may be their only safe way, and they’re getting lambasted for it.So can teenagers not write about things that are relevant to them? If we’re trying to make the internet safe for everyone, surely that would imply so.

(If you’re younger than me, you might not remember the absolute SHIT SHOW that was slash pairings. People wanted to censor that too because m/m parings were considered to be so obscene it could be damaging to ‘children’. And now it’s probably the most popular pairings in fanfic—often problematically so because a lot of the time it’s being written by straight cis women in the same objective manner straight cis men watch lesbian porn, but that’s another post I’ve done before.)

As for the original post in question which the comment was tagged onto, it was hyperbolic and panicky in a way which is common with people who want to police things and to try and…I dunno, remove all problematic things from society. Which while admirable, if misguided in it’s approach. You don’t remove racism from society by not talking about it, you don’t remove homophobia by pretending it’s not there…and Ao3 DOES allow for the report of awful awful fics that are harmful. It’s just…where does that line begin and end?

One person writing R*ylo might be trigger for some but a means of catharsis for another. Do we deny that one person their relief or empowerment, or do we tell them they’re awful and deserve abuse?

Also what does that kind of censorship mean for YA authors? Those books aren’t being written by teenagers but they do concern grown up themes like love and attraction and even sex…does that mean they shouldn’t be writing about those things? (Melvin Burges springs to mind, as well as Stephanie Myers)  Or does it get a free pass because it’s “real” literature.

I’m not arguing with anyone that child porn isn’t awful. I’m not arguing that racism and homophobia aren’t abhorrent. (And there ARE means in place to have Ao3 deal with such things, it’s just complicated because, well…for all and more of the reasons I cited).

Christ above I would never ever endorse anything that promotes child rape, I might actually have to go throw up just now to deal with the idea that someone thought me capable of that.

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Prompt if you still take them: exr pre-relationship where R touches Enj's hair/hugs him/spooning/shoulder massage or the like, and R is super insecure but Enjolras makes this little noise and R is lost

(So, I was going to do this one as dealer’s choice, since you didn’t specify a ‘verse, but then I realized this was a great opportunity to write up a snippet of something I’d been wanting to for a little. Please do check the prompting post next time, though, anon! It just makes my life a little easier, is all, but no worries. <3 Now, though, have some teenage hair model Enjolras with his glorious tresses and teenage apprentice stylist Grantaire)

Enjolras makes this little humming noise in his throat when Grantaire’s hands stroke through his hair.

It’s new, or relatively. Grantaire knows it’s new, because he’s been brushing Enjolras’ hair since they were fifteen and he’s watched Enjolras get his hair done since before even that. But in the last few weeks, something has changed, only ever when Grantaire is combing his fingers through Enjolras’ curls while they’re still loose, and every time he has to fight not to yank his hands away so he doesn’t tug Enjolras’ hair on accident.

And here’s the thing. Grantaire knows it’s absolutely pointless to have a crush on Enjolras. He’s known that for years. Enjolras is destined for a university in Paris in the fall, where he’ll study to be a lawyer or something equally prestigious. Grantaire, though, Grantaire’s only finishing high school because he’s legally mandated to. It doesn’t matter how good his grades are (they aren’t), Grantaire’s been working as his mother’s apprentice for years.

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Pairing: RivaMika (Nase Family)

Author’s Note: Screw priorities. The temptation was too strong. For
                          fuku-shuu, whose tags are perf. Inspired by this.

There was a bounce in her step. A song on the tip of her tongue. A smile on her lips. Shining brilliance in her eyes. A look only a child with a mission would wear.

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I hear people all the time saying that I need to diversify my characters. Ok, that's fine, but I also hear that I shouldn't explicitly write race. Like "why would you tell the reader she's black, does her race really matter?" How can I find a good balance between the two?

Saying race doesn’t matter is an argument I am getting extremely tired of, because one never hears this about white characters (“why would you tell the reader she’s white, does her race really matter?”). This is an instance of writing colorblind, which really is no better than not writing diversity at all. The crux of this argument is that white is default, and any varying from the default needs a plot-sanctioned reason to be different. This is not true.

Race is an important part of what makes a person who they are—it should not be erased or straight-up ignored. At the same time, it also doesn’t need to be a “very special episode about race” issue with every POC you write. Characters can be of any race without it having to be a central part of their story, and their race will still inform who they are.


Short answer: Diversify your cast and never, ever feel like you have to justify why a character is of a certain race. Race doesn’t need a reason, and anyone who thinks that race has to be explained in order to earn a place in a story is wrong.


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Was there any aspect of Lexa that at the very least you semi-liked or do you truly see all of her as nothing but evil?

Originally posted by aliciaclarhk

 I do not see L/xa as evil. Cage Wallace was evil. Lexa was an antagonist. 

L/xa was strong and brave, dedicated, passionate, confident, bold, fierce, motivated, strategical, beautiful. She started out a revolutionary, wanting to create a peace between warring nations in order to defeat the real enemy, the mountain. I wonder now if she was really influenced by Luna when she left the conclave. She wanted to make changes in the grounder world to make life better. She succeeded with the coalition. When she demanded only Finn’s head for the TonDC massacre, instead of eye for an eye, that was visionary.

However, this show does not believe in letting people rest on their laurels. Lexa started out a villain who ordered the delinquents all killed. ALL of them. When Anya couldn’t do it, she sent in Tristan to do it. This was off screen, so we were set up to consider her a bad guy, but when we met her, we saw her, beautiful, clever, intelligent, thoughtful, powerful… and simply not as bad as first imagined. Clarke put all her hopes into L/xa as the answer to their problems. She trusted that L/xa was all those good things she saw and she could convince her to work together in order to defeat their common enemy. 

And they did. But during 2B, we also see Lexa’s incredible ruthlessness. Her philosophy of “Love is a weakness,” which is a big hint that not all is right with L/xa’s brand of leadership. Her willingness and policy to sacrifice her people in order to reach her own means. The shady things she would do to get them. The way she tried to coerce Clarke into following L/xa’s plans, with guilt and fear. Her willingness to kill an ally to keep a secret from her other allies, because it exposes her treachery. And then, of course, after Clarke’s people help them defeat the technology of MW, when they are on the verge of victory, L/xa double crosses Clarke and her alliance with the sky people, and takes the ill advised deal with Cage, even though it is against her people’s belief of vengeance and “jus drein, jus daun.”

You simply cannot ignore that L/xa is a betrayer. She is dishonorable. She promises things and then she breaks her promises when it suits her needs. If you ignore this part of her character, then you don’t really understand her character. She has done it again and again, to sky people, to members of her coaltion, to her villagers, to her warriors, to her advisors.

One of the lessons this show is actually teaching is that what you do to survive does indeed matter. And that is AGAINST Bellamy’s season one proclamation that “who we are and who we need to be to survive are two different things.” The ends DO NOT justify the means. Doing things for the good of your people is not the same as doing the right thing.  

Be aware that my analysis of L/xa here is mostly from season 2, and it has nothing to do with shipping. When L/xa turned her back on Clarke at Mount Weather, my first thought was not “how can you do this to Clarke/Bellamy?” it was, “you idiot, none of your allies will ever trust you again.”

In the end, L/xa fell from power because her character flaws made her go down the wrong paths. If you want to read The 100 from L/xa’s point of view, and follow her story as if she were the hero (which you can do, because it is that well drawn,) then what you have in L/xa is, in my opinion, a “tragic hero.”

 Aristotle’s tragic heroes are flawed individuals who commit, without evil intent, great wrongs or injuries that ultimately lead to their misfortune, often followed by tragic realization of the true nature of events that led to this destiny.[3] This means the hero still must be - to some degree - morally grounded.[X]

I think L/xa’s fatal flaws are first, the hubris, the immense pride, that allows her to think she can do whatever she want without repercussions. She does not have to consider her people or her allies, because she is the chosen one, Heda. She is, essentially, immortal. 

Her second flaw is, actually, love. Because the thing is, the AI’s flaw is love, and as the enhanced human with the AI in her head, she needs to rid herself of love. However, human beings should NOT rid themselves of love, if they even can. This flaw dooms her. 

Between her hubris and her love, which takes over her judgment making process in season 3A, L/xa sets herself up to fall, and lose everything. Her coalition is rebelling against her. Her attempt to find love has failed as Clarke is leaving. Her plan to build her power base by joining together to defeat the mountain actually lead to a weakening of her power. Her attempt to bring peace and end the blood for blood philosophy fails spectacularly, and she is killed by her most trusted advisor, as he tries to remove what he sees as the fatal influence. But L/xa’s weakness was never Clarke. It was always within herself. 

So to answer your question again, no I do not see L/xa as evil. But I do see her as a flawed antagonist.

An antagonist is used as a plot device, to set up conflicts, obstacles, or challenges for the protagonist.[X]

The protagonist is Clarke. If you want me to interpret L/xa as a romantic hero, that’s just not going to happen, it is NOT supported in the text. And if you see every negative interpretation as me calling her evil, then there’s nothing I can do to convince you. I’m not even trying to convince you, it’s me trying to make sense of the character in this story. If you don’t like it, ignore it. This is MY interpretation and I’m basing it on canon. 

If you want to present evidence from the text to defend your position of L/xa as the hero, who is good and kind, then go ahead and write your  meta in a new post and tag me so I can come read it. Maybe you will change my mind. I don’t think everything about her is negative. Maybe you can give me more evidence to see her the way you see her. But I’m also going to be looking at the WHOLE show, not just isolated scenes. 

Just please don’t write your rebuttal on the end of my post and hijack it. 

mcu soulmate marks ideas

i woke up at 4am with these in my head and i knew i had to put them out there, because soulmate marks are my absolute fave trope right now, and i love the mcu, and i thought amusewithaview and ozhawkauthor would appreciate them as they are the ones who got me into this stupid trope with these stupid characters in the first place (btw the goal with a lot of these was to make one or both person’s marks super awkward, which is why there is excessive swearing)

  • What’s your superpower, sweetheart? - Putting up with you for the rest of my life, apparently. (Johnny or wade to their soulmate probably)
  • *cheesy pickup line at a terrible time like in battle or something* - are you fucking with me right now? 
  •  Shoot me now - that would be counterproductive (probably hunter, under his breath, complaining about a mission to the person standing next to him) 
  •  Passionate Karaoke a la jemma/remy: “I will always love you” - dude we haven’t even gone on a date yet, you need to slow down times like ten
  • Any movie quote by a pop-savvy person to a non-pop savvy person so the non was super confused about their mark for the longest time and says so in their response (lots of people think steve with the non-pop savvy, but tbh it could also be bruce or jane, distracted by all the science!, peter quill from being off-planet for 30 years, or coulson you know from being dead for a while; alternatively, i bet may secretly binge-watches shows on netflix in her bunk at night, so she’s super pop culture savvy…actually i bet steve does too just so he can throw a reference out there to floor tony with)
  • I am so sorry for interrupting, but my friend over there bet me I wouldn’t come over here to try to get your number, so could you do me a favor and write down any seven digits? - better make it my real number, don’t you think? (said to one of the more famous avengers, or maybe pepper)
  • One half keeps getting secret admirer letters from the other half, so they know it’s their soulmate, but they can’t fucking figure out who it is, which leads to “this isn’t what it looks like?” “Fucking finally!”
  • Clint + someone else signing and texting their entire relationship through so they haven’t ever actually spoken to each other, but they know each other so well they kind of forgot they hadn’t actually spoken, so when someone (probably Tony) sees their marks and figures out they are soulmates he tries his hardest to get them to speak to each other, but they figure it out and purposely don’t talk just to mess with him, until he finally gives up and leaves and they say: “think we should tell him?” “Holy shit it IS you!” (I really like this with Clint/bucky actually, i bet they would totally do this)
  • *Person two has headphones in when person one talks to them* “I’m sorry, did you say something?” And then person one proceeds to not tell person two they are soulmates for angst purposes
  • Person one kisses person two because they are about to die, but then they don’t die: “sorry, but if that was going to be my last chance to do that, I had to do it” “I’m glad you did it then”
  • “*something important to person 2* is overrated” “fuck you, you fucking fucker!” (Probably said over a heated game of monopoly or poker with all their friends, when tensions are running high)
  • Time travel happens so one half of the pair knows they are soulmates but the other half doesn’t until the time travel thing is undone (Steve wakes up with “you raging jackass!” written on his ribs, and he recalls someone saying that to him in a bar in England once, and then he meets her in the future but she doesn’t remember him so he befriends her, and maybe he more than likes her, and he doesn’t realize she’s his soulmate for sure until she’s sucked into a portal to the past…) could be steve/darcy or bucky/darcy (big faves of mine) but steve/jane or bucky/jane could work too, bc it could have a side of jane and Howard sciencing together to get her back to the future.

if someone wants to run with one of these, fucking do it and tag me and i will love you forever