i also shaded them all


week 2: I didn’t like the texture, they’re underbaked, there’s too much icing, it’s messy, and the flavors need work. However you used coconut and i like coconuts so you’re safe 

week 8: It’s disappointing that you only spun the sugar for 0.15 seconds instead of the 0.16 in your recipe… we’re really missing the 112th layer of your cake…. I see you’ve only made 4 meringue sculptures of Paul’s face…. I’m sorry but we have to say goodbye


Thank you for taking my question Mr. McMahon.


WITH THE POWER OF PROCRASTINATION I have created this way too damn extensive sketchdump of me trying to figure out how to draw Loki Disney-style xD I still haven’t quite got it right :l but I also have 6 deadlines left to go, so ye xD

((i’m not used to doing comics so this definitely looks awkward but i love super gay bro luigi and his pastel rainbow hair))




Hail and well met, my dudes.


Finished the shell! It’s a little rushed, but hopefully you guys like it!


Also everyone go say Happy bday to @quirefeast / @askgoroakechi !

also here’s an akechi but i was too lazy to add a body so i did this-

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Best Friends mechs- Woolie

had this idea a while ago but never actually got around to doing it because of one thing or another, now i have time and motivation (i found matt on tumblr which reminded me aha)

you know how people have their lets players? i mean people tend to stick to one group of lpers and watch more of their stuff, for some people it’s roosterteeth, for some it’s the grumps or yogscast or many standalone guys doing their own stuff, for me it’s the bestfriends, the way they go about doing videos really gets to me in that it’s funny but also respectful -most of the time- to the game, not to mention they do actually talk about it and have conversations about actual plot elements while employing a pretty darn great standard for humor 

naturally i wanted to do something in appreciation (as well as jumping on the fanart for lpers bandwagon) and i thought: what can i do that will make them happy? i don’t know but i do know they like giant fighting robots. i can do that

and so here we are, mechs that have and will have a basic theme of -things i think they’ll appreciate-

started out with woolie because his was the mech i tried first way back when i thought of this. for him i was thinking cool. it’s gotta be the cool one. he seems like the kinda guy who roots for the hero. and so i kinda went along the lazengann/ gurren lagann route because both have a certain kind of poise and air of badass (heroic badass for gurren lagann)

colors were a bit difficult because green purple and yellow aren’t exactly friendly colors to work with when they’re really saturated, but did some saturation tweaking and tried to get the idea of green/purple/yellow across (saturated colors are scary yes)

and last but not least, robodreads because dreads are fucking cool

the weapon is a greatsword that is split into two smaller swords, when united the circular bit at the end vibrates and it acts as a tuning fork of mass destruction 

don’t know who i’m going to robo next, probably pat, we’ll see

pat liam matt