i also really like the weezer

My little indie rock and roll outfit from Salt Lake City.

It’s a homage to an unpopular individual i knew of as a youth. Or just a homage to the unpopular in general.

I hope so, a lot of songs I really enjoy may not make the cut. Keep your fingers crossed.

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anonymous asked:

could i ask that you list the songs of tords playlist too? thank u for the matt one i liked it a whole ton

Yea sorry im responding like the day after i was asleep when u sent it

Dancing queen- abba
House of the rising sun- the animals
Sunny afternoon - the kinks
Delilah - tom jones
Supersonic rocket ship - the kinks
All-star - smash mouth
If you want me to stay- sly and the family stone
Moonage daydream- david bowie
Waterloo- abba
Enjoy the silence- depeche mode
Everybody wants to rule the world- tears for fears
Heart of glass- blondie
A mask of my own face- lemon demon
Money jar- tijuana panthers
Fight for your right (to party)- the beastie boys (personally i think this one and sunny afternoon are most accurate)
Stylo- gorillaz
Everybody loves me- one republic
Island in the sun- weezer
Candy-o- the cars
The chauffeur- duran duran (or the deftones cover)
One way or another- blondie
Care of cell 44- the zombies
People are strange- the doors
No quarter- led zepplin

Though i should tell you, some of the songs are jokes bc thats just tord. Theres more 80’s music too bc i see him as like this groovy disco guy mixed with a rebel stoner guy kinda whos also really lazy and goofy and pretentious.

underappreciated-cc-quotes  asked:

What music do you all listen to? Any favorite bands/musicians?

Max: I don’t really care about genres so much, because I listen to so many different artists. One of my favorites, which helps cater to my depression, is EDEN. So, like… yeah…

Neil: EDEN is good, but Jaymes Young is another great artist who’s music is very similar. If you’re looking for good music, I suggest the band Weathers. They’ve got some really good rock songs. So does Weezer.

Nikki: My favorite artist is MAX and my favorite band is Fall Out Boy!

Preston: Obviously I love musicals, but my favorite artist of ALL time has got to me Stromae! Mostly because it reminds me of the of French songs my mom sang to me when I was younger. I’m also in LOVE with Indila cause I’m a basic bitch.

Harrison: I don’t really listen to music, but Nerris plays a lot of Celtic instrumental stuff when we’re studying and stuff.

cosmavoid  asked:

Now I'm really interested as to what your favorite albums are! Let's hear a few of them.

Oh jeez uh

Well as for recent stuff Paramore’s After Laughter is really fun (I love their self-titled album too)

“You Get What You Give” by New Radicals seems like people still listen to it to some degree but the rest of that album (Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too) is great and really under-appreciated

The Ramones’ Leave Home is simultaneously a great punk and pop record without really being pop punk per se

Rivers Cuomo seems insufferable but Weezer’s blue album is pretty solid all around

I love pretty much everything My Chemical Romance released but The Black Parade has a great emotional arc to it

Pet Sounds is incredible

If you wanna get into like the obscure shit I just found on Bandcamp then Christ Complex by Ronald Raygun is pretty damn good

Also I hardly listen to it nowadays but I feel like American Idiot deserves to be mentioned just because it’s what got me really into music

some things maybe you didn't know about the APMAS (mostly panic)

so I was actually there and it was amazing and here are some things that happened

• the TelePrompTer fucked up within the first five minutes so Jack and Alex had to go off and come back on stage and do it again and made the same jokes that they had actually remembered

• Alex and Jack were not kidding when they said that they couldn’t be censored jfc

• the jalex kiss was honestly so shocking like wtf like wtffff

• Trace Cyrus literally made everyone so uncomfortable also the Japanese band was actually ridiculous

• there was literally so much shade being thrown (obviously, but it was it was really icy) (also it was literally so cold in there)

• Brendon gave Sarah his jacket like half way through because she was cold (and I died)

• before their performance Kenny was wearing a green suit and looked really good

• by the end literally everyone was drunk. like seriously

• during Weezer, Panic (mostly Brendon) was dancing with New Politics and it was p cute

• there was a VIP after party at the House of Blues and there was so many music people in one room (and I was there with my mom lmao)

• and lastly I guess (I might add more if I remember) during Bohemian Rhapsody, at the end you know how Brendon always doesn’t sing bc he thinks it’s funny when everyone else sings, well no one did BECAUSE WE KNOW YOUR TRICKS BREADBIN

Buzzcocks "Singles Going Steady" (1979)

I like this cover. Something about the color combination and the green frame around the centered photograph feels welcoming and cool and young. It looks like they’re in a 1970s high school music room, but maybe I’m just saying that because they all look like they’re barely older than 15.

Haha the first song is called “Orgasm Addict,” these lyrics are pretty funny. I also like the the sexy panting in the background. This is a pretty great way to start an album.

Okay, I totally know the second song “What Do I Get,” but where do I know it from? This song really has a sweet catchiness to it. You really feel longing when he says “I only get sleepless nights,” and then the energy of the guitar solo is so upbeat, it’s kind of exciting. Like, yes, this is what I want music to sound like.

So far this album pretty much feels like one hit after another, which is great. The energy is so upbeat but also you feel like they’re being a little sarcastic and a little pissed which is adding to the energetic exciting feel of these songs. Like the way they say “I Don’t Mind,” it kind of gives me the same feeling I get when listening to Weezer even though they sound pretty different. It’s just like a connection that they’re making with their listeners, like i feel like they’re here to make friends.

I’m also familiar with “Ever Fallen In Love?” This has the kind of chorus that is just super fun to sing along to. It reminds me a little bit of Blur’s “Girls & Boys,” it’s a little bit of a tongue twister yet totally makes so much sense. All of these songs have a breakup anthem feel to them which is probably my favorite genre of songs. Let’s channel that sadness and anger into music energy that everyone can relate to! Like “Promises,” feels so angry, but it’s also actually really pretty and sincere. It’s so sweet! I love it.

Okay, I know “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays,” too. But how do I know these songs that I know? I just know them somehow. I think the line “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays,” is so great and I also like how they sing it in a high falsetto. It’s like you can picture their mom wagging her finger and saying this to one of them- cause I’m totally still picturing them as brooding teenagers living with their parents. I really like the drums in this song, I feel like they really pull it all together especially when they keep saying “Life’s the illusion, love is the dream.” So true you guys, so true.

Huh, I just realized via wikipedia that this is a compilation album! I’m actually a little bummed about it, because this was really feeling like a masterpiece. Alex just said, “Yeah, no one band could put that many fucking perfect songs on one album.” And then I just said, “I think The Pixies can and Weezer and Radiohead.” And he said, “No, I think there’s almost nothing as good as the first side of this album.” Yeah, it’s really good.

So is side two going to be a letdown? I hope not! Let’s put it on!

So far so good with the head nodding worthy guitar and drums start of “what ever happened to?” I also really like how most of their songs have someone in the background singing oohs and ahs. It adds to their sincerity, like we’re going to sing out hearts out and we don’t care what you think about it!

So far the songs on this side, don’t quite have the pop punk perfectness of the songs on side one, but I still really like them. It’s like, okay, let’s wind down a bit from side one. Although I could also see my self just playing side one again instead of flipping the record the next time I put this on. Maybe.

Noise Annoys,” has the lyric, “have you ever heard your mama say, ‘noise annoys.’” I’ve never heard that actually! It’s brilliant, I am totally saying that to kids in the library the next time it gets too loud for a library. And then I will look at my fellow librarian Erika and we will have a little chuckle because I know she must like the Buzzcocks. I wonder if she’s said it before and I just never noticed.

I love the way he sings “why,” in “Why Can’t I Touch It,” which I thought was going to be dirtier, more like “Orgasm Addict,” but I don’t think it is. I think the phrase, “why can’t I touch it,” is a little tongue in cheek, but it also feels like an earnest question about life’s hopes and dreams!

Overall, this album is an A plus in my book and much much better than Parts 1-3. I will definitely be playing this again and often.

Alex says: In these reviews, Sarah’s always on the hunt for those albums that give her the feeling. That feeling that great music gives you, when it makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and kind of makes you feel like your heart’s constrained. Like feeling joy and pain at the same time. That’s what this album does for me.

This is actually my second copy of this album. I gave my first one away as a birthday present to a girl I wasn’t particularly close to, but had a big crush on. That gambit didn’t really work. In retrospect, it was really dumb. Many years later, a friend was selling off some records and I picked this up again. I’m so, so, so glad I did.

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every little thing she does is magic - sleeping at last | animal - neon trees | heartbeat - scouting for girls | carol brown - flight of the conchords | modern love - matt nathanson | everytime - lincoln hawk | keep fishin’ - weezer | trophy room - slow club | say you’re just a friend - ahmir | love it when you call - the feeling | i wanna hold you - mcfly | young, dumb, and in love - mat kearney