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@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP


I’ve seen a few drawings depicting Vivi forcing Arthur to watch scary movies and stuff. Personally I’ve always seen Vivi as nicer than that! in fact i’d like to think Arthur goes along with paranormal investigation shenanigans because that Vivi gives him strength. He knows how strong she is, and this gives him reassurance to go along. I find that more satisfying than Vivi just forcing him along.

Congrats if you’ve seen enough depictions of happy & stable romantic relationships you can identify with, that you find them ‘boring’ now.

No, seriously, congratulations.

I literally can barely even imagine what that must be like.

I’m sorry, but queer people like me dont have the luxury of safety & long track records of success that allow us to get bored by that.

Don’t pretend we have the same leeway to comfortably revel in ‘dramatic tension’, because we know things will turn out well for us.

Don’t come tell me that a queer pairing ending in death or painful ugly breakups, is just 'more interesting’, or would 'make for a better story’.

Dont tell me how cool it would be if the main pairing, which is for ONCE canonically queer, should break up so they can mayyyybeee get back together later, because then they’d 'grow as people more’, rather than letting them stay together.

Don’t tell me they should break up over being closeted because you think that would somehow be a more unique storytelling experience than actually letting queer people be happy and work through obstacles.

Don’t tell me they should go and date someone of the opposite gender instead & end up with them because 'it’s bisexual representation’, like the most common narrative bi characters get is their SGA being footnotes in a traditional romance narrative of a guy and a girl.

Don’t tell me to settle for caveats, for asterixes, for blink-and-miss-it, for 'they were totally canon we just never mentioned it’ after the fact.

Don’t tell me how their deaths were 'realistic & so gripping’, or 'gave you feels’, or because it just feels like you’re telling me our pain is more entertaining than our happiness, and therefore more worthwhile.

Dont tell me how us dying would be 'needed for the story’, because it just tells me 'this story isnt about you’ when we wanted so badly, just this once, for it TO be about us.

Let us have some goshdarned happy endings, the way straight people get all the time, because SOMETHING MOST OF US HAVE BARELY SEEN A HANDFUL OF TIMES IN OUR LIVES ISNT BORING, IT’s VITAL.

The Formulation of A Quartet: Understanding The Raven Cycle in Conjunction with the Myth.

One of the key things in Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle is the establishment of a series of parallels between our main quartet - Gansey, Blue, Ronan and Adam - and the medieval quartet - Glendower, Gwenllian, Artemus & The Third Sleeper. It’s become especially pertinent as of Blue Lily Lily Blue and will, I imagine, continue to be so in The Raven King.

However, the parallels aren’t only between the main quartet and the medieval quartet. There’s a background parallel likely familiar to anyone familiar with the Arthurian Legend, that of the Arthurian quartet - Arthur, Merlin, Gwen & Morgana - and also influences that are being taken, by Stiefvater’s own admission, of Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising Sequence and the trio formed of Bran, Will and Jane.

Each of these groups is different, with their own relationship amongst the members and their own outcome of the story. But there are striking commonalities between the quartets and the individual roles played by each of the members, and in analysing these it becomes possible to start extrapolating possible endings and events of The Raven King, and what it will mean for each of The Raven Cycle trio.

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Okay but seriously Disney has basically kind of maybe confirmed that Jay and Audrey won’t be a thing (or maybe it’s just my imagination acting up.) In the last Wicked World short, Jay was like “nice hair” to Audrey and Audrey was like “REALLY?!” with a hopeful face and Jay was like “Nah, I’m just trying to be nice.” Also known as- he’s only trying to be nice to her, not like he is interested in her or anything, maybe she’s interested in him but he’s not. During Set It Off it was her that came up to Jay and maybe being too nice to reject her he danced with her (since his gay baby Carlos was off with Jane oops) ALSO HE BROUGHT CARLOS A PHONE. HE COULD HAVE HAD IT HIMSELF. do you see him stealing things for anybody else but carlos, no HE DOES NOT. BUT HE GAVE THE GODDAMN PHONE TO CARLOS. THANK YOU DISNEY. GOD BLESS YOU. and if you ever make Jay and Jordan canon rest assured I will also whoop your ass. just my opinion thanks.

You know an allistic person is trash when, no matter how many times you try to explain to them why autism doesn’t need a cure and that we dont want a cure, they keep trying to condescendingly explain to you that yes in fact you need a cure, speaking as though they know infinitely more about autism than you, the autistic.

Its surprising how many people call Rise a skank/whore/slut just like her shadow does. I mean did you even pay attention to why her shadow was a stripper?! I can certainly tell you its not because Rise is promiscuous. Hell I could list reason why its a stripper in fact I will do so now.

  • She wishes to “strip” away her false self and find her real self underneath.
  • As an idol she is sexualized like crazy hence many people view her as a sexual object instead of a person. Shadow Rise being so sexual comes from that.
  • Rise has a surprisingly low sense of self-worth so her shadow coming out as something people also see of low worth makes sense. Most people don’t really respect strippers…
  • The reason why Rise does like attention is I’m guessing she did not get very much positive attention as a child with her being bullied and friendless. As an idol the attention has become something that is harming her over time. Her shadow craves any attention no matter what, even if she has to force people. A way to get attention as a famous young pretty girl is….well removing your clothes. Rise does not want this at all and at this point would rather stay away from the spotlight. Shadows basically take their owners emotions and RUN with them and exaggerate.

Ok I’m gonna stop myself before I’m typing this all day. But yeah anyone who calls Rise those names is WRONG. Even if its an opinion its wrong and they have missed the whole character and the whole point of shadows.