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@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

Its surprising how many people call Rise a skank/whore/slut just like her shadow does. I mean did you even pay attention to why her shadow was a stripper?! I can certainly tell you its not because Rise is promiscuous. Hell I could list reason why its a stripper in fact I will do so now.

  • She wishes to “strip” away her false self and find her real self underneath.
  • As an idol she is sexualized like crazy hence many people view her as a sexual object instead of a person. Shadow Rise being so sexual comes from that.
  • Rise has a surprisingly low sense of self-worth so her shadow coming out as something people also see of low worth makes sense. Most people don’t really respect strippers…
  • The reason why Rise does like attention is I’m guessing she did not get very much positive attention as a child with her being bullied and friendless. As an idol the attention has become something that is harming her over time. Her shadow craves any attention no matter what, even if she has to force people. A way to get attention as a famous young pretty girl is….well removing your clothes. Rise does not want this at all and at this point would rather stay away from the spotlight. Shadows basically take their owners emotions and RUN with them and exaggerate.

Ok I’m gonna stop myself before I’m typing this all day. But yeah anyone who calls Rise those names is WRONG. Even if its an opinion its wrong and they have missed the whole character and the whole point of shadows.

Stupid Christmas Gift Giving Traditions

Check Please! 12 Days of Christmas

Day 12: Exchanging Gifts

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Nursey’s day took a downward turn sometime after the lunch rush when a coworker came in with presents for the whole staff.

It was a Monday, so Nursey hadn’t really expected much out of the day to begin with, but he definitely hadn’t thought he’d have to lie out of teeth about a gift that he hadn’t bought his coworker after such a big deal was made when John gave Nursey a neatly wrapped box. Nursey had skipped his lunch break to run down the street to a gas station that had a half-decent selection of gift cards, spent a stupid amount of time trying to decide how much was an appropriate monetary amount for a person he barely talked to outside of shift changes, and raced back to the coffee shop to complete the cycle of gift giving, as was expected of him. Stupid Christmas and it’s stupid Christmas gift giving traditions. Thanks wisemen for bringing Jesus gifts for his birthday and kicking this whole thing off. Nursey spent the rest of his shift annoyed at the social conventions that dictated so-called “proper” gift giving protocol and built up a rant about the unnecessary evils of gift giving in his head while pulling shots and foaming milk.

He was still stewing over it when his boyfriend got home later that night.  

“I hate Christmas,” Nursey announced as Dex hung up his jacket on the coat stand that only he used. Nursey leaned his head back against the arm of the couch, admiring the lines of the dress pants that Dex wore to work, even as he was still annoyed with the idea of presents.

“Hello to you too.” Dex pressed a kiss to Nursey’s chin as he passed by the couch on the way to the bedroom. He came back a minute later, having ditched pants completely and traded his dress shirt and tie for a faded Samwell hoodie whose original owner was a mystery. He shoved at Nursey to sit up so they could both fit on the couch.

“What’d the evil customers do to you today?” Dex asked. He snatched the remote and started flicking through the channels.

“Did you know that Christmas is a myth invented by evil capitalists in order to make people enter unwillingly into a social contract in which they’ll always be miserable because it’s a cycle that never ends?”

Dex stopped on the Food Network and looked over at Nursey with a furrowed brow. “You’re wrong, but okay.”

“No seriously. Gift giving is the absolute worst thing that humans have ever socially constructed.”

“I want to ask why, but I’m worried your answer is gonna make me want to punch you.”

Nursey rolled his eyes; Dex was much more melodramatic than people would think. “It’s just bullshit that when someone gives you a gift, you’re expected to give them something back.”

“That’s called being a nice person.”

“That’s exactly my point though. When you give someone a gift, you’re cornering them into a social contract that’ll be fulfilled only when they give something back. Sure you can say that you’re giving a gift for the sake of giving, but that’s a load of shit. Anyone who says that they’re giving you a gift just for the sake of giving is a damn liar.”

“You’re very pessimistic,” Dex noted.

“And that’s not even taking into account that when someone gives you something back, then that starts the cycle over again. Now you’re expected to give them another gift at another time to keep up your end of the contract and it’s a contract that goes on and on and on until one of you dies and it’s stupid! Lifetime social contracts are stupid. I want no part.”

There was a beat of silence while Dex considered Nursey’s rant. “So what you’re saying is that I should return the gifts that I bought you for Christmas?”

“What? No!”

“You literally just said that the so-called gift giving contract was stupid.”

“It is.”

“And that you don’t want to be a part of any social contract.” Dex’s voice was light and teasing but Nursey could see underlying worry on his face. Nursey rolled his eyes again, fondly this time, and manoeuvred Dex’s arm so he could fit under it.

“With people other than you babe, c’mon, don’t be dumb,” he said, cuddling into Dex’s side. “I’m okay with being in a social contract with you until I die.”

“Gross,” Dex mumbled into Nursey’s hair.

“Yeah,” Nursey agreed, turning so he could kiss Dex properly.

He forgot all about social contracts soon enough, content now to both give and receive, no questions asked.

to those of y'all who haven’t noticed, I greatly enjoy taking joke posts seriously and adding science explanations to them because I am a huge nerd

gotta use the physics/math degree somehow; sorry not sorry

also feel free to hmu if you want some physics/math concept explained bc I am always down for that. I’ll explain what I can and admit I know nothing if that’s the case, bc pretending to know shit about something you don’t know shit about is the path to incorrectness and eventual shame when you get called out

(I won’t do your homework for you though, so don’t bother asking me homework questions, haha)

anyway yeah I love physics and math because they are awesome af, fight me

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I LUV! Luv love luv. Yees. Good blog. Good human. I love. even tho she just kept callin me mortal that one time for reasons I don’t understand but yes. I love. I just great. Also reminded me of the best cure for writers block and I luv. Has good fic ideas. (I still gotta read the giant fic she rants to me about)


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The Formulation of A Quartet: Understanding The Raven Cycle in Conjunction with the Myth.

One of the key things in Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle is the establishment of a series of parallels between our main quartet - Gansey, Blue, Ronan and Adam - and the medieval quartet - Glendower, Gwenllian, Artemus & The Third Sleeper. It’s become especially pertinent as of Blue Lily Lily Blue and will, I imagine, continue to be so in The Raven King.

However, the parallels aren’t only between the main quartet and the medieval quartet. There’s a background parallel likely familiar to anyone familiar with the Arthurian Legend, that of the Arthurian quartet - Arthur, Merlin, Gwen & Morgana - and also influences that are being taken, by Stiefvater’s own admission, of Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising Sequence and the trio formed of Bran, Will and Jane.

Each of these groups is different, with their own relationship amongst the members and their own outcome of the story. But there are striking commonalities between the quartets and the individual roles played by each of the members, and in analysing these it becomes possible to start extrapolating possible endings and events of The Raven King, and what it will mean for each of The Raven Cycle trio.

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I’ve seen a few drawings depicting Vivi forcing Arthur to watch scary movies and stuff. Personally I’ve always seen Vivi as nicer than that! in fact i’d like to think Arthur goes along with paranormal investigation shenanigans because that Vivi gives him strength. He knows how strong she is, and this gives him reassurance to go along. I find that more satisfying than Vivi just forcing him along.

You know an allistic person is trash when, no matter how many times you try to explain to them why autism doesn’t need a cure and that we dont want a cure, they keep trying to condescendingly explain to you that yes in fact you need a cure, speaking as though they know infinitely more about autism than you, the autistic.