i also plan on adding quotes to them

Late night planning on a Sunday night for a hectic week ahead. Wrote down everything I absolutely need to accomplish this week, but I’m expecting more tasks to fill up the pages as we go. Also found out making checkboxes for things like French practice and workouts make it more likely that I’ll do them, so I added boxes at the top for how many times I should fill up my 700ml bottle that day to make sure I drink enough water. And, as an added present to myself/new practice, a (relevant) quote (this week by Charlotte Eriksson) on a post-it to keep me going.

Harmony’s Mental Health May Plan

Ok guys, some of you may have noticed that I keep mentioning that I am focusing on my mental health in May. 
I have lost my way a little in regards to exercise and nutrition.  I have been unfocused and resorting to old bad habits.

So I have made up a plan.  I have had some interest from other people about what I do in regards to my mental health activities, such as meditation, journaling, chakra work, etc.  So although this is not a challenge per se, I will help anyone who wants to follow along (day by day, or something specific). 

I am going to make daily posts about what I have done, am doing, goals, accomplishments and struggles. 

Also, if anyone has any advice, experience, input, etc along the way, I am totally all ears.  

In addition to the calendar, I wrote up the following things I plan to do every day.  I have a brand new journal and over the next 7 days, I am going to work on setting it up - picking my affirmations, writing any goals, drawing, and adding any pictures, quotes, etc I find motivating and inspiring.

Every day:
• Have at least one affirmation that you say 3 times a day.  Write it/them on sticky notes and put in places you will see regularly such as your bathroom mirror, your computer, your vehicle, your refrigerator, your alarm clock, your journal, etc.  
• Write in your journal for 10 minutes.  It can be in the morning about your plans for the day.  It can be mid-day about how you are feeling.  It can be at the end of the day explaining how your day went.  It can be during a happy or sad moment, and needing to get your feelings out.
• Spend at least 15 minutes of your day in complete silence and stillness.  No music, tv, other people talking, etc.  It can be with a cup of coffee in the morning, a cup of tea before bed, with your pet, inside, outside.  Use your senses.  Meditation is optional.  
• Stay hydrated.  Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.
• Eat well.  Limit caffeine, alcohol, sugary and salty foods.
• Stay active.  Don’t sit for more than an hour without getting up to stretch or walk.  Preferably, spend 30 minutes 5 times a week doing moderate to intense exercise.
• Think positive.  If negative thoughts enter your mind, immediately replace them with positive thoughts.

So, here it is.  This is part of what I have been working on.  I am ready to make some serious changes and do some serious hard work. 

I got this.

I can do this.

I am strong.

Punctuation Horoscopes

I was looking at stuff and saw a bunch of out of place commas, and I thought, ‘Ooh, Punctuation Horoscopes!’ Then I thought, ‘Wait…which symbols are considered punctuation? Are there enough?’ So I googled “what is considered punctuation”, and ever so helpful Google told me exactly twelve different things. Perfection!

(I used the signs’ mottos to help me determine which punctuation they were, so I included them as well.)

Aries – Exclamation Point! I AM! This is me says Aries! Take it or leave it! Why am I shouting! Because Aries is just so exciting!!!!!!!! It is like squeeing over a newborn baby! SO CUTE!!!!!

Taurus – Apostrophe’ I HAVE’ Sometimes the Taurus motto is ‘I POSSESS’ so it makes sense since often the apostrophe is used to show possession’ which makes it confusing for some when it is also used for contractions and it’s is not possessive but its is’

Gemini – Parentheses (I THINK) (Let me give you an example or explain further what I am trying to say or what I think you are trying to say) (This part is not so relevant but must be included anyway) (Parentheses are also helpful for smileys and frownies)

Cancer – Colon: I FEEL: let me make you a list of all of my feelings: here is also a list of ingredients I need for my baking project: it is called: I Need to Eat My Feelings:

Leo – Period. I WILL. End of story. Stop. What Leo says goes. Enough said.

Virgo – Question Mark? I ANALYZE? It is good to question things as Virgo so often does? This skeptical sign is the most intellectual of the feminine signs? Maybe? I mean Virgo is ruled by Mercury so there is that?

Libra – Semicolon; I BALANCE; I feel like this is the most underrated punctuation mark; it is incredibly useful; I have been told one is enough in an essay; I beg to differ; semicolons save the day when something is too bloated with commas; whatever is before the semicolon and what comes after can each stand on their own;

Scorpio – Hyphen-I DESIRE-everything must be connected-hyphens are the best to tie a string of things together so you know they belong together-also I plan on keeping my last name and adding yours when we get married-yours can go before all the other exes whose names I have kept-cool beans

Sagittarius – Quotation Mark “I SEE” “Philosophers love to quote and be quoted” “It is good to be exact on what people say instead of paraphrasing all the time” “Quotation marks are also conveniently used as “ditto” marks”

Capricorn – Comma, I USE, please use commas, but do not overuse them or misuse them, commas are by far the most misunderstood punctuation, omg, how hard is it to memorize all of the comma rules, not that hard, yet I have argued with English majors about the proper use of commas, learn your shit,

Aquarius – Dash – I KNOW – so here is an aside just so we are clear on things – please do not confuse me with a hyphen – I am an add on – because blah blah blah  – and more

Pisces – Ellipsis…I BELIEVE…but I can also see your point…so…I dunno…I mean…well…it probably does not matter…I still strongly believe…but maybe…I can be wrong…I feel right…but I think you could be…so….