i also need to get back into the swing of things with writing

i know i’ve been kinda MIA since 2017 started but this month has really cramped my schedule so i haven’t had time to really get on & write anything but i should slowly be getting back into the swing of things. the good news is i got accepted into my visual arts course & classes start in february. also my social life has kinda been on the rise so i’ve had no time to really get on but i’m slowly getting back into the swing of thing here. hope everyone has had a great start to the year so far! 


A/N: So things are FINALLY slowing down and staying that way, so I’m trying to get back in the swing of things. Requests and ships are closed until I get caught back up, and I may not get to all of the ones currently in my inbox right now. These also may be shorter until I get comfortable writing them again, so just be forewarned :)

Request: This one wasn’t requested by anyone, but I needed to write it. Imagine  you’re Tony’s sister, and you’re in love with Steve during the events of Civil War. (This takes place during that final battle scene in the trailer!) Also, the reader has super strength :)

“Tony!” you cry out, running forward, throwing yourself between your brother and the two men attacking him. “Y/n, get out of the way,” Steve growled, and you glared up at him. “No. He’s hurt! And the two of you are ganging up on him. He can’t even stand!” you call out, your eyes beginning to glow faintly. “Y/n, please. I don’t want to hurt you,” Steve pleads, his tone becoming less aggressive and tinged with sadness. Out of the corner of your eye you notice Bucky trying to slip around you to yank Tony out of your arms, and you immediately rip a chunk of stone out of the cracked floor and level a glare at him as you crush it, reminding him of the consequences that would come with challenging you. “Leave my brother alone,” you snarled, turning your attention back to Steve. “Y/n, you know I can’t do that. He’s my friend,” Steve said, blue eyes wide and begging you to understand, to stay out of it. “So was Tony! So was Natasha. So was-“ you can’t finish the sentence. You and Steve had always been more than friends, and you both knew it. But ever since Bucky had come back, ever since the government had demanded that someone answer for his crimes (as well as the incident with Ultron), all of that had changed. Of course you had sided with Tony. You loved Steve, and this war was killing you, but Tony was your family, and he had never once left you. You hear him groaning inside the suit, and you blink the tears out of your eyes, hardening your expression. “There’s only one way this can end, Steve. We can’t all make it out of this fight alive. But I’ll be damned if I’ll let you tear my only family away from me,” you tell him, turning the pain in your voice to anger. You stand and pick Tony up in your arms, daring either of the men to attack you. “I’m sorry it has to be this way,” you say quietly, and you turn and jump out of the window, your super-strength launching you to rooftop of the neighboring building. You load Tony and then yourself into the helicopter manned by Natasha, fighting back tears. You don’t look back to watch Steve in tears, anger over losing his friends and the girl he loves overcoming him for a moment as he knocks a chunk of the wall out. He turns to Bucky, whose head is hung low in guilt. “I’m tearing everyone apart,” he says quietly, and Steve shakes his head, placing a hand on his shoulder. “No, you’re not. They just don’t understand. We’ll make them see,” he tells him, and Bucky nods halfheartedly. They head out of the ruined building, scouting a place for a new safehouse.

Can I get a shoutout for roleplayers who struggle with mental and emotional disorders/issues?

Shit that makes it hard to reply in a timely manner or shit that makes you feel like things need to be ABSOLUTELY perfect, or like nothing you do is as good as the last thing you did. 

Things that make it hard to express what you’re trying to, or make it hard to reach out to new people or communicate and get yourself out there even if you really want to. 

Shit that makes it hard to read at certain sizes or fonts or layouts.

 Feeling inadequate in your work.

Emotional swings that keep you bouncing back and forth between being able to be here and having to leave. Drains of emotion or motivation that keep you paralyzed even when you wish you could be writing.

Or shit that effects your focus or memory to a point where it interferes with what you’re trying to write, or makes it hard to keep track of headcanons or plots of threads or verses.

There’s a lot of people I know who fight with a lot of these things, and I definitely do with a handful of them too. It’s hard dealing with that stuff, and I want to send good vibes and tons of respect to everyone who does.)