i also need to follow more people lol

Hello! This is my first follow forever since I came back from hiatus. I’ve lost over 400 followers during that period and many of my mutuals have become inactive as well :-( So I have two main reasons for doing this: 1) to show my appreciation to the people who make my dash so pleasant to scroll through, especially those who’ve been with me since the start (I used to be effietrlnket, in case you’re confused), and 2) get recommendations for blogs who post similar content as the ones below! 

a - g

@aliciacarey @avadakedevra @beliarke @bellamybb  @bellamyblakeish @bellamyspirate @bellsprincess @clarke-griffin @clarkegiffrin @cupcakeblake  @fleurdealcours 

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@hcrndale @heda-reyes @hermionegrangcr  @howlingremus  @imwae @jemsdrug @khazbrekker  @loganlermans  @maisiewilliaims  @magnusfray  @myloveistoblame  @mythaelogy  

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@narnianwitch @niylah  @petuniaevans @perksofbeingafanboy  @persephcnie  @poseidhn @puveblood  @queenis  @ravenreyess @rayven-rayes  @ronahld  @sassamyblake  

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@talesofnorth  @victornikifforov @wanhaeda

If any of you know other awesome people please drop me a message or include their usernames in the tags - whatever floats your boat! I really need to follow more blogs again to get an active dash~ thank you so much! xxx

I need more people to follow!!

So reblog if you post any of this stuff and I will follow you ok thanks

-kian lawley
-jc caylen
-damon fizzy
-tyler oakley
-tyde levi
- twenty one pilots
- aesthetic stuff
- any kind of music
- basically any youtubers

Looking for more blogs to follow, so

I think you know the drill :) Please like or reblog if you post about any of these and there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll follow you
- Alice in Wonderland
- Undertale
- Steven Universe
- Gravity Falls
- Pretty/cute things
- Cats
- Space
- Science
- Psychology
- Philosophy
- Literature/writing/quotes
- Fashion
- Shameless shitposts
Thank you very much! Please also feel free to message me about any of the above if you want to talk!


lol it’s that time of year again. I badly want more mutuals/blogs to follow so pls reblog/like this if you

• follow me but I don’t follow back
• post: shadowhunters
• the raven cycle
• Brooklyn 99
• new girl
• dodie Clark
• stranger things

And I will check out your blog and probably follow you and if you want to follow me that would be cool also make sure to check out the other people who re blog and like (+heads up my blog is mainly shadowhunters with a sprinkling of the other stuff I mentioned)


Heyo guess who rose from the grave? This gaaaal

Life’s been busy, but I kinda like it that way. I’ve got so many projects (someonehelpme;v;) I’m unsure whether I’ll improve my activity on this site. I love the people I’ve met, but tumblr as a site has gotten tiresome. Maybe I need to follow more people. My art should make a comeback with it’s less than mediocre reputation, because why not, there’s a small part of me that fondly missed this place c:

Also a useless tidbit, guess whose birthday is in exactly one week? This gaaaal

scamanderphan  asked:

hi! this is such a great idea because who doesn't need a little positivity in their lives? :)

thank you ellie that’s so true! life can be so hard and i thought if i could make people a lil bit more happy then why not?? also i’m having fun and finding out new blogs to follow! btw is that on your title the quote “totally awesome” from a very potter musical?? that really had me laughing lol

smooches xx

positivity non-rates!

reblog this if you have a kpop related blog it doesnt matter which group cause i need to follow more people 


{ends by 12th nov. I will follow the ones I like I mean no offense}

oh gosh i feel like it’s been so long since my last follow forever ^^ but time sure does pass by fast and today i hit 3000+ followers and i cannot express in words just how happy i feel that so many people follow my multi-fandom blog lol. But honestly thank you for being in this journey with me and i hope we can continue to enjoy kpop together ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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FOLLOW TRAIN (this might not even work)

I need more blogs to follow and i want y’all to have more followers because you totally deserve it. So follow everyone who reblogs (if people even reblog this) this and make some friends. Also follow me because i’m close to 1.1k lol.. 😁😅

Dan and Phil (phan)
Caspar Lee
Connor and Troye (tronnor)
Ed Sheeran
Fall Out Boy
Grace Helbig
Hannah Hart
Jim Chapman  
Joey Graceffa (janiel)
Marcus Butler
Mamrie Hart
Miranda Sings                                                          
Alfie and Zoella (zalfie)
Colleen Ballinger
Shane Dawson
Steven Universe
Tanya Burr
Twenty One Pilots
Joe Sugg
Tyler Oakley

Hellooo, I have reached more than 4k followers so I wanted to make another follow forever~! I gained so many followers this month, I’m so grateful! Everyone has been nice to me, sending me cute messages, loving my blog and my gifs ;u; thank you sooo much! (don’t mind that edit, I didn’t have any inspiration lol). I’m also on twitter now, I’ve already found some of my followers there :3 you are all so funny and cute I love you  ♡

I hope more people will start appreciating monsta x, they really need love and recognition for everything they have been doing for us!!

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