i also miss the pilot

probs done a thousand times already but I just watched Pacific Rim again and I had to


the time the boys didn’t understand the concept of a video

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okay so i am just beginning to get into twenty one pilots and bandom wise are there any inside jokes/ things i should know?? just any obscure things or important history ok thank u sorry

oh MAN anon what a GREAT question well first welcome to the clique and second where do i even start

sometimes they say ‘stay street’ which is from this video

mark eshleman is the band’s media guy/good friend and he’s really funny and his blog is here 

every time an interviewer asks tyler and josh how they met, they change the story to something ridiculous and there’s a big masterpost of the stories floating around but i can’t seem to find it. they’ve said that they met in jail, at a spice girls’ concert, etc. 

they really love taco bell and also mario kart

tyler has this ongoing thing about catching a deer with his hands??

one time tyler and josh tried to jump into a swimming pool together


also slushieguys which is tyler’s old youtube channel when he was a fetus

and speaking of embarrassing videos, here’s one of tyler and his brother lip syncing to various songs for 9 minutes

tyler was really good at basketball in high school but he decided to pursue music instead so he’s essentially troy from high school musical

there’s a ton of funny/ridiculous stuff on both the boys’ vines that i highly recommend checking out

one time josh did a backflip with brendon urie

a beach in michigan

sometimes they call each other ‘dog breath’ and ‘baby boy’ which comes from this interview

this recent interview about goats and nipples

(this is by no means a complete list and i will probably add to it if i think of more things and if anyone notices that i missed something important feel free to add to it)

*EDIT: also they have this thing where tyler is constantly kicking josh out of the band as a joke because there’s only two of them in the band to begin with. i can’t beLIEVE i forgot about that (thank u blackened-matchstick)

Did I ever talk about my Trees speech because it was pretty noteworthy.

Tyler named this guy that didn’t pull out his phone for most of the show in the front row Robert or something I don’t remember exactly. His arms were crossed and he said he looked serious the entire time.

He told him that he was so happy when he finally did pull out his phone. He said he was really really proud. 

Like really proud.

And then he just dedicated to the song for not-Robert and that was the entire inspirational speech of Twenty One Pilots during Trees.

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gbh i think i would miss black paladin shiro too much, i think i like the idea of shiro and allura switching between black and the castle??? sometimes allura is black paladin sometimes shiro??? also like they were always portrayed as equal leaders in season 1 when will dreamworks back their own narrative up

I agree tbh. I already miss Shiro not piloting black, but also the man needs a break so my idea would be he’s a strategist and leads from the shadows. I think that’s where his strengths really lie. Though Shiro and Allura co-piloting Black is a really good concept too!

Yeah I agree @ dreamworks when will you give this show consistency :/


Charlotte “Chuck” Charles:  PEACH COBBLER

(peach nectar, ginger beer, honey, cinnamon)

The facts were these:  It had been exactly two years, seven months, five days, three hours, and twenty-seven minutes since the Pie Maker and the girl called Chuck had surprised Chuck’s aunts on their doorstep, with the latter leaving their house to see the world.  The Pie Maker was sitting at his kitchen table, thinking about how that one big small act had changed everyone’s lives.  He knew Chuck was happy that her aunts had left, but she was sad at their departure at the same time–and a toothache was keeping her from enjoying his beloved pies.  So he decided to cheer her up.  

He mixed seven and a half ounce of ginger beer with six ounces of peach nectar, because peaches always made him think of her.  Then he added a few drops of honey, sprinkled cinnamon on top, and brought the drink to her in bed.

“I know you like my pies, so I wanted to make you a pie, but you can’t have my pie so instead I made you a not-pie.  A drink-pie, if you will.  Anyway it’s still cold but not so cold it will hurt your tooth, and I know peaches are your favorite, and I added honey too because you love your bees.  And you should drink it or at least say something because I’m starting to feel awkward.”

And the girl called Chuck looked up at him and smiled.  And the Pie Maker smiled back, because he liked it when he figured out how to touch her.

Fandom update

The clique: We’re going to jail y'all, also STOP THE #TylerComingOutParty (the only reason it’s trending is because people are tweeting stuff like “Why is this a thing?” LIKE STOP GIVING IT MORE TWEETS IT DOESN’T HELP SOLVE ANYTHING)

Sinners: Studio version of the Bohemian Rhapsody cover was everything we needed, also STOP ATTACKING SARAH SHES OUR MUM RESPECT HER, going to jail with the clique

Phandom: Is on fire (like Dans mixtape) The opinions about the new book are very split, some think that D&P is only doing it for the money, and that the cover looks really childish and unproffesional, while others seemes as hyped over DAPGO as they did over TABINOF.

Killjoys: MCRX, NEW ALBUM OMG (Did y'all really think they would actually get togheter again? I mean come on)

Shadowhunters: WE WON AN AWARD


Mianite fandom: OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART. Alecs death, Tonja breakup, Jordans grandma, and still no sign of season 3. How are we all still alive. (Also, Wag has giant hands)

I probably missed a bunch


My biggest summer post for day 60!!! I. love. concerts. All pictures I took except the first; I found that on Twitter. Today at Lollapalooza the skeleton clique turned up BIG TIME for our beloved Tøp. It felt like everyone was my friend (shoutout to @joejoeswatt on Twitter for unabashedly loving the crap out of this band and this whole day), and I received very animated compliments all day. Denver and I got our Josh Dun eye makeup done (lol) and the girl (twitter @paulinaugh) generously treated a lot of people!! A super cool dude came alone with black paint on his neck and hands in the style of Tyler and he let me take his picture because he knew he looked rad. The cutie pie in front of me fell asleep in her #1 Dad hat so I had to capture it- by the way I’ve never seen so many crazy beautiful people in one place. I was seriously so overwhelmed I just tried to take it all in and look at everyone because I saw so many different types of beautiful and bold. After some minor setbacks in our placement in the crowd, Denver and I got pretty great spots considering when Tøp started the entirety of the field was filled with thousands of people. I was completely smushed and sweaty and I was like “you know what? I love this music and I really love these people (the crowd sang literally EVERY word) so fuck it I’m gonna jump and gonna enjoy it”. Breathing heavy in my soaked hot mess-state, people are just getting off each other’s shoulders after The Run and Go and I’m thinking about how I wanna do it next time when this guy gets a girl off his shoulders and looks at me and goes “you look fantastic if you’re curious” and it made my whole being smile. At concerts I have this thing where I need to get to the front at all costs and I end up surrounded by strangers every time, so sometimes I’ll get self-conscious about letting it loose. This guy just assured me that I was actually kicking ass like I wanted to. Jumping like one unit to all the crazy energy in there and all of a sudden they put down this piece of wood on the people in front of me and I’m like- HOLY SHIT. TYLERS GONNA STAND ON THIS RIGHT IN FUCKING FRONT OF ME. He climbs on and I’m screaming and jumping and smushing myself into the people around me and they bring the drum Tyler will hit and apparently it’s covered in water cuz all of sudden he hits it and I get splashed and I’m so fucking happy to be alive.

Thank you to everyone who was a positive part of this day. Be as nice to others as you can be to fellow concert go-ers. I wish you the best and hope you all show up to the next show an even better version of the you you are now. “We are twenty one pilots and so are you” |-/