i also mean that she's strong and powerful

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I know you probably don't like Tifa, but I hope someday you draw her on her own because youre art is so gorgeous and I think you would show Tifas beauty a lot she's my fav and all I want is that or yifa and nanaki togethr

omg. who told you I don’t like Tifa I LOVE TIFA…

Tifa is the best, I can’t handle her. She’s so incredibly kind but also strong and powerful. And she’s so grEAT I mean she has a huge heart and so much love and the way she cares about Cloud but also my heart breaks everytime Aery dies and Tifa touches her face I’m. And she’s great with kids and she’s gorgeous and her voice is lovely and i just.

g o SH

Tifa’s sort of like Zack to me, I have a ton of sketches of her but no finished work for some reason. It’s not that I don’t like drawing her it’s just that I can’t seem to get her finished. ;; bUT I will try. Because she’s worth it.

I just finished this book called Ruthless by carolyn lee Adams and I CANT EVEN work out the words o want to use, its 1am it’s freezing I’m on my phone in bed and I just want to scream how much I love the heroine, Ruth, she’s just PURE I mean she’s pure POWER, she’s just ducking strong and determined to survive. Shes kidnapped by a serial killer, she’s lost in the woods, she’s alone, it’s every horror movie, her bad luck keeps getting worse but she is so FEIRCE and set on NOT ONLY LIVING, bit also getting JUSTICE for his other victims and just FUCKING HELL SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE.

The tag line is “she was supposed to be his seventh victim, he may end up her first…”


I am way too wired to sleep.

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30 and 43!

Well for my first oc Jeffrey, he has a unique fur color choice of various colors compared to his parents who had natural brown and grey fur. No one knows how his fur came out to such a colorful fur pattrn but many in his family think its to show that he has was going to grow up to be for the most part very fun and positive. And they weren’t wrong.

Now for my other oc Angela who’s a saber tooth tiger she has an incredible way to intimidate someone who messes with her or her family. And I don’t mean just kind of have them nervous I mean she can be worse then Nicole from The Amazing World Of Gumball. She also has amazing strength compared to her family and can probably know a bitch out if she has to. But despite having all of these strong powers she has a very chilled style.

Jeffreys main goal is mostly just to make sure he’s doing his best to make everyone happy. I know, not much but it still counts.

Angela’s goal is mainly to provide the chill side of things while still keeping in mind that she can fuck shit up if she had to.
And a goal they both share is growing the courage to finally tell each other how they feel. Trust me its gonna be a tough ride. XD

Memories time

So I remember a lot of things about my furends in my timeline
My Terezi was kinda short and a tiny bit chubby idk she was super cute 10/10. We rp’d a lot together and shared our art with each other and really just had a good time. I remember at one point she sent me a scalemate and I loved it.
I was also furends with feferi and she was also just adorable she might not have looked it but she was super strong I wanted to be as powerful as her. We loved talking about cute stuff and loved having pun-offs.
I wasn’t supurr close with kanaya, she was super purretty and was tall, but we did occasionally talk about quadrant things and she would fix up my coat fur me whenever it got super bad
Vriska nefur really talked to me a whole bunch and was kinda mean to me but I nefur really held it against her. She was tall and slender and had super piercing eyes
I didn’t talk with Aradia much outside of a few rare rps but she was medium height a slightly curvy
And fur the guys um
Karkat… I did like him fur a bit but then he was kinda rude to me I guess without meaning to :/ I still resent him a bit fur not liking me back but I got ovfur it. He started off short but over then game he got taller and slightly muscley
Tavros was always fun to talk to even if it wasn’t supur often. It was a shame I could nefur flarp with him. He was supurr cute and got to be broad shouldered and muscular
Sollux hm I don’t think I really talked to him really no reason to but I think he’s purretty cool. He was medium height and super thin I remember people worrying about him
Equius… Well that’s complicated. We were moirails fur a bit but… It nefur really worked out. I think we stopped befur the game started. Howefur we were still good furends it just never worked out that way. He was tall but not super tall and was super ripped but not to the point where it was like weird
Gamz33 well to be honest I think he wasn’t bad at all. I don’t think his whole breakdown evfur happened? I mean I clearly don’t particularly like what he did in canon but I’m my timeline I think we were even buds. He was always interesting and funny to talk to and I don’t think I was evfur afuraid. Gamz33 was a good height but I think his weight always fluctuated cause he nefur really had good eating habits
And last but not least Ampurra. He got on efury last nerve of mine I swear. I think ug I think I might of had a black crush on him. He was almost lanky but not quite. He always hid in that cape of his
As fur the non trolls I only interacted with Rose and Dave
Rose I rarely talked to cause she spent a lot of time reading and with Kanaya and I nefur really wanted to interrupt
But Dave I think we were bros. We drew some comics together and we talked about memes a lot he was chill
And that’s all I can remember fur now if anyone wants to ask questions I would loveeeeeee to answer it helps me remember stuff

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Thank you sweetie ! But i'm not sure about the name...

well have you thought about the meanings, you know name have power, so what do you want your son to be like. 

For example my name is Tamara which is a palm tree mostly in a oasis or so she said. Which it could be given somewhat hope and shade after a long journey in the desert which is special. Also because she wanted me to be strong and pass through whatever hardships it comes. Like palm tress living in harsh environments. 

Also because she wanted it to match my sisters name lol. 

So if you don’t feel confident of the name try ones with meanings although keiichi sounds cute ^.^ 

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katarinaducouteau? ;u;


Yoooooo I wish I wasn’t such a weenie and that I actually talked to this person more lmao… They’ve been nothing but sweet to me and was also so very willing to give me digital art tips when I mentioned how shit I am at digital stuff and I appreciate that so much!!!!! I keep meaning to join their streams more too because they’re so great and I love seeing the process of their fantastic works.

Their characterization of Katarina is extremely… strong? That’s the only word that comes to mind, but I mean that in it’s not just ‘strong’ as in it’s a good characterization (which it certainly is), but like… I don’t know. Their Katarina is just solid. Powerful. Or at she feels that way to me, despite the fact that I’m awful and really haven’t read all too much of their writing. Maybe I’m getting this sense off of their art mostly, but it seems to ring true in writing as well. 

All in all just a great person and a great blog with great art. I am a big fan, even if I’m too shy to really let that be known often heh.


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hey barbala! how is your day? also 3, 7 and 13 for the doctor who asks :)

Hi Sophie! :) It’s quite good, just a bit boring :D

3. Who is your favorite non-companion character?

Jackie Tyler. She is such an amazing character, strong and powerful (I mean, she slapped The Doctor and was just about the only thing he feared :D), but a loving mother always wanting the best for Rose. 

7. Which episode is your favorite?

This is a hard question, because there are so many episodes I love. But I’ll have to go with Midnight. I find that episode scary and brilliant every single time I see it. And the fact that we never find out who/what the monster is makes it even better. 

13. Which Doctor Who moment made you cry the most?

One word- Doomsday. It’s so sad, even knowing that they meet again in season 4. Especially the line ‘’Rose Tyler-’’, that breaks me every time.

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“I know your work is important, but you’re going to end up in hospital if you go on like this!"

Worried Sick


The blonde’s tone was warning, strong, and filled
with that impertinence that came when she was
instructed to do something she didn’t care to do.

      “—I am fine. Yeah, I’m tired. Yeah, I also have school to
       focus on, but I know how to take care of myself. You do
       dangerous work too, so who are you to judge? Just
       because I don’t have powers doesn’t mean that I’m
       incapable of taking a few blows.”

So that was harsher than Stephanie wanted it to be,
but it was true. Her voice dropped a level and she
looked away.

       “After all, I’ve been through worse.”