i also mean that she's strong and powerful

Queens of Mewni & Their Cheek Symbol

So, I just thought to make the list of the cheek symbols of the Queens of Mewni for my next analysis (the significance of these cheek symbols). The first column were the image of the queens, second is their cheek symbols, third is symbolism’s meaning I got from the internet, and fourth is what traits I think you needed to get that symbol in the SVTFOE universe (in short, what the symbol signifies). 

SVTFOE Card Suite Symbolism speculation:

Heart - people with this symbol are very lovable and has a distinguishing “charm” that naturally attracts people and come to her side. They prioritize their relationship with others compared to anything else and usually let their heart dictates their action (emotional). They are often found as center of the group

Spade - people with this symbol wields strong and fearsome power, even more powerful than normal and typical queens.

Diamond - people with this symbol have the tendency to take the center of command and shoulder the burden and responsibility by their selves. They dress in jewelry and finery, conducting their selves as befitting of nobility.

Club - people with this symbol have the “common” mindset. They appreciate the values that works for the greater whole of society and hates anything that could destroy the social order they are comfortable and grew up in already.

Color symbolism speculation:

Shades of purple - elegance, nobility, regal

Yellow - bright, lively

Pink - lovely, feminine, 

White - harmony, power, everything (as it is combination of all colors of light. That’s why Moon said you must give everything if you want to “dip down”)

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Are you a fan of "Legend of Korra" or "The Last Airbender"?? If so, who are some of your favorite characters??

I haven’t seen “The Last Airbender” but I’m currently watching “The Legend of Korra“ I’m on season 2 and I love it so far!!

My favorite characters so far:


She’s so strong. Her muscles are 10/10 I thank the animators very much for her design. She could knock me tf out with one punch and I wouldn’t mind. Really loves the color red if ya get what I mean ;)


She has every reason to be a bitch but isn’t??? Bless her beautiful heart and soul. I love her with every ounce of my being. Good driver™. She is sweet and pure but she is also smart and a badass who knows how to kick some serious ass even without any bending powers. (How is someone so amazing??) Is also very bisexual for the badass bisexual avatar.


JUST LOOK AT HIM. He just wants love. He loves animals, he loves his friends, and he loves his brother. He’s doing a good job. Protect him at all costs.


Amazing fighter. WOW. Total badass. She is a tough cookie and I love her. She sacrifices and protects. Also that scene with her not wanting to deal with the kids… relatable.

Least favorite character:

MAKO: Do I even have to explain… I’m so glad Korra upgraded from fuckboy to the beautiful goddess that is Asami Sato.

Stop downing Hestia

I don’t understand how people try to talk down on Hestia. Yes she is the goddess of the Hearth and Home but do you understand how strong you have to be to control these things? Family is not always easy, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it’s tough, you’re in a house (or home) with people for most or even all of your life and there’s fighting and crying and Hestia steps in and calms it and brings joy to the home. Also she protects the home, do you know how hard that must be? And how powerful you’d have to be to do this? I mean Hecate, Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes are also protectors of the home and they get great respect so why shouldn’t Hestia? Really in my eyes, Hestia (when the house is threatened) is that silent destroyer that no one wants to mess with. Hestia brings people together so how dare you talk down on that. Hestia is caring and has great strength and she is a Goddess so show her respect!

Something that is so hilariously sad is that right now in canon, I can’t think of a single person that likes Sombra. Even Hanzo and Reaper are more loved than her. 

  • Reaper: Looks like we’re working together again.
  • Widowmaker: Let’s hope it goes better than the time at the museum.
  • Genji: What would our father think of what we’ve become, brother?
  • Hanzo: It’s hard to say who he’d be more disappointed by.

Every interaction she has is filled with contempt, annoyance or indifference to her. 

  • Sombra: You wouldn’t believe what I learned about you, sparrow.
  • Genji: I am at peace with who I was, your threat does not concern me.

The creators said that Sombra considers Reaper and Widowmaker her friends but so far I’m only lead to believe that that’s one-sided. 

  • Sombra: Ah, my favorite spider. I wonder what sort of web you’re spinning now.
  • Widowmaker: It would be a shame if something happened to you on our next mission. A real pity.
  • Sombra: What’s the plan today, Gabe? You don’t mind if I call you Gabe, do you?
  • Reaper: Stick to the mission.

Even the nice and cheerful Tracer says that it would be better if Sombra just disappeared forever. 

  • Sombra: Sometimes I feel a little sick after using my Translocator, I’m sure you know what I mean, Tracer.
  • Tracer: Won’t be a problem if you just disappeared forever.

It’s so sad and bizarre. This poor woman has a grand plan and can actually execute it but she has no one that finds her company even moderately nice. I mean, it’s not 100% clear but even Reaper and Widowmaker have each other. This is so sad and a wonderful plot point for a character. It has some real nice opportunities to make Sombra one of the most powerful people in the world but also the most miserable. Of course Reaper is a strong contender but right now Sombra is in the lead. At least that’s my take on it.

Please add your thoughts and correct me if I’m wrong!

Sombra: Misunderstood and Underused

Hey, everyone! One more Overwatch meta post for today.

I think Sombra is one of the most underused and misused heroes in Overwatch. She’s often seen as a throw pick, but why?

Because, simply put, her skill ceiling is high as hell.

In fact, I’d put the skill you need with her on par with what you need to be a good Genji. The stigma surrounding using her competitively stems from the learning curve that resulted when she first released. People were trying to figure her out, couldn’t use her properly, and subsequently called her broken.

But now, she’s an EXTREMELY viable pick. I think she’s almost necessary on attack on Eichenwald, King’s Row, and certain CP maps.

Why? Because she excels at two things: hunting down healers (except for sym) and AREA CONTROL. She absolutely directly controls the other team’s ability to heal.

Ana and Zenyatta are easy fodder for her gun at close range (and if you master invisibility, you should always be at close range), and once Mercy’s hacked, she’s done too. Sym and Lucio can be a bit more troublesome (just don’t engage with Sym tbh) but she’s not a healer, so. Whatev.

She also shreds tanks if played right. She disables all healing, meaning she’s anti-hog and anti-bastion, and of course, she’s anti- rein.

(I can only speak for low diamond rn but, like, the way I play her? I’m ALWAYS using her abilities as soon as they cool down. Invisibility is a mobility tool.)

And don’t get me started on EMP. It is one of THE MOST powerful ultimates in a game.


She’s STRONG against these heroes once a hack is confirmed:
D.Va (she is 100% a hard D.Va counter)
Reaper (she removes their sustainability)

She’s EVENLY MATCHED with these heroes (even with a hack confirmed)
Soldier: 76

She’s WEAK against:
McCree (assuming he’s got good aim)
Symmetra (auto aim)
Winston (though she can keep him from jumping around when ulting)
Pharah (unless she’s close)

Not to mention, a quick EMP will stop High Noon, Death Blossom, Rez, or Justice. And you can theoretically get EMP in back to back team-fights.

She’s not a front line, either. You should never engage in a teamfight in a straightforward fashion– always hit that back line.

So, tl:dr, Sombra is a very high skill cap hero that has an unfair bad rep in competitive play. With a Zarya, she’s practically necessary imo. She requires a high level of team communication to be effective, too, so keep that in mind.

Never thought I’d say it, but go team Yen.

Their relationship, Geralt and Yen’s ain’t perfect but it feels more real. The times she is sweet feel really sweet because they’re not so frequent as with Triss, who feels like the girl daddy left mommy for after an affair, and noticing what the writers did with her color scheme, black and white, Geralt and Yen, Yin Yang, that also sold me.

Yen and Geralt feel like family, they bicker and fight but are sweet when it counts, and work so well together. Yen is so strong and powerful, and someone I admire even if she’s also cruel and manipulative, and often mean spirited. Geralt has a mean streak too and as my friend told me, they both enjoy dry humor and being witty, sarcastic. They’re very alike even when they’re different, such as Geralt’s “sense of decency” as Yennifer put it. He’s the white in their yin and yang.

In the end, Yen feels more real, and I’ve learned that I’m not really attracted to the type that is sweet to everyone, even if they’re especially sweet to you when you’re with them. I prefer those whose affection is well earned, and reserved for the few in their lives that they’re close to. And, I love “bitchy” women, lol. 

Triss in real life would probably bore me after a while. 

So, go team Yen. I love Triss to death but I gotta go with wifey over the girl next door in the end, even though the games really made me care for her a lot. But, Yen is Geralt’s girl.

Plus, damn does she look fiiiine in that alternate dlc outfit XD

Goddesses and Wicca

Artemis - (Also known as Diana by the Romans). She is a virgin Greek goddess, beholden to no man. Known as the goddess of witches, she is represented by the bow & arrow, hare, the cat and the moon. She is best evoked for protection against unwanted male attention and to help you settle into your craft.

Gaia - hello Mother Earth. Best known for connections with nature and ecological issues. A globe or picture of the earth is best to represent her. You can look upon Gaia to help you with any ‘green issues’.

Demeter & Persephone - goddesses of the seasons. Demeter (represented by corn and poppies is the goddess of summer and the harvest (autumn/fall) and is the mother of Persephone who was captured by hades of the underworld and made queen. Legend says that Demeter was so upset by her daughter’s absence that land became barren. So Zeus ordered that Persephone be returned for six months of the year. So spring and summer are when the two are reunited and autumn and winter is the time when Persephone returns to the underworld. You can call upon Persephone for protection against unwanted male attention, independence and Demeter can be invoked for abundance rituals. Call upon them both for any family issues.

Athena - goddess of wisdom and the arts. Her symbol is the owl. A virgin and war goddess, she can be called upon in times when you need to 'feel the fear and do it anyway’. If you are faced with adversity call upon Athena for her help and wisdom.

Hecate - you may have heard her mentioned in such TV series as buddy the vampire slayer. She is strongly linked to witchcraft and the mysteries of the universe. Can’t help thinking she has something to do with cosmic law or karma if you will. She is the spinner of fate and destiny, in charge of life and death. She is symbolised by the cauldron. She is depicted as riding a chariot pulled by dragons. She is known as the queen of the night (sorry Whitney) and a powerful mistress of divination. She can be called upon for protection of any kind, especially discrimination. Hecate will protect you from harm whilst you improve your skills in the craft.

Aphrodite - a Greek goddess (or in Rome she is called Venus). She is known for love and beauty, represented by honey bees, frogs and honey pots. Consider calling upon her for love spells or help with any relationship in general. Legend has it she was born from the foam of the sea so if you are drawn to mermaids or sea shells, you could also feel a strong connection with her. She may also be able to give you a boost if you’re looking to feel sexy and attractive towards a certain crush?

Isis - unfortunately as we know, lately her name is being used and in my opinion not in a good way. THE REAL ISIS resembles all that is good about being a woman and she is our Egyptian goddess. This is a goddess of life, death and rebirth. Her symbol is the serpent and can be used for any spells involving women’s issues. She is a great guide if you feel a connection to Egyptology.

Guinevere - a goddess of independence and free spirit. She is a strong woman that connects us to our home soil and feminine wiles! You can invoke her if you are in a troubled relationship and need the courage to break free. She can also help with finding new love. She comes with an important message to be true to yourself - something we all must learn in our lives. She was lancelot’s love.

Morgan Le fay - as you know both Guinevere and Morgan le fay are both connected with Camelot and the Knights of the round table. I believe people call it 'Arthurian times’. She is a very strong presence in witchcraft and originally portrait as evil but she was only a follower of the 'old ways’ and a priestess in her own right. She is the one who wanted things to be kept as they were and not embark on the Christianity train. So when she did not adhere to the new rules she was deemed an evil sorceress and that’s she is depicted today. She was Arthur’s half sister. She is connected with night and winter. Call upon her for justice, retribution and protection. She is a strong source of power so do not invoke her if you are fly by night or experimenting with the craft on a whim.

I have now explained all aspects of goddess but they are all as one. Goddess is multi faceted.

The triple goddess - this means the three aspects of goddess and the three phases of the moon. There are also three phases of a woman’s life

Maiden - new and waxing moons
Mother - full moon
Crone - waning and dark moons.

All goddesses represent one of these aspects. Eg. Hecate and morgan le fay would be crime as they fall under the dark side. Isis and Gaia are mother goddesses, while Artemis and Persephone are maiden goddesses.

Altogether they are the triple goddess.

The maiden (new and waxing moons) - youth, new beginnings, dawn. The colour is white for purity

The mother (full moon) - summer, full moon magic, Mother Nature. The colour is red for fertility and blood of life.

The crime (waning and dark moons) - the night, death and transition, autumn and winter. The colour is black and purple which symbolises protection and rest. She is the strongest, known for wisdom and release, prophecy and the guardian of all witches.

We all have power inside us as women and the goddess lives in All of us too. We all have a spark of magical power we can tap into. We are strong, nurturing and alive!

Ember! Ember! Ember!

Awwwww yeah!!!! I’ve been looking forward to this since I started this blog. I love Ember. She was my favorite character for a long time, and even though other characters have taken her place and Desiree is the one I consider my favorite full ghost, Ember is a very close second.

Now, Ember does have a “canon” backstory, but it’s Word of God and never actually talked about in the show. As such, I’m not gonna take it with a grain of salt when talking about her. It’s a decent backstory, but I’m gonna prioritize her song, since it’s something that’s actually in the show.

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Could we have Andromeda companions reacting to a biotic Ryder expecting suspicion/rejection/negative reactions to their biotics please?

Story: The team gets cornered fighting Kett and are almost out of ammo, as a last resort Ryder uses their biotics. It turns out that Ryder is very powerful one at that, but tries not to use it because not only are human biotics rare, but many people where scared of Ryder’s natural intensity of their biotics.

So Ryder avoids them, thinking thats what they want. Ryder dosent take them on missions anymore, and always find an excuse to leave the room when they come in. Soon however, the squad member has had enough.

They corner Ryder, and demand an explanation prompting Ryder to expaline why they never used biotics around the team,and all the negative reactions they got when they were younger. Taunghts of “monster” and “freak”, suspensions of drugs and cheats.

Ryder thought the team would react the same way.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Cora: Wow, wow. Just wow. She was amazed by Ryder’s power. How their biotics just rippes through the Kett was incredible. So she stood there, slack jaw and big eyed in awe. Ryder how ever, immediately took this as a negative reaction and closed themsleves off from her, thinking she’s afraid.

Cora becomes hurt yet irritated by Ryder’s sudden pull back, and the feeling is doubled if Romamced by Scott. If she did something wrong, they should just tell her so she can fix it!

After learning why though, Cora’s heart couldnt help but melt. She never had to deal with that as a human biotic, and it makes her sad and angry that someone would do this, especially if Ryder just saved their lives.

She assures Ryder that there still friends/lovers and does everything shw can to prove that she’s not afraid and means it.

Later on, She’ll ask Ryder for biotic pointers, because with the Kett….damn.

Liam: Holy Hell…That was awsome! He couldnt help but to yelp out in excitement, a large smile on his face. He turned to congratulate Ryder, but they already ran off to the Nomad, almot leaving him behind.

When Ryder first started ignoring Liam, he didnt think much of it, hoping they’ll come around and get out what ever it was in their system. But as they days turned into weeks, Liam become nervous, and then angry, and then sad.

Did Ryder not like him anymore?

Did Sara fall out of love?

He couldnt bare it. But he only felt worse when he learned why. As before he felt sad, then angry at everyone who treated them wrong. Having biotic doesn’t make you a monster. He does everything he can to make sure Ryder knows he’s not going anywhere, and not to subtlely asks them to show him their biotics, thats just awesome.

PeeBee:Wait,What? PeeBee was stuned by the intensity of Ryder’s power. She was amazed of course, and ultimately surpised by Ryder’s level of power. She thinks its freaking cool. But, she didnt say any of this out loud, and was left speechless. Ryder automatily took this as a bad sign.

Now here iz the thing, you cant just IGNORE PeeBee. She’s to bright and too loud. She can and will make a scene.

And that’s exactly what she did. After learning why Ryder was acting the way they are, she wanted to laugh.

An Asari, being afraid of biotics?!

As much as it humored her,she pushed it down, and assured Ryder that everyrhing would be okay. She didn’t think much of thoes jerks who harassed her, because not only where they light years away, they are also 600 years dead. But that doesn’t mean she still poke a little bit of fun.

“Look Ryder, I have biotics too. Oooooooh.”

And besiedes the amount of power Ryder had in their body, as strong and as awesome as it was, was like the amount in an Asari Matriarch’s left foot.

Jaal: He gasped. He was amazed…in awe…and totally in love. The amout of raw force in his dearest friend/darling one was overwhelming…and inspiring. A truly “deadly sneeze” as Cora put it. But questions roamed in his head as they rode back to the Tempest.

If Ryder is so powerful, why do they hide such gifts?

Why have they not used them before?

He was in silent deep thought, unaware of Ryder speaking to him,causing them to believe we was mad.

Now, if you thought avoiding PeeBee was hard, get ready for the challenge of a lifetime. Ryder cant even walk five feet without being confronted by sad,yet curious cat eyes.

Finally they gave in and pour out their heart out to him, and his heart hurt for them. He instantly pulled them into a hug reassuring them that they are his best friend/darling one and no tiny detail can instantly change that.

“You are so much stronger then anyone could ever know. In body,mind,and spirit. And I will always care for you.”

Drack: Hell Yes! Old Grandpa Nakmor would nevr admit it, but he thinks its the best damn think in his live to witness you basically ripping the kett in a half with your mind. He have a grunt and a swift “Good job, Kid” ….

. . But they dont even get the chance to ignore Drack before he realised something was up.They got stiff the instant they used their bitocs, and he settled it right there and now.

Fun fact: It us very hard to lie to a 7 ft tall Krogan Grandpa who claims to feel it in his bad knee when you do.

Ryder tells Drack whats wrong knowing good and well that he won’t let them leave until he does. After learning why Ryder was so apprehensive about using their biotics, Drack went into a temporary parent mode, promising them that everything is okay and he wasn’t freaked out .

However if anyone found out about it he would deny it.

But even so he manages to discreetly encourage Ryder to continue to use their biotics, and feel a rush of pride when he sees them rip into a giant crowd of enemies like it’s nothing.

You go kid, bash those Kett brains with your mind.

Vetra: …That ….was the most amazing thing she had ever seen in her entire life! The way Ryder just tore into them like it was nothing simply amazed her.

Like Drack , she instantly praised them for the kill and automatically noticed when something was wrong. She refused to let them go back to the Nomad until they told her why she was upset.

After learning the cruelty Ryder had endured,heart couldn’t help but bleed. Ryder was such a good person, they didn’t dserve all the crap they were got because of kickass biotic powers. They were a power house, and that earned them brownie points in her books

Vetra insisted that Ryder use their powers more often, slowly but surely pulling them out of their selfloathing hole, and reassured them that she were always be there as a friend/ lover.

In America They Call Us Dykes: Notes On The Etymology And Usage Of "Dyke"

From Sinister Wisdom # 9 1979

By JR Roberts

The women-loving women
in America were called dykes
and some liked it
and some did not . ..
Judy Grahn, from “A History of Lesbianism”

In Sinister Wisdom 6, five Lesbians spoke intensely and articulately concerning the silences in our lives and how patriarchal language has been used
against us, how the fears of vulnerability and censure check our tongues,
rendering us powerless, isolated, and invisible . How the power to name is the
power to be. Lesbians have long been the object of vicious “name-calling”
designed to shut us up, make us shrivel and slink away. Dyke is one of the
words that has been negatively and violently flung at us for more than a
half century . In the Lesbian/Feminist 1970s, we broke the silence on this
tabooed word, reclaiming it for ourselves, assigning to it positive, political
values. The reclamation of dyke has also necessarily involved an historical/
etymological search for its origins. Our generation of Lesbians has been stymied, mystified, and intensely curious as to how and why we have come to
call ourselves dykes.

The term appears to have originated in the United States. Although dyke
is used in England, the terms lesbian, Sapphist, and butch have been traditional there (Partridge 1968). In the United States, dyke is a cross-cultural term found in both Anglo-American and African-American slang. In African-American slang, dyke, as it stands alone, does not seem to have been in widespread use as of 1970, but more commonly appeared in combination with bull to form bull-dyke, signifying an “aggressive female homosexual,” bull-dagger, boon-dagger, and bull-diker being variations. Bull was/is used in Black culture to indicate Lesbian (Major 1970; Berry ‘1972).(1)

The earliest known references using dyke or dike (an earlier? spelling no
longer in wide usage today) to describe “masculine” Lesbians, or Lesbians
generally, date to circa 1920s·1930s, indicating at least a half century of
usage.(2) Partridge indicates that dike denotes a “female homosexual” and that the term comes from the combination bull-dike (Partridge 1968), which
was used among Black people as early as circa 1920s-1930s (AC/DC Blues
1977). Godfrey Irwin, a compiler of tramp and underworld slang, likewise
supports this definition of bull-dike in a letter to Partridge dated September
18, 1937. During the thirties, bull-dike was also being used among prison
inmates at Sing Sing to indicate a woman who practiced oral sex on men
(Haragan 1935, as quoted by Partridge 1968). It is interesting that the homosexual bull-dike and the heterosexual bull-dike were both associated with
so-called “unnatural” and socially unapproved sexual behaviors . This is one
of many connections existing between homosexual slang, heterosexual slang,
and woman-hating slang.(3) By the 1940s we find dike or dyke listed in slang
dictionaries to indicate “masculine woman,” being synonymous with other
words signifying “Lesbian” (Berrey & Van Den Bark 1942 , 1947).

In the pre-Liberation forties, fifties , and sixties, “Lesbian slang” was often
role-related. Dyke/dike and butch were used to signify “masculine” Lesbians
who wore “men’s clothing” (Stanley , June 24 , 1977; Aldrich 1955 :54) .
“Feminine” Lesbians were femmes or fluffs (Vice Versa 1:6, November 1947).
Among Midwest Black Lesbians the words stud and fish were used respectively (Sawyer 1965). Special terms indicating varying degrees of “mannishness” were formed by adding prefixes, for example : bull-dyke, diesel dyke,
stompin ’ diesel dyke. As Lesbian linguist Julia Stanley indicates, dyke in our
own time, the Lesbian/Feminist seventies, has undergone a change in meaning from a once pejorative term to a politically charged definition. This has occurred within the liberation movements of Lesbians and gays. “To be a
dyke or a faggot,” writes Julia , “refers to one ’s political identity as a gay
activist . .. but redefining old terms that have been pejoratives for so long
is not an easy process, nor is it something that takes place overnight. Among
women, new definitions are being made among usages of old terms. As we
redefine the old pejorative labels making them our own, what we choose to
call ourselves also takes on political meaning, defining one’s political position”
(Stanley 1974:390-391).

The personal is political. The personal is also historical. On many levels
we Lesbians today have experienced historical/political transformations.
Sometimes it is possible to recall an exact time and place where transformations occurred. Although I don’t ever recall having used the word dyke in the old pejorative sense, I do remember when I first began using dyke in a liberated sense. It was late 1973; I had just “come out” via the Lesbian/
Feminist Movement. During a conversation with an older Lesbian friend who
had come out years earlier without the aid of a movement, I referred to the
two of us as dykes . Her reaction was equivalent to “Hey, wait a minute!
Watch yer mouth!”, as if I had uttered some terrible obscenity . She then
proceeded to enlighten me as to the older, negative meaning . But, I said, I
don’t see it that way at all. To me dyke is positive; it means a strong, independent Lesbian who can take care of herself. As I continued with the movement, dyke took on even stronger political implications than “activist.” It
signified woman-identified culture, identity, pride and strength - women, alone and together, who live consciously and deliberately autonomous lives ,
no longer seeking definitions or approvals according to male values. Soon
my older friend also began identifying positively with the word dyke.

Exercising this new power of self-definition, we now have a variety of
names and definitions with which to describe our many political selves. Our
Lesbian lifestyle is very diverse, and our use of language and choice of names
and definitions reflect our many cultural, racial, ethnic, class, regional, and
political backgrounds, as well as our generational perspectives. Today the
straight world continues to use dyke in the old pejorative sense. There are a
number of Lesbians who do also, and are repulsed by it. These Lesbians may
not have been exposed to the current movement, or, being concerned with
their status and survival in the straight world, they may reject the term as
harmful. There is also a segment of the Lesbian population which grew up ,
came out , and participated in the earlier Lesbian culture before 1970 who
retain the negative definition they have always known . So the definition of
dyke has changed only for some Lesbians, not for all.

There are some questions to be wondered about. If dyke has different
definitions today, is it possible that there were different definitions in earlier
times? Did all Lesbians before the 1970s generally define dyke negatively?
Was it such a distasteful term, or were there those Lesbians who felt a sense
of pride at being labeled dyke? What did it mean to them? Where did the
American tradition of the “mannish” Lesbian as dike/dyke come from?
The term dike or dyke had probably been around to some extent before
the 1930s-1940s when it first began to be documented in slang dictionaries.
Slang terms often originate among special groups, some of which are “outcasts” of mainstream society whose members feel alienated from the values of the dominant culture. Such groupings may be based on age, race, ethnic, or class background. Among such groups have been the younger generation, Blacks, hoboes, criminals, street people, artists and writers, gays and Lesbians.

The creation of new words and new definitions for old words serves a social
and political purpose: it may constitute an act of power and rebellion for
those who feel and are powerless; or it may provide a sense of validation
and identity denied by the dominant culture, thus becoming a source of
social/cultural cohesion and pride - a language of one’s own. A new language
helps to articulate a new society. Some slang terms may even be adopted
by the dominant culture, eventually becoming “Standard English,” or they
may fall into disuse or remain the linguistic property of the special group.
Slang terms may be collected and listed in published lexicons, dictionaries ,
and thesauri. Definitions may change with time. These are slow, complicated
evolutions influenced by social, economic, political, and intellectual ideas
and events in the dominant culture and among those outcast groups.

Currently, there are several theories concerning the etymology of dyke or
dike, which are threaded together by the androgynous concept of the “manly-
woman.” Several have to do with ancient Greek legends. Poet Elsa Gidlow
raises the possibility that the word dyke may have had its origins in the
Greek word dike, that is Athene , the “manly-woman ” who is the principle
of total order (Stanley , June 24, 1977). There is also the related Flexner and
Wentworth (1975) hypothesis that dike probably came from hermaphrodite,the -dite being “clipped” off and later evolving into dike, due to a regional
(Coney Island??) mispronunciation. Cordova adds support to this hypothesis
when she reports conversations with older Lesbians who indicate the folk belief that the root word of dyke was once hermaphrodite, with its origins in
the Greek myth of Hermes and Aphrodite who join to create the androgynous
creature (Cordova 1974:22). Of the -dite to dike theory, Julia Stanley comments: “For reasons of my own, I’ve never bought the -dite to dike explanation, primarily because /t/ hardly ever becomes /k/ in natural languages. I’m not saying it’s impossible, especially in an unstressed syllable, where an alveolar might be heard as a velar, just that it’s unlikely” (Stanley, June 24, 1977).

My own recent research has turned up an interesting, but never before
cited, usage of dike dating from late nineteenth and early twentieth century
America, representing another possible, and perhaps more viable, origin, based in the social customs of the people rather than in classical allusion. Both
Schele de Vere (1871) and Clapin (1902) in their compilations of Americanisms indicate dike as denoting a man in full dress, or merely the set of male
clothing itself. Schele de Vere says this is a “peculiar American cant term,
as yet unexplained.” Clapin, however, indicates that dike likely resulted from
the corruption of the Old English dight (Anglo-Saxon origin). Dight meant
to dress, clothe; to adorn, deck oneself (Johnson, 2nd ed., 1827). In listing
dike, Mathews (1951) indicates a possible connection between dight and the
English dialect dick, both of which meant “to deck or adorn.” By 1856
dight was cited by Hall as being nearly obsolete in the United States, while
diked and diked out were in use. The word dike probably came to America
with the English at the time of colonization, but once in America other
usages may have developed . Both Clapin and Schele de Vere indicate that
dike was not only used as a verb, but also as a noun to describe a person of
either sex who was all dressed up. However, dike as a person or as a set of
clothing most often referred to the male sex.

There is growing evidence that during this same time period a number of
women in both the United States and Europe were adopting male attire, both
permanently and on occasion. Katz has called some of these women “Passing
Women” (Katz 1976: Ch. 3). These women dressed, lived, voted, worked -
literally “passed”-as men in the mainstream culture. Some were of the middle
and upper classes, or were artists. Others were independent, working class
women who took on the guise of men in order to survive in a world where
women had few options. As “men,” these women, some of whom were Lesbians, married other women and raised families. They could live and enjoy
their lives with women and still participate in the greater opportunities and privileges awarded to men. This choice was often based in explicit or covert
feminism. When discovered, however, these women were often punished by
society- arrested, fined, imprisoned, exposed, and forbidden to wear male
clothing. Sometimes the contemporary media picked up on the appearances
of these “she-men,” and a number of rather sensational articles appeared.
accompanied by photographs and drawings. Some of these graphics which
are reproduced in Katz indicate women dressed in a “full set of male clothing” - from hat to suit, to cane or umbrella, watch fobs and chains, to vests
and shoes. Lesbians and other radical women - such as the feminist Mary C. Walker, Harriet Hosmer, and Edmonia Lewis, the Black/Native American sculptor-were also dressing in much the same manner in the United States and Europe, not especially for the purpose of “passing” as men, but for the real and implied emotional, political, and social freedoms inherent in the male costume.
This radical expression of emancipation (which has centuries of tradition behind it) continued well into the twentieth century and included both women of color and white women.

It seems possible that in the American culture where the term dike denoted “the full set of male clothing” or “a man in full dress,” this term could also have been applied to women who dressed in such clothing. Possibly these early radical women, dressing and passing in male clothing, both permanently and on occasion, were in fact our first dike sisters in America.

Again, Julia Stanley, who feels that the above etymology for dyke is the
most viable she has heard, comments: “Your proposed etymology doesn’t
exclude the possibility that Wentworth and Flexner were correct in their
hypothesis. That is, you may have come up with the 'missing link’ in the
semantic development of the word dyke, since it is stretching it a bit to re-
late it to the Germanic ditch” (Stanley, June 24,1977).

If my hypothesis is correct, it could further be proposed that the meaning
of dike was changing during the time period from the late nineteenth century
to circa 1930s-1940s, that dike had begun passing from a predominantly
positive male and/or neutral meaning to a derogatory female slang term.
Linguistically, it may have gone through a process called “degeneration of
meaning.” By the 1930s dike, preceded by the equally tabooed bull, had
been assigned sexual and derogatory meanings which could be applied both
to Lesbians and to heterosexual women practicing tabooed sexual behaviors.
By the 1940s-1950s-1960s the pejorative term dike/dyke was almost exclusively applied to “masculine” Lesbians, with other meanings becoming more obscure, though not yet obsolete. Linguists have found that this “process of degeneration” is a pattern often occurring to words which make such a male
to female transition.

For this same period of possible linguistic change, there is growing evidence
indicating a general altering of attitudes toward women’s relationships with each other.(4) Increasingly more negative aspects were being assigned to such relationships in the twentieth century than had been assigned them in the
nineteenth century. Medical and psychiatric science was labeling such relationships “unnatural,” “degenerate,” and “sick.” All manner of “masculine”
characteristics of both a biological and psychological nature were attached
to Lesbian women, as well as to other women who “deviated” from traditional , “god-given,” (male-defined) “ female roles.” Speculating once again -
since words and their meanings are used to reinforce the values of a given
society, it may be that the linguistic change described above was related to
the social/political change concerning definitions of Lesbianism and female
sex roles. If a concept is assigned negative values, then the language used to
describe that concept will also assume negative meaning. The language becomes a vehicle by which the value is perpetuated. Thus dike, once used to
describe a well-dressed male, becomes a vulgar and hateful epithet to be
hurled at women who rebel against confining roles and dress styles.

It is interesting to note how our “new” radical definitions echo the “old” radical traditions as signified by the term dike/dyke. Betty Birdfish, a friend
in Chicago , wrote to me about a Lesbian dance to be held there, and how
"wimmin are talking about 'dyking themselves up’ for it.” In my next letter,
I asked Betty exactly what that meant-“dyking ourselves up.” She responded :

About 'dyking ourselves up’: I think it can mean a whole lot of things.
In general, dressing up so one feels most beautiful, most proud of herself. I’ve seen that take many forms in the dyke community, at events.
For example, Allison with her hair in corn rows and beads, wearing African garb. Or Jogie with a tuxedo and panama hat. Or Beverly looking like
a gypsy with loose-flowing clothes, jewelry, scarves and wearing scented
oil. Or wimmin with tailored blazers and slacks and vests. Or even wimmin
with long-flowing ankle length skirts or dresses. Many interpretations.
Many expressions. For me 'dyking myself up’ has been getting more definite in its expression lately . For the dance I wore a pair of high-waisted
black slacks, a white shirt with tie and pin, and a black satin, double-breasted, padded-shouldered, very tailored, old jacket. I felt very strong
and beautiful in it. Before the dance, I had 'practiced’ dyking myself up
in a more radical way: I put on a different long sleeve shirt with collar
and a silk tie that has wimmin together painted on it. I put my hair up in
a bun, very close to my head so that it looked short, and put on a 'mannish’ (I wish I had another word) straw hat. I looked like old-timey photos
of Lesbians who you know had longer hair, who put it up, dyked up in
suits, waistcoats, or tuxedos . I liked the way I looked, but wasn’t ready
to go 'out’ yet in full dyke array. So I modified it for the dance . For me,
'dyking up’ means the tailored suit: elegant, comfortable and strong. I
guess I don’t see this wear as just a 'masculine ’ privilege - but clothing that
wimmin/dykes can wear to feel good in. I think I’m no longer as afraid
of feeling 'butchy’: to work on my body , to develop muscles and strength,
to be more active physically (sports , karate, etc.), to move with more
force, strength, confidence. I’m realizing how stifled I’ve been by society
which condemns this development in wimmin . And I realize how our own dyke community continues to condemn it by labelling it 'butchy’ and
therefore 'male-identified’ and therefore wrong. I don’t care anymore
(in my head-but not yet in my gut) about all those condemnations-I want to grow in ways I know I’ve always wanted to.
(Betty Birdfish, August 4, 1977)

For the Lesbian of yesteryear, getting “diked up” may have had the same
exhilarating, liberating, and fearful effects it has for contemporary Lesbians,
but even more so since few women at that time wore pants. To wear “male
clothing” before the advent of trousers for women and the so-called “unisex”
fashions of today, was indeed radical and revolutionary. It signified a rebellion against male-defined roles for women, which “women’s clothing” symbolized and perpetuated by rendering women passive, dependent, confined, and vulnerable. Yet this autonomous act of rebellion also made women vulnerable to punishment, ridicule, and ostracism.(5)

Dike/dyke need not remain a vulgar epithet of self-hate, shame, and
negativism, a term signifying “masculine.” This is the definition which a
heterosexist, dyke-hating society has formulated and which many Lesbians
past and present have unquestioningly accepted. By defining some of us as
“men” and some of us as “women,” society has sought to divide us, to create
inequality based on heterosexual roles, thereby defusing the political power
of women loving women, reducing it to a pseudo-heterosexuality which,
according to their thinking, is both artificial and inferior to the “real thing.”
Dike/dyke still remains a word hidden in history. But this new etymology
suggests the possibility of some quite radical origins. Rather than wincing
at the word dyke, we might better remember and commemorate those early
Lesbians and feminists who refused “women’s clothing” and “women’s roles.”
They may have been our first dyke sisters.


(1)Bull was a tabooed word circa early twentieth century, not to be used in mixed company, signifying “the male of the species,” Less offensive terms like “top cow” were often substituted. Bull bitch was a rural term applied to “masculine” women (Wentworth 1944; Wentworth and Flexner 1975).

(2) Earlier, at the turn of the century, dyke was one of many slang terms denoting the vulva (Farmer and Henley 1890-1904 : 338).

(3)See “Sexist Slang and the Gay Community: Are You One, Too?” by Julia Stanley and Susan W. Robbin s. Available from 1. Stanley , Department of English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln , Nebraska 68588.

(4) See Carroll Smith Rosenberg , “Th e Female World of Love and Ritual : Relations between Women in Nineteenth Century America,” Signs I : I (Autumn 1975) : 1-19 ; AIice Echols, “The Demise of Female Intimacy in the Nineteenth Century or There wasn’t a Dyke in the Land,’” unpublished paper, n .d .. 34 pp.

(5) It should be noted that these vulnerabilities were not experienced by women only in nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As late as 1968, Lesbians were being arrested in Dallas and Houston, Texas for wearing “men’s clothing.” See: “Special Release to the Ladder.” The Ladder 13: ½ (October/November 1968):4041; “Who Can Tell Boys from Girls.” The Ladder 13: ½ (October/November 1968) :41-42

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NAPOLEON DYNAMITE “Napoleon is more of a ladies’ man than Superman is. I’m not quite as earnest as Superman, not quite as much of a rogue as Solo.”

ON THE ROCKS “I’d be impressed if a girl drank Jack and Cokes with me … and tried to keep up!”

FIGHT RIGHT “You can’t make everyone happy. And someone shouting at you doesn’t mean you’re wrong. What matters is maintaining your integrity.”

TOTAL SUCKER FOR… “Confident women. The world is filled with people uncomfortable in their skin. So someone who hasn’t got a front on is very attractive. I don’t date much. I’m more of a relationship guy.”

PUCKER UP “I was a pretty awkward kid and really didn’t have girls fancying me. My first kiss was outside a dance when I was 12, and it was one snog and out!”

SUPERMOVES  "When I go somewhere where there’s music playing, I’m not the guy who runs to the dance floor, I find it awkward. But after a few drinks, I definitely enjoy a dance.  Is it a strength or a weakness? I don’t know, I’ve been told some good things from time to time, but I’m no John Travolta by any means.“

CHILL DOG "My pet’s name is Kal. Not Kal El, like Superman, just Kal. He’s an informal dog.”

POWER WOMEN “Strong women are nothing new for the comic book world. I’m glad they are being represented a bit more in film and on TV. Wonder Woman has been around forever, she is an incredibly strong character. She can go toe-to-toe with Superman sometimes.”

SUPERMAN’S LOBSTER: LOIS LANE OR WONDER WOMAN “This is a very long discussion because there are a lot of questions to be asked and answered. I mean who is better for a super-powered alien, a human or a goddess? Yes, the goddess can do all the normal things, which we would think are normal in a relationship, and not have any fear of Superman. But you also need to have that baseline of humanity, which Lois provides. And literally keeps his feet on the ground, keeps him down to earth. So that’s more of a debate than an answer.”

BINGEWORTHY SCOTS  "I watched a TV show recently that I thought was absolutely spectacular: Outlander. It’s so good I watched it from beginning to end in almost one night. I couldn’t stop. Jamie is a Scottish Superman, for sure!

BOXERS OR BRIEFS UNDER THAT CAPE? “Superman is a polite Kansas boy and would never tell you either way. It would be un-gentlemanly to discuss.”

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 15 Translation

It’s after midnight on September 1st meaning today is the official Nakayoshi release date, so here is the translation for Clear Card Arc Chapter 15.  I know a particular Facebook page posted spoiler photos a few days ago as usual, but please keep CLAMP’s official request in mind as well.

Some plot explanation starts up in this chapter, I want to remind you guys about the translation notes and what they mean.  The link can be found below if you need a refresher.

Thanks as always to @meimi-haneoka​ for being a huge help (and for being a great friend while I was having a lousy week ♡).

☆★Translations Notes Reminder★☆

Disclaimer: These are just fan translations. Please support the official release.

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Nya Appreciation Post

Since Nya has been getting a lot of disrespect lately (and I mean by the fandom, not the show’s writers), here is an appreciation post for her!

- She’s really pretty, she has a cute hair style and a wonderful smile.

- She has a really nice voice.

- She’s strong, smart, and dependable, but also very caring.

- She’s the one who saved Ninjago at the end of Season 5.

- She’s gone through a lot of development; from being a damsel in distress in the pilots, to a secret samurai who was just as heroic as the ninja in seasons 1 to 4, and then finally discovering she has water powers and training to become the water ninja in season 5.

- She’s a great part of the team and just as tough–if not moreso–than the others.

- A lot of people say her powers are useless because Zane and Kai can create water. But they have to be together and can only create small amounts of water from the fire and ice they shoot from their hands. Nya, however, can actually control external sources of water. Zane and Kai couldn’t have moved the huge wave that defeated the Pre-imminent.

- She has relatable flaws such as having a tendency to give up on things when she’s not good at them right away, not knowing what she truly wants in life, and feeling as though she doesn’t have a say in her destiny.

- It wasn’t Sensei Wu or anyone who ‘forced’ her to be the water ninja. It was her destiny and she had to learn to embrace it, and she is now a vital part of the team.

- She was the first one to admit she and Cole had been too harsh on Jay in Skybound.

- She taught Jay ‘you are the best you’, helping him reach his full potential.

That’s all I have for now but feel free to add onto this!

SDCC: Doctor Who Panel Bids Farewell to Moffat & Capaldi
Live from Comic-Con International, fans say goodbye to showrunner Steven Moffat, the 12th Doctor, Pearl Mackie and Michelle Gomez.

Fans at Comic-Con International in San Diego bid farewell to showrunner Steven Moffat today, as well as Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, companion Pearl Mackie and Master Michelle Gomez. Mark Gatiss also joined the panel, which was hosted in Hall H as part of BBC America’s presentation.

Moderator Chris Hardwick opened up the panel by showing the first footage from the upcoming Christmas Special. The episode is called “Twice Upon a Time” and features Pearl Mackie, Bill Potts and David Bradley. Bradley is reprising his role as the First Doctor, William Hartnell. The episode will deal with the Doctor’s reluctance to regenerate and will introduce the newly announced Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker.

After the footage, Hardwick introduced the panelists and then asked Capaldi what he thought of his time on Doctor Who. Capaldi said, that it was, “Fantastic. Time ran away with me. It’s been fabulous to work with these guys, to realize that the show is so popular and is so beloved around the world. Thank you for all of your affections.”

Hardwick then asked Moffat about the Christmas Special. Moffat said that the “Twelfth Doctor is refusing to regenerate because he wants to stay Scottish, (audience laugh) and the First Doctor is also refusing to regenerate. 12 is saying, ‘you have to or all of this all won’t happen.’ The First Doctor and 12 then go on a crazy adventure with Mark Gatiss and Bill Potts.”

Hardwick then asked Moffat how long ago he started crafting the idea that Bradley would reprise his role as William Hartnell. Moffat said, “It happened at New York Comic Con. He recreated Hartnell with a twinkle, with such grace, he captured what the First Doctor was really like.” Bradley previously played Hartnell in the Gatiss-written docudrama The Adventures of Time and Space during the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2013.

Hardwick then transitioned to Mackie and asked her about her experience being part of the Doctor Who fandom for the last year. “The response was large,” Mackie said, “but by no means compared to the people sitting in front of you. I don’t think I was prepared for how powerful the Doctor Whofandom is. Thanks for having me.” He then asked if Mackie would come back next season. “No. That’s it. The Christmas Special is the last chance to see Bill.” She did add, “But it’s Doctor Who, never say never.”

Hardwick also asked Mackie what she enjoyed about playing Bill. “Bill was so real. She’s inquisitive and quick-witted. She has a childlike curiosity which I think is great because who wants to grow up? She’s very strong minded and she believes in everything that she does.”

Hardwick then turned to Lucas, who is also concluding his turn on Doctor Who. “Nardole is a triumph,” Lucas said, “Earth is one of my favorite planets (chuckle).” Lucas also said that, “Growing up I was a fan and when I was 13 they stopped making it. It’s a pinch yourself moment when you get asked to be in the show. The Christmas Specials have a slightly different identity than the regular series because they are lighter. I thought I was doing a cameo, what a treat. Across the series, I knew I had to find some nuance and character.”

Hardwick also asked Gomez about her time as the Master. “For Missy, the pull to darkness was too much fun. She could have been two-dimensional, black and white, but to possibly try on good and see how that feels was fun. Capaldi presented me with a challenge, it was hard to act with this man and not want to be your best self. There was a great friendship once there, between the Master and the Doctor.”

Capaldi then weighed in on the announcement of the new Doctor. “Jodie is so full of excitement. It’s thrilling to know it’s in the hands of someone who cares for it so deeply. She’s a great choice. Which led to Moffat interjecting, “Can I just say something as well? There have been all these articles about backlash, there is no backlash. There is 80% approval on social media and yet so many people wanting to make something up that’s not there.”

Hall H then erupted into a standing ovation for Capaldi, which was a profound moment to witness. Capaldi then launched into praise and thanksgiving for each person on the panel with him. He began by telling Moffat, “Every shot there [Capaldi’s tenure video] came through this man’s eyes, mind, and generosity. He’s an incredibly gifted artist. The message of kindness comes from his heart. The creation of a female doctor comes from a female master, so we owe a female Doctor to Steven Moffat.”

Capaldi then continued with Mackie. “Bill has her feet on the ground and heart in the stars, which is where we all want to be. Matt [Lucas] has come along and delivered a fabulous creation – a huge contribution to the show with a generosity of spirit. Mark [Gatiss] is a great lover and supporter of Doctor Who. Mark has written the most fabulous episodes and I’m so thrilled I was able to act with him in the Christmas Special.”

The panel concluded with a few questions from fans. One question was aimed at Moffat, about if he is leaving Doctor Who with anything left undone? Moffat answered, “I’ve written 42 episodes. I’ve done as much as I can think of. I think what got me through the end was having a finish line. It’s time for someone to come in and have much better ideas than me. That’s the way it works. It’s emotional to leave, but the main thing I’ll miss is this.”

The final fan asked Capaldi what the hardest thing he had ever done on the show? Capaldi’s reply? – “Leaving it.”

Capaldi, Mackie, and Moffat’s final episode of Doctor Who will air Christmas Day.

Prompt: Cordelia comforts a sad Misty Day and they end up sharing a bed.

A/N: That’s my first smut so I really hope you enjoy it hihi please give me feedback; Constructive criticism is always well accepted 

“Miss Cordelia, can I talk to ya?”

Cordelia heard a sweet voice trough her office door, a voice she’d recognize miles away; It was Misty, the beautiful, amazing witch who made her feel the craziest emotions.

“Sure, come on in”

Misty entered the room with a smile, but it wasn’t as bright as it used to be; The older witch could feel there was something wrong.

“What is it?” Cordelia smiled to the blonde, who was shutting the door behind her “Sit down, please… And call me just Cordelia”

Misty took the seat at the other side of the wooden table, still with the brightless smile on her face.

“I wanted to talk to ya ‘bout, um, the spells an’ stuff… I think I need some extra classes”

“But you’re doing so great! What makes you think that?” Cordelia gave the Cajun a concerned look “Did the girls tell you something?”

“Not exactly…I mean, Madison is kinda rude to me sometimes, but it’s fine”

“It’s not fine if it makes you feel like that Misty” The older woman caressed the blonde’s hand, which was resting on the table; Both felt little butterflies inside their stomachs. “Do-do you want me to do a meeting to discuss the Coven’s behavior politics?”

“Oh, Miss Cordelia” Misty opened her eyes wildly, feeling a bit surprised by the woman’s caring gesture “I mean, Cordelia… I really appreciate it but ya know, it’s really not necessary, I guess I just need to stop caring bout’ that”

“You really should… As your mentor I can say you’re doing really great, nothing less than the other girls” Cordelia took a deep breath “In fact, you’re more than them in many ways”

A huge smile was formed on Misty’s lips; It meant the world to her being complemented by her powers, since she’d always been so insecure about herself in many ways, and it meant even more having it coming from Cordelia; Her mentor and the woman she admired so much for her kind personality and strong self. Not to mention it was also the woman she was secretly in love with.

“Well, um, thanks” Misty felt her cheeks turning red “But what do ya mean by, um, more than them in many ways? I mean, I’m certainly not better than them with my magic so I don’t…”

“Misty, I’ll be honest with you” The older witch interrupted the blonde; She felt her throat burning. “Since you’ve arrived here, everything has become different… We’ve never had someone that could make this place feel like home” Cordelia took Misty’s hand again, this time a little tighter;

“I… I don’t think so Miss Cordelia” The Cajun felt her cheeks turning redder “Cordelia, I mean… I’m just a silly kid who likes Stevie Nicks, no big deal ‘bout me, ya know?” The witch giggled;

“You’re not just a silly kid Misty, not at all, look at how you make us feel like a family… you’re completely radiant and you make my days so much brighter” Shit. Cordelia let it out. “I- I mean, our days so much brighter”

The older witch’s heart started beating faster. Much faster.

Misty by her side was lost, completely, a hundred percent lost; Cordelia’s days so much brighter? The girls’ day so much brighter?. The younger witch had always thought she was never noticed by the girls, or anyone at all, imagine by Cordelia! She was the Supreme for Christ’s sake!

“I, I…” Misty was nervous, really nervous, she felt like she couldn’t finish the sentence. Or even breath at all.

“I know you’re really insecure” Cordelia interrupted the witch, while caressing her hand softly “But you really should think about yourself more dearly… I wish you could see yourself the way I see you”

Misty’s mind collapsed. What was happening? It was impossible for the Supreme to feel something more for… her.

“Wha-what do ya mean?”

Cordelia was going insane. Why, how were those things coming out? She knew she felt something more for the Cajun, but it was completely crazy; She was her mentor, her teacher, she couldn’t and mustn’t have anything more with the witch.

“I really wish I could tell you what I mean” The older witch felt tears forming in her eyes “I think you should go now”

Misty stood up and started walking towards the door, tears falling down her face. She was about to touch the door’s knob when she was interrupted by Cordelia’s loud voice; She turned back.

“Wait” The older witch ran to the blonde, stopping inches away of her.

Misty could feel the woman’s heavy breath against her face; The Cajun stared at Cordelia’s lips and back to her teary eyes. Gosh, she was beautiful. Misty couldn’t take it any longer, the burning feeling inside her stomach was increasing extremely fast, so she pressed her lips into Cordelia’s on a sweet kiss; It started calmly and soft, but got needy and fierce as it went trough.

“I’m in love with you… for so long” Cordelia managed to speak between kisses, while pressing the younger witch towards the door; She could feel the Cajun smile in the kiss and it only made her wanting to kiss her more and more.

Hands started going everywhere; From Cordelia’s wrist to Misty’s firm ass. The blonde started to kiss Cordelia’s neck, leaving red spots at it;

“Just take me to bed” Misty whispered with her face still on the woman’s neck

“A-are you sure?” The older witch fitted Misty

“Ye-yes, I mean, ya don’t want to? If ya don’t it’s fi…”

“Hey” Cordelia smiled while cutting the blonde “Of course I want to, I just don’t want you to feel pressured by me in any way”

“Delia” Misty softly caressed the witch’s face “Even thought I’ve never even been with anyone before, I’m sure I want to do it with you… ya have no idea ‘bout how much I like ya”

Cordelia instantly felt her cheeks hurting from giving such a big smile to the Cajun; She pressed her lips again into the blonde’s. Jesus, she couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

“Lets go upstairs then” The older witch whispered between kisses, gently pulling apart “And I loved it when you called me “Delia””

Misty blushed and smiled while holding Cordelia’s hand and following her upstairs. Luckily, all the girls were studying on the library, since they had a Telecinese test in two days. As soon as they got into the room Cordelia pushed the blonde against the door again, kissing her fiercely and somehow managing to lock the door; Misty softly pushed the older woman and guided her to the bed, forcing her to lay down. The Cajun put her thighs at the sides of Cordelia, softly sitting at her tummy, never stopping kissing her.

Cordelia pushed Misty’s white dress up, taking it off and leaving her only in her underwear and boots; She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“God” The older woman spoke with total lust

“What?” Misty gave her a scared look

“You are absolutely gorgeous” Cordelia smiled and pushed the blonde closer for a kiss, flipping the two and assuming the up position. The older woman started placing soft, wet kisses in Misty’s body, going from her neck, passing trough her boobs -where she took a bit of time- going down to her stomach and tummy. Cordelia could feel herself getting wetter as she lowered down the Cajun’s body; She had imagine that exactly same scene so many times, and it still managed to be way better than in her mind.

The older woman could hear Misty’s moans to her every single touch, and it only made her want to keep going more and more. Cordelia knew it was the Cajun’s first time, and she wanted it to be as sweet and gentle as possible.

When the woman got into the blonde’s panties, she started taking it off slowly, still placing kisses at her tummy. As soon as the underwear was completely gone, Cordelia felt the younger witch’s breath getting incredibly harder;

“Is everything okay Misty?” Cordelia fitted the blonde with a concerned look

“Yes, yes… I’m just a bit nervous” The Cajun felt her cheeks turning red “I really like ya, and I don’t want to mess it up”She giggled

“Baby” The older witch bent over and caressed the blonde’s  face gently “You’re wonderful, there’s no possible way you could mess it up, don’t be insecure, there’s no reason for it” She gave the Misty the sweetest smile “If you want me to stop, I won’t be mad or sad in any wa…”

“No” Misty cut the witch “I’ve never wanted anything more than I want you, Delia”

Both smiled and Cordelia made her way back down again; When the woman got into the Cajun tights she started placing soft kisses inside them, gently pulling them apart; Calmly, Cordelia inserted one finger inside Misty, which caused the younger witch to let out a little moan; Cordelia gasped at how wet the blonde was; Carefully, the woman inserted another finger in, feeling herself going wetter as the Cajun moaned again, but loudly this time.

Softly, Cordelia started moving her fingers in and out of Misty, paying attention to every single move and sound the witch did; She just wanted it to be amazing; She was being extra carefully, in a way she’d never been with anyone before. Not that Cordelia wasn’t normally careful, in fact she was always really careful, but with Misty she felt like nothing could be too much, or even enough; She loved the witch so much that every single touch had to be perfect.

Misty’s moans started getting stronger and stronger; Even though Cordelia had never been with a woman before, she knew exactly what it meant. The older witch slowed her moves, teasing the blonde;

“De-Delia… please” A breathless Misty managed to speak.

Cordelia smiled while she felt Misty’s hands at her hair, holding it a bit stronger now; She smiled and started kissing the younger woman’s inner tights, slowly getting closer to her clit; When she finally reached it, the Cajun’s breath got impossibly heavier, and she started moaning louder.

The older woman started sucking Misty’s center, while her fingers were coming in and out faster now. After some moments the blonde reached her orgasm; Cordelia carefully took her fingers out, licking them while laying on the blonde’s side, who was struggling to catch her breath back.

The Cajun rested her face at Cordelia’s chest, who started to stroke the younger witch’s hair and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“I like ya so much” Misty said as she passed her fingertips trough Cordelia’s pale skin

“I like you too, a lot… since the first time I laid my eyes on you”

Both smiled and Misty gently bent over for a soft kiss; It was the beginning of something magic called “Love”.

Name Meanings!

Did you know that…

Erik - In Danish, it means ‘Powerful’. (How typical!!) And in Swedish, it means - ‘Forever Strong’ which I think is very fitting for him. But the best one is the Scandinavian meaning, which is ‘Ever Kingly’. If that doesn’t describe Erik more then I don’t know what does. 

Christine - Quite simply, ‘Follower of Christ’ which again, very fitting for our lovely girl who I believe must’ve been Catholic if her father was buried in a Catholic Cemetery? Correct me if I’m wrong! She did also believe in angels i mean come on guys… 


Nadir-  Apparently it means ‘Dearly loved’ in Arabic which is he is, by Erik, even if he doesn’t care to show it! 




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anonymous asked:

Hey have you seen the new clip of episode 2? Just wondering what your thoughts were

Well it’s looking a lot more likely now that Lena is James’ new love interest, now that Lena said she has things arranged at L-Corp (Sam, presumably) that allow her to come to Catco.

But it’s not super laid-on (if we hadn’t been spoiled about James getting a love interest, would we have known?), and there was still plenty of space in the scene for Kara and Lena interaction.

Which is great for Supercorp shippers, but also means that the writers aren’t thus far suppressing the importance of the other relationships in the show in favor of the romantic storyline, which we all recall being a huge issue in season 2.

Plus…the power of the ot3 is strong with these ones…

And Kara and Lena are apparently going to have some hiccups with their new dynamic, which I’m not really excited about. 

But I mean, in season one I dreaded the storyline about Alex keeping the fact that she killed Astra a secret from Kara, but I ended up really liking it in the end.

So the execution has the capacity to vastly improve upon the concept, and they haven’t let me down yet as far as Kara and Lena are concerned.

And Kara gave Lena a planner and included her in a Danvers family tradition???????????????????????????????????????????

And Kara and Lena will see each other??? Every day????? 

anonymous asked:

Hello yes do you have richjake hcs

hello yes i just woke up tho so they are gonna be bad

-so jake is really good at makeup and sometime rich lets him put it on him and jake just like instantly busts a nut
-they have so many cute petnamed for eachother like how do they keep coming up with these
-rich likes to bake and jake likes to eat it’s perfect
-after the fire the authorities were like ‘uh jake yo dude where r ur parents?? u gotta live w other family now’ and he moved in with his kinda distant but super chill uncle. after a little while he talked to his uncle and they both decided it would be better if he moved out. he got a lil apartment and rich moved in w him.
-one time they were just chillin and rich goes “we should get married” jake fucking chokes and nothing and he’s like ?????? ily but why right now?? and rich goes 'i wanna see you in a wedding dress’ jake is like babe i can just put on a wedding dress jesus christ
-rich is very dramatic all the time like if jake tells him to do something he doesn’t wanna do, he’ll do it but the whole time he’s complaining and groaning but jake never gives in that boy has a strong will power
-one time rich told jake 'we should have a baby’ and first jake is like 'rich we are both dudes’ but then he’s okay ’….i mean we could get a pet? they allow them here"
-rich LOSES IT he’s like oh my god can we really???? fUck jakey i wanna get a pet pleasssseeeee
-they get a pet cat. her name is snowball. she’s orange. those boys think it’s hilarious. also she really likes jake and rich is so jealous but thankfully if rich is cuddling w jake then she’s like oh okay and chills w rich. so now rich never leaves jakes side. it was bad before but now it’s literally all the time just so he can hold her
-sometime when they both have work, jeremy and michael come over to watch her. (rich made them the godparents) and she looooooooves michael jeremy is like 'wtf!! that’s my man’

that’s all i got right now my man

cook-my-ramen  asked:

Do you think that the Naruto series would be just as popular or have just as many fans if Naruto actually did end up with Sasuke?? Sorry just curious what you'd think about that 😞😐

Okay so, if I’m being honest, there’s always going to be people that won’t like the ending, even if it ended up being SasuNaruSasu, but I personally believe, had they made an ending where Naruto&Sasuke end up together and actually highlighted their romantic development in some sort flashback, people would have realized it was there all along and many didn’t see it simply because it was M/M. I think a lot of people (including sasunarusasus) would like the ending better had Kishimoto bothered to allow Naruto to change the shinobi system like he promised he would, had he made Sakura the head of the hospital and most powerful medic nin instead of leaving her dusting shelves in a home where her husband is never around, had he made Naruto clear up the Uchiha massacre and give Sasuke (somewhat) justice, had he made Neji’s death actually mean something and make Hinata become strong and powerful and the new head of the Hyuuga, changing the conservative ways of her family instead of completely giving up her ninja career as soon as she married Naruto & overall had he given them all a happy, fair ending. It’s not just because SS & NH that we dislike the ending, it’s a lot more than just that. Also, as I said, I think if Kishimoto explained why SNS have so much romantic potential a lot of fans would have realized it was true, I’ve explained to a lot of male Naruto fans why I think sns should be canon and they’ve all been awestruck, saying they never considered it before but it was there all along. So I think it would still be as popular, even more so, than it is now. It would reach out to the LGBTQ audience, he’d be the first shounen ai manga artist to do such a thing and it would be fair and make sense. And don’t apologize! Thank you for asking ❤️