i also made the colors brighter

The new "criticizing" su blogs are already the most annoying part of the fanbase

They all screams the same shit.

Peridot is getting smaller which is the biggest issue for sure I hope they do address it.

Lapis"new colors" are bad, yes ignore how her real colors are because she was at night.

Also her skin isn’t neon it’s because the background colors are also very bright so it makes her skin look brighter.

At least Know what color theroy is.

Also about the animation, CN gave the crew the budget for two seasons and they need to space that for all 52 episodes some episodes will need more animation or more frames than others so.

Hence the number of bottom episodes season 4 has (onion gang, Storm in the room ECT) this if season 5 does heavily take place on homeworld and have a lot more characters introduce so probably will need that extra money.

The show has it’s flaws for sure but you’re not doing anything to help improve it. Season 5 is most likely half done more so if they doing another summer nuke (as that did amazingly​ well)

Just relax don’t expect it to be prefect, keep your exppectations fairly low and you’ll be more happy with it.

I’ve been spending wayyyy too much of my free time lately studying Marceline’s outfits and color palette and the subtle transformation of her style over the seasons, and I’m super excited for the in-depth symbolic analysis post I’m planning to put together once this semester ends. Like in the very first season we see Marcy wearing mostly reds and grays, but we also see really dull pinks and purples (a reference to PB?). These colors become brighter and more vivid as we see her and Bonnie repair their relationship and Marcy finally comes to terms with her past, and I just think it’s really nice how well the writers are able to reflect these huge changes in something so simple. There’s all kinds of little connections like that I’ve made recently 

I just can’t believe it. You’re actually back.”

I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”

Holy shit. This shit took me hours to finish, but it was so worth it. This is my first fully digital drawing in a long time, meaning I didn’t have to sketch it traditionally first to actually get it on there. Did a lot of experimenting too. I’ve been getting really damn tired of my colors being so bland and tried to mix it up with some brighter tones. I also actually made a damn background, which is like the biggest feat ever for me. I think they actually came out really beautifully. Overall it’s not amazing, but I like it. Let’s just ignore the fact that his head is too big.

To give a little context, this is a scene from a comic I wanna do but knowing me will never get around to it. The characters in it are heavily based off of my friends from back when I played Runescape, including my own who is the lovely lady in the picture. In said comic, it’s possible for characters to be “deleted” where they’re essentially killed and cease to exist, and it was believed that dear Lovetime was victim to such a fate. To find out that she actually wasn’t is pretty amazing, especially to her best friend.

They’re not dating but they’re really cute.


Garnets new clothes look more like the pilot version now and her hair is shorter and her eyes are bigger! She is so cute! No… Kawii!!! Also her skin appears to have become bright pink. I just love her color palette. I think her skin got brighter because after being separated the joy of being reunited made everything seem brighter in it showed in her fusion! Or it could just be that they switched the pink that used to be on her clothes to her skin and vice versa….. Also it could just be the lighting. Either way it seems like Garnet might be a lot happier and more talkative and future episodes. I Kinda don’t want it just to be a one time thing….