i also made pie


Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.


I get the chills when each player raises the cup #greatestsport


The facts were these. Seargeant James Buchanan Barnes was ninety six years, ten months, twenty six days, and sixteen hours old when he discovered something very important.

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Other than pirozhki, I think I’d say vegetarian borscht. It was the first thing that I made Yasha when we met in college.

(((Pumpkin pie is the only thing I can make by myself, but I’ve also made powdered donuts, pecan pie cheesecake, and baklava. Of those, I’d probably say baklava.)))

Asriel Family (short story)

Oh God, I FINALLY got it done! After all this time! 

Probably not my best though…I’m not good at being descriptive, heh.

 Also there’s not much Storyswap!Asriel 

Plus I made Pie a bit angrier than he actually is. I hope they weren’t too out of character. If they are then kill me now :p 

Nex (Nextale!Asriel) belongs to @nextale  

Mocha (Cafetale!Asriel) belongs to @cafetaleau

 Ribbon (Underfaith!Asriel) belongs to @underfaith-story

 Pie belongs to @askassriel 

Caramel belongs to @ask-caramel-prince

 Phase (Underphase!Asriel) belongs to @azenzeph

Rei (StorySWAP!Asriel) belongs to @chara-storyswap

Glue belongs to me

And everyone should know these Asriels before reading. Except for mine. I haven’t done anything on mine. 

Nex Dreemurr had only been gone for one hour.

He had hoped that his younger brothers were responsible enough to not cause any trouble while he took a long, relaxing walk in the park. It was enough to ease his worries and fears a bit.

Unfortunately, his younger brothers were not as responsible as Nex would’ve liked.

Even before Nex entered their home, he could hear loud music. Some of the curtains, which he could see clearly through the windows, had been scratched. Angry screaming and yelling made its way through the door and out onto the street. It was a surprise that none of the neighbours had checked to see what was going on.

Maybe they were used to it.

Nex knew he was in for a handful. He was tired and not ready to put up its all of his brother’s shenanigans, but he had to.

Sighing, he made his way to the door. He could feel the vibrations from the music flow up his nerves and it made him shiver. Nex tried to block out any worried thoughts until after he figured out what was going on.

He opened the door and saw that what was inside looked a lot worse than it sounded.

The first room, the living room, had been completely destroyed. Vases had been thrown from their places, books had fallen from the bookshelves and couches had been scratched. The T.V and the computer were the only things that seemed unharmed.

The speakers of the computer were what was blasting the loud music. A song from My Chemical Romance screamed throughout the house.

Nex, gasping in horror at all of the destruction, quickly saw the culprits.

Phase and Pie were rolling around, fighting, in an angry ball of fluff and clothing. Nex could hear them yelling but couldn’t make out the words over the loud music.

Nex considered yelling, but he doubted that they would hear him. The first thing he would have to do was turn off the music.

Wincing as the music stabbed at his ears, he made his way to the computer and quickly turned off the music.

Instantly the argument reached Nex’s ears.







Nex internally groaned. It was another fight over their opinions. It didn’t matter who started their fight, he would have to end it.

Before he could even move, the fighting ball of fluff started rolling towards him, and the angry screams got louder.

Oh geez, how long have the been at it? Nex worried, getting ready to pick them up by their collars.

Then Phase yelled, “YOU…YOU ASS!!”

Normally Nex never got angry, but this time, he was angry. This had gone far enough.

Nex grunted.

And they heard that.

The two goats untangled from each other, Pie’s long tail lashing and Phase’s hair messy. They lay on the scratched carpet for a bit, panting, then Phase realised what he’d said and that Nex was there.

"I…um…” Phase stuttered.

Pie snickered, but it was cut off by Nex’s glare. The younger goat’s long tail drooped more than it already was.

“Phase, you know that I don’t appreciate language like that.” Nex kneeled down.

“It was his fault!” Phase, not daring to look into Nex’s eyes, pointed at Pie, “he started it!”

Nex waited to see what Pie’s reaction to that was.  

Pie gave a little grunt of anger and stuck his tongue out at Phase.

“Look, I don’t care who started it, but I’m finishing it,” Nex declared, “you’ve completely wrecked this room.”

Phase snorted, “I don’t care. I just wanna go to my room and not be with you butts anymore.”

Nex was used to this sort of attitude from Phase. He hoped that Phase would eventually grow out of this and become responsible when he was older, but for now, Phase was just being irritating.

“Alright then. Go to your room.” Nex said.

Phase’s expression turned from angry to surprised. Maybe it wasn’t what he expected. But then the little goat’s face turned back to angry and he stormed off in the direction of his room.

Then Nex turned to Pie.

“Okay, what was all of this about?” He asked.

Pie’s tail flicked dismissively, acting as though it was no big deal. Probably trying to get out of the trouble he was already in.

“Oh, well, I was playing my game on the computer,” Pie gestured to the computer in the corner of the room, “then Phase was all like ‘I wanna listen to mah stupid emo music’ and I was like 'no I’m playing a game’ and then he was like 'RAWR!’ and he attacked me and so I had to go 'RAWR’ and attack him back.”

Nex took a moment to process the information. That was probably not how it went.

“And, uh…you destroyed this room?” Nex added, looking around at the destroyed room.

“Accident.” Pie countered.

Nex nearly rolled his eyes. “Alright. Well, you’re going to sit on the ruined couch and NOT move until I get back. Got it?”

“You gonna be long?”

“Got it?”

“Yeah. I got it.”

Nex watched as Pie jumped onto the scratched couch and started playing with his long ears.

Nex stood up and hoped that none of the other rooms were as bad as this one.

Since there was more noise coming from the kitchen, that was probably where Nex would have to go next. The noise was a sort of whirring, vibrating sound.

Then splats.

“Take cover!” A voice - the voice of Caramel - squealed.

Walking quickly over to the kitchen, he saw what had gone wrong. Caramel, along with Mocha, had put something in the blender - something yellowish - but had not put the lid on.

It was going everywhere.

Surprised by the sight, Nex slowly backed away from the kitchen as yellowish-brownish goop splayed all over the floor.

Caramel and Mocha had huddled up together in one of the drawers under the kitchen bench amongst all of the detergent bottles.

Mocha took off his beanie and hugged it to his chest, making sure that it wouldn’t get some of the goo over it.

When the blender stopped, Nex didn’t even need to say anything before the duo began to look guilty.

“Alright, what happened here?” Nex made his way across the no-longer white tiles.

Mocha meekly crawled out of the drawer, shaking his fluffy white ears a bit.

“You make really good cinnamon-butterscotch  pie. It would taste really good as a drink! We had this idea that when we go back to school we could have the pie drink and-”

“Mocha, you can’t do that.” Nex said.

“Why not? A drink like that would be AMAZING!”
“You wouldn’t be able to put water in your drink bottles again because they would be sticky, and if you spilt it over something, that would turn out bad.”


Mocha put his beanie back on, glancing around at the kitchen. Nex tried to hide a small amount of irritation. After all, he was the one who would have to clean all of this up, AND fix the living room, and fix whatever the rest of his family had inevitably broken.

Caramel rolled out of the drawer, his small fluffy body no longer the white it had been. Now that some of the mashed pie had gotten into it, some parts of his fur was a brownish, or yellowish, or orangish.

“Sorry.” Caramel apologised.

Nex sighed, then gave his younger siblings a small smile. “You know what? This isn’t as bad as the living room.”

He picked Caramel up and then sat him down on the kitchen bench before putting Mocha up there as well.

“You two stay put while I make sure that nobody else has done anything particularly bad.” Nex ordered gently.

“'Kay.” Caramel squeaked.

Mocha nodded. He was rubbing his beanie, probably feeling for any of the mushed pie. Nex would definitely have to clean Caramel’s clothes.

“Now, where are the others?” Nex couldn’t hear them, and if they had done something, it would waste time just wandering until he found them.

Caramel innocently shrugged, eyes wide. At first, Mocha didn’t give Nex an answer, eyes wandering to the messy kitchen. Nex made a small cough, and then Mocha shrugged as well.

“I dunno.”

A loud noise made Nex jump, sensitive ears ringing. That smash, glass breaking, was not coming from the living room. It didn’t seem to be coming from Phase’s room (which he shared with Mocha)  either.

Nex sighed, “well, I think I know where they are.”

The back room. If not, then the small room connected to it with Nex’s computer in it.

But one hour. In one, short hour, Nex’s siblings had ruined two rooms, and whatever else was to come.

Walking quickly, sneakers skidding over the gooey floor, Nex tried not to think of what they could’ve broken. Hopefully not something too important.

Sunlight poured through the windows of the back room, making the sandstone walls look golden in it’s yellow rays. Nex could hear shuffling and panicked whispers.

Ribbon and Glue were trying to fix a smashed vase that used to have flowers in it. Now the flowers had gone all over the floor and water was making their fur soggy.

Nex was also shocked by the state of their clothing.

Glue’s shirt, which was a dark blue colour with black stars in it, was hardly recognisable. It was covered in glitter and paint.

Ribbon’s fur had bits of glitter in it and there was glue on his hands. Wet. And he was putting his hands on the floor.

When Nex started towards them, Ribbon heard him and squeaked in fear, whirling around. From the looks of it he had dipped the tips of his ears into green paint.

“Wedidntmeantoitjustfellwhileweweredrawingsorry!” Ribbon panicked.

“Slow down.” Nex said.

Glue looked up at Nex with wide, innocent eyes, “Rei did it.”

“I didn’t do it!” Came a yell from Phase’s room, “I’ve been in here talking to Phase!”

Nex gave Ribbon and Glue a look. It was his famous 'you did bad’ look.

“Rei’s too lazy anyway,” Nex rubbed his eyes, blocking out the sunlight, “you do know what it takes time to wash your clothes? And Ribbon…I’m gonna have to wash the ribbon around your hand…”

“What?” Ribbon’s eyes widened, face turning into a mask of disbelief. “Noooo!”

The little goat scampered past Nex, running away quickly, “NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!”

Nex sighed, tapping his foot on the ground. All of his siblings had been fine…when they were younger.

But now it was time to think about the punishments.

“I really need to get you guys a babysitter.” Nex groaned.

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Cream Pie ~大好きな彼と、素肌のままで最後まで~ (〜Daisuki na kare to, suhada no mama de saigo made〜)

Mitsubomi has announced their next CD to be released! As explicitly indicated in the title, this CD will detail the very sweet and intimate moments of a recently married couple in their attempts to start a family… ( ≖‿≖ )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

“Can you feel it? …how mine has become inside of you.”

悠木亮平 (Yuuki Ryouhei) and you, a lovey-dovey couple, have been married for one year. Since your marriage, work and other family matters have started to stabilize gradually, finally allowing you and Ryouhei to begin thinking about plans to start your own family.

However, right as you begin doing this, your husband is arranged to embark on a business trip for three weeks…?

*Resulting in you and Ryouhei doing some serious baby-making beforehand to make up for lost time in advance?

CV: テトラポット登 (Furukawa Makoto)

Release Date: July 20th, 2016.

Also, I made a butterscotch cinnamon pie because my milk was going to go bad in a few days ( Also, Toriel had me really hankering for butterscotch )

Prepared 1 pillsbury crust, poked with a fork, baked on 350 degrees F. for 15 minutes.
      - 1.5 cups Milk
      - 1.5 cups cream
      - 1 generous teaspoon of vanilla
 Heat on medium high until simmer and then removed from heat.
      - Heated ¼ stick of butter with
      - ½ generous cup of packed light brown sugar, with a little dark brown sugar ( mixed to taste ).
Simmered until sugar butter mix was bubbling and toasted smelling, but before the butter and sugar start to separate and then immediately mixed the butter mixture into milk mixture.

      - 4 egg yolks,
      - 2 table spoons corn starch,
      - 1 table spoon of flour,
      - ¼th cup well packed brown sugar ( any mixture of dark or light that you prefer)
Stirred and mixed until stif and blended.

Slowly Added 2 large spoon fulls at a time of milk/sugar into the egg yolk mixture, stirring well, continually adding 2 spoons at a time ( to make sure the eggs don’t cook from the hot milk. Did this maybe 8-10 times ) then poured all mixture together and stirred I then added a dash of cinnamon ( not too much or else it overpowers all the flavor ).

On medium low heat, while continually stirring, I heated the mixture until it started to lump up and then become like pudding consistency. Added to the pie crust, and then baked for about 15-20 minutes. Let cool INSIDE oven for a few minutes to prevent cracking, then removed from oven and cooled for several hours.

Make some Meringue topping or whipped cream, serve ontop, and voila. a smooth and creamy dessert.

(10/04/16) UPDATED the picture