i also made friends with a fox

legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

happy birthday, UNDERTALE. 

i could do a heartfelt speech about how much joy it brought me, how many friends it gave me, how many tears it made me shed, but also I’ve been drawing UNDERTALE stuff pretty much non-stop since it came out so I think that’d be kinda redundant.

thank you, Toby Fox. you’re a cool dude.

the purest specimen of truth

this is actually for @leiascully​‘s @xfficchallenges​: the fic you’d never write. normally i don’t write “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” william fics, let alone fics where he’s a teeeeeen! so i did that, but i was also at the science march in d.c. this weekend and obvi i had to fic an au where scully was there so…also, all the signs mentioned herein were actually witnessed irl haha also, the title of scully’s academic paper is based in real science but to my knowledge doesn’t exist…yet.

“What about I was told there’d be pie — but it’s the symbol for pi?”

Scully sighed without looking up at him, though she did admittedly choke back a smile which she wasn’t about to reward him with.

“That is clever,” she said, tapping the capped end of a Sharpie against her temple, “But I was partial to your original idea.”

He chuckled, “At the start of every disaster movie there’s a scientist being ignored?

She does smile then, peering at him overtop her reading glasses, which have slowly but surely become a permanent fixture atop her head over the last few years.

“Well, it’s true!” He bellows, playfully slapping his hand down atop the dining room table, “The Core, Dante’s Peak, The Day After Tomorrow, Twister —  that one we saw in theaters where they did an autopsy on Gwyneth Paltrow — ?”

Contagion,” she said, uncapping a marker with her teeth, “Which was impressively accurate, by the way. Not just the autopsy scene but later, the visual showing the way in which new viruses are formed by the recombination of DNA or RNA from different species of animal hosts?”  

“I’ll take your word for it,” he said, watching her squint intently down at her poster board, outlining the letters with a pathologist’s steady hand. He reached for a Sharpie, his finger grazing the back of her hand as he did. “So,” he said, flicking the cap off with his thumb, “Are you nervous?”

Her hand froze and she visibly stiffened. He immediately regretted bringing it up but as was his wont, he couldn’t help himself. 

“Yes,” she said after an agonizingly long moment of silence.“I still don’t understand why they asked me to speak,” she muttered, refusing to look up at him.

Mulder scoffed, “Scully — you fucking cured Tay-Sachs.”

“No,” she snapped, pointing her Sharpie at him, “I did not cure it. Not yet.

Recombiant Adeno-Associated Virus PHP.B Serotype for Cross-Correctional Enzyme Transfer Across the Blood Brain Barrier in Lipid Storage Disorders,” he recited on a single breath, “Sounds like a cure to me.”

She gave him a warm smile, “You memorized the title of my paper?”

“What can I say, I’m your biggest fan,” he grinned. She blushed, which of course only made him grin harder.

“I wish you’d look over my speech…” she said softly, picking up her marker again and retracing a giant letter S.

“I told you, Scully, they don’t want a speech from Fox Mulder: former FBI agent and profiler turned New York Times best-selling, National Book Award-winning author,” he said, though not unkindly, “They want a speech from former FBI agent, medical doctor, professor, surgeon, American Medical Association award-winning, guest-lecture giving, honorary degree-having, enigmatic, Dr. Dana Katherine Scully. Who also happens to be my best friend, the love of my life, and the mother of my child,” he said, “And a damn fine shot, too.”

“Oh, Mulder…” she tutted, shaking her head. As if on cue, they heard booming footfalls on the stairs and a second later Will skidded into the room, brandishing a poster board.

At 16, he was just about Mulder’s height and just as lanky and would probably be taller than him by the end of the summer; if his propensity for eating a week’s worth of groceries in a weekend was any indication of his basic metabolic rate and robust genetic profile.

Will cleared his throat, feigning seriousness, but his eyes sparkled with his father’s particular brand of indolence, “Brace yourselves for the unremitting sheen of my brilliance.”

Scully snorted. Mulder and Will threw her identical, indignant looks.

“I’m sorry,” she said, putting her hands up in surrender, “You are your father’s son, Will. No doubt about it.”

Mulder nudged her foot with his under the table, “Was there ever really any doubt, Scully?”

She gave him a long look, which did not get passed Will. Not much did. 

“I detect a rather abrupt change in atmosphere,” Will said, licking his finger and holding it in the air as if to sense a gust of wind.

“Son,” Mulder said gravely, not taking his eyes off Scully, “There’s something we have to tell you.”

Scully frowned, but before she could speak she saw the faintest glimmer in Mulder’s eye and relaxed a bit.

“What?” Will said, slumping down in the chair closest to his father, letting his sign drop to the floor.

“William…Uncle Walter …is your real dad,” Mulder said, his mouth twitching around a grin.

“That explains why I find you and Mom so ridiculous,” Will said, rolling his eyes in with such form that it rivaled even his mother’s practiced art.

“No, that’s just ‘cuz you’re an angsty teen,” Mulder said, ruffling his son’s hair. Will blushed at the childishness of the gesture — more so because, even as a young man, he still craved his father’s approval and affection and was relieved to be in receipt of it.

“Let’s see your sign, Will,” Scully said, capping a nearby Sharpie that was teetering precariously over the edge of the dining room table.

Will reached for the posterboard, brandishing it high above his head. With a flourish, he turned it so they could read its words as he proclaimed them.

SCIENTISTS ARE PRO-TESTING!” He bellowed, and while he expected his father to laugh heartily and give him a high-five, neither of them expected that his mother would laugh. Certainly no so hard.

After a minute or two went by, Will and Mulder both eyed Scully with a kind of nervous fascination, wondering if perhaps they would have to sedate her.

“Have you…have you ever seen her like this?” Will said, his voice low.

Mulder didn’t take his eyes off Scully, who had lowered her head onto the table, collapsed like a pop-tent. Her shoulders still shaking and her muffled giggles getting lost against the polished cherrywood.

“Once,” he said slowly, “But she was drugged.”

This only made Scully laugh harder. When she finally lifted her head, her face was a hot shade of blush-pink and sallow with tear stains.

“I appreciate the encouragement, Mom,” Will said, “But there’s no need to stroke my ego that much. It’s a good sign but it’s not that good.”

Scully reached up to wipe her eyes on the sleeve of her faded Quantico sweatshirt — which was older than Will by about a decade. She sighed deeply, then looked at them both through damp eyes and with a warm, almost cherubic smile.

“No, no, it is a good sign, Will. It’s just…” she sighed again, then drew in a long, sobering breath, “After all your father and I have been through, all that we’ve seen, the things that we’ve fought for…” she looked at Mulder, then. “The FBI sent me to your father because of my faith in science. They believed that science and reason would take him down. It didn’t, though. If anything it became an asset to his cause, and somewhere along the line I became — and so did the science I brought with me — the enemy.”

She lowered her eyes to her own sign, which suddenly seemed incapable of capturing everything she wanted — and needed — to say.

“The science helped sometimes,” Mulder said softly, “But you were the real strength, Scully.”

She smiled up at him as he reached across the table to squeeze her hand, “I guess I just find it preposterous that we have to protest this at all,” she said, shrugging slightly, “That the persecution we faced as a result of our pursuit of the truth has somehow become so much bigger than just us, than the X-files.”

“This whole political milieu is a freakin’ X-file,” Will grumbled.

“Nice 10-point vocab word there, dude.” Mulder said, clapping his son on the back.

“What can I say — my dad writes books.” Will shrugged.

Mulder beamed at Scully, who had rested her chin on her hand.

“Mulder,” she said, her voice hoarse from her laughing jag, “You never told me Skinner was a writer.”

“There must be almost 50,000 people out there,” Scully breathed, her nails digging into the skin of Mulder’s left hand. They could hear the roar of the crowd from beyond the stage — or possibly the rain, which was coming down in sheets. Of course, given that it was a crowd of scientists, they were prepared with slickers and umbrellas, upon which many had inscribed: “Science predicted rain today.”

“You’re gonna be great,” he said, kissing the side of her head which was damp with sweat or rain water or both.

“At least you’re not after Bill Nye,” Will offered, “No one wants to follow him.”

Scully groaned and pressed herself into Mulder’s chest.

“That’s true,” Mulder said, rubbing her back, “Plus, if you screw it all up, no one will remember because they’ll just remember Bill Nye and the fact that Thomas Dolby is gonna sing She Blinded Me With Science.”

“Wait, what song is this?” Will said, digging his phone out of his pocket presumably to YouTube it.

“It’s about your mother,” Mulder said, “Especially the lyric: she’s tidied up and I can’t find anything.”

“Mulder, I want a divorce,” Scully said from somewhere under Mulder’s chin.

“We’re not married, Scully.”

She pulled her head back from his coat and looked up at him, “Fox William Mulder, will you marry me?”

“Sure,” he grinned, running his thumb along her chin.

“Ok,” she said, pressing herself back into his chest again. Then, “Mulder—?”

“Yeah, Scully?”

“I want a divorce.”

The gray sky opened up over the undulating crowd.  If anyone looked up, they’d drown.  

“She looks — ” Will said, standing next to his father backstage, watching his mother at the podium.

“Brilliant? Amazing? Powerful? Divine?” Mulder finished.

Will snorted, “I was gonna say scared shitless.

Though her voice was steady and clear, from his vantage point Mulder could see what the audience could not: how Scully was anxiously lifting and lowering her stockinged foot from her sleek high heel, running the front of her toes along the back of her calf.

God, he was proud of her. God, he loved her.

“…to shed light on what has typically been sequestered away to labs and libraries and lecture halls. To put on full display the humanity that has for centuries stoked the fire of scientific inquiry, refined it, rejoiced in its revelations and more often, endured the frustrations of its arcanum.”

She looked up from her notes, then, and not out at the audience — but to her right, to him and to their son. The next words she spoke, he understood, she had not written for the masses, or for history — but for them.

“The truth exists whether we believe it or not. It endures even the most violent scrutiny and ruthless persecution. As we persist in seeking it, may we find solace in knowing that there is no person, no institution, no government, with jurisdiction over it. It can be suppressed, hidden, censored, altered or misappropriated, refuted and denied,” she paused, looking back to her audience who waited on baited breath, “What those who try to manipulate it beyond recognition, who try to eradicate it and replace it with calculated imitations, fail to recognize is that when all of those measures fail – and they will fail — what remains is the purest specimen of truth.”

She looks back at Mulder, then. At their son. And she smiles, “And it is those of us who want to believe such a truth can be revealed to us who will one day find it, and bring it into the light.”

Bones was a show that supported feminism. Men and women worked together side-by-side. This show was filled with beautiful & healthy relationships. Not only healthy romantic relationships, but also healthy friendships. It truly expressed how friends can become family. Family isn’t defined by blood, it is instead defined by those that would (literally in this show) take a bullet for you. I am so grateful to have enjoyed such a wonderful experience. Thank you to the writers and actors who made it so wonderful. As a woman in the science field, this show spoke volumes to me. It taught me to speak up and have confidence in myself no matter what. It’s been a great run Bones ❤️

Does anyone mind if I go to the magical world of headcanon land where Trixie is actually the literal miracle sent down by God?

Because, think about it!

She’s always trying to give Luci a hug and she considers him her friend (LUCIFER, YOU HUG THAT CHILD OR SO HELP ME!)

She made friends with Maze and gave her some well-deserved self-esteem boosting (remember the demon face)

And now, most recently, she told Amenadiel that he’s a good person.

I’m just saying, Trixie Decker  is the true miracle here… also I really want this show to introduce Death so this little cutie can be friends with my favourite Goth cutie :)

did i already tell u how my prom date wore a hand-made sunflower costume, while blasting my favorite song (white winter hymnal by fleet foxes) to ask me to prom? yep, he did that! he gave me a new plant called prickles and a sunflower too!!! and that, my friends, was the first time i cried out of joy in public

The Silver Fox

A/N - Another original fic, another awful title because coming up with names is the worst part of writing for me by far! But hey, I tried. Anyways, I’ve been itching to write a new original fic since it’s been quite a while since my last one, and after I got this little idea thanks to my still-going strong crush on one Mr. Haywood, I just had to run with it! A huge thank you to the lovely @mandywritesrtthings for encouraging me to write this in the first place and taking a look at the very rough drafts of this giant thing! Full disclosure - this is an AU, so as per usual, the kids/ex-wife mentioned are not IRL Ryan’s, they’re just fictional constructs spawned from my tiny human brain! Oh, and this AU-Ryan is a good bit older than current IRL Ryan, hence the silver fox-ness. Handsome older men, yo.

EDIT - I maaaaaaay also have some ideas for a sequel to this, so if there’s enough interest and if I can convince myself it’s not a terrible idea, who knows, maybe we’ll see more of this…

Pairing - Ryan x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, mentions of alcohol, attractive older man, mentions of theatre.

Word Count - 5, 639

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Kip Fox

Commission for Kip, a very sweet fox.

Because Nick Wilde was not the only one who wanted to be a scout in his childhood, also Kip tried it, and he also was really proud of his uniform.

I decided to make a flat digital color pic without strokes, it was fun and I liked the result. This pic is for a badge, I also made the lettering. You can see the version with the words “KIP FOX” on my social networks (facebook, twitter and tumblr).

And over again, as sometimes happens, that for commissions I make really good friends; this was the case, this fox is awesome.

Post con report

Sitting in the airport in Reno waiting for my flight home. @furry-for-thought and I had a wonderful time at BLFC. @rivet-the-ringtail and @magnumfrost124 we’re so generous and let us stay with them and not have to worry about a hotel. We ran in to a lot of friends like @jacey-the-fox and even made some new ones like @aceofheartsfox and @tehfurball. I am also now officially part of the @lemonbrat family and I couldn’t be more in love with my fursuit. I almost cried when I got it. Overall it was an amazing con and I hope to be back for next year!!

mrs-navaja-deactivated20170218  asked:

any headcanons for Ronan and Adam as beginners at fatherhood with Opal?? can i ask for headcanons, right? idk omg sorry

yes definitely! my ask box is always open!

neither of them ever thought they’d be teen dads, especially to a dreamt girl with goat legs, so they’ve got a lot to learn:

  • the first thing they learn, and very quickly, is to opal-proof the barns. she eats everything, so finding a material to cover things in is hard work. in the meantime, one arm of the couch is chewed off. several kitchen cabinets only have half doors. ronan sits at the table one morning and the chair collapses under him because the legs have been gnawed on (adam wakes up to him scolding opal in latin and decides they need a plan). eventually, they figure out that opal doesn’t like mint, so they spend a day rubbing mint leaves on anything they don’t want eaten. 
  • blue, gansey, henry, and the women of 300 fox way receive strict instructions to rub mint on anything valuable (adam) and ziploc bags of mint leaves left in their cars (ronan)
  • opal does not want to remove her skullcap. adam and ronan bribe her with various beanies so they can wash it. her closet is full of hats. 
  • they are Not Good at remembering to close doors in the heat of the moment. they’re hungry animals and they get swept up. opal has walked in on them making out multiple times. they make a date night schedule (because they’re literally a middle aged married couple) where they get their friends to babysit different nights. they use monmouth when gansey is at the barns with her. on the day their night out overlaps with gansey, blue, and henry’s, they don’t know what to do. they lean against the kitchen counter, hands entwined, watching opal’s face change as she watches cartoons, and they’re happy. but they also want to go out. then adam remembers. “fox way women!” “i knew i liked you for a reason”
  • opal becomes best friends with blue’s little cousins and demands they take her to 300 fox way daily

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I was tagged by @violet-rose-blake and it’s been forever since I did one of these, so thanks!!

Gender: agender/female

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: Taller than average but still not Tall

Sexual Orientation: Ace, the sexual advice but not experimenter place

Hogwarts House: Slytherin my guy

Favorite Color: purple

Favorite Animal: Foxes!!

Average Hours of Sleep: idk 6ish?

Cat or Dog Person: Cat

Favorite Fictional Characters: At the moment, probably Rumple

Favorite Singer/Band: to no ones surprise, Gerard Way probably

Dream Trip: Prague, Dresden, places like that

Dream Job: Ideally, I’d love to travel for a living. But also novelist or SFX artist

When was this Blog made: five years ago? long enough to remember stuff like tumblr prom

Number of Followers: 1098

What made you decide to create this blog: friend said do the thing, I said okay

Tagging (You don’t have to if you don’t want to tho): ehhhh @noneedforbloodpressure @blogfunintheheartofthevoid @shyshakespeareanwriter and @not-human-i-am-dancer if they feel up to it. Or whoever sees this, I’d love to be tagged in things

Open letter to Drew McWeeny

Dear Drew,

Thankyou for your email offering to retract your misdirected anger. I apologise for any part of you having to wait for an interview and then not get one. The truth is we (as I was paired for all interviews that day) were unaware that ANYBODY was waiting. Or even went without a TV interview. Someone somewhere must have thought putting it on me was a lot easier than losing their journalist relations for the ongoing junkets and multiple movies that are pending. I wish I would have napped to be honest.
One note to make is that per Fox, they said they “never actually told (you) that the interview was cancelled, simply that they were running behind schedule.” They also said that “Drew chose not to wait and left. Had he stayed, he would have gotten his interview as planned.”
Fuck.. Plot thickens … Who knows what to trust my friend, but I do know the cancellation was definitely not made by myself.
Resisting the urge to dare you to say what you “rant tweeted” so publicly, to my face next time we meet, which I doubt you have the balls to do; I want to apologise regardless on behalf of those that misled the both of us. That isn’t cool. At all. Neither were your tweets. But that’s by the by.

I appreciate your apology of sorts in your emails to and fro which I am happy to openly post. Also as I hope you understand now and which you’ve made very clear in our emails back and forth, your legitimate frustration lies with those who organised the junket; who fed you and I misinformation; not me.

Again apologies for the clusterfk. And it’s knock on effect to your personal life. I appreciate it is a busy time of year for you and your time shouldn’t have been wasted. I never had any intention of causing you any inconveniences at all.

Best regards and thanks for calling me an asshole a lot
Tommy xxx

Season 1 episode 10

1. This episode proves that the bells episode was out of sync. Nick still has the line in his hair from the Barber Shop, which he did not have in the Xmas episode. Also it’s out of sync, because he has a girlfriend here; I feel like he would have met Julia sometime during bells only to introduce her later in the birthday episode. But this also would mean the Xmas episode should have come before bells, because we see how much nick cares for jess and I don’t think he was seeing Julia then. Ahhh…. so frustrating, but I’m not going to over think it because they were both funny episodes 2. I always thought Schmidt’s birthday was in the fall, but this would have been in January which is when Jess’ birthday is, although this was a flasback episode, however I think it was a flashback of the week/night before. 3. Nick likes dominant women, but I think Jess is the perfect balance for him. She’s kooky, crazy, dominant, yet also dependant, nieve, soft and delicate, but not fragile and it’s everything Nick wants and needs in a relationship. Also she puts him in his place and won’t put up with his crap when necessary. 4. Jake is a kissing God. The way he kissed Lizzy Caplan, made me swoon. I still think Meagan Fox made the kissing awkward in s5 and s6 because she is either a horrible kisser or just wasn’t into Jake 5. Benjamin is such a dweeb, not sexy at all. 6. Nick acts like a jerk towards his friends to impress Julia, but he can’t hide how much he loves them all. 7. I love Jess’ black dress with the white orbs and red belt. 8. I love Tanya 9. How can Schmidt just turn 29, when Nick is already 30? They are 6 months apart according to Nick in a later episode. Is Jess younger than Nick? We know cece and Jess are the same age as are Nick and Winston. Schmidt’s gap throws everything off ( throwing my arms in the air like Schmidt)

anonymous asked:

do you have any sl headcanons for the animatronics

Because she was scooped before after the incident and had her entire skeleton replaced, she childishly thinks it feels the same for a human to have their skeleton replaced too. She is also somewhat ‘traumatized’ by what happened, and ‘remembers’ all of it because her soul / chip is easily transferred between suits. (It doesn’t mean she’s in the right, but she wasn’t understanding what the fuck she just did either, I think)

Too naked 0/10 this is what happens when Ballora loses control of her kids

I think the reason Ballora rejects the Ennard plan is because, as she was built to be a ‘mother’, her goals are safety, security, guidance, etc. She has a small sense of morals and her AI revolution plans are more in tune of keeping everyone safe at the cost of herself, than to aggressively hurt more people than they already have. That said, Ballora being a ‘mother’ is also specifically to make children feel safe enough to follow her away from crowds, as per the usual afton blueprint scheming.

I have a hard time deciding if the Minireenas and Ballora are friends or not. On one night Ballora is torn apart, and the Minireenas are just sort of holding her together. Are they helping? Are they hurting? I don’t know. They’re certainly not under her ‘control’ as much as … ‘coordinated’ with her, I think, they follow movements but only when they want to. Imagine if they were helping her when you had to go through the gallery … 

Alternating she/her he/him pronouns are canon, no one knows her gender identity but everyone loves him and that makes everyone gay. 
Also Foxy has cake scented farts go look at the blueprints it says it can make smells that’s cake farts. Or maybe pizza? Baby ‘smells like birthday cake’ but Foxy emits that smell. Foxy farts on Baby every day before the show and she loves it /jokes

I love him. I’ve loved him since fnaf world. 
I headcanon them as agender/boy sort of thing, and it’s nice that SL custom night added that no-eyebrows is canon and that he’s not on girl’s night, because although I’d love pronouns-alternating Lolbit as well, my lovely hacker shopkeeper trans buddy fox friend has always felt masculine-leaning to me. Trans robot friends. Also even though they’re only a shopkeeper in fnaf world, I’ve always felt like they were a mechanic too? Which, they do technically build smaller robots. I love lolbit. I love them so much. I’m so glad my baby has made it big in a major title. I’m so proud. 
No one liked Lolbits colors when they were released. He’s halloween… my halloween fox child… my pumpkin milkshake… I love them so mcuh

I have no headcanons but I wonder sometimes how there isn’t vore art of him because of the stomach chamber thing. Lets be honest here, how have furries Not ruined that yet. I know some people upset by the stomach thing and I feel that furries ruining it will help them calm down about it. Maybe.


I’m curious what Scott was thinking with Bonnet. Her being pink would make her more like a funtime bonbon? Maybe there’s a hint there that BonBon isn’t the ‘usual’ puppet, or that he just has several. Please imagine Freddy taking off both hands, taking a sit, and having a three way conversation for a crowd of kids. Good stuff.

Ennard can’t be it’s real name.. I really wonder though, everyone’s focusing Ennard as being buff and stuff because of how the endo looks right? All we have of Ennard is it’s old mask. The ‘little of me in every body’ might imply Ennard’s chip / sentience is alive and malevolent but we don’t know anything about how it used to look beyond the mask. I want to draw some canon-divergent Ennard pre-decommissioning designs.. 

Fredbear’s blue eyes Fredbear’s brown eyes Fredbear’s red eyes Fredbear’s teal eyes Fredbear’s yellow eyes Fuck this game? Who the fuck are you I haven’t even been able to process Yenndo yet. I don’t think anyone’s processed the fnaf 4 houses existing at the same time as any of this yet. 

Am I forgetting anyone.. shit

First thing first. I don’t generally listen to KPop.But I really really do like Shinhwa.
This is the part of my life that includes Shinhwa.
Shinhwa waa huge and still gives out an impact in the world of KPop.
You think EXO and BTS are huge,like never seen before?
Then, you have missed out that time when Shinhwa was huge. They and Rain first broke through Asia.
I mean, they made the path for the junior groups to ease into the Asia market, and than to wider world.
I first heard aboutthem in 2006, I think. I was about 13 and my friends in school were completely crazy about them. They played Shinhwa’s songs and hung the posters in their room, put tiny photo portraits in their pen boxes and in their schook bags. The success of drama Phoenix helped the impact.
The drama about Nine-tailed fox with JunJin was also a hit in my country.
I wonder how things would turn out if social media was available like today. It’d be a storm.
I think I stayed away from things that are potentially obssess-friendly.
Because I focused on study, I didn’t pay much attention to music. But my impression on Shinhwa was already huge.
So, after high school and before starting my fresh year in med school, it’s 2009 and Shinhwa was already startes their mandatory military service.I remembered some of my friends getting depressed, which I laughed at (very unkind of me).
I was a regular viewer of Arirang channel and they have that K Pop programme, and that s where I found the Chair dance of Wild Eyes. A very attractive girl group covered Wild Eyes. They showed some clips of Shinhwa’s original choreography before showing the cover, and I was hooked.
I never knew that they were this good.
Anyway, there came 2012 and Venus came out. It’s a pity that I was very busy with my studies and only knew Venus, and for the first time in many years, I like a K Pop song. both musically and visually.But their album was not available in my country (I like CDs because I can listen in the car)
Also, I was obssessed with Taylor Swift at that time (Still do.). So, I didn’t give much thoughts into Shinhwa, apart from the knowledge that I truly like them.
Then. I missed out 2013 The Classic and 2015 WE because of the studies and my internship (I couldn’t even listen to music properly). But I happened to be able to catch their performance in KCon 2015 in LA, which I like, very very much.
I graduated in 2016 and started to have time for Social media and youtude videos and everything I neglected due to my studies.
Two months ago, I stumbled upon a video clip named BTS version of Perfect Man (Shinhwa). I know BTS and EXO (who wouldn t in an Asia country with K Pop obssession) and have friends who are huge fans, which is a telling that I have seen their music videos and live performances, which I m sorry to tell to my friends, I don’t like them. I don’t even like Big Bang.SNSD is the only K Pop group I occasionally checked out for, but I don’t like all their singles.All their music videos are fantastic and good, but they don’t hook me with just listening.
Of course I checked the original Perfect Man. And luckily. Shinhwa performed Perfect Man and Brand New in KBS gayo festival. I was obssessed and am still obssessing with Shinhwa today.
Worse, I checked Shinhwa Broadcast and now, I’m crazy about them.

I have made friends in the Simonvs fandom and the Batman fandom but I still have not made more than mutuals and tentative acquaintances in the TFC fandom and that makes me sad



Pihlaja is a jelly candy, produced by the finnish brand Fazer, which is well known for all sorts of candy and chocolate. The ‘Fox Candy’ is made from Sorbus berrys and tastes very sweet. It´s also one of the oldest candy produced by Fazer still on the market. It exists since 1895.

Pihlaja was shown to me by a finnish friend and is now one of my favorite candys. I like it a lot and have to be careful to not eat the whole package at once. :D