i also made another version which is with a lot of hearts hahaha

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Do you have a list of favorite gradence fics you think everyone should read?

(only E rated b/c im trash) newer things not on that list that I made ages ago and still like/re-read are (me going through the tag by date posted to find my faves lol also things not mentioned on other lists- its long, strap in). mostly completed works, though i cheated a few times.

this thing of darkness - the smut was a long time coming but well worth it

horrible and terrible and good all at once - mainly b/c it gets to the smut RIGHT AWAY for such a long fic. props to you author, props.

onward, my fawn - kicked off by a gift for me by the ever daZzling @snarry-splitpea, its an excellent dub-con series.

by the way you told me - the first Daddy Kink fic i think i ever read, and god, its so fucking soft and sweet

bless the father, bless the son - the second ever Daddy Kink fic i ever read.

a warning - hi @whileyoustillcan thank you for the first ever sugar daddy AU that ruined my life. also yowza. 

the only one who could ever reach me - slow burn thats a lead into the hottest scorch, b/c summer and smut and hoooooly shit.

a mutual agreement - the cleverest twist i’d read at the time, and just, the first bottom!graves i ever saw too. a fucking + @granpappy-winchester

what grace have I - 2 words: secretary AU

if thou must love me - shameless self promo, the collab i did with @clutchhedonist was one of my first, and im very proud of the lovely AU we created.

hold on, enjoy the ride - first sex pollen AU i ever saw, from the OG discord chat group discussions. desperate to be fucked graves is my fave thing ok? where are the other sex pollen/fuckordie fics???

roche limit - another first. first omega!graves and alpha!credence and the day it posted and i saw 19k completed i think i swooned. i can call myself lucky enough to know the lovely author @rospeaks and we’re geographically close enough to hang out. its amazing. 

the reward of a well spent youth - hung!graves, credence crying basically a good time @jeahtastic / @accio-graves

faith based reasoning - religious guilt mmmm

coffee break - god i forgot about this one, technically sex drugging, a+ wall sex.

broad-shouldered beasts - sequel to shoreline which basically changed my life. @bygoneboy

shadow dreams (against my skin) - a one shot by the author of other peoples poetry, which i still havent read because its 11/12 and its been a while so, ergo, im sad but grateful we have this one thing.

shooting stars, falling objects - the Modern AU with kevin-esc cre, without the murder + more sexual tension.

it started in an alley - breaking the innocent cre trope with a vengeance 

gladly i’ll take poison from your lips - the bdsm club au i forgot about and ended up imitating a touch.

of plenty - in the grindle graves x cre tag but id call this dark graves if you like. @second-salemite

suppression - this… god the second i saw this in the tag i died. its a lovely modern au that FEELS like canon, just without magic. #bless.

what do you want if you don’t want gold - a rare exception to the E only rule, as it inspired me so damn much i wrote my own E rated fic. and yes, here i am pimping myself out again.

the (modern) stripper AU series - like full stop. its amazing.  @jeffgoldblumsmulletinthe90s

ink bloom - Ilvermorny AU, and its @kamikazesoundsociety - all her stuff is amazing & this series .

sweater weather - modern au thats sort of a gods and monsters homage, and its complete! gods & monsters (WIP) is totally amazing too tho, check it out. 

tell me more - veritaserum AU hah its so lovely. all of the bae @percysweetheart‘s stuff.

Faliebesch - accidental love/arousal potion, @ ilvermorny. yowza. 

Beguiled AU series - by @percysweetheart

a little problem - gift for me and its watersports  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @waywardgraves

faith and virtue - hahaha this is the sweetest sexiest lil thing beyond til tomorrow comes. unREAL.

boy we’re gold - if you like modern au’s and feminization, you’ll love this. technically this part is complete but overall its part of a series. 

the night before - omg here i am reccing all this stuff and not mentioning its got somnophilia in it oops. this is basically a sweet soft version of my all time fave WIP sin ‘graves goes to hell’  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i’m a count, not a saint - COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO AU + INCEST ok. sorry. im just so happy someone wrote for one of my au ideas :’)

bunboy!cre AU masterpost here - this whole AU thing got crazy wild and im so delighted to have been a part of it.

gossamer - a/b/o + incest + its written by @kamikazesoundsociety from a prompt i not-so-secretly sent. 

unforgivable - the imperius curse to make cre jerk himself off AU that i suggested.

sea souls - SOFT!LOVELY!ROMANTIC!!!! cre’s first beach trip @elvishflower

ripe and ready - A/B/O BOTTOM!GRAVES OK i love it

beautiful boy - ‘the man i warned you about is getting closer’ fics need to have their own classification as i love seer!graves i need more even though thats not at all what this fic is lmao, its pure smut. 

overtime - an excellent au with a twist  




turning crimson - another prezzie for me im literally so dumb, i hope there will be a sequel someday *heart eyes* @mercurial-tenacity

unfortunately i cannot offer any specific recs from the fics in the anonymous challenge without giving anything away and/or my commentary relies on knowing the author sooo, it’ll be a while til i can, but for now, i recommend the whole challenge collection. 

this list too, its old but there’s a shit ton of things on there, some may be wip’s.

im very picky about what i read, hence its mostly E and/or complete. i try not to read too many WIP’s because the sheer amount that havent been updated in 6+ months are too fucking sad to consider. hint: its a lot.

Ongoing  Feelings (part 1) [Jungkook]

Originally posted by jungkooz

Genre: Angst

Characters: Jungkook; Reader (You)

Word Count: 1843

Notes: This is based on my sad excuse for a love life. Tell me if you want a part 2, because I have plenty more to add~ Admin Unnie

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You had first met Jungkook at your work. He had stunning brown eyes and black hair that fell into them giving him this almost mysterious look. His constant flattery could make any girl swoon, not to mention his good looks.  His physique was basically that of a Calvin Klein model and his smile seemed to light up any room.

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[Fanaccount] hugging Kim Junsu

Let me start with a little disclaimer. Even though my nickname on all my social media related to JYJ is “Jaejoongfanboy”. Junsu is a close second, always has been. I support his acitivities, I’ve been to his solo concert in Oberhausen (Germany), saw Dracula musical two times in Seoul last year, went to his solo concert in Seoul two times, I buy all his solo albums, etc. I’m a JYJ-fan, which means I support Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yuchun. Yuchun hasn’t had much solo activities except for drama’s and fan-meetings, I haven’t attended any of his fanmeetings.

SO! I’m studying in Seoul at the moment, which was a dream come true for me. I love this city and ever since I’ve visited here for the first time I’ve been wanting to live here. So last year through my university I could apply for an exchange semester. I went through all the paperwork, got accepted and got the final confirmation in June. I was happy but ‘sad’ at the same time. Jaejoong was in the army already, Yuchun would enter before I arrive and Junsu had released his Flower album earlier this year. So chances of him releasing another album this year would be low, I thought.

But then the news got released that Junsu would release a mini-album. Which made me more than happy and excited. I hoped to be able to attend some activities he would have during the release period. And this fan-account will probably be the highlight of me attending one of his activities. Last week the news got announced that he would have two fansigns. Which means.. spend a lot of money and buy a lot of CDs to increase your chances in the lottery. For people who don’t know how these fansigns work. Basically, for every CD you buy you get one ticket to enter the lottery. If you buy 100 CDs you get 100 tickets to enter. Being an international student in Seoul I don’t have an unlimited amount of money (lol). Luckily, one of my Hong-Kongese friends suggested to help me. She would ask some of her HK and TW friends if they want to buy another copy of Junsu his solo CD to help me participate in the lottery and increase my chances. She found 6 buyers and I decided to buy another 2 copies as well. So I bought a total of 8 copies.

I decided to buy all CDs at the Music Korea Fan-sign. Thinking that I would have more chances like this than splitting it 4 / 4 and participate in two fansigns. I went to the store in Myeongdong bought 8 copies of the CD and got 8 lottery tickets to fill in. They asked for my full name, telephone number and birthday. I tried to write as neat as possible, I didn’t want to ruin my chances by having a spelling mistake or writing a wrong number (lol). So after buying the CDs, all there was left to do was to wait for the results. Friday 13th November at 10PM (KST). I visited musickorea.asia at 9:50PM trying to figure out where to look. But everything was in Korean and I couldn’t find the right page!!! I took me till 10:10PM till I found the page.. (the struggle of being an international fanㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ).

Music Korea Myeongdong entrance

There were 150 lucky fans and my name was listed at #135. The moment I saw my name there my heart stopped for a few seconds.. I was going to meet Junsu up close and get an autograph? Am I dreaming? Everybody reading this will understand, this is a highlight of a fangirl/boys life. I’ve never been to a fansign but I could only imagine how amazing this experience must be. I immediately texted my HK friend who helped me buy the albums, my best Japanese JYJ friends, Junsu biased friend, my Korean friends and close friends in Belgium. All of them know how much this meant for me and all of them were so happy for me. The next struggle was the notice posted on the website. I was in Korean and no English version to be found (lol). Luckily my best Korean friend translated everything in detail for me!

Notice in Korean

My friend her translation of the notice

Earlier that day (Friday 13th) I attended his open fan-meeting at the Lotte Mall. I saw that fans had prepared post-it’s on the album with “To:…”, questions, messages to JS,.. etc. So of course I was going to do that too. I started discussing with my Japanese friend what I should write on the post-it’s. She said I should ask for a hug but it would be hard. Everybody wants a hug, right? We analyzed the video’s of 13th fan-sign and saw how SicSic pushed fans away who just wanted to try to give JS a handshake. So what would the chances of getting a hug be.. 0 (lol)? I asked my Korean biased JS friend what her thoughts were and she said I should try it “JS loves his fanboys” she told me. So I decided to go for it. I wanted to have an original sentence to ask for a hug and decided to go for “I don’t speak Korean well so I can’t ask a question. But can I get a hug instead?”. I asked my Korean friend to translate for me (lmao my Korean is not even advanced enough to translate that ㅜㅜ). As for the “To:..” my Korean friend suggested “to the most handsome European fanboy”, so she also translated that for me. And I had the idea of sticking my two concert tickets on the album thanking him for those concerts, telling him they were a lot offun and asking for a world tour.

I had a hard time falling asleep that night.. I kept imagining the next day, meeting Kim Junsu!! I set my alarm at 8AM. I wanted to look my best (lmao ㅠㅠ) had to shower, shave, blow-dry hair, style it, even put on some BB-cream (lmao) and decide what to wear. We had to pick up the tickets between 10AM and 1PM in Myeongdong Music Korea store. I arrived at 11AM, the lady checked my name on the winners list and let me pick a ticket. All tickets were in a little box and we had to randomly pick one. The ticket had a letter and number on it (the seatnumber) I picked N-7… A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N! WHAT??? N!!!!?? WHAT?!??!! Hahaha I must be seated on one of the last rows..ㅜㅜㅜ?! A little disappointed (but not really) I left the store, went to Daiso to go buy post-it’s and then made my way to JHolic to prepare my page for his autograph. I ordered an Americano with choco waffles and sat at one of the tables to start. As I wanted to stick in my concert tickets I realized I didn’t have scissors to cut the post-it’s to make them smaller. So I had to go ask the lady in JHolic if I could borrow some scissors (lol).

Jholic coffe and choco waffles (delicious, I recommend)



outfit and look for the fansign (lol)!

On the top right post-it I wrote “To: 유럽에서 온 제알 잘 생긴 남팬 My Joachim <3” (To: the most handsome European male fan My Joachim <3) (note: I don’t actually think I am the most handsome European fan, lol, just thought it would be funny for JS to write this!). Middle has the two concert tickets and a post-it with “콘서트 감사합니아! :) <3 진짜 재미있었어요. 월드투어 해주세요! :)” (thank you for the concerts! :) <3 it was so much fun. Please have a world tour! :)”). Bottom post-it “제가 한국말을 잘 못해서 질문을 많이 할 수없어요. 대신 한번만 안아줄 수 있어요? A. 네 B.네” (My korean is not so good, so I can’t ask you a question. But can I have a hug instead? A. yes B. yes). Excuse me my handwriting, I was so nervous just writing this. Knowing that Junsu might probably see these.. haha >.<!

I decided to leave JHolic at 12:20PM and walk to the building were the fansign was held. It took about 15 minutes to walk there. We were expected to enter the signing hall at 13PM40 so I was too early, then decided to drink an orange juice in the coffee shop in the building. A lot of fans were waiting there and preparing their post-it’s! Around 1:20PM I went to the 3rd floor to wait. Many fans were there already and many stared at me (lol). Probably wondering if a male fan was really attending this signing. Some gave me friendly smiles and appreciating nods :). Around 1:50PM we were let inside the hall and guess what, my N-7 seat was the complete LAST row (lmao  ㅜㅜㅜ).

Right before entering the hall

My view of the stage

Anyway, no need to complain, I was inside and ready to receive Junsu’s autograph. I remember being so goddamn nervous! Junsu was supposed to enter at 2PM but he was stuck in a traffic jam due to a protest in the centre. The organizer told us we weren’t allowed to take pictures or recordings. Also if we had to go to toilet, now was the time. The Korean girl next to me asked me “Toilet. Ok?” haha so cute how they cared about me. The Korean girl at my other side made some small talk, asking me where I’m from, my name, my age, asking me to show the page I had prepared for JS, etc. Everyone was so nice!!

I think Junsu arrived around 2:30PM and started signing the albums after an introduction and talk. Fans had to line up per 5 at the left side of the stage, as one fan was with Junsu, another one had to go up the stage and wait there till the other one finished. Many fans brought presents for JS, had cute head accessories, flowers,.. etc. Really good to see how much fans care for him! Also, so many fans must have been so nervous, it happened a few times that they brought their presents up the stage and forgot to give them to Junsu. They walked up and down the stage with their present.. Then had to go back to give their present to one of the staff, hahahah. Happy to know I was not the only one being so nervous.

Sneaky super blurry pic

When there were only 4 rows left it was time for a break. Junsu took the mic and started talking to the fans and answering questions. I didn’t understand much of this part, but I could understand that they will try to start selling tickets through the fanclub first. General public after that (YAY!). I also remember him saying how he likes a private album signing like this (there were no press or fans allowed to take pics). After a 30 minute talk with Junsu it was time to resume the fansigning! Omg! 4 more rows. I started sweating, knees became weak, my mouth was so dry I had to drink every 5 minutes hahaha. THEN It was time for the next 5 people to walk down, including me.. Omg.. As I walked down fans started to cheer a little. Hahahah I was so embarrassed, but it was so cute at the same time. As I was standing there my KNEES WERE SHAKING, literally. I hope no one could see that.. Then it was time for me to walk up the stage and wait at the left side till the girl in front of me finished to get her sign. As I walked up the stage the fans starting screaming a little bit. Junsu looked up at the fans to see what was going on and then looked at me. His eyes were so big and he looked so confused. What is this white giant male doing here, he must have thought. Hahahah I was DYING. Embarrassed and so happy at the same time.

Then it was my time to walk towards Junsu …. I walk to him and say ‘안녕하세요’ and give him my album. He looks at me with the biggest eyes, still super confused and then laughs (lollol it’s so cute hahha). He then puts his signature first together with ‘시아’. He then asks me in korean “Where are you from?” I didn’t understand so I said “sorry?” and he replies in English “Where are you from?” (with the CUTEST accent). I reply him I’m from Belgium and he says “a a a a Belgium!! 벨기에”. He reads my “To:..” request and starts writing it. As he is writing it he asks me in English “How old are you?” I reply him that I am 25 years and he says “Oh so young, so young, WOW YOUNG”. Hahahah a little embarrassed I say “oh noo.. noo..”. (omg what to doooooo?). He then asks me another question, but I didn’t understand. I think he asked a question with “ 3 “ in it? I didn’t know what to think so I reply “Oh no I only went to two concerts” and I point at the tickets I sticked inside (lmaooooooo. smh @ myself) and he replies with “ooh I see”. Lmao he probably thought what does that have to do with my question?” He had now finished writing my ‘To:..’-request. Takes one last look at it and sees that I put a heart as well, so he draws a little heart at the end (omg ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ). He now wants to close my album but I say “oooh” and I point at the post-it at the bottom right (requesting for a hug). He reads it, think for 1 sec, takes of a necklace-card a fan had given him earlier and STANDS UP. AM I DREAMING?! IS HE GOING TO GIVE ME A HUG?! OMG?! *act cool act cool* *what kind of hug do I give him?* *hug him really thight?* *no no he might feel like that’s too much* *EUHM hug him with some appreciating soft hands nods on the back?* *yes YES do that do that* All this thinking happened in 1 second. I WAS SHAKING, DYING! He walks towards me and opens his arms ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜputs his arms around me ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜand also nods my back with his hand. *aah I made the right choice as I do the same* *ok stay cool STAY COOL DONT MESS UP THIS PERFECT MOMENT* *it will end soon, bow to him to show your appreciation* As I want to bow he sticks out his hand for a handshake *omg STUPID ME he wants to give handshake, stand up, stop bowing* I immediately stand up and give him my hand. We shake hands (his hand was so warm and wet, little sweaty ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ). I can’t blame him, my whole body was literally soaked, I was sweating so much because it was SO HOT there but also because I was so nervous. After we shake hands I try to bow again and take my album, have one last look at him and walk of the stage. All fans are staring and screaming a little still (sorry to all other fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but this truly was one of the best experiences ever). As I walk down the stage I receive the little present prepared from Music Korea (some biscuits) and walk back to my seat. As I walk past the fans all of them are still cheering a bit.


more yuyuyuyuyuyyuyuyyyyyyyy




I go sit down in my seat again, sweat literally almost dripping of my face (lmao). Fans around me ask me if they can see the signature JS gave me and ask if they can take pictures. I’m fine with anything right now, Junsu just hugged me hahaha! Wow. They ask me what he asked me, how it was, what he felt like, how he smelled, etc. I try to answer all their question and show all of them the signature. Soon after the fansign is finished (there were only 10 (?) fans after me). Junsu thanks the fans, stands up and leaves the stage. And I.. I still can’t believe what happened. Junsu hugged me. Put his arms around me and gave me a handshake. Dream do come true!

Thank you so much Kim Junsu! 김준수형 감사합니다. 사랑해요.

Thank you @XIA_Hiyaya (weibo) for the video!

Block B Chicago Concert Recap

I’m so emotional right now. Block B was absolutely AMAZING tonight, and my friend and I had the privilege to enjoy it all from the orchestra pit! The concert lasted a little over 2 hours and it just FLEW BY.  Warning: this is a long post. Layout is highlights + recap of the concert + recap of each member.

The Set List

Oh my gosh, they covered practically all of their big tracks! (But, they notably did NOT sing Nillili Mambo, alas…)  I know I’m missing some, and the list is for sure out of order in the middle, but they sang Very Good, Freeze, Romantically, Unordinary Girl, Mental Breaker, Jackpot, Her, Tell Them, 11:30, Halo, Wanna B, Nice Day, Did it or Not, Action, and Be the Light. Also No Joke, Conduct Zero, Charlie Chaplin, and Zico’s Okey Dokey. Encore had Nalina, Very Good Rough Version, and Movie’s Over. 

The Outfits

The boys looked absolutely beautiful! Jailhouse stripes, then Zico/Kyung/PO in red and black urban outfits, then Bastarz in green camo, and then everyone in red and black variants. 

The Audience

My eardrums are still throbbing from the absolute madness that was the pit. Everyone there was clearly a hardcore fan and sang along to all the songs, cheering and waving and dancing. We were on our feet the entire time. It felt awesome to be able to let loose with my craziness amongst sisters who truly understand, lol. GO BBC!
When I was crossing the parking lot of the theater, I was right behind two tiny preteen girls with their dads and I was worried that I would be a grandma in the crowd, but there was a good mix of young adults, tweens, and even some couples who looked to be in their thirties. But the pit only had young women like me, so I was right at home, hehehe. 


My memory is already failing because I can’t remember all the songs they performed or the order, but here it goes…

As soon as the lights dimmed everyone went completely wild - I felt like a sound wall had hit me from behind and I actually had to cover my ears a few times because the screaming was so loud. An intro video played, and then the screen raised, revealing the boys in their jailhouse stripes standing in a row on a raised platform. They went down the stairs on either side of the platform to the main stage and we went wild because they were RIGHT THERE just feet from us and SO BEAUTIFUL. Jaehyo sat on a chair at the left side of the stage and a backup dancer in a black face mask danced his parts for the choreo. They performed Very Good and we were all pumping our arms and singing along. Especially during PO’s part where he invites the audience to sing “weng weng” and “taek taek” it was super loud. 

Then my jaw dropped because they performed Freeze! And then another song… possibly Did It or Not? or Halo? but I can’t recall which because I got too worked up to remember to take notes ;_; 

After a break with a short video, the screen started playing a rose petal motif, then raised to reveal the boys sitting on the platform holding red roses. They sang Romantically and then came down to the main stage and sang Unordinary Girl and threw the roses into the audience. Taeil was the last to go, right as the song ended, and he tried to throw his rose to these girls in the front row… then the song ended and the lights went out. When they came back on, we started cry-laughing because he messed up his throw - the rose didn’t even make it off the stage and was out of reach of the girls. BABY THIS IS WHY YOU ARE MY ULTIMATE BIAS, NEVER CHANGE.

There was another break and then there was a subgroup set. First, Zico, Kyung and PO came out to perform No Joke in red/black outfits. PO was wearing his shiny leather pants and MAN HIS LEGS LOOKED SO DELICIOUS. Then Bastarz came out in green camo outfits (I guess PO just changed his jacked) to perform Conduct Zero and Charlie Chaplin. A lot of fans in the pit knew the choreo and danced along, swinging their arms. I really like the vocals in Bastarz because it’s really easy to tell who’s singing - PO’s husky voice, Ukwon’s more nasally sound and B-Bomb’s smoothness… Swoon.

At this point I was sort of hoping Taeil would come out and sing a solo, but it was Zico singing Okey Dokey! He completely killed it and really knew how to work the crowd, getting everyone to shout “yes, okey dokey yo!” What a prince.

Throughout the concert, the boys addressed the crowed completely in English, with every member saying a few sentences. Most if it was fluffy talk about how they were super excited to be in Chicago, are Chicago BBCs having fun, etc. but it was so adorable and definitely made it feel more personal than speaking through a translator or just a single member. And I loved how the boys made sure the audience knew the choruses to the audience-sings-chorus songs by walking everyone through the lyrics before performing the song. They also did this for Halo and it was SO EPIC. 

Undoubtedly the most widely recognized songs they played were Her and Jackpot, which were performed back to back. During Her, everyone in the pit was doing the arm pump dance and singing along, it was so fun. Mental Breaker was also absolutely amazing. Literally the entire theater bellowed out Taeil’s chorus. They performed so many of my old favorites, like Wanna B and Tell Them and Mental Breaker, they really spoiled us!!!

There was also a short video featuring Ukwon teaching dance moves… like a downward wave, tracing hearts in the air, and wiggling side to side, LOL. It was so random and adorable but we all did the moves - I heard several people joking that this is exactly the threshold of their dance capabilities, hahaha. 

Then too soon, Zico announced that it was time for their last song. I was actually shocked because the time literally flew by. Be the Light started playing and I got hit with the feels YET AGAIN. It was so perfect, Zico and Kyung killed their rap trade-off, PO had the ladies swooning with his part, and of course Taeil’s high note.   Then the members went back to the platform and the screen descended over them. We all waved and shouted and then the lights went out, leaving the message “I will be back” on the screen. Knowing there would be an encore, the audience continuously cheered and chanted “Block B.” Sure enough, a few minutes later, a picture of the terminator appeared on screen next to the words “I will be back” which got a lot of laughs. There was a short video montage featuring quotes from various movie characters like the Joker.

Then Block B came back and performed Nalina and Very Good rough version, which rocked so hard and brought the house down. They said goodbye again, and a movie-credits style video and more pre-recorded footage of the boys played. Then, Block B came out one last time to perform Movie’s Over to wrap up the concert. It was so fitting with the movie theme and when the confetti started falling, I legit got tears in my eyes because it was just so goddamn beautiful. The boys threw water on the crowd and the towels they had been using to wipe their sweat, and even empty water bottles.And yes I did save some confetti in my pocket LOL. Such a perfect concert.

Zico: What a leader - CHARISMATIC AS FUCK. Zico’s english has improved a LOT, he spoke probably the most of all the members and I could understand all of it! His raps were SO FAST and aggressive, his rapport with the crowd so strong, especially since most people seemed to have Zico as their bias. His standout moment was definitely Okey Dokey where he totally owned the stage by himself. And later when he threw water on the crowd, some landed on me, so Hallelujah I’ve been Zico-Baptized! <3 

Kyung: Damn, Kyung is looking more handsome with each public appearance. He was such a gentleman, always walking around and making eye contact with as many fans as he could. And he did his shoulder dance(!!!) near the end of Her when the other members are in a circle around him. Thank you, oppa. 

Jaehyo: Poor Jaehyo was still recovering from his knee surgery so he was sitting off to the side singing and doing the arm choreography. There was no underwear throwing like in SF, possibly because of some really grumpy-looking security guards at the foot of the stage. But whenever he sang a line we waved at him to give him some love in the corner! For the non-choreo songs, Jaehyo would get up and walk around with the other members. His legs looked really thin, he seems like he lost some weight? Jaehyo, you are handsome regardless of your weight, you beautiful man!

B-Bomb: I was surprised to find my eyes repeatedly drawn to Minhyuk! He may be an understated member of the group, but man does he have a stage presence. He is sooooo attractive in person, all lithe and slender and his dance moves were on POINT - those hips don’t lie. Smooth and subtle and fitted blazers, UGHGHG. And his suspenders in the jailhouse outfit - YESSS. Minhyuk, I don’t care how much plastic surgery you had, it was worth it to have the perfection that is your face now. THANKS. And his voice!! It’s so subtle and smooth but he sounds GREAT live - I’m sure he rose on a lot of peoples’ bias lists after tonight!!!

P.O: OMG, Jihoon is such an adorable little butterfly trapped in a huge smexy body. When he commented that “time is flying” he started fluttering his arms like a bird and rammed Jaehyo on his left and then Taeil on his right. He bumped Taeil so hard the poor tiny man smashed into Kyung on his other side, earning a finger wag from Jaehyo. SOOO CUTE. And I am completely in love with his fluffy platinum hair + emo glasses look. But contrast all that with his inherent smexiness and UGH. Whenever he opened his mouth everyone went crazy because THAT DEEP HUSKY VOICE IS JUST UGH. And shitttt I love those leather pants on those thighs… I couldn’t help it, I kept looking at his dick whenever he was in front of me. :)

U-Kwon: He danced so energetically! At one point he even spun so hard that he bumped into the speakers at the very front of the stage. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him during Conduct Zero where he has the best choreo feature ever. Even though his hair started out slicked back, before long it was hanging in his eyes because he danced so hard. XD Despite this, he was adorably bashful during the talking parts, such a cutie pie. 


TAEIL: MY ULTIMATE BIAS… I can die in heaven after tonight. I love seeing his beautiful little face without a hat… UGH THANK YOU TAEIL. He doesn’t have a big stage personality like Zico or Kyung, but he was so sweet and earnest, with his adorable accented english and killer vocals. His high line near the end of Did It or Not? literally stopped my breath. And in the end-credit video, Taeil was credited second, right after Zico. So proud of you, baby hyung :’))) 

Then contrast that with his physical DERPINESS… his passable dancing (like his half-assed knee bends in Her, LOL)… the botched rose toss that basically landed at his feet… please marry me you perfectly imperfect angel. 

Near the end of the concert, Taeil looked right at me and I quickly made a heart sign with my hands… he broke into a smile and nodded, and held my gaze for several seconds. UGHDSHSGH THAT MOMENT LITERALLY MADE MY NIGHT, I AM STILL GIDDY. 

The Crown (*HUGE SPOILER ALERT* I'm kinda questioning if I should post this now or not*)

Most people probably skip over long posts like these, but reading this may be worth something to this fandom because I love you guys.

It’s a strange feeling, finishing the last book of a series near and dear to your heart right before you go to bed. You just want to hold on to the lasting feeling, and hold the book for a while, melt into the impact it’s made on your life. And then you realize, huh, when I wake up in the morning, will everything just go on?
(^^Did I sound like Eadlyn up there hahaha that’s when u know u binge read.)
As Eadlyn says at the end of the epilogue, “Life goes on,” and that’s one of the major themes of the book, which I really love.

So I just finished The Crown. And I have to say, I really thoroughly loved this book to pieces. I cannot express the feeling this book gives me through laughter, words, poetry or tears (believe me, there were a lot of those). The Fifth Book we had all been anxiously waiting for and making theories about since before Happily Ever After, and probably before we were born, to be honest. Fate brought us into this fandom, and destiny has created these bonds that have turned us into family, similar to the unlikely meetings of Eadlyn and Lady Brice, or Marlee, America and Lucy, or even Eadlyn, Josie, and Neena.

The incorporation of new characters, like the scandalous Marid Illéa was an interesting winding path in the plot. I know some people deeply despise Marid, and he does annoy me, but he only made me love Erik even more. I enjoyed his incorporation. He brought spice to the plot, and I understand why he exists in the story. A very interesting way to add more to the Selection process. I was thinking she could do the constitutional monarchy to resolve the Marid issue, and she did that along with choose Eikko. I couldn’t be happier about that.

The part about Maxon and his father was very interesting, and I’m glad we could find out more about his past. Like seriously, he has a SISTER! But most importantly, that sister is Lady Brice. LADY BRICE. The very person I have been most interested in from the beginning. I love her character very much and I’m so glad Eadlyn and Brice could be united in a new way.

Hale and Ean. I need to talk about this. I feel like a lot of people expected one or the other to be gay, but a lot of people also got down on Kiera for not adding LGBTQ+ characters into her series. Well there ya go. Page 150 will always be remembered, and I wish them the best. That was one of the most surprising and amazing moments of the book.

Josie turned out to be a marvelous young lady. She helped at a time of great need, and soon discovered how to be comfortable in her own skin, and the true responsibilities of being a queen. She really grew into her own in The Crown, and not to mention KADEN AND JOSIE. The thing I love about Kosie is that Kaden thought Josie was beautiful when she dressed in a dress that was her own fashion, not her trying to be better than herself or anyone else. That’s the sweetest thing.

Fangirl time:

KILE-oh my gosh she banished him okokok I’m so happy he was there. Keadlyn was always my major ship, and I know she will never stop loving Kile. That part where she let him go was a tearjerker.

ERIK-EADRIK WAS MY PREDICTION AND HOW DO I EVEN START THEY’RE SO CUTE the way they talk to each other…they’re like Maxerica but a Youth by Troye Sivan energetic version of them and I lovelovelove it and how Erik’s so shy. AND OH DANG THEY KNOW EACH OTHER’S FULL NAMES AND HAVE A CHILD AND ANOTHER IN THE WOMB

HENRI-HENRI. YOU CINNAMON ROLL. Henri deserves so much. He was happy for his friend through all of this. He was happy all the time for that matter. And that final part where he’s like I may not have a lot of knowledge of English but I do know love was beautiful. Utterly great.




I cried during quite a few parts including the last talk in Kile’s room, and of course some scenes with Erik and Henri and such, but I was also getting hit in the feels with some other scenes that expressed ideas of connectivity. Such as the scene with Eloise. She was so understanding, and just said this amazing quote, like “We’ll help you get through it,” it just reminds me of how caring and amazing this fandom is. As well as the scene with America, Marlee, and Lucy, and Eadlyn thinking about her friendship with Josie and Neena. The closeness we have with each other is amazing and I love all of you dearly.

And now I’m wrapping this up to say that this is it guys, but also clearly not it. I have formed friendships that will last forever, I have made best friends on this amazing place called the Internet. The fact that this series has brought this to us has created a bittersweet moment. “And life, as it always does, went on.” No matter how much stress or strife is in it, life will always go on, and it’s up to you to make it count. And by reading this series, I have definitely made this part of my life a big one. I’d like to say I love you and thank you to all of my friends in this fandom and to all the people who made this series possible, and of course to Kiera Cass. This may be a royal farewell, but, “this is not happily ever after, it’s so much more than that.”



written for hoperaiweek
future; game verse sorta. LR spoilers

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Deadpool annual #2 review

Warning: Spoilers ahead (and Spideypool)

Basic summary of the comic:

DeadPool annual #2, aka Deadpool helps out his boyfriend Spider-man by dressing up like him then afterwards taking him out for a hot dog date on a rooftop, was a very fun comic read especially for those in the Spideypool fandom. It begins with a very paranoid Spidey fighting against Deadpool on a rooftop where he had apparently attempted to take a nap at. He has had little sleep and for the past few days he has been attacked by random civilians who would disappear moments after attacking him. Due to his paranoia, he has trouble believing that he is actually fighting the real Deadpool and asks him to prove that he is the real thing.

In order to prove he is actually Deadpool, he shoots himself in the heart to prove that he has his healing factor.

 Once Spidey is certain that Deadpool is not a threat to him, he leaves to try to be alone. But on his way out of the building he catches a glimpse of what may have been a woman shapeshifting from the chameleon and he attacks her

Deadpool, knowing Spider-mans reputation and morals against hurting innocent people, steps in and reasons with him. He sincerely cares about helping Spidey and understands how it is his paranoia that is affecting his actions. 

Shortly after, Spider-man is attacked again and this time he is drugged, which causes him to loose consciousness. Deadpool, being a strong admirer of the web slinging hero, made sure to guard his identity from the public

He comes to the conclusion that he had to be the one to stop the Chameleon for Spider-man’s sake and the only way to do this is by dressing up like him. Being respectful of the others secret identity, he shields his own eyes while unmasking him.

Deapool then spends a majority of the comic pretending to be Spider-man. He goes on patrol, interacts with civilians, stops a purse theif, and defeats a villain called “The Massster”

He is then reminded why he was pretending to be Spider-man in the first place, when the Chameleon catches him off guard and attacks him using a tranquilizer. 

The real spider-man, now awake from his little nap and recharged, swings in wearing Deadpools costume and that is when the Chameleon figures out about the costume change. He then shape shifts to look like Deadpool also and leaves Wade to figure out which Deadpool is actually Spider-man.

In the end, the City of Townsville is safe! (oh wait wrong comic haha) 

Spider-man and Deadpool now have an established friendship and Spidey thanks Deadpool for helping him out.

And now for my personal review:

I thought the comic was fun overall. The art style was very expressive especially with the facial expressions with the masks on. I would have liked to see more actual interaction between Spider-man and Deadpool, but Spidey was passed out in a closet for half of the comic.

On thing I noticed right away was Deadpools facial structure changing from the beginning of the issue to his last mask-less  appearance. When he is changing, his face looks healthy (in a relative sense of the word). His nose and cheeks are full, there is a presence of eyelids, and there isn’t too much bone structure popping through. 

But in the last page, he looks drastically different in appearance. The cartilage on his nose and the skin on his lips and eyelids seem to have receded. He also lost a lot of muscle tissue on his face, and his cheek bones are extreamly visible. 

At first I wasn’t too fond of the style change from one part of the comic to the next. Usually I see artists stick with one version of mask-less Deadpool throughout the entire comic they work on, but then I realized that this is actually a very important detail. Wades healing factor is always in a constant battle with his still present cancer and at some points, his cancer will overpower the healing factor. Thats why his skin always changes. When he was first in the closet with Spidey, his cancer was not affecting him as strongly, which is why he had a more pleasant appearance. By the end, he was going through some normal side effects of his condition. I was just shocked that he would unmask himself in front of Spidey when he is in this condition, but his view on his self image fluctuates just as much as his physical appearance does. 

Another physical feature I wanted to point out is Deadpools body structure while wearing the Spider-man outfit. It is canon that Deadpool is bigger and more muscular that Spidey, but when he was in Spider-mans outfit, he seemed to have slimmed down and shrunk a bit. I mean, I know red usually makes you look larger, but I don’t think the blue of Spidey’s outfit would make him look that much slimmer…

And there is also the little Deadpool mask boner on the back of his head while he is Spider-man but this eventually disappears after a few panels but I’m not going to get too nit picky on that one.

And now from a Spideypool fan point of view!

If you are a fan of this crazy ship, you will love this issue. There are a lot of elements from Spideypool fan fiction that are present in this one comic. (I am pretty sure the writers read more than that one Spideypool fic and got ideas from them)

1. Deadpool respected Spider-mans privacy enough to keep his identity a secret from the public and from HIMSELF

2. Deadpool throws in many comments, showing his admiration towards the other hero

3. Spider-man states that Deadpool is the only one he could trust in his current situation (WOW! thats huge!)

4. They actually get along in this comic and call each other friends 


6. They both prove that they know each other well enough to distinguish each other from clones

7. Role reversal!? Deadpool is the sane one this time and Spidey is the one loosing it

8. Deadpool is a protective boyfriend

9. Wearing each others costumes is always adorable


(((This is my first time attempting to write a review so sorry if it was a bit of a mess. Let me know what you think, how you liked the comic and if you fangirled over the Spideypool parts like I did hahaha. )))

anonymous asked:

How do you tell between the boys? like what special features do each of them have? x

Haha I hope by features you mean more than just looks sooo I’m gonna answer you based off of that ^^ now I suggest you grab some popcorn cause this is gonna be the mother of long replies.

Remember that these are my opinions, ok?

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D&E Tour Saitama - Day 1 :

➮  Hyukjae was talking in Japanese until he could not continue on so hae called him a pabo and pretended to hit him

hyukjae: this time we will present all the D&E songs to everyone because we don’t know when we will hold a tour again

➮ hyuk asked the audience if they liked him better between the both of them and asked hae to go back.

Hyuk:everyone thinks im more handsome right out of the two of us,im more handsome than donghae right?that is why donghae can go home now! 

Hae:o.k goodbye everyone! .

then hyuk said this is my concert and danced to motorcycle.

➮ at the ending of Skeleton, eunhae performed some sort of magic trick & disappeared into the “coffins”

➮ Wonderland & 1+1=Love  in  slow version !

➮ hyuk rapping and hae walking around him making cute faces

Kimi ga naitara -On that high note that hyuk often miss hae stood up, laughing, but hyuk did it perfectly haha 

2nd ment :

-Hae made a kiss to the screen then ran to hyuk so close to his hear..

-Hae & hyuk hi5ing, hae holding hae shoulders, hyuk touching hae 

-Hyuk: how are the mums pics? Their mums didn’t know It’ll be used here too. It’s a secret from them.

Hyuk: I used the mum pictures shown just now secretly 

Hae: you didn’t tell but I called and told my mum 

Hyuk: what are you saying

 -They asked us to think ten years but nobody remembered HAHAHA so hae said the concert is over XD.. Hyuk: but it’s ok cos it’s not going to be recorded into dvd. For tmr, pls call your friends to prepare well !SM reps are here so ya got to do a good job !! 

-They are chosing the songs fan can sing, they sing a lot then come to Mamacita, the Ayayaya was so loud, Hyuk: u only can sing yaya woohoo!

 -Eunhae said the fans are very restless. Did we went to another concert? who went to watch tvxq concert raise ur hands! Hahahaha 

Hyuk: did you all go to Tokyo done yesterday? 

Hae: went to watch tvxq? 

Eunhae: we can end the concert here

- Hyuk:is it okay if we take off some clothes?“ They took off his jacket, put it back and again to make girls scream 

members naked scenes. But the screen was broken, then they stop the video .They keep saying its very rated and under 19 cannot watch this. End up its Miracle from SS4 XD .

-Hyuk screamed Grossss at the part when Siwon taking off his shirt in Miracle (: 

-they were watching ss4’s miracle VCR and while watching hyukjae put his arms over donghae’s shoulders, half-hugging him

➮ They are doing rock paper game back to back ,the one who lost will have to take off the clothes. but hae looked at the screen and cheated so hyuk lost ! 

Hyukjae removed his jacket, belt, shoes and sock as punishment !


They said they have to find one person, Hyuk: who think u r the one pls raise ur hand. Everyone raises their hand

➮ VCR :They got chased by the cops, so they came back aS the cops, then again with swat, baseball players, school boys (awwww), but they got caught again and made sad faces
At the end they finnaly take the big bottle but it get stuck in the floor and they end up fighting.
The bottle at last open itself and they ran with it (:

HYUKJAE COPYING WHATEVER DONGHAE SAYS AT THE START OF OPPA OPPA..At the end of i wanna dance, they air punched each other and ended of with a fist bump .

➮ During oppa oppa, Donghae was saying "Welcome to the super-” then cut himself off and repeated it saying “D&E” instead XD

➮ 5th vcr :The VCR was like they drank a lot and dreamed about one girl.they took off their clothes in front of each other then the director came wake them up: Stand by! and tell them to go out XD

 4th ment:

- Hyuk was like thanks everyone to come, Hae was like why did u come here without rmb the lyric, today u n me fight one by one 

- Hyuk: “we wanted to give you a present so we named the album ‘present ‘..we want to give you a lot of memories before we go, we put a lot of efforts for this tour..in english present has 2 meaning, it also mean the present time, right now when i am is with you i am happy..” 

-Eunhae said you all are thieves who stole our hearts & live in our hearts, give us back! But yall have to wait two years 

➮ Hyuk forgot what he wanted to say in Jap again and asked hae for help. Hae leaned over and whispered to him.


the last song, Gift, eunhae the two of them were shown on the big screen, writing the lyrics in japanese. then donghae sung one line of lyrics, which was “i know that you’re always by my side” whilst staring at hyukjae’s face on the big screen T-T  
Hyuk was standing at the centre of the stage holding out his hand,waiting for donghae to come over,donghae walked over and just let hyuk rest his hand over his shoulder,then they walked to the front together..
- hyuk: the meaning of “Present” is that you guys are my present. you all give us the same present, which is love, and thank you so much. we don’t know when we can meet again, but i hope that we can meet again quickly.
donghae: even if we don’t have money, don’t have car, it’s okay, as long as we have your support, i feel very blessed
Hyukjae looks like he’s about to cry 

 cr:gheihyuk,sj_iriszhu,youngxbae,mish_shellx,Mininin_87,ki_tgiang,edith ♥