i also made a mclennon thing

anonymous asked:

If there was a mclennon cafe, and they had mclennon references as there drinks/desserts what do you think they would be? (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Oh I imagine walking into this 50s style bar, with diner bar stools,…waitress dressed as marylin and waiters as buddy holly. I would sit in a retro american diner table and the menu would be something like:


Nerk Twins: Apple pie

Elvis: rich fruit cake

July 6th: custard tar

Menlove Avenue:Liverpool tart

And the drinks would look like:

Chulk & Cheese: Apple juice and cranberry Juice

St Wood: Orange juice mixed with bitter lemon

banana milkshake: made with 2 dippers of ice cream

Paris:  Champagne, gin and brandy

And you can also order:

Eddie Cochran  mushroom & Swiss burger

Legendary Mclennon burger

Buddy Holly steak with Little Richard salad

I want to hold your thing - fish filet sandwich

Two of us French fried potatoes