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serious question: why do you think we are so drawn to mclennon? it's been written about in many many books and there are even movies about their relationship. why is it more attractive or interesting than other famous "bromances"?

I think it’s quite the reserve, we have many books and movies about the Beatles, not John and Paul. 

People are still so interested about them because so many things are still unclear and not discovered, like how they wrote some songs, the meaning of them, or the break-up issue, what really happened in 66/67 that made them fall apart.  Also, I think it’s so interesting cause you clearly realise that most of the songs wrote by them were about each other, so you inevitably get curious and wonder what their relationship was really about, cause people tell you that they were just friends, but the songs and the interviews and photos tell you a far more interesting story. And the fact that you have to search for it, almost investigate about it make it more interesting and appealing than other relationships you know everything about.