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Mark and Jack, I'm sorry for Septiplier fans.

For me, as for Septiplier’s shipper, it’s too sad to see all the shit that’s going on about Mark, Sean and my /dead/ otp.

Almost two years ago I’ve heard some phrases about Septiplier from my lovely youtubers - Mark and Jack - and I kinda liked it. It was really funny to hear them flirting with each other, making jokes about being a couple and shouting together “Seltiplier away!”.

I’ve never really thought of them being a couple in real life, so the news that both of them are straight didn’t make me even a little bit sad. I just loved watching them doing gameplays together; I was excited when Jack came to Mark’s house and they went to Disneyland; it made me really happy to watch them doing so many stuff together; I’ve seen a lot of amazing arts and videos from talanted artists; together with RobertIDK I was singing “Septiplier away” song. And the cutiest thing there was that Mark and Jack knew there’re a lot of shippers of their couple, but still continued with all their jokes on Twitter / public.

When Jack uploaded his first pic with Wiishu on Instagram, my first thought was “God, she is beautiful, and they do look cute together”. But when I started reading comments, I was terrified. “Ew, who is this bitch?”, “I’m afraid she’ll make Septiplier dissapear”, “You’d better upload a pic with Mark than that”. The same shit happened when Mark told about his gf Amy. I’ve tried to avoid listening guitly comments when it’s happened, but a few days ago I saw a post on Tumblr, where someone was yelling at Septiplier’s fans for telling Amy on Mark’s stream to go kill herself. Guys… Are you fucking stupid?

Like really, am I the only Septiplier’s fan who is happy for Jack and Mark finding their gf and being happy with them? Isn’t that a thing we all wanted for our lovely youtubers? To be happy like they make us to be?

I won’t lie, I do miss Seltiplier’s jokes and stuff. I do miss Septiplier. It’s sad for me to see that Mark and Jack are hardly trying to “burry” this otp. Sean now does all this blue jokes with Felix, and Mark - with Eithan. They’re trying to show that “the ship is drowning”. Even in one of his last videos, Mark officially killed Septiplier.

But there’s a thing I miss even more than Septiplier - it’s their friendship. I’m not telling they’re not friends anymore. But now their relations are much, much different. They do make gameplays together, but very seldom, and also Jack and Mark aren’t making any jokes like it was before. They’re afraid to say one wrong word that will make Septiplier fans to believe their otp is still alive. They’re not uploading even one pic of them together because of the same reason. While filming a video with Felix, both of them were trying to talk and laugh with him but not with each other. As a Septiplier fan I do pay attention on little things like this. Again, now I was talking about their friendship that is much weaker because of many Septiplier fans.

I do believe there are people than think like me, that never wanted Wiishu and Amy to leave Sean and Mark or to commit suicide. Never. And it makes me really sad and dissapointed that there are bastards like that.

Mark and Sean… I don’t think you’ll ever see this message, but I really love you. And I’m really sorry for all insane guys and crazy Septiplier fans that wish you and your girlfriends shitty things. People like this are not your real fans. Your real fans will always support you and people that make you smile. Hope, you’ll be fine and happy.

Top of the mornin’ to ya, guys.

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Because it isn’t Always Love at First Sight

Summary:It takes six years for Phil to have a moment where he realises he’s fallen in love with Dan. (Or where Phil is demisexual)

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: handjobs, bath smut, swearing

A/N: Hey, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted a fic and rn I’m just trying to get back into it :)  This kinda feels like two oneshots that maybe shouldn’t be connected but I really wanted to write fluffy bath smut so this happened.  Also, I hope the ppl that prompted these things enjoy!! (this was supposed to be like 1k words rip me)

Everything is fine.  Everything is normal.  Their world is exactly the way it’s supposed to be, the way they want it to be, when all of a sudden it hits Phil like a load of bricks and he can’t stop himself from stumbling.  Because Phil realises that he’s fallen in love, fallen deeply into a lake where he’s drowning in the most wonderful feeling, and he’s absolutely and completely fucked.

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Why do I feel like Phan is finally ready to open up to us

(Note: Remember Phan isn’t real, obviously they are just brochachos being cool together cause fuck yeah, best bros 4 life….obviously)

I’ve noticed that they are more comfortable with each other than usual. Like usually Dan would hesitate to compliment Phil but now he is like “HELL YEAH Phil is adorable af PHIL TRASH #1 RIGHT HERE!!” And Phil use to hardly mention Dan but now he is taking tons of pictures of him and tweeting all about their convos and experiences.

Also when they record they seem so chill now. Back then they seemed really nervous and Dan would constantly make a face when Phil said something that sounded even the slightest bit dirty or weird. Now they seem more relaxed and playful about it, Dan laughs at all of Phil’s jokes and he makes dirty comments about things himself (I swear he is trying to kill us with that sexy wink he does) although they do still get a little annoyed with each other here and there, they seem much more happier to be around each other and have more casual chats while recording.

I feel like each day we learn a little more about them through their tweets or live shows or new uploaded videos. They’ve also been overcoming a lot of their insecurities too. Phil is more social now and has been doing a fuck load of collabs and Dan is being himself more now, he doesn’t really mind fangirling in front of us and he is finally accepting the fact that he may have a baby crush on Haru. They have also been so nice and playful towards each other that it puts other bestfriends to shame.

Maybe it’s cause of how well the Phandom has been acting lately. After I made the whole “the fact that I have to make this post says a lot about the Phandom” thing, we have been getting a lot better. I don’t really see that much Phan spam in their videos and people have actually stopping looking for “Phan proof”. Although I still do see a few bad eggs here and there, a lot of the Phangirls do come up to them and point out that what their doing is wrong instead of just attacking them and you do not know how much it makes me proud.

However, this isn’t just an invitation to starting going wild and make fuck loads of Phan spam on them, if anything this should make more people want to join in and help clean up the community more. At this rate, the Phandom will be a(n almost) pure and welcoming community for everyone. I’m sure this makes Dan and Phil proud ^__^

regarding dan and the stupid amount of shit he’s been getting recently:

i’m so bugged because lately everyone has been crapping all over dan and his videos and it’s incredibly frustrating. i’ve seen people talk about how “danisnotonfire” and “dan howell” are two completely different people and how if dan’s trailer was a total turn-off for his videos and countless other complaints regarding dan and his work. 

i will try to make this short but i’m very frustrated and it’s because people are incredibly naive and downright rude. you’re kidding yourself to think that you know the difference between “danisnotonfire” and “dan howell”. the truth is, you don’t know dan personally. you have no idea what he’s like around his friends or when he’s by himself. all you know of him is what he chooses to share, and that’s really not a lot! between 4 minute videos every few weeks, hour long liveshows, a couple of tweets and the radio show, please do not think that you “know” dan. the fact of the matter is that the internet is a place where you don’t have to be yourself, you can portray what you want to and no one will be the wiser because they don’t actually know you personally. you can act all high and mighty and spew your bullshit about how danisnotonfire isn’t the real dan, but you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

it might be true that danisnotonfire is all an act, because as we know from his draw my life video, he’s always been extremely interested in acting and it’s really possible that danisnotonfire could just be a character. but really, we have no idea!! from what we’ve heard from people who know dan better than we do, he’s just as awkward in real life as he portrays himself on the internet. maybe he hones in on certain aspects of his personality to be more relatable to the internet, but is that really such a crime? he knows his audience and how to appeal to them. obviously it’s working out for him seeing as he now has over 3 million subscribers (might i add that he went from 1 million in january 2013 to 3 million by december). i don’t see why people are annoyed that he makes videos with his audience in mind? it’s a smart thing to do seeing as more and more people view his content. if you don’t like dan’s videos than you don’t have to watch them!! you can like dan without liking his videos and watching them. if you’re not happy with his content than i have no idea why you would waste your energy complaining about it when you can cut his videos out of your life and still be his fan. dan has said several times over the past few months that he’s incredibly proud of and happy with the content he’s been putting out recently as opposed to the old videos he used to make. if you don’t like dan’s videos anymore, stop watching them. it’s as simple as that. no one is forcing you to watch them and if you’re annoyed with his “danisnotonfire persona” then stop dealing with it.

and if you’re going to continue watching his videos, then stop complaining about how long it takes to upload them and then how unhappy you are with the result. i don’t know if you’ve ever edited a video before, but if you have, you know that it can take an extremely long time. i’ve made videos for school projects before that were supposed to be five minutes and it took several days to get the editing done. it’s a stressful and time-consuming task and dan’s videos are usually on the longer side, meaning it takes him a longer time to edit. he literally spends seven hours straight at his computer desk and avoids sleep to edit the video and try to get it up asap to keep his viewers happy. he’s literally favoring pleasing his audience over his health. he doesn’t have to do any of that. youtube isn’t his only source of income anymore. he has the radio show now and i’m sure it makes him enough money to stop youtube completely. but he enjoys what he’s doing and continues to make videos for us because he likes it. it’s really unfair of people to give him so much shit after it takes a little longer than normal for him to upload because he spends so much time planning his videos and filming and then editing to make a quality product for us every few weeks. dan isn’t a vlogger, he doesn’t sit in front of the camera and talk about whatever’s happened to him that day (not that there’s anything wrong with doing that, but dan probably actually plans out the subject matter of his videos and works really hard to make them something he’s happy with). if you have such a damn problem with it then really, i beg you, stop fucking watching his videos because you’re wasting your time.

personally, i love dan’s videos. you can think they’re shit all you want but i love them and a lot of other people do too. i thought his trailer was really cute (and to the people who are complaining about how long it took for him to make such a short thing, he also had to go back into his old videos and recover files for them which can take extremely long so) and honestly, really, if you didn’t like it and it wouldn’t have gotten you to watch his videos had you seen it as a new fan, then stop watching. no one needs your negativity. like i said, it’s possible to be a fan of someone without being a fan of everything they do. it’s actually good to recognize their flaws so you don’t get too over your head (for example i love dan to death and his videos are great but i’m uncomfortable with the rape jokes he makes). but really, shut the fuck up and stop complaining about dan and his videos because no one is forcing you to watch them. it’s your choice and if you’re disappointed week after week i literally do not comprehend why you keep coming back for more.


It’s officially October here, which means Happy Octroyeber!

I used the topics letsslaytroyler came up with, I actually think this was her (brilliant) idea, which was so cute cause we get a whole month to show all our love and support for Troye, so thank you gurl <3

So here it is, My Octroyeber List (can I call it like that? wutteva I’m just gonna do it):

Favourite Video:

I don’t really know how to explain why this is my favourite video, but it’s definitely the video that made me love and respect Troye even more than I used to. It’s not easy to share everything about your life, to be so honest, yet that’s exactly what he is doing, and with this video he basically said “This is who I am and I am proud of it. Accept me or not, your problem”. Now that is something that just a few people are capable of and I always cry when I watch this video, cause it just makes me so proud that I chose Troye as my role model. It just reminds me that I made a good choice.

Favourite Collab:

I love all of Troye’s collab, especially the Troyler ones, but idk, this particular one made me laugh and cry and I was just so happy when he uploaded it, I just started jumping around like an idiot and I completely lost my ability to even so yeah

Favourite Original Song:

This was a really hard choice cause I love all of Troye’s songs, legit I am obsessed with all of them, but I kinda feel like Happy Little Pill is that song I can listen to no matter what, whether I’m in a good or a bad mood, and it just makes me chill and calms me down

Favourite Cover:

I absolutely adore this cover, Troye’s and Ed’s styles are kinda alike, and even though I really like the original song too, I just think Troye made it a million times better. His voice just makes it perfect also hoping they will make a song together cause that would make the world a better place

Favourite Pairing:






In case this is not obvious enough, it’s Troyler ♡

Favourite Friendship:

I couldn’t choose between Tronnor

and Traspar

so yeah, both

Favourite Trio:

At first I was like pff, this is easy!

Tronnler, obviously.

But then…

Idk what to say but Cethroye (???idek???) looks really good to me also

Favourite Selfie:

Dayyyuuumm that lip ring

Favourite Outfit:

Ok, I literally love everything that Troye is wearing, but can we all just agree that Troye in a suit is just *insert crying, shocked and heart eyes emojis here*

Favourite Tweet:

His response was just perfect, laughed for about a billion years.

Favourite quote:

Thos two are my all time absolute faves, cause I feel like my whole life relates to them.

Ayy so that seems to be all, all 11 topics, hope you liked My Octroyeber List and also Happy Octroyeber! <33

the-bookworm-brony  asked:

Hello, I am new to the Bio-fandom I guess? (Correct me if I'm wrong). I've been creating a number of MOCs, but, I feel like I'm nowhere near as good as anyone else, could you give me a hand with this? Please keep in mind, I'm MOC-ing on a budget. Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the fandom!

Creating MOCs and sculptures out of Lego is considered by many to be an art, much like picking up a pencil and drawing something on paper.

This means that like an art, no one starts out at Da Vinci level x3. Sure, some people do start out their MOCcing careers at a better place than others, but that’s how things work in the art world, or the sports world, or any world that requires a certain skill. And what’s awesome about skills like this? with enough practice, ANYONE can hone them, and continuously improve ^^

For example, I started MOCcing in 2006 (i don’t have any pictures of them sadly) but this, is the first ever version of Junie (2008)

HOLY CRAP that’s disgusting right? she is an eyesore to look at. But 4 whole years of MOCcing later (I am not counting 2011-2013 because I was moving and unable to MOC) she looks like this:

That is not only a huge change, but a MASSIVE improvement, and even so there are still plenty of things that can be improved upon further.

Because as I said, we are all still learning and growing as artists :3

That said, my first point is:

1) Practice practice PRACTICE

MOC to your heart’s content! Use your imagination and then BUILD it. Make the edgiest characters even if they are stereotypical! Dump your limited parts on the floor and mess around and see what you can discover. You’d be amazed at how many connections and designes people have come up with on pure accident or by messing around with parts. Once you’ve built things, listen to peoples critiques and critique it yourself. What could be improved? how could I improve that? And then revamp the MOC when you feel it has become out of date. There is literally no better way to improve then to practice your craft. I know that’s time consuming, but I can assure you it will pay off.

2) Look at other MOCs and how-to’s

A great resource to help you improve is simply by looking at what others have built. MAAAANY people, no matter how simple or complex, have uploaded how-to’s to places like deviantART, flickr, brickshelf, youtube, etc. Even if you don’t plan to build their character- Watch these videos. you may be surprised at some of the techniques MOCcers use. Make mental notes of these techniques, or try them out yourself. Many of them can be modified to fit your own design needs too! This will help get the ball rolling and I tend to do this myself when I’m stuck in a MOC block.

Aside from How-To’s though, you can just look at other peoples MOCs themselves. Many upload very detailed shots of their MOCs design, and something I always did was try to backwards engineer a design I really liked. Backwards engineering is when you try to reconstruct a MOC design without a how-to. (sometimes there isn’t a how-to anyway) Be warned that the more custom/complex the design, the harder it will be to backwards engineer it. but if you are able to replicate a design without instructions, then consider your MOCcing skill leveled up!

To me, Backwards engineering is more beneficial than how-to’s because you are relying on your head to figure out the connections, instead of someone else giving you the answer. like a puzzle. but both are good.

Looking at others MOCs can also be very inspiring, and may give you ideas for your own MOCs. So be sure to follow lots of people! ^^

3) Colorblocking and consistency

Point 3 here is a little less important in terms of being skillful, but more important when it comes to how the MOC looks when its finished. I’ll use my own trainwreck of a mistake as an example for this.

Meet Meskii V1, who i built in the summer of 2014

Now, build wise she doesn’t look too bad. shes very custom, proportionate (albeit a bit bulky) uses the same 3 colors, no gaps anywhere. So why is this a problem? Well. Notice how in some places there black armour over white, and in others there is white armour over black, and in some its white over black over white again! This ultimately looks terrible, because it remains inconsistent with the rest of the design, and it ruins the flow of the MOC. Especially with that massive white forearm, since white is minimal everywhere else.

Another problem with this MOC? The spikes. she has spiky shoulder, and spiky tentacle things on her arms, but otherwise she looks smooth everywhere else. This in itself creates an unappealing disconnect due to lack of consistency yet again. If she were covered in spikes, or completely smooth, it’d be a different story. It’s the same reason why it’s hard to use HF parts with old bionicle or technic parts. it looks inconsistent. 

Now say hello to Meskii V2

While this one is obviously less complex, complexity isn’t always everything. After taking many critiques into consideration with V1, I built V2 and god does she look better. I matched the all white forearms with all white lower legs, gave her white on the chest and crotch and back (though you cant see it in this picture) minimized the usage of that weird blue color and restricted it to certain areas, removed the spikes, and made ABSOLUTELY SURE that the white was ALWAYS over the black. and now she looks FAR more appealing.

Moral of the story: Try colorblocking as best you can, it will make your MOCs look 100% better. I promise.

And that’s really it when it come’s down to “how to MOC”. it’s a hard question to answer since there is no right or wrong way to create art, so the best thing I can tell you are some pointers in the right direction and let you explore and grow from there. :3 Telling you what you should or should not do would be limiting your art and that’s freaking dumb so I’m not gonna do that :P

Also in regards to your budget, don’t worry, I started out broke and am still broke. all my parts either came from friends or from sets. so sadly, if you have sets alive you may have to sacrifice them for the greater good of MOCcing.

And I think that about covers it! Good luck and happy MOCcing!