i also loved the ending scene and of course we got yet another lovely coffee scene

Reloaded, A Reactionary Post

Major Crimes, S1xE1: Episode Review

And so begins my Major Crimes rewatch with reactionary posts all the way from the first episode. Enjoy!

What this episode is about:
Changes (for better and for worse)
// Provenza’s Leadership vs. Raydor’s Leadership
// Deal or No Deal
// The Kid: Rusty Beck
Alliances and Divisions
// Sharon vs Provenza
// The oddity of Amy Sykes
// Sharon & Andy

The Case (and Greg Miller)
There are always parallels between the cases and the personal story involving our detectives. For this particular episode, there isn’t a very definitive personal line. There are however some parallels that pop up. 

The Vet
The killer in the case, Greg is a young war vet with the rest of his life ahead of himself. Amy, our new squad member is also a war vet. But unlike Greg, Amy is (for the most part) a well adjusted person. We don’t know that much about Amy’s life as an MP, and what she saw specifically. But if she did ever have PTSD, it is something she dealt with. 

The Son (who’s suffering from PTSD)
Greg is also the son of a police detective. Him and his friends could not adjust back into normal society. Unfortunately for Greg, his father didn’t push him to seek help with his PTSD. Similar to Rusty Beck who’s clearly suffering with issues from the abandonment of his mother, abuse from her boyfriend and effects from his prostituting on the streets. By the end of the episode Sharon takes Rusty home. And thus the start of a long emotional journey between the two of them.

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Westallen - Music Moments on the Flash: Part II

First of all, thank you to everyone who like and reblogged the original post! And thank you to anyone who asked me a question. I appreciate all the love and it makes me feel less like I’m just talking to myself. This post is about the soundtrack and even though I’m a Westallen shipper and this was originally just about them, I think I’ve included all kinds of music moments that will interest you if you like music and music on TV shows and movies. So, before we get into this post (which is going to be long as hell because this has made me realise just how much music is used at all points in time in superhero shows), I have to explain a few things about Western classical music and soundtracks in general. If you know any or all of this already, then I guess you can skip it. (I just finished editing this, and it is REALLY long. Prepare yourself lol).

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TVLINE | There was also that throwaway line earlier in 3B where Caitlin asks Stiles if he likes guys — and he pauses. Did that mean anything?
That was nothing, really. Stiles isn’t gay, and he knows that, but what I love about him is that he’s even open to reacting that way to a question. He doesn’t have to jump into a defensive thing; he’s just so honest. He’s clearly not gay — I’ve never thought the character was — but he also looks at people as people. He doesn’t associate gay and not gay, but he knows he likes girls. [Laughs] It definitely created a whole thing, though.

rest of the interview can be found here: (x)

Can we talk about this?

I always thought Dylan understood his character better than anyone else on the show, but now I have to say I’m highly disappointed.

If that is indeed what happened during the caitlin scene, he’s basically admitting that the show has been queerbaiting us all along and they’re not even sorry for it, cause guess what?? it’s our damn fault for reading too much into it !!( I never heard that one before!)

“It definitely created a whole thing”, HA! Of course it’s our fault.. when is it never our fault for interpretating something the way THEY want us to interpretate it? How else were we supposed to read that pause he did when asked if he liked boys, after all? Of course it screamed “I’M SO STRAIGHT! I’m just pausing cause I saw a fly over there!”

Here is a crazy idea: how about you stop? How about you quit writing scenes that lead us to believe there’s a great potential for a couple on screen in the first place? How about you stop telling us WE are imagining things and YOU start writing scenes that aren’t AMBIGUOUS? It would be as easy as that.

Or better yet: how about you stop mocking us?

I mean, they do have to realize it’s basically a b-rated tv show that’s only lasted so long and gotten so popular cause of an AMAZING and loyal fandom. They have to know that.

And guess what’s the biggest part of that fandom? It surely can’t be us sterek shippers! You would think they’d have more respect for us, if that were the case, wouldn’t you?

I’m so damn tired of this. 

WAY TO GO, btw. Releasing this interview right before the finale is a stellar idea. 

Here is my prediction: ratings tonight will drop. Tomorrow will be filled with posts from people who (like me) have decided to give up.

Just to be clear, I’m not giving up Sterek, I’m giving up the show.

Let’s be realistic, there’s some people here on Tumblr who wrote metas FAR MORE interesting and original than whatever passes as canon on tv (and don’t let me get started on the fanfictions!). And honestly that’s just sad.

Maybe Dylan should take Jeff out for a coffee, cause I lost track of how many times Jeff said that Stiles is BI. They should sit down in front of a hot mug, make a decision AND STICK WITH IT.

Also, here’s another suggestion: how about you write something that’s self explainatory? I’m tired of actors coming along and telling us what really happened on a scene, like shelly did on the basement scene (in which she denied malia and stiled had sex, only for us to be told later than indeed they had). 

You know what’d be REALLY interesting to see on tv? A relationship forming between two people who’d never thought they’d give the other person a second glance, but managed to overcome their prejudice and their differences and see, really see eachother for what they really are, and start to care for one another. 

If you don’t find that interesting, just FYI, you’re spitting on the plot of Pride and Prejudice, one of the masterpieces of global literature (and one of the most beautiful love stories ever written), and I’m sorry for you.

You know what’d NOTbe interesting to see on tv? The OVERtold clichè of the popular girl who finally falls in love with the awkward guy who’s loved her for years (I’m sorry Stydia shippers, this isn’t about you. This is me loving Stiles and Lydia too much to see them together.). Or yet another strong female character who can’t seem to live on a show if she isn’t someone’s love interest. Or a bunch of new characters no one would care about when we already LOVE the ones who are already there, the ones there’s never time to really get to know (Isaac, Danny, Greenberg, Coach).

I know at the end of the day, writers don’t write a show for the fans, but what’s a show without fans?

I’d started losing hope right at the begining of season 3b, but kept watching the show for how amazing Dylan was, and for the amazing people on the fandom who kept inspiring me with their posts and their ideas about all the characters development we were getting even though stiles and derek had been kept separated.

I guess we were all kidding ourselves.

Dylan saying “ We support everything the fans like, and however they love the show is how they love the show.” about sterek, is basically saying it’s never going to happen, but keep watching the show sterek fans, we can’t give you sterek, but go on, keep watching the show and fuel our ratings.

That’s not alright for me. I wrote months ago about how the writers give us crumbs to keep us appeased, when they never mean to deliver.

Guess it was forshadowing cause we got derek caring for stiles, stiles doubting his sexuality (though he really wasn’t, we were just imagining that!), derek being king on stiles’ board. All things that though few, kept us hooked.

Not anymore. I’d like to see what happens to teen wolf, if tomorrow all the sterek shippers decide they have enough.

I feel so sad and disappointed right now. Guess you become bitter when you deal with this for too long.

anonymous asked:

Curious for your thoughts on this but what would Arrow be like without Felicity (since EBR was originally a guest star)?

A dark, depressing show? Dead in the water?

Ha. Brevity aside, I honestly can’t even imagine Arrow without Felicity Smoak anymore. I mean, I literally cannot picture it.

I have no idea what the show’s original direction would have been throughout season 1 and beyond had Felicity either not shown up at all, or shown up for her one scene and then disappeared. Well, I do know, but I can’t picture it.

See, the thing is, the pilot set up the proposed trajectory of the show quite neatly, if not exactly successfully. Oliver was back from the island, he loved Laurel but didn’t know if he could ever be with her. Laurel meanwhile had a thing going on with Tommy, his best friend, who was in love with her (whether she was in love with Tommy at that point, I don’t know for sure. Certainly the potential was there). Season 1 had this whole cliched love triangle drama going on (and why the detractors of the show’s current direction never complain about that is both mind-boggling and enlightening) and had the show not changed course mid-way through thanks to Stephen and Emily’s electric chemistry and the promise of something “more”, it would have continued along that path for at least the rest of the season, if not beyond.

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Save Sherlock: The Pact of Three and how John and Anderson are partners in crime this time

In Season 3, we are given the titles of The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three and His Last Vow in this order. But the significance of the titles do not end in their respective episodes as we know that Sherlock made his last vow actually in The Sign of Three. I always thought the straightforward order and the expected associations, like the sign of three corresponding, Mary, John and the baby (fake or not) is tricky. And then there is a great meta by loudest-subtext-on-television on issues of triples. In that one, everyone almost has three personalities and mirrors but what I will explain is not the deep subtextual clues like “my husband is three people.” It is the pact of three that relates to ACD canon.

Where do I go from here? As you know from the Kiss meta my mind is a little inter-episodic. The things that you will read from now on is more of a speculation not exactly a complete deduction. Someone might want to reconstruct them in a different manner and the results might be fantastically different.

I have some inklings about some of the loose ends that have stuck in my mind. These loose ends are about the Moriarty clip that was broadcasted and the question of who could be behind it. HereI speculate that “Did you miss me?” was a collaborative work of John, Anderson and as a third party most probably Mycroft or even Janine. In the ACD story The Sign of Four, where we meet Mary, the sign of four symbolizes a secret a pact and a scheme among four characters including Mary’s father who is killed and the whole retrieval of the treasure becomes a failure. I say, what if it is also a scheme on Sherlock?

Why has Anderson become such a central character in this scheme ? He must be more than a ridiculed plot device with his incompetence. He is ruined because of his guilt, he gained full faith in Sherlock after his disappearance and he spent endless hours to get into his mind.  Somehow, he gets things after these two years and he became a trustworthy devotee to Sherlock as we know from the Mycroft’s drug busts scene. Maybe, Mycroft even secretly employed him to follow Sherlock. In this season, Anderson knew Sherlock so well that he could tell where Mary would find him. After two years of studying his mind, he knows his methods now.

Moving on, who else was ruined after Sherlock’s death in the same manner? Can’t go on living mode. John Watson. That’s why Anderson wears a mirror oatmeal colored jumper in Many Happy Returns. Here is my overall reading of the situation from the sentiment perspective. If I were the creators of the show, I would feel that I owed John Watson a closure. What is this closure? The opportunity to save Sherlock Holmes after the first time he did it in ASIP. Sherlock didn’t give John a chance in TRF. The fall is a gap in their trust and absolute loyalty with each other. It is a bend in their timeline and has to be closed. 

They want the mainstream viewers to think that JW is the damsel in distress. Even Magnussen was given a line about this. John is so unimportant that he doesn’t even have a hefty file on him. But like Moriarty underestimating Molly’s role, Magnussen also underestimated John’s power to save Sherlock. These dynamics are very parallel to TRF. The chance that was never given to John in TRF can be given to him this time in HLV. The show can give an opportunity both to Anderson and John Watson to make it up to Sherlock and take a role in bringing him back. This might be the reason why it was foreshadowed with the drug bust scene organized among John, Mycroft and Anderson. From the narrative’s perspective, as a character, Sherlock can not embark upon yet another lonely journey that asks for his selflessness. This ending had to be more than that, not a repetitive sacrifice like we see in TRF. 

What made me further dig into this speculation is the actual sign of 3 we see in the tarmac scene, when Sherlock’s plane takes off. Of course this is a real air field with signage for the runways but what if it is part of the sign of three mystery? What is it is a code for viewers to connect the dots? Let me walk you through it. I will connect the tarmac ending to many moments in the season and mainly through Philip Anderson and John Watson.

For me, the first visible and literal signs of three started in Many Happy Returns. We see Anderson tracking Sherlock through three cities - he has a line about this- and the map clearly shows us that he is approaching from the East, a la East wind mode. While discussing this, he and Lestrade are at the same bar that Lestrade would later see the Moriarty viral on tv. I think this location choice is significant. It is also the same bar they visit on the stag night- could be cost reduction on production end as well. But nevertheless strong parallels to the HLV’s ending.

Then, when Lestrade is outside, he sees a paper that says “ the game is back on” of course foreshadowing Sherlock’s return but also another parallel to the “the game is over” dialogue between John and Sherlock at the tarmac. Lestrade stares at the paper and at the back there is a sign saying “Third Floor Gallery”. All the threes lined in a row.

Then we switch to the TEH. Anderson and Lestrade are in front of the coffee vendor which has three empty cups and three bottles of syrup. All to get our attention to this repetitive pattern saying “Pay attention to Anderson!” In Anderson’s first TRF theory, John was stopped by Derren Brown. Brown readjusts John’s watch and what time do we see on the watch? 3 pm. This is the first connection between Anderson’s creative mind and John Watson. Anderson had worked on crazy details regarding Sherlock’s fall and he is visually limitless in expressing them in charts, collages, theories. These might be handy in creating a one fake “did you miss me” clip later.

(bonus a projected image of a mouth of a tv presenter with Anderson next to it, foreshadowing the Moriarty collage?)

Then we see Sherlock getting a shave while Anderson’s fake skeleton case hits the papers. 

FF to Jack the Ripper Case. The whole issue of east as a direction foreshadowed in this scene again. The clothes of the skeleton received southeast light and we see a compass on the screen. What else is there in the fake Jack the Ripper case? The skeleton is 6 months old and was a burn victim. The same amount of time it takes someone to die on an MI6 mission in Eastern Europe and what John would basically be if he got killed in the bonfire. Another tripartite structure for John, Anderson and SherlockAnd the book’s title is “How I did it?” A fake memoir. Isn’t it what Sherlock does when he tells how he survived the fall in front of Anderson?

Moving on to the HLV, the drugs bust is where we see our schemers together. When Anderson was on a drug bust the last time we saw him in ASIP, what happened next? John saved Sherlock from the cabbie. Why not mirror it then?

There are great metas in the fandom about the whole John - Mary - Sherlock business and on a broad level, I share their view on John not forgiving Mary and Sherlock lying to John. My reading is particularly about the way they handled the Save Sherlock part. After Sherlock shoots Magnussen, John steps in and devises a plan with Mycroft and Anderson. My brain goes back and forth between Mycroft and Janine as the third party. The viral spread of the clip points out to a broadcast but Mycroft could easily have access to that system by himself. Janine’s “I will give your love to John and Mary” and Sherlock’s “Give my love to Mary” make me somehow think of Janine. 

The Moriarty clip is a great way to bring Sherlock back and Mycroft needs accomplices who have their heart in Sherlock and who suffered tremendously from his previous loss. On an emotional reading, somehow, I was never convinced that John was saying goodbye to Sherlock on the tarmac. If he is part of this pact, he knows he will come back and he is acting mostly for Mary. Also, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Moriarty isn’t alive. I just don’t think the viral clip is his work.

Martin Freeman showed more devastation in his expressions when Sherlock proposed to Janine, than when he supposedly said goodbye to Sherlock

“No, we are not naming our daughter after you” is there because he knows that a commemoration or legacy will not be needed. He can’t be so cruel to say “the game is over” to a man who is going for a death mission. Some might argue that he is in denial. I believe he must be trying to give some sort of a comforting signal to Sherlock. He is also approaching him and almost whispering. 

He is waiting for the clip to run. Anderson arranged the whole edited clip, maybe used things from his own repository of Moriarty. If he thought the clip was real, wouldn’t he be shocked like others upon finding out? He is just watching the plane turn back, as expected. After all, it takes John Watson to save one’s life. as Sherlock said in his best man speech.

All these led me to believe that, together they are the sign of three and unlike the failure in the ACD story, they retrieved the treasure, which in this case is Sherlock.