i also love the one with chewbacca

Me at Disney World

-STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE STAR WARS!!!!!!!

-ok but fuck you Disney for ruining the Star Wars



-Star Wars ride: ok but was it NECESSARY to include Jar Jar Binks in this ride??????

-Singing along to all the Star Wars music playing overhead at all times (there’s no WORDS but you know that I am singing along)

-Star Wars fireworks: SOBBING

-Kylo Ren/TFA footage during Star Wars fireworks: gagging

-OT Princess Leia scenes in Star Wars fireworks: SOBBING HYSTERICALLY

-I don’t want to buy this merch because Disney is selling it and Disney screwed up Star Wars and didn’t care

-I am going to buy this Star Wars merchandise anyways because I am an addict and I am weak

-do I need this millennium falcon mug?????


-where is all the Leia merch????

-where is all the OT merch????????

-why can I buy more shit with Krennic on it than Leia????

-meeting Chewbacca and crying

-little children running through the parks with lightsabers and X-wing Mickey ears so cute!!!!!!

-little kids growing up thinking TFA is Star Wars so sad

-the Force theme at all moments

-also throne room song at all times

-oh ok Disney so you’ll split up Han and Leia’s marriage to create cheap contradictory drama but you’ll happily make money off their OT relationship by selling I love you I know merch in every store I see where your priorities lie

-Star Wars characters come on stage one by one to perform. Crowd cheers for threepio, artoo, Vader, and Chewie. Kylo Ren walks out: UTTER SILENCE. Me: that’s right

-did I mention I met Chewbacca and wept

-person: are you a Star Wars fan? Me: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

-why would anyone want to buy merch that says they’re a member of the first order or the empire why is it cool to be like SPACE FASCISM YEAH!!!! Genocide happened and now I’m wearing a shirt about it!!! Like??????

-also why is there hardly any Rebellion merch at all??????

-to buy a lightsaber or not to buy a lightsaber that is the question

-action figures available to purchase at Star Wars launch bay: literally every character, including ewoks, jawas, jar jar binks, Han and Luke, etc, but NO LEIA. Me: OH REALLY??????????????

-person refers to Luke Skywalker as “that’s um, the main guy I think”. Me: is that person secretly an alien or a real life hermit????? What rock do they live under and can I go there too to escape the sequel trilogy?

-small child behind me: *with glee* IT’S BB-8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: I will put that child on my own two shoulders so that she can see the Star Wars

-my mom: go meet Kylo Ren!!!! Me: DO YOU KNOW ME AT ALL?

-Disney: posters of the OT all over Hollywood studios. Me: MY CHILDREN

-sitting on speeder bike and weeping

-Hoth Leia tsum-tsum!!!!! Tiny bean Leia!!!!! Little snowsuit Leia with Hoth braids!!!!!!!!!!! I will cherish her all my life!!!!

-someone: princess–
Me: LEIA?!?!?!?!

-Star Wars

star wars characters as my childhood neighborhood
  • luke skywalker: mrs. cooper, who had a boxer puppy named abbi that was actually mine at heart, passed out candy and bunny plushies and let me use her porch to play pirates and had the coolest granddaughter
  • leia organa: good friend from up the street we played really, really complicated games with. nobody has ever played barbies harder than this. there was a lengthy, emotional plot, drama, questioned the value of life. also our elephant toys looked similar, so we married them
  • han solo: me, who named the apple tree a papple tree because i thought the apples it produced, which were very definitely just apples, tasted like peaches, and claimed one tree to be my tree of playing. you couldn't touch my tree. i loved my tree.
  • chewbacca: the tree
  • C-3PO: the big golden great dane named maggie that i tried to ride like a horse. showed up at completely random times. never understood that she wanted me to pet her, not sit astride her as we rode into narnia
  • R2-D2: maggie's evil twin, who we never saw but heard howling in the night, the reason i believed werewolves were real until i was 9
  • darth vader: the person with the cow-themed kitchen, with the cow salt-shakers and the cow apron and the cow chairs. gave me a sea horse plushie with a torn tail out of spite. used to hunt for tiny tomato frogs in their rock garden after they disappeared mysteriously
  • the emperor: the crazy cat lady with three feet of bushes obscuring her house from view, making it look like an urban jungle. her cats populated the woods and i thought they were in a cat gang, which meant the cat lady was a werecat lady, because only cats can be in a cat gang. staked out her house with binoculars. did not know how to work binoculars, mission failed.
Yo! Who wants some Star Wars flower crown icons?!

So I got bored and made a whole bunch of Star Wars icons for anyone who wishes to use them! 

If you want a character that isn’t here just ask me and please like/reblog if you plan on using them.

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Actual lines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, part BB-8
  • *An average day outside Maz Kanata's tavern. Rey and Finn are walking by a babbling brook. Yes, there totally was a babbling brook*
  • Finn (romance novel-like): Rey, I have something really important I want to ask you. First off, I want to say...you look really beautiful today. The way the light catches your eyes, I just want to stare into them for the rest of my life.
  • Rey (in her head): Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...he's finally doing this. I don't know how I feel about this.
  • Finn: I can't deny what I feel for you. You're my forever girl and I want to ask you-
  • *Suddenly, Kylo Ren drops from the sky. He removes his helmet and flips his hair sexily. Rey and Finn both blush*
  • Kylo (tortured soul mode activated): Hey babe...we've only just met but to me, you're the real chosen one. You bring balance to my life because I love you. You bring me to life and you taste like Vader, only sweeter! I want to be with you to the point that I'm willing to brave the coldness of the light...as long as you're the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Rey (in her head): Oh...okay. I didn't know that about him but for some reason, I'd be totally okay with that. Man, what's happening right now? Is this 'confess your love to Rey day'? Who's next-
  • *Poe Dameron flies in on his X-Wing and jumps out, blaster at hand*
  • Poe: HEY. Get away from Rey, I'm her one true love!
  • Finn: What are you talking about? You didn't even share a single scene with her!
  • Poe: The absence of a scene does not mean the scene did not occur! Rey, you remember that time I confessed my love to you before taking on a rancor, an army of jawas, and a Sith lord that was sent to kill you, right?
  • Rey: Um...I think...I think I gotta go. Yeah, this has been great and all but-
  • *At this point, a whole bunch of characters start showing up as Rey looks more and more confused*
  • Jessika: Hey Rey...you, me. Ladies night. Then maybe we can go back to my place and test out my whips. (winks)
  • Statura: Only an admiral can show you a good time, not like these clowns! You like ships? I got a whole fleet! (starts tossing out credits, making it rain)
  • Chewbacca: *sexy roar*
  • BB-8 (in droid speak): I'm just a bachelor! I'm looking for a partner! Someone who knows how to ride! Without even falling off!
  • Luke: Well, we don't know if you're my daughter yet so...
  • Captain Phasma: *flexes muscles while still in chrome suit*
  • TR-8R: I'M A TREYTOR BECAUSE I HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU! JUST FOR YOU, I WILL ALSO DESERT THE FIRST ORDER! (performs an elaborate mating dance routine with his spinning baton thing)
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • *as everyone argues, Rey flees*
  • Narrator: And at that point, Rey realized that this was one star war that she wanted no part of. No other war was as deadly as a shipping war. That's why this chapter's called, 'Rey Doesn't Need a Lover'-
  • Rey (breaking the fourth wall): Damn it, Quentin Tarantino, go back to the Hateful Eight!
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Previous part: http://hotel-isiah.tumblr.com/post/136870142830/actual-lines-from-star-wars-the-force-awakens

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do u have like a list of the best ben c interviews? pls i need cheering up


my fave is the one where jimmy fallon attempts to plan some activity-esque game with him and he’s a fuckin mess and looks about 21, like who tf is this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCataNWjw-Q 

this is the mad lib theatre one where they do random word associations (which is fuckin ridiculous to begin with, welcome to his twister mind) and then they act it out and it’s a mess, also he dances a bit and at one point he’s like “d’you wanna stroke it jimmy ;PPP” lmao ok http://flixreel.club/episodes/the-tonight-show-starring-jimmy-fallon-3x173-benedict-cumberbatch-rachel-maddow-jim-james/

this is sooooo cute ben and keira have such amazing chemistry, i genuinely believe they are actual bros, or maybe ben is just like that with everyone cause he’s an iconic cancer sun icon, but this is like….. there are so many highlights, every moment of this is a highlight, just watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN1dgyHJ1e8

this is a more serious one from the imitation game promo tour (the whole thing was gr8), they talk about feminism and imperialism and institutional homophobia like who tf is this sjw cuck (but it’s also fun, this is where the iconic gif is from where he tells off the interviewer for telling keira she looks awfully tired or something lmao) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nm5sCiK_K4

here is 25 min android mobile cam recording of ben and tilda swinton playing jenga which sounds about as boring as life could possibly get but i promise you it’s very cute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6cWYvZZf8I

i have no idea who josh horowitz is but he seems like a chill dude and a great interviewer and i wish this was how Geek Guys usually acted anyways he has several interviews with ben and they’re all fun, watch this for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX7RWCdxxtQ

here is ben telling harrison ford he used to fantasize about him lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCLkrkIOk7w here is ben’s chewbacca impersonation from the same interview and harrison ford internally goin “who. the FUCK is this weird boy” ghdjnbfnjf like same, harrison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgryTsJpOWY

ok i’ll shut up now tldr i love him

edit: no i won’t i just remembered i forgot this ikonik one from ages ago where he has a horrible lisp and tom hardy talks about hitting him in the face with his dick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5SbV8VQBvE

ok one more hfjkf this is very old too and it’s like ??? this geek bitsch, also i loved this queercuts dot tumlr dot com hairstyle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zV4FHP4smY