i also love that pin thing on her

Marlene had so many things and she was also focusing on Famous In Love, so it was hard to get her to pin [anything] down. I was like, “Just give me a location so I can start to work on an accent!” [Laughs] She would be like, “She’s from the U.K.,” and I was like, “Oh, oh, my god, okay great. Where in the U.K.?” And she’s like, “I don’t know, somewhere in London.” “Marlene, there are so many accents in London, where is she from?” She was like, “I don’t know, she shouldn’t sound like Julian.” I was like, “Okay, so she’s not going to sound like Julian Morris, great.” She’d toss out new things to me. It was a fun game that I got to play and I would bring her back ideas of, “What if she was working at a bar?” And then by the time the finale rolled around, she had gotten really specific with where she wanted Alex to be from and how she wanted her to move and sound like and all that.
Marlene had so many things and she was also focusing on Famous In Love, so it was hard to get her to pin anything down. I was like, “Just give me a location so I can start to work on an accent!” [Laughs] She would be like, “She’s from the U.K.,” and I was like, “Oh, oh, my god, okay great. Where in the U.K.?” And she’s like, “I don’t know, somewhere in London.” “Marlene, there are so many accents in London, where is she from?” She was like, “I don’t know, she shouldn’t sound like Julian.” I was like, “Okay, so she’s not going to sound like Julian Morris, great.” She’d toss out new things to me. It was a fun game that I got to play and I would bring her back ideas of, “What if she was working at a bar?” And then by the time the finale rolled around, she had gotten really specific with where she wanted Alex to be from and how she wanted her to move and sound like and all that.
—  Troian Bellisario

Spencer Hastings: the rundown

I’d like to applaud the growth of Spencer Hastings over the course of the series- and I don’t think the growth stopped at 7a.

Here’s my spencer character rundown.

Season 1:

Spencer was portrayed as the little sister that’s always in her older sister’s shadows—however I think Spencer is way smarter than Melissa. She let’s pressure get the best of her as well as repeating past mistakes(i.e keeping her lip’s on Melissa’s men). I love how her and Toby’s relationship began, I think that they brought out the open-mindedness of both of the character.

Season 2:

I don’t know about all of you but I knew if one liar would get trapped with A in the end, I knew it’d be Spencer. This was Spencer’s investigative season. She asked the right questions and found out things she did and didn’t want to know. I do wish they would’ve gone a different route when she found out Jason was her brother- I low-key hoped that they would develop a better brother sister bond. I’m proud that she finally spoke up to her father in this season. We also got a glimpse of her selflessness by sacrificing her relationship with Toby to keep him safe.

Season 3:

Spoby reunions - I live for them. It was a classy “first time” scene. This season was so bomb for her. One of my all time favorite moments was when she slapped Toby when she saw him in that hoodie *chills*. This season gave her so much depth-i.e when she thought Toby was dead which lead to her going to Radley. The whole fake A team ploy was kind of weak but served it’s purpose for the time being.

Season 4:

I’m glad she supported Toby in the whole figuring out what happened to his mother thing—even though it wasn’t my favorite storyline.

Season 5:

Well this was a season where she was in 2 too many jumpsuits. I feel like they were really trying to pin random crimes on her. I got chills when the were being arrested when Alison was found guilty. I thought it was creepy that Melissa was being nice to her. Also, I found her “love interests” - Colin and Johnny- stupid and a waste of time. I didn’t approve of her trying to use Toby to get information since he became a cop

Season 6:

Her addiction resurfaced in 6a and after some point I was over it. I think she was an asset to the big picture but she was extremely obsessive with the Charles thing which I’ll get to later. Let’s get to the 5 years forward I’m so happy that they did because I got tire of them being in high school. Although a career in politics was a given to her I love the 23 year old Spencer, even more sophisticated than ever. What I’m about to say may piss people off but I loved Spaleb. I think that their relationship made a lot of sense they’re both mature, responsible, good, intelligent and kind hearted people. It made sense and they were so cute together for the short time that it lasted. I know they get a lot of flack but at the end of the day Hanna and Caleb had been broken up for years and in those years he and Spencer were getting close so I don’t want to hear that’s a out of the blue situation. Also Hanna and Caleb had not seen each other since their break up and same goes for Spencer and Toby. I’m a Haleb fan and a Spoby fan but get over it ppl.

Season 7: Even though not much has happened and I’ll probably end up updating this whole blog post at the end of the series lets do this anyways. I think Spencer being Mary’s daughter was inevitable lets get that out of the way first. Mary always had a weird vibe when coming around her so I wasn’t surprised she was her biological daughter. But might I add that I’m tired of every time a big family twist happens, it’s always involving the Hastings or Dilaurentis families. I think they could’ve gone with Aria or Hanna or someone else. I feel like this was done to keep Mary relevant to the big picture. It explains why Spencer was so obsessive when trying to figure out Charles but if she gets a sibling vibe, why didn’t she have it with Cece if they’re the same person. I don’t like the chain reacted that’ll be set off if Peter is her biological father and not adopted father. Peter being Spencer’s real father not only means that he stepped out on Veronica twice(who doesn’t deserve it bc I think she’s a great person, but did so with twins. That means that Spencer and Jason are first cousins and half siblings and that’s a little too close for comfort. And even though I was sad she got shot, I know she didn’t die so I’m good

Fave moments so far:

The showdown when she found out Mona was A

Her style

When she broke up with Toby in order to protect him from A’s wrath

“bitch crazy”

“bitch chipped us”

Spoby’s first time

Asking Toby if she could kiss him one last time 😍

Spoby in general

Spaleb arc - “I need you to go get a glass, ‘cause your girlfriends drinking all by herself and it’s real sad”

What I want from her in the final 10 episodes:

A Spoby wedding

Her to reject Mary as her mother(harsh, I know, but Veronica has been a great mother to her and Mary has been a backstabbing snake since the day she showed up). I kind of wish Mary was just the surrogate.

Spencer helping Toby get through Yvonne dying and letting him feel again. Closer bond with Jason(won’t happen)

This might be a bit unusual for this blog, but I am going to do an analysis…of an object. That staff is one of the most interesting tools/weapons in the entire show, and they didn’t even bother to give it a name. I’ll just call it “the staff,” since that’s all Freakshow calls it, but yeah.

Like I said, this is out of the ordinary, so it might get messy, but I’ll do my best.

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Wedding Day

Short Tom Hiddleston drabble thing for youuu <3

Word Count: 563

Summary: Tom’s thoughts on and leading up to your wedding day

AN: I haven’t posted in a while but I got a bunch of these in storage somewhere haha. Would love feedback. Also send me requests myloves.

mwahh - Jess

She looked beautiful.

Her dress fit her in all the right places, the train of it following behind. The way her eyes sparkled while she scanned the large room, even as the veil covered part of her face, I saw that amazing sparkle. Her hair was intricately pinned up allowing everyone to see that smile.

That smile.

I would give anything if it meant I could see that smile every day, even if just for a second. I wanted to be the one to make her smile. The one who makes her cheeks flush and her eyes move to her feet. It made every part of me feel warm and just happy.

She walked gracefully down the long aisle and I swear, I could feel my heart beat even faster. It felt like it was going to explode in my chest. I smiled at her and her smile grew even brighter, causing butterflies to flutter in my stomach as well as making it twist painfully.

She finally reached the altar and handed her maid of honor the bouquet she held in her hands before turning to look at him.


“Tom, you’re my best friend, right?” She spoke and looked up at me from where her head was resting on my lap.

I chuckled at her and replied, “Well, I’d like to think I am”

We were best friends. We are. I just wish I had the guts to finally ask her out instead of watch her waste her time with boys who don’t even know the half of how amazing this girl is.

“Why’d you ask?” I looked down at her when she started to fidget and sat up, turning to face me from the other side of the couch.

“Andrew and I… It was our second year anniversary yesterday.” She continued to fidget and I tried my best to hide the scowl that was threatening to show on my face.

2 years? Had it been that long? I was surprised when they had reached a year, but 2?

My gut turned with obvious jealousy thinking about how possible it was that they weren’t breaking up.

What if he is the one for her? Does that mean I’m not? I have to be, right? Nobody knows her as much as I do… And nobody knows me as much as she does.

I hummed back at her, signaling her to continue and all she did was stick out her hand to me. A hand with a very obvious engagement ring wrapped around her slim finger.

I wanted to throw up. To laugh and cry at the same time. This can’t be real. This is a prank

“I’m engaged.” She giggled, and my heart broke even more.

He proposed… And she said yes.

She’s going to be his.


And in a few minutes, she’ll already be.

I smiled at her, watching her take his hand in hers and wipe the tears that managed to escape her eyes while she giggled.

I smiled because I know that she’s happy and she’s finally found ‘the one’. Even if on the inside I’m dying because I know 'the one’ isn’t me. 'The one’ is right in front of her, pecking her lips before lifting their hands up and cheering with the crowd.

He’ll make her happy, and I’d do anything to keep her happy.

Even if I’m not.


Request: Reader surprises Mick with an unusual skill/secret so he ends up being like ‘MINE’.

A/N: Kind of a mix of both? I made her MacGyver in a sense. It went from she can pick locks to she can do everything with less. And that’s totally not because I was listening to WW music (it was). Also, I love Mick. I love him so much ever since he was on the Flash. He became a fave bc of my Flash Fic. God, I hope this is right and good. Thank you for requesting! (Also! Watch MacGyver! It has Lucas Till!)

Pairing: Mick Rory x Fem!Reader

Words: 697

Summary: Classified. Well, everything about her past is classified until she tells Mick everything.

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My thoughts on the Steven Bomb

(Spoilers, obviously)

Lion 4: Alternate Ending

In previous Steven/Rose episodes, we see Steven trying to separate himself from Rose’s past mistakes, history with Homeworld, etc. In this episode, we see him realize that his mom just… loved him, and wanted him to exist. No strings attached. He attempts to attach her/himself to Homeworld again, but in the end it’s just a mother/son thing. I’m glad they touched on this subject! 

We also find out that he had endless opportunities for his future, and that Garnet couldn’t pin-point any one of them. That’s interesting! I really like his girl name, too. 

Doug Out - Doug is pure, and good, and I will stomp anyone who talks smack about him. There’s not a ton of father figures present in this show, so it’s nice to get an episode focusing on Connie and her dad’s relationship. 

The fake Italian accent got old (I’m Italian, and I can do a better impression based off my relatives :p), but I did appreciate the nod towards Mario and Carmen Sandiego. 

We also got our “first glance” at the new Homeworld gems, and Onion getting taken away… It’s a good thing he eventually did escape, because Vidallia would have gone to Homeworld with a shot gun. That is assuming, of course, Onion didn’t destroy the planet before she got there.

The Good Lars - I’ve been on the fence about Lars for a while, but I think I can safely say I like him now. He’s a kid with some issues that need to be worked out (His “issues” are a whole seperate post, honestly). But, if you think about it, Lars from episode 1 VS Lars now is vastly different. He has been working on it, even if he’s not really “there” yet. 

I imagine that, since he’s now on his way to Homeworld, he’s going to finally get the major character development he needs. I think that if he would just be himself, he would be a lot more enjoyable of a character in general. Give me more of the food cooking, love sharing, Lars. I would also like to eat that cake he made, irl. Damn that looks good. 

(P.S. The cool kids are always fun to see, they are so cute).

Are You My Dad?/ I Am My Mom 

Amethyst getting Steven to leave the mailbox and go have a better day? I love it. I love their relationship. Amethyst/Steven’s relationship is one of my favorite things in the show, honestly. Garnet and Pearl randomly making crab castles? Bless them.

That scene with all the gems drawing was priceless, honestly. One of the best jokes in the show. My shipper heart is also pleased that Steven put Amethyst/Pearl on their own search party team, and they share that awkward little glance. It just cracked me up.

Aquamarine, my birthstone, is finally represented! She’s a bitch, and I love her. Topaz was interesting too, but they showed a lot less of her. Hopefully we get more development in future episodes.

 I think it would be funny if when she did talk, she had a really high pitched, girly voice. Everyone expects this RoboCop like voice, but she actually sounds like a tween girl. 

ANYWAY: Steven’s guilt about his friends being kidnapped over Peridot’s report was very interesting. However, I’m more interested to see Peridot’s reaction to this in future episodes. Will she fly with Lapis to Homeworld to save Steven? She is going to blame herself, at the very least. I guess the others could take Lion and follow Lapis/Peri, but he had a hard time just getting to the moon, nevermind Homeworld. Peridot and Pearl could also build a ship, I suppose…

Anyway, I really liked how the gems trusted Steven enough to let him onto the spaceship, alone, with his plan to split Topaz’s fusion. They were obviously not fans of said plan, but they still trusted in his ability to complete it. And he did! But, I guess in the interest of getting Homeworld off of Earth, he decided to just…”turn himself in”? Amethyst’s voice crack when telling him to come back, or she’ll “kick his butt” was actually really heartbreaking to me. I think in a lot of ways, Amethyst is just as emotional as Pearl.

Connie’s final cry of “NO!” to Steven was also pretty heartbreaking. Steven’s “I love you” was incredibly powerful, but foreboding. He legit things he’s never going to see any of them, again. 


Not much else I can say, except… I hope the next hiatus isn’t too long. lol 

anonymous asked:

watching a movie together?

“You think they’d move the clock away from the wall a few feet.” The brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt has just charged up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door, and one of the aunts has run over to stop the clock from ringing in response. “That’s a fixable problem.”

“You’re missing the point,” says Root, twirling some chow mein around her chopsticks. She’s sitting cross-legged, picnic style on a blanket on the floor. “It’s a comedic device.”

“Fine. So when do we get to the murder?”

“Soon. Kinda. It’s offscreen. Just… enjoy this for what it is.”

It’s Halloween, and Root downloaded Arsenic and Old Lace because this was her ritual when the other kids went trick-or-treating. She’d copied the local rental store’s VHS and watched it over and over, including every year on Halloween night. Not an exciting prospect for an evening in–until she offered to order Chinese, her treat. That sealed the deal. 

“I always thought she was cute,” says Root, watching Cary Grant and his lady love kissing in the graveyard in that old-black-and-white-movie way–mashed mouths, no tongue. Root looks a little sad, watching them–no one should look sad while eating chow mein and watching sub-par movie kisses, but that’s Root for you.

“Did you know how gay you were then?” It comes out facetious, but it’s a real question, more or less. Root picks that up, the way she usually does.

“Not really. The few romantic impulses of my adolescence were… a sort of Schrödinger’s attraction. I wanted to be, at the same time, the woman herself, and the person who could love her.” She laughs. “Compulsory heterosexuality, taken to its logical, absurd extreme.”

The movie cranks its way forward and, true to Root’s promises, picks up the pace. Turns out the old maiden aunts serially poison old guy drifter types, a dozen or so, and have been burying them in the basement. Nice twist. 

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” drawls Root, noticing the pickup in interest.

When the extra food’s pushed aside and getting cold, the next time the action slows down–the evil brother is taking way too long to intimidate his creepy assistant–the best way to pass the time between exciting episodes is clearly a high school style makeout session. Root is more than game to roll over on the blanket, completely ignore the action on her laptop, and turn her attention to being pinned to the floor and kissed mercilessly. 

“This is the best way this movie’s ever gone for me,” she whispers, breathless and thrilled. “Or any movie, actually.”

“Oh, really? No high school flame made the moves on you in the backseat at a drive-in?”

“Don’t be silly,” she says, and submits to more long, lazy kisses.

Eventually things pick up again, and Root watches, contentedly, from her supine position, her wrists pinned behind her head.

“Want me to let you up?”

“Nah. You feel good. And I kind of like watching it upside down.”

Another long, sticky, delicious kiss, then, just for the hell of it. Root clearly doesn’t care anymore about finishing the movie.

“But you’ll love me for my mind, too?” she quips, between kisses. It’s not a declaration, just a quote from that silly graveyard kissing scene in the movie–a memorable one, and easy enough to finish.

“One thing at a time.”

smileyoureoncamera  asked:

Ohmygod okay so I really love your writing and I am super excited to hear about the novel!!!!! So tell me, what's it about??? Who are the characters???? Any sense of plot yet???? I want to know ALL

YES !!!! I HAVE A NOVEL IN THE WORKS AND I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT :^D it’s called “Paraffin Suns” and it’s a story about soulmates and cyber crime. 

it’s a lowkey speculative dystopian story, and it’s about a government-mandated soulmate system, which is based on the classic soulmate trope of countdowns (digital, worn on a bracelet around the wrist) until you meet ~the one~. or really, the novel itself is about people who that soulmate system /let’s down/. it’s also about cyber criminals and underground organisation against oligarchic fascism, because when is anything not let’s be real. the story is of two parts:

the first: personal love stories and their fallout. the story explores the relationship between many characters and those that they love, both their soulmates and not their soulmates. it also deals heavily in queer identities in a soulmate system that is entirely heteronormative. 

the second: a bigger picture, a grand objective, a point about the politicisation of love. i think that’s the essence of the novel. it’s about a government who turns human feelings into politics and ideologies, categorising the uncategorisable, and manipulating the gift of love in order to achieve governance over a people.

the plot itself focuses on a girl, grace harkonnen, who has yet to meet her soulmate, but who approaches that day swiftly. she is wary about the thought of falling in love beyond her control, and concerned that her soulmate will want of her things she does not want (she looks for companionship, romance, trust, but sex, for example, is something that terrifies her, but that soulmates are expected to have; i write her to be on the ace spectrum, although i have yet to pin down /exactly/ what she is yet). her story is entwined with her best friend, thomas, who is not to meet his assigned (female) soulmate for forty years, and who is jaded and resentful because of that, and also because of the fact he is gay. both of them end up involved with a man named hero, the curator of an underground railroad organisation who cuts the countdown timers from people, and frees them of soulmate shackle. from there, things get complicated: thomas becomes infatuated with hero, hero cares only for his goals and his dreams of justice and sacrifices the well-being of many to achieve said goals, and grace, after hero cuts her free of her countdown, ultimately meets the man who was meant to be her soulmate, tae-ko, as he is the brother of hero’s right hand, su-ki, both of whom have suffered dearly

in terms of things you can know right now !!!!!! have a look at these:

first of all !!!! i did a massively long thread on twitter the other night about it, so feel free to follow me on there to be able to see it probably? my twitter is locked, but i welcome almost all follow requests from legit people

sECOND OF ALL. i have a pinterest with pins boards for Paraffin Suns and all its main characters (grace, hero, thomas, tae-ko, su-ki, steph, bree, rosie) which i encourage you to look at for a quick and visual feel of my novel !!! :^D i also have a charahub profile, where you can read all about the main characters in detail (but it’s still wip)

thirdly, my tumblr tags are: here and here for everything to do with ParaSuns, but they’re a wee bit sparse at the moment, but i’m working on it !!!

i hope that’s enough of an info dump to get you started !!!! :^D i recommend the twitter thread the most, as it’s probably the easiest summary of my plan i’ve laid out so far :^)


So it’s International Women’s Day, and I’m here to show you literally the three most important people in my life. 

Each one of these gorgeous souls are equal parts creative, loving, beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, and tough as nails. I wouldn’t be where I am, or who I am without any of them. These are women who will help you achieve incredible things if you treat them with the respect they deserve. And trust me, every one knows her worth. 

From the top:
The Mother Graywolf- My birth giver. You can call her “mom”, she say it’s cool.
@jaseminedenise - You probably know her. I’m just her husband. lol
@eattobacco - Singlehandedly destroyed my concept of art and replaced it with a shirt with saltine crackers pinned to it. Also a brick gouda cheese.


Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Fandom: Fantastic Four

Pairing: Johnny Storm x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon: Hey!!! If you can, could you write a thing with Johnny Storm (2005 version please?) where he falls HARD for the reader, who works with Reed and Sue and reader just rolls her eyes and teases him back whenever infamous playboy Johnny flirts with her, and she’s nerdy and a little awkward and he loves to make her blush by casually grabbing her waist or whispering things in her ear and one day he just snaps and pins her to a wall and kisses her hard and asks her out and she says yes and fluff???

Note:I haven’t watched this movie in a long, long time…soooo I hope I got his character a okay. Also it’s an excuse to put Chris Evans’ naked torso on the blog again. 

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The whole "Shinichi can do braids cause of girl nights" got me hyped. okay so he's forced into joining girl nights cause he's Conan right? so to because of them he's learnt how to do various hairstyles (fishnets, buns you name it) and he practices by using Ran's hair (online sites help too). He's a portable hair helper and is now (forcibly) equipped with the knowledge of shampoo, conditioners, treatments and hair dye (he even carries around spare hair ties, ribbons and pins. also hair gel)


Never thought hairdresser Cone would be a thing but it aparently is and I’m loving it? I didn’t think I needed it but I was SO wrong! 

I just realised something: Remember how Shinichi used to always sit behind Ran in school? Ok. Now imagine him getting bored in class so he started playing with her hair and doing braids- ABORT ABORT THIS IS TOO CUTE. 

Visitation pt III

Thanks to everyone that has been reading/replying/reblogging/etc both here and on Ao3! It really means a lot to me. And a super extra special thanks to @kijilinn for beta-ing and helping me out so much. In case you need a refresher: Part I and Part II. And here’s the last chapter: Part IV.

Title: Visitation

Pairing: Negan x OFC

Rating: SFW (Major Negan language in this chapter. Cursing, discussions of sex and violence.) 

*Spoilers for TWD comics post All Out War*

A few days later Tallulah was finally headed to her first visit with Negan. She was escorted to his basement cell by Rick and Michonne, both of whom were carrying guns, and was surprised to see two more armed guards already down there. Apparently, they weren’t taking any chances.

“To what do I owe the fucking pleasure, Rick?” Negan asked with a grin. Tallulah was still hidden in the shadows behind Rick, so she got to see Negan before he saw her.

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2017 Miss Universe:  All the Weird of Hieronymus Bosch, but Fabulous and Feathery

If I can I’ll get back to the SAG awards, but Miss Universe national costume takes precedence over everything, including work.  Especially work.  I wait all year for this shitshow, and from last year’s…creations, you can see why.  Because I’ve always wanted to know what Hieronymus Bosch would have produced given the chance on Project Runway.

Angola came as a techno angel ice-queen, and its Miss is desperately trying to see past that headdress sliding down her face.  Should have included goggles.  Just completely cyber-ice-punked this whole thing out.

Joined by Brazil, the cyber-punk Black Parrot.  If someone had asked me to draw a picture of a “sparkly parrot dominatrix,” this is not what I would have come up with, but it’ll do.

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why don’t more people appreciate Bones?

Like Brennan and Angela are feminists

Booth and Bones have a super healthy relationship that isn’t them “bickering” 24/7 they actually are able to have nice serious conversations

Instead of trying to control everything, Booth will literally sit back and say,“I wouldn’t do that.” And allow Bones to destroy someone

Also is Bones tells him something, he listens. Like in 1.16, she tells him to treat the guy with respect, he listened and changed his attitude THATS!!!SO!!IMPORTANT!!!


Also the techniques and tests they use are actually very well done and things I’ve had to study in forensics, and typically are tests that would actually be done in a case


Scarlet woman! Karlie Kloss is a vision in red in revealing lace dress
The blonde beauty seemed in a jolly mood, and wore a wide grin on her face as she prepared to enjoy another night of revelry in her eye-catching evening wear.

Grin when you’re winning! Karlie Kloss is a vision in red as she steps out in revealing lace dress in New York

By Mike Larkin For Dailymail.com
PUBLISHED:  16 May 2017

She has brains as well as beauty.

But it was more the latter that was on display as model Karlie Kloss showed off her famous figure in a revealing lace dress in New York on Monday.

The blonde beauty seemed in a jolly mood, and wore a wide grin on her face as she prepared to enjoy another night of revelry in her eye-catching evening wear.

Red hot: Karlie Kloss showcased her knockout figure when she stepped out in NYC on Monday

The 24-year-old Chicago-born beauty showcased her fabulous form in a see-through lace dress, though she wisely also wore a white undergarment, and stilettos.

Last week she shared the cerebral clotheshorse shared a picture on Instagram where she was wearing a a t-shirt embossed with the legend: ‘We Should All Be Feminists.’

Portraying a workmanlike image, Karlie, who is worth an estimated $16 million thanks to modelling, was sitting at a wooden table with her small laptop computer.

She has a small bowl of salad and a legal writing pad next to her along with her phone and a couple of pens.

Things are looking up: No doubt she was looking forward to another evening of revelry

Scarlet woman: The catwalk cutie looked like a woman on a mission

Grin when you’re winning: The beauty had every reason to look pleased with herself

Karlie shared with her fans that she was about to start sifting through applications for her girls coding summer camp at the Flatiron Pre-College Academy through her Kode With Klossy nonprofit.

In a blog post she said: 'I still get nervous trying new things but the best way to be your true self is to do what you love.

'Follow your passions, forget about your vulnerabilities, and don’t think twice. Always follow your intuition.

I’m so grateful to be able to pursue things I’m passionate about while having an impact on others.’

Making the sidewalk her catwalk: She brought her experience to bear as she trundled along

Brains: She shared an image of herself picking through applications for her girls coding summer camp last week

Beauty: More excitingly she also showcased her perfect pins in a new lotion ad for L'Oreal

Daily Mail

anonymous asked:

I wish i can help lauren grow out of that problem. But if ariana didnt get over the ( better side of her face) after these years of being on camera I shouldn't expect lauren to anytime soon. The thing is I think the industry is super bad on girls and the fans also pin them against each other doesn't help. If anyone is going to meet Lauren tell her how amazing she is even with her insecurities

Society in general is a horrible place for anyone to look for inspiration for their personal image. Everything gets distorted when the social media filter is applied. Sad. 😶 That’s why self love and discovery is so important.

The first date

[I’m so sorry, I know this is a little short. I just didn’t have any time to write a better and longer fic, I wish I could have done more! I didn’t have time to make any edits, perhaps they will be inserted at a later point. And also sorry for any typos! Thanks to @domschreave for the rping! There’s also a little mention of @ariciaeast ]

Today is the day of my date. My maids are flying all around the room, doing all sorts of stuff from cleaning my bed to collecting make-up brushes and bobby pins.

There’s only one thing on my mind. Aricia sitting on stairs in the rain, crying. All because of a boy. Prince Percy told her he loved Charlotte and that had broken her heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love Char to bits, she is an amazing girl. I can see her and Percy together. They fit each other perfectly! I wish them all the best with my entire heart and hope they live happily ever after!

But still, it’s not nice to see your friend hurt and upset. At least Aricia still gets a chance with Dom, instead of being eliminated straightaway. I want to comfort her and tell her no boy should make her doubt how amazing she is. If Percy is not the one for her then there is someone else out there for her. Her other half.

Back to reality. My maids help me get into the dress. It’s another beautiful creation. It’s a little sexy but also very elegant. The dress is some creamy white colour. The overdress falls over the knee, but the nude colour underdress ends on my upper leg. The overdress is some sort of rough lace.

My make-up is kept quite simple again, however it does contain my signature red lipstick. My maids brush my hair to one side and create a low side parting.

I look happily at myself in the mirror. They have done an outstanding job once again. Sometimes I wonder if the life of a maid is what suits them. They would be amazing at runway shows and shoots, or even at a fashion label designing the hottest outfits.

My heart is pounding as I leave my bedroom. My maids wish me all the best and tons of fun. I thank them once more for everything they have done for me.

I start walking towards the stairs. What am I doing? I don’t even know where Dom’s room is. I look around, hmm what do I do?

I spot a guard standing at the end of the hallway. What is he even doing there, guarding the wall? Anyway, I decide to walk over.

“Hello” I fall into a little curtsie “Would you like to tell me where Prince Dom’s room is?” The guard turns around and immediately I recognize his face. It’s the guard with whom I have danced at the ball. “Hello Lady Isabella.” He gives me some weird look and furrows his brows. “Why do you need to go there?”

“Because of the date I have with him. I need to pick him up.” I flip my hair back over my shoulder. “Oh right.” The guard brings his left hand to the back of his neck.

After a moment of silence, I realize he is not going to say anything else so I ask if he is going to tell me how to get there. The guard slowly nods his head as if he is contemplating what to do. He then says “I’ll walk you, I don’t want you to get lost.”

“That’s very kind of you. But aren’t you very busy doing this?” I make some handgesture towards the wall, still got no clue what he is supposed to be doing.

The guard shoots me a small smile. “It’s only a small walk, I’ll have plenty of time to get back here.” He extends his arm to me.

I gratefully take it, I don’t want to break my ankles on these heels. We start walking towards the stairs. “Hey you’ve never told me your name.” I keep my focus on the stairs but from the corner of my eye I can see his head turn towards me.

The guard clears his throath, “It’s Officer Gray, but you can call me Thomas if you like.”

I don’t know what else to say so I just thank him. I don’t even know what I am doing. My heart is pounding in my chest. I wonder if Officer Gray, Thomas, can actually hear it.

Before I even know it we have arrived. Officer Gray points towards a door, “That’s the one.”
I walk over to the door, my hand is midway in the air before I turn around. I find him standing still in the same spot, “Thank you so much for showing me the way.”

“Anytime, Lady Isabella.” I smile and turn back to face the door again. I expect to hear him walk away but he doesn’t. I knock on the door, eventhough I feel a little awkward that he is still here.

The door quickly opens, “Hello.” I immediately drop into a deep curtsie, “Hello!” I can’t help but smile, “How are you?”

“I’m good. So are we going on our date today?” Dom asks. “Yes! You can come with me if you like!” Geez Isabella, keep your voice down a little.

“Where are we going? Or what are we doing?” Someone is curious.

I can feel my body relax, “Do you trust me? It will be fun I promise.” Why am I still smiling? I try to force the corners of my mouth to go back into their neutral, relaxed position. But I fail.

“Alright then, lets go.” We start walking towards the stairs. In my mind I am running through the directions we need to follow. “Do you like surprises?” I ask. I look back at Thomas the Officer and give a small, thankful smile. He nods his head before he walks away.

“Depends on the person giving the surprise. If it were Evan, it would clearly be something lame. If it were Percy, I might be worried we were about to do something life-threatening. But you? I might enjoy a surprise from you.”

I smile at Dom’s answer. It’s good to know he has some faith in me. “I sure hope you will like it!” Still smiling. “I can promise you one thing, it won’t be life-threatening. Unless you are allergic to something. And if that is the case please tell me, I don’t want to kill you.” I think about Vad ending up in the hospital wing because of an allergy. That reminds me that I should pay her a visit, to check if she’s alright. Maybe I can make her a little “get better soon” basket.

“I’m not allergic to anything, don’t worry.” I let out some air I didn’t know I was holding. “That’s great!”

I look around, I should know which side we have to go to. “Okay we have to go that way.” I say as I point to the right side of the hall.

We walk in the directions I pointed at, while we have some small talk about the welcome ball from the other day.

I can see a big table appear, filled with all kinds of food from pizza to chocolate cake. “Oh look, there it is.” Food always makes me excited. The smell is incredible. The kitchen staff had done an incredible job. My maids had helped me make a list of different foods. It’s amazing to see it all on the table. Dom agrees and he raises an eyebrow. “Alright, I’m intrigued. Are we just eating a bunch of food here?”

I snap out off my daydream. I laugh at his question, “No! Look!” Proudly I show him the blindfold I had been holding behind my back.

“What are we doing with that? Because I can certainly come up with a few fun things.” He smirks. I laugh again. Sometimes I wonder what my laugh sounds like. Maybe some people might think it’s annoying. “We can do those things later. First the food!” I say as I turn to face the table again, still amazed by all the food.

“So what /are/ we doing with the blindfold then?” I try to quickly explain my idea. “Okay, you sit down on that chair. Then you have to put on the blindfold, or I can do it for you if you like. And after that I will put something of all these delicious creations in your mouth and you’ll get to guess what it is!”

“Ok then.” Dom says and he sits down. I feel bad for the way I said that. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be this strict.” I feel my cheeks blush. I hold the blindfold in front of me. “Do you want to do this yourself?”

“No worries, it’s fine. And yeah, I can do it myself.” I smile, again, as I hand him the blindfold.

“Yes fantastic! Do you want to start with something savoury or something sweet?” “Sweet.” Dom responds. I chuckle a little bit at the sight of him wearing the blindfold.

I look around the table to find the perfect food item. A strawberry-vanilla cake catches my attention and I take the plate. I put some on a spoon, “please open your mouth.”

He follows my instruction and I put the spoon in his mouth. “I’ll do my best not to make a mess! Would you like some more? Or can you guess already?”

“Umm… I guess I need another bite.” To which I put some more of the cake on the spoon. “Ready?”

“Ok.” He says. I put the spoon in his mouth again. “What do you think? Does it taste good?”

Dom seems to think for a second before he says, “Yeah, I mean it’s some kind of cake… strawberry or something?”

I clap my hands. “Yes! It was a strawberry and vanilla cake! Well done!”


“Oh you’ve got some crumbs on your face.” I quickly grab a napkin and places one hand under his jaw. Gently I brush the crumbs in my hand. “Now you’re good!” I smile eventhough he  can’t see me.

“Thanks.” Is all I get in return.

I get the feeling I have done something wrong. For the first time during this date, my face is not in a smile. I felt the corners of my mouth fall down. Thankfully he’s still wearing the blindfold, so he can’t see my face right now.

“No problem. Do you want to take of your blindfold and just eat everything. Or do you want to do some more tasting and guessing wish the blindfold on? Or do you want to switch roles, so I’m the blindfolded one?” I try to make myself sound excited and happy. No clue if I have succeeded or not.

“Well, don’t you already know what all the food here is?”

“Oh yeah true! Sorry forgot about that for a minute.” I don’t know what else to say.

“Hmm, I don’t know. What do you think? Would you rather play once more or just eat?” The only thing that makes me somewhat happy is the fact that he’s still wearing the blindfold. He looks silly.

“We can first do another round and then eat everything that is left.” I can hear my own voice very loud and clear. It sounds empty, without any emotions.

“Ok sure.”

I give my ‘I am so happy and excited voice’ another shot, “Okay great! Would you like something savoury now?”


Yikes. I thought we were having fun. Perhaps it was just me. I think about what Dom said earlier, the welcome ball felt like work to him. Maybe this date does as well.

My eyes scan the table, “Hmm, yes! Okay please, open your mouth. I hope I don’t spill anything on you, since this is liquid and will probably give a stain.” I force myself to smile again. Maybe a smile on my face will make me smile a little on the inside.

Dom opens his mouth and I carefully and slowly place the spoon inside. “And? What do you think?”

“Hmm… well it’s a little thicker than a normal soup… like a bisque? Like lobster bisque maybe?”

“Yes, it was a lobster bisque! You’re so good at this!” Still trying to keep the atmosphere light and excited.


Great. Just great.

“Is something wrong?” I ask, wondering if I have done something wrong.

“Absolutely nothing.”

I sigh, okay this is going amazing. Can’t go any more downhill, can it?

“You can take your blindfold off if you want to.” I force myself to smile again. He’s going to see my face again so I’ll have to keep trying.

“Anything else you want me to take off while we’re at it?” Dom says as he takes the blindfold off. I look at his face to find him smirking. That makes me genuinely smile.

He sure knows how to change one’s mood. I giggle and then say, “If you insist, I wouldn’t say no!”

Dom grins, “Oh really?”

“Go ahead, I’ll watch.” An innocent smile forms on my face.

He slowly pulls off his shirt. “So? What do you think?”

The only thing I’m thinking is: how on earth did this even happen? An innocent taste testing date turns into a strip show.

I give him a little applause. “I am loving what I am seeing.”

“Are you? And do I get any reward for treating you to this sight?”

“Is there anything you’d like?” I grin.

Dom stands up from his and moves closer to me. “Hmm, I can think of a few things.” He grins at me.

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, in my fingers and in my toes. Okay, I can feel heart beat in every piece of my body.

I check out his abs and chest area. He’s not wearing a shirt, why not take advantage of that? I slowly focus back on his face. “Like what?” I say as I raise an eyebrow and grin.

Dom is standing super close to me now, he’s still grinning. “Like this…” he leans in even closer to me.

He is standing this close that I can feel his breath on my skin. A warm feeling grows inside my stomach and then spreads all over my body. I put my arms around his neck and pull him even closer. And then. We kiss.

We kiss.

Who would have thought? Not me, that’s for sure.

Dom slowly pulls away. “So, how was your first kiss with a Prince? Did I totally blow your mind? Rock your world?”

“Yes totally.” I chuckle. “You keep on surprising me.”

“Oh really? You didn’t expect me to be devilishly handsome and an amazing kisser?”

I tease him with a playful eye roll. “Oh please, everyone agrees that you’re super good looking. I didn’t expect you to kiss me. But like you said, you have blown my mind.” I can feel the smile on my face, it’s a genuine one this time.

“Good. I’m glad.” Dom grins at me with self confidence. For some reason I find it very attractive. “So… what do you want to do next?”

“Hmm. There is nothing more I had planned for this date, honestly.” It’s hard to look away from him, but I succeed to glance at the table. “There is a lot of food left though.” I look back at Dom. “Is there anything you would like to do?”

“Maybe we should just eat some more of this food… you know, to help the kitchen staff clean it up.” Dom looks to the food on the table.

“Yes true! And it’s all so delicious.” I grab a plate with chocolate cake and start taking little bites. I still need to keep my manners and be elegant.

Dom, on the other hand, goes straight for the pizza.

In between taking bites I ask, “what’s your favourite food?”

“I’m holding it.” He says and he winks. Gosh, he is so adorable when he winks.

“Ah yes pizza is always nice!” I take another bite of the chocolate cake. Little reminder to myself that I need to ask the kitchen staff for the recipe. It tastes absolutely amazing. Erika would love it as well. The thought of my sister makes me a little sad, I miss her so much.

“What about you?” Dom asks, stealing my attention away from the cake. “Is chocolate cake your favorite food?”

I think about that for a second. It’s hard to pick your favourite food. “I think it would be black forest cake, which is some sort of chocolate cake.” I can feel myself smiling again. Why can’t I control my own face?

“Cool.” Is what I get as an answer.

“Tell me, how are we going to finish all this food?” I am already so full, I won’t be able to eat much more.

“We’re not. We’ll eat as much as we can and then the staff can have the rest.”

I smile at him. “Ah that’s nice of you, to give it to the staff.”

“It’s not like we’re going to just throw it all away.” He shrugs.

“That’s good.” I say and we both continue eating.

“What’s your favourite drink?” I keep asking questions, I can’t help myself.

“Root beer.” Dom says.

“What’s that? I have never heard of it before.”

“It’s a type of soda. You’ve really never had it?”

I think about it. However the name doesn’t ring a bell. “No, can’t say that I have. What does it taste like?”

“I don’t really know how to describe it… We’ll have to get some for you sometime.”

I smile up at him. “I’d love that. Can’t wait to find out what it tastes like.”

“You’ll love it.” Dom responds.

“Perhaps you could bring some on our next date? If you decide to keep me here of course.”

“I will.” He says but then quickly adds, “Bring root beer I mean.”

I am still smiling. “Thanks that would be nice.”

A simple “Great.” is what I get in return.

“Hey, can I ask you something weird?” I ask him.

Dom looks at me hesitantly. “Maybe.”

I chuckle at the look on his face. What does he even think I will ask? “Don’t worry it’s nothing too weird.” I try to assure him.

“Then sure.” The hesitant look fades a little, but it doesn’t disappear just yet.

I decide not to look him in the face as I ask, “Do you have any weird fetishes?” I grab a little bowl filled with grapes and put one in my mouth.

“Uhh… I don’t think so.” He starts. The hesitant look on his face changes into a curious one, “Do you?”

“No I don’t think I have one either.” I wanted to tell him about me and Aricia calling him daddy sometimes. But I don’t know how he’ll respond so I decide not to say anything about it. “Sorry for the question, I was wondering if you might secretly have a foot fetish or something.”


Great Isabella. Just great. Now he must think I am some weirdo.

“Sorry, forget that I asked about it.” Change. The. Subject. “Would you like some grapes as well?”

“No, I’m fine. Thanks, though.”

Panic. Okay. Keep talking.

“No problem!” At least I don’t have to fake my smile anymore, it has returned and won’t leave my face. “If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, who would you pick?”

“Oh I have no idea.” Dom responds.

“That’s alright.” I look around, there is still so much food left. “Sorry for all my questions, it was not my intention to make this date some sort of interrogation.” I can feel my cheeks blush a little.

“It’s fine. Well, I’m pretty stuffed after all that food.” Dom also looks at the food on the table.

I laugh, glad that I’m not the only one who can’t eat anymore. “Yeah me too. We did the best we could, didn’t we?”

“Yep. The palace staff will have fun cleaning up this mess, I can guarantee that.”

I look at him, confused. “Yeah I kind off feel bad for them. But it’s their job, I guess.”

Now it’s his turn to look confused. “I meant they’ll enjoy “cleaning” it because they’ll be eating it.“

“Oh right. Yes true. It’s all delicious food, so.” My face turns red. Why didn’t I understand him immediately?

“It is. And we certainly left them a lot.”

I smile a little. “Then they get to enjoy this date as well. In some way, I mean.”

“I guess they do.”

“I hope you had some fun on this date.” I smile as I look at him.

Dom says, “Yeah, it’s definitely been fun.”

“Okay that great to hear!” I say. It’s not just great, it’s amazing to hear. A feeling of relief starts spreading inside me.

“I should probably head back now though… I have dates to prepare myself for and some other work to do.” He says as he looks to the directions we came from.

“Yes of course! I understand.” I start. “Good luck!”

“Thanks! See you later!” He says.

“Bye bye.” I say as we part ways.

Galavant Appreciation Week: Day 4: Favorite Relationship/Dynamic

Again, I’m a day late with this one and I seem to be stuck playing catch up, but better late than never right?  There are a lot of gifs and none of them are mine, I’m just using them to illustrate my point and because Gal and Izzy are super lovely to look at.

Galavant and Isabella: 

I’m sure it’ll come as a surprise to absolutely no one that my favourite dynamic/relationship on the show is the relationship between Galavant and Isabella. Isabella is “small and cute and ethnically hard to pin down” and Galavant has  "a face most chicks have a thing about"…basically these are two uber attractive people. 

Not only are these two undeniably gorgeous (I mean, duh and as Jean Hamm would say “Well, well, well. Hello there.”), but they also subscribe to one of my fave relationship tropes which is the love/hate relationship.

When Isabella and Galavant first meet each other, they can barely stand each other. Isabella finds Gal in a perpetual state of drunkenness in his hovel and she’d probably agree with her parents at this point in time if they called him a “waste of space”. She tells him of her woes and he says, “That’s terrible, just terrible. But you have a nice way about you I’m sure you’ll land on your feet. Nice meeting you, doors on the wall.” Isabella then begs him to save her people but Gal completely tunes her out and says:

 Isabella is utterly exasperated with him and Galavant finds her annoying and bossy and is this the beginning a beautiful relationship? I think so! 

Galavant eventually agrees to help Isabella reclaim her kingdom once he learns that King Richard is the one who invaded it. It is at this point that the audience discovers that Isabella is leading Galavant into a trap, but we still can’t help but love this precious cupcake because she is clearly wrestling with guilt about it…and this is before she even gets to know our hero. The angst is built into this relationship from the get go and it is absolutely delicious. 

Over the course of season one, Galavant and Isabella grow from being strangers to reluctant teammates to friends to a couple that is meant for each other. Isabella trains Galavant and teaches him how to be a knight again.

 She becomes our hero’s hero and “brings him back to himself”.

 Galavant becomes more considerate and caring around her. She’s always on his mind 

and he defends her when she isn’t there to defend herself (“Call her a mouth breather one more time!”). Because of his feelings for Isabella, Galavant learns that it’s not always about him, he’s not just “the hero that gets the raisins”…sometimes other people get the raisins too…like when Galavant stashes some trail mix aside and gives them to Isabella “raisins intact”. 

The relationship development between these two is so well done that you can go back and rewatch it and track it episode by episode. Galavant goes from “seeing [Isabella’s] mouth start moving and…needing a drink” in Joust Friends (1x02) to telling her that he doesn’t always listen when she speaks but he’s going to work on that in Comedy Gold (1x04) 

to telling Isabella that speaking to her is one of his favorite things to do in My Cousin Izzy (1x07). 

Likewise, Isabella learns to see Galavant in a completely different light. In the pilot she thinks of him as a bumbling buffoon and she tells him, “You’re no hero”, and in Joust Friends, she constantly questions him and his abilities

 until she gradually starts to trust him and becomes his biggest fan in It’s All in the Executions (1x08) when she tells him, 

Similarly, Galavant’s heroism is directly connected to his relationship with Isabella and as their relationship blooms so does Galavant’s heroism. He becomes the hero we always knew he was.

Galavant realizes that they only kind of hero he wants to be is her hero 

and he goes from saying “Nice meeting you, doors on the wall” and giving zero shits about her and people in general (mostly because Maddie seriously did a number on him) to putting her safety and the lives of his friends above everything else. Galavant promises Isabella that he’s going to save all of them in Dungeons and Dragon Lady (1x06),

then in My Cousin Izzy, Galavant says “I’m going to save all of them, especially her” and he races across the banquet hall to save Izzy from eating shellfish. 

Lastly, in “It’s all in the Executions”, Galavant flat out refuses to leave Isabella behind until Gareth promises to to take care of her.

We’ve come quite a long way since, “You have a nice way about you, I’m sure you’ll land on your feet”. 

Of course I’d be remiss if I failed to mention their heavenly duets and how well their voices blend together and how their love songs are so honest and refresh and true to them. 

And then there’s how attractive they are and how attractive they find each other and Isabella going “damn” when she sees Gal pour water on himself because she’s found “the abs the poets praise" 

and Gal saying: 

Oh and there’s also the way Gal calls Isabella’s mom, "Mummy!” and says:

 which is simultaneously hilarious and squeeworthy because this means that he envisions a future with Isabella even in his extremely drunken state.  I mean, don’t they just look perfect together here:

Also, I can’t forget the eyesex and how they had eyesex babies in that monastery and how Isabella was hoping beyond hope that Galavant would live and he could forgive her for betraying his trust and how she had to be the one to remind him about Madalena and how he was like, “Oh yeah right her. Sorry I forget about her because of the stunning, amazing woman in front of me” and basically it all adds up to complete perfection.

“[Galabella’s] the complete package and I, for one, am finally throwing my arms in the air and giving into it.”

Oh who am I kidding? I’m Galabella trash. They had me at “I’m sorry, what is that smell?” and I’ve grown to love them more with every episode and I AM BEYOND ECSTATIC THAT MY BABIES ARE COMING BACK AND WE’RE GOING TO GET MORE FOREVER KISSES 


Can I have season 2 now please?

Been a while since I’d done a plushie!

I chose to do Blue Pearl (or Rhapsody or Eyris depending on what fandom name you prefer) from Steven Universe - Even though she hasn’t had any lines (yet), she is my favorite pearl design. I’m sure she’ll reappear later - The Crewniverse has explicitly stated that only the important characters were given clear designs in the scene she was in (the others were Sapphire, Ruby and the other rubies, Blue Diamond, Rose Quartz, Pearl, and proto-Garnet). Even Matt Burnett made a hilariously sarcastic comment that heavily hints she’ll reappear along with Blue Diamond.

This doll was a bitch to make. Not because she was difficult, but because I probably have a mild flu or something and kept getting too tired to work on her for more than an hour or so at a time. My muscles and joints hurt too, making working for long periods kinda uncomfortable. -__-

I did get a chance to experiment, though! I don’t have my printer set up right now, so I couldn’t print my usual pattern - I just made it up as I went along using a fabric marker. I really wouldn’t do that under normal circumstances, but it actually turned out okay this time. I also used fabrics for her clothes that tend to fray a lot, so that was something new. I LOVE the stuff I made her skirt from. I also made her a sculpted nose - I’d never done that with a plushie before!

Her clothes are technically removable, but it might be a little hard to get the leotard back on. The front of the leotard has to be tacked on with pins too, otherwise it hangs off her body in a really unattractive way. I pinned the skirt to her torso as well - I didn’t really need to since it stays up just fine, but I was having trouble making the pearl belt thing behave without the skirt pinned in place.

Blue Pearl is not for sale, sorry! I can’t make copies either, both because I don’t have time and because I didn’t use a pattern. ^_^;