i also love obi wan because he acts as the voice of reason

The Paths We Walk: Chapter One

Pairing: Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader

Words: 3151

Warnings: None

Notes: This chapter functions mostly as a prologue. There will be a time jump after this. Also, there is a portion of text that I borrowed from “The Jedi Path”, an extended universe book published as a sort of Padawan manual. I turned to it for a lot of my information, so if something seems familiar it might be from that.

As a Padawan, you were not insubordinate or rebellious; you never went through a disobedient phase. In fact, anyone in the temple would be hard pressed to recall a time you had ever been disciplined- formally or informally- for acting out.

Sure, you’re independent. You have always been self-sufficient, and you probably always will be. You still follow the code to the letter and obey your master without question, though.

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But you have to wonder when ever Vader is alone either inside a bacta tank or in his breathing chamber when he is way from everything and he is with his own thoughts whether or not and even before knowing Luke did Anakin come the surface every once in a while I mean no doubt he always thought about Padme when alone and that is definitely him as Anakin thinking of her and as Vader.


I think, that for all that it’s helpful sometimes to separate the two of them out, the difference between Anakin and Vader, that he was still only ever one person.  We call him Vader, he tries to convince himself that Anakin Skywalker is dead, tries to convince others of it, but, no, every single step he took, every single thing he did, both horrible and slightly less horrible, was done by Anakin.

But I get what you mean, that there is a shift in his mindset and thoughts, when he’s alone and settles, when he’s in his meditation chamber or floating in the bacta.  Sometimes he’s full of rage–that’s why he’s on Mustafar, overlooking the spot where he fought with Obi-Wan, because he has to keep stoking that rage to keep it alive.

Because underneath it is everything that Anakin has lost.  The woman he loved, the former Master he loved, his mother, his Padawan, his family, the goals he wanted to achieve and how he wanted to achieve them.  Underneath that is an empty wasteland of loss and nothing but ashes and gray fog.

There are no good memories, because every one of them is a memory of what he’s lost.  When he can bear to think about Padme, inevitably the sweet thoughts turn to this unfathomable loss that he cannot bear, the crushing agony that he believed he killed her directly, that she’s gone from this galaxy and her light can never come back.  When he thinks about the good times with Obi-Wan, those thoughts also inevitably turn to the pain of betrayal, that Obi-Wan would turn away from him, that Obi-Wan fought him, that Obi-Wan never made any of this better for him, as he used to when Anakin was young and could fix whatever was wrong, if asked.  When he thinks of Ahsoka, he thinks of more abandonment, she chose to leave him, her reasons didn’t matter, she was another person he loved that left.

I don’t think there was anything more than brief flickers of something kind in his thoughts before loss set in–Anakin has always been consumed by loss, he feared it and now its weight on him is so great that there’s no room for much of anything else.  When he thinks of those things he lost, he’s Anakin Skywalker, but it’s still nothing good. He can’t bear to think of her often, because it’s too much, her loss still paralyzes him and crushes him. When he thinks about her too long, thinks about her being gone beyond reach, that he can never see her smile or hear her voice (or hear his Master’s laugh or feel his hand on Anakin’s shoulder or grin proudly at Ahsoka’s progress), he just wants to die, it’s too agonizing to survive or continue forward, as his current Master bids.  (Not even live, Vader isn’t really alive, he’s only surviving.)

Not until Luke comes along and sparks enough life back into him to ultimately find enough selflessness in him for one last good act and then he’s Anakin again.  (But he’s also still Vader.  He will still be Vader in the Force, because Vader is Anakin Skywalker.)

Safe Place • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Anon asked: “Can you do one where you and Obi-Wan both are on a mission on a snowy cold planet and after a day climbing a mountain or something (exhausting), you found a hotel. You both silently know about your feelings for each other but do nothing bc of the code. But this night you’re cold and lonely and you just want to cuddle”

This was an adorable request and I just love obi and now I’m an emotional wreck oh gosh. Hope you enjoy :))


Arkania was easily your least favorite planet. You couldn’t help but think about this as you climbed farther and farther up the icy mountain. At first, landing your ship there seemed to be a good idea since you could scope the place out for the rumored Separatist base there. Now, as you struggled to continue up the large mountain, you cursed at yourself for it.

You gasped as your foot slipped, causing Obi-Wan to snap his gaze over to you. The only reason you even accepted this mission is because you didn’t want Obi to have to do this alone. You wanted to be there to make sure he didn’t get himself hurt. Though, things seemed to be backwards as he began to scold you.

“You have to be careful, (y/n)” his voice was calm, but you could feel his concern from where you were. “If you were to fall, you could easily break a few bones” he explained, but you waved him off.

“I’ve broken bones before, Obi, it’s fine. Besides, I’m being as careful as I can” you pointed out. Your breathing was coming out in short huffs and your arms and legs began to shake. Obi-Wan seemed to be growing weak also, since he kept pausing to catch his breath.

“This is terrible” you whined, keeping your grip. “How are we supposed to make it all the way up there?” you asked, more to yourself than to the man beside you.

“Do you want to stop? I don’t want you to push yourself” Obi-Wan murmured, turning his head to gaze at you.

Your (e/c) eyes met his, initiating the warm, bubbly feeling inside of you. You cared very deeply for each other, perhaps too deeply. Whenever he was in a battle, you wouldn’t leave his side. Whenever you were captured, Obi-Wan was the first to the rescue.

There was even a time where Obi was enslaved on Kadavo and you unnecessarily killed fourteen Zygerrian guards for hurting him. He was disappointed in you, of course, but you didn’t care. He was safe, and that was always something that you needed to know. Hence why you were desperately trying to climb a mountain covered in ice instead of snuggled in your warm blankets back at the Jedi Temple.

“We can’t stop” you shook your head. “There’s nowhere to go besides up or down and I am not agreeing to climb this treacherous mountain all over again tomorrow” you argued. Obi-Wan rolled his eyes at you.

“That’s not what I’m suggesting” he pointed out. “See that cliff down there? That’s a settlement. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if we stayed for the night” Obi-Wan informed you. You had to admit, it was pretty tempting.

“I don’t know, I feel that it’s our duty to get this done tonight. We must inform the Council about our findings” you sighed. You wanted to stop, but you wanted to do your job.

“(Y/n), you’re exhausted. I’m exhausted. We’ve done enough for today” he told you in a comforting tone. “The Council will most definitely understand, I promise you” he added.


It took a little while, but you two finally made it to the settlement. Luckily, there was a hotel open there. It was quite luxurious as well. Apparently you and Obi weren’t the only ones who had the idea to settle there.

“We are quite crowded for tonight and only have one room to spare. Is that alright?” the employee asked you. The thought of sharing a room with Obi-Wan caused your cheeks to become tinged pink. “That’s not a problem” Obi-Wan smiled politely. “Thank you” he nodded as he accepted the keys to your new room.

Once out of earshot, Obi gave you a sly smirk. You rolled your eyes and shoved him playfully. “Shut up” you giggled, your cheeks heating up once more. You looked down as you continued to walk to your room, trying to hide your blush from Obi-Wan. Though, he knew you were blushing and it made his smile grow.

If only there wasn’t the code in the way. If only the Jedi Council would let you two be together. It was wishful thinking, but neither of you cared. You loved each other, and you both knew it. The only thing stopping you was that damned Code.

Upon entering the room, you flopped down onto the soft bed and let out an over exaggerated groan. “My body hurts” you whined, muffled since your face was buried in the comforter. Obi-Wan chuckled at your antics and sat on the edge of the bed next to you.

“Since there’s only one bed and you seem to be more exhausted than I, I’ll take the couch tonight” he told you. He reached forward, hesitantly resting his palm on your back. You wanted to pick you head up, but you couldn’t. So, you continued to talk with your face in the comforter.

“No, I know you’re just as exhausted as me. You can take the bed” Obi grinned at how amusing you were.

“I insist, (y/n)” he spoke softly, rubbing small circles on your back. It was a soothing gesture that you were more than grateful for. You let out a sigh and closed your eyes. His touch was so comforting. So gentle and sweet. You were in a daze when you spoke again. Had you been completely aware, you wouldn’t have said it, but you were in a trance.

“Just lay with me” you told him simply, rolling onto your back to face him. Obi raised his brow at your suggestion.

“I think we both know that’s not a good idea” he pointed out, standing abruptly. Before he could leave you, you grabbed his wrist and tugged on it sharply. He turned around to glare at you, but his face softened when he saw your expression.

You didn’t know why what he said had upset you, but it did. Now, you were on the brink of tears. You were frustrated at the Council, at the situation, at Obi-Wan.

“Stop acting like having feelings for me is wrong, Obi-Wan!” you exclaimed, sitting up from your position. “I know you love me, I can tell by the way you look at me” you told him, your voice growing quiet.

“(Y/n), the Code forbids that kind of attachment” he told you, voice wavering. You could tell even he didn’t fully believe in that part of the Code.

“I don’t care anymore!” you shouted, hands moving through your hair as you huffed loudly. “I’m tired, Obi. I’m tired of pretending that I don’t love you, I’m tired of walking on eggshells in front of the Council, I’m tired of this stupid Code keeping us apart!” you ranted, tears blurring your vision.

Obi-Wan sat down in front of you and grabbed your hands in his. “(Y/n), I am so sorry to have caused you pain. It was never my intention to hurt you. I just don’t want you to throw your life away for me. I don’t want you to regret loving me..” Obi sighed, eyes downcast. You frowned and grabbed his chin, forcing him to look up at you.

“Obi-Wan, I will never regret loving you” you breathed out, your eyes darting down to his lips. You watched as a small smile spread across his face.

“Kiss me” he told you, stroking the side of your face. Your eyes widened slightly at his words. You would have never imagined Obi-Wan saying that to you.

You weren’t going to wait for him to change his mind, though. You leaned forward and closed your eyes as your lips met his. The kiss was soft, but desperate. You both had been wanting this for years. Obi’s hands cupped your face as he pulled you closer to him. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck.

Finally, you broke the kiss to rest your forehead against his. You stared at him through your dark lashes, admiring his turquoise eyes. He stared back, adoration flooding his eyes. You were everything he had ever wanted.

“Obi…” you trailed off, eyes closing for just a moment. His heart seized as his eyes widened. You were going to call it all off, tell him that what you just did was a big mistake. At least, that’s what he thought.

“Please, no” he stopped you. His breath was shaky as you opened your eyes to stare at him. “Don’t push me away. I..I love you. I want to make this work somehow” he confessed. You were shocked at his words. Obi-Wan was never one to be so vocal about his emotions. This caused tears to join in your eyes once more.

“Oh, Obi, how could you think I would push you away?” you asked, brows furrowing. Obi-Wan looked down, ashamed that he really thought you would do that to him.

You threw your arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug. “I’m never going to leave you. Ever” you assured him, head tucked into the crook of his neck. He held you close, his hands rubbing your back again.

“And I will never leave you, darling” he replied, pulling away from the hug. “Let’s get some sleep, though. I’m tired and I know for a fact that you are as well” he smiled. You giggled and pulled him down onto the bed with you.

“Only if you promise to sleep here with me tonight” you smirked. Obi shook his head at you and wrapped his arms around your waist. He pulled you close to him and peppered your face and neck with little kisses. You laughed and shoved him away once his beard started to tickle your neck.

He laughed along with you as he pulled the covers over you and him. “Sleep well, my love” he whispered against your lips as he kissed you once more. You smiled and scooted even closer to him, resting your head against his chest. “Something tells me I’ll be sleeping very well tonight” you told him. He beamed at you, kissed your forehead, and let his head fall against the pillow.

“Goodnight, I love you” you murmured, eyes closing involuntarily. Obi hummed in satisfaction. “I love you too” he whispered. That was the last thing you heard before you fell into a peaceful slumber…


The first character in my analysis series is none other than Piccolo, the character in Dragonball who, in my opinion, has the most depth. Honestly, I used to not pay too much attention to Piccolo. I mean, I always thought he was cool, but “so is everyone” would be my logic. Recent years though, I’ve felt respect for him much more consistently. At once he is calm, analytical, and grim. Yet at the same time he’s completely fierce and savage. It’s sometimes hard to remember, but his mannerisms and outlook on life, as well as his physiology is completely alien. What I like about him? He represents the deeper part of Dragonball, and he arguably has the best character development out of all the cast. His development isn’t painstakingly, insufferably slow like Vegeta’s, however it’s gradual, and not a relatively quick transition like Tien’s.  It’s the most realistic by far. He goes from being the complete negative energy of God, to being humbled twice by Goku (including King Piccolo). Which leads him down a path of training for 5 years. It didn’t necessarily change him, but it looked like the solitude and self reflection calmed him a bit, making him more intelligent and less prideful. Then, teaming up with his greatest enemy, and spending a year with Gohan began to change his heart for the better. By the time the Saiyan’s arrived he’s calm enough to fight with the earthlings further, and by Namek, Krillin seems to have become his companion as well, more or less. And then…he goes back to earth. If you think about it, from Raditz’s arrival, Piccolo has been influence back and forth nonstop, and even someone as brooding as him begins to change. He just fused with Nail, who’s good nature sways him a bit, and he’s just seen the planet of his people. Now he’s back to his home, with something he never knew he would have. Companions. Friends even. He’s aloof of course, (not because he’s shy or some weird theory like that) because he’s still so different from the rest. But he loves Gohan, and has fought beside the others. They’ve grown on him. Even Goku. It happened so gradually and naturally that him acting like he turned on them when he went to fuse with Kami surprised the hell out of all of them. I loved how they were “oh yeah…we haven’t really signed a document that makes Piccolo in our official friend club. Ooops.” However, when he fuses with Kami, the God’s personality further calms him and gives him additional insight. It aids him in calling the shots both in the Android Saga and Buu Saga. There’s really not much I dislike about Piccolo, that I can think of.

  He’s not perfect, but he doesn’t have a lot of obvious flaws that aren’t me just being pedantic. His training is extremely overpowered sometimes, but it’s not a flaw per say. He knew all of Kami’s tricks, and Kami knows how to train someone to grow exponentially in power. I do love his relationship with a few characters. Gohan is obvious. Piccolo is now his uncle pretty much, and they both share a bond that’s so pure, even though it’s so strange. I really enjoy how Piccolo can play the part of Obi-Wan mentor, yet also be this independent power and character all on his own.

I think my favorite friendship Piccolo has is with Goku.

After Frieza, they’re just buddies. They respect one another, and they do so well as training partners and friends. One is trusting and open, and the other is brooding and cool, and it works.

“Heeey buddy! Wanna get stronger?”

“Let’s do it.”

I also love how, for some warped reason, every DBZ movie, Krillin is scared shitless of Piccolo. DeadZone, World’s Strongest, Tree of Might, Bojack Unbound. Krillin even has to mess with him in Broly the 2nd Coming with that outfit lol. Like “ok Piccolo is nowhere around so I’ll make fun of him.”

Tien and Piccolo really bond in the Android Arc. Honestly, they probably do it because they are the only two there that don’t trust Vegeta. Because both of them used to be in his shoes, and they both took their chance at redemption. But Vegeta is still walking around bragging about how he’ll kill Goku and finish the rest of them off eventually. I think Piccolo and Tien have mutual respect as being the introverts of the Z-Warriors too. They both rely on skill as well as strength, and both have best friends who barely reach their waist (Tien and Piccolo are huge too. Keep in mind the average man in Japan is 5 feet 5 inches. Tien is 6′1 and Piccolo is over 7 feet.)

I think his voice actors did well. At least in the dubs. Chris Sabat really shows his powerful but calm side, while Scott Mcneil really shows his alien nature with those radical screams and fighting spirit.

All in all, Piccolo is smart, capable, powerful, and an odd character in the series of fighters who really show a lot of passion and emotion. I feel like DBZ wouldn’t be the same without Piccolo. Awesome character.


So, I’ve been working on this all week, and I finished editing it yesterday, but I reached post limit for the very first time ever RIGHT as I was about to put it up. So. A couple things:

  • Nothing in this fic is suppose to be taken romantically, unless you count the (rather heavily implied) Anakin/Padme
  • I have a great and obsessive love for any variation of this au
  • Parentheses are my new favorite thing and I apologize for their excessive use  
  • Hopefully this all makes sense

((Shoutout to several lovely people whose ideas fuel my thoughts regarding these nerds in space: psimina, and above all, julia, whose undying love for “skywalkers actually have a happily ever after au” is awe-inspiring. I love you all, you nerd buckets <3))

She is nine years old and her father is a beacon of light in a world that is surrounded by dust and sand and heat and desolation.

She sits on the edge of the table as he shows her how to repair the broken controls of their old speeder, marvelling at how fast his hands maneuver around the wires and little crevices, his set of mechanical fingers hidden under their leather wrapping.

“Tell me about Mom again,” she says, and Dad’s face lights up with that wistful, slightly-goofy grin just like it has every other time, his eyes a little sad and his mouth a little crooked.

“She was an angel,” he starts, but she interrupts.

“You’ve told me that a thousand times, Daddy.”

“Well, she was.”

She does not ask further.

(She wants to).


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Ten Reasons Why You Should Give 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' a Chance

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to Netflix, which means that it’s going to be available to a very large group of people, very conveniently, for the first time. As such, many first-time viewers may be wondering “should I give this show a chance?”. The Prequels are very controversial, after all, and this series is placed very firmly in that era. Some of you may have also heard a lot of negativity directed towards it, especially concerning its pilot movie.

So, here’s my list of reasons why I think it’s a good idea to give the series a chance. Because I honestly think it’s been a massive triumph for the Star Wars franchise as a whole.

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Can you explain your love for Padme? I was never a fan of the prequels or the characters, but it's been a while since I've seen them...

AAAAAAAA well honestly i love the prequels bc i love Bad movies with Great Universes but PLEASE LET ME TELL YOU WHY PADME AMIDALA IS THE ONE BEAUTIFUL RAY OF LIGHT (except for ewan mcgregor as obi wan l m ao) IN ALL THREE OF THESE MOVIES

first off padme became queen of naboo at only fourteen!!! FOURTEEN!!! and remember that on naboo, “queen” is not an inherited monarchical title but is an elected position by the people. which means that queen isn’t some empty title, it’s an active executive political role where she acts as a leader of her people and her military retinue. and even though she has a body double that is supposed to keep her out of the action and protect her from danger, she actually uses the anonymity that this switch affords her to be even more in the thick of the action (i.e. going out w qui-gon and obi wan on tatooine). She then is the main agent in devising a strategy of retaking her palace and the naboo capital from its occupation by the trade federation, while at the same time mending a feud/political rift between the native gungans and the immigrant human population of naboo

and after her two terms of service are over (people on naboo actually tried to amend their constitution to extend the term limit so she could stay in office longer!!! which she refused!!! because she loves equality and true democratic process!!!!!!) her successor basically made her be senator lmao. to which she used her powers TO FURTHER DIPLOMACY AND NONVIOLENT ACTION within the galactic republic. when a bunch of systems wanted to secede from the republic, though she was opposed to this (which idk if george actually gave a shit about padme and her character arc she probably would have ended up explicitly sympathizing w the separatists instead of just implying) she was very, very outspoken against the creation of a galactic republic army and militarization in response to it. because she values compassion!! and diplomacy!!! above all things!!! padme has an extremely strong moral center, placing duty and service to the people before anything, including herself. 

she is honestly the exact opposite of how anakin is as a person–where anakin is selfish and wants power only for himself and his allies (aka a literal fascist), padme is selfless and compassionate and devotes all her energy to a system where she believes anyone and everyone should get an equal voice (honestly, her downfall is realizing too late that they system she’s devoted her life to is corrupt beyond all measure, and tbh IT WAS THE SAME W ANAKIN)

honestly her major character flaw is that she’s kind of naive in that she sees the good in things and people that are essentially irredeemable and either ignores or believes that if she tries hard enough within the system she can fix the bad–i.e. the galactic senate and anakin. which is why her character arc is kind of tragic, she keeps devoting herself to lost causes (either as a character flaw or just like. poor writing fuck you george) but is also why i want to protect padme at all costs

i just can’t believe how dirty the third movie did her and just how neutered and shoehorned her romance with anakin is in the last two prequels. which honestly i think is the main contributor as to why these movies are so bad. she falls in love with anakin despite them politely debating about politics and finding out that he is a fascist, and it’s all weirdly framed as flirty banter??? which i don’t get at all because with as strong of political ideals as she has i can’t believe she even gave that kid the time of day. and then revenge of the sith. ooooooooooooooh my god how i hate that movie bc it basically reduces padme to the ~supportive wife~ trope but it also makes me so sad bc they have a convo about how love is blinding and love has obviously blinded her!!! bc she can’t see what a horrible person anakin is!!! and how all of his actions go directly against what she has devoted her life to achieving!!! i just!!!!! AUUGHGHH

i love padme!!! so much!!!!! i love her more than anything!!!! she’s smart and compassionate and idealistic to the point of blindness and she’s not afraid to get into the thick of things and pick up a blaster and start shooting things with the rest of them. honestly i think she’s the only reason luke and leia are as good as they are, bc while they certainly got their ability to fly and fix things from anakin, and their natural leadership came from both of them, their determination and dedication to the right thing, their moral centers, their compassion, that’s all padme just. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love her. i love her

I think of the Force as not being so much a Judeo-Christian good/evil dichotomy, nor a Taoist light/dark balance, but sort of a love child of the two. It was influenced by Eastern philosophy but put through a very Western lens, and the result is something that doesn’t really fit in fully with either. I remember reading a quote from George Lucas (which I unfortunately can’t find, so I’m paraphrasing—even if I’m wrong and he didn’t say it, fuck it, I still love this interpretation) saying that the Jedi actually created the Dark Side, by trying to cast out everything they didn’t want for themselves. They made an ideal, and the Dark Side was all those unused pieces, a negative image of everything the Jedi weren’t, that couldn’t be destroyed and had to go somewhere. So while it is good vs. evil (a Western/Judeo-Christian concept) it comes from this idea of the balance having been upset somewhere along the way, and the distillation of good causing its equal and opposite reaction, rather than these being innate forces on their own. I think one of the reasons the Dark Side “seduces” people is because it can’t help but exist. For some reason, it settled on there being two main players on the Dark Side at all times, and whenever one is killed, that creates a vacuum that pulls powerful Force users into it as pawns. The world cannot stay imbalanced for long, and so the Dark Side can’t ever be fully resisted by all Force users. The fewer active Force users there are, the greater the pull on each.

At this point in the story, I think the Force has been so strongly divided for so long that each side has taken on a sort of life of its own, and the two cannot be so easily healed. Until the Light welcomes the Dark back into itself, the reality of that world is that the two are split, distinct forces.

In addition to that, I think there’s this concept that people are good/Light Side by default, though not strongly so. Born with a kind of innocence, you could say. And there’s this certain feeling that going through Bad Shit has the power to corrupt and rub off on you, unless you have the power to transcend it. Not so much that abuse makes you an abuser—that’s much too simplistic, but it is notable that the first emotion Yoda lists on the path to the Dark Side is fear. Fear isn’t evil, and it’s a normal reaction to scary shit. Rey, Finn, and Poe were all afraid at various points in the movie, and that didn’t make them evil. But to some degree, having encountered fear and pain forces you to make a choice, to let it sink into you and passively let the darkness you encounter become part of you, or to reject it and choose the Light Side. (This of course is only talking about magic space wizardry, not real life.)

Darth Vader attempts to corrupt Luke through this route. (Planning to overthrow Palpatine, but keep the balance of two Dark Side users with himself and his son.) He cuts off his hand, which as mentioned before had to do with some fear of the machine/inhumanity stuff, but was also to cause him fear and pain, to introduce him to darkness. And Luke does feel the pull of the darkness. We see him connected with Anakin/Vader through the Force, and he wears a lot of black. But then he transmutes that understanding of darkness into compassion, and through that is able to redeem Anakin/Vader. In a sense, he wasn’t a true Light Side user until he understood the Dark, he was just sort of vaguely good because he didn’t know anything else. When he was able to do that, IMO, is when he became a Jedi.

I think Rey starts her story in a similar state of untested/unproven Light Side. Her clothes are white, but off-color with dirt, and while she’s surely known fear and pain, she hasn’t been explicitly exposed to the Dark Side of the Force. She gets that exposure later, through Kylo Ren, and after that the Dark Side begins tempting her. In the novelization, after she has Kylo Ren at her mercy, she hears a voice in her head telling her to kill him, and recognizes it’s the Dark Side, which she rejects. She’s choosing Light, but the Dark Side is now part of her to some degree, something Kylo Ren clearly recognizes—he wants to teach her, not defeat her. Kylo Ren also canonically has both Dark and Light within him, and is torn apart by the struggle between them. While he’s choosing the Dark for now, the Light is something that’s part of him and acts on him. In the ending scene, Rey wears not white but gray.

Not only is redemption clearly a possibility for Kylo Ren, but corruption is a possibility for Rey, and it’s something they mutually have to struggle against. This world has been without the Jedi since the loss of Yoda and Obi-Wan, and it’s been without the Sith since the deaths of Palpatine and Anakin. (Who knows what the fuck Snoke is? But there were only supposed to be two Sith in the OT.) The discipline that kept the Dark and Light sides of the Force separate are breaking down. And I think those two sides are colliding, tumultuously reassimilating. As that happens, Light and Dark are less discrete forces in their own right, and more blended, while still being extremely volatile. It’s a very difficult time to be a Force sensitive, and reasserting that separation isn’t necessarily the best thing for the Force or for the galaxy.