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Chili Roasted Cauliflower Tacos!

I really love cauliflower and have been putting it in everything - in my breakfast smoothies, as a makeshift Alfredo sauce, as a rice substitute, etc. I also love tacos. So when I came across this recipe in the June issue of Eating Well, I made it immediately. This was soooooo good. Really flavorful while still low cal and pretty low carb (compared to your average taco). I really enjoyed this dish and hope you do too! 

  • Prep Time: 20 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 Minutes
  • Total Time: 40 Minutes
  • Serves: 4


  • 2 tbsp chopped chilies in adobo sauce
  • ¼ cup lime juice (fresh squeezed from about 2 limes)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 3-4 cloves garlic
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 small head of cauliflower, chopped into bite size pieces
  • 1 small onion, halved and thinly sliced
  • 1 can refried black beans, warmed up
  • Corn tortillas, warmed up
  • Crumbled queso fresco
  • Toppings: chopped jalapenos, cilantro, guacamole, sour cream, and/or salsa


  • Preheat the oven to 450 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment or aluminum foil.
  • Add lime juice, chilies, honey, garlic, and salt to a blender. Add water if needed, ½ tsp at a time, until the sauce is smooth or close to it. Placed the cauliflower in a medium sized bowl and add sauce. Mix until well coated. Add cauliflower to the baking sheet, top with red onion, and roast for 20 minutes, stirring once about halfway through. 
  • Add warm beans to a tortilla, top with cauliflower and then add queso fresco, jalapenos, cilantro and other toppings. Enjoy!

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happy birthday to my son, 구준회. You are so sweet, caring and many people mistake you for being cold but you are quite the opposite. Your smile could literally light up an entire room, your laugh could cause the entire room to start laughing with you, and you have the voice of an angel. I hope you have a great birthday, get lots of gifts, and all of the group spoils you. I’m really proud of you and I hope you continue to achieve success :”)



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got over our first hump today and it feels really really good 

*jumps for joy*

I got an A+ on my midterms! Second highest grade in the class at 98.5%!!!

*dances around room*


HANEUL & THE NOONAS aka Haneul, Lyana & June

NOONA [ noun ] Korean word meaning “older sister” used by males related or not, speaking to an older woman or girl. A noona usually finds herself being the object of affection for countless younger guys. SHINee are poster children for loving all the noonas in the world.

June 30 is Chat Noir Appreciation Day guys! I’ll be drawing a black cat on my hand and will probably post a bunch of CN stuff.

Join me! Let us praise Chat Noir together!

just wanted to get some thoughts down about Blaire’s debate from last night.

overall, i think Contra is fucking insane. the fact that he’s ok with someone saying that Blaire “advocates for trans genocide”, and thinks making fun of someones appearance is worse than that, is insane. 

Contra said on twitter today that he is not good at debating, and doesn’t think he should be held accountable for the things he said in the debate, which is fucking retarded to me. if you cannot hold up a conversation on the spot about your views, then maybe your views are flawed. tweets below

i just find Contra super stupid. also, June WAS NOT a good moderator. i love June, but a good moderator needs to step in when shit starts to get hot, and she did not do that.

also, while watching the debate, my boyfriend and i fact checked the whole non binary is in the DSM thing, and it’s not. Contra has used the definition of “gender disphoria” and twisted it to include non binary, which i think is fucked.

you guys let me know your thoughts. i love Blaire’s debates, but i am repulsed by Contra.


▸ Happy Damchu Day! ◂ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥


hi, i’m christian! i’m 15, and i live near sf, but i’m moving to seattle in june. i’m also in love with my beautiful girlfriend (: my music taste ranges from kendrick lamar, lana del rey, drake, tigers jaw, teen suicide, flatsound, and have mercy. my hobbies include guitar, singing, drawing, watercolor, and digital art. i’m looking for other lgbt friends, or just anyone in general ! i’m especially searching for trans friends, too, because i’m ftm. if anyone needs advice, you can message me, too! my instagram is: dandelionshands

LJS for Ceci (June ‘16) - Part 4

Translation note: I <3 this interview, I <3 Ceci. This part is the best, surprising names appearing everywhere.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

* * * * *

Ceci: Do you still have a dream to own a cafe like before? What kind of cafe would you own?

JS: A cafe with no customers. A cafe with only me as a customer. A cafe with no customers, where I can chat with my friends like now.

Ceci: That reminds me of ‘My Lips Are Like Warm Coffee’. (T/N: Eddy Kim’s song, recently remade into a duet with Lee Sungkyung)

JS: I drink at least three cups of coffee a day.

Ceci: You used to be unable to drink alcohol, right? But you had the experience of drinking a lot at once.

JS: There was a time when I thought I became more accustomed to drinking but it turns out that alcohol is just not for me. I only drink some champagne when I am with people I’m close with.

Ceci: Like Lee Sungkyung who suddenly visited today, you seem to be closer with female friends, like Hyoyeon and Kang Sora.

JS: Conversations with female friends seem to be deeper and more realistic. Like if you asked a guy ‘how was that movie’, he would reply, ‘it was fun’ or ‘it was cool’ and that’s the end of that. But a woman would start talking about ‘why that scene was acted that way?’ or ‘I particularly like that line’ so the conversation can continue.

Ceci: How did you become friends with Lee Sungkyung?

JS: From model era, we’ve been friends for around 10 years now. We weren’t close back then because Sungkyung is a good girl who goes home once the sun sets. I remember thinking that she was a person with a beautiful soul. When she started working as an actor, we became closer.

Ceci: There are a lot of dramas airing in the latter part of the year. Would like to make a declaration of ambition?

JS: It’s great that there’s going to be more good dramas to watch. Actually, before I decided on a project, (Kim) Woobin had asked me to do a cameo for his drama. I was going to do it but then had to tell him, “I’m sorry but our dramas are going against each other”. Casting is really one of the main points to attract people to watch the first episode, so as a drama fanatic, the combo of ‘Kim Woobin and Suzy’ is a must-watch. I always watch the dramas acted by actors our age, since I want to catch all those scenes that are especially pretty because we are at this age.

Ceci: It would be lovely if ‘Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin’ can become another ‘Jung Woosung and Lee Jungjae’ and continue for a long time.

JS: Woobin is the only same-age friend who has come with me from the model era so we became close, then we acted in ‘School 2013′ together. Among male actors, he’s the only one I keep in contact with. When returning to Korea, we announce our arrival to each other first. Whenever there’s news, we contact each other first. I think that this can be called good fortune.

Ceci: You also said that you like Lee Minho-sunbae just now, right?

JS: I didn’t used to have contact with Lee Minho-sunbae but when I was frustrated about choosing a new agency, he gave me a call. He also went through the same process so he understands that feeling of being emotionally exhausted no matter how you choose. He said, “If you need any advice, we can meet up.” I am really appreciative and thankful for his sincerity.

Ceci: You decided yesterday that you would sign with YG Entertainment. May I ask why?

JS: I had no idea how so many people got my private phone number, but many of them called and gave me various advice. When I returned to Korea, I was thinking about a place which could afford me a stable environment to focus on reading scripts. 

At that time, CEO Yang Hyun Suk gave me a call and directly asked, “What can I help you with?” So I said, “Allow me to only focus on acting.” Although a lot of people offered various terms and conditions, he was the only one to ask what he could do for me.

Ceci: When deciding your agency, was your role model Kang Dongwon a deciding factor?

JS: The fact that sunbae had chosen this company also gave me a sense of security, I guess. I always read the interviews of Cha Seungwon-sunbaenim and Kang Dongwon-sunbaenim. For me, the words of these people who had walked this path before me serves as good guides for my life.

Ceci: Do you read your own interviews?

JS: I read every single one. I may have low self-esteem but I also have a lot of love for myself. (laughs)

Ceci: One last message for the fans?

JS: I think this is first time I’ve made everyone wait this long. Since you’ve waited so long, I’ll try my best to make it worthwhile with quality acting. (ending the interview in a Macho Guy way)

anonymous asked:

could you please do a bucky x reader where you guys ""hate each other"" and you guys have a huge argument before a mission, and you end up getting severley hurt and he feels bad like it's his fault? please and thank you!!

mmmMMMMMM BOI HERE COMES THE FEELS. these fucking requests will be the death of me goodbyee

i feel like this is kinda long compared to my other stories but i think it’s alright, because the prompt is so good i thought it deserved mmore words? idk you tell me. requests are closed for now, but feel free to send me feedback. and for those of you interested in sending me requests: it’ll be reopened on june 18th. also I would love to know your names or usernames so i can tag you! so dont feel like you gotta be anon :) did that come off weird and creepy? sorry lmao

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2280

Warnings: read the prompt, and enter at your own risk mwahhahaha

“It’s My Fault”

The sun was shining brightly through the wispy curtains. Outside, the grass was green and dewy with the morning mist and the birds happily chirped about, awakening the world of the rising sun. It was fucking awful.

You chucked the alarm clock onto the ground, definitely breaking it. Hauling your reluctant body out of your comfortable, warm bed, you violently rubbed the sleep out of your face.

“UUUUGGHHH.” An ugly moan escaped your lips as you stood up to go down to kitchen. Not bothering to wash your face or brush your teeth, you just grabbed a soft blanket to cover yourself from the brisk morning.

“Why is it so fucking cold?” is the first thing you say to your team, who are already cleaning up the dishes from breakfast.

“Good morning to you too,” smirk Natasha, passing a coffee mug to Tony, who dries it with a cloth.

You look around furious eyes at the empty breakfast table. “Where. Is. The. Food?” you ask angrily, enunciating every word.

“You missed breakfast by 2 hours,” Steve answers calmly. “There’s some cereal left.”

Without breaking eye contact with Steve, you walk to the fridge to take out the milk and then to the pantry for the cereal. “I hate you,” you whisper, squinting your eyes.

Bucky, who is still eating his food, smiles at your grumpiness. He thought it was cute how angry you got in the morning without food. “You should get some coffee in you first,” he quips. You shoot him a silent stare, daring him to speak another word.

You balance the bowl, spoon, milk, and cereal box to the table and sit down. The prospect of food mitigates your hanger. You smile happily as you open the cereal box, only to have your entire day ruined.

“THERE IS NO FUCKING CEREAL STEVE.” You want to flip the breakfast table over. “You lied,” you hiss with a sudden quietness. Your change in tone scares Steve who claims that he has no idea why there isn’t any cereal.

Then Bucky speaks up for his friend. “Right, I forgot to tell you that there isn’t any more…because I ate it all.”

There is a collective gasp, the team anxiously watching the drama unfold at 10 am. “Holy shit,” someone comments.

You look up slowly from your empty cereal bowl with a twitchy growl on your face. “What?” you heave. “You ate it?”

Bucky nods happily, “Yup.”

His smug look is the last straw. You jump over the table and tackle him to the ground. You grab him by the shirt and shake him aggressively.

“HOW FUCKING DARE YOU? THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME THIS WEEK> HOW MUCH CEREAL DO YOU REQUIRE?” You shout crazily, Bucky’s head bobbing back and forth. This wasn’t the first time that Bucky basically stole your breakfast. It would’ve been okay if he had bought more or at least said sorry, but he would just give you a smug smirk. And you were not for that shit in the morning.

Everyone watched with a small smile, letting you harass him. But Steve stepped in. “Alright, let’s calm down.”

You drop Bucky and grab Steve’s leg, pulling him down onto his butt. “You calm down. Rogers.” With both boys on the ground, you prop yourself up and collect yourself. Smoothing down your hair, you walk back to your room. “If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room.”

Later that day, Clint had suggested that they go to the bar to blow off steam after a week of stress. Everyone agreed and Wanda dragged you along. After this morning’s fiasco, you weren’t in the mood to be near Bucky. But you found yourself among the drunk group. They were playing “Never Have I Ever” and you, being the only relatively sober one, were enjoying watching drunk Steve make a fool of himself. When the game seemed to be going well without you, you slipped out of the booth and made your way to the bar for some solitude. Bucky saw you weave through the crowd and sit at the bar. He contemplated following you, making sure you were okay. But he voted against, thinking that you were still mad about the cereal incident. He kept an eye on you though, making sure that there weren’t any creep lurking around.

At the bar, you ordered your go-to drink and sipped slowly. You watched the nightlife around you, wishing that you could enjoy a normal outing one day. Not that you didn’t love being an Avenger, but you also wondered what it would be like to sit in public without getting looks and getting taken photos of. You sat with a sad smile and sighed heavily. A man, tall and handsome, took a seat next to you and heard your sigh.

“You alright over there?” he asked politely.

At first, you were going to shake him off. But maybe you could talk to him about things that you couldn’t tell any of your friends. This could be your chance at pretending to be normal.

Nursing your drink, you smiled. “Yeah, just…”

“Break-up?” he guessed.

“Yeah,” you lied. “Over text,” you added.

The stranger gasped with disgust, “God, that’s awful. I’m so sorry.”

You smiled politely, “Thanks, I’m Claire.” He didn’t seem to recognize you, so you decided to take on a different life. Claire, who works at the bank and lives alone. Normal. 

“Joseph,” you offered his hand and you shook it.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom, do you mind ordering me another drink?”

He shook his head and you walked off. Bucky watched you walk away and turned his attention back to Joseph. Joseph ordered you another drink, but Bucky saw him take out a little bag of something and drop its contents into your drink. Alarmed, Bucky jumped up and strutted to the bar. At the same moment, you were heading back to the bar. You saw Joseph sitting there and Bucky pull him up and punch him. Eyes wide, you ran to the scene and dragged Bucky off of Joseph. Bucky was huffing with rage, shouting angry words at him.

“Bucky, what the fuck?” you shout at him, trying to prevent him from throwing another punch.

Meanwhile, Joseph managed to get up on his feet as he cradled his jaw, his nose bleeding profusely. “You know this guy?”

“Yeah…” you answer. You watched bitterly as Joseph sauntered off, limping slightly. “Damn it Bucky.” You turn around to face him. “What the hell?” you asked exasperated.

“He put something in your drink, I saw him.” He was still out of breathe. At this point, everyone in the bar observed silently.

You took Bucky by the arm and led him out of the bar where you could yell at him without being watched so closely. Once you were out of hearing distance, you looked at Bucky, studying his face and trying to figure out why he had exploded in there.

“What’s your deal?” you ask sternly.

“He put a date drug into your drink,” he repeated. You could tell he was slightly intoxicated.

“You said that already. And also, did you think I was stupid enough to drink something from a stranger? I was just being polite.” Before Bucky could speak, you held your hand up. “I’m not done. Now that I have your tipsy attention, I have more to say. Why do you always get involved with my shit? Like, for example. My cereal? Yeah, it was funny the first couple of times, but now it’s just annoying as fuck. And every time we come out, you make it your job to ruin my night. Another example, tonight. And another one, last week and the week before that and the weeks before that.” You pause, giving Bucky a chance to explain himself. But he’s speechless. He’s struggling to come up with an excuse or reason and you just shake your head slightly.

“Tell the others I’m heading back. I have a mission tomorrow…” you trail off, still waiting for Bucky to say something. But he doesn’t. “Bye Buck.”

He watches you walk away, shoulders drooping and head low. He fucked up. Inside the bar, he sits back down with the team. They’re still drunk, so he decides that it’s time to go back home.

Wanda notices that you didn’t walk back in. “Where’s (Y/n)?” she asks with a hiccup.

“She went back. We should too,” Bucky suggests, grabbing his coat.

“Buck,” Steve says. “You messed up, pal.”

He gave Steve a quizzical look, “What’re you talking about?”

“God, you’re so dumb! He’s talking about (Y/n). We know you like her. We’d be the stupid ones if we couldn’t see it,” Natasha slurs, pointing a bent finger at Buck.

“Seriously, Frosty. We need to work on your relationship skills, or you’ll never be able to get (Y/n).” Tony gets up, gently swaying side to side. 

Bucky scoffs at them, “You’re all drunk.”

“Not drunk enough to be completely oblivious to your feelings,” Clint smiles lazily.

The next day, you quietly prepare for the mission and wait in the jet for everyone else. You expect Nat and Steve to be coming with you, but they’ve brought another member: Bucky. You look away, avoiding eye contact with him. Biting your lips, you hope that he doesn’t remember last night. Please be fucking hungover as shit, you pray. Nat mumbles a painful hello, very hungover from last night. But Bucky and Steve seems fine. Damn the super-soldier serum. While everyone else is preparing for lift off, Bucky sits behind you. You here him shaking his leg up and down, which drives you kind of crazy. But you’d rather listen to that than speak to him. It was silly to be mad at him for last night. But you meant what you had said. He’d always get involved in your shit and bugged you out. And the fact that it wasn’t a one time thing was not okay. You just wanted to know why he was bothering you like a third grader with his stupid jokes, but he didn’t say. 

The ride was a silent one, and you reached the destination fairly quickly. The location was hot and humid, and you could feel your hair already fizzing up. Your boots sunk into the mud with each step and it made being stealthy difficult. Steve whispered into the coms, directing each person what to do. You had to go into the building and secure the third floor while everyone else was on the first. There wasn’t  a second floor anymore because of a bomb, and you’d have to climb your way up.

The air was still and tense, knowing that the enemy was still somewhere near by. But after checking each room, you told Steve.

“Have you checked the back room?” he asks.

You look around and spot the small wooden door, “Not yet.” You slowly walk to the door and kick it open. That’s when the gunshots go off. You were able to avoid some of them, but when you heard Bucky call your name, you lose your focus and get hit in the side. You inhale sharply and place your hand where you got shot. Warm blood oozes from your flesh and you stumble back from another shot to your outer thigh. Everything fades to black and the last thing you hear is Bucky’s voice.

Your surrounding come into focus as your eyes flutter open. Bucky and Wanda jerk awake at the sound of your stirring. When you try to prop yourself up, she comes to your side and gently pushes you back.

“Your wounds are still healing,” she says with a weak smile. Brushing your hair out of your face, she sniffles. “You’re gonna be down for a few weeks.”

“Damn, I hate not working,” you mumble sarcastically.

She chuckles, “I’ll go get the nurse.”

Once she’s out of the room, your eyes roam around the room until you catch Bucky’s. He’s looking at you with a frown, arms crossed defensively. 

“How are you feeling?” he asks. He sits down next to your bed and you turn your head away so that you won’t have to look at him. Sensing that you’re still mad, he drops his head and takes a deep breathe, going over the words that he had rehearsed. “I’m sorry about the cereal incidents.” This gets your attention and you slowly face him, suspicion in your look. He continues, “I’m sorry I punched that Jonathan guy. I just…I’m always worried about you. It’s my fault that you got hurt on the mission and…I shouldn’t have called out for you.” He sighs deeply, unable to speak the words he had practiced. “I like you.” You look at him, scanning his posture and expression for any signs of falsity. Right when you’re about to respond, he says the thing that you had been hiding from yourself.

“I love you,” he whispers.

You freeze, holding in your breathe at the news. You gulp down your pride and reach out for his hand, which are clasped tightly on the bed. “Me too.” His head shoots up, surprise written all over his face. “And don’t worry about it, you got me out of work for a while.” You smile kindly at him. Looking into his eyes, you let him lean forward and kiss you on the lips. It was gentle and tender, honest and pure. You kiss back passionately, not satisfied with the softness. But he pulls away when he hears you wince. “We’re gonna have to resume this once I can sit up properly.”