i also love his stance in the first one

I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while now and I thought I’d finally write it out before the next Teen Titans issue comes out and we (hopefully) get to see Damian’s reaction to Tim’s ‘death’. Also, I have this HC that Damian, Jason, and Stephanie have this ‘been dead’ sense that lets them know when their love one’s have died and I wanted to write something with that in it.

Anyway enjoy.

Words: 2k

Warnings: angsty

Edit: The Incredible @audreycritter has written a sequel to this fic titled Found Not Lost. I strongly (and by strongly I mean if you don’t you’re just silly for not listening to me) recommend that you read it. It’s so good. You can read it here or by clicking on the title. 

Damian was out of options. Alone. Backed against a corner. Utility belt across the room. Larger than usual Killer Croc approaching. He took in a deep breath and readied himself, widening his stance, searching the enhanced villain for weaknesses, and wishing he hadn’t snuck out tonight.

Then the impossible happened. Crock’s eyes went wide and he fell forward. Slow at first and then all at once. Scales and teeth hitting the ground with a crash. That wasn’t what was impossible. What was impossible was the reason. The red disc sparking slightly in Croc’s back.

“Drake.” Damian felt a rush of relief at seeing his brother alive. Alive and well. Alive and fighting crime. Alive.

He didn’t know what came over him, but he rushed his brother, jumping over the fallen villain in the process to reach Tim. Engulfing him in a hug the moment he was close enough. “I knew you weren’t dead.”

Tim’s arms wrapped around him returning the hug. “That’s where you’re wrong. I am dead,” Tim’s arms became a vice around Damian, squeezing the breath out of him. “I came back to take you with me, return you to where you belong.”

His brother’s grip was so tight Damian couldn’t breathe. He almost missed the sharp pain in his side, one of Tim’s discs digging deep, then being torn out with a vicious yank. At the same time his brother let go and Damian collapsed, gasping and grasping at his side.

He looked up into his brother’s face, he was saying something but there was a roaring in Damian’s ears and he couldn’t hear. But he could read lips. ‘…up. Wake up, Damian.’ What was Tim saying? He didn’t understand, but his vision was fading anyway.

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