i also love everything in my room with this shot

The crush.

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Angst, fluff
Y/N is Chanyeol’s best friend, but she can’t help and be in love with him

“Good morning Y/N” Chanyeol all smiley greet me the time I entered his room, but.. That was actually my daily routine from that day everything happened.

“Hey Chanyeolie, tell me.” I told my best friend as I drunk another shot. We were at the bar we usually hung out. But that day he wasn’t on mood so drinks came after another.

“Hmm?” He looked at me like nothing happened but in reality, we both knew. His crush was kissing a school’s pretty guy -also known as Oh Sehun- and I felt sad yet angry. He was always looking after her, even if I was the one who was always next to him. He fell for her and I couldn’t do anything about it, could I? The day he told me about her I just patted his shoulder and smiled proudly as a best friend should do. But once I was at my home I burst into tears. I felt stupid though, of all men why my best friend?

“Come on, I’m here for you.” I gave him a weak smile. I hated seeing him like that.

“I don’t actually know if I care!” He said having one more drink. “I’m not sure if I really loved her.” He said again.

But his behavior drove me mad. “Listen to me! A fucking year passed since you started liking her! What do you mean you’re not sure if you actually loved her?”

A hand reached my cheek and fondled it. “I’m sorry Y/N, but you don’t need to cry for such a thing. I should be the one crying but as I said I don’t care enough.” Oh yeah. I cried but without realizing it. This is how I finally understood how hurt I was. I cried harder and his hands kept wiping my tears away. “Come on, don’t make me sad now.” He then hugged me tight. I tried to figure out if I cried because of what had happened or because he was being so sweet with me that I couldn’t handle it. “Let’s drink!” He let out a loud sigh, but then I looked up at him and nodded as an answer.

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You Rock My World || Junhoe

I love Michael Jackson, Junhoe loves Michael Jackson, I also love Junhoe, sooo…. this happened. This is probably one of my favorites by Michael, so I wrote a little scenario that incorporated it. Hope you like it!

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You rocked my world, you know you did

And everything I own I give

The rarest love who’d think I’d find

Someone like you to call mine x

   “Stop staring, that’s weird.”

           Junhoe immediately shot you and confused look after hearing your words. He approached you as you stood in front of the large fitting room mirror, struggling to smooth out the dress you were trying on. It’s been a long night, but you were determined to not give up until you found the perfect dress for your sister’s wedding tomorrow.

           “Am I supposed to look in the other direction as my girlfriend comes out in a new dress every time?”
             “Yeah, that would actually make things a little less weird.”

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