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RFA reacting to MC having an "accident" in the middle of the night cause Aunt Flo is here./ RFA when It's MC's "time of the month"

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I already made a request last night but, I realized it’s similar to another one. The severe period pain one? By that I mean, Mc is like groaning in pain on the couch and unable to move from the pain. Btw can it be RFA +V and Saeran. I’m like withering in pain and tbh I feel like this will make me feel better lmao. Also, I like went through nearly your entire profile. Tis amaze.

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Ohm. This is a weird request but meh. Do you think you could to a reaction from the RFA + V and Saeran to MC having horrible period pains? So bad that it hurts to stand? Cause like, it happens.

So these are actually some of the latest requests, but this just seemed easier to write, so I finished this as soon as I could to get some content out. Still, it’s almost two weeks late despite that. Our inbox is rotting. Imsosorry ivebeenbusy x.x

BUT ANYWAY! I hope this will suffice? It might not be quite what you guys asked, but I tried ^~^

(had also planned to be for @serensama )


MC on Her Time of the Month


  • Text Message Received. “Hey, I can’t come to the beach today, sorry… >_< It’s that time of the month, so I can’t swim…”
  • He’s never had a girlfriend before. He’s completely clueless when you suddenly cancel on the beach date you’d been planning for days! You’d both been so busy, today was the one day you could actually meet up :C
  • -insert sad Yoosung boyfriend-
  • Instead, he decides to visit, anxiously worrying if you were feeling sick. (his mother makes him bring you some chicken noodle soup, lecturing him about how it was only respectful lololol cmon we all know she would)
  • Hm. You didn’t look feverish, and you weren’t coughing or anything… The only weird thing was how you sat in your chair all curled up into a ball. Curious, he decides to ask you about it, “So uhm, MC… why did you cancel today?”
  • Immediately, your cheeks flush slightly. Didn’t he understand from your text…? With a wry smile on your face, you eventually explained, “Weeeell, I’m on my period… And the cramps have been really bad so far. I can hardly stand. I didn’t want to ruin our date by lying down every five minutes in an attempt to tolerate the pain.”
  • The colour drains from his face.
  • “OH MY GOD MC, ARE YOU OKAY?! NO, NEVER MIND, OF COURSE NOT. L-look, you shouldn’t be sitting here with me if it’s that bad, go back to bed right now and I will make you an omelette because you need good nutrition and rest so pleasepleaseplease go lie down,” he babbles, panic filling his features as he desperately pushes you to your room.
  • He ends up cooking in your kitchen while you bundled up in your blankets, trying to fight off the pain somehow.
  • Brings the omelette to your bed so you don’t have to walk around
  • You fail in holding back a big smile as you look at the beach umbrella drawn in ketchup. (Everytime he made you an omelette, he made sure to draw something different)
  • “I-it’s to represent that we should go to the beach when you feel better,” he sheepishly explained, red tinting his cheeks.
  • Your phone suddenly vibrated, indicating a notification came through. You glanced briefly at your phone before WHIPPING YOUR HEAD to re-read the message
  • Seven: lololol I guess he really wants to see you in a bikini!! What a perverted boy  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • You’d been lazily cuddling together in the morning upon waking up after a…. good night together. He’s whispering sweet nothings into your ear, running his fingers over your body… down your back… over your butt… then he stops, a flicker of confusion in his eyes.
  • He suddenly breaks his hold on you, sitting up and lifting the blanket off your bodies. Zen’s eyes seem to be peeled to your legs, or something…
  • You watch him in a half-asleep state, what was he doing so early in the morning? You yawn, stretching slightl- !!!
  • A sharp pain shoots through your lower stomach and you hiss as you clutch at it. What the…?
  • As you roll around the bed, you feel a slight wetness on the bedsheets. Oh. Uh-oh.
  • You heave a sigh, closing your eyes as dread overwhelms you. “Pleeease tell me it’s not what I think it is,” you groan, pulling a pillow over your head. “I’m so sorry for ruining the bed, ugh…”
  • Zen’s eyes soften, sympathy flashing in them. “Honey, it’s okay, it happens,” he says, offering a sweet smile. “I’ll take care of it, okay? Do what you need to, and when you’re done, I’ll go get our breakfast. Don’t worry about anything.”
  • He plants a light kiss on your forehead, gazing gently into your eyes.
  • In mere minutes, he removes and replaces the bedsheets, throws them in the laundry, and heads out to buy some food. You wait anxiously on the bed, groaning as your cramps caused continuous, throbbing pain.
  • “Zeeeen,” you whimper, as if it would make him come back faster.  
  • The front door opens, and you can see that Zen has returned with crepes, cake and hot chocolate in hand. He quickly rushes to your side as he hears your whimpering, stroking your hand as he checks to make sure you’re okay.
  • “I’ve heard that chocolate is supposed to help with cramps,” he says unsurely, holding up the hot chocolate. “And I also got some sweets. I know it’s not a proper breakfast, but I know you love these things around this time of the month. So let me spoil you on days like this, babe.”
  • Despite the lightning bolts of pain you were feeling, you managed to smile from your balled up position, weakly squeezing his hand as a sign of acknowledgment. “I love you, Zenny,” you mumble.


  • From the beginning, she had been aware that you got severe period cramps, and prepared numerous remedies and reliefs.
  • Whenever she noticed that it was nearing your time of the month, she would make you drink water with brown sugar dissolved into them, which was supposed to relax your muscles and make your cramps hurt less.
  • But one day, before your period came, you began to cramp up really badly. Unfortunately, you were still at work, so you had to continue taking orders and serving the customers despite the pain. You couldn’t let Jaehee down, after all.
  • But after doing it for a while, you were sweating profusely, your mouth watering with excess saliva. Your cheeks were flushed, and your legs were beginning to give out.
  • From behind the counter, Jaehee noticed your odd state, and realized immediately what was going on. She dashes out to guide you into the employee room, bringing you a mug of chamomile tea and chocolate cake.
  • “MC, you should’ve told me earlier if you weren’t feeling well!” she scolds you, glaring at you. But her eyes are soft with worry, although she was trying to express her anger.
  • You smile weakly, having no excuse to offer.
  • Her worry morphs into guilt. “I should have given you the day off… I knew that your time of the month was coming soon, I shouldn’t have made you work. I’m really sorry, MC.” She runs a hand through her hair in frustration, ashamed in herself.
  • “But you take such good care of me, I only want to repay you…” you argue softly, furrowing your eyebrows.
  • Your words bring a small smile to her face. “Silly. You’re the one who takes care of me. You’re always considering my feelings, even when I don’t. I can only be so happy thanks to you.”
  • Another shot of pain makes you wince, and you bring your knees to your chest, in an attempt to ease the pain. “Nng… thanks, Jaehee, but I just need to… rest for now,” you managed to say. “Go back to the counter… customers are waiting.”
  • She flicks your forehead lightly. “Silly. I’m going to stay with you of course. I’ll just close the shop. It’s one of the perks of being the owner. Let me take advantage of it, okay?”
  • And so, you end up going home, cuddling together on the bed as you suffered through your monthly hell. At least you had an angel beside you.


  • The two of you usually spent your nights together, but you suddenly asked to stay in a separate room one night. A bit disheartened, Jumin inquired you as to why you requested this, and you sighed, begrudgingly explaining what Mother Nature made you go through.
  • “Is that why you couldn’t sleep last night?” he frowned, his thumb gently stroking your cheek.
  • Your head shot up in surprise. “You knew?”
  • “I know everything, my love. You were groaning, tossing and turning the entire night… I couldn’t even hug you properly.”
  • “It’s not my fault it hurts so much!” you protest.
  • “I also had the maids wash the bedsheets, after noticing it had been dirtied. I hope you don’t mind.”
  • Erk, that was embarrassing. It was only the maids, but you suddenly felt like the whole world knew you were bleeding out of your vagina now. Seriously, Jumin could’ve kept quiet about that part. Now you felt mildly uncomfortable.
  • Jumin continued, “It’s okay. Get some rest, okay? You probably didn’t sleep a wink last night. I have a meeting today, but I’ll try to come home as soon as I can. I hope Elizabeth 3rd will suffice as company til then… Is there anything you would like me to bring back while I’m out?”
  • “Not really…” you mutter, cheeks still red.
  • Jumin raised an eyebrow, dubious.
  • “Okay, fine. Yeah, can I get some pizza? That one we had last time, where the crust was perfectly crispy and topped with that fancy stuff you ordered.”
  • He chuckles, kissing your forehead softly. “I knew you’d give in. And don’t worry so much about it being your time of the month. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, compared to your loud screams at night…”
  • SMACK!


  • The moment he heard your first whimpers he KNOCKED DOWN YOUR DOOR
  • “Honey?! What’s wrong!!” he panicked, throwing the covers off your bed to inspect you
  • You were curled up, rocking gently side-to-side as you quietly cried, the tears gathering in the corners of your eyes
  • “Saeyoungggg… Mother Nature’s killing me again,” you sniffled, trying to deal with the pain
  • “W-w-what do I do?” he stammered, cheeks flushing as he was unfamiliar with women’s monthly pains. He wanted to help, but he really had no idea.
  • But you couldn’t even answer, groaning as the next wave of pain hit you
  • “I-it’s okay, MC, I’ll call for help immediately! Defender of Justice, 707, off to the rescue!!” he declared, suddenly dashing out your room
  • Wait what?
  • “Come baaack,” you called out, feeling slightly disappointed. Had he just run out on you? What was he even trying to do? You just wanted some Saeyoung cuddles right now…
  • From the open door, you could hear Saeyoung talking vividly on the phone, “Give up the sacrifice!! NOW, Jumin Han, or I will hack into your company right now!”
  • Sacrifice? What sacrifice?
  • “I will steal Elly—no, listen to me, I will call her Elly however I please!”
  • Did he already forget about you? You grumbled, rolling over to hug your blankets.
  • “Good, I’m glad we cleared this up! 5 minutes, Mr. Han, I’m giving you 5 minutes to send her over.”
  • Fuck, was he trying to get Elizabeth the 3rd over? Seriously, that wouldn’t really help with your period pains very much. At all. You didn’t hate her, per say, but you were fucking dying in here.
  • You mentally counted down 5 minutes, when the doorbell suddenly rang, and you could hear Saeyoung’s footsteps as he practically flew to the door.
  • “I’m so glad you’re here! Thank youuuu!!” You could hear him exclaim.
  • “MC?” a soft, feminine voice called out to you from the doorway.
  • Your eyes snapped open, “Jaehee?! I thought you were Elizabeth the 3rd!”
  • Her eyes twinkled with amusement. “Now, why would you think that? I wasn’t aware that spending so much time cat-sitting had resulted into my transformation into a cat.”
  • “N-no.. never mind.” It was always hard to explain Saeyoung’s antics. “Why are you here?”
  • “Seven called Mr. Han to demand that I came to help. I’m very glad to (get away from Jumin) be of help, MC. I brought some painkillers, some hot soup and a few bags of tea for you to drink over the next few days. It should help somehow,” Jaehee explained, holding up a small plastic bag that you hadn’t noticed before.
  • From behind her, you noticed Saeyoung peeking nervously from the doorway, his eyes teared up as he stared at your weakened form.
  • “Thanks, Jaehee. And Saeyoung, you can come in, you know…” you said.
  • “B-but!! I’m a pure girl, darling, what if I get the curse of periods too?!” Saeyoung whined, shaking his head furiously.
  • ….That’s what he was worried about?
  • “Seven… Periods are not contagious,” Jaehee deadpanned.


  • He was always prepared when it was your time of the month—even more than you were! He couldn’t help it. For the majority of his relationship with Rika, he’d been doting on her, doing anything and everything he could for her. Old habits die hard.
  • “MC, maybe you shouldn’t be wearing white underwear… it’s almost your time of the month, isn’t it?” he called out as he was cooking breakfast, glancing at you from the corner of his eye.
  • “W-wha?” you yawned. You were only wearing one of his shirts and some panties, but then you realized the date. “Oh, you’re right!”
  • By the time you went to change, you’d already seen the faintest taint of pink on your underwear. Fuck. How many have you ruined by now? …Too many to count.
  • It took a couple hours before the pain started to kick in.
  • Considering this was a reoccurring pattern, V already knew what to do and when to do it.
  • “MC, honey, I prepared a hot bath for you… Would you like to be alone, or shall I join you?” he asked, checking in on you.
  • “Nng… I can’t really walk right now, sorry,” you replied, hugging a heating pouch to your lower stomach.
  • He chuckled in return, “Then I’ll carry you there. Perhaps I should strip you, too?” He winked jokingly.
  • If this had been a normal day, you would’ve taken the chance to jump at him (because V’s hot and a sweetheart) but no, your cramps were killing you today. So no. No sinning today, MC.
  • He fed you chocolate as you sunk into your bath, letting the heat relax your muscles, significantly easing your cramps. He helped to wrap you in a towel, making sure you were warm.
  • By the time you went to bed, the cramps had more or less gone away for the night, and you happily snuggled into his chest, feeling comfortable, relaxed and loved.


  • When he finished his morning shower, he found you groaning in pain on the bed, hugging a pillow tightly.
  • He snickered, “Was I too hard on you last night? I didn’t realize it was that bad…”
  • You shook your head, correcting him, “I’m on my periodddd…”
  • Immediately, his smile dropped. What the fuck?
  • “What… what is that supposed to mean?” he furrowed his eyebrows cutely, looking at you with pure confusion.
  • “I’m bleeding from my vagina, what else?” you rolled your eyes, deadpanning.
  • “Erm. Oh,” he stated in surprise. “Does… does ice cream help?”
  • “Ice cream doesn’t solve everything, Saeran…”
  • He frowned, not knowing what to do. Instead, he crawled into bed next to you. “Well, uhm, I don’t really know what to do… but, whenever I’m not feeling well, your hugs really help me, so if you don’t mind, I’m just going to cuddle with you… okay?”
  • You flashed a small smile at him, inwardly gushing at how adorable he was. “Of course!”
  • He smiled back with a hint of relief that he was doing something right. “Tell me if you need anything, okay?”
  • “And what if I said I only need you?” you joked.
  • He plants a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’m the one who needs you. Please feel better soon…”
Marauders playing “I’ve never”

because you just need two things to play this game that is plenty of alcohol and a sordid past and they have a lot of both so they start with innocent and simple questions because there’s no point to start shooting on everybody like

Sirius: “I’ve never kissed the same girl twice”

James: “I’ve never spent more than 4 weeks without shagging”

Peter: “I’ve never snogged in a cupboard”

Remus: “Why has everything to be about sex?”

then they initiate the ‘embarrassing your friend’ turn like

Remus: “I’ve never tossed off while the others were asleep”

Sirius: “I’ve never had an erection in the middle of the class”

James: “I’ve never lost an erection with a girl”

Peter: “I’ve never contracted some weird sexual disease”

Remus: “Why has everything to be about sex?”

so they begin to aim their attacks on those they know who possesses the most dangerous secrets that not they all know about yet like

James: “I’ve never thought about making out with a bloke”

Sirius: “I’ve never looked at Evans’ butt and no, that’s not for you Prongs…“

James: “I’ve never had wet dreams with someone that shares this very same dorm with me”

Sirius: “I’ve never tried to use love potion on my completely out of reach crush”

“I’ve never invented absurds to distract everyone’s attention from my own scandal secrets”

James: “I’ve never shagged half of this bloody castle to pretend I’m not a—”

Sirius: “SHUT UP, PRONGS.”

so they take it personally and begin to stab where it hurts

Sirius: “I’ve never acted like an stupid arrogant little shit to catch my crush’s attention”

James: “I’ve never acted like an stupid arsehole and invented stupid concepts like punk rock just to impress my crush”

Peter: “I’ve never pretended that punk rock is not something really cool and that my crush being in fact very punk rock is actual attractive”

Remus: “…I’ve never made up absurds because I’m jealous because I don’t even have a crush”

Sirius: “I’ve never been more confused about a conversation before and considering I live with you tossers that’s say something”

James: “I’ve never tried to use my friend’s imbecility to change the subject and try to scape from the undeniable truth that I’m a bloody qu—”

so they completely give up to be cautious and they’re so drunk that they know they probably won’t remember anything so it just doesn’t matter anymore

Peter: “I’ve never shagged with another bloke before”

James: “I’ve never been so in love with one of MY BLOODY BEST FRIENDS I’M NOT GOING TO SAY NAMES HERE BUT—”





Remus: “He’s what?”





Remus: “Wait a minute, who’s queer?’




Remus: “Well, actually you—”



James: “No.”

Peter: “Padfoot, don’t—”


Remus: “Why are you still drinking every time someone says ‘I’ve never’ this doesn’t even make sense anym—”

Sirius: “I’ve never been such a pain in the ass, and I’VE NEVER BEEN SUCH A COWARD STUPID STAG TO NOT ADMIT MY FEELINGS ALREADY”



Sirius: Well, I’ve never thought that you would be the one to screw everything up, Wormtail, thank you. 

so that day they started the most feared stage of the game [at least for peter]


Sirius: “I love this game”

The crush.

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Angst, fluff
Y/N is Chanyeol’s best friend, but she can’t help and be in love with him

“Good morning Y/N” Chanyeol all smiley greet me the time I entered his room, but.. That was actually my daily routine from that day everything happened.

“Hey Chanyeolie, tell me.” I told my best friend as I drunk another shot. We were at the bar we usually hung out. But that day he wasn’t on mood so drinks came after another.

“Hmm?” He looked at me like nothing happened but in reality, we both knew. His crush was kissing a school’s pretty guy -also known as Oh Sehun- and I felt sad yet angry. He was always looking after her, even if I was the one who was always next to him. He fell for her and I couldn’t do anything about it, could I? The day he told me about her I just patted his shoulder and smiled proudly as a best friend should do. But once I was at my home I burst into tears. I felt stupid though, of all men why my best friend?

“Come on, I’m here for you.” I gave him a weak smile. I hated seeing him like that.

“I don’t actually know if I care!” He said having one more drink. “I’m not sure if I really loved her.” He said again.

But his behavior drove me mad. “Listen to me! A fucking year passed since you started liking her! What do you mean you’re not sure if you actually loved her?”

A hand reached my cheek and fondled it. “I’m sorry Y/N, but you don’t need to cry for such a thing. I should be the one crying but as I said I don’t care enough.” Oh yeah. I cried but without realizing it. This is how I finally understood how hurt I was. I cried harder and his hands kept wiping my tears away. “Come on, don’t make me sad now.” He then hugged me tight. I tried to figure out if I cried because of what had happened or because he was being so sweet with me that I couldn’t handle it. “Let’s drink!” He let out a loud sigh, but then I looked up at him and nodded as an answer.

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Bad Day - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: I’ve been having a REALLY bad time lately. Can I PLEASE get some love from Fred in a one shot where his girlfriend is having a bad and he comforts her, then her and the twins (she’s also their best friend?) go pull a prank on Flich or something? Sorry it’s so pacific, and thank!
Y/n’s pov~

Tears welled like a crumbling water damn one blow from collapsing. Everything was falling apart and I couldn’t relieve my mind from the mental pain of this days events.
The torturous day had all but began the moment I woke up. Literally. My roommate and best friend had left our dorm room window open allowing the puddles of rain to enter the room drenching the mountain high pile of clothes I had left planted on the frozen flooring. This being said I had nothing to wear but my old dirty robes and a pair of socks my friends had graciously loaned me. Then I arrived late to first hour with McGonagall and was forced to explain my tardiness in front of the whole class whom mainly laughed much to my embarrassment. After that, classes were begging to run smoothly and the thought of the rest of the day ending without a dent crept into my mind. Sadly, lunch crushed these far off thoughts. It was a constant reoccurring exertion for my boyfriend Fred and his cunning brother George to save me a seat at every meal time but today was different. Our usual spot were infused by unknown busy students and not a single open spot was left for me. Of course Fred being the gentleman he is offered up his seat for me but I refused and decided it would do no harm to skip one meal and retreated back to my room. Fred had called out to me but I ignored him seeing no point in making a big scene. Last but not least, on my journey up to my room where I was currently positioned up against a window sill, I had run into a group of Slytherin who thought it would be an A class idea to shout hateful words and throw my potions books around. The day just couldn’t get any worse.
A loud alarming knock sounded on the opposite side of the door sending a pang of emotions through my skin.
“Y/n? Are you in here? Fred’s downstairs and he really wants to talk to you… He’s already gotten bounded out from these dorm halls far too many times for one night.” Y/f shouted trailing off towards the end. I shoved the thick coated blanket off from my figure, tossing my legs off the right length of the bed and bringing myself to a standing position stretching my legs and arms wiping any stray tears.
“Tell him I’ll be down in a few…” Pulling on a light maroon sweater and slip on flats, I swung the bedroom door open retreating down the steps slowly not in the mood to hold a discussion with anyone in particular. Everything felt wrong and out of order.
In a limp like walk, I mad my way down the stone steps wincing at the frost bite feeling that hit my bare toes with every step I took.
Rounding the sharp corner my eyes locked with the only pair that really mattered. Chocolate brown eyes bored into my own e/c ones. I debated running back to my room though decided against it approaching Fred at a slow steady pace.
George, Fred, Hermione, Harry, Ron, and y/f all sat in around the center of the Common Room chatting away. Fred stood from the group weaving around his brother to meet me half way. The rest of the members swiveled around to see where Fred was heading and waved at the sight of me signaling for me to join them.
“Y/n! You should come over here, we were all just discussing our plans for winter break and we were thinking we’d all join up at the Burrow then head and explore some Muggle cities and-” George rambled on and although I didn’t mean to cut him off, I couldn’t help it.
“That all sounds dandy honestly and I’d love to.” Mending my best smile I looked away from the group turning to Fred smiles now vanishing. “Fred was there something you needed or can I return to my room?” I didn’t mean for it to come out so snappy but I was tired and didn’t want to deal with people. Even the nice ones.
“Uh, yeah. Here follow me.” Fred stumbled over his words which wasn’t a usual case with him. Similar to his brother, Fred was always oozing with confidence, it was obvious something was off with him.
George smirked up at him and Hermione hugged me briefly asking if I was feeling better. Lying, I reassured her of my well being then followed closely behind Fred thanks to his tight yet solace hand that had wrapped itself around my own.
He led us outside the Common Room, past the Ravenclaw tower and down near a slit opening at the main level of the castle. I had only been there once and it was with him and his brother our 3rd year. The small opening caved in slightly giving us a source of light.
Fred hesitated, then guided me to the ledge taking seat.
“Y/n… something’s off with you and I… the thing is I just want to make sure you’re okay and the thing is I’m worried about you y/n. I love you so much and I pains me to see you hurting. All I want is for you to be happy.” Fred finished my hand back into his own. For some reason his words lifted my spirits and although I still felt a bit down in the dumps, Fred’s reassuring words gave me a sense of warmth and lovingness.
“Thanks, Fred and I love you too it was just a bad day today but none of that’s your fault. Only stupid events.”
“Well they might be stupid to you but they’re not to me. Know I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. But I’m gonna make it up to you. Don’t ask any questions and follow me.” He declared pacing back up the stairs with me hot on his heels.
Sprinting towards the Gryffindor common room, I glanced over my shoulder making sure Fred was near by which he was. Finally entering the common room, slamming the picture frame shut the second Fred jumped in, the both of us erupted in a fit of laughter.
Fred’s bright idea of a way to cheer me up was scattering dungbombs all along the perimeter of Hogwarts and the floors. Then Fred allowed me the honor of setting them off when Filch came snooping for trouble and students to turn in. The dungbombs went off directly in his face sending us running away in humor before Filch had the chance to catch us.
Falling besides Fred on the couch I sighed, a smile permanently marked on my face like a tattoo.
“That was hilarious!” Fred exclaimed throwing his arm around my shoulder pulling me close.
“Extremely! You’re absolutely brilliant, babe!” I commented leaning into him for support. Fred tucked a loose strand behind my ear giving me a distant smile.
Suddenly without warning, his lips were placed on mine in a short notice. I could feel my body melt into the kiss and let my hands run free through his red locks. Everything felt right. Pulling away Fred grinned resting his forehead against my own.
“I love you more than you’ll ever know, beautiful.”

———————————————- ~Daizy xx

anonymous asked:

hey i just wondered if you could recommend your favourite bechloe fanfics? or just writers?

you know, the thing is, I have no favorite Bechloe fic cause there’s no point of having one cause the writers in this fandom are fxcking brilliant! Okay, so I’m not sure of the new fics since I haven’t been active in the fandom for the past 5 months so I’ll just post here the classics that I’ll adore forever. Mind you, these are multi-chapters.

Stolen | Vindicated (A Sequel To Stolen) | Poison & Wine - thesecretsociety

All written by awriterofthings:
You Have Everything That I Could Ever Want
You Speak to My Soul Like You’ve Known It Before
I Can’t Undo You
TRILOGY: This Time I’m Going After Love | Just Want Your Love | Everything Has Changed
Someone Like You
If Our Love’s Insanity, Why Are You My Clarity?
Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes
The Bella Auction
Beca Malfoy and the Room of Requirement 
Counting Stars 
My Betrothed
Be Still My Heart(Cause It’s Freaking Out) 
You’re the Pulse that I’ve Always Needed 

NOTE: Also read the one-shots, they are awesome!

Stone Hard as Bulletproof Glass | What Came First, The Music or The Misery - inkstainedpinky

All written by acafuckmylife:
I’m in love with a stripper | One last lap dance
Lies and deception
Fading faster than the speed of light | End of the beginning
If we ever meet again 
Blind love | Twelve days of Christmas

I Guess I Do | 50 Shades of Bechloe -  x-backtoblack-x

A Rebel With a Voice | If You Could See Me Now (Sequel to Rebel with a Voice) - romeothewriter

All written by sinandmisery:
The Perfect Melody and the Perfect Rhyme
Nine or Ten Songs (I Had Let Pass Before) 
Summer Song

What Happens Next | What Happens After - griggles

All written by bechloehuh:
Drunk In Love
Call Me Crazy
Merry Little Christmas
I could be the one | When I look at you
I knew I liked you, because I wanted to make you a mixed CD

I Swear This Time I Mean It - aca-bealeve-it
Keep Me In Mind - bealeavable
A Pirate’s Heart - CeceAsh
Moirai - Amiphobic
Perfect Harmony - BeChloe01
I’ll Be Your Knight In Shining Armour - thirteenharmonies
You Look Hot, Or I’m Drunk - Owigotpitchslapped
You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone - WarriorOfTheLight
Paging Dr Mitchell -  bduefbfsy
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ALRIGHT HOLD UP, I’m sure this isn’t all of the fics I’ve read and I’m still trying to remember their titles and authors, but these are the ones I’ve bookmarked and I’m so glad they’re in one folder. Hahaha! 

Anyway, enjoy reading all these masterpieces!

Avengers Preference #3-He’s thankful for you.

Ok even though it is the 27th now, I wanted to make an Avengers Thanksgiving preference, so here ya go ^_^.

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“I am thankful for a lot of things, money, the fine craftsmen who make all of my favorite drinks” He started, causing everyone to facepalm.

“I am also thankful for the many friends I have made” He added

“But mostly…I am thankful for y/n. Who has stuck by me, even when I had my bad moments, though they are rare” he trailed off.

“She’s someone who is always looking out for me, and I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful that she came into my life when she did, and I’m very thankful that she stayed. I love you y/n” He smiled at you, you pushed back the tears as you hugged him.

“I love you too Tony” You smiled.


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“Where to begin?” He laughed, causing everyone to chuckle as well.

“I’m thankful for all the friends I have made, you all have helped me a lot. It hasn’t been easy, getting used to everything, but you all welcomed me anyways. I’m also thankful for y/n, for standing beside me on this journey, for always being there with answers to my questions, and for her patience. I love you y/n” He confessed with a smile, earning gasps around the room.

“I love you too Steve” You smiled back, before leaning in and kissing him.


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“Well I am not too familiar with this custom, but I will give it a shot. I am thankful for the many friends I have made here on this planet, for Midgardians you are wonderful companions” He spoke with a smile.

“Thank you?” Tony replied, though it sounded more like a question.

“Though, if I had to chose only one person to be thankful for, it would be lady y/n” He smiled, earning an “Ooooo” from the girls

“Lady y/n, you have welcomed me to your home without a second thought, your heart beats with purity and loyalty that is unmatched, even on Asgard” He started

“You care for your companions, and love with everything you have. You are a goddess on this planet lady y/n and I am thankful for knowing you, for you have captured my heart” He smiled.

“If you don’t kiss him, I will” Tony joked

“I love you too Thor” You smiled, pulling him in for a kiss.


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“Um..Ok..Well I am thankful for a lot of things, I am thankful for the friends I have made” Bruce started, gesturing to everyone around the table.

“I am thankful for the fact that you all actually believe in me, and stayed by me even though…” he trailed off, though everyone knew he meant even though everyone had met the other guy.

“And I am thankful for y/n” he smiled shyly.

“I am thankful to have such a wonderful woman in my life, one who I do not deserve. One who calms me down, and cheers me up, one who has never ran…Even when I told her to. You have always stuck by me, loved me even knowing what I am…You are what I am most thankful for y/n Because without you, I would be much different” He told you.

“Awe Bruce” You smiled, leaning in to kiss him, and watching as he blushed when you pulled away.


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“Well, I am thankful for this food, because it looked really good.” He started, causing everyone to laugh.

“I am thankful for the friends I have, even if you all are a pain sometimes” he joked.

“And I am thankful for y/n” He said while smiling at you.

“Who hasn’t moved from my side since the day we met, who has loved me, even with my past and flaws. Who I get to wake up to every day, and go to bed with every night. I am thankful to have such a wonderful woman in my life, I love you” He spoke, before leaning over and kissing you, one which you happily returned.


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“It’s been awhile since I’ve done this” He spoke, unsure of what to say.

“I’m thankful…For friends who never gave up” He spoke, glancing over at Steve, who in return smiled at him.

“I’m thankful for getting another chance at life” He added.

“And I’m thankful…For y/n” he stated, causing you to quickly look up at him.

“y/n you have stuck by me ever since Steve found me, you have been so patient with me, and I know sometimes I don’t make it easy” He spoke, the last part causing you to giggle.

“But you have always stayed, have always been there when I needed someone to talk to, when I needed to vent. You calmed me down when I went out of control, you’re the light at the end of the very long and dark tunnel…And I’m thankful for that…I love you y/n” He finished.

“Oh Bucky” You smiled, leaning over and capturing his lips, shocking him for a moment.

“I love you too”


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“Ok I think I understand” Pietro replied after Tony explained.

“I am thankful for this food, because it looks really good, and I have been waiting to eat it all day” He started, causing everyone to bust out laughing.

“I am thankful for my sister, who I couldn’t live a day without” He said with a smile that his sister returned.

“And I am thankful for my printsessa. Who is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, who laughs at all of my jokes, and doesn’t mind when I tease her, or play pranks on her. Who makes me feel like I am home, like I am wanted, and I love her for that” He smiled.

“Wait…Who is your printsessa?” Natasha asked, and before you could ask anything, you felt lips pressed against you own.

“I love you y/n” Pietro smiled down at you.

“I love you too” You said with a smile of your own.


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“Explain to me again why I have to do this?” Loki asked

“Because brother, you are a guest, and on this planet, this is what they do on this day” Thor answered.

“Very well”

“I am thankful for….Being a prince” He started.

“Brother, it must be something from the heart” Thor told him.

“That was from the heart” Loki argued, to which Thor only huffed.

“Fine, alright. I am thankful for….The woman who has stood by me, despite the fact that others would disapprove. The woman who makes me feel like I rule the entire world with a kiss. The woman who has stayed loyal, and who’s heart is untarnished by the malice on this planet. The woman who I call a goddess…And my queen” He finished, and you could already feel the smile on your face, while you cheeked grew hotter.

“Wait….Who exactly are you seeing?” Tony asked, to which Loki only looked over at you.

“Love you too, my king” You smiled, before leaning in and kissing him, causing the whole team to gasp.

You Rock My World || Junhoe

I love Michael Jackson, Junhoe loves Michael Jackson, I also love Junhoe, sooo…. this happened. This is probably one of my favorites by Michael, so I wrote a little scenario that incorporated it. Hope you like it!

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You rocked my world, you know you did

And everything I own I give

The rarest love who’d think I’d find

Someone like you to call mine x

   “Stop staring, that’s weird.”

           Junhoe immediately shot you and confused look after hearing your words. He approached you as you stood in front of the large fitting room mirror, struggling to smooth out the dress you were trying on. It’s been a long night, but you were determined to not give up until you found the perfect dress for your sister’s wedding tomorrow.

           “Am I supposed to look in the other direction as my girlfriend comes out in a new dress every time?”
             “Yeah, that would actually make things a little less weird.”

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What are some of your favorite bellarke fics?




there’s so many more too but i’m supposed to be homeworking so HERE YA GO