i also look v dark

hngh I actually tried to focus more and allow myself to get a bit more detailed. I really wanted to quit halfway into this but AAAA I’m happy with the final result c’: Dubai BTS fashion ended me let me tell y’all…

I had an epiphany the other night…. Arin’s alter can be called evilraptor

I feel satisfied now that I’ve discovered this.


The night has come to hold us young

❝My darling little princess~!❞                                                               … // @stillwciting                 

Luke broke into a wide, pearly grin upon entering his throne room, only mildly surprised to see Rey lounging about with the servants.  Various cakes and desserts surrounded her, all plated together with fruits and delicacies from all over the galaxy.  Rey seemed quite content, and that was all that mattered to Luke.  

The Sith Lord planted a gentle kiss on her forehead, then proceeded to sit down across from her.  From where he’d sunk into the soft couch, Luke hungrily eyed a slice of cake for himself.  ❝And what news have you for me?❞  Reaching over, he instead plucked a liwi fruit from its bowl and began to inspect it.  ❝I trust you have persuaded the Balmorran Emperor to join our beautiful Empire?❞