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Mick and Keith stroll through the yard surrounding Keith’s home in Redlands while on an acid trip, February 1967.

my art teacher wanted me to redraw that one drawing i did onto bigger paper because it didn’t look “finalized” enough, but i didn’t want to do that because it’s stupid and a waste of time, lead, and paper to redraw something i already spent a lot of time on, so i just used the bigger paper she gave me to draw this instead


“How’s Hermione?”
“Better,” said Ron. “Fleur’s looking after her.”
au: hermione granger and fleur delacour start going out because the whole point of the triwizard tournament is international magical cooperation (and they can’t take their eyes off each other.)


i got called an ugly crackhead looking ass today


Jongdae + Love Me Right MV  (1)


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Until the Aubrie/Ezra/catfish storyline, you did paint Wyla as a bit of a brat? She was always kinda mean to her brothers (mean as in tough love of course), always mad about something, sneaking out and I don't think I've ever saw Wyla be friendly to someone new. :s She hated Aubrie and Connor for no apparent reason at first? (before the cheating and stuff). :/ But I mean, she's a teenager with depression so I understand she's not REALLY a mean brat. It's just how it felt until now

if you have brother’s that you banter with, you’d understand that that isn’t her being mean, that’s just being a teenager and having siblings lmao!!! ezra was the only active mean one!!! and when was wyla mad about things lmao????

the whole catfish thing – wyla literally went out of her way to look out for ezra and try and out the person who was deceiving him/lying to him on the internet!!

wyla didn’t hate aubrie for no reason – aurbie was the school mean girl who lied to her brother. she treated ezra – who DOTED ON HER – like shit for years at school, as mentioned, and only decided to take an interest after he moved on, which is super manipulative and shitty. wyla didn’t like her brother being taken for a fool

you didn’t see ANY of the siblings b nice to someone new bc they never met anyone new i guess!!! was jace ever nice to someone new???? the only new people i introduced were aubrie and connor and they were both literally scum lmao (and i should know bc i made them)

i admit she was kinda rude to connor (obviously didnt hate him) because he was overly flirty and honestly creepy towards her (she was like 16, he’s like 19 and it was weird) plus he’s a CRIMINAL LMAO and she tried to put him off her bc she was catching feelings and didnt wanna get hurt… and in the end she was justified in feeling that way right????

if wyla ever came across as bratty (but i guess you’re seeing ‘brat’ and ‘protective/outspoken/strong-minded and able to hold her own’) it was all in keeping with good intentions!!! 

the only thing that bugs me about this whole brat thing is that no-one seems to label ezra as a brat even though he was ACTUALLY a brat and rude and mean and kinda an asshole???? like he was outwardly cruel and even cheated on someone??? 

idk dude i guess it’s all relative!!! sorry for the rant i don’t wanna upset anyone lmao!!! i just love my lil wyla so much and didn’t intend for her to come across that way at all. anyways!!! thank you for taking such an interest in my sims!! <3

being as in love with you as i am | noah foster ;; an unrequited noah/audrey playlist that noah totally listens to at night while laying on his bed with his hands behind his head (tracklist under the cut)

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Miami sketchdump 2 / 2 

TL;DT at bottom

Last couple days have been a nightmare.
Tuesday- assistant manager tells me all the mid tasks are done and I just need to worry about my closing tasks. Cool. Turns out literally NONE of the tasks were done. Not one. And that morning the store was closed for an extra 4 hours because the company’s update on our POS system crashed, people were not happy. So I finish them, whatever. I start my period literally 45 minutes from when my shift started. EVEN BETTER. A girl who is in training calls and says she’s going to be late. How late? She can’t give me an estimate. Phone rings again, my closer’s car broke down and she might be late (at least she called an hour ahead).
Wednesday-talk to my manager about the previous day, her response “oh I’m so sorry I was in a meeting with our district manager” THEN EHY DID YOU TELL ME THEY WERE DONE? I had to do her tasks at the end of the night before! Plus I had two girls who hate each other and I have to try and keep them separated in a small bar area where everyone is literally within five feet of each other for 8 hours. And listen to them bitch about one another (love the drama, hate that I’m their supervisor )
Thursday- my fiance is sick and I’ve been up all night and morning taking care of him. Guess what, allergies weren’t allergies I have a cold now. Can’t call in because every supervisor is working or unavailable (yet I signed a contract stating I wouldn’t go to work sick?) Anyways go in and everything is a disaster. The lobby is gross, trash overfilled, lines of customers who are all upset. Midday shift hands me the keys to the store and takes her break. Before I clocked in. I still had my purse on my shoulder and sunglasses on my head. No apron either. Jump right in and it’s like everyone wants to talk to the manager. All I want to do is get my coworkers in order and figure out what happened and how can I make everything fluid again. But instead I have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to talk to angry customers and also help make drinks and get everyone’s food. End of the day I was dead.
Friday- Lady calls and wants her receipt from two days ago. Can’t remember her order or what time she came in (literally the only two ways I can search for it) finally found it after ten minutes and she asked if I could mail it to her. Now I am a lowly employee who is in charge of smaller employees at a retail cafe. Plus that isn’t even a thing. I told her she would have to come by and we could print it. Says shell swing by tonight. Never came. I finally take my lunch and I’m already sick, pmsing, and slept maybe 8 hours in the last 3 days combined. It’s the first time this week I actually sit down and try to enjoy my 30 minute break. Not one, not two, but three employees needed me. One for a void on a transaction (which could have waited until I came back),two a customer wanted to know the ingredients in a drink (the person on POS could have told me instead of saying a customer wanted to speak with me), three an employee wanted to know how to make something but literally the directions are on the packet. Ended up telling everyone to leave me the fuck alone and me and one other girl (who is a dear friend of mine) and I got into a screaming fit in the back room.
Saturday (today): tried to request the day off two months ago but my manager said already four people requested it off. It’s the two year anniversary of my father’s death and I would love to spend it with my family (we’re an emotional group). No can do. AND TO TOP THE LIST! Literally right after I clock on and get on the floor I hear screaming coming from the drive thru window. It was along the lines of: “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! I HAVNT SEEN YOU BEFORE! EVERYONE HERE KNOWS MY ORDER!” Fortunately another supervisor was there and she said she’d handle it. THANK GOD! I still hear screaming and cussing so I decide to come over and see what the problem was because everyone in our lobby was looking over the counter, watching as this chick was trying to open her car door. I told her she needed to calm down and lower her voice, TWICE. I almost brought out my phone so if she did try to jump through our window I had evidence (AND A YOUTUBE VIDEO). She scoffed and sat back down in her car and bitched about how rude I was and how rude the other girl was and she’s a regular how dare we treat her like this (she’s like this EVERY morning. She has a reputation yet our manager won’t ban her). Anyways go on about the day and try to push to the finish line. Guy come by walks slightly behind the counter to grab a broom (TOTAL NO GO ZONE. I WAS HERE WHEN MY STORE WAS ROBBED DO NOT COME BEHIND THE COUNTER!). So I said the typical “sir, can I HELP you?” “Well I’d didnt want to have your girls clean the men’s room.” First of all our two restrooms are gender neutral because they are singles. Second, I’ve cleaned vomit from sinks, clogged toilets, period blood, shit on the floors, piss, and whatever that thing was in the corner. Third of all, and have I mentioned it, DONT GO BEHIND MY COINTER. Dude also looked like a drug dealer who would sell you an ounce of weed for $5 or a ride to the nearest 711. Then another guy came in and one of the girls told me a couple of nights ago her and a male friend were at a nearby gasstation and he made sexual motions towards her. So I told her to go into the back room take her break and I’ll keep an eye on him. I walk by him later in the night and he tried to say something to me. Fortunately my fiance was there and told him “don’t talk to her”. Shut his ass down fast. My fiance is NOT a fighter but if someone is making me uncomfortable he will shut that shit down. He’s amazing like that. So the rest of the night my fiance say at the table closest to my register so he can keep an eye on the creeper. FIANLLY 3 MINUTES UNTIL CLOSING and a MOB of people come in wanting drinks upon drinks. I take their orders and tell everyone in the lobby if they’re not waiting on their order they need to leave and the store is officially closed. Crepper dude comes up and my fiance snaps up and goes between us and he’s like “yo I just want to use the restroom” YA! “no sire the store is officially closed.” And just as if someone answered my prayers because a security guard came in and escorted that specific person out of the store. Just so happens during his smoke break my fiance had a chit chat with the security guard.
Good news is a competition company wants to take me with better paid, same benefits, longer lunch, as a supervisor with the same schedule and hours, and my store manager could possible be my old supervisor (who I replaced) who actually appreciates my hard work and is also a friend of mine. Honestly if she gets that promotion I’m gone from this stupid ass company. Only thing keeping me is it’s two cities away (managable but my car broke down and my only method of transportation is by train. And I’d be closing at the dead of night taking the train where there’s been a LOT of crime.)

TL;DR: Week was one of the roughest. Ended up with some lady screaming bloody murder over a $5 drink. Fiance had to fend off this creepy ass guy. Managers suck. Customers suck. But I might get a better job that’s exactly the same but o get more out of it.

I keep wondering how older Hiro would look like P: