i also liked how they worked frankenstein in there



vanessa + lily (penny dreadful)


some sketches for a short thing I had swirling around in my head before my vacation, and the comic will be put up as a whole… hopefully before my school starts! on the 21st of August.

I like how Frankenstein’s face turned out so please have that as well lol. I work on pretty large canvases so he actually looks pretty nice c: 

(also the Rael sticker is from LINE app :D and not by me! I am not so good. But I seriously spent way too much time making the joke in that panel than anything else I probably should’ve focused on…)


Ok! Here she is, the finished octoling plush! Not a lot of work went in to her due to she’s made mostly from scraps. Her body is pieces from other failed or cancelled plushes I had so I didn’t have spend any money on making her! Yay! Despite how she looks she’s a frankenstein mess in sewing but I sewed her up well so you can’t tell. All in all she came out alright despite being like 90% scraps and pieces! I also learned a lot when building her so it was worth the time!


I’ve been looking for this video, but here is David confessing he enjoys playing Victor even more than he enjoyed playing Whale.

Can we also appreciate how Eion looks at him during the first few moments?

Yeah, if there was any doubt about my man-crush on the guy…

“I like to go rogue when I do my own stunts, without a pad, because it’s badass.”

He also mocks Vampire Diaries.

“Nina, who is eight years younger than me, ended up being my daughter. However that worked. How’d that work…How’d that work Eion?

powersealed  asked:

[ give fran a heart attack rai ] [ reverse groom ]

[ Non-sexual acts of dominance. // frankenstein & raizel ]

Add ‘ reverse ‘  to your message if you’d like to see how my muse would perform the action.

Master, ❞ comes the inquiry,  ❝ how does it look?

Raizel gives a small sigh, and moves to set down his teacup once more. Frankenstein always does worry so much over these little things. Raizel understands his reasoning, but sometimes he is not quite so convinced that Frankenstein must go quite so far for him in all matters… down to the grain of sugar that goes in Raizel’s tea, and the preciseness of the stitches in the uniform blouses that he prepares for Raizel’s school attire. But nevertheless, Raizel appreciates it – and most importantly, it seems to make Frankenstein content to do such things for him.

… hm.

Raizel turns to gives Frankenstein a good, long stare. His bonded’s hair is impeccable as always, and the white suit well-fitting to his form… the entire thing has likely been tailored for specifically Frankenstein. (Raizel already dons one of the two remaining matching outfits that came as part of the set that Frankenstein presented to him earlier in the week.) 

But the crimson shirt… 

Swiftly, Raizel stands, with such speed that the teacup rattles in its plate, the porcelain underside of the entire set clattering against the table. With hurried strides somehow still steady and elegant, Raizel nears Frankenstein, bright red eyes piercing Frankenstein’s sharply.

Your shirt, ❞  is all that he says, before his eyes move down to stare, filled with unease and distress, at the aforementioned piece of clothing. 

There are… crinkles in it, up and down the stretch of fabric barely hidden by the flap of Frankenstein’s suit jacket. It’s lucky that Raizel caught such a thing, with the trained eyesight of a noble. He reaches with a hand to brush beneath the jacket, running a hand along the length of the dress shirt, and flinches at what he feels underneath. 

Indeed… the number of wrinkles in it is quite troublesome. A slight burst of power (one that will certainly not affect his health, just in case Frankenstein plans to worry about it) has the fabric impeccably smoothed out. Raizel draws his hand away with not a second glance to check the state of the cloth – as he already knows that it has been fixed to perfection – and moves instead to pull at the edges of Frankenstein’s collar until it, too, is perfectly smoothed out. Just for good measure.

… tell Urokai not to wash your clothes anymore. ❞  When Urokai insists on using the machines, he always leaves such wrinkles behind. 

Job done, Raizel takes a step back, looking Frankenstein up and down, before he nods his approval. ❝ Let’s go, Frankenstein.

If they are to be on time for this party Frankenstein intends to take them to, then they must go and find Urokai, who is likely shouting at one or more of the other members of the household as usual, demanding that this or that must be done, and likely not even changed out of his casual clothing. Raizel huffs a sigh of mild exasperation.

What a troublesome pair it is that he has to take care of.

hi there! so this is my first masterpost and i know the fave apps post has been done to death but there are a few that i use that i haven’t seen around so i thought i’d make a post (plus i wanted an excuse to use this gorgeous monet painting and some futura # ) so anyways - yeah!! let’s go

mobile apps

stuff that i use more for school

  • google drive + docs: so most people i know have this, but if you don’t – omg get on it! google drive is such a lifesaver bc it syncs to everywhere you’re logged in with your google account so you never have to email yourself files ever again! additionally i find it so useful for college apps, because if i have an idea and i’m not at my computer, i can just write it down on my phone and it’ll be there later. additionally, it’s a lot more attractive than ms word (in my opinion) and google slides kicks powerpoint’s ass.
  • khan academy: khan academy saves my life on the daily, and there’s an official app! it’s pretty nicely laid out and the best part is that you can download videos and you can watch in places where you have no service/avoid using data. plus you get to rack up those points and make urself feel like a boss
  • quizlet:  again, super useful for cramming/when you’re too lazy to make flashcards lmaoooo! the app is designed well and it’s so much better than the mobile website

personal organization/useful apps (i have a lot more of these bc i try to avoid using my phone too much when i’m literally doing hw because i will get distracted l m a o)

  • google calendar: ok ok studyblr is bujo/written planner central and i definitely get the appeal but i have awful penmanship, i can’t draw, and i’m a lazy fuck so google calendar is really useful for me bc i can just whip out my phone and input stuff. additionally, it syncs just like google drive so you can access your calendar from anywhere! it’s great in the summer for me bc i don’t have assignments to write down but i do have time commitments for my job as well as social plans and it’s just super useful
  • tinycards: so this just came out the other day and i’ve only finished one set, but it’s such a neat app for learning random stuff. it’s by the makers of duolingo and it has that same system of learning and repetition that really gets stuff to stick in your mind. you can make your own decks as well, so it’s a great app for studying!
  • duolingo: aight so if youve spent half a millisecond time on studyblr you know this app but it’s great for learning languages they already have tons and they’re betaing even more and it’s a beautiful interface as well as free!! lit
  • SERIAL READER!!!!: so i def saved the best for last bc i’ve been using this app for two days and i’m already obsessed. srsly download it right now. essentially it has all these classic works of literature and it breaks them up into chapter or two-chapter sections which ends up being about the length of an article in the atlantic or smth and it gives you a new issue every day! and that sounds like such a simple concept but by doing that it really makes these books less intimidating and it also incentivizes you to read every day by keeping track of your streaks (how many days in a row you read). like rn i’m reading frankenstein which i never would’ve read because it’s big and gothic but now it’s actually really easy and fun! and a great way to keep your brain sharp over the summer in a simple way. did i mention it’s free youre getting access to like 100 works of literature or smth for free #publicdomain but anyways yeah it’s lit i love it

aight fam hope this was a good masterpost hit the reblog or like button and make sure you have a very relaxed summer! espec for those of us in the co17 strugglebus, don’t feel like you need to be studying super hard over the summer! make sure to see your friends and watch some good movies and have a wonderful season!


I just want to say to everybody, thank you.
Thank you so much for all your support and sweet messages and everything. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for following me on this fantastic journey and watching my art and storytelling improve. I would never ever be here without you! So much has happened to me since I started this blog. Good things and bad things.
I’ve met real life bronies, I’ve been to conventions, I’ve been to a brony convention, I’ve sold my art at conventions, I’ve met amazing, super, beautiful people, I’ve written amazing stories, I’ve discovered an absolute angel, I’ve lost my way, I’ve found it again, I’ve succeeded in my studies, I’ve been shrouded in the shadows and celebrated in the light.
I’ve come so far.
And it’s not over yet!

Please take your time to watch this video I’ve put together as a thank you to you guys, my awesome followers!
Even if you aren’t in the list of the featured blogs below the ‘keep reading’, there’s some Dizzyshy goodness at the end that I think all of you will love!

Keep being awesome. Keep smiling. Keep shipping what you love.
I’ll be back soon to let you know why I’ve been gone, and when updates will continue!

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[TRANS] The Musical ’Spotlight, Sunggyu, Choi Woohyuk [No.153]'

A free spirit no matter what anyone says

<All Shook Up>, filled with the King of Rock n’ Roll Elvis Presley’s best songs, is coming back. This production has received steadfast love with its open affection and exciting music that makes you shake your whole body. This year, Sunggyu and Choi Woohyuk attempt to transform perfectly into Elvis. The two Elvis’s with different charms, what life of freedom will Sunggyu and Choi Woohyuk talk about?

Turning Sunggyu and Choi Woohyuk’s Worlds Upside Down

I was surprised when I heard that Sunggyu and Choi Woohyuk chose Elvis of <All Shook Up>. What is your reason for choosing a character that’s completely different from yourself?
: Actually, I didn’t have a musical in plan after finishing <In the Heights> last November. We were working on an INFINITE album but because of a few reasons it got delayed a bit, and that’s when I came across <All Shook Up>. I worked with Director Yoo Byeongeun for <Vampire>, which was performed in Japan. Director said to me, ‘Let’s have fun doing this this summer,’ and that drew me in.
Choi Woohyuk: There were a couple productions that people were predicting that I would be part of after <Frankenstein> was over. I wanted to go against their expectations. ‘So what production am I reluctant to do right now?’ I thought, and it was <All Shook Up>. I thought I like and fit dark and depressing works like <Frankenstein>, and <All Shook Up> is the complete opposite, right? I had some doubts like ‘Can I do this well?’ but I thought I would overcome some things if I did this production.

We’re used to seeing Sunggyu in that too-lazy-to-deal-with-the-world attitude or being quick-witted on variety shows. And in the previous work <Frankenstein>, the gloomy way Choi Woohyuk portrayed Henry and Creature made a big impression as well. Elvis from <All Shook Up> is a completely different character, so how did it feel when you received the script?
: I’m a stagnant person contrary to what people may think. But Elvis is full of passion. He was so different from me that when I first received the script I was even scared to read it. When I was practicing by myself, I thought many times, ‘How does he say this kind of things?’
Choi Woohyuk: This Elvis is very expressive. When I flipped the first page, I was surprised at how Elvis appears saying ‘Wow~’ After every practice, my hands would shake when I wrote down the director’s comments on our lines and acting.

You must’ve had to transform for <All Shook Up>. Has anything changed while practicing?
: Every moment. Every time I read the script, I think I’m changing.  'I said something like this!’ I’m constantly surprised. It’s fun to say cringeworthy things and act greasy. I’m still not used to Elvis, who would say to a woman ‘You cutie’ without hesitation, but I’m getting used to him as best as I can. Thanks to that, my members who are with me constantly would say ‘What is wrong with that hyung,’ and say stuff. (Laughter)
Choi Woohyuk: I would think all the time, ‘If it were Elvis, he would’ve done this.’ To get into the role, I would wake up in the morning and say, ‘Wow! The day has begun. It’s gonna be a good day,’ or do exaggerated gestures. The more I practice, I think that I really need to get into Elvis completely.

<All Shook Up> is a production that has steadily received lots of love. What do you think is charming about this production?
: What this production wants to convey is love. When I was younger, I thought, ‘I wonder if the reason why I live my life to the full would be for an amazing love.’ Love is a huge part of life. Wouldn’t anyone be able to relate to works that talk about love? Love requires a lot of courage, and it’s scary. That’s why a lot of people are also afraid of it. I think <All Shook Up> is a musical that can give you courage to love.
Choi Woohyuk: The story of <All Shook Up> is something that doesn’t seem realistic, but it’s also something that I wish would be in real life. It may be ridiculous in real life, but it’s a pure and beautiful love. I feel like I’m getting purified as I practice. I think because it’s pure, you can fall in love at first sight and approach the other person earnestly. Today, there are so may things that you have to do and consider when you love.

What charms does the other Elvis have?
: The Woohyukie that I’ve seen in practice is natural and cute. The character Elvis is good at love but he also has a cute side. There’s a line where Elvis says ‘Everyone loves me. Girls chase after me,’ and when I watched Woohyuk do it, I thought it was really cute. I saw that he came up with the gestures that he would do to seduce women and I thought they fit him well.
Choi Woohyuk: Lines come off differently depending on who says them. Sunggyu-hyung plays a greasy Elvis with a lot of determination but he’s actually not that greasy. During the practice, he would worry and say, ‘Can I really say this?’ but it’s so fun to watch. He’s an Elvis that’s not greasy at all.

Elvis’s songs are very good. Please pick your favorite song.
: I like ‘I Don’t Want To.’ I heard the piano melody for the first time at the practice room, and both Woohyuk and I said, ‘Ah, this song is good.’ But I didn’t know what drama would unfold [in the story] when I would sing this musical number. (Laughter) In the musical, Elvis sings this while confessing that he didn’t know that he would fall in love with a man. I was taken aback when I opened the script.
Choi Woohyuk: I really like ‘C’mon Everybody.’ I feel like I’ve really become this person who can entice people. I would feel like a very attractive person while singing and dancing [to this song]. It comes out in the beginning but it’s the most exciting song, so it’s really fun to do during the practice.

Elvis is defined as a free spirit, troublemaker, superstar, and a person with a lot of charms. Out of the many keywords that describe Elvis, what is the one that entered your heart?
: The Elvis that I’ve realized is a romantic. He’s the person who went around and told people, ‘Love. That is life.’ He gave [people] energy. Lived like that in real life. I want to show that. In a way, [what he said] is totally true. I think there are many people in real life who can’t gather courage and love. Maybe it’s because I’ve become self-conscious and avoided the press since I’m an idol. (Laughter) What touched me the most was that he would gather courage and love.
Choi Woohyuk: I think of Elvis as an expert who knows music more than anyone else. If you want to teach someone, you must know everything first, right? This character Elvis is crazy about music and tries to change the town in a positive way through music.

Love, Dream, Passion, and an Honest Talk about Life

In the beginning of the musical, Elvis is frustrated at how strict the town is. When have you felt that frustration in life?
Choi Woohyuk
: I think I was most frustrated during my school days. When I was doing sports, too. You study and do sports using your body, but sometimes it doesn’t work the way you want it to. I would try my best and if someone told me ‘You’re not really good at this,’ I would get frustrated because I would know that myself already but someone would reaffirm it.
Sunggyu: There are times when I would get frustrated at myself. ‘Ah, why am I like this?’ I would blame myself too. I can relate to what Woohyuk said too. When someone points out that I’ve changed, I would want to ask, ‘I haven’t changed. Don’t you think that maybe you’re the one who has changed?’ but in the end, I just keep it in. (Laughter)

There are times when you think you did your best but other people don’t think so. How do you deal with [that stress] then?
: Then I would drink and call the people who frustrate me. (Laughter) And then I change the way I think. When I get angry over something, I would think that I’m too mindful of how other people view me. I would also think that instead of living a life that I would want to show people, I should live a life that makes me happy and satisfied. But what’s being shown is important too. It’s hard to find that balance.

Elvis is such an unabashed person that he would tell a woman that he’s met for the first time that she’s the destined love that he’s been waiting for all his life. What is the most important thing when it comes to stealing a woman’s heart?
: A warm heart. Sincerity. Honesty. But I still don’t know women’s hearts. I haven’t truly fallen in love yet. During an interview long time ago, I even said that I’m married to music. (Laughter) Even though in <All Shook Up>, I say that love is life.
Choi Woohyuk: For me too, honesty. I think I was like that when I fell in love with a woman. If I like her, I would tell her that I like her. If I’m interested in a woman, I’m the type who would directly say, ‘I’m interested in that person, so let me at least have a meal with her.’ Of course, if the other person feels uncomfortable, then I give up immediately. (Laughter)

Just like Elvis who doesn’t hide his passion when it comes to achieving his dreams, Sunggyu and Choi Woohyuk also have a lot of passion. How does it feel to recall the times when you were striving to achieve your dreams?
Choi Woohyuk
: To tell the truth, I wake up in the middle of my sleep even now. When I wake up, I feel like I’m still dreaming. Whenever I would try to do something, people around me would tell me that it wouldn’t work out. When I was preparing to study for the third time to go to college, someone told me, ‘You got into college after second year. You think you can do it again?’ Before I got casted in <Frankenstein>, I went to work at 5:30AM in the morning. After I finished working at 3PM, I would go to the practice room to practice singing and acting and prepare for auditions. Doing things that everyone told me not to do felt like a gamble. I don’t like gambling, but this type of gambling is fun because it’s something that I overcome by myself. I worked hard to work hard, then I got very lucky. I can’t go back to that time, even if someone told me to.

(T/N: High school students in Korea usually take an entrance exam to go to college, and depending on how high your score is, you can go to a good college. Choi Woohyuk probably got into a college during his second year, but decided to study another year to go to another college that he wanted to get into.)

Sunggyu: I can totally relate to what he says. I came up to Seoul from Jeonju and lived in a gosiwon. I would start working at the cafe at 6AM to clean. I would be hungry but not have money, so I would ask the manager if I can take leftover bread home and eat one a day. I even lit charcoal at a Korean barbecue place. If someone told me to live at a gosiwon, work, and go audition, I don’t think I can do it again. (Laughter) Back then, I believed in myself. I was confident that I would become a singer no matter what. On the door, I wrote my goal. I wrote down what another person said to me and told myself as I exited my room, ‘I’ll overturn this no matter what. I’ll show them that they’re wrong.’

(T/N 1: Gosiwon is a cheap single-room/studio complexes that are usually built for those who are studying to take big and difficult exams like the judicial exam. These complexes are often very old and tiny, with shared living area or shower room. Nowadays, a lot of people who can’t afford normal housing live in these complexes.)

(T/N 2: Charcoal at Korean barbecue restaurants is usually carried to the grill by the worker after the customer orders meat; it’s heavy and hot, so it can be a dangerous part-time job.)

Then is there an advice or something that another person told you that left a deep impression?
Choi Woohyuk
: During <Frankenstein>, Yoo Junsang-sunbaenim told me, ‘It’s easy to achieve; protecting it is what’s hard. Everyone succeeds at least once. It’s the second, third time that’s hard.’ And the CEO of my company also told me, ‘If you’re running but it doesn’t feel strenuous, then that means you’re going downhill.’ There are many good sayings, but there are only a few that actually reaches you, right? But those words really spoke to me. Those two people actually tell me often about how scary the world is. So I think that’s what makes me act more upright.
Sunggyu: CEO of the current company that I’m in offered me a contract immediately after I auditioned. But I took the contract and told him that I actually need to go home and look over the contract for a week. The CEO was flustered, but he told me specifically, ‘In my eyes, you’re more handsome than Jang Dong-gun.’ Of course, I knew that he was lying. (Laughter) When I lose confidence, I think back to that time and tell myself that I’ll do well.

There’s a line that says, “It’s okay, what are you hesitating for? Do what your heart tells you to do. That’s life.” Sunggyu and Choi Woohyuk went through a tough competition and became singers and musical actors that everyone strives to become. Are you still doing what your heart tells you to do?
: To say the conclusion first, I sometimes do, I sometimes don’t. Before, I really did what my heart told me to do. Even if I would regret it, I only thought that I should do what I want to do. I absolutely had no fears or worries. I was only looking forward to the things that would happen to me. Now, I’m part of a group, I promote by myself sometimes, I do so many things that I must think about how others view me, my teammates, fans who love me, and my family. I do all these because I love [my job], but now — how should I say it — I think about many things, to tell the truth. Back then, I thought I could really become a star like Elvis and do whatever I want, but that wasn’t necessarily the case in real life. But when I go out to play with my members or hang out with my friends, there are times when I escape and divagate. I don’t think of this type of life as unfortunate, I don’t ever think, ‘Why do I need to live like this?’ These are also what my heart wants, so I think protecting these people is also what my heart is telling me to do.
Choi Woohyuk: I don’t think I can live just by doing what my heart tells me to do. It’s comfortable to do what the heart tells you. Even though my heart tells me that I shouldn’t go out today, it doesn’t mean that I can just not go out. (Laughter) I gain many things by being a musical actor, but I don’t think I can live freely as my heart tells me to. The moment I act upon it, I wouldn’t be here. I need to maintain a balance.

Translated by: togetherinspirit7

omegaresnovae  asked:

Tena, what are your favourite Junji Ito works, long and short?

Oh, gosh…

Well, anyone that’s been following me long enough knows how much I adore Tomie, even to the point where I have a box set of the first five films.  The character is fascinating from so many different angles:  How she can regenerate from literally any part of her body (even a tiny bit of saliva accidentally contacted through sharing lipstick can “infect” a person, and eventually turn them into another Tomie), her attitude towards the other Tomie copies in the world, her effect on other people, and the fact that absolutely nothing is known about her origins–not what she is, and not where she’s from.

As for Ito’s other work, I think Uzumaki is an absolute masterpiece (though the film doesn’t do it justice), and Gyo was fairly enjoyable as well (AVOID THE ANIME ADAPTATION AT ALL COSTS).  Of course, we all know how The Enigma of Amigara Fault became a popular meme, but it’s also a compelling short story.

I’ve read both Voices in the Dark books, as well as Mimi’s Ghost Stories, and those were very good as well.  I think I’ve read most of the installments in The Horror World of Junji Ito, too.  Haven’t read his adaptation of Frankenstein yet, though.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever read any of his work that I didn’t like.  While some stories may be mediocre compared to others, there’s always something compelling about them.  His artwork is unparalleled–absolutely exquisite.

For those who are as yet unfamiliar with his work, I suggest checking out Junji Ito Index on tumblr.  They’ve got a lot of material translated to English for online reading, though nothing beats having a hard copy of one of his works to take wherever you go.

dazedrake-deactivated20161025  asked:

Okay so I understand how Stiles might have created Malia. And this season has lots of fairy tale references. So if stiles did create Malia it would refer back to the fairy tale of Pinocchio?

Oh, that’s a good idea. I hadn’t thought of Pinocchio. That could work.

It could also be a riff on Frankenstein, or Prometheus, or myths like the tulpa. There are a few different ways it could play out in addition to the fairy tale theme, and we don’t have quite enough clues yet for me to make a guess. I think it’ll probably come to a head next season.

I do like the idea of Pinocchio though, especially given how much focus there is on the consequences of lie-telling within the show.