i also liked how they worked frankenstein in there



vanessa + lily (penny dreadful)

anonymous asked:

Peeps are a god send how dare you! Also is this like some sort of joke troll yes? For someon who hats peeps so much, u sure do have lots of pics of them.

First of all, you’re wrong. If we’re going to drag religion into this then peeps are the devils work, which means you’re associating yourself with the devil (you said it not me). They’re a Frankenstein-like abomination of marshmallow and stolen flavors that doesn’t deserve to exist’ and I have so many pictures of them so I can show the world the face of our enemy. I can assure you that I am most certainly not a troll. This issue is too serious to joke about, and the fact that you would even suggest that shows me just how uneducated you are about the peep epidemic.

Comic under read more! This is just a quick warning doodle!

Based of @arodudejude ‘s Frankenstein AU!

Contains: Blood, a dead body, and a lot of bad puns.

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