i also like how you can see his accent

love-growley asked:

Hi can I get a supernatural ship? My name is Maddalynn. I'm 5'8" and have shoulder blade length hair that is dark brown that is almost black and my eyes are so close to black that you can't see my pupils(I'm trying to lighten them some how). I'm a Native American with dark skin and a thick native accent. I'm told I'm skinny but I'm curvy. I'm smart, kind, funny, and I'm told I'm talented when it comes to the trumpet(I taught myself). I like to watch movies and I like to cook also.

Supernatural: I ship you with Dean. You’re the A+ girl to him, and that’s all he wants in his apple-pie dream. You’re always there for him, always kind. If something happens in his life, you’re the first one to cheer him up with a joke or having him cook with you. When the two of you don’t want to do anything, you are both watching movies in his room. You’re the closest thing he has to having a normal life.