i also like how you can see his accent

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hey shu, just a general question here but if you were to design each of the boys' websites, how would you make them look?? like style-wise, color-wise, etc

woaH you really ask a question that got my web designing ass on fire hmm im trying not to make this a long ass essay but let’s start shall we :^)


First of all I’m mad at Harry’s team for doing everything well EXCEPT for his official website. A fucking tumblr are you kidding me??? That’s not very professional for an international star like him. Second the layout is super LAZY, LACK OF DESIGN IDK HOW HARRY’S EXTRA ASS ALLOWED THEM TO DO THIS. The website loads pretty slow because IT’S A FUCKING TUMBLR they have to use a lot of different cdns for jquery and stuff like why!!!! would you do this!!!!!! #JusticeForHarrysWebsite2k17

Ok enough for the rants. about the design, i think a full screen banner/welcome page will be nice. The color scheme, I’ll prefer monochrome or maybe monochrome with an accent color.

idek how to put my thoughts in words, perhaps something like this?? 


The thing is, I LOVE Niall’s website too much to even come up with my own ideas. Whoever is in charge of the design, I owe them my first born. The transition and animation on the website are soo neat and smooth. And also SMART. 

You see Niall actually has quite a lot stuff on his site but it doesn’t take ages to load like Harry’s GOD DAMN IT because it’s an actual web building tool written with php (for tumblr you can only write with html) plus they use a lot of jquery such as lazyload to avoid the heavily loading progress so KUDOS TO THE DESIGNERS

so um what will i do?? my first thought was Niall’s this town lyric video. I really like the drawing style and I love linear icons too. So probably some linear aesthetic? is that even a thing? asjkdlaskdj


First of all I really love the video background because like I mention earlier, that’s one of my fave stuff!!! but other than that….. i don’t really enjoy the layout because it’s kinda hard to read!!!! perhaps it might still be under construction, but i think it’s a bit too plain for liam’s style??


I think Liam definitely needs some bright colors on his website, maybe something neon-ish just like the strip that down video. i LOVE the color scheme of that video and it fits him so well. if we go with those colors along with some cool jquery animations it shall be fun!

(too bad i, for one, suck at jquery :/)


I gotta admit, I got real nervous with the louis one!! because i feel like i haven’t fully capture his style yet. there’s not much thing on the website since the single is still on the way, and looks like it’s going to be different from just hold on. so i had a hard time figuring out which style his website shall be

so turned out it’s pretty much a redesigned version of his current website :) i just really wanna show his logo since it’s one of my favorite!!!

That’s all thank you for this question!! I had fun and i hope you like them :^)

Newt and Percival switch bodies

Everyone is weird  out on way Mr.Graves is acting all nice, like some mother and also now has an accent. Newt comes in pissed as hell with an American accent cursing like a sailor.


“ Hi Percy see you’re in my body I have no idea how this happened. Also did you check on my creatures?”

The aurors just watch the two talk back and forth scared seeing Newt!Graves being all nice and oblivious and Percival!Scamander just being a tall man of fury.

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San Myshuno, December 2016

Angelina True was not used to talking about herself. The men in her circle were the type to dominate conversations…usually by bragging about their wealth, their power, their accomplishments. They only pretended to listen to what she had to say. Their end goal with her was to impress her, not to care what her thoughts or feelings were.

So it genuinely surprised her that her conversation with Remy Holmes was easy and relaxed. He didn’t try and dominate the conversation, he didn’t brag, and he listened. It was nice to talk to a man who actually listened. He was funny, even with his foul mouth and street accent. She also liked his voice…it was husky and sexy, and made her think of Will. If she closed her eyes, she could almost imagine she was talking to Will. 

How she missed Will…

Angelina glances out of her window and notices that evening was darkening into night.

Angelina sighs: Oh my. We’ve been talking for hours, Remy. I hope I haven’t taken up too much of your time?

Remy: It’s cool. I do have to hang up, but I enjoyed talking to you. Call me anytime.

Angelina: So…can I see you? Tomorrow night? Are you busy?

Remy hesitates: No. I’m not busy.  

Angelina quickly: I mean, if it’s okay with you. I’d really like to see you before the dance I promised you at the gala.

Remy laughs: Yeah? You can definitely see me before then. Text me tomorrow and we’ll work it out. I’d really like to see you too. More than you know, beautiful.

Angelina hangs up and smiles. She was excited to see him. She hadn’t felt excited about a man since Will. Maybe Remy could be the man that would finally make her forget Will…

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Why do people miss how Alex Turner used to be when he appeared more shy? It seems like ever since AM, he got criticism for being "self-centered" because he appeared different. I think he's great... I've been a fan of the Arctic Monkeys since April 2017 so none of this is clear to me.

The thing is, the Monkeys started to be more well-known in America when AM was released and that’s when they were more in the spotlight. So many new people got introduced to the band at that time and the first version they saw of Alex was the Teddy Boy persona he had created. The drugs jokes started and still continue to this day although they were never funny to begin with. And of course people interpreted his more confident behaviour as arrogant because they never really knew what he was like before and didn’t bother to find out. The mic-drop thing for example was made into a huge deal, and if you just see him talk about it afterwards, you’ll see how he laughs about it and is like “I can’t believe I did this”, it’s actually super cute.

There are other people who were fans of the band before AM and think that he lost his accent and became arrogant when moved to the US, this is also definitely not true, his accent evolved over time because he travels a lot and that’s completely normal and his behaviour changed because he started getting more confident and wearing more designer clothes which he can definitely do without being arrogant.

The funny thing is that people now say that they miss AM Alex because he has “changed” during EYCTE. People will never be satisfied and will always find something to criticize, of course he has changed, who doesn’t change over the course of a decade? It’s true that he was shy in the past and became more confident since AM but his sarcastic sense of humour has always been there, even in the early days, you can especially see it in award shows. 

I don’t think he’s arrogant at all, he never was, he just had more trouble articulating himself in the past and seemed to mumble a lot and not be able to finish a sentence because he was way too self-conscious, he still does sometimes because he “struggles with conversation”. He became more confident over time and that’s great because he’s an amazing person with a great mind and I’m so happy that he seemed so much more relaxed and comfortable during EYCTE. I think this is the closest thing to his actual character, not the leather jackets or hair gel or quiff but this genuinely down-to-earth, sweet, kind person with an incredible mind who sometimes has some trouble articulating his thoughts but has learned to be more comfortable and confidant over the years.

There was this interview he did last year where he couldn’t really articulate himself at all and then sent the reporter an e-mail the next day with all the things he wanted to say and I think it’s one of the most beautiful and amazing things he has ever said.

“Turner is engaging and friendly, and seems genuinely eager to articulate what the Last Shadow Puppets represent. But he has both a tendency to overthink things and an unwillingness to commit until he has found the right words.
The next day, Turner sends me an apologetic email. “I sat myself too far away from my internal cue cards and few sentences made it to the finish line,” he admits, exhibiting exactly the kind of wry wit you can find in his songwriting.
AT: I sometimes imagine each word to be made using a three dimensional open-top glass alphabet. Each letter built to harness and transport the mirror ball liquid marble of the melody. When the ‘substance’ fills up the syllables they seem to shimmer and become weightless. With the addition of close harmony I see colours swirl together, parts of the lyrics glow and the way in which they float suggests that something like the ‘star gate’ sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey is happening deep inside them out of view.” x

I recommend reading this whole interview because it’s a rare glimpse into his mind and it’s truly magnificent.


@bookwild ILY

•before they have kids ruby and liam get their dog Christmas presents lmao nerds

•until eventually someone’s just like “this is too much oh my god have a child this dog truly cannot be more spoiled and its ridiculous”

•they’re SO BAD at sexy gifts lord one year he tries to get her lingerie and its a DISASTER she’s like
1. what even is this
2. I appreciate it but I don’t wear a 32DD

•they go to a white elephant and they preplan what gifts to steal/ what they want in the car like
“so listen we need a crock pot and I know your mom got one to bring so snatch the one in the purple snowman wrapping and also towels see if you can find any of those”

•Liam has NO self control he eats so many Christmas cookies Ruby is literally 95% of his impulse control

•there are so many Christmas socks/sweaters/ shirts etc in the Daly-Stewart household they even get their dog some

•how many times has Liam slipped and fell on the ice. how many.

•family gatherings include thick southern accents and chubs screaming about the dangers of black ice on the road

•Vida has Christmas pants with mistletoe on the back pockets so she can festively tell people to kiss her ass

•Ruby wears a cute lil reindeer antler headband with jingle bells on it but Liam doesn’t like it because it obstructs his forehead kisses

•also it gets stuck in his Christmas sweaters lmao

•Ruby wears red lipstick and forgets about it and everyone exchanges knowing looks when they see the bright red marks on Liam’s neck+jaw that he doesn’t even see until like 3 hours later and he’s completely horrified but rubys like yeaaaah buddy

•Zu’s favorite activity: holding mistletoe over people and making them kiss. they make her stop when she tries to get vida to kiss harry

•Cole Stewart aka bIGGEST ASSHOLE BROTHER E V E R oh my god he has no limits he loves to embarrass Ruby and Liam they’re his decided target victims and it usually ends with Ruby punching him

•Liam has that one aunt that pinches cheeks and buys you underwear it’s so awful

•but also he has that one aunt that’s SO COOL vida looks up to her she would never admit it but she loves her she’s life goals for vida

•charles “vIDA we can’t have SEX in lIAMS MOTHERS clOSET” meriwether

•vida “shut the fuck up and take your pants off” connor


•Ruby “I told you not to open that door” Daly

•Zu makes everyone go Christmas caroling and Liam is such an awful singer but Ruby is???? so good??? she’s a literal angel???? like how????

•Liam makes up for it with how good he is at wrapping gifts tho his gifts are masterpieces and rubys terrible

•Chubs wears a giant marshmallow parka when it gets below 40 and you know it

•Liam makes fun of him for it but is also always freezing

•Ruby makes fun of him for it he’s like “I was born in the SUMMER I am meant for SOUTHERN WEATHER” and rubys just like lmao weak ass bitch I was born in the worst storm of the season this is my element

•so he’s always hugging her because “you’re so warm it’s too cold out” and she pretends to be annoyed

•the amount of times. those two watch elf. is outrageous.

•every time Liam says “darlin’” like five ppl turn around

•Liam REALLY tried to hang the star on the top of the tree but in typical Liam fashion he fell off the ladder and almost made the tree fall smh what a dork

•Liam and Ruby share his old room when they celebrate the holidays at his parents house and every time Cole has to come in he knocks and yells “are you clothed” and still comes in with his eyes covered Ruby almost hurts her eyes bc she rolls them so hard

•Liam is the one who gets excited over practical gifts like “YES!!!! NEW SILVERWARE” and “IVE NEEDED A NEW MUFFLER FOREVER THANKS HARRY”

•honestly let’s bring the spotlight over to rubys grandma because what a queen she is rubiam shipper #1 and is not afraid to let the world know she’s so straightforward and it’s beautiful like one time when she was talking to Ruby at the table about Liam Ruby says something and she just nods and says “that’s nice dear” and pauses before saying “so how’s the sex sweetie?” and Ruby almost has to be taken to the hospital bc she nearly collapses from shock she honestly doesn’t even tell Liam bc she wouldn’t be able to get the whole story out without having a stroke


And now onto my love, the cutest lil bby, Kim Taehyung aka V

  • A small town kid all the way
  • Similar to Jin, when I think of Tae family comes to mind bc he’s just such a family man he loves his fam so so much
  • He would know everyone and everyone knows him
  • Okay but I just want to talk for a second about how utterly adorable tae’s English is like his lil accent is adorable and just the way he’s so confident in it even if he isn’t fluent is just so !! I love him
  • He would be another first generation American
  • He would still have a tiny accent on certain words but he would honestly just giggle if he couldn’t say a word without an accent or if he said it incorrectly
  • You moved to his town a few years ago (into the house next to his) and he had just immediately been like ight we’re friends now
  • He still remembered seeing how new students sometimes had trouble fitting in and he didn’t want it to happen to anyone else anymore so he was just like I will make sure you have at least one friend, me, and also you can be friends with my friends
  • He told you all the stories of Daegu that his parents had told him growing up, he told you about his grandparents that still lived there, he showed you all of the photo albums his parents had
  • I’ve pointed this out before but I’ll bring it out, he will teach you insults in Korean and say it means like “hello” or some shit like this isn’t even head canon this is full on canon
  • Like hey tae how do you say someone’s handsome?? “oh just call them pabo”
  • American!Tae is a friendly lil man who just wants to make friends and loves his town and doesn’t intend to leave for a v v long time (except for when he visits Daegu)

There’s my another OC, his design just bursted into my mind somehow, so yeah, here’s my new baby!

His name is Grigio (it’s an Italian word for “grey”) and he’s an anthropomorphic rabbit, as you can see. This fella is true neutral, a thief, but very friendly, even though he can be very rough sometimes. He’s like that kind of a jerk, that id actually really nice and cute. Also he speaks with a slight of Italian accent and makes hand gestures a lot, very expressive and honest. He is fast as hell, that’s how he can rob someone without somebody catching him, and in some situations, he behaves cowardly as heck. 

Bitchy fast coward and hella cute. This is Grigio the Rabbit

Whoopsy I forgot to finish his tail. Welp… he looks good anyways ^^

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I love your Dream Pack headcanons so much! Can you tell us more about them, like what Skov and Swan's favorite things about each other and Proko and Kavinsky's relationship? Also Jiang's tattoos?

i get way too excited when i see messages like this lmao

  • swan’s favorite thing about skov, physically, is his height - he likes how portable skov is, lmao. he also really likes his legs - they’re toned from soccer and tattooed, and swan’s hynotized by the dark ink on skov’s pale skin. skov is obsessed with swan’s lips and hands and arms, but his favorite thing might actually be swan’s voice, with its deep timbre and softly accented lilt. he could listen to swan talk for days.
    • personality-wise, swan likes skov because he’s so uninhibited. he’s spontaneous and unpredictable and keeps swan on his feet. skov admires swan’s unwavering confidence, but he also likes swan’s sense of mystery. swan is a challenge to skov, a code that’s impossible to crack, and skov loves it. (they can’t imagine they’ll ever tire of each other.)
  • proko and kavinsky?! where do i start…?! i feel like this needs it own post… but essentially, proko is steadfastly loyal to k; he would do anything for him, not because he has to, but because he wants to. this obviously satisfies kavinsky’s insatiable tendencies, but it’s not one-sided by any means - kavinsky absolutely has a soft spot for his prokopenko, and cares about him a lot more than he knows how to properly express.
  • jiang’s script tattoo on his collarbone says “die young” and he got it on a dare from kavinsky, because kavinsky was positive that he wouldn’t do it, and he wanted to prove him wrong. (jiang won the bet, of course, so kavinsky had to get “live fast” on the backs of his calves, one word per leg.) jiang also has another tattoo - it’s of cerberus, a mythological three-headed dog. that one’s on his back.
How & Why I started learning Korean

A couple of months back I got a question about this but, I think Tumblr might have eaten it :( So I just remembered about it and I’m going to try and answer! So to the person/anon/whatever you were, I’m sorry I lost your message!!! :(

I think the question was asking “how [I] started learning Korean” (like sentence structure, and stuff like that). But FIRST I need to tell you WHY I started learning Korean.

Why I started learning Korean:

I had gone to a private school my whole school life (It was a K-12 school) and when I was 15 a student came into the school from South Korea. She was an upperclassman that was in my chorus class (I had been in chorus every year since Kindergarten). When she spoke English I thought her accent was really cute but then one day, I was talking with her and she got a phone call from her mother. That was the first time I had ever heard Korean spoken, EVER! It was so pretty and it literally sounded like she was singing instead of talking. 

I had never been good at learning Spanish, the only language offered at the school. One flub of “kay-sah-dill-ah” instead of “quesadilla” and teenagers tend to harp on it. So I wasn’t really looking into learning a whole other language, especially when that language doesn’t even have letters but symbols!

I really wanted to impress her though, so I thought “I can at least learn how to say “hi” right?“ Come to think of it, I probably had a major girl crush on her, but anyways! So I googled and learned how to say “hi”, then “nice to meet you”, then “my name is”, and unlike Spanish, it was fun! (not that Spanish is not fun! It was a bit ruined for me when I was made fun of..)

So I got to show her what I had learned and her reply was this: “Wow, that’s so good! …your accent is so bad!!!!” Thus she introduced me to k-dramas and k-music. “If you can sing along to these, your accent will be as good as mine!” she said.

That’s the only advice I got from her because later that month she found out I had a crush on her boyfriend (that I did NOT know was her boyfriend) and it became too awkward between us.

How I started learning Korean:

Well obviously I googled all of that stuff, but how did I LEARN it when I no longer had a person available to teach me?

The answer is literally: Kdramas, youtube, and children’s books!

First I started with youtube to learn hangul and some vocabulary terms! You can’t learn a language in English letters (Latin letters?) if that language isn’t written with “English” letters!

Second, Children’s books! At the library downtown where I live, there is a slew of Korean children’s books! I suggest starting with children’s books when trying to learn sentence structure. When children are learning the basics, they wouldn’t start using sentences with the words “punctual” and “commemorated”. You wouldn’t expect those words from a 3 year old would you? No! Sentences like “I sing,” or “The dog ran,” are perfect sentences to start learning sentence structure!

What I did was I would find sentences in books and rewrite them and label “noun”, “verb”, “pronoun” ect., above the words I knew. There you can slowly start to see where the words should fit in a sentence.

Third, K-dramas!!! This is the fun part! WATCH AS MANY K-DRAMAS AS YOU CAN!!! When you know little vocab words you can get a lot out of watching k-dramas. Not only do you learn sentence structure, you learn how to speak (tone and accent) and you also learn gestures (when my voice is like this, my hands should do this)! It also helps you train yourself to pinpoint the words that you know and listen for them. If you can understand bits and pieces of what someone is saying, it is much easier for your brain to come up with the rest. For example: “Okay, let’s see what words I understood. “Parents”, “meet”, “his girlfriend”, “Saturday”… OH! He’s going to meet his girlfriend’s parents this Saturday! getting serious ;)

So I hope this has helped a little bit for the person who asked and for anyone who needs a little more info on ways to learn sentence structure!

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What does Tom Hardy really sound like? An EW investigation

Let us give thanks for the wondrous enigma that is Tom Hardy. We know the actor takes being a chameleon seriously: he’s able to physically transform with nimble ease – compare, for example, how he looked as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises to Ricki Tarr in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. We’ve gotten used to seeing different Hardys inInception, Warrior, Lawless, Mad Max: Fury Road, and look forward to seeing new ones in November’s Legend and this Christmas’ The Revenant. 

“I think it’s important that you always transform if you can. That’s what I was trained to do. You try and hide yourself as much as you can – that’s the key to longevity,” he said in 2011. “It’s also quite fun.”

Hardy is an accomplished shape shifter and, despite his growing fame, he’s also pretty good at keeping his private life private. (We do know – and enjoy – how much he loves dogs and is great at lip-synching).

But here’s a funny thing: it’s still not entirely clear what Hardy’s natural speaking voice sounds like. Judging from the differences you’ll see in these clips, his accent tends to wax and wane as he pleases. Perhaps he’s working on a role or maybe he’s just entertaining himself during the tedium that can be press conferences and junket interviews. But whatever the reason, take a look at EW’s compilation of Hardy speaking in interviews over the years and ask yourself: Do you know what Tom Hardy really sounds like?

In this Legend interview he sounds pretty natural.

Overnight Flights

i thought of this when I was on the plane to Paris! I found it fucking hilarious on the plane but I was pretty loopy, so I’m not sure if it’s actually funny. There was a really hot flight attendant on the way to and back, so I, obviously, was inspired by that. Classic me. Send me requests soon! I will be closing requests on the 5th of June, so get ‘em in if y’all got any! Enjoy! Next one will be up tomorrow around the same time (June 1, 2016 at 11:30 or earlier).

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: bruh idk 

Warnings: anxiety/anxiety attacks, cursing

A/N: they are on a normal, civilian plane and Bucky is not happy about one of the stewards/ flight attendants. MEssage me if you guys want a part two or something.

I tapped the cold metal exterior of the plane, right before boarding.

“Why did you knock on the plane?” Bucky asks curiously.

I turn around to look back at him with a smile playing on my lips. He looks so cute with his Brooklyn cap, arm gear, and face mask. It was a precaution, we couldn’t have anyone recognizing the wanted “criminal” in the airport.Plus, the metal arm would’ve raised questions, to say the least. It wouldn’t have been pretty. And of course, Tony was “working on the jets” when we both needed it for a mission.

“For good luck,” I shrug nonchalantly. “I get scared of flying sometimes.”

Bucky took my hand from behind me and weaved his fingers between mine.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll keep you safe.” He kissed the top of my head reassuringly. Most of the time, being short was a handicap of sorts. But my shortness was a blessing when it came to top-of-the-head kisses.

I scoffed, “Like I need you to protect me.”

He laughed and stroked my head, “Just keep moving. You’re holding up the line.”

After taking my seat at 23B, and while Bucky put my luggage in the overhead compartment, I closed my eyes. My anxiety was getting slightly out of hand. Every possible worst case scenario played itself in my head, like a DVD on repeat. 

Bucky sat down next to me and placed his hand on mine. The warmth of his hand tranquilized my anxiety, but I still felt like I was going to throw up. My head was spinning and my breaths got shorter and my heart raced and I started getting slightly sweaty. I was on the verge of a full on anxiety attack.

“You okay, doll?” Bucky asks. He’s heard about my anxiety attacks, but had never been there next to me when it happened. In the jets, I felt less anxious because this was my job and there were other people that had the ability to stay calm…and fly. But here, if anything were to happen, people would start freaking out and that would make me freak out. It just wasn’t the same.

I open my eyes slowly, taking a deep breath. I look to my right, and nod. I can’t manage any words to tell him that I’ll be okay, but I hold his hand a little tighter to show him I’ll be alright.

“You know I can’t believe that Stark’s arm cover worked,” Bucky said, trying to distract me.

“Actually though, I thought you would get caught. I mean, you arm is pure metal,” I whispered, slightly chuckling. Thinking about how he didn’t get caught at the security checkpoint made me laugh. But when the pilot announced to get ready for take-off, I was back to an anxious state.

The take-off is just as shitty and awful as I thought it would be, but once in the air, I was able to loosen up a little. Finally, I felt less anxious. And kind of hungry.

“I wonder when they’ll start serving the food,” I whine. “They better do it now, or else I will start screaming.”

Bucky laughs at my dramatic hand gestures, “I’m sure they will soon, just try to calm down before you smack the lady on your left.”

I stick my tongue out at him and scrunch up my nose. While I took off my seat belt, I realize that I don’t have a blanket. Pouting, I bat my lashes at Bucky.

“I know that look. What do you want?” he sighs.

“Can I have your blanket? I’m cold,” I sniff. Usually, my pouty face and sad expression works, but not this time. He refused to give it to me, complaining that he was cold too.

I huff and plop back into my seat. “Fine, I’ll ask the stewardess.”

The lights flicker on and ding. A flight attendant came quickly to serve my useless needs. But I forgot what I needed as soon as I see his face. He was a gorgeous, tall, dark haired steward. He was muscular and tan, and he had very dreamy eyes. A model, pretty much. Did I mention he was also hot as fuck? I gaped at him, and he just smiled back.

“How can I help you, darling?” he asks politely. Judging by his accent, he was French. I wonder what he sounded like speaking french. Sexy, I imagine.

I try to hide my smile, blushing a little. Bucky sees that and knits his brows. He’s not happy about some guy calling you “darling”. His protective mode turns on, and now he’s very aware of the flight attendant.

“I was wondering if I could get a blanket,” I say shyly.

“Oui, madam, anything for you,” he smiled. “Je reviens. I will be right back,” he said turning off the lights, and heading to the back for a blanket. Definitely sexy speaking french.

Bucky squints at me with a suspicious look. He saw the pink tint on my cheeks and slightly flustered expression. Sensing his unhappiness, I raise my brow at him, questioning his behavior.

“You good?”

“No.” He pouted slightly. Damn, he was so cute when he was mad. I wanted to make him a little more jealous. But I knew he wouldn’t be happy about me teasing him.

“I know he’s hot, but you have nothing to worry about, okay?” I whispered, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “He’s nothing compared to you, babe.” He’s still not convinced. “You sound sexier speaking Romanian than him speaking French, ” you add sweetly.

He melted at my words, and softened his expression. But he tensed up again when the steward came back with the blanket.

He handed it to me with a smile, “Here you go.”

“Thank you very much, sir,” I smile back. 

Bucky watches the exchange carefully. Once he leaves, he gets jealous again.

“Did you touch your hand when he gave it to you?” he growls.

“Oh my god, Bucky are you kidding me?” I roll my eyes, sighing dramatically. “Relax, dude. He didn’t.” He doesn’t look convinced. “What are you so jealous about?”

“You just seem very taken by him,” he said curtly.

I laugh quietly, “I seem ‘taken’ by him?” He doesn’t reply. “Okay how ‘bout, later, I show you how I’m not ‘taken’ by him?”

He sees my flirty, kittenish smile. He grins slyly. “You better show me soon, or else I might get a little cranky.”

I punch him on the arm, shaking my head. “Alright soldier, we’ll go once everyone is asleep.”

“Thank god this is an overnight flight,” Bucky mutters gratefully. This earns us a look from the lady sitting next to me. She looks fucking appalled, eyes wide with shock. I smile at her apologetically, not knowing what to say.I turn my body towards Bucky, wanting to avoid any more awkwardness. Looking at Bucky, I grimace, but he looks happy as hell. He’s grinning from ear to ear. Smug son of a bitch.

Rolling my eyes, I rest my head on his shoulder. “God, this is going to be a long ass flight,” you mumble.

“Can we be loud? I want that stupid flight attendant to hear us.”

I inhale sharply, surprised. “What the fuck?” you say, a hint of amusement in my tone. “Bucky, you know you’re weirdly kinky.”

awww I still can´t believe that Hugh Dancy is British, I mean sure he looks like a Brit and I guess his surname sounds British, but I didn´t think too much about those things so I assumed that he was an American actor because of his role in Hannibal where he speaks with an American accent and this was also the first time I was introduced to him as an actor. His American accent is insanely good o.O He really had me fooled you guys haha! Anyway, can we just talk about how lovely his British accent is? :3 He´s reaaally cute!