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Imagine Simon drunkenly (wow he'd have to drink a lot) or maybe sleepily saying "Fool Bright" or something along those lines around Nahyuta (likely pre-actual relationship but during is fine too). *Thinks back to that one line in your fic when Nahyuta thinks how he's competing with a dead man*

ANON ARE YOU AFTER MY OWN HEART?  <3  I love this sort of angst tysm.  Also I’m going to combine them so it is a drunken sleepiness :3   (Oh, and I’m thinking this is early relationship!)


“Herr Sahdmadhi, you need to come to the soba shop right now to pick up your Panda.”  

Despite how late it was, Klavier had felt the need to contact Nahyuta.  Sure, Sahdmadhi was probably going to be a bit annoyed since he had an early meeting with Edgeworth (hence why he elected to not go out with them when they had finished their work for the day), but someone had to make sure Simon got home, and Klavier had additional plans for the remainder of the night.  

“Why?  Is something the matter?”  

“Well…let’s just say Herr Blackquill got into a sake drinking contest.  He won, but…he’s quite drunk.  Actually, it’s amusing,” Klavier had chuckled into the phone, despite hearing a somewhat irritated sigh on the other end.  “I would take him on my bike, but…I’m afraid he might slip off.”  Plus Klavier himself was a bit buzzed so he wasn’t exactly in the best condition to drive.

Nahyuta had said he would be there in twenty minutes, but it actually took a little over a half hour due to the car he called being delayed.  

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Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 


Static Quake Forever Alive: One of us AU

Daisy blames herself for Lincoln’s death. What she doesn’t know is that Coulson had backup plan and sent Hunter and Bobbi to save Lincoln…

okay, after some hemming & hawing about the issue of bobby’s sexuality ( seeing as how he had some significant m/f ships in the movies & only JUST was outed in the comics in 2015 ) i think i’ve decided to portray him as bisexual. male-leaning most likely, but bi. i think the comics handled it kinda shitty & i disagree that he’s ‘full gay’ ( what a biphobic term, ew. ) i don’t want to devalue any of the relationships he’s had in the movies. i think even just because someone might be struggling with their sexuality does not mean a relationship is any less strong. ( and i wouldn’t even say he was necessarily struggling, ya feel? it felt right so that’s what happened. ) but anywho. idk if i’ll rp the ships or if it will come up at all, but i just wanted to go ahead and put it out there.

iKON Reaction || Girlfriend Asking For Head


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*You don’t even have to ask twice. Right after you asked he slided down your body, kissing it as he descended lower*


“Oh wow… When you say it out loud it’s a bit embarrassing… But it’s also weirdly sexy….”


“I like it when you’re straight forward with me”


“Ohhh-kay… Didn’t expect you to ask me to be honest”


“Sure babe”


“What? You ain’t getting it for nothing. I want some too”

“Wait, I’m just joking, come back here!”


“This feels weird that you just asked me to do that. I don’t mind though”



What do you think of Clexa? 

Uhm, episode 5, or something like that, we were shooting and someone had dropped that the kiss was going to happen and ah, everyone thought it was a joke. Eliza was like ‘No we’re not’ (and they were like) ‘Yeah you are’. 

I figured Xenoblade X’s anniversary was a good time to finish this! (even though i missed it by a few days oops…) My brother @facial-reef‘s cross and mine chillin’ with our favorite xeno on the ma-non ship~

It started out as a screenshot redraw of this, which we loved too much to pass up:

Anyways, I absolutely adore this game and have spent a decent amount of my free time just exploring Mira. <3

ooh kissing ;) 


Hanbinie seems like he would start off slow, he’s maybe have her face between his hands and slowly giver her some soft pecks and then gradually put his hand in the back of her neck and depending on his mood, he can be really passionate and that makeout session will be heavenly, or he could be more aggressive and go all in which is also good ;) 

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I feel like generally we think Bobby is more wild and would want to get it on real quick but he seems to be a really passionate guy overall. So I think he may start of messy maybe but his kisses will get really passionate real quick. You’d be able to feel his love for you and it sounds so great ahh Bobby

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He’s just a sunshine, fluffy guy. Donghyuk would probably be hella sweet and gentle whenever he kisses you and it will feel like you’re on a cloud. Of course I do think he can get really into it if you’re both in the mood, but in general it’s fluff land with him ^^ 

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bobby x reader (part 1 of 2)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Bobby (iKon) x Reader
Rating: R
Comments: Here’s the Bobby scenario I mentioned earlier, and I did, indeed, decide to split it into two parts. I’m not really a fan of iKon, but I decided I really like Bobby. I’m also a huge fan of older ladies, younger men relationships, and I will write that shit until the cows come home. I definitely need to write more of them.

Summary: You’re an idol for YG and have found yourself in an intimate relationship with Bobby of iKon, despite your large age difference. But, you know such a relationship will be frowned upon by society and decide to break it off with him.

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