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I could see all the stuff that was special to me. All the stuff that matters. I love you, Shelly. And I wanna spend my time with that. I mean, you know, if that’s okay with you.

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Having Hanbin as your bias and Jiwon as your bias wrecker feels a lot like dating the sweetest, most perfect boyfriend and cheating on him with his sexy best friend… I feel incredibly disloyal

ikon as preschoolers

jinhwan- paints/draws inside the lines, acts cute 24/7, says ‘no’ but then changes his mind, keep an eye on him bc he will fall at some point and will need a bandage ASAP

june- listens rlly well, do not give him sugar tho if you kno whats best for everyone, just does his own thing, likes to sing during activity time, and doesn’t rlly make a mess

hanbin- hates playing by himself, knows weird animal facts and will randomly bring them up in convo, never remembers how to get down from play structures, and runs everywhere

donghyuk- always willing to help, wants to read books out loud to everyone, always tells you his opinions abt colors, crouches down to point at things, picks flowers alot and just hands them out to everyone

yunhyeong- hates getting in trouble, friends with everyone, always knows what day of the week it is and is super excited to tell you, gets upset if his parent doesn’t say goodbye

bobby- LOVES show & tell, “is it snack time yet, teacher” , will always somehow end up with paint on his face, rlly mischievous but still listens when you tell him to stop

chanwoo- says ‘wow!’ at everything, loves plants, always smiling, needs to hold someones hand, and is fasinated by clouds


Cloudy With A Chance

Part 14: …of fire.


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Static Quake Forever Alive: One of us AU

Daisy blames herself for Lincoln’s death. What she doesn’t know is that Coulson had backup plan and sent Hunter and Bobbi to save Lincoln…

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Do you have any meta or something to say about Dean's siren? My only reaction to that was literally scream "YOUVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME". I think that'd be an episode re-watcher post canon destiel are going to be like "how the fuck did I miss that?"

Well, I think I’m in a party of one here because I don’t see the siren as confirming bi!Dean… because I think it was purposefully ambiguous to the point that it is so well hidden that it can’t be used as proof as such, just a hint

I choose to go by what is textually said here in the script and what the writers decided to show, in the sense that there is so much shit going on between Sam and Dean at this point that the ‘little brother figure who looks up to you’ thing is exactly what I think they were going for here. 

It doesn’t mean that for me it can’t be both though, I totally get the interpretations and the points many people make about how it does confirm bi!Dean I just personally think that it isn’t 100% clear and I think that’s kind of the point… same as Dean Winchester himself, the writers took something that could be kind of revealing of his sexuality and hid it behind something else so it is ambiguous and could be covered up by the other thing.

They do this all the time! It’s part of why I love all the subtext and the performance side of Dean, because the writers deliberately make so much of this stuff ambiguous. 

They also write Dean as so GOOD at the performance that some people still take performing!Dean at face value (although it is changing now as the writers are breaking this down to show the general audience more and more now).

So I feel like there isn’t a ‘oh 100% it’s sexual’ or ‘100% it’s not’ thing going on here - its supposed to be ambiguous.

However the really important part of this for me that isn’t ambiguous is Sam and Bobby’s reactions.

I do think it is really important that Sam and Bobby don’t know that the siren is potentially not just a sexual siren but has said that he is taking on a ‘little brother’ role, they only know the siren as a sexual siren and they totally just roll with it, they don’t even raise an eyebrow or afterwards have a little joke about it with Dean, like hey, dude when I first saw the siren I was like ??? Haha isn’t that funny… even though afterwards of course when it spits at Sam they know it could have not been sexual, but still, spit? What’s the most likely way to transmit that? I mean, it would totally have been possible and quite funny if there wasn’t an undertone of ambiguity around Dean’s sexuality, a straight guy would probably totally laugh it off like hey you guys must have been confused right?! Thats the kind of joke SPN has been known for, kind of not PC but yeah… BUT this didn’t happen.

This, coupled with all the other stuff through the seasons is just more fodder to the ‘everyone knows already but they don’t want to bring it up because Dean himself doesn’t want to’ concept of Bi!Dean and also Dean’s feelings for Cas. 

Bobby knows

Bobby is such an amazing character and I love and miss him every season since he died… because I miss him for the boys. I want them to have him, same with Charlie… I don’t so much miss him as a character but what he gave the boys.

I love the moments when Bobby kind of calls Dean out on Cas in season 7 as being more than just a buddy, that he is aching from the loss, that he kind of parallels it with his loss of his wife. Bobby looks out for Dean and Sam and he can see that Dean is in a bad way in season 7, he tries being kind in his own way, looking after him, then also giving him the tough love variation… he does his best to help him through in the best fatherly way that he can and I find it so heartwarming but also so heartbreaking… 

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I just feel like if you asked Bobby he would absolutely know Dean, the real Dean because he helped raise him in a way that John never did and paid attention in a way that John didn’t to who Dean really is - the baseball thing, the way they spent probably nerve wracking weeks with him while John was hunting, Dean being all worried and protective of Sam already as a young kid, showing his worry because he hadn’t learned to sublimate it yet

I bet Bobby saw Dean grow up, become more and more repressed and it broke his heart but he, gruff man, alcoholic and repressed himself, just did his best to help where he could, probably thinking in this line of work it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing not to wear your heart on your sleeve anyway… *I’m not crying*.

On top of all this, in season 7, with what is happening to Sam of course, Cas is brought up again and again, when Dean is drugged up Cas is the first thing he mentions to them as to what he was repressing when he was conscious, how Sam and Bobby both watch Dean take the trenchcoat from the lake etc etc 

Then of course there are all the other instances of bi!Dean through Sam’s eyes over the seasons….

So yeah, the Siren is just more fuel to this fire for me without it being obviously one way or the other, as basically everything is in this show.

The thing is, it gets to a point where we are at now that the AMOUNT of ambiguous bi!Dean and Destiel moments now is just so vast that it feels like it must be amounting to something. Either they are just playing with us (which I think they were perhaps doing to start with, these might have not been a serious potential storyline in the beginning but it just kept growing and being added to to the point now that it’s everywhere), now there is just so much it becomes a game of just adding it up and…

If 1+1+1+1+1 = 5 then…. the answer is probably 5.


Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 

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Ok but like I need a fluffy AF fix where the entire team celebrates the birthday of the Macklena baby. Based on all the insta pics from baby Benny's birthday

AN ~ *shows up 50 years late with starbucks and copious amounts of fluff* seriously the fluff. i needed it!! thanks for the prompt :D

thanks to @mocking-point for the name suggestion, although I went with Francesca instead of Frances, it’s in honour of Elena’s cousin Francisco. also thanks to @marvelthismarvelthat for help with the Spanish and the food! even though I didn’t use anywhere near the amount of it you gave me, I hope you like it

MackeElena + family + the team. Also lowkey set in the Bobbi Ann verse, but it’s basically just fluff, don’t overthink it. Rated G.

Read on AO3.


“Aiya!” Elena cried, dodging out of the way and trying to keep a large and brimming salad bowl upright as her daughter shot past in the narrow kitchen. “Slow down, mi niña!”

“Slow down?” Mack turned away from the stove to look at her with a fondly critical eyebrow. “From you?”

Elena snorted.

“If you hadn’t got her the shoes with the wheelies on it, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“If we hadn’t got her the shoes with the wheels,” Mack remarked, “she would have cut holes in the soles of hers and put wheels in them all by herself.”

Elena rolled her eyes as she set the salad down on the bench.

“At least Uncle Fitz isn’t making her a flying skateboard or something.”

“Never say never,” Mack remarked, “he did promise me he’s been working on something.”

“Unless it’s a self-emptying dishwasher, I don’t want to know.” Elena raised her palms to face the roof, washing her hands of the thought of it before returning to the meal preparations. They had enough food for a small army, but as her eyes ran over it, something was missing.

“Los tostones!” She darted from her spot, to the fruit basket, and back. In an instant, the giant bananas were sliced and the stove was on, oil boiling.

“You know,” Mack assured her, “I don’t think they’re going to be here that soon.”

Of course, the universe couldn’t let him have that one, and the doorbell rang a moment later. Elena poked her tongue out for a moment, but just a moment, before their little girl came running – not wheeling, fortunately – back through the already crowded kitchen.

“Kika, answer the door!” Elena encouraged, and leaned over the counter to watch as with considerable effort, the girl, whose head was still a few inches shy of the handle, hauled the door open.

“Hola, Francesca!” Coulson greeted with a wide smile, as May reached over him to help the little girl keep the door open. As Coulson bumped and shoved his way through it, surrounded in a colourful myriad of gift bags, Mack came around the corner to greet them teatowel flung over his shoulder.

“Wow!” Francesca cried, her attention torn between her father and the packages. “Are they all for me, papi?”

“In a minute, Tiny Toucan,” Mack assured her. “We’ve got to wait until everyone gets here, alright? Now how ‘bout a proper hello for May and Coulson, hm?”

Begrudgingly – but only so begrudgingly as any child presented with delayed gratification on such a large pile of gifts, Francesca greeted the newcomers and danced around May, walking curious circles around her as they filed through the tight foyer space into the larger living area. A little bewildered by the questions already beginning to flow from Francesca’s lips, May was glad for Elena’s smile and the escape to the kitchen. She’d never been asked to keep an eye on deep fried bananas before. She certainly hadn’t been to a kitchen with this much variety in it before - not for a long time.

“We should’ve put you on cooking more often,” May remarked. Elena shrugged.

“We make a lot of food for parties. I couldn’t do this every day!” And then, re-evaluating with a laugh, she added – “Well I could, but the Turtle Man would be exhausted.”

May snorted, and Elena grinned.

“Mamaaa,” Francesca interrupted. “Who’s coming again?”

“Your Uncle Fitz and Aunty Jemma, and Aunty Daisy.”

“Is Bobbi-Ann coming?”


“YESSSSS!” Throwing her fist in the air victoriously, Francesca ran out of it, out of the room, chasing it in a Superman-style pose. May shook her head, smiling good naturedly. Elena chuckled, and muttered almost to herself -

“I certainly hope little Bobbita’s had a haircut recently.”

“What for?” May wondered. “Oh these look, uh, done I think.” She stepped back, and Elena began plucking the bananas from the oil with a set of tongs and dropping them onto the paper towel.

“It’s nothing,” Elena said with a shrug, and gestured to a bowl of what appeared to be caramel sauce, sitting on the bench. “We just have some very sticky food. Arequipe. It’s a nightmare, and poor Daisy will be cleaning her child and then cleaning the bathroom for months.”

“And this doesn’t have anything to do with last year’s crayon incident?” May speculated.

Elena shrugged cryptically, and almost managed to deadpan it, but for a mischevious sparkle in her eyes that gave the game away.

“It’s not my fault the food of my people needs its own brand of shampoo.”

She took a plate of empanadas and the salad bowl, and gestured for May to grab something too – she reached for the nearest, a dish of some sort of soup? – and they returned to the dining room just as the doorbell rang again. Mack helped Francesca open the door this time and Jemma, Fitz, Daisy and Bobbi-Ann poured in. After some brief greetings, Francesca and Bobbi-Ann shot to the table with the promise that Francesca was about to receive a huge pile of presents, now that everyone was here. She promised – very loudly, so that her parents and Daisy could definitely hear – to share.

“They’re adorable!” Daisy remarked, as the aunties and uncles settled themselves around the dining table in the face of two bolt-upright, crisp-mannered, but increasingly fidgety and impatient young girls. “Ah, when did we get so grown up?”

“Never!” Fitz declared, and slapped his gift down on the table in front of Francesca with gusto. Elena groaned.

“Please don’t be a hoverboard,” she whispered.

“A what?”

It was too late to pretend she’d said nothing, but fortunately, while Fitz spiralled off this way and that with ideas, Elena’s attention was drawn back to Francesca, who was ripping open a solar panel circuit assembly kit.

“It comes with a fan,” Jemma explained since Fitz was distracted. “But Fitz thought that was a little dry, so he made a little – “

“Aw!” Francesca squealed. “Mummy! Look!”

She held a tiny dog, just a little too big to comfortably fit in her hand. It appeared to be made all of moving pieces, like a little clockwork machine.

“COOL!” Bobbi-Ann cried. “What are you gonna call it? Does it move? Does it bark?”

“I’m sure Uncle Fitz would be happy to show you, right?” Mack suggested. “But do you want to finish opening your presents first?”


Francesca squirmed in her seat, her wide eyes hungry as the family ferried Coulson’s copious pile of gifts onto and around the table.

“Now, some of those aren’t as cool as a robot dog,” Coulson admitted. “There’s some pyjamas and socks in there. But! Also! A train set, huh? And there’s a kit in there for making bottle rockets and you can even put a little message inside and shoot it up into the sky!”


Francesca couldn’t decide which bag to look at first. Bobbi-Ann got in on the action eventually, and the two of them picked through the pile under the amused eyes of the family that loved them. A feeling of warmth settled over the table, unbeknownst to the girls lost in conversation of their own, as between the adults the disarrayed beginning settled into contentment. They didn’t all get together as much anymore, but it was hard to think of a better occasion than this.