i also learned how to do my make up properly

Ok so in reguards to Lord Boxman and Professor Venemous, I have some headcanons:

Look at this gif

There’s two totally different emotions being expressed here by both of them.

My headcanon is that Venemous is a guy that’s more lacking in empathy/doesn’t know or understand how to reciprocate emotions well. He may try to understand and give emotion or the proper response to said emotion back, but its not a skill that comes easy to him. He’s had to learn skills through observation. You can see this not just in his actions (i.e. the little pat on the back that he gives Boxman as the smaller man is hugging him, it seems a bit forced/strained,) but you can also hear it in his voice. He’s more consistently monotone, even when he’s perceived to be happy or upset.

And then you have Boxman:

Boxman runs into Venemous’s arms and is very clearly happy, both shown in body language and in tone of voice. He makes his feelings very obviously to Venemous.

My headcanon for him? I think Boxman is the type to feels emotions very strongly, and will express them if given the opportunity. However, I also think that he possibly doesn’t know when enough is enough, and he tends to be an all or nothing person. If he chooses to show emotion, it’s no holds barred. If he can’t do that, he’ll bottle it all up and say nothing. He hasn’t learned how to properly regulate showing emotion at an appropriate level around others yet. When it’s just him and his bots it’s fine to be like that. However around others like Venomous there’s boundaries and limits that he has yet to learn how to recognize.

I think if both of them did end up together this is something that they could work on together. Both could learn how to properly handle their own emotions and not go overboard on either too much emotion or not enough emotion.

TL,DR: In my opinion, Venemous shows emotions less than Boxman does and struggles with reciprocating them, while Boxman is basically the complete opposite of that, and both could possibly work together on this in the future.

Today I celebrate 1 year of joining tumblr again!

It’s been a great experience. I got to upload at least once per month. And seeing how people interact with my work really makes me feel acomplished.

I want to thank all of you for having me. I got to met a lot of cool artist and very special people here. I want to keep getting better in making what I love. Maybe I’ll finally learn how to paint or animate properly. I don’t know what will come next, but I’m ready for it.

Also I don’t know what to do for this?? So idk if you want to send me an ask or something I’ll try to reply a lot of things I have piling up in my inbox tonight. So yeah. Thanks again!


NAME: Handan.


AGE: Teen.


SPECIES: Human cyborg.

BACKSTORY: As a kid, Handy used to accompany her dad when he went to work at his store in Lakewood Plaza Turbo, but after an accident she suffered during a fight against a Boxmore robot (which cost her her right arm) her dad stopped taking her with him, at least until she reached a higher level. Since then, she has been training very hard to get stronger, so she can go back to the plaza and do what everyone else does there: beat up some evil robots.

CHARACTER BIO: Once she reached level 4, her dad allowed her to go to the plaza with him again. Now Handy spends most of her time helping her dad with his job at his store, but as soon as she hears the alarms from Gar’s Bodega go off she hurries out of the place so she can punch the lights out of whatever robot sent by Boxman… that only if she has finished her work already, of course.

ATTACKS: Her hair can shapeshift into a hand. She also has her robotic arm, which she has modified so it can do more things than it was originally programmed to do.

WEAKNESSES: Getting haircuts (specially bad haircuts) and rain (since it messes up both her hair and her robotic arm). She also has to get all her work done before getting in a fight because otherwise her dad won’t let her do anything until she’s finished.

FUN FACT: During the time when she couldn’t visit the plaza anymore, if she wasn’t training, she was reading her dad’s books about engineering. Her dad also taught her some things related to that topic; that’s how she learned how to make her own creations, although they often end up failing. She always needs to ask her dad to help her in order to make them work properly.

At the Frad Mayer that I work at, I am a person in charge of the font end (PIC) which is like saying your a manager without actually being one. Yesterday (06-24) I dragged myself in to work despite waking up with a migraine and medicating myself. My manager had called out with food poisoning and one of my favorite coworkers was covering his opening shift so I figured it would be a pleasant day.

Never Again.

She had to leave as soon as I got there and I was told that I would be alone for the next 5 hours without a break or lunch in between because there was no one to cover me until the closer came in. On top of already being short staffed because my opening customer service desk, and self check out workers left early sick, I had another cashier leave sick, and another call in.

So fighting residual nausea from my Migraine I attempt to call a coworker in to help cover me because I know I won’t be able to properly function politely by any means. He was my only hope, because the only other people who could cover me were on requested vacations. Of course he couldn’t come in.

By hour 4 I had already been on the verge of a complete meltdown, and my closing desk associate helped top off the day. A customer wanted to cash out a money order just to turn around and make a new one, but because she was the one who purchased it, we waive the fee. The thing here is, that they have to be very specific about how they make it out. Writing the MO out to the store, and signing the back with “Not used for intended purposes”

I told her this very specifically about 5 times and she still told the customer to write the wrong thing, and after I corrected it, the customer demanded that I just do the transaction because the other girl was taking too long

I am not allowed to leave my floor unattended. At all. And I politely explained to her that I was the only person, and could not, but that K (CSD girl) was almost done, and I would walk her through anything else. I also needed to run back and make sure the front end wasn’t in utter chaos.

I had to come back up one more time and give her an override to bypass the fee.

Well apparently that made me a “girl with an attitude”

As the lady called me as she snarled at me on her way by (with a small entourage of what I’m assuming we’re her daughters)

The straw that broke this camels back folks.

“Well how is she supposed to learn how to do it properly if I just do it for her”

My mistake, this lady rounded on me and screamed at me in front of a line of my cashiers. She demanded to talk to a manager but not me (like wtf I never said I was one) so I pointed her to my store director in the opposite direction of were she was attempting to storm off to. She screamed and ranted at him too.

He took me to his office and let me tell him my side of the story, understood that I was tired and sick, and basically told me to let them kick me, because as a retail worker I do not have the right to do anything but kiss ass until I’m off the clock. He sent me home early and forced the closing PIC to take a 30 min lunch on a full shift with no breaks.

I’m so sick of this job, I want to quit. I was trying so hard to keep myself in check I was visibly trembling.

Come in to work with a migraine, get absolutely shafted. No breaks no lunches for 5 hours of my shift. Had a woman scream at me because my desk person wasn’t fast enough and I couldn’t leave my floor to help her, store director sends me home after telling me to suck it up and kiss ass.

One Step at a Time

When you receive a diagnosis chronic illness, you already know that you will not heal from it with 3 pills a day for a week. If you weren’t already aware of the effect of said decease on you, you can be sure that at some point, you will suffer them and you better be prepared.

I’m suffering from Insomnia since I’m 4 years old. When I go to bed, bad thoughts and anxiety happen but since it’s been over 30 years I’m dealing with it, I’ll speak of that specific problem another time as I already had solutions in place before the Fibromyalgia decided to add to the lot.
I’m also OK when it comes to the pain, I mean, Lumbar Disk Decease isn’t cool but at least you’re used to suffer, only instead of suffering from your back, you suddenly have to deal with other parts of your body deciding that today, right now, it will be painful. Also it will bruise. Just because.

What I wasn’t prepared to is that I don’t feel the need to eat.
It’s probably related to the fact my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) decided to make its come back after 12 years added to the fact I constantly feel drained, eating suddenly became something -difficult-. Even when I’m hungry, preparing a meal requires too much energy for me to just have the drive to prepare anything and thus to eat.
The result is I lost 15lbs in less than 3 weeks.
Worse, I would probably have lost more if my husband wasn’t here to prepare some dishes for me, sometimes even going ahead and make sure something is ready for me in the fridge for when he’s at work.

I’m overweight due to the fact I can’t move much without pain and the depression also leads you to eat more and so on. So I could be pleased I was losing weight without any effort after all! Of course not.
Not eating means that you have less energy to go through the day, it costs you some > spoons < , augments the effects of the fibro fog, and all in all, fucks you up.

A Powdered Decision

Eating and Sleeping were my n°1 problems and those I had to take some decisions for. If you don’t eat and you don’t sleep, you can’t go through the day and you can’t do anything. A corpse is certainly more active than you are.
Since sleeping could be achieved by taking pills I had to find a way for eating. And no, instant soups don’t feed you enough to give you some energy even if it manages to make you feel full when your spoons are too low and you are hungry.

My own decision was to go for > Soylent and its equivalents < which are basically powder meals you mix with water in a shaker.
Since Soylent isn’t available in Europe, I made two different orders. The Lite version of “Taste Tester” of Queal which allows you to try out all the flavors for a reduced price, and the “Pack Test” of Feed to try out both the bars and the salty flavor (sorry Peeps, only Feed and Smeal which are French brands offer TASTY salty flavor).
Added to this, I also offered myself a Blender a little special (Blender Bottle ProStak in purple because why not) which would allow me to mix easily the powder to the water even when tired AND was delivered with two “ProStak” and the famous Pill Tray. So if I was away for some time, I would have my water and the powder in one of the stack, a snack on the other one and even my pills. Great.

I received my Queal a few days ago, my Blender yesterday and my Feed should be at home tomorrow.
I don’t intend to switch my meals fully to powder one, even though it’s honestly super cheap and a great solutions for people who lack of money and / or can’t prepare themselves a meal. But I won’t hesitate to use it to feed myself properly so I have enough energy to do things of my life.
I will try my first meal in a few (Forest Fruits from Queal) and will surely share the experience with you over time.

I can’t do anything against Fibromyalgia, I can’t tell it to stop being within me, I can’t fight it and that’s why I name it my Bro. Of course it’s a pun, but also it means that I need to make friend with it, what it takes, I need to learn how to get it back.
Feeding myself is the first step. If it goes up to eat powder meals or special bars, I’ll do so. It’s fine by me. At least it will give me some spoons, for today and the next incoming day.

Why do I like writing fanfiction where I make the characters trans? Because there are no blockbuster movies with a trans hero. People don’t like telling stories where we’re the heroes, where we go off to fight aliens and have kickass one liners. Why? I don’t know. We’re too confusing, I guess? At least that’s what people say. What I believe is people don’t want to understand us. Even when we talk, they refuse to listen. 

People use art as an escape. People will draw pictures or write stories that amuse them but also stories that make them feel like they belong. Fanfiction is my escape. Like I said, we don’t get stories where we get to be epic action heroes so I make my own. I take existing characters from other franchises, awesome ones, and write AUs where they’re trans.

Why? Because it makes me happy. I’ll take Spiderman or Ironman and write them as trans guys because at least for a little while I can pretend that people like me can be the hero. That we’re not just props on dumb crime shows, only there to get murdered when the criminal of the week finds out that “Oh no! The totally hot hooker chick he was about to sleep with has a penis!” 

I grew up not knowing what trans people are. No one ever talked to me about it and I never saw trans characters in any of the shows or books I read. I grew up so confused, not knowing there were other people like me who also didn’t know why they didn’t really fit in with the other kids. And I know there are still trans boys, girls and nonbinary kids who know they’re different but can’t quite figure out why. And when they do finally figure out why…well, speaking from my own experiences, they’ll probably wind up thinking they’re freaks no one wants to be around because in popular media we so rarely are ever around.

I’m learning how to write and draw properly, and using fanfiction and fanart to do it, so that one day I can make original content featuring trans people. I want characters you are really trans, not ones who are only trans in an AU I made up for a fandom so few people are even in.

It took me years to realise that I CAN be the hero. That I’m not just here to get murdered or mocked. Call me a SJW or whatever. I don’t care. Representation matters.  

[TRANS] Mania No.1 - EXO’s ‘Coffee Mania’ Xiumin meets partner Luhan

“You have to pour the kettle from the center towards the outside, like this~” (Xiumin)

“Oh~ That’s interesting..” (Luhan)

“You can’t stop pouring and disconnect the water.” (Xiumin)

“Oh~ Oh~” (Luhan)

EXO’s Xiumin (25) easily demonstrates hand-dripping coffee, to which member Luhan’s (25) eyes widen. But while holding the kettle, Xiumin laughed awkwardly and said, “Something doesn’t feel quite right.”

The team’s oldest members Xiumin and Luhan have often shown a particular affection for coffee and are known as ‘coffee manias’ among fans. After meals is a must, but they also look for coffee at the start and end of work, as well and before and after they’re onstage. They say it feels as if there are thorns in their mouths if they don’t drink coffee for even a day.

What about coffee could Xiumin and Luhan have fallen for? Following the special album ‘Miracles in December’, in the midst of their busy daily lives, we decided to meet up with these two at a Korean barista academy at Seoul Hannamdong.

Upon opening the door and entering, we could smell the alluring scent of coffee. Laid on the table, which Xiumin has actually had barista lessons on, were a variety of beans, coffee extracting appliances, and an espresso machine among other things.

Before the interview we asked, “Show us your skills,” and Xiumin swiftly extracted espresso by filling finely ground coffee beans over a filter. Luhan was a bit of a mess at first because it was his first time making coffee, but he soon caught up and followed well. Afterwards, using milk foam and espresso, they carefully succeeded latte art and the pair’s began to shine.

When we asked how they felt about their attempt at making coffee, Xiumin answered, “Each time I visit every few months, it’s always the same. I know how to do it, but my body won’t follow my knowledge. I want to properly learn one day,” and laughed brightly. Luhan also said, “It’s difficult, but fun.”

Xiumin and Luhan enjoy drinking coffee. The moment they open their eyes in the morning, they think of having a fragrant cup of coffee and have always found time to look for coffee even after debuting. As if sharing a secret, the pair alone spends time together in quiet areas.

“I wondered why you would want to drink something so bitter when I first drank coffee. But I ended up repeatedly searching for it. You could say it’s bitter, but clean.” (Luhan)

“Rich coffee with sweet cake and cookies is the perfect combination. I think bread too..” (Xiumin)

“My face is swollen in the morning. But when I drink cool iced coffee, it feels like the swollenness starts to fade. Bitter coffee fits my taste.” (Luhan)

To these hallyu stars, coffee is like a friend that can’t be taken away from them no matter what. In accommodation to their packed schedules, they have to work with less sleep and in times like these, coffee brings back their energy. When they’re physically exhausted, they renew energy and vigilance with coffee in order to perform ‘Growl’ onstage to the fullest.

Xiumin said, “Drinking coffee when I’m tired is as strengthening as ginseng extract” and “I feel very alert.”

Xiumin and Luhan usually like bitter coffee. They said espresso is bitter, but has an addictive factor that causes them to crave it. It’s been a while since they put in syrup. They shared their thoughts of how they live with bitter coffee stuck to their mouths, and therefore have reached the age at which they taste life’s bitterness.

Xiumin explained, “My coffee preference changes according to the state of my mind and mood.” When it rains or snows he has a smooth cappuccino, and when he’s exhausted or weary and sensitive he drinks a cup of rich espresso.

“When I see snow, I imagine the white foam on top of a cappuccino. I feel very energized when I’m tired and drink a shot of espresso, as if I consumed ginseng.” (Xiumin)

Luhan said, “I like drinking coffee because it make me feel relaxed.” He said the coffee he manages to drink in between busy schedules feels more important. Whenever Luhan has no schedules, he finds a nearby cafe with his ‘coffee friend’ Xiumin.

Like any other average 20-year-old males, they order two cups of coffee in a place with good music and talk about cars, soccer, games, as well events from their daily lives to renew their strength.

Because Xiumin likes coffee and wanted to experience being a barista, he visited a Korean barista academy last year. Every little chance he got in between preparing for their comeback, he’d go and learn how to make coffee. Xiumin’s passion led to his professional barista mentor gifting him a hand drip machine and three different coffee beans before he finished his lessons.

Xiumin particularly liked the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe out of the three bean packages. He said, “The differing start and finish tastes are enticing.”

Xiumin has fallen in love with the taste of coffee, while Luhan is attracted to coffee in the general and the mood felt in coffee shops. Occasionally they’d go into a cafe and drink coffee amidst the surrounding attention they receive. They explained, “We ask our manager when we really lack opportunities to roam freely, but it’s better if we drink coffee directly in a cafe.”

“There’s a certain atmosphere only felt in coffee shops according to interior design or the music that is played. Occasionally I’d relax inside a cafe and feel very good when I drink coffee.” (Luhan)

Coffee is still something these two are very curious about.

Xiumin said he wants to collect various coffee beans from different countries and properly learn how to be a barista. When he has the chance, he even wants to establish his own coffee shop. Upon being asked, “When do you think that will happen,” he replied, “I want to try it for sure, but it’s still talk of the future.”

Towards the end of the interview, we grew curious of Xiumin’s future business plans, but decided to push it to another time. For now, he’s a star with an image to maintain. Later, when we can openly talk, hopefully we can taste coffee that Xiumin personally makes for us. Of course even then he’ll probably be with his ‘coffee partner’ Luhan.

anonymous asked:

hey do you mind helping me get ideas for my art project? i have to make an artwork about identity and I'm short on ideas thank you

identity as defined by time. who you were, who you are, who you will be. are you the same as you had been, or did you grow differently than what you initially expected? are you still the person you were a year ago? yesterday? an hour ago? a second ago?

see also: “no one steps on the same river twice”

identity as defined by rebellion. you know you’re not what you’re trying to be, but regardless you want to be, desperately. who are you really, then? the former, or the latter? is who you are dictated by what you know to be you or what you strive to be you?

see also: “do we make destiny or does destiny make us?”

identity as defined by the clash of words and actions. you never were able to hold your tongue when you’re on the edge. you never did learn how to apologize properly. are you a bad person for saying the things you mean deep down? are you a good person for recognizing how fucked up that is?

see also: “lucifer was once an angel, too”