i also learned how to do my make up properly

watermelonandmachievelli  asked:

Hey I saw you said you do freelance writing for tv and movie reviews(unless I misunderstood you), I was just wondering how you got into doing that and who pays you. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Also I'm living for your iasip posts👍

well i’ve been freelancing for a few years but i’ve only recently learned how to do it properly and effectively and without giving my work away - like when i was in university i would write for sites like xojane and huffpo that pay very little or ask you to write “for exposure” and i was doing a fuck ton of work and making almost no money so i kind of gave it up for a while, but then right after i graduated i started working on a proposal for the 33 1/3 series open call and i ended up getting shortlisted, and throughout that whole process i would reach out to editors and writers i admired to see if they would mind looking over my work and like, everyone said yes, and i learned a lot and made a lot of really great connections. and so then when a friend of mine sent me a tweet from an editor who wanted pitches from non-cis male writers, i had enough of a knowledge base and enough clippings that i could cold pitch her a few articles, and that’s turned into a regular paying freelance gig.

so honestly what i’d suggest you do is look up editors for your favourite sites, follow them on twitter, interact with them a little, ask some questions, and then start pitching articles based on the sorts of things they’re interested in. people will be more receptive than you might think! pitchbitch has a ton of great resources and advice, but it hasn’t been updated in a while.

parting words: never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever work for free. know your worth.