i also just like bed sharing a lot

some scorbus

scorbus headcanons bc why the hell not i’m already in that hell. um part 1?? cause this could go on forever. plus on my mobile so i’ll add in formatting when i’m on my laptop

- so albus and scorpius are both in slytherin (fight me) and because of that, they share a dorm
- also with my precious ocs julian dolohov, willem carrow and colby nott but that’s not extremely important i just love them a lot
- anyway so imagine a freshly sorted scorpius and albus in their dorms
- it’s late when scorpius wakes up in the middle of the night, and all the other boys are asleep, but he can see a light glowing from albus’s bed
- so scorpius gets up and goes towards him and he’s just like “what in merlin’s name are you doing potter ?” lol
- and albus just looks up so miserably and he goes “trying to tell my dad i got in slytherin” listen i think albus potter will fucking love slytherin and so do i but just give the poor kid a day to get used to it
- and scorpius is like “you don’t have to console him! just tell him you’re in slytherin like everyone else does”
- at first albus is like “but it’s not like everyone else…” but then he realises like “shit it kinda is! im just a normal kid who got sorted into slytherin”
- and he takes a deep breath and scribbles the rest of the letter without overthinking it
- he looks up to thank scorpius but scorpius has already disappeared back into his bed
- in second year, albus and scorpius are decently close, but not like best friends or anything
- but come third year, they take all the same classes right, or like the electives anyway
- so albus sometimes struggles with ancient runes but scorpius is a boss at it so they spend hours going over ancient languages and laughing at obscure translations
- and sometimes scorpius needs help with arithmancy so albus will attempt to explain the algorithms to scorpius but he will massively fail
- so he’ll just do half the work for him
- but scorpius hates that
- “i need to learn!!”
- so albus will stay up till 2am trying to figure out how to help scorpius
- but that lil nerd has been studying al’s work and figures it out from that
- so that’s the year they become super close, like total best friends
- albus starts getting panic attacks in fourth year
- he tries to cast Silencing Charms to not disturb anyone
- but one night he slips up and forgets
- scorpius wakes up that night and hears albus
- and god his heart breaks
- so he crawls out of bed and into albus’ and tries to whisper to soothe
- “it’s okay albus i’m here it’s okay”
- but albus doesn’t responded he keeps breathing really shallow and frantic
- so scorpius pulls their heads together so they’re hardly a breath apart
- and slowly slowly slowly albus calms down
- scorpius is like “thank merlin”
- and he moves to get up
- but albus stops him
- really softly, really hoarsely, he whispers, “can you stay?”
- and scorpius’s heart breaks all over again
- he nods, climbs back in with albus, and stays awake until the sound of albus’s steadying breath lulls him to sleep
- yikes

Headcanon: When Soul’s all nice and warm in bed and about to go to sleep, Maka likes to come in and snuggle up to him. The catch is that she also likes to press her cold hands and feet to him because he’s nice and warm. Soul yelps and curses at her and tries to push her off, but she just holds on tighter. He eventually succumbs to it with some more grumbling, but he also loves it because he’s close to his love

Something Kind of Cool Happened

Tomorrow, (technically today by the time I post this), I will be starting the first week of work-shopping for a short play I wrote that will have a staged reading at FAU Theatre Lab’s New Play Festival on May 10th. I know I should be in bed but I’ve got a lot of energy and a racing mind so I thought it might be cool to kick off a series of new entries for this site. I’m still doing poetry so no worries; I just also want to share the process and what it’s like. It pushes me as a writer to keep my written forms fresh so writing these recaps should be a nice challenge but there’s also more to it. 

When I first told my mom and her friend that my play was accepted, she was thrilled. It was one of the greatest experiences of recent memory to see her pride in this accomplishment. Her friend on the other hand seemed less impressed. He thought it was cool but followed with “what happens next?”

“What happens next?” is a line that seems to send most of us into a state of panic. It isn’t often that I get to just be in a moment. The simple act of him asking this question threatened my peace of mind, ready to send me spiraling into doubt about what this would lead to. Was this a great stepping stone or just a waste of time?

Before I could be swarmed by those questions, I had to stop myself. I’m still fighting them off honestly. I don’t want this to turn into a waiting game. Something I have worked for since graduating college in May of 2014 is happening now.

I can’t be bothered by what comes next. It doesn’t matter. Not yet. I am going to go in tomorrow and have my play read by people that want to share it with an audience. I’m not going as Alex the book store clerk, the guy on flight crew, the house manager, or the nice boy in the box office. I’m going as Alex the writer. I know this is who I really am and for once I get to sit in a room with other creators that extend me the courtesy of acknowledging this.

Whatever this journey may be, I am ready to enjoy it. I hope you can enjoy it with me and that maybe it helps you to keep going. At the very least, I hope you find it’s worth a read.

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Do babies co sleep in between their parents? I'm not sure what exactly it means ha ha! Is there a danger of someone rolling over onto the baby if they're in a very deep sleep? Also, how do you co sleep with twins? Thanks Gee!

Typically its safer if the baby is against a parent’s side. But it’s really about what works for you. Co-sleeping is basically just having your baby in bed with you. You can either bed share, or a lot of the time people use co-sleepers which are kind of like cradles with an open side that go right up to the edge of the bed.

That is always a possibility, but it’s very unlikely. Under normal circumstances your body will be able to sense the baby and its movements. There’s evidence to suggest that mothers and babies especially are instinctually able to be safely close while they sleep. However, it’s no recommended that you co sleep if you take certain medications, smoke, or have been drinking heavily, as these alter your perception and make you more drowsy/sleep deeper. With the twins, I always they slept tucked up against the missus and beside each other or one baby was against the missus, one was against Harry. They also had a co sleeper too! xx.

Random Zombies, Run! headcanon: in Abel, hair elastics are more valuable than cigarettes. Most people managed to quit smoking given the peril of getting cigarettes. Hair clippers are highly prized too, but long hair isn’t much harder to maintain tbh, and it’s not hugely risky if you put it up while avoiding zombies.

Also, shit gets cold at night. I buzzed my hair once and I was SO cold. The buildings erected mid-apocalypse focused on insulation, since cheap heat wasn’t likely to be a thing for a while. People got sensible about platonic sharing of beds pretty quickly that first winter: nobody was getting enough food to waste calories fending off cold. You also get a lot of benefit just sharing your sleeping space even if not sharing the same bed. By mid season two Abel was mostly food secure, but the habit stuck for a lot of people.

(At some point, somebody decided that it would be worth the expended gas to find some actual damn mattresses. Janine has her big four-poster bed, but the rest of us aren’t so lucky. The mission requires a pickup truck, a squad of runners, some strong types who rarely leave Abel to do the lifting while the runners run, and an overnight stop when shit goes to hell. But a decent mattress does a lot for insulation, and for bad backs.)

I have a lot of hair feelings? Ask me about my hair headcanons.

Halloween Party

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Words: 1950

Warnings: Swearing, name-calling and some slight sexual things (Probably an overkill, but don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable)

A/N: So school has started for most of us (I think) and that means that Halloween is just around the corner! And this is also my first imagine I post on here, so please take it easy on me. I would love some feedback on my writing and maybe if someone wants to volonteer as a beta I would very much appreciate it!

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(Imagine under cut)

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Imagine: Stiles has a nightmare and you comfort him

Requested by: faded-beginnings

I didn’t have anywhere to got that night. I didn’t feel safe in beacon hills especially since my parents were gone on a trip.

So here I am.

On Stiles’s couch. He offered his bed, even said we could share with that cheeky smile of his but I refused.

I felt safer in his house. My house is old and creaks a lot. Also considering all the things going on in beacon hills, I just really don’t feel comfortable or at all safe alone at home.

I feel my eyes finally relaxing when a piercing scream strikes the air.

I jump up hearing Stiles screaming like a Banshee from his room.

I run to him faster than I thought possible. I see him holding his head and flailing about on his bed.

I jump on the bed and hug him around the stomach.

“Stiles! Stiles! Calm down!” I repeat over and over until his spasms start fading and he’s just left panting and weeping ever so slightly.

“Are you okay, Stiles?” I ask him, softly.

He is now laying curled up with his head in my lap. He nods and I start petting his hair.

He’s shaking really hard.

“Stiles, it’s okay. Whatever it was it’s gone now”

He takes hold of my other hand and squeezes, then rubbing my knuckles with his thumbs.

I lean down and kiss his head, but not just once. I leave a trail and soft kisses anywhere I can reach.

“You’re gonna be okay Stiles. Please stop shaking. It’s okay it’s gone now”

“Okay but….Please stay here with me”

“Ok I can do that” I tell him and we both lay down.

He turns his back to me and I wrap my arms around his middle, spooning him.

I kiss the back of his neck again and whisper reassuring things to him.

“Thank you Y/N”