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Uhh i hope its not too late to post this, i made this for Halloween last year and put it on my deviantart and i wanted to put it here too because it TOOK ME A WEEK TO MAKE and also i think its rly good?? So ya a crossover with Pokémon and Mystery Skulls Ghost.

happy birthday to the lovely @lmree  ♡ ♡ ♡ !!!  im sorry i can only do a veery simple edit OTL but i hope wiggly jongup makes you crack a smile lol anywaaay thanks for being my good friend and always being willing to deal with my ranting and nonsense LOL i hope you have a fantabulous day and eat lots of yummy food!! ♡  


nerds!!! nerds, all of you!!

How Astro would ask you out~

Thank you for the request! If anybody else has a request feel free to send it my way ^_^

A/N- I kind of grouped “asking out/confessing” together~ I hope that’s alright <3

Also I made a masterlist (list) for all the scenarios I have made! Check it out here x


You two walked home together each day from school and Jinwoo had developed feelings for you months ago.

“Hey..” He said causing you to turn back around. “Let’s sit for a minute.”
You cocked your head but decided to take a seat down next to him anyway.

“What’s up?” You asked sliding closer to him making him clearly uneasy.

“There’s been something that’s been in the back of my mind for awhile..” He said looking from the ground up into your eyes.

“Oh?” You said clearly intrigued.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me? I’ve liked you for sometime now… But if you don’t you can reject me! Just do it nicely..” He confessed as his face turned flush.

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throne of glass modern au aesthetics: chaol westfall

It’s almost four am and I’m really tired but I just wanted to doodle @tamashiihiroka because I really like her content


so I recently hit a personal goal and because its christmas I wanted to celebrate by having my first ever follow forever! I also wanted to thank all the amazing people that do follow me, especially the ones who have followed me for a long time (when I started this blog I was only into like 2 bands and now I feel like im joining new fandoms every week oops) I’ve been on the tumblr dot com for about 4 years now with different blogs but with this blog its the first time ive had so many followers and also the first time people have actually spoken to me on this website lol. I’m seriously so grateful to everyone - thank you again and I love you

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