i also have something sketched for him

Emergency commissions!

I’ll explain it quickly, yesterday my mom went to walk with my dog in the garden of our apartment while I was away, and at night my dog began to choke and vomit, so we took him to the vet and the doctor said that it ate something intoxicated, then I discovered that my “lovable” condominium manager put pesticide on the plants without telling anyone about this. My dog will be fine, but will have to spend a few days at the vet, start a new diet, not to mention the medicines, so I urgently need money to pay for everything.

I’m willing to take commissions (only sketchs) for a lower price than normal. You can contact me via tumblr / messages.

Also, i’ve uptaded my redbubble. [ HERE ]

If you can’t pay for a comission, i would be extremely grateful if you could help me spreading the word.


Sketch Dump Time ♥

  1. In which Keith loves his gloves and forgets to take them off. This was inspired by something I did last week xD… I went and took a shower with my glasses on. Yay! Also: I headcanon that Keith and Pidge have a very strong bond and despite her teasing him about being all emo and too serious to be real they have laughing fits on a daily basis.
  2. Just. Kuro. Things…. Let’s say he sucks at writing love letters or anything remotely romantic. But he’s trying! And Lance appreciates it, because he knows how bad Kuro is with these kind of things, eventhough he doesn’t believe this to be more than just Kuro’s way of cheering his bro up. So they both kinda pine for eachother.
  3. Continuation of the superheroAU :3 These were some sketches I made during classes. So…yeah. This is Keith’s superpower. He turns all purple and furry and is now 50% claws and 50% fury. Yay! Lance gave him the nickname “Beasty Boy”… and it kinda stuck.

a scribble since i bought clip a few days ago and i’m messing around with using tones and also sucking at it

these are separate unrelated sketches but it almost looks like i did a bodyswap or something… i wanted to draw what i consider uncommon expressions for both of them. i realized i draw england smirking or etc a lot in my pics but i also think that for him to have a genuine, wholly unburdened smile is actually pretty rare and it’s only really seen in special situations. england’s real smile is like the shiny pkmn of hetalia i guess lmfao

I Don’t Dance - Jughead x Reader

A/N — This isn’t a request, but I’ve been having some inspiration lately to write this little Jughead x Reader for a while now. So I hope you enjoy this because it’s going to be some cute fluffy, flustered Jug!

Words: 1120

Warnings: None

(Y/N) , (H/C) , (E/C) , (F/C) — Your name, hair colour, eye colour, your favourite colour.

English. Wasn’t your favourite school subject, but it got you through the semester. The only reason you get by in this class is your crush, Jughead Jones.  So familiar with his black hair tucked under his signature crown shaped beanie also makes you smile whenever you see him. Okay, the only downside of your friendship is that you think that’s all you’re ever going to be.

Friends. Or so I thought.

You see, you and Jughead have always had this thing. Since you met in middle school, you’ve had a thing with passing notes through class to each other. Sure, it was pretty childish, but since you two both are it makes their day somehow.

She sat there quietly in her seat. The teacher’s words slowly fading into the back of her mind as she focuses on her sketches in her English book. Something snapped (Y/N) suddenly out of daze. She looked up from her desk to find a smirking Jughead looking at her from the seat in front.

Of course, it was another one one of his notes.

(Y/N)  smirked back and fidgeted her fingers around the small piece of paper opening it carefully.

Hey there, Juliet. Daydreaming again?’

She looked up from the note, a scoff escaping her lips as Jughead bit his. She pulled out her own pen, flipping the note over and replying back to him.

‘Pfft, what? Never.’

(Y/N) folded back up the note, throwing it at the back of his head, a chuckle escaping his mouth which broke the silence in the room. A small giggle escaped hers too, but they both quickly shut up as the teacher gave them a steady glare. They quickly went back to their work, until about two minutes later another slip of paper landed on her book. She slowly once again opened it and read it carefully, a blush rising on (Y/N)’s soft cheeks.

‘Stay back behind class. I gotta talk to you.’

Jughead wrote, adding a smiley face to the back of the note. A smile crept onto her face. (Y/N) pushed her (H/C) hair back and wrote back straight away.

‘Is this an invitation or a demand, Mr Jones?’

She quickly slipped it into his hand, just as the bell for the period to end rang. The class quickly stood up from their seats, eager to head off to go home from a long stressful Monday of school. A couple minutes later, the rest of the students including the teacher left the room leaving Jughead and (Y/N) alone. He adjusted the satchel that slung over his skinny shoulder, leaning against his desk as he watched her close her bag and throw it over her shoulder.

“Hey stranger. I can see you didn’t focus in class very much.” Jughead chuckled to himself earning a glare from (Y/N).

“Hey, if it wasn’t for you passing your notes to me every five seconds I wouldn’t have gotten one of Mrs Stone’s dirty glares.” You pouted at him, standing up from your seat and walking to him.  “But seriously, it’s a Monday and I should be heading home but with your persuasion of you wanting me to stay, I’m eager for what you are going to say, Mr Jones.” You smirked at him.

“Well, I know you might have plans tonight, OR you might be going, I don’t really keep track on school events much since..y’know.” Jughead paused.

Jason.” You finished his sentence, knowing exactly what he meant.

Yeah. Anyway, if you didn’t have anyone taking you already… um, I was hoping you could go to the dance with me tonight, (Y/N)?” He looked up from the ground and gazed straight into your (E/C) eyes. It felt so strange hearing these words come out of Jug’s mouth. He never seemed like the type to go to a school dance, until now, you wondered.

The school dance was every girl’s desire at Riverdale High. Proposals in the most outrageous ways were done all around, little things from spelling it out in cupcakes to full out marching bands with the guy singing to their heart’s desire. But the way he asked her, it was simple, it was casual, it was perfect.

Wow, Juggie. I didn’t think you were a dancing kind of guy.” You nudged him playfully.

“Well, I’m not. I-I don’t dance… ever.” Jughead blushed to himself.

“Oh come on, I doubt you’ll be that bad!”  She reassured him. He just shrugged, a blush crawling onto his cheeks once again with a small smile, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his black jacket.

“Okay, well, if you accept I’ll try and give it a shot, just for you. Please?”  His green eyes stared into yours, making it your turn to now blush.

“Fine, okay, yes. Of course I’ll go with you, dork.”

In a million years, she never imagined that her crush, Jughead Jones, a dancing type, yet again a type to ask another person to a dancing event. Everyone always thought Jughead was asexual, so did you, although you kept crushing on him. Jughead smiled to himself, spinning around on his heels and walking out the door. You bit your lip closing your eyes, adjusting the strap on your bag once again and followed him out the door.

The dance was starting in about an hour. You were sitting at home finishing the final touches of your makeup and hair for the dance. It wasn’t too crazy, just simple, that’s how you enjoyed it. (Y/N) pulled into place her (F/C) dress to make herself comfortable, before looking in the mirror at herself one last time before heading downstairs. She took a deep breathe out, grabbing her clutch bag and heading out the door. As soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs, she received a message as her phone vibrated in her hand. Her eyes scanned over the message, making (Y/N) smile as she walked towards the front door and opened it, finding a smiling Jughead in a black suit standing there with of course, his famous crown shaped beanie.

“You ready to see the rest of the school grinding up against each other?” Jughead asked sarcastically, making a snort escape your mouth, soon later making him laugh too.

“Let’s do this,”  You smiled, closing the door behind you. Jughead held out a hand as an invitation or you to take. “Is this an invitation or a demand, Mr Jones?”  You smirked at him, stating a quote from earlier that day, making him smirk too. You placed your hand in his and walked to his dad’s truck parked right outside your house.

A/N — I hope you enjoyed my first imagine, I’d love to write a part 2 to this imagine as I found it so cute, so if you’re up for it please send me an ask or message! Thanks for reading!


yeahhh. I was gonna have him wear some floral print, because you know, spring (and also because i did a sketch of him a while ago i liked). But as i was drawing the silhouette it got boxy and then it looked like he was wearing an oversized shirt and it popped into my head that it should be Edward’s shirt.

Also, i tried painting grayscale because it’s something i should learn to do, but there are so many ways to go about coloring it afterwards and i was messing with all of them and it got out of hand so i’ll have to retry that, but here, have some muddy colors.

  Besides all that, Jon looks like a shy schoolgirl about to take his clothes off in front of his partner for the first time, hahaha.

Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really

Sketches and Poems || Jughead Jones

Originally posted by conchord

Request from anon: Same male reader anon from earlier! (This is a bit self indulgent woops) Can I get a Male reader x Jughead where the reader is Artie’s brother who’s on the football team too but is also an he’s also an artist? And he finds Jughead absolutely beautiful so he secretly draws him but one day Jughead finds his sketchbook or something?


Your eyebrows furrowed together as you attempted to sketch the upwards curve of Jughead’s black hair just right. It was a sketch you had been working on for hours and it had to be perfect.

You sighed and sat back, looking at your artwork.

Why was Jughead so perfect? Why did you have to fall in love with a boy who was utterly—

“Does Juggie know about those sketches, Y/N?” Archie said from behind you, making you jump.

You quickly closed your sketchbook, your cheeks turning bright red.

“No.” you mumbled as you looked down, missing your brother’s smug smile.

“Are you ever going to tell him about them? Or even that you love him?” the ginger asked.

Your head snapped up, your eyes wide. You shook your head.

“No. Absolutely not.” you said.

Archie sighed.


“No, Archie!” you exclaimed, standing up. “He’s your best friend. He’s my best friend! I don’t want to ruin that.”

“You’ll never know unless you try.” Archie said.

You shook your head again.

“Guess I won’t know then.” you mumbled as you got up, making your way to the stairs.

“Y/N, come on!” your brother called.

You ignored him as you walked up the stairs.

“But Jughead’s coming over in fifteen minutes!” Archie called again.

“Tell him I’m not feeling well!” you called back as you entered your room, closing the door behind you.

You flopped onto your bed, groaning into your pillow.

This crush you had on Jughead had been around for over a year now. Archie, your fraternal twin, had found out about it, and had also found out you were gay, almost immediately after seeing some of your sketches of the beanie-clad teen. You couldn’t help it. You loved to draw him. You loved him. Archie had pulled you into a tight hug, saying that he loved you no matter what and that you would always be his brother.

Archie had always encouraged you to tell Jughead your true feelings, insisting you would feel a lot better afterwards no matter what Jughead’s reaction would be. But you felt that you could never tell him. Aside from being an artist, you were also a football player. A jock. Jughead didn’t like jocks. Sure, he liked you and Archie, but you doubted that he could ever love either one of you. You weren’t even sure if he liked guys!

You heard the front door open downstairs and Jughead’s voice as he greeted Archie. You sighed, burrowing your head in your pillow again.

What was the point? It wasn’t like Jughead was ever going to find out—

You froze.

Your sketchbook. You had left it downstairs.

You scrambled out of your bed and swung open your bedroom door, racing downstairs as fast as you could. When you got to the living room, you froze again. Jughead was sitting in the chair you had been sitting in earlier with your sketchbook in his hands, flipping through the pages. Archie was standing across the room looking at you with an apologetic expression that showed he had no intention of showing Jughead your sketches. That it had just happened.

You looked towards Jughead again and you didn’t dare breathe.

“I thought you were sick.” Jughead said, not looking up from your sketches.

“I-I was. I-I am.” you corrected nervously.

Jughead nodded absentmindedly as he continued to flip through the pages.

“I’m gonna go get us some snacks. I, uh, I’ll be back in a minute.” Archie said as he gave you an encouraging smile before he left the room leaving just you and Jughead.

It was silent again before Jughead spoke again.

“These are all of me.” Jughead stated.

You nodded as you wiped your sweaty palms on your jeans.

“Yeah.” you confirmed.

The raven-haired teen looked up at you with an expression that you couldn’t quite figure out.

“Do you like me?” he asked.

You nodded again, looking down.

“Yeah,” you said quietly. “I have for a while now.”

Jughead let out a breathy laugh which made you look up at him. He had a certain twinkle in his eyes that you hadn’t noticed before.

“Well, that’s a relief,” he said as he opened his book bag which was leaning against the chair, pulling out his laptop.

You looked at him bewildered.

“Because I’ve been writing a ton of poems about how much I like you for the past year or so.” he said, a grin on his face.

You began to smile.

“W-What? Really?” you asked hopefully.

Jughead nodded.

“Yeah. Really,” he confirmed as he opened his laptop up. “You want to read them? It’s only fair. I did look at your sketches. Then maybe we could get a milkshake?”

You beamed.

“That sounds like a great idea.”



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owlsshadows  asked:

DVD commentary on Gargoyle Mob? (throwback to the pre-fishmob era...)

(wow thats how my life is divided now huh fishmob truly is powerful)

under the cut for a transcription of the rambling that goes on constantly in my head

Keep reading

ace-the-king-of-pants  asked:

Have you drawn Psychokinetic Morty? Also, what do you think his Personality would be like?

Yes I have~! I drew every Morty up to Black Hole Morty for a T-shirt design. Hmm… I think he’d have double personalities. Both of them fighting over the body. I’d say the Psychokinetic side would be in control more though lol.

I drew some sketches but I will not draw a story for him I sweaR. This is just something I thought of real quick.

Post Pocket Mortys Series: Psychokinetic Morty 


I… may have gone a little crazy with the sun spots… but… he IS the sun god… so I’m not going to apologize….

The first picture is, well, obviously when he was greeted by the welcome-to-humanity party. So he’s a bit scrawny and kind pale. The second is after awhile being on earth, and spending some time at our favorite demi-god camp. I imagine him somehow trying to convince Meg to trust him… and with those bright blue eyes, well, how can she not? Of course, he must have done something to lose her trust in the first place but that’s for another day. 

I also just want to see the sun god in a CHB shirt. *fans self* Damn.


honestly i’m gonna cry for missing so much of @inukag-week but atleast i have something for day 5!! not really sure if you’d really call it an au, i’m just redesigning the characters for fun~


Fantasy!AU junk with more Nekoma. Just some sketches I saved up! I have more but they need to be worked on a bit.

So like… Kuroo has this cool cat eye thing that was given to him by a….a cat deity or something idk he just gets that eye an it gives him eight extra “lives”  and allows him to see different magical, supernatural things a regular human can’t.

I like to think thats also how Kenma got his psychic/cat clairvoyance thing. Maybe this cat guardian just granted the entire Nekoma clan cool cat powers. (cept Lev cause he’s new) But at the same time gives them a kind of unlucky-luckiness. For example there may be a lot of clumsy mistakes and “whoopsie daisies” that ended up happening on all of their heists, but they always manage to make it out on two feet. (someone’s hair get’s singed a bit or a tail may get stepped on but it’s all good.)

tahciram  asked:

GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR ART BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME! if you are still taking requests what about..... ML best friend swap? it's part of my "inverse AU" and I want to see what your thoughts about Mari-Nino Alya-Adrien interactions would be :D

THIS AU IS SUPER COOL and i have a few thoughts on it, if you don’t mind me sharing! (also sorry about it being just sketches, i’ll be back in school soon and i really wanted to at least do something with this before i go back ;u;;)

I think nino and mari would be inseparable buds tbh, the kind that (tries) to study together and end up talking about random things. Like they have been friends since they were really young so they know everything about eachother and Mari tries to hide being lb from him but he knows when she’s lying so he finds out her secret pretty fast.

And Alya and Adrien would bond mostly about how cool ladybug is at fist (because lbr, even if he had a crush on mari, he would still admire ladybug a lot) and Alya tries to be a wingwoman and get mari to go out with adrien. I think she would be the Mom Friend and like, protective of adrien when she finds out abt his mom and how his dad treats him

ALSO THANK YOU, you two are too kind!!

because the ladies need captain time too

not shown: usopp making better formulas for nail polish so they don’t chip during battle

sanji making snacks that won’t mess up their drying polish

and zoro who is sleeping yet also expecting luffy to jump on him and show off his nails


Decided to finally use these gray scale markers I had for a while. I also wanted to work on different styles again so these were the results. Erin doesn’t have much of a change from a similar styleI’ve done before and I’d rather just still refer as “chibi.” Though it seems Bendy is a different story if you’ve seen previous artwork/sketches I’ve done of him. In all honesty, I’m just trying things out here.

Tools Used:
-Regular lead pencil
-Faber Castell 1,5 pen
-Faber Castell Shades of Grey
-Micron Multiners 1.0, 3.0

So I was doing something last night and then I had this idea of “oooooh what if the Wraith had skins that went with the seasons” bc I also have heard that killers need more skins, so I spent the remainder of my night sketching out skins for him. They’re not the best, I forgot to color in his eyes, but I like the thought of Wraith with baby flowers popping out of his head ^-^

Some sketches I did while waiting on trainstations or what ever. I realized, that when I’m in ‘automatic drawing mode’ everything kinda looks like Thranduil. haha. I have a lot of nsfw sketches of him doing naughty things in case you are interested in seeing these? ; D

I’m also thinking of making an art give-away when I’m hitting 1000 followers on this blog soon. :) Like the 1000th subscriber gets a little free commission or something like that.

sirjoey-23  asked:


Hallber is the oldest character I have ever created! I made him when I was 8 years old back in around 2003-2004. His original name was Spot, but then I decided to SOMEWHAT name him after my now deceased pet dog Holly, but changing it to something else. Hence his name Hallber. There were these old comics I used to make with this early incarnation of the character, but they were all just knock offs of Garfield. I unfortunately no longer have those comics, but here’s a recent sketch of this version of the character purely based on memory.

I also had an experimental phase with this character around 2012-2013 where I tried to put him in a story adaptation, but then I decided to make him a conservative worrywart to contrast with Helen who is more fearless and crazy. I’m really happy with the direction Hallber is taking now. :)

sandstone drake character sketch? aevion. has a black dragon suffix due to being an experiment by them during cataclysm (possibly a mix of stone dragon/bronze dragon?) or. something (thanks fatwhelp) i imagine their humanoid forms to be kind of rocky probably, so thats why he attempts to hide most of it (excessive bandaging) .i dont even have the mount yet (and probably wont for a while bcs the ah prices are way overpriced on my server atm)