i also have it in color just sayin

I say, 1, 2, play me do
Let me sound as sweet as you
Play me wide
Play me long
Let me be your song…

I wanna like color this and stuff but I’m just so bad at coloring tired and I have work tomorrow so I’m just gonna post it now. Listening to the Fraggle Rock soundtrack gives me some very real Trolls feels, just sayin’. (Also like I need an excuse to draw these two in cute outfits please.)


a new rlly messy WIP animation for the resurrection canon! which i finally started reading and immediately decided i needed to animate something for. i’ve only read part 1 so far so that’s all that this animation is based off of, but im hoping to read part 2 and animate something for that as well once im finished working on this! if i don’t have carpal tunnel by the time this is done that is,

but yea! im mainly posting the wip of this because im actually hoping to color this thing! but thats probably going to take me a million years so i just wanted ya’ll to know i was working on this beforehand. that way i don’t give up halfway through or somethin

ok i know it’s up in the air whether uta actually tattooed his eyes 

but for those who don’t know, eyeball tattoos do exist and have been done for a few years (i saw a natgeo documentary that went over it long time ago and it was pretty interesting tbh)

(half ghoul!!!)

they’re apparently not painful since it’s a syringe into the tip top surface of the sclera which doesn’t really have pain receptors – it’s just uncomfortable. they also come in different colors since it’s ink. you can watch it being done here

anonymous asked:

Did Mark dye his hair brown? Or did he remove the dye completely and was already sorta brown to begin with? I wasn't around this community until he had pink hair. I have mixed feelings senpoi ahhh 8A8

(・´з`・)ゞ hmmm i duunno how it woooorks. 

He had dark/black hair before pink. But i remember he had to become blond before actually dying it in pink. 

Howeveh, (σ・з・)σ i thiiiink for this time, he didn’t have to remove it since it needed to be darker. And that’s why it’s kinda brown. maybe because it’s some red color reflections?!? i dont even kno’ waht i’m talkin’ about haha but i hope that was helpful???!/roll rol//

Also, waht i can say is that mark with dark hair remind meh googleplier. just sayin’.