i also have an other version with different colors


Hi Everyone!

Here is a smaller project I just finished; I loved the toilet and fireplace that came with the Vampires GP but… it wasn’t very useable in any other environments then Forgotten Hollow due to the versailles-look decorations it had.

I wanted to use the toilet more in starter houses but bc it had also a french ornament on it, it look wayyy to chic! The toilet has 1 bonus swatch which is a plain white and silver pipes version. 

They’re both stripped from their decor and very plain. This makes them more versatile in other worlds. They both have the same colors as the original object, I had to eyeball it for the most part so in some swatches very very slight color difference.  

In my recolor of the fireplace the saturation is toned wayyy down to make it more real-life instead of cartoonish. However, it still has the same colors as the original one. 

On the ‘In-Game Look’ screen you can see there are two different versions, 18 swatches total;

  1. left: slightly darker version on the front and side meshes.
  2. right: overall lighter version.

Technical details

  • Please consider and respect my TOU before downloading.
  • Not Base Game Compatible, you’ll need the Vampire GP.
  • The toilet is a Add-on; the swatches will appear at the original object catalog.
  • Fireplace is a Stand-alone recolor due to the bigger amount of new swatches (18).
  • Made with Sims 4 Studio Harmony tested in both OS (Windows and Mac).

Download (SFS - No AdFly)

xxunovianxx  asked:

Hello! I notice that some armor and props I saw on the internet are painted so that their edges of their components or faces are a bit darker than the centre - and admittedly, it looks cool, though I can't pinpoint why. What is this technique called? And what is there to keep in mind if someone attempts this technique?

Hello there!

I don’t know if there is a specific name for this type of technique, but I can explain how it’s usually done.

Typically, the base coat of paint will be done in the dark color first. After this dries (and it may take multiple coats), the lighter color is added in a technique called drybrushing. This is where a small amount of paint is added to a brush that has not been wetted by water (hence the name) and applied, typically in short strokes. Layers of color can be built up this way, starting from the center and working outward, so that the center is brighter in color and the edges are darker, creating a bit of a gradient. You can take this as far to the edge of the piece as you like, and I’d recommend experimenting with the amounts of paint used to get the effect you want. You can also do multiple colors in multiple layers (get multiple brushes or wait until your brush has fully dried before starting a new layer of color, even if the paint itself is fully dry) to get a built-up effect of color.

Some people use black for the base color, though unless you are doing silver or gold as a top color, I would recommend tinting your black at the very least to make the color scheme a bit more cohesive. You can also experiment with using other colors as the base, such as a dark blue underneath a pale blue drybrushed on top, and with mixing color temperatures (such as using a warm-toned base and cool-toned color on top, or in reverse) for different effects.

You can also drybrush on weathering in the other direction – paint your piece with the main color first, and then build up layers of darker versions starting from the outside and in the crevices and such. Even if you apply this heavily, it will still have a slightly different look than if you did the method I detailed above. This is best if you don’t want that gradient-like look and want to add some depth to a single color, or if you are using lighter or brighter colors and don’t want the heavy contrast.

For all drybrushing techniques, you can also experiment with wiping off the excess color with a rag, especially if you want to highlight small details.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

Vision in the brain!

Continuation of this post

So there’s this vague… misunderstanding that what you see in your left eye is processed on the right side of the brain and vice versa… which is… incorrect. Essentially, both eyes are processed with both sides. But the RIGHT side of both eyes goes RIGHT, and the LEFT side of both eyes go LEFT. The optic chiasm is where these paths cross

There are lots of areas in the brain involved with vision, but it seems the one that constitutes the vision in the most conscious sense is the Primary Visual Cortex (V1) located in the backity back of the occipital lobe. Not only is this where vision occurs, but it’s also where dreams and imagination occurs (oooooo), literally. If you are told to imagine something (um? a dog?), your visual cortex will do the same thing as if you were looking at the actual dog! So it seems to be responsible for the conscious experience of “seeing”. It’s also important for  static and moving objects, edge detection, and pattern recognition

Damage to this area not only makes you blind, but you can no longer have visual dreams, hallucinations, or imagine images. It takes away all possible senses of vision in the most broad sense of the term. The weird thing is, your eyes aren’t done doing their jobs. If you tell someone with V1 blindness to point to something, they do it with a surprising amount of accuracy for someone who is blind. They can predict the color, movement, and shape of objects as well. It’s difficult to determine if this is the result of incomplete damage to V1 or if the eyes are communicating with other areas…

Identification of images seems to take 2 streams from the V1 area, the ventral and the dorsal stream, also known as the what and where pathways. The ventral stream travels through the temporal lobe, which has areas of identification (some are vague like… “oh it’s kinda round and fluffy?”, some are “this is a motherfucking face”-fusiform gyrus). The Dorsal stream travels up through the parietal lobe, which deciphers basically… where the image is coming from

Also can we talk about my professor’s “helpful study tip” for this? because it’s fucking adorable

Damage to the inferior temporal lobe may result in visual agnosia. Y’all heard that pretentious “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” or whatever… It’s (not based on but eerily similar to) this, and it’s meant to call out the concept of perception. They handed a pipe to a guy with visual agnosia and he was like “umm??? it’s? it gets longer… it starts out thin, seems to curve into a rounded, hollow end? But I for the life of me don’t know what this is!” and the doctor was like “it’s a pipe” and the guy was like “huh. I suppose it is…” Then the doctor said “what if I told you it wasn’t a pipe?” and the guy was like “well then I’d have to believe you.” so he sees the image clearly and can identify its features, but he can’t… identify it.

(for the record, ceci n’est pas une pipe means that a painting of a pipe is technically not a pipe… I like the neuroscience version better)

Also worth noting is the V4 region, which is important for color perception. If you see something that’s green in a room with red lighting, you can still figure out that it’s green, even though it looks different from what green looks like in other contexts. That’s because of your V4 region keeping its shit together.

FINALLY there’s the V5 area, also known as the MT area (Middle temporal), which is again, motion oriented. Different areas of the MT area respond selectively to specific speeds and directions. They’re the reason you can tell a man is running in a picture, even when he isn’t moving. Your brain makes assumptions based on context clues. Next to the MT area is the MST area (medial-superior temporal cortex). which kinda… lowkey… helps with depth perception and movement? Part of it is the trick where you see a road getting narrower in an image indicating that it’s getting further away? The MST area is the part that makes that assumption


Kalat, J. (2016). Biological Psychology. Australia South-Western. 12E


This right here, I call this my “Magic Stick”. 

I, like most women, have thighs that rub. (Let’s face it, EVERY size person his this issue. You can be a size 4 and still have thighs that rub!)

When summer time comes along I used to look at my cute dresses and skirts and shudder. I knew by the end of the day that I would be facing chafing so bad that there would be places that would bleed. Yes, bleed. 

Some things helped, deodorant would work only IF you did it before, but not for long. 

Baby powder was great! But it was a mess and I needed to reapply. 

Then I heard of this magic from my friends in my running group. 

This and other kinds like it is called Runner’s Glide. It’s made to prevent blisters and chafing AND can heal them too. No joke, one week after using this stuff my skin was completely healed. 

Think about it, it’s designed for people who are going to run 26 miles and SWEAT! That means it’s water proof and sweat proof. Oil free as well. 

Thigh chafing is the reason I go to this item immediately, but men and women can use this for ALL kinds of chafing (guys you know what I mean). I’ve also heard it works great with preventing blisters. 

I am a size 20, I LOVE to wear dresses and ever since I starting using this I have NEVER had an issue with chafing. And one stick has lasted me a whole year! I haven’t tried the other kinds, so please let me know if you have. Also, there is a “men’s” version but I can’t find any difference between the two except the color of the stick. 

Now, I can run with shorts!!

Please signal boost! 

Theory time!

We have little to no information about the twins’ family and origins (*cough*teamlolirock always says it’s so mysterious*cough*) but I think I came up with a theory! What if, instead of being from just one kingdom, the twins have parents from two different kingdoms/queendoms? 

So, we already know pappy is the court jester, therefore I suppose he’s from Ephedia, and it’s the only thing we ever get to know about this family, so this leaves plenty of room for speculation for the mom: where is she from? And there I remembered the twins are confirmed to use the same levitation spell as Lyna but in a dark crystal version! Which could imply they learnt it from their mother, and levitation spells are Borealis people’s thing according to how much Lyna uses it.

Originally posted by unastellachebrilla

My guess is that she is a borealin sorceress, and before becoming black crystal summoners the twins learnt how to do magic from her and their father. This would also explain why their magic circles have completely different colors, while the other two magical siblings that are part of the main cast (sorry Zeinos and Deinos but you don’t count XD) have two slightly different shades of the same color for their magical signatures

I know teamlolirock said it works differently because of dark crystal magic but I like to think it could’ve still affected their magical colors from the start and then black crystal magic just made it more evident. After all Praxina’s red can be considered as a distant variation of the ephedian pink and Mephisto’s green is a darker version of Borealis green. I agree with @kireiscorner‘s idea that children of people from different kingdoms would turn out to be more powerful because they acquired the best of both types of magic, and I think that’s one of the reasons Gramorr hired the twins in the first place.

Long story short, my theory is that the twins’ parents are from Borealis and Ephedia, therefore the twins have mixed powers and that probably caught Gramorr’s attention.

If you read all that until this point, thanks for the patience! Have some cookies :D And please tell me what do you think about it, I know it’s a bit flawed theory but maybe you noticed something I didn’t! 

Originally posted by ohmydeargoddess


Well well !^^

I wanted to show a different version of Mana. First and, that was important for me, was to remake her attitude. She’s cute, for sure, but I don’t think that was necessary for the animator to make an attitude like that. And as you see with her eyebrows, she looks serious in this scene.

The other thing was the color of her hair and also her eyes. I wanted to be closer to the manga than the anime. I choose an olive color for her eyes because it reminds me the olive tree which is very important in the mediterranean culture and because there is a lot of girls who have this color :

And also (in my own version) I want to propose you a Mana/BMG quite different from Anzu. In the anime and manga, it seems that they have the same anatomy. I just see their in different way:

Captainsaltypants top picks Body Edition

This is all CC I keep in my game all the time. It ranges from occational/story telling use to every day use. These are great staples to help you create variety in your game. (All photos come from the original posts)

1.teatimesims Default Replacement Eyes

These default replacements are pretty similar to the in game eyes, but they are a touch more vibrant and shiny. Eye masks still work over them and after a while you don’t even remember you have them in your folder! These are among my oldest CC and the one item I will never give up!

2. kijiko-sims 3D eyelashes

You can download either as Skin Details or Accessories. I almost always use them as accessories, because I can then ad them in CAS without using the cheat. I mostly play generational games so I do a lot of editing in game. If you almost always create your sims in CAS I would suggest using the Skin Detail one, so that you don’t hog an accessory slot. Warning! They will not work well with glasses, so having a nice pair of eyeliner lashes is a good backup.

3. simsinspring’s Phenomenal Warm and Phenomenal Cool Non-Default Skintones

These are great skin tones that show up as additional swatches in CAS. They do not provide more/less definition, they are only the color of the sims. They are enabled for all ages and you can have either both or only one of them in your game at a time. I especially like them for the great variety in darker skin tones, as well as very fair skin tones they provide. My favorite is the Phenomenal Warm, because I like warm tones in my game, but both of them are amazing!

4. annamsblue’s Skintone Set V2

Another great set of skin tones if you are looking for more mid range colors. The palette has small color variations that is great when you are working in CAS trying to get a sim just so.I especially like the tones that are in the middle.

5. lumialoversims Ooh Smooth 2 Overlay Mashup

I have to be honest, I have tried a lot of CC skins, and I am never 100%, but this is the closest to happy I have ever been. I like how transparent it is, and how much of the original EA details shines through. Warning! Your sims will show but crack while wearing low cut clothes whit this skin on - but it’s still decent and not like most of the bum is about to fall out ;)

6. lumialoversims Body hair as tattoo

An absolute must if you ever want to have variety with male sims. The body hair is in the tattoo category and easy to add/remove. Obviously they conflict with certain tattoos, but should be usable for most sims. They come in 5 natural colors and ad a great detail when you are creating sims. I have actually become better at creating male sims since I downloaded this CC. I think it’s because body hair it gives a lot of personality, which helps make a sim unique!

7. heihu’s niunai cleavage overlay

Just like body hair is great for the male sims, cleavage or the lack thereof, is something that can make a sim stand out. If you are not into custom skins, this cleavage overlay will help you create unique sims and with a minimum of fuss. The overlay comes in 4 different options, from flat chested to bountiful. It comes as either, mouth crease, forehead wrinkles or face paint which makes it super versatile. Works great on all the skin tones I have shown in this post and on lumialoversims full body overlay. I love that this allows me to give my sim different cleavage depending on outfit. So I can pretend she is wearing a push-up bra for partying but not for everyday…

8. simsontherope’s Body Freckles

A great full body freckle overlay for all ages. It has 10 variations and is very smooth on the skin.Out of all the different full body freckles/mole CC I have tried, this is still my favorite and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I have enabled it for random in sims4studio and never had a randomly generated sim look bad in it!

9. pixelsimdreams Beauty marks set #2

A great set of different face moles that will give your sims some variety. There are lots of moles out there but these are a nice neutral pack that comes with great variety. They are for both male and female sims and I highly recommend!

10. down-in-simsland Smells like teen spririt Zits and pimples

This is great for story telling! It has a lot of different variations and color options to fit all kinds of skin tones and basically gives your sims zits and pimples in varying degrees. You can use it as either a skin detail or as a blush (the blush version is great if you just want to give your teen sims a dramatic moment). 

This part has come to an end

I hope you have enjoyed this CC collection. As I mentioned before I would love to get tips about other great CC that concerns the body/genetic part of the sim. 

Also, if you have any particular wish for what area I should do a list of next feel free to drop a comment/ask/message.

Thank you for following me you wonderful people!


Was out of town for a bit, let’s ramp things back up with this cool (but incomplete) set of Transformers ACTION CARDS from 1985. Nice set with production art of pretty much all the Gen 1 bots plus lots of stills from the TV show. The character card back list each one’s function, motto, tech specs, and description, while the others have brief story synopses.

A few interesting printing quirks too - some character cards come in multiple background colors on different copies of the same card. I also found one card that was printed in 180 mirrored versions, and several where the cutting was a bit off.

I finally made a vector of my Nightmare design I made a year ago or so. I’m probably going to see if I can make this into a tshirt design in the near future (along with some other designs). I was trying to add a cool gradient thing, but I accidentally made this faux 3D glasses effect with it which was pretty neato I thought. I’ll post a wallpaper version soon.

EDIT:  So I’m adding this little tid-bit in this now that it’s not 3am, AND ALSO the fact that I now have a redbubble store set up. If you want this as a shirt, a print, a mug, or whatever you want, head over to my store! I even have it in 2 different color variations to whatever you think looks best.

I’ll do my best to add in new designs when I can. Spread the word around if you can. Thanks a bunch guys!

Terror in Resonance Soundtrack Analysis: -crystalized-

After around a month of waiting, we are finally presented with the second soundtrack (arguably just as good as the first one). While the first soundtrack contained most of the “main theme” songs, this soundtrack has enough character to stand on its own as well. The first soundtrack painted a vivid picture of a transformation from subdued outrage to gentle hope; this soundtrack contrasts wonderfully with its melodies from solitary desperation to panicking action to at last fulfillment.

If one is to think the first soundtrack shows the “beginning” and the “end”, then this soundtrack most definitely can be considered to be the “middle”. It is really interesting that the soundtrack artist, Kanno Youko,/creators decided to release the soundtrack that way. Why that is for certain, I cannot say, but I speculate the reason may be how the first and the last episode tie so well together. In the beginning of the first episode, we are shown a world heavily dependent on technology, but also blissfully ignorant. At the end of the last episode, the world is back to its dependence on technology—but what is different? The “enlightenment” of the peoples. What happened between those two events are important in their own right, and I believe that the creators wanted to show us that.

And so, without further ado, let us jump into the analysis.

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SENTINEL MASK: I’m getting quite a few messages from people who missed out on the DIY blank run. While im happy people are super jazzed on this design, i am bummed for people who want one and missed out this time. I want to be fair to the folks who got one on time but also do my best to make more people happy. We are just two people producing, packing and mailing these masks so I have to be very careful about overwhelming our workload. So i have two solutions:

PAINTED MASKS: I will be releasing painted versions of the mask as i finish them, in the red color seen in the example photos and in a variety of other one-off colors. A pre-order for batches of metallic versions may also happen sometime in April. The painted masks will be released in the store and a few will be put on ebay. I will announce a heads up on new masks before they are released!

BLANKS: I’m thinking about doing a second DIY pre-order run once the first batch is fulfilled. They may be cast in a different color to distinguish them from the first edition.

MONSTERPALOOZA: I will be bringing a handful of blanks to the show. I will be bringing a painted one for display and if time allows, a few painted ones for sale.

I hope this makes a few people feel better! Thank you for all the messages and enthusiasm!

茶色 [Chairo] is a compound word, made out of 茶 [Cha] : tea and 色 [Iro] : colors. So literally it means “Tea colors”. Tea colors is light brown, so this word means light brown color.

As other previous colors we have learn about, 茶色 also have the i-adjective version, which is 茶色い.


茶色い [Chairoi] is [i-adjective] while 茶色 [Chairo] is [noun]

To say, for example…, Brown hair

It will be 茶色い髪 [Chairoi Kami] if you use the [i-adjective] version.
Or 茶色の髪 [Chairo no Kami] if you use the [noun] version.

They both means the same. The different is just in how to use them.


Fairy Dust Nebula - frame by frame

This one is for you A.J. You asked me how do I do it, so here’s how I do it.

1. Start with a black background (drag the black color from your color palet to your paper). With a newer version of Paper you need to paint the background black, else the rest of the steps will not work as described.

* In newer versions of Paper the background color is “changed” when dragging a color to the screen. This is different from a black painted background.

2. Create a shape with the watercolor tool (color white).

3. Choose a color you like and change the white color (also with the watercolor tool).

* You have to start with white, because no other color will be visible on a black background if you use the watercolor tool.

4. Blur and shape it with Pencil and you will get something like IMAGE 1.

* in this case I also used the fountain pen tool to add some white lines.

5. To get stars to glow, place some dots with the fountain pen tool (in this case I used the color white), then make a really fast blur with your finger (It’s more like a touch swipe). Fast enough to keep the shape of the dot, but the area around the dot will get a glow.

* In IMAGE 2 you see two dots placed with the fountain pen tool, the right dot has been given a glow. If you blur to slow, the dot will turn into a little blurred stripe (can also be fun if doing falling stars).

6. By this time you will have something like IMAGE 3 and it’s time to add some more stars. For normal stars (no glow) I always use the soft lead pencil tool, and I use different colors. Also use darker colors that are almost not visible but you can see them in ZOOM mode.

* In the last image (IMAGE 6), you can see the color palet I mostly use for stars. Sometimes I darken stars with the watercolor tool (color black), but only on places where the background is black. I also place some larger stars. In ZOOM mode use the soft lead pencil tool and wiggle around to create a slightly larger dot.

7. When creating a planet that has a size like in this drawing, use the fountain pen tool to place the largest dot possible (in this case I used the color white).

8. Now in ZOOM mode, use the soft lead pencil tool and let your fantasy choose the colors to fill the dot. Use the soft lead pencil tool very gently (one move at the time).

* If you make multiple moves without lifting your Pencil from the screen, the line will get harder. That’s why I always make one move at the time, to get softer lines.

9. Now that you are filing the dot, you are probably thinking.. “How do I keep it round ? because the soft lead pencil goes over the edges”. What you can do is, use the watercolor tool to color the edges. The watercolor tool will have no effect on a black background (except when using the color white).

10. To give your planet a nice shading, first choose the location of your light source. You can use both the watercolor tool or the soft lead pencil tool to make the shading.

11. The second planet (or in this case a moon), is basically created the same way as the first one. But in this case I placed a smaller black dot, and made some small edits with the soft lead pencil tool. Now you will have something like IMAGE 4 and IMAGE 5.

12. If you think it’s done, then it’s done. Most of the finishing touches are probably the stars. Maybe add some more, or even remove or darken some. But of course you can also change the nebula shape any time during the process.

That’s it !


Here is *some*  more pics of my My Little Pony G4 playful pony size herd! Pony extreme! These ponies you see in these photos are ALL VARIANTS- meaning no two are the same release! Thing like eye colors, eye shape, symbol inverts, deluxe versions, glitter, tinsel, different body shades, different hair, etc. Look really hard to spot the differences! I also have my fair share of unreleased prototypes- see if you can spot them! Again, this is not my entire pony collection.  I want to thank everyone on MlpArena for helping me obtain all of these ponies, as some of these toys are only available in other countries! I couldnt have done this without you guys! <3 Now I have such a huge herd thanks to you! I know I am missing a lot of the new Rainbow Rocks/ Rainbow Power toys but I am still collecting- im just a cheapskate!

~Click on images to enlarge!~



Beanless Chili

I have a texture aversion to beans, but chili is a delicious, filling, and easy-to-freeze meal-in-one-bowl, so this is the version I’ve worked out for my needs!

  • A little oil (to sweat the veggies)
  • ½ to 1 onion, chopped (my grocery store has fresh pre-chopped onions in the produce cooler, see if yours does for a no-chop chili! frozen also work fine)
  • 1 to 2 bell peppers, any color, chopped (same as the onions)
  • about 1lb ground beef or other meat
  • 2-3 cans of tomatoes, unseasoned (I like to use different tomato preparations - so like, a large can of whole stewed tomatoes, and a small can of diced)
  • about ½ to 1 cup uncooked rice/orzo/barley/any other small grain/beans if you insist i guess
  • chili powder
  • large pot or slow cooker
  • wooden spoon

NOTE: Add as much or as little chili powder as you like, but try to add it a few times during the cooking process. I like to add some right in the beginning as I cook up the components, then a generous layer every hour or two while it cooks.

Heat up your pot and pour a little oil in, about a tablespoon. Dump the onions and peppers in and stir them around until the onions get a little translucent. Scoot the veggies to the side and brown the meat in the other half of the pan. Once the meat is cooked, stir it up with the veggies and drain off the excess fat if that’s a concern. (And then add some chili powder!)

If you’re using a pot, pour the tomatoes in and turn the heat to low. Cook for an hour or two or as long as you can stand the delicious smells. The longer it cooks, the better - chili is very forgiving!

If you’re using a slow cooker, transfer the meat and veggies to the cooker, pour in the tomatoes, and set the machine for however long you want to cook. 

For either version, add more chili powder and stir occasionally as it cooks. The whole tomatoes should soften and break easily with your spoon after a while. About twenty minutes before you want to eat, stir in your grain.

Serve as-is, or with some cheese on top, or some cornbread on the side, or however you like! This makes a REALLY BIG batch, and stores well in the fridge or freezer - I personally think it’s even better as leftovers than it is fresh, and it’s really good fresh.