i also have a version without the people in front but i don't like it as much

a version of you and a person there who can't remember: pt. 2

•  summary: in which you stumble across long-lost childhood friend jeon jungkook in a therapist’s waiting room and it’s more than a bit awkward for the both of you. (college au)

• word count: 6.2k

• warnings: depression; swearing

→ note: part one is here. enjoy~

Suddenly, Jeon Jungkook is everywhere.

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overagedpopstar  asked:

Hi! I've read your summary of Levihan fanfic recommendations and I've noticed that you are fond of the concept "pretend lovers". I'd love to read your version of pretend lovers, if you don't mind. (or post your Levihan art if a story is too much.) Thanks :D

*Casually inserts self in a cameo in my own fics* Can you spot me? XD

Anyways, college will start tomorrow and I’m so anxious! But for the mean time, your wish is my command ;)

P.S. I stan Coldplay 

Impress (LeviHan - Pretend Lovers)

Theme: Pretend Relationship

Rating: PG

Warning: Curse Words

send your requests/anons here x.

For the thirty-sixth time around, he turned around to face her and gave her a big fat “NO”. His face was already evidently annoyed, and a frown was already forming on her lips after so much persuasion, only to face rejection.

“Oh come on Levi! I know you also want to go to that concert! You can have the other ticket! I’m not even interested in that band!” she pleaded, but it only made him groan. He’s been hearing the same statement for the past four hours and she was still at it. Admittedly, yes, the offer is tempting, but its her purpose he questions.

“I’m not helping you get tickets for your boyfriend four eyes” he hissed. Yes, she wanted those tickets for someone else, not herself.

“He’s not even my boyfriend!” she countered “Well, yet. He promised me he’ll give me a chance if I manage to get him tickets. You know I’ve already spent my allowance money on my experiments, so this is the last resort I have”

His eyebrows furrowed. She’s worth more than a concert pass. Whoever the douche was, he sure didn’t know how brilliant and amazing the woman was, despite her frequent freaky behavior.

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anonymous asked:

What are the reasons TVXQ duo could be your bias? Not another idols? Thankyou! I luv your blog! Very muchh!

Hi ^_^ I’ll answer both questions together, cuz it’s basically the same thing, I hope it’s fine ^^

I’m thinking about how to answer this for two days now, and i still don’t have the perfect way. Because the answer is very simple like ‘because they are perfect to me’, but also very complicated, and im not sure if I can do it very coherently…And it’s gonna be long and chaotic.

So, why do I love TVXQ…

So, first of all - for the music. So simple XD It’s what caught my attention first and it keeps me still interested. I love how diverse their music is, how they are not afraid of trying new styles and genres, and yet they are able to keep their unique sound - you just can’t confuse their music with no other group.

I love them, because they’ve never disappointed me in any way.

I love them for their work ethics, how they work so hard, never looking for excuses, always giving 200% of themselves, always putting fans first. For them always doing their best even when they are performing with the army band for a few people max.

I love them for the way they love their whole staff and treat them like their family and the staff loves them back just as much and supports them in every way even when they are away.

For the way they are trying so hard to lead a ‘normal’ life, away from all this superstar glitter world. For the way they don’t care about showing off with their fortune. For Changmin staying in simple cheap hostels during his Eurotrip.

For the way Yunho always saw the brilliant truth behind Changmin’s shyness and always believed in him like no one else did. For the way he was always there for him when Changmin was fighting with his need to escape, the way Yunho was his stepping stone and almost forced the world to see how amazing and talented Changmin is.

For the way Changmin was always Yunho’s save haven, his full-scale life support system, in good and bad.

For Changmin giving up his solo activities so he could enlist early, just to be back faster, for fans and for Yunho.

For him giving us a solo album, even tho it wasn’t something he really felt the need to do.

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Guys. What if Hinata can sing.

• Like, really sing- as in every note that comes out of his mouth is a blessing from above that would make a vicious serial killer want to start an orphanage and donate to the homeless.

• What if Hinata can play guitar and even taught himself; think of how he learned to play by practicing and watching others, just like volleyball.

• Hinata being able to mimic chords just by looking at them one time and sight reading music so quickly that he can learn a completely foreign song and memorize it within an hour?

•Hinata isn’t the volleyball idiot that everyone expects, and actually has a hidden talent that no one would assume.

• But what if Hinata had horrible, horrible stage fright and refused to sing in front of everyone- except Natsu because she never judges his voice and sometimes it’s the only thing that will calm her down after a tantrum or when it’s time for bed.

• And it just so happens that the whole team goes out to a restaurant/bar after a particularly good practice before vacation only to find that it’s karaoke night and anyone is invited.

• Hinata just sits there fidgeting because someone just sang a horrible rendition of Sanctuary and he could crush every person in the place if he just wasn’t scared shitless.

• And Suga is constantly giving the “I know you want to,” look because he may or may not have accidentally walked in on Hinata singing a really gorgeous song when he thought the club room was empty and may or may not have gushed his heart out until Hinata made him pinky promise not to tell anyone. (“Really Hinata? I don’t think a pinky prom-” “Please, Suga-Senpai!!”)

• And then the last call for singers before the DJ goes home goes out and Suga literally kicks Hinata from under the table and how the hell did he do that from the other side of the table so Hinata literally bolts up and stands there for a solid thirty seconds, not really sure where his heart landed on the floor because it certainly didn’t come up with him/that or it’s beating so fast he can’t feel it anymore.

• Everyone staring at Hinata like they’re expecting some sort of speech or joke or proclamation of “We’re Going to Win!”

• Then, as if the actual law of gravity has suddenly reversed itself, Hinata raises his hand and asks if he can go on the stage. He’s actually quite proud of himself that he didn’t throw up while he asked.

• The whole team just stares at him blankly, blinking with food half-hanging out of their mouths. Suga looks like he’s bursting with pride, while Tsukishima looks mildly sick. Hinata won’t dare look any of them in the eye.

• What if they start laughing? What if Noya and Tanaka both can’t hold it in and make a scene? God, Kageyama is right next to him, judging him and Chikara looks like he’s about to ask Hinata to take a drink of water to calm down.

(“Um Hinata, you do know you have to be able to sing, right?” “Christ, Hinata! Sit down! Haha!” “Did someone put something in his food?” He can imagine all the comments that are waiting to come out.)

• But all of a sudden, the guy at the DJ booth comes over and ushers him away to pick a song, leaving Hinata without a chance to back out and run away. He’s stranded near the stage with the entire team looking at his back, and no escape route. The guy asks what song and Hinata suddenly sees a guitar behind the booth, one much like his own and just the sight of a similar instrument calms his down a bit.

• He looks back to see Suga give him a thumbs up, everyone still watching him like they’re half confused and half intrigued- maybe a little scared and Hinata takes a breath. Then asks for the guitar and a mic stand.

• He’s shaking while things are being set up, but holy crap this is actually happening ohmygod someone stop him please just send him off and bury him in a ditch because oh god don’t make me do this-

• The first strum of the guitar is wiry and loud and people flinch and so does Hinata because his nerves are getting to him, dammit! The second strum is easier, the third is softer, the fourth movement of his hand is relaxed and comfortable and suddenly his fingers feel warm and light and his head is clear and the lights are so bright he can’t even see anyone more than five feet away.

• And then Hinata opens his mouth and the entire place goes deathly quiet while lyrics to the acoustic version of “I’m a Believer” pour past Hinata’s lips like they were made to be there.

• He starts singing softly, then gets stronger and more emotional, his eyes falling shut as his hands strum the guitar with practiced ease and his voice fills every room with this calming radiance that no one expected from the shaking, stuttering, hyperventilating kid who walked up literally 40 seconds ago.

• And every single member of the Karasuno Volleyball Club is absolutely dumbstruck because who the hell is he and what did he do with Hinata? Even Tsukishima can’t turn away and even takes off his headphones so he can listen better.

• Asahi is wiping a tear from his eye, while Noya and Tanaka don’t hide their watery-eyed pride for they Kouhai. Daichi looks more at peace than anyone has ever seen him and Chikara’s heart may have stopped beating for a minute. Suga is just sitting there like a smug little shit with a glowing sign above him saying “That’s my kid, start bowing.”

•Then there’s Kageyama; not sure whether he should keep looking at Hinata like a fish out of water or keep his eyes down to hold in the blush of embarrassment.

•And all of them are struck completely silent as Hinata continues to sing with this unearthly voice that is an actual gift. People who weren’t even in that section of the restaurant are crowding in the doorway to see who that beautiful voice belongs to- some women writing down their numbers for after the performance and some men as well.


What if Hinata can sing.

And it just turns everybody into better people.

And also a little bit gay.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a dictionary about fighting words instead of just kick, hit, punch and also a thing with curse words like the meaning of them (English isn't my first language) Happy v-day and thanks for your work! I was the one who sent in the earlier question about the boy and the girl, but please don't answer with '' I can't write your plot for you '' I just think you're really talented and I'll take any tips I can get, cheers! :)

Them’s Fightin’ Words!


  • Blow (“landed a blow on”, “dealt a powerful blow”)
  • Box (“boxed his ears”)
  • Buffet
  • Chop
  • Cuff
  • Haymaker (used, “swung a haymaker”/”hit someone with a haymaker”)
  • Paste (slang, “I pasted her” means “I hit her hard.”)
  • Punch
  • Rabbit punch
  • Slap
  • Slug
  • Sock
  • Strike
  • Swat
  • Thump
  • Uppercut (usually, “landed an uppercut”)
  • Wallop


  • Boot (“Booted his ribs”)
  • Donkey kick
  • Dropkick
  • Punt
  • Roundhouse


  • Bash
  • Beat
  • Clash
  • Collide
  • Crash
  • Drive
  • Hammer
  • Impact
  • Recoil
  • Shove
  • Smash
  • Trip

I also did a page on words you can use in a sword fight. Many of them will be useful to a generic fighting scene as well.


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kairi-ou  asked:

Hey! I read a lot of your meta essays and while I don't agree with every little thing I really really love how you got to the conclusions you did. So as a Massive Shipper On Deck for the science bros I'm just as disappointed in the AoU OOC-ness as you are. I read in one of your essays that you believed Natasha and Bruce's characterisations were bad and I was wondering what you thought of it without the shipper mindset? I'm so disappointed Tony went from looking to Bruce for help in IM3 to this.

Oh boy, this is a big can of worms for you to open. Bruce Banner is one of my favourite Marvel characters, so I’ll start with him and how Hulk-smash his characterisation made me:

First off, him agreeing to go along with the development of this AI without taking all reasonable precautions and agreeing to keep it from the rest of the Avengers made me twitch. According to the MCU-verse (Norton!Hulk is MCU, since General Ross from that film is showing up in Civil War), Bruce was turned into the Hulk by experimentation that went wrong, because protocols weren’t followed.

Bruce would not ever let a science experiment go ahead so sloppily, knowing what it did to him. He would never lie about it and hide it from members of his team, who he is meant to trust. Most of all, he would not just roll over and take it when Tony says so, because we’ve seen he’s pushed back at Tony more than once before. He clearly thinks it’s a bad idea, and I don’t believe Bruce Banner, victim of extremely bad ideas designed to save the world, would EVER EVER stand by and let it just happen because Tony says so.

Then we have Bruce’s whole arc in the first Avengers film, where we see how screwed up he is by everything that happened to him: he doesn’t trust the military or anyone like them because of what they did to him (see turning him into the hulk/being hunted and chased for his life across South America, and even tracked down to India) but through the course of the Avengers, comes to see that the Hulk is a useful weapon that can be unleashed.

Instead, he is taken back several steps to the hand-wringing, uneasy version who hides at the edge of the battlefield until needed. Where is my Bruce who walks the hell up to a giant flying alien beastie and punches it in the face? Where is the man who smiled and said “I’m always angry”. No, thank you. Do not undo the fine character development that was there.

Then we have how he treats his team mates. Quite aside from being cowed by Tony re. the experiment, where’s the Bruce who sassed everyone? Where’s the Bruce who is snarky and dry and eyerolls at them all like he did while they hunted the tesseract? And most importantly, where is the man who worries about his friends? Where is the man who, when Natasha tells him her deepest ad most heart-wrenching secrets, does nothing. Says nothing. Does not even react to it or offer her some kind of emotional support?

Nat has seen him at his worst. She has been attacked by him and she reassured him that they were okay afterwards (see Avengers 1). And when she offers her most private secrets, he just stares at her. (I could go into a rant about Betty here, since she has been casually erased from the MCU, but then this would turn into a novel) I get that he’s coping with horrendous and awful stuff, but seriously, when someone you’re meant to care about is clearly having a hard time to, you could at least say “I’m sorry”.

We also have his confrontation with Wanda. By this point, I’m pretty sure they’re all meant to know what the Maximoff kids have been through and what they have lost. And yet he says to a teenage girl that he would strangle her. Bruce Banner. The man who hates to hurt people. The man who - if you include comic backstory - was an abused and traumatised child. Would strangle a clearly-traumatised and grieving angry child, especially when she’s trying to make things right. Yep. So in character.

And lastly on the Bruce front, the gun. Bruce Banner carrying a gun. Bruce, as set up in these films is incredibly bad with weaponry. He avoids it for the most part. He knows he’s far more dangerous than any gun. That whole scene with the cage could have been improved so much (if we’re going with a shipper perspective here), if he had arrived to help her, and she just shakes her head and says “I want you, but I need the Hulk”. It would have been much more impressive to see him rip the bars open to get her out.

Now as for Natasha, it’s pretty much her Mommy-Natasha thing that is her arc through the whole film: she’s the one who does the lullaby for the Hulk, she’s the one who gets broody over Clint’s kids, she’s the one who had a graduation ceremony that sterilised her, and she’s the one moping on her own in the dark over baby photos in her second-last scene.

If this had been foreshadowed anywhere in the previous films, okay, fine. Nat wants to be a mother, but can’t be biologically. Fair enough. However, the last time we saw Nat, she was with Steve and she had just blown every one of her covers open, and pretty much bared her true self to the world for the first time.

For the first time in her life, she had a chance to go and do what she wanted to do and be who she wanted to be, and it would have been fantastic to see her learning to be herself for the first time. More dork Natasha with her smiley emoticons, and casual clothes, showing up to fight with the Avengers “because you boys need all the help you can get”.

Instead, her arc in Ultron keeps coming back to one of two things: romance with Bruce or babies. Sure, she fights from time to time and does have some pretty shiny combat moments, but still, Bruce or babies. She’s supposed to be best friends with Clint and/or Steve at this point, but we don’t get more than a couple of moments with them as parts of a group, because hey! Romance and babies. And don’t even start me on the fact that her major interaction with Fury, her mentor, friend and ally, comes down to “dude, did you matchmake me with greeny?”

She deserved so much more from this film. They both did.

knallis  asked:

When people criticize Batman's approach to crime by dressing up as a bat and punching criminals in the face, I don't recall seeing if these criticisms included that some iterations of Bruce Wayne include him trying to confront poverty by creating jobs and hiring ex-criminals. Thoughts?

Mostly just that it’s there to say, “see, Batman isn’t a complete psychopath, when he’s disguised as Bruce Wayne he can do charitable things too.”

There’s a philosophical limitation to Batman, that’s probably worth thinking about, if you intend to deal with a character like that seriously. Ironically, it’s also the thesis of Watchmen, you can’t make the world a better place by punching random muggers in the face.

Batman (and to an extent, mainline superhero comics) work through the fantasy of being able to solve your problems through violence. Yes, there’s more to it than that (sometimes.) Bad comics embrace this, without realizing the flaws in this approach. Good ones acknowledge it and either move on with their day or use it to talk about something. Great ones actually take steps to addressing this paradox. And some very entertaining comics are willing to sit at the sideline chucking popcorn at the mess.

As with so many other things, Batman usually flails his arms and says, “I prepared specifically for that,” and then pretends the problem doesn’t exist.

Thing is, given the state of Gotham, there’s a legitimate read that Batman is actually making the city worse. He’s functioning as a kind of lightning rod for crazy. Even by the standards of the DCU, Gotham’s supervillain population is barking mad. It also has a contingent of “normal” supervillains, and criminal element, so there must be a causal factor. At that point, it’s not hard to conclude that it might have something to do with one of its most prominent superheros being at least as crazy as the people he’s locking up. Or Scarecrow’s been pumping psychoactive drugs into the city’s water supply for 70 years and no one noticed.

In this context, about the only constructive thing Bats does is help ex-cons get a job after they’re on the outside… except, it might actually be out of character.

Intentional or not, Batman is a huge fan of Thomas Hobbes. He’s hanging from the gargoyles (because that’s normal behavior for an adult), thinking that people are, inherently, cruel and vicious creatures, who will prey on one another unless someone dressed an animal costume puts the fear of god into them.

In contrast, Superman is a huge fan of John Locke, and by extension on the opposite side of this spectrum. He’s approaching the world from the perspective that people are generally good, and if their needs are provided for, then they won’t intentionally harm each other.

Thing is, these perspectives fit the characters and their respective backstories. The guy who is an immigrant from another world, with a sheltered upbringing, and a (basically) happy life looks at people and says, “yeah, they’re basically okay, maybe they need some help once in awhile, but they can be trusted.” The guy who watched his parents gunned down in front of him goes, “people suck, they can’t be trusted, we need to put the fear of flying rodents into them or they’ll do horrible things.“

When you put them next to each other, you’ve got a fantastic opportunity for friction. These are two ideologies that do not mesh with each other. It’s not that they’re incapable of discourse, but their fundamental approach to the world, and the way they view people, is incredibly different, and their decisions are as a result.

The problem is, offering criminals a way out, and helping them find their footing is a Locke thing. It’s the kind of behavior you’d see from Superman (or a lot of other superheros, honestly). Batman is kinda a minority, philosophically speaking. You can lump him in with The Question or Marvel’s Punisher, but his outlook doesn’t really fit well with most of the DCU.

So, what we’re left with is, Batman disguised as Bruce Wayne, trying to behave like Superman. And we’re asked to believe that he’s trying to make Gotham a better place by engaging in behavior that honestly doesn’t mesh with his philosophical outlook on state of nature. Which also requires that he’s developed the kind of introspection necessary to understand that the way he views the world is not the only possible “correct” perspective, and that’s not supported by the way Batman’s written.

You could legitimately suggest that he does this as a show of respect for Superman (and most of the other superheros he interacts with), or that it’s an attempt to further disguise his dual identity; except, that never really happens. It’s played painfully straight.

Honestly, I think this is simply a holdover from an earlier iteration of the character. Adam West’s version of the Caped Crusader was a lot closer to the Big Blue Boyscout, ideologically. West’s version having rehabilitation programs made sense. We’re also talking about a version of the character who paid parking tickets on the Batmobile and wouldn’t allow Robin to enter bars because he was underage. (Though had no qualms about Bruce Lee beating the snot out of The Boy Wonder, oddly enough.)

The rehabilitation efforts have limped forward, while the character exercising them has been completely re-imagined. It’s kept as a legacy element of his character, without really considering that it makes no sense for the current version. Off the top of my head, I’m not sure exactly when this happened. I’m inclined to point at Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One as the turning point. Though it could have been at pretty much any point in the 80s.

Either way, it’s persisted. We still have a version of Batman that breaks character because it made sense fifty years ago. This is a consideration when you’re working with characters who’ve passed through a lot of different writers. They’ll all add things that make sense to them, but the overall essence of a character can be altered. Along the way, you’ll end up with baggage that doesn’t mesh with the character you’re working on. At that point, your choices are to jettison it (if you’re doing a fresh interpretation), or try to find a way to reconcile these elements together.


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anonymous asked:

PLEASE DON'T FEEL LIKE A LOSER!!!! prompt: Hanni asking Will to dance with him when a slow song starts playing at some party they're at, Will being hesitant at first but ending up saying yes :3 (first kiss maybe???) ((i need my daily dose of fluff)

Thank you so much for this! I still feel like a loser but you’re so lovely for giving me exactly what I needed! *hugs*

God I loved this, I think I’m gonna do another version of it later. I hope this is even remotely close to what you wanted.

The annual office Christmas party was one of Will’s least favorite things in his life. He hated parties, the throng of people all huddled together and drinking heavily while they flirted or spoke ill of everyone around them.

The only bright spot this year was the bartender. Will had never seen someone pour drinks that expertly or with such flourish, flirting and winking with everyone who came up to the open bar. Will couldn’t stop staring, though every time he was sure the man saw him he made sure to avert his gaze.

He was sitting at a table with his favorite coworkers, who also happened to be his closest friends: Alana Bloom and Beverly Katz. The other people at their table all ignored them, talking amongst themselves.

“…and then Will said, ‘Boy that bartender is sexy I can’t wait to get all up in that.’”

Will turned his head back from staring, blush on his cheeks as both Bev and Alana smiled at him.

“Shut up.”

Bev laughed, pushing his shoulder.

“You’ve been ogling him all night long! Go up there and order something sexy! Like a Blow Job or a Slow Fuck.”

Will hissed, “I am NOT asking for that. Just shut up, okay? It’s bad enough I have to be at this stupid party without you both…”

A waitress came over and put a drink in front of him. Will frowned.

“I didn’t order this.”

She smirked. “Hannibal sent it over, said you looked thirsty.”

She left and both Bev and Alana burst out laughing.

“Will, it’s a Cum Shot.”

Will’s cheeks were so red he put his head down, even as Bev said, “You have to drink it real slow and watch him the whole time. C'mon Will, I’ve never been flirted this hard by someone before you have to!”

Alana smirked over her drink when he lifted his head.

“You need to, Will. He’s a stranger, you don’t even have to go over there or talk to him. Just drink it.”

Will sighed, lifting the drink and looking over at the bar.

Hannibal, apparently, was watching him with a smile. He downed the shot in one go and put the shot glass down hard licking his lips.

Immediately he turned away, sighing.

“I’m going home.”

Bev and Alana both grabbed his arm.

“No! You have to stay till the last…”

The music changed and he smiled, hearing the opening notes to ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas.’

“I love this song.”

Suddenly there was a tap at his shoulder and his least favorite coworker, Frederick Chilton, who looked like he’d had way too much to drink asked, “Dance with me, Graham.”

Will glared. “No. You’re drunk and I have no desire to smell you that closely for an extended period of time.”

Chilton grabbed his arm and Bev said, “Fuck off, Chilton, he said No!”

Will went to pull his arm away and he was surprised when a strong arm did it for him, taking Will’s hand in the process. He looked up and saw the bartender, Hannibal, glaring daggers at Chilton.

“I believe the man said, no. There is still only one meaning to that word is there not?”

Chilton glared, storming off and Will found himself unable to look away.

“Hi,” he said, swallowing, “Thanks for the drink it was…”

Hannibal finished, “Smooth and creamy?”

Will laughed, “Yeah. I’ve never had one before, ” he blushed, “I mean…”

Hannibal kissed his hand, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Would you care to dance?”

Will nodded and Hannibal led them to the floor, never letting him go. He pulled Will flush against him, Will staring into his eyes and asking, “Won’t you get in trouble? Leaving the bar?”

Hannibal swayed to the music with him, turning Will expertly as the music got slightly faster and shaking his head. “I am entitled to two fifteen minute breaks, this is the first.”

Will breathed into his neck, shivering when he felt himself growing hard in his pants the more Hannibal moved his hips against him.

“I’m not…I don’t dance much.”

Hannibal lifted his head to smile. “A beautiful creature such as yourself should be danced with often, and with someone who knows exactly what they are doing.”

Will let out a breath, his cheeks red and he pushed himself deliberately against Hannibal who smiled wickedly at his burgeoning boldness.

“You could teach me.”

Hannibal turned Will around as the song ended, pushing his cock into Will’s ass from behind. Will bit back a moan, tilting his head back as Hannibal whispered, “It would be a privilege and a pleasure, though I have yet to learn your name.”

Will said breathlessly, “Will.”

Hannibal kept up their dance turning him in a twirl though there was no music.

“It has been a pleasure, Will.”

Will smiled. “Yeah, Hannibal it has.”

Hannibal smiled dipping him as a new faster song came on. “You know my name.”

Will laughed, “The waitress told me, though it is on your name tag.”

Hannibal looked down and smiled at him. “I see. I must return to my duties, I hope to share a dance with you later, sweet Will.”

He kissed Will’s hand and left him, Will’s smile so bright he felt lighter than air sitting back down at his table.

“Look at you,” Alana laughed, “One dance and you’re smitten already.”

Will looked over at the bar, sharing at smile with Hannibal. “Maybe.”

Bev threw down a five dollar bill on the table. “Five dollars says you swallow a real cum shot by the end of the night.”

Alana giggled and threw down a five. “I say their next dance is in the bathroom.”

Will blushed, looking down.

“I hate you both.”

He took a ten out of his wallet and put it on top. “Ten dollars says I’m not the one taking the shot.”

Bev and Alana both burst into laughter even as Will ignored the glares from the rest of their table to look at Hannibal again who winked.

He had no more reason to go home early. After all, the night was young and he was still very thirsty.

anonymous asked:

Have you got any advice for praying please? Because I go to yp (a Christian youth group), and at the end of the evenings we always pray - I always feel really awkward though, because I don't consider myself a "christian" yet, although I would love to be!! The friend who invited me to yp suggested that I try praying, but I have no idea how to start? Thank you if you reply, and sorry if this breached any of the ask rule things (I did check but sorry I've made a mistake)



This is the most exciting question I’ve gotten all week. 

Yes! I’ve got advice!!

As I go through this, I’ll link to places that you can read in the Bible if you want to know more about a particular thing. Don’t feel overwhelmed though!! Take it slow, it’s more important to stay on the horse than it is to gallop right away. 

1) God loves you. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s an important thing to realize when you’re starting out. He’s not going to beat you over the head with a mountain if you get someone in your prayer wrong. 

2) Just be you. God wants you to talk with Him. As you get closer to Him, you’ll find yourself changing into a whole different person, but that just comes as you get to know who He is and fall in love with Him. You don’t have to pray in front of people right off the bat. Just talk to Him when you’re at school or at a movie. When you’re up late or falling asleep on the bus.

3) Talk about everything. Whatever happens, talk about it with Him. You’ll start to discover that He gives you peace when it seems impossible to be peaceful. 

4) Begin to study. Keep a journal about all the things you’re learning. Keep two things there: Keep track of what have you learned about in the Bible, and write down what your experience with God has been so far. As much as you can, (every day if possible) write down new things you’ve learned and what’s going on with you and God. It could look like this:

Today I read about God’s love for me. The verse I read mentioned something about sin. I’m not sure exactly what that means. Also, I prayed to God today about my problems with my parents. It didn’t seem like anything changed but my youth pastor said that’s ok.

5) Don’t get intimidated. There are a lot of things in scripture that I don’t understand. There are people that believe that you have to know a lot about Christianity before you get started. That’s not true. Just try to figure out who this God is, and what you should do about Him. Read the Bible and try to do what it says.

6) The Bible was written partly in Hebrew and partly in Greek. Languages are always changing, so they have been many translations throughout the years. I would begin with an easy-to-read version, such as the New International Version or the New Living Translation. I grew up reading the New King James Version, and that’s still my favorite. 

7) Towards the back of the book it mentions the difference between milk and meat. Some parts of Christianity are difficult to understand without first understanding others. Just like a baby doesn’t start eating a steak dinner right out of the womb. Start with the easy stuff, and more on to more complicated things as you learn.

8) You’re in a great place right now. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. God is amazing and walking with Him is the most rewarding thing you could possibly do. Stay connected with Him, and stay connected with the people that love Him.  

God bless you!! 

PS: I’ll take all of my rules on asking questions down if they discourage questions like this!

bonethugsnskarmory  asked:

What was your VegasCon2013 experience like? If you don't mind me asking?

Nothing really happened. I did have a miserable time but it was mostly for reasons that weren’t the fault of the convention itself, just unfortunate circumstances really: I was working graveyard shift in a really stressful job, I went by myself (which I really don’t recommend, if you go, go with friends), I have an anxiety disorder that can make it difficult for me to deal with crowds and strangers, and I’m really sensitive to blood glucose changes (turns out that it’s kind of tough to get low GI food at a convention).

This year I have a new (awesome) job with a normal schedule, my medication is working much better, and I know to pack some food. But I still decided not to go.

I wrote about it here, but the short version is that I don’t think that cons are really fun unless you buy Gold Tickets and those sell for upwards of $500 and I just can’t justify spending that much on it. 

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girl-of-tao  asked:

Hey Jax, first things first Im glad you werent hurt in that shooting ^_^ we'd be devastated if you were gone and secondly I meant to ask you. Why don't you like DBZ Kai again? I remember you saying it vaguely before but not up front. So would you tell me, not judging just curious

Well thank you for that and I’m fine 

And yes its true I’m really not all that fond of Dragonball Z Kai

“Oh no what a shock” haha 

Now I know a few people sometimes get on me like, “Dude its the exact same thing without filler and padding” and No. it. is. Not.

I will say this about DBZ kai though, the voice ACTING was far superior to Z as the VAs have been doing this for years now and have mastered those characters but besides that here’s why I prefer the Original Z. I’m going by Funimation Dub just to make it easier. No japanese or Ocean this time haha but lets get to it

Remember this is all my opinion

1) They Changed Bulma and Kid Gohan/Goku’s Voice Actresses.

Now Kai changed a lot of voice actors, some for the better, some for worse but these 2 especially I just could not get behind. Now I have absolutely nothing against Monica Rial and Colleen Clinkenbeard, each of them have characters they voice that I love like for Monica, Stocking, Mirajane Strauss, and Tomoko from Watamote Love it. For Colleen, Friggin Erza Scarlett, Riza Hawkeye, and MONKEY D. LUFFY. They are both Awesome talented VAs but no one tops Tiffany Volmer and Stephanie Naldony in their respected roles. Tiffany brought this sexiness and intelligence to Bulma

 that I feel no one has matched and Stephanie Naldony brought this AMAZING childlike innocence to kid goku

and Badass fury as Gohan

Also i just remembered they Changed my fav DBZ females voice, Android 18. Before she had this sexy soothe kinda deep voice and then they changed her.

Bad choices in my opinion and took me out of the show. Though I will say I think they did a Fantastic job with Frieza. Also for some of the characters, like Future Trunks and Cell, the actors seemed to be overacting for those parts instead of being cool and collected. Like compare Future Trunks killing the androids and you’ll see what I mean. And there were no lines like this. This is Goku’s BEASTLIEST LINE!! 


And the kai version was pretty meh to be honest

2) Their Background music and choice of OST especially for epic scenes FUCKIN SUCKED!

Now this one of those things where people hop on and say “What you dont like the japanese DBZ cause it had that type of music”

and I go no I friggin love the Japanese DBZ for it is and I see it and respect it.

To me
The Japanese version of DBZ gave the series this cool kung fu series vibe.
But the American one by Funi with Bruce Faulconer gave the show this Action Super Hero series vibe.

I’d watch both of those before Kai again to be honest. for example Compare Vegetas SSJ transformation in Kai

to Vegetas SSJ transformation in Z

I got chills the first time I saw Vegeta do that in Z and I can still remember where I was, What Age I was and what I was doing.

Kai had 2 awesome songs, Friezas theme and Chou Super Dragon Soul but they didnt even use that for when Goku transformed to SS and thats an iconic moment in not only the series but ANIME history


So such a waste of a badass track. All their other background music was basically trumpets and uninteresting to me and did not fit the mood of the scene. For example this scene in Z inspired me when I was being Bullied as a fat kid to keep moving forward. The music, the voice acting everything was Sublime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ7JlqmbcXM

but the Kai version of that scene didn’t do a damn thing for me

3) Their Friggin Edits 

They did so many edits to blood and color that it irked me. Sometimes a character would be bleeding from the mouth and it look like they were drooling. I’m talking about Uncut Kai, not nicktoons Kai. And I was like this really doesn’t look all that polished up to be honest so I’m not feeling it.

4) I honestly think TFS is a much better version of DBZ kai

I mean think about it. Its DBZ shortened without padding and filler, just filled with comedy and you’re getting the story still. They’re near 50 eps and already at the Cell saga and doing a great job. I’d watch that any day. Though I do like the fact Kai cut out all the Bullshit especially in the frieza saga.