i also have a ruffalo problem

Thirsty? Really?

So, now Tom Hiddleston is a disappointment for a shirtless photoshoot? 

So, also RDJ must have been equally thirsty and a disappontment.

And Mark Ruffalo

And Idris Elba

And Chris Hemsworth

also, talking of Chrises

and what about Aaron Taylor Johnson? 

and let’s not forget Jeremy Renner

And they are just my fav ones in the MCU male cast. Randomly picked just because I can’t bother to seek for all of them. But I’m sure I could find ALL of them. 

And I am leaving the ladies out just because it seems to be mandatory for actress in hollywood to strip naked for sexy photoshoots, even the most serious and talented have done that at least one. I bet that most of the bloggers I have read complaining about how much disappointed they were by Tom, have plenty reblogged shirtless actors from various fandoms.