i also have a lot of feelings for sinclair

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Can you do the more Lucas sinclair headcannons you said you had on the first headcannon? Love your love for game of thrones, I'm the same way❤️

Some more Lucas headcanons for you, darling anon! (Also, totally feel free to drop by my inbox and scream about Game of Thrones at ANY time because I have a lot of feelings about it!) 💜

On the weekends, Lucas and his dad head out to the quarry to fly RC choppers that they built together. Sometimes Lucas brings a kit over to Mike’s and they spend an entire day building some sort of aircraft. After the events of 1983—after Lucas finds out about Mike’s decision at the quarry—he asks his dad if they can move the location of their chopper flights. He can’t get an imagined scene of Mike falling quickly and soundlessly down to the water out of his mind, even though he wasn’t there. In fact, that’s the worst part for him—not having been there to defend his best friends. 

Lucas’s best subject in school is Math, followed closely by Science. He’s intensely interested in History and in English class, his teacher has complimented his ability to write persuasively, even though he tends to struggle with creative writing assignments.

Lucas was definitely the kid who kept an ant farm and cared for it meticulously. After all, it was the closest thing to a pet his parents would allow. That said, animals absolutely love Lucas. The Byers’s dog and Dustin’s cat, Herman Henderson, consistently go to him for table scraps and ear scratches. 

When El comes home in 1984, Lucas literally refuses to leave her side for the entire day. And once things settle down, he visits her everyday after school just to make sure she’s okay. He doesn’t tell anyone, but the first thing El says to him is thank you and he’s not sure why. Later, when they’re alone, he asks what she meant. El smiles and tells him he was very brave to fight the Demogorgon face-to-face. 

On top of all that, whenever El gets sick, Lucas helps his mother whip up a big pot of her famous “get well soon soup” and bikes over a large Thermos-full to the Byers’s.

Lucas doesn’t really like to swim and he’s not a big fan of the water, but that’s never stopped him from hooping in a canoe with his dad or brother during one of their family trips.

Lucas moved to Maple Street just before kindergarten started and became instant friends with Mike and Nancy when they offered to share their sidewalk chalk with him. 

Lucas officiates Mike and El’s future wedding. (I will accept nothing less).