i also have a great liking towards owls

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You know that post that's like I can't believe that the fukurodani third years all agreed to make bokuto the captain? I have my own headcanon that they were just like "fuck it, we're gonna have fun on our last year. Make the owl captain."

LOL OKAY PROBABLY TRUE, but also Bokuto is a great captain??? When he’s not in one of his mood swings he’s a super solid ace that can be depended upon for plays and scoring points!! He’s kind, has a super good attitude towards other players, he looks at things simply that maybe his team could be overthinking. He’s ENERGETIC AND EXCITED ABOUT VOLLEYBALL. BOY’S GOT SKILLZ DUDE HE’S A TOP 5 ACE. He’s wise, sometimes, he listens intently, he doesn’t give up IT’S CANON THAT HE WILL PLAY UNTIL EVERYONE RUNS AWAY FROM HIM. BOKUTO KOUTAROU IS A HUMAN FUCKING HIGHLIGHT REEL OKAY????