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Hey!! I was wondering if you have any tips on drawing clothes? I need help and your skills are flawless ♡!

im not a pro at this field cuz im also still learning, but i hope u find this helpful anyway Kevin. ^ ^;;;

ill try to help as much as i can ! also for the best tips, use ur own clothes as reference~ its easier cause u got to clearly see where the folds and creases are! \^0^/

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ok everyone is constantly on about neil and allison and neil and matt but WHERE are my discussions on neil and kevin?? don't even TRY and tell me they're not lowkey besties

OH MY FUCKING GOD MY GUY,,, DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED i wrote a whole fucking essay on neil and kevin trying to get into the extra josten squad i’m never ok. anyway even tho i said don’t get me started,,,, im getting started

OK. LIKE. their relationship is so fucky to start with. neil looks at kevin and sees everything he could have had. he’s just… jealous in a lot of ways. but it takes him like 0 time to realise that actually, kevin’s life has been pretty shit, and he’s IMMEDIATELY protective of kevin. like,, he’s so pissed off at kevin for pressuring him into being on kathy’s show but he totally gets where he’s coming from and as soon as riko starts being an asshat he’s just like “you know what? my life isn’t worth anything. i’ll give it up for kevin. no question.” no doubt, he’s a ride or die motherfucker and he gives it all up for kevin


he doesn’t even last two pages and then he’s just. so fucking pissed he literally can’t even let riko talk anymore. what kind of a gem

oh my god and this is just like… the start. this is the first book. this is pretty much the first time neil shows any type of care for anything except surviving this year. he was gonna run away before he even saw riko, and here riko’s not looking at him and he paints a target on his back for kevin??? i love him

alright and that’s not all. it’s not just neil adopting kevin. kevin straight up adopts that boy too. he loves neil for his exy, and he’s certain he’ll make court, but do you see him inviting anyone else to practice at night? nope. AND AS SOON AS KEVIN FINDS OUT THAT NEIL IS NATHANIEL HE DOES THE SAME THING he doesn’t defy riko or smth not yet but

HE STRAIGHT UP ADOPTS NEIL RIGHT BACK!!! and i dont even have to show u guys this quote its the fucking apex of their relationship-

OH MY GODDDDD he believes so much in neil!!!! he’s so fucking upset that neil can’t have a future. he wants that for our boy as much as we do; like nothing else that has happened has hurt kevin that much. 

and they see themselves in each other. they SEE that they’re basically just alternate timelines of each other - that one small difference could have made either one of them into the other

a BUNCH of their compassion for each other comes because they know what they’re looking at. they’re looking at themselves, if there had been one small change in their lives. and both of them know that it wouldn’t have been good either way - both routes were torture in different ways. kevin has a future, but the moriyamas will always be hanging over them; neil was free for a while, but it won’t last. they KNOW that for each other and that fuels them. there’s a bond there that just can’t be ignored ok??


even nicky comments like “kevin has CLEARLY just done something nice for neil but kevin’s a BRAT” like. kevin cares so fucking much,, he’s like “you know what? if i were in neil’s shoes i would already be fucking wasted. idk if it will help but if he wants to he should be able to. i got u, bro.” what a BOY. i love him they’re the best friends

and okay if anyone needs more- i swear i’m wrapping this post up - when neil thinks about his future, he sees andrew. obviously. BUT HE ALSO SEES KEVIN THERE.

they’re straight up best friends and brothers and i fucking love them

and as a last point, this is extra content instead of book-canon, but


Young God

Jughead x Reader

It’s approaching the last night that the drive through is open, so you and your boyfriend Jughead try to make the best of it. Based off the requested song: Young God by Halsey

Warnings: emotions, kissing, and more emotions

Word Count: 2,027

A/N: I think this is angst? I tried my hardest to get the feel right! AHHH I hope you guys like it. I hope it’s okay

he says “oh baby girl, you know we’re gonna be legends

i’m the king and you’re the queen and we will stumble through heaven.”

The drive-in was Jughead’s favorite place to be besides next to you. It was a bit weird to call him your boyfriend, since you had only been best friends since kindergarten. You were there for Jug over the summer when no one else was, and your feelings that had been right under the surface came to light with late night talks, walking to and from Pop’s and of course, movie nights. It only took about half way through the summer for him to confess that he also had a crush on you, for nearly just as long. Half way through the summer is also when the town got flipped upside down at the announcement of Jason Blossom’s death and the news that the drive-in was going to be shut down. You stood by your boyfriend through all of it, and even supported him when he told you he wanted to start writing a novel about it. Not soon after, you told him you loved him. Only problem was, he hadn’t said those words back.

It was the day before the drive-in was supposed to close, and some of your friends were sitting around a table outside trying to decide what movie was going to be played. It had to be a good one, after all.

“What about Mean Girls?” Kevin suggests, sitting across from you, next to Betty and Veronica. You all stare at him for a moment, thinking it over.

“It is a cult classic.” Betty jumps in to defend his suggestion.

“No way is the last night in the drive-in going to be Mean Girls.” Jughead protests, his eyebrow furrowing as you lean in closer to him. He puts an arm around your waist out of sight from your other friends.

“What about Rebel Without A Cause?” you ask, looking up at him. It was the first movie you ever saw together as a couple, and you knew it was one of his favorites.

He smiles, giving your side a light squeeze, “That sounds perfect.”

“Of course he chooses your pick, you’re the queen of his universe.” Kevin chimes in, clearly annoyed that his pick wasn’t chosen. You guys also weren’t hiding the fact that you were in a relationship anymore. Things were too different when you got back to school, and your friends almost immediately noticed something was up. It only took them a week to get the details out from you.

“And he’s my king.” You smile, chuckling along with your friends.

Kevin made a gagging sound which furthered the laughter. It felt good to laugh like this with your friends, with Jughead. Jug had been so focused lately on trying to keep thing running and also his novel, you barely saw him smile anymore. It was always a good day when you could see him happy.

As the laughter dies down I can tell that Jug has something to say, because whenever he does, he bites his lip and his eyes can’t seem to focus.

“Will you all be there?” Jug asks, looking at all of them expectantly. You knew that this meant the world to him, and it would secretly break his heart if your other friends didn’t come.

“Of course, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Betty tells him, looking at Veronica afterwards. Ronnie just smiled and flipped her black hair over her shoulder.

“You heard what my girlfriend said, we’ll be there.” She smirks, nudging Betty on the shoulder. You were so wrapped up in your summer with Jughead you had almost forgotten that not soon after Veronica moved here, she asked out Betty. They had been nearly inseparable since.

Everyone then looked to Kevin, who put his hands up in surrender, “It’s not Mean Girls, but I’ll be there.”

That left Archie, who had decided not to join you today. You didn’t know if they had made up at all, but there was a point in the summer where you weren’t even allowed to say his name without receiving the silent treatment from Jughead. You and Betty passed silent words with each other as you gave her a look. She knew that Archie had to be  there, so she would do what she could to make him.

You felt Jug sigh in relief that everyone he cared about would be there. He wanted the last night to go well, and if he wanted it so did you.

Soon Betty and Ronnie and Kevin got up to leave, they had some English project they had to do, leaving you and Jughead alone.

You could tell he was a bit on edge, so you took his face in your hands and made him look at you, smiling softly at the way his hair curled just the right amount coming out of his beanie.

“It will be okay, I promise.” you say, placing a small kiss on his lips. You only could hope that your words remained true.

But do you feel like a young god?

You know the two of us are just young gods

“Why do you write?” you ask later that night, curled up with him on your bed. You fit together perfectly, your head on his chest and his hand playing with strands of your hair as you just enjoy being near each other. This has become a near nightly occurrence, him staying over at your house. He was welcome any time, as you knew what was going on with  his dad, but you still wonder if something else isn’t going on.

“It releases stress,” he says, taking pauses to think about what he says next, “it’s a surreal feeling when you’re the one in control… like you’re the only one in the universe who can write something the right way, and so you do.” he explains, staring at the ceiling.

You nod your head against his chest, trying to understand his brain. You had been best friends for so long, but he still hid parts of himself away from you. He had parts to himself that were for his eyes only.

You sit up slightly, looking at him with admiration. “Are you okay?” You ask.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” he responds, joining you in sitting up. He rests his head on your shoulder, your back to his chest. He slowly begins placing small kisses on your neck, trailing up and down and back again. You tilt your head to the side to allow him more access.

“No reason, just wondering.” you lie. You know why you asked. You asked because you can tell that something is bothering him, something that he hasn’t told you. This is different from other things he hasn’t said. You know that there’s a portion of himself that he doesn’t like to share, but this is something different. He’s become distracted, preoccupied with something else entirely. He was more upset about the drive-in closing than he was letting on, and you wanted to know why.

“You’re thinking too much.” he says, a smile forming against your neck.

You turn to face him and press your lips to his, stopping him from speaking another word. He deepens the kiss, cupping the side of your face as his other hand slips under your shirt. Your breath hitches at his touch on the small of your back, his cold fingers tracing circles, driving you mad.

Your hand slips under his shirt, feeling his chest, committing to memory all the divots and crevices of his body. This boy was beautiful, and he was all yours. You pull his shirt off over his head, breaking your lips for him only to go back to your neck.

“Kevin was right.” he whispered.

You smile, “And you say I think too much?” you let out a small laugh, opening up your neck as he continues down your chest.

“You’re my queen.” he says.

He says, “Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges

I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon”

The drive-in was packed, cars lined up in neat rows, people in blankets. You and Jughead were near the back, a blanket laid out in the back of the truck your dad let you borrow for the night.

“It’s just about time.” you say, looking over him as you finish setting out the popcorn and drinks to the side. You hop in the truck and pat the space next to you for him to join you, “Everyone is here, even Archie.” you continue, gesturing to the cars and blankets next to you, your friends chatting about nothing.

Jughead looks nervous, his hands fiddling with each other, his leg shaking as he looks out over the crowd. He turns around and heads back to the building that plays the movie.

You follow close behind him, nearly chasing after him to see what’s going on. He enters through the back door and slams it shut. You hesitate to knock, unsure if he would let you in. You try the doorknob and it’s open, so you try to silently open the door. What you see stuns you as you let the door close.

There’s a small mattress in the middle of the room,  shirts and shorts thrown everywhere. There are posters over some of the walls and a small mirror hanging on the back of the room.

The projector sits neatly at the front, the only part of this room that is actually supposed to be there.

“Jug, what is all this?” you manage to get out. He looks up from his work at the projector, his eyes growing wide. He bites his lip, and then you know that this is what he had been keeping from you.

“(Y/N)! You’re not supposed to be here.” he says, frantically coming around to meet you. He tries to push you out but you stand your ground.

“Shit I’m not, have you been living here?” you demand, looking at him with fire in your eyes.

His body slumps, his eyes fall. “Yes.” he gives in, not daring to meet your gaze.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” your voice softens, stepping closer to him. Your heart broke for your boyfriend, upset that he hadn’t come to you about this sooner.

“Because…” he says, trailing off, his leg beginning to bounce again, his hands pulling at the edges of his beanie, bringing it down further over his head.

“Because?” you push, taking his hands in yours, making him look in your eyes. You just wanted him to be honest with you for once, you wanted to see the parts that he’s hidden.

“Because,, (Y/N).” he says, “Because I didn’t want you to think less of me. I didn’t want you to leave.”

He looks at you with sadness in his eyes. He was about to open his mouth to say something else, but you stopped him with a kiss.

Your hands go to cup either side of his face, his hands hesitant at first, still afraid. You deepen the kiss and he finally wraps you in his embrace. This is the moment you had been waiting for since the end of the summer, the moment when he would tell you, when he would finally open up. You didn’t imagine it exactly like this, but it was perfect, in your own little way.

“Jughead Jones the third,” you whisper against his lips, “I am not going anywhere.” You say making him believe it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” he whispers in return.

“Don’t be, just no more secrets, okay?” you ask, pressing your forehead to his, looking in his eyes.

“Okay.” he says, and then suddenly pulls you down to the makeshift mattress, you falling next to him. He was on top of you, placing light kisses down your neck as  the movie began to roll in the background, “there is one more thing I haven’t told you yet.”

“And what would that be?” you smile.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

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tfc characters as scottish tweets
  • neil: When you're arguing n someone says "you done arguing now" cheers mate you've just started a second round. Should've kept that on the hush X
  • andrew: Y is my instagram full of crushed avocado and poached eggs on toast for breakfast, just have some coco pops and piss off
  • kevin: Pre drinks is the best, whoever thought of getting pissed before actually getting pissed is genius
  • aaron: replace ma heart wae another liver so a can drink more n care less x
  • nicky: imagine the week before yer wedding ye came home fae work early tae surprise yer bf and walked in on him wearin bootcut jeans
  • dan: Why are boys so nasty to girls n think it they're pure legends for it hahahaha jokes on u when ur wanking into a sock mate
  • matt: They letters you see on twitter of boys tellin their burds they're going to Paris the morn etc stress the fuckin life out a me. What if she canny get her shift covered the morn? Whos gonna walk the dug? Think about these things u absolute maniac
  • renee: Mental what a couple a fairy lights can do, ye could put them on a deed body n id be like omg that's fucking lovely get that on ma Instagram
  • allison: If u see somecunt in the cinema buying popcorn, nachos n a juice theyre a drug dealer. No other explanation for that sort eh disposable income
  • jean: ever just think to urself, check the fucking state of my life
  • riko: Everybody's got that cousin that's really fuckall to do with ye, just your maw n their maw have been pals since Yous were cabbages
Jughead & Reader: Behind Closed Doors

Summary: Everyone thinks you and Jughead hate each other but as it turns out, the two of you actually hook up behind closed doors. One night Archie drops by your house and finds out the truth.

NSFW** Like, for real.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Closer - Nine Inch Nails 

“Trade you my baked lays for your flaming hots,” Kevin suggested as the two of you joined your friends at lunch. 

“That’s a terrible trade,” you told him with a laugh. “And this isn’t elementary school. You can just go to the vending machine and buy better snacks like an adult.”

“If we’re adults why must we continue to ask permission to go to the bathroom?” Kevin argued. “This place is like a prison.”

Veronica laughed. “I take it you aren’t having a good day.”

Kevin sighed and said, “Joaquin cancelled on me this weekend and we were going to see a movie. I had the whole night planned and my dad was going to be working late so we’d have the place to ourselves. But now I’ll just go home and eat a ton of ice cream and ugly cry while watching really old Audrey Hepburn movies.”

“Sounds good.” You laughed, teasing him. He rolled his eyes at you. 

Betty smiled. “Well why don’t we all do something this weekend?” 

“I’d be down for that,” Veronica said. “Beats sitting at home thinking about what it’s going to be like when my father comes home next week.”

“I don’t have any plans. I’m in,” Archie said. 

Everyone looked at you. “What about you?” Veronica asked.

“Oh, um. Sure.” You shrugged. “Sounds good.”

At that moment, Jughead walked over to the table. Your heart was racing but no one would ever tell by your expression. You rolled your eyes and shifted in your seat so you weren’t looking at him directly. Kevin just laughed. “You still hate him, huh?”

“What are you guys talking about?” Jughead asked as he joined the table.

“We’re all going to go see a movie this weekend. Want to go?” Betty asked him.

“Who’s all going?” He asked. 

Veronica sighed. “_____ is going but that doesn’t mean you can’t go.”

“It absolutely does,” you interjected.

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i love seeing the duality of neil’s frantic grasping at survival and his quiet acceptance of his own death. like he’s got his mother’s voice in him telling him to run at every turn, the secrets and the lies that he keeps as long as possible, but then you also get lines like these:

and neil’s entire character all year has been about him not wanting to die quietly. andrew’s first deal with neil, to let him stay, came entirely from neil’s jealousy of kevin and then this:

like obviously staying is a bad idea, and there are several stages where riko and then kevin find out who he is, and obviously that will get back to his father, but neil doesn’t run at any of those opportunities. and partly that bc of andrew’s deal, but it’s also bc neil’s already resigned himself to dying, so might as well do what he wants? like sure, neil still tries to stay hidden, but not very hard, and he’d stayed in millport an entire year, and he’d picked up exy again

so of course neil defends kevin on kathy ferdinand’s show. of course neil goes to evermore over christmas, and brutally drags the ravens and demands coach moriyama’s resignation and insults riko on live tv, and pokes and prods at andrew even when andrew threatens to kill him, and goes to baltimore for the foxes, and ignores the countdown. and of course he does all this without a second thought, because neil was always going to die at some point, so what would it matter if he died now vs in three months??

and his deal with andrew – of course neil trusts in his deal with andrew, he has nothing to lose. even if andrew breaks his deal along the way, or fails to protect neil, it’s no different than if neil didn’t have andrew’s protection. so of course he takes it, on the off chance that andrew might be the one thing capable of standing between him and his death, because that 1% chance of having everything he wanted is too hard to pass up

but for andrew, this is huge. for andrew, this is someone to keep kevin around (kevin who’d promised to give andrew a future), someone who trusts andrew’s deals when even his own brother ignored him, someone who pokes his nose in where he shouldn’t and makes andrew feel anger that isn’t directed inward, fear that isn’t at the edge of a roof, and if it means losing you, then no, and i’d drag you with me

i just think it’s fitting how neil, this poor boy who was going to die this year and might as well do something with it, meets andrew, this poor boy who’s going to live this year and might as well do something with it, and of course they see themselves in each other

and then baltimore comes, and suddenly neil’s not going to die anymore, but by then there’s already no going back

meet the parents | jason blossom (riverdale)

Originally posted by knightlley

a/n: work by the lovely @netflixanddonuts

what is love?

for some it is a magical feeling one experiences when seeing someone they love to the point that they say they feel butterflies in their stomach.

love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. for me that person was jason blossom. it was love at first sight.

i opened my eyes and met his, it was magical. jason and I have been in a relationship for two months. every single second that I spent with him was heaven. 

today was the day i was about to meet my boyfriends parents. I was a just an ordinary, middle class teenager and therefore, beyond terrified of his parents’ reaction.

a million questions were zooming through my head. i put on a lacy red dress, the one jason gave me as a present. suddenly i heard a noise coming from my backyard.

It was Jason's car. I hastily grabbed my purse and left my bedroom. He gasped as soon as he saw my outfit.

“Y/N? You look amazing!” i blush a little, unexpectedly my smile had disappeared.

“babe? What's wrong?” his hands were not placed on my waist. 

“what… what if your parents don’t like me?” I stuttered.

“i don't care what my parents think about you. I will always love you, Y/N and nothing, I mean nothing, will ever change that.”

“What about your sister?” I said quickly he let out a deep sigh.


“She hates me, Jason!”

It was true, Cheryl honestly hated me. It was a classic. She was a popular girl, I was no one. And popular girls are mean, thats what makes them popular after all.

“You know what?! Let's just go. We don't want to be late.”

i slowly entered the massive, extravagant house of the blossom family. to be perfectly honest I didn’t expect anything less.

It was beautiful, but haunting at the same time. Suddenly, a tall, red haired woman approached me, smiling. She was wearing a long, black dress which made her look very slim. She was beautiful. She was Penelope Blossom, Jason’s mother.

“Jason? You made it?” She said and tightly hugged the boy.

“Mother, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” He said while putting his hands on my waist. Her eyes were now all over me. I could sense the disappointment.

“Well, its nice to meet you, Y/N. Jason told me a lot about you.“  I returned the smile.

“Thank you fo…for having me, Mrs Blossom. You house is very beautiful” A small laugh escaped my mouth. I was extremely anxious.

“The dining room is this way.“ said Penelope "Follow me.”

jason took my hand and led me to the dining room. he sat me in a beautiful green chair taking the seat next to me. moments later the dining room door opened again and a tall, man stormed in.

Jason stood, following his moves you did too.

“Father!” Jason exclaimed and gave his father a hand shake.

“Hello Jason” He said as he shook back.

“And who may this young lady be?” He asked.

“Father, this is my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N” He said gesturing to you.

“Ah yes! Y/N!“

Jason’s father said and he gave your hand a kiss. He sat down at the end of the table, the both of you sat after he sat down. Just few second later, a familiar girl came in. It was Cheryl.

suddenly, everything went black. My heart was racing. My chest was tight. Cheryl and I used to be friends back in the middle school, best friends actually, but all of a sudden, our friendship faded. 

She became popular, she was THAT kind of girl who becomes a cheerleader, that girl who gets a hot boyfriend and rules the whole school. I was nothing, nobody knew my name, nobody cared. Everything was darkness and gloom until Jason just came into my life. He was different, he actually cared.

"Hey babe, you alright?” my lover asked i nodded in agreement.

“Come sit with us, Cheryl, darling. Jason's girlfriend Y/N is here.” said Mrs. Blossom. After what seemed like a minute, she sat down next to her mother. She was frustrated.

“So… Y/N…” Mr. Blossom started.

“Tell us something about your family.” He said while cutting some meat on his plate.

“Well…” I could feel Cheryl's eyes on me the whole time.

“My family used to own this oil company…”

“What happened?” Cheryl cut me off she was furious.

“Um… they had problems with this whole thi…”

“So they are unemployed now?” there was a long awkward silence.

“Yes, but, you see…" she smacked her hands against the table and let out a deep sign.

"Jason?” She asked her twin “A moment?" 

Both of them excused themselves. I was confused, lost. I just wanted to be alone, In my safety zone. Where no one could see me. Mrs Blossom was just sitting there, staring at me. I suddenly started to feel very dizzy.

"Could… could you tell me where the bathroom is, please?" Mrs Blossom smiled and nodded.

"It’s right there, darling. Just take the first left." i returned the smile and walked away.

I could hear somebody talking. It was Cheryl. She was with Jason. 

I decided to come a little closer.

"A Y/L/N? Jason?! Whats gotten into you?” She shouted.

“Cheryl, listen…” He tried to calm her down.

“No! J.J! Its unacceptable!”

“I love her, Cheryl” He halfwhispered. 

I could feel my heart flutter.

“I love her and each passing second and each breath I take increases my love for her. And Whenever I feel lost, sad or defeated, I imagine her smiling and I instantly smile. She is the love of my life, Cheryl. And you are gonna have to accept that, sooner or later.”

A tiny tear escaped my eyes. I was touched by my boyfriend's words. At that exact moment, I felt it. He was the one. I quickly whipped my tears away and went back to the dining room.

After few minutes, Cheryl and Jason came back. Cheryl seemed somewhat different. She looked confused, lost. 

“We should go, Y/N. It's time.” My lover said.

“But what about the dessert?” His mother gasped.

“Maybe next time, mom”

I quickly grabbed my red coat and my purse. I was ready to go.

“You should come back next weekend!” Said Mrs. Blossom.

“We can't promise anything, mother.” Jason said, smiling.

I kissed Penelope on a cheek and hugged Clifford goodbye.

Suddenly, Cheryl appeared right in front of me.

“Cheryl? What are you…?” I gasped.

“I came to apologize.” She signed.

“Look, Y/N… My brother loves you very much. And as his sister, i want to see him happy and he really is happy with you. I’m sorry, Y/N/N, about everything.” A small tear rolled down her cheek.

“See you at Pop's tomorrow? We have a lot of things to talk about. My treat!”

I nodded in agreement.

On that day, I not only discovered unconditional love, but also true friendship. So what is love? i finally got the right answer. There are many different forms of love: either love for your family, your relatives, your significant other, god… But the strongest and most beautiful form of love is friendship.

Too Close~Part 1 (Jughead Jones)

A/N: I meant to finish this last night, but I was really tired and I fell asleep before I could lol. Gif’s not mine.

Summary: You are a Blossom and after getting a little too close to the truth your father sends you away to a school where you can be watched.

Pairing: Jughead x Blossom!reader

Word Count: 1447

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, a little bit of violence, 

Other Parts: Part 2-Part 3-Part 4-Part 5


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I got too close. Too close to the truth and too far from being careful. That was why I was here. My father, Clifford Blossom, had always seen me as a disobedient, useless human being. Jason was the golden boy and Cheryl and I were the other two that hadn’t been planned. Cheryl was treated badly, but I seemed to be treated worse. It only got worse when I started dating Jughead. Before that, Cheryl and I had pretty much been on the same stress level. Careful of every move as we knew that they would only be viewed by our parents as wrong or selfish. Now I could barely look into their eyes without being told off or punished. I never told Jughead though, I didn’t need him feeling as though it was all his fault that I was being treated like a servant in my own home.

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Lies [j.j.]

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so I got inspired to write this so if you haven’t watched the latest episode avoided it bc like…spoilersssss ((also let’s pretend Beronica is real pls)). also sorry xx i’m in a depressing mood whoops.


You flinched as you felt a hand latch onto your arm, dragging you away from Kevin and Joaquin and out into the hallway.

“What’s going on?” You hissed, finally coming to a stop and facing the redheaded boy and the raven haired girl.

“It’s Betty, she…” Veronica quieted down as you all heard the sound of heels clicking on the tile floor. You turned around to see an angry Betty, causing you to step back slightly and hide behind Archie.

“What did you do now Ronnie?” you asked under your breath, being met with nothing but a harsh glare that basically screamed at you to shut up.

“Whatever. She’s your girlfriend,” you muttered, shrinking back when Veronica shot you yet another harsh glare.

“Before you get mad,” Veronica began. “Let me explain.”

“Explain what? That you’re working with my mom behind my back?” Betty asked, exasperated.

“ I’m sorry, B, but you know FP had some kind of arrangement with my dad,” V replied. “I had to make sure it wasn’t about Jason Blossom.”

“And what’s your excuse?” Betty turned to Archie.

“I was looking out for Jughead in case FP was doing shady stuff,” Archie replied honestly.

“To protect him,” Betty said in disbelief.

She turned to you. “What about you (Y/N)? What did you do?”

You shrunk back at her harsh tone, hiding behind Veronica as her eyes softened.

“Blame me, Betty. I asked Archie to help me,” the raven haired girl spoke.

“Help you do what? What did you two do?” you asked, not knowing what was going on.

“Hey guys what’s going on?” Jughead asked as he approached, drawing your attention to the way he was dressed, looking simply perfect in his suit and beanie. “Woah, why do I feel like I’m suddenly left out?”

“Do you want to tell him? Or should I?“ Betty asked impatiently.

Veronica stepped forwards. “We went to your dad’s trailer. To search it.”

“Why would you guys do that?” Jughead asked, playful expression falling off his face.

“My mom put them up to it,” Betty interjected.

Jughead looked around in disbelief, eyes widening as he noticed you. “And (Y/N)? Was she involved in this too? Was she supposed to distract me?”

You shook your head furiously as you stuttered, trying to get your words out. Jughead scoffed.

Veronica approached him. “Do you really think she had anything to do with this? (Y/N)’s in love with you for God’s sake!”

Jughead’s eyes widened and your face flushed red. He started walking towards you before you managed to open your mouth, shutting everyone up. “I don’t like Jughead!”

Jughead slowed, eventually coming to a stop and giving you an unreadable look before shifting his attention to the ground and backing away from you.

“Yes she does!” Veronica protested as you hit her sharply.

“I do not love Jughead Jones!” you shouted exasperatedly, effectively shutting everyone up.

“Betty’s mom was convinced FP was hiding something about Jason,” Veronica said lowly. “We were wrong. All of us.”

“We didn’t find anything,” Archie chimed in. “And Jug, we were only doing it to prove that-”

“That my dad wasn’t a murderer?” Jughead cut him off. “You went behind my back, Archie? How did you- when did you guys know to go to my dad’s trailer?”

“We knew he’d be at dinner with-” Veronica began.

Jughead cut her off with a sigh. He turned to you and Betty. “No. That’s why you invited my dad and I to dinner? So these two could break into his trailer while she interrogated him?”

You stepped forwards. “No, I didn’t know what they were doing.”

“But yes, that is why mom invited you guys,” Betty whispered.

“To think I was gonna pass on moving to Toledo with my family for you,” he whispered back.

You let out a tear-filled gasp. “What?”

“When we went to my dad’s trailer, you asked me if I believed him. I said I did. Wasn’t that good enough for you?” He asked.

“It was,” you and Betty replied together.

“It was good enough,” Betty continued. You couldn’t speak. “I didn’t… I tried to stop her.”

“You could’ve told me, you could’ve warned me about this,” Jughead yelled.

“You were so excited, Jug, I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“So instead you lied? You all lied to me?” Jughead asked.

“There they are,” Kevin said, running around the corner, followed by parents.

“Betty. Thank God-” Alice spoke.

“Mom, don’t,” Betty interrupted.

“No, you have to listen,” Kevin said. “All of you. My dad just told Mayor McCoy about your dad, Jughead.”

You turned to Jughead, who opened his mouth to speak. “What about my dad?”

“He was just arrested. For the murder of Jason Blossom.”

You ran after Jughead, ignoring Archie and Betty who were calling out after you. You followed Jughead to his dad’s trailer, having ditched your heels a few blocks down.

You arrived just in time to see Jughead slide down the wall, sobbing into his hands.

You approached carefully, wincing when you stepped on broken glass, and settled down next to Jughead. He leaned his head on your shoulder, still sobbing.

You began running one hand through his hair and intertwining the other one with his.

“They all lied to me (Y/N/N),” he whispered.

“I know,” you said.

You spent a few more minutes in silence before he shot up straight.

“They all lied to me,” he repeated hashly. “FP, Archie, Betty, Veronica. They all lied.”

You held on to his hand, not knowing where he was going with his little speech.

His eyes hardened as he looked at you. “You all lied to me. You all tricked me.”

Your eyes widened as you shook your head. “No Jughead, I never- I didn’t even know what they were doing.”

“Don’t play dumb with me (Y/N),” Jughead spoke. Tears sere streaming down your face.

“You’re a liar,” he spat. “What did you lie about?”

You sat in silence, not answering his question. Fed up with your silence, Jughead scoffed and got up, storming out of the trailer and leaving you in tears.

“I lied when I said I didn’t love you.”

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You Dumbass! // Archie Andrews

I was thinking.. maybe something like the reader has had feelings for Arch for years now and everybody (even him) pretty much knows it but she’s done with his shit bc whenever he leaves a girl (or a girl leaves him) she’s expecting him to finally notice her, but he never does and moves on to someone else. So one day someone asks her on a date and she accepts and they have fun and all but then Arch gets jealous and they fight.

Thank you @sweetvengeancee for this request, you say it’s a bad but I think otherwise. Keep sending in requests and feedback please! I wanna know what you think of these!


People say that love is easy, but they were wrong.

I’ve been in love with Archie Andrews since I could remember. We’d been best friends since we were little, but my feelings grew over time for the beautiful auburn haired boy and I couldn’t keep them hidden, at least, not from my friends.

Betty, Ronnie, Jughead and Kevin all knew about my romantic feelings for him. Hell, everyone knew about my feelings for him.

Except him.

Every time he’d get with a girl, he’d end up broken hearted, I’d hope he’d finally notice my feelings for him, it never happen, then he’d find another girl. It was a continuous cycle and it had recently just happened with Valerie.

I honestly was fed up with the bullshit of waiting around. I knew I shouldn’t, but he was just such a good person, he was just blinded by his own ego.

Damn him for getting attractive over the summer.

I walked to my locker, putting in the combination and opening it. I sighed, staring at a photo of Archie and I at Pop’s which Betty took. We were laughing about something random, but Betty managed to capture the moment. I ran my fingers over the photo before grabbing out my books for my next class.

‘Y/N Y/L/N,’ I jumped a little, catching the sight of Trev Brown leaning against the locker next to mine. 'Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.’

'No that’s okay,’ I chuckled, shutting my locker. 'What’s up?’

'I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tonight? At Pop’s? I’ve been wanting to ask you all week but I haven’t had the chance.’

I pondered for a minute. I can’t keep waiting around for Archie forever, plus, Trev was a nice guy. 'Sure, I’d love too. Meet you there at 7?’

Trev grinned, nodding his head. 'Yeah, sure. I’ll uh, see you then.’ He smiled, walking away from me down the hallway.

'Um…’ I turned around to find Kevin and Ronnie completely confused on what just happened. 'What about-’

'Archie?’ I sighed, walking in between them down the hallway to our next class. 'Guys, he’ll never see me that way. Plus, he’s not over Valerie. Maybe it wasn’t suppose to be and I’m okay it…I think.’

'No! You can’t give up! He’s just a dumbass who can’t see it!’ Ronnie exclaimed, 'We’ll help.’

'No!’ I pointed my finger at her, 'You won’t, he lost his chance and I’ve been asked out on a date, I’m going.’

'Where are you going?’ I turned my head to see Archie in front of us, stopping the three of us in the hallway.

'Y/N’s got a date,’ Ronnie smirked, placing a hand on my shoulder, 'with Trev Brown.’ I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly what she was doing.

'It was probably the most adorable thing you’d ever see.’ Kevin gushed.

'Oh - well, good for you then.’ Archie gave a small smile. 'Have fun.’

'Yeah, I will.’ I replied.


The date with Trev so far was going amazing. He was kind, sweet and caring. He also had a great sense of humour. Bonding over milkshakes was what I hoped to do with…Archie.

God damn that boy.

'Wait,’ I asked laugh, 'so what you’re trying to tell me is that actually happened to Chuck?’

'Yeah, he’s an absolute idiot.’ Trev laughed. The door dinged open as my smile dropped, seeing Archie walking in with Jughead. I groaned, running my hands over my face. 'What’s wrong?’ Trev asked, turning around to see Archie. 'Aren’t you and Archie like, best friends?’

'Yeah, but he knew I was coming here.’ I muttered. Archie and Jughead walked over to our table, Archie giving Trev a look. 'Archie, Jughead, what are you doing here?’

'Just for food. What are you kids doing?’ I sighed, feeling annoyance bubble up inside me.

'You know what I’m doing. I told you today that I was going on a date. You probably forgot since you’re still obsessing over Valerie.’ Archie turned his glare to me resting his hands on the table.

'We’ll go somewhere else away from here.’ Jughead interjected, grabbing Archie and pulling him away from our booth. I sighed, closing my eyes in annoyance.

'I’m sorry about that Trev, he’s just-’

'You like him, don’t you?’ Trev interrupted, a knowing smile on his face. I squinted my eyes at him in confusion.

'How did you?…’

'I thought you’d say no because of him. Everyone can see you’re in love with him.’ I put my head down, sighing in defeat. 'Hey, don’t feel bad. We can still be good friends.’ He placed his hand over mine for reassurance. 'But, go get Archie before someone else does.’ I chuckled at him, finally ready to admit feelings.

'Thank you, Trev, for a good night.’ I smiled, standing up to give him a hug good bye. 'I’ll see you at school.’ I waved, sitting back down in the booth and drinking the rest of my milkshake.

I saw the familiar auburn hair sit in front of me. I crossed my arms over my chest, glaring at him. 'What?’

'What the hell is your problem?’

'My problem? What the hell is your problem?’ I snapped. 'You’ve been acting all mopey since Valerie. When are you going to admit it? You screwed up! You can’t even see the right person in front of you!’

'Me? What about you! You’re going on a date with Trev Brown? You’ve never spoken to him!’

I scoffed at him. 'At least he had the guts to ask me on a date, Archie. I’m sorry that I don’t get as much attention as you with your new ego.’ I stood up, grabbing my hand bag.

I gave a final look to Jughead who watched our argument play out, walking out of Pop’s. I stormed over near my car, opening it up.

'Don’t walk away when I’m trying to talk to you!’ Archie called out, following me.

'What do you want to hear, Archie’ I turned around, stopping my escapade, 'Why are you getting angry of someone else asking me out on a date?’

'Because…he’s not good for you, Y/N!’

'Oh, for god sakes! That’s not good enough!’

'Why are you getting angry at me?’

'Because I love you, you dumbass!’ I exclaimed, panting a little.

I just admitted I loved him.

Oh dear god.

'You…you what?’ Archie asked, stumped. He stepped closer, causing me to almost hold my breath.

'I - I love you. Watching you go from girl to girl, getting heart broken then coming to me to fix it…how could you not see me right in front of you?’ I asked, feeling my eyes water.

Archie took another step closer to me, his gal figure towering over mine as he started down at me with those gorgeous eyes of his.

'Why didn’t say this earlier?’

'What do you-’

He grabbed my face, pulling me in for our lips to finally touch. I gasped, Archie taking my breath away completely. He made my knees feel weak and my heart race, it was just the way I imagined it.

We both pulled away, both of us breathless. 'Well, I didn’t see that coming.’ I joked, hearing Archie chuckle.

'I’m glad it did.’ He smiled, pulling me in for another kiss.

Addicted Part 2 - Jughead x Reader

A/N: You guys seemed to like Addicted and wanted a part 2 so here you go!! I hope you enjoy and I may be making a part 3 if you’re interested :) Part One

Warnings: Drugs, drinking, smoking, violence, swearing, angst

Word count:  1875

You were sitting in English bored out of your mind, the effects of the pills were starting to wear off and you were craving a cigarette, you could see Jughead out of the corner of your eye, you started to think about how to ask if he was related to FP, after all, FP was ‘the second’ and this Jughead guy seemed to be ‘the third’ but you had been to FP’s house and never seen this boy so something was up.

Suddenly your attention was drawn to a note that was thrown at you, you turned to see Betty smiling and mouthing “Open it”, you looked down at the note and unfolded it.

Pops after school, meet me at my locker? - B, the note read. You turned to Betty and nodded, she smiled and turned back to the front to listen to the teacher drabble on about some Romeo and Juliet project.

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anonymous asked:

You know how in chapter three Chiron kind of pretends to be someone he's not? I feel like that's sort of what Kevin does in chapter 2 of the movie. He was wanting to impress all the "cool kids" and the only time he was fully himself imo was in the beach scene because we actually got to see him be vulnerable and honest but before that he was kind of putting on an act I feel. And afterwards he also put on an act with those bullies. He was the most vulnerable and unguarded with Chiron

yes yes yes! this is pretty much what jharrel said here, Kevin was hiding just as much as Chiron but a lot of people dismissed it because they just thought that’s the kind of person he would have grown up to be, you know? your typical tough guy but that scene on the beach shows how much of a facade he put on just to fit in. When he beats up Chiron… if anyone thinks he wanted to do that, they’re wrong. Barry mentions in the audio commentary how Kevin was basically a product of the world pushing you to do what you think you need to do to in order to survive. And when adult Kevin says he never did what he wanted to do, only what other people expected from him, that speaks 1000 words because he hid so much of himself as a teenager. He was attracted to boys before he kissed Chiron so god knows how much that would have wrecked him because it didn’t match his tough guy exterior so he just continued to hide for years and years until he became the Kevin in the third chapter. It’s heartbreaking, those two boys went through so much and I know a lot of people don’t get Kevin’s character but honestly his character is pretty damn painful and I’m crying while writing this, amazing.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Idk if you do this kinda thing but could you write about if Dan and Matt introduce Neil to the Star Wars movies bc he's never seen them before, and he gets like obsessed with them lmao

Sure thing, anon. I did this in list form. I hope that’s okay? Read more cut bc this got out of hand. Kevin also snuck his way into this a lot. Ha.

  • So, it all starts when Matt gets really sick. His nose is congested and he has a sore throat and he’s been confined to his room bc he’s contagious and Kevin is like you can’t play exy like that so poor matt is kind of just stuck in his room for a few days (top concerns in kevin’s world: get better fast & don’t get the rest of team sick)
  • Neil stops by with Andrew to see how Matt’s doing.
  • Matt takes full advantage of his voice change and as soon as they walk into the room he raises his hand to both Neil and Andrew and in his best Darth Vader impression(which is not very good but he tries) says, “Luke, I am your father.”
  • Neil is confused. “Who’s Luke?? Is Matt okay? Dan we should call Abby, I think he’s hallucinating.”
  • Dan and Matt just look at each other.  Andrew wastes no time in correcting Matt that it’s actually, “No, I am your father. If you’re going to quote something at least do it right.”
  • Dan focuses on Neil and asks if he has ever seen Star Wars and Neil just says no?
  • Cue Dan and Matt in absolute shock at the audacity. They strike a deal with Neil to at least watch the original trilogy. (They persuade him that it will be a good bonding time with the new foxes. He’s reluctant bc movies don’t bring people together but okay.)
  • Neil is not expecting much and is dreading it because this time he can spend playing exy or alone time with Andrew.
  • It turns out Kevin has never watched Star Wars either but at least he’s heard of it. He gets dragged into it(he strikes a deal with the foxes to get them to practice raven drills for three weeks. one for each film.)
  • Neil finds himself rooting for luke.This  farm boy who has been thrust into a whole mess? Luke, who’s aunt and uncle die and he had nothing left in Tattooine so he goes off with obi-wan? And this decision changes his life forever?

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anonymous asked:

i love love love how you write neil and andrew, they are literally so in character it hurts... i'm writing a fanfic for the big bang but i have no idea how to write them, thank god they're mostly background characters. do you have any tips tho??

aw thank you so much! i know i write them a little bit softer than they actually are, but that’s a deliberate choice i made (…after election day hahahahahahahaha) bc i’m a wuss and i just want everyone to be happy lol. in my big bang fic they are like anti-soft. it’s bleak.

full disclaimer, this is all my personal reading of andrew & neil and a lot of people write them differently depending on personal taste and interpretation (i highly recommend @ravenvsfox for what i think is one of the truest-to-the-books portrayals of andrew i’ve seen! also @badacts writes an AMAZING neil)

that said here is my advice (this got long so it’s under a cut):

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 04

First things first: did Gook-do’s girlfriend lie to him about being out of town? And went to meet his childhood friend? Seriously? What is she thinking? She’s so ending up in the killer’s kidnapping list.

Which takes me to the mystery at hand: today I can safely say that the killer is not Bong-ki (didn’t really believe it for a second) nor the mafia guys tailing Bong-soon. By the way, that entire thing was hilarious and I’m dying to see how it plays out in future episodes. Are they trying to recruit her? If yes, I’m dying of laughter since she’s already the Boss in the neighborhood. Those high school kids were pretty funny too, I was lol-ing through the entire scene. And as a finishing touch, the two mobsters getting all excited about witnessing an UFO has to be the most hilarious scene of the entire episode.

By the way, how does the Mafia Boss know about Min-hyuk? Is it because they keep tabs of all important CEOs or is it regarding his father’s past? I’m more inclined for the latter and I’m sure this storyline it will comeback to us in the long run, and even will have something to do with catching the killer and Min-hyuk’s stalker, who now I believe it’s not the same person.

That’s right, methinks today we got more clues that we are dealing with two different criminals: the stalker harassing Min-hyuk and the killer kidnapping the young women. For one, the first seems to have a very detailed goal and that it’s getting Min-hyuk out of the family business. In this case, I have to assume it’s indeed one of his older brothers trying to get the company for themselves. What other reason could it be to do all this?

The second criminal also has a plan but it has nothing to do with Min-hyuk or a business, he’s just a crazy man harming random people he feels attracted to.

Also, today we got to see Bong-soon have a change of attitude towards Gook-do. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still crushing on him but now she’s getting fed up of his rants and also making unflattering and unexcited faces when she sees his name on the caller ID. What a difference from the first episode!

I liked it when we can see the friendship between Gook-do and Bong-soon, it makes me understand why she likes him despite his cold attitude. Gook-do is all business, most of the time, and it’s makes him a pain but also someone to admire since he is honest and hardworking. The scene where they are talking outside her house made me see more into their relationship, and I think he honestly doesn’t know about her crush because he wouldn’t be this way otherwise. He cares too much and he has demonstrated it by being all up her business and giving her advice on how to avoid dangerous situations.

The thing is Gook-do is convinced Bong-soon is some sort of delicate flower so in a way, despite of being together for so many years, he doesn’t really know her. I’m looking forward for him to find out the truth about her powers, although I admit is pretty hilarious how oblivious he is to what’s under his nose.

It was also nice to see a more vulnerable side of Bong-soon since she is always wearing a tough attitude, but watching her crying her eyes out at the movie theatre, getting drunk and dancing to forget her worries was not only hilarious but also a different person. But we also got to see her cool side, a là Kevin Costner, and also her more feminine and sensitive side when she was taking care of Min-hyuk, who noticed every single thing about our leading lady.

If Min-hyuk was smitten before, after today he’s a goner. Watching him tear up in front of that breakfast made me want to cry, imagining how long must have been since he had a proper meal. One that he can appreciate and from someone he cares about.

We already knew that after his mother’s death, he was isolated and didn’t get along with his older brothers; but what was shown to us today was straight up bullying. How many years did he have to endure it? What’s more, now he chooses to make a closet the door to his safe place because it’s a way to battle his demons face on. And in that door the painting of the woman who saved his life many years ago. Hasn’t he made the connection that Bong-soon and the woman are one and the same? I wonder how will he react when he realizes…

Bong-soon and Min-hyuk had a lot of development, although small and slow, they are not in the same place as before. Min-hyuk is definitely interested in more than just a professional relationship now, just look at him talking all sweetly and like an Oppa on the phone the morning after they went out. And while Bong-soon remains unimpressed, I’m starting to see her care more for him with each episode. So darn cute, guys. See ya at the wedding!

You know who else notices things? Kyung-shim, who accurately points out Min-hyuk isn’t gay at all. Yes, girl, you are right. Also, can I point out that Bong-soon’s bestie is awesome and endearing, and that Bong-ki seems to have thing for her? Or am I imagining things? Yes? No? I mean, I think they are pretty cute together and have an easy going relationship. I ship it.

Another week of two good, solid episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and I’m officially hooked. Looking forward to more clues about the crimes and character development next week!

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Soooo …. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Also Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, and Seth Rogen. 

The new Riverdale episode was a truly amazing present for a girl to watch :) SO MUCH BUGHEAD LOVE.

Thoughts on the episode:

- Jughead that was mean but I love you and the make-up scene more than makes up for that Archie comment to Betty

- F*ck you, Chuck

- Cheryl actually got accused of twincest oh my god

- There was a difference between Cheryl and Veronica’s dancing?

- Bughead is endgame

- Joaquin I see through you you totally like Kevin

- FP saves the day (horay)

- Did FP just call Alice hot?

- Dilton WTF?

- F*ck you, Chuck

- I wish we could see Moose jealousy (I live for that sort of drama)

- Betty’s sweater was perfect

- Juggie your hair is so glossy

- That birthday wish was kind of cute

- Go Val! 

- F*ck you, Chuck

- Archie it’ll be okay, I promise

- Get some, Ronnie!!

- Molly Ringwald???

anonymous asked:

Hi, can you write one about how each of bughead's friends keep doubting their feelings/relationship, but each and every time they keep proving them wrong? Thank you for your time in writing!

Yes! I love this. This one is for all the doubters out there!

Archie thought that Jughead and Betty were confusing a close friendship with liking each other.

When Archie first found out that Jughead and Betty were seeing each other he was in shock. He had never seen this coming and he honestly couldn’t imagine them together. He couldn’t picture the two of them together any more than he could picture himself dating Betty. The three of them had been friends for so long, how could that possibly have changed?

Archie didn’t think that it would last. He was sure that Betty and Jughead would realize that they were better off as friends, after all they were weren’t they? Betty and Jughead were the best of friends, but Archie wasn’t so sure that could translate into a relationship.

High school was a confusing time and dating was even more confusing, Archie knew that firsthand. Maybe Jughead and Betty were confusing their feelings of friendship with something else. Maybe they really wanted to be in a relationship so they were forcing their feelings. Or maybe dating each other seemed like the safest choice in the crazy world of teenage dating.

Whatever the reason was, Archie was sure it wasn’t because they actually had fallen for each other. 

At least that is what he thought until he saw them one day at Pop’s. Archie was about to walk in when he caught a glimpse of them through the window. They were completely absorbed in one another and didn’t notice him, but he noticed them.

Archie noticed the way that Jughead was smiling, brighter than he had ever seen his friend smile.

He noticed how Betty was laughing in pure joy at something Jughead had said. Betty was always happy, but sitting there with Jughead, she looked radiant.

Archie noticed how animated Jughead was and how he was using one hand to gesture wildly while the other held Betty’s on the table.

He noticed how both of them were looking at each other, like they were the only two people in the world.

Archie turned around and walked away. He had been wrong, so wrong. He knew now that what Betty and Jughead felt for each other was the real deal.

Veronica thought that Betty was using Jughead to make Archie jealous.

After all, the two started “dating” pretty quickly after Betty was turned down by Archie. Betty had claimed to have gotten over him, but Veronica had seen the way that Betty looked at him when he wasn’t looking.

Then, there suddenly was Jughead. Out of nowhere, Betty was hanging out with him instead of Archie and Veronica. She had suspected that Betty was avoiding them because she was still sensitive about all that had happened. So naturally, Veronica was skeptical when Betty and Jughead had shown up holding hands.

It clearly bothered Archie, so Veronica figured that their relationship had served its purpose. She was on her way right now to confront Betty about it and put this crazy scheme to an end.

Betty’s mom answered the door and gestured upstairs with a disapproving look on her face when Veronica asked for Betty. Ignoring her friend’s mom’s dislike of her, she headed upstairs. She was about to knock on the door when she heard Betty talking inside.

“I don’t know Jug, maybe we made a mistake, this just feels wrong…” Veronica froze at the words. Nice of Betty’s mom to let her know that Jughead was hear too. Veronica leaned forward to listen, but when Betty spoke again she realized that she must be on the phone. “No, not us Jughead. Of course not us, that’s the only thing that feels right. What I meant was maybe we made a mistake in telling our friends, you have to admit that they have all been acting weird since we told them…”

“Damn” Veronica whispered under hear breath as what Betty was saying sunk in. There was a long silence, Veronica wished that she could hear what Jughead was saying to Betty. All she knew was that when Betty spoke again, her voice was considerably happier.

“I really like you, you know that….how do you always know what to say to make me feel better?” There was another pause and then Betty’s laugh rang out from inside the door. “I take it back, I hate you.” Veronica found herself smiling despite herself. She had been so caught up in thinking that their relationship was fake that she never stopped to actually look at their relationship. Now she could see how good they were for each other. 

Jughead was always there for Betty, and apparently he was good at comforting her when she needed it. In turn, Veronica thought that Betty was bringing Jughead out of his book and into the real world. Thinking back she realized that Jughead had certainly been a lot more present since he and Betty had started dating.

With a smile, Veronica knocked on the door, determined to make sure that Betty knew that she and Jughead had her blessing.

“Juggie, someone’s here I have to go. I love you too.”

Kevin thought that Jughead wasn’t good enough for Betty. It was nothing against Jughead really, he just thought that Betty was too nice and sweet and Jughead was well…Jughead.

Jughead was an outsider, frequently by choice. He liked to be alone, he was sarcastic and moody. Betty was the exact opposite. She was always so present and she shone like a sunbeam.

Betty needed someone that would appreciate and nurture that light inside of her, not dampen it.

Betty seemed happy enough with Jughead, but Kevin thought that maybe she was choosing to ignore his flaws. Every time Jughead said something sarcastic or teased Betty, Kevin wanted to explode.

Finally having enough, he slid into Jughead’s booth one night, determined to figure out how the boy really felt about Betty.

“What’s up man?” Jughead barely looked up from his laptop. If he was surprised to see that Kevin was sitting with him, he didn’t show it.

“I…um” Kevin hesitated, trying to find the right words. Jughead looked up at him, concern showing in his eyes.

“Is Betty okay?”

“Yes, she’s fine” Kevin assured him, watching as Jughead’s posture relaxed. So, Jughead really did care about Betty, that was a point for him, but Kevin still wasn’t convinced. “She’s actually what I came here to talk to you about.”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you too.” Jughead replied

“Really?” That stopped Kevin in his tracks

“Yes, you and I don’t know each other very well. We’ve both known Betty for a while, but we run in different circles. But you are important to her, I can tell. And I want to get to know you better, because any friend of Betty’s is a friend of mine.”

“I…I would like that” Kevin could barely get the words out he was so shocked. This was not at all how he thought the conversation would go. This was a new side to Jughead that he had never seen before. An honest, caring side. Maybe this is what Betty saw all of the time.

“Also, know that I really care about Betty, and I will do right by her. I also already got the scary dad intimidation speech from Veronica, so you don’t need to bother with that. Veronica is…terrifying, but I don’t need her threats. I will never do anything to hurt Betty.” Jughead said seriously. Kevin smiled, he couldn’t believe how transparent he had been. Jughead probably had known why he was there from the moment he had sat down, but he had played along and made an effort to convince Kevin that he was worthy of Betty.

“You know, I’m beginning to see what Betty sees in you.” Kevin said

“Well, if you figure it out let me know. I’ve been trying to figure out why she choose me of all people and nothing makes sense.” Jughead said it as a joke, but his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“It’s because you are nice.” Kevin found himself wanting to reassure Jughead.

“Excuse me?” Jughead looked utterly offended

“You try to hide it behind indifference and that rough exterior, but I see you Jughead. Underneath you are really just a nice, sweet, caring person. Just like Betty. I’ve seen it, and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise.” Kevin said with a grin.

“Then, I guess I’m just going to have to kill you.” Jughead smiled back, “I can’t have you exposing my secret.”

“I’d like to see you try” Kevin said with a laugh, marveling at the turn of the conversation. Jughead really was a completely different person once you took the time to get to know him. Kevin, like the rest of the school had written him off as an antisocial freak. But Betty, sweet Betty, had taken the time that others hadn’t. 

Maybe they were perfect for each other and maybe they weren’t, but Kevin saw now that they were more alike than he thought. Betty had gotten to know Jughead and had liked what she had seen. The least Kevin could do was give him a chance.

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Abby Appreciation Post

re-reading the entire series in order to write this was totally a legit reason fight me
so i’m sure this has all been said but i love Abby so much????
like she seriously cares for her Foxes so much and tries her best even though as she says, she’s always too late and like??? she respects their boundaries so much, she so tender w them and protective over them and just
 Actual Fox Mom Abigail Winfield. this got heaps long oops

have some favourite parts/quotes bc i can:

  • that entire scene at her place in The Foxhole Court where she’s just taking none of anyone’s shit, not Nicky, not Andrew, not Wymack. 
    • she has to do this a lot tbh
  • “Abby jogged the last couple steps to Kevin and crushed him in a fierce embrace. Kevin held onto her for dear life
  • the fact that on multiple occasions Abby’s medical bag contains booze. i know that’s also bc wymack but whatever im behind it
  • this entire thing: 
    • “Sometimes I think this job is going to kill me,” Abby said. “Seeing what people have done, what people continue to do, to my Foxes. I wish I could protect you, but I’m always too late. All I can do is patch you up afterward and hope for the best. I’m sorry, Neil. We should have been there for you.”
    • “I wouldn’t have let you be,” Neil said. Abby folded her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. She tried to be careful, but it hurt regardless. It wasn’t pain that made Neil go still, but uncertainty. The only people who’d ever hugged Neil were his teammates, and those were quick squeezes throughout a good game. His mother had pulled him close before, but… She’d never held him like he was something to be sheltered…Even if she was here, she wouldn’t have comforted him for this. She wouldn’t have held him like he was a hard breath away from shaking apart.”

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