i also got nachos and melted cheese always makes me happy

Basketball is the one the Touchdowns, Right?

Well my basketball team lost miserably tonight so I thought something good should come out of it. 

Show: Supergirl

Couple: Sanvers, of course!

Alex doesn’t know anything about sports.

She had always been more interested in books and science. And Kara wasn’t allowed to play because Eliza was scared Kara would accidentally hulk out on the other kids.

But Alex loved Maggie and Maggie loved basketball.

So when their two month anniversary came around, Alex decided to get Maggie tickets for the National City Lions game. Well, actually Winn got them for her because Alex didn’t even know what a good seat would be.

“I was able to get two rows back from the sideline,” Winn said as he handed them to Alex at work one day. He had a huge, accomplished smile on his face so Alex guessed that was good.

That night, Alex let herself into Maggie’s apartment and began cooking dinner before Maggie got home from work. She was making steak and potatoes, Maggie’s favorite.

When Maggie walked in, the first thing she noticed was her sexy girlfriend (of course), turned around at the stove, a giant, goofy smile on her face. Then she noticed the giant bouquet of flowers placed neatly into a glass vase in the middle of her island counter.

“What’s this?” Maggie asked, filled with so much happiness, she thought her heart might explode. She could get used to walking in on this.

Maggie walked over to Alex and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend’s neck, a wide, dimpled smile on her face.

Alex loved the way that Maggie showed all her emotion through her eyes. They were like reading deep into Maggie’s soul and Alex could get lost in the pages forever.

“Happy two month anniversary!” Alex said, waving her arms up in the air in excitement.

“Oh, Danvers, you never cease to amaze me,” Maggie said, giving her girlfriend a gentle kiss.

“You should read the card on the flowers,” Alex hinted.

One eyebrow raised in curiosity, Maggie walked over to the flowers and plucked the little envelope off the stand in the middle of the bouquet. She opened the envelope, but instead of a card, two folded pieces of paper came out and landed on the table. Maggie picked them up and opened them and when she saw what they said, her eyes opened wide in excitement.

“Are you serious?!” Maggie was elated. She had never gotten such a thoughtful and incredible present. “Do you know how good these seats are? Alex, please tell me you didn’t spend a fortune on these!”

It filled Alex to know she could make Maggie that happy. She would pay anything to see her girlfriend this excited. “Winn knows computer things and got them discounted. I don’t really know how,” she chuckled.

Maggie ran to her girlfriend and jumped into her arms, wrapping her legs around Alex. Alex caught her girlfriend and they immediately connected lips, tongues dueling in a fervent battle as Alex stumbled backward until she was against the kitchen table. She reached backward and knocked off the table places she had set. She let Maggie fall down against her until they were both lying on the table. And needless to say, the steak was very well done that night.

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