i also got a lannister necklace.


Some more Modern AU ASoIaF/GoT characters. Here we have Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister, my two favorite characters, who I also happen to ship… I know, I know, hate me if you must. I plan on doing most, if not all, of the characters.

In my little MAU I have Tyrion in his normal get-up, a red leather jacket, a Winterfell Direwolf hoodie, (because he totally supports the Starks) he owns a blue and a black pair that he got from his good friend Jon Snow. To finish off his look he wears his most prized possession, the lion beanie his mother gave him before she died which he wears 99.9% of the time. As for Sansa, admittedly I didn’t change much because I honestly don’t know what she would wear in my AU so for now all I did was change the stones on Sophie’s dress from sapphires to rubies, I also added Sansa’s dragonfly necklace and a lion ring to support her favorite little Lannister, much to her parents dismay.