i also forgot to save


bluh ok there were gonna be more characters in this and some of these don’t feel totally finished but the WIPs have been sitting in my computer for like a month and im probably not gonna end up doing anything else with them SO im just gonna post what i have 

i posted sonic redesigns on here a while ago but i was really unhappy with how they turned out so have these ones instead

anonymous asked:

long haired yurio.

there he is!


happy sunday!! i hope everyone enjoyed the episode. i mostly worked on the jungle this time! i also did some whirly dirly stuff but forgot to save all those files. matt and jason really took them to the next level though.

the jungle was really fun and i got to paint a pan so it was a good ep to work on! except i begged jason to let me paint the vagina tree less realistic. but he always changed it back :(

next week is one of my favorite eps, get excited for it!!

*loves the Fic to the point of animating scenes from it*