i also forgot the antlers but

belindy  asked:

hey guys really sorry if im being annoying but on the youtube page it says that the new videos of lnjf arent available in my location :( was it like done on purpose or was it just a mistake? because im able to watch videos from uploaded from fridays episode as well as others just not todays? like c'mon i live in australia its not like im in narnia or something :P ahahaha thanks guys :)oh and i also just like to say thankyou so much, keep up the amazing job, you guys never fail to brighten my day

Thanks for catching! On YouTube, our videos annoyingly default to “US Only” when we upload. The person in charge of uploading last night is brand new and totally just forgot the to change that setting.

Should be fixed now! Sorry again for the fake out! Go forth and watch Queen Latifah and Jimmy wearing antlers. - Marina

nix-nox  asked:

how come tres is all fluffy if in reality his forest is still burned? did the magic just account for nothing like magic is ought to do? the comic looks rad btw!!! i love ocus mask and tres is cute. also i was totally inspired by ocu in my halloween costumes blood tbh thanks for the inspiration!

He is still the current Tres, just a baby version of himself~
So the burned markings, antlers and fingers are there~

(and thank you for your kind words! ♡  and ohh~~ awesome if he inspired! 8D)