i also entered these in a contest that i'm not going to win

This is now OVER!

Our fragrance for Hancock will be called Isodoped, and one will be sent to @road-slime

The winner of Eternal Steel was chosen from a bowl of written out names, Hunger Games style. The odds were in @belleroo ‘s favor!

Perfumes/Colognes in Fallout 4 inspired fragrances, including our traditional oil roll-on style, our moisturizing mists for body and hair, and for the first time a traditional perfumer’s alcohol based parfum (spray).

Pictured: Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, Power Armor Grease & Testosterone ( @papidanse that one will be on its way to you tomorrow! I know you’ll dig it) Wooden Soldier, Eternal Steel (NEW!), Valentine Detective Agency, What’s the Angle Here…, and Nuka Cola (Cherry version is also available).

I have a PERFECT scent blended for Hancock! Here’s the thing - I don’t have a NAME for the Hancock one. HELP! Reblog this with your idea for a name for it; I’ll pick one of those, and that person will get a free roll-on of it. <3 (Description if you need inspiration: It’s all about his coat. A hint of grape mentats, a touch of gunpowder, and a pleasant blend of musk, patchouli, and amber (all sweetened with a bit of caramel) because damn, that’s an old coat.)


You all had great ideas, and I chose to go with the “obvious” Isodoped. It was a close race between that and Of The People, For The People,  and the first person who suggested that (Kat?) will get a certain bonus in their package if they decide to place an order. ^_^ I will contact the winner as soon as I finish posting this.

Shockingly, I don’t think too many have entered the contest to win a bottle of Eternal Steel. Again, just relog (or edit your prior reblog) to say you’re interested and your name will be included! I’ll be choosing tomorrow afternoon/evening, whenever the kids allow it.


I also want to give away a roll-on of Eternal Steel. It’s new and I have a lot of followers who love Maxson! (Again, inspired by his coat: Leather, cold steel, rich bourbon and vanilla tobacco, a touch of ozone from laser rifles; an interesting mix of warm and sharp notes. Quite masculine.) The rules: I don’t want this to go to someone who just wants a freebie, I want it to go to a FO fan, especially a Maxson one. So you have to be following me, and your blog has to have some obvious FO content. If you’re interested in this giveaway, just send me a comment! ^_^ It’ll be done Hunger Games style, names in a bowl.

Shop, which will be reopened soon: False Nostalgia Shiny Scents & Sundries

PS: yes, I’m working on more. Preston’s is going to be lovely.

hey babes! it’s coming up on the one year anniversary of this blog (!!!) and wow, i can hardly believe it! to celebrate, i wanted to once again do something special for all you lovely people following me! now as a song of ice and fire/game of thrones were my original purpose for making this blog (and still my main fandoms) i decided i wanted to do a very special queen of love and beauty contest, basically just a blog of the year type award, for one lucky follower - and three runners-up! 

how to enter:

+ more info and prizes below the cut!

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nerdmigerd  asked:

How would you recommend a young writer to make a profit off of their work? I'm unemployed and want something to make an early living off of.

Okay, so, my answer may be quite disheartening, but instead of being discouraged by it I expect all y’all young writers looking to make some cash to decide this will only mean you will work harder and not ever give up. In this line of work, you have to hustle.

There are ways young writers can make money. But those ways are tough and discouraging and require a shit ton of work. If you’re smart, you will pursue just about every option there is.

1. Writing Competitions/Contests

There are approximately fifty zillion of these things, all with varying rewards (many of which actually aren’t monetary). All of them have different restrictions (must be a certain genre, the author must be living in a certain place/be of a certain age, the topic must be on something specific, etc). And the only ones that are easy to find, open to most people, and have a good monetary reward are pretty much always the ones that have an entry fee. Usually entry fees are between $5-50, most often around $20. There are a good number of free writing competitions, but those are the ones with the most restrictions on them.

Writing competitions are (usually) different from writing contests. “Contests” are usually the ones held by really selective literary magazines that p much no one reads, and they’re looking for only the snootiest, driest literature there is. Often these mags will pay you in publication/a number of copies of the issue where your story will be. They also probably want rights to your story until after Jesus comes.

Writing competitions are usually for genre stories. They’ll call for a specific genre, a specific word count, and those are pretty much the only restrictions. The rewards will vary from a few hundred dollars up to about $3,000 for popular publications like Writer’s Digest. (The ones that offer more than that are mostly grants, which are an entirely different beast I don’t know nearly enough about to speak on.) Unfortunately, they also have a huge number of applicants, so there’s a lot more competition.

Most of these contests/competitions are for short fiction, poetry, or short non-fiction (essays, basically), so if you only write novels or screenplays, you’re (mostly) out of luck.

BE CAREFUL. As many reputable contests are out there, there are twice as many scams. Be careful.

Resources on writing contests/competitions:

Writer’s Digest Competitions

Poet’s & Writer’s Grants and Awards list (a great resource for those super snooty litmags)

Poet’s & Writer’s Submission Calendar

PEN Literary Awards 

20 Tips for Winning Writing Contests

(NO ENTRY FEE) List of 27 Reputable, Free Writing Contests

(NO ENTRY FEE) Freelancewriting.com’s Creative Writing Contest List

Another List


I’m not even half way down the first google page there are so many just look

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is multi-faceted. It can refer to blogging, writing articles, writing for social media, copywriting, etc. Journalism kind of stuff. I have limited experience with this–not with doing those things, just with getting paid for it–but there may be more input from people in the notes, so make sure you check that out.

In a similar vein, you can also try freelance transcription, where you basically listen to/watch a recording and transcribe what’s said in the recording. This is more difficult than it sounds. But if you have a wpm of 80+ and great hearing (and a lot of patience), go for it.

Beware of scams–anything that wants you to pay to get a job is not a real job.



Paid Writing Gigs

Call for Submissions

Freelance Job Openings

Freelance Transcription Jobs

Transcribe Team

3. Self-Publication

This is one wild beast that should not be entered into lightly. If you publish something, it will always be in your publishing history. Even if you don’t sell anything. And with even more self-pub/e-pub stories out there than there are competitions, you really, really have to work your ass off to make decent money self-pubbing. 

It’s recommended that you only self-publish if you: have worked for an extended period of time on this piece (years), have had professional eyes look over it (more than once), have done your homework on which self-publishing sites you want to use, are prepared to do all the work necessary to see to the success of the piece (editing, formatting, design, promotion, etc), have a good reason for choosing to self-publish (i.e. not because you’re impatient, bitter at being rejected, unwilling to put the work in, etc.)

If you are sure you want to self-publish, here are some resources:

25 Things You Should Know Before Self-Publishing

Writer’s Digest Best 101 on Self-Publishing + Resources

52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers

There’s this book called The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide

Also check out YouTube because a lot of self-pubbed authors go there to promote, and they have videos talking about their self-publishing journey, so you can learn from their mistakes/emulate their successes

4. Crowdsourcing

I’m mostly going to be talking about Patreon here because that’s really the only thing in this category I have experience with. As far as I’ve found, this is the most conducive site to crowdsourcing for writers who don’t necessarily want to publish a book. I don’t even think it’s technically crowdsourcing.

Patreon is a way for your supporters to support you. It can be for anything. You can write short stories, create art, make tutorials, etc etc. You actually don’t even have to do anything if you’ve got people willing to give you money for that. Set up rewards that your patrons will receive when they pledge a certain amount (exclusive content, physical rewards, etc).

There are two ways to find supporters: connecting with other creators on Patreon, and getting in touch with supporters you’ve already established (friends, family, fans). I don’t know much about connecting with people through Patreon because I just haven’t put much effort into it so far. 

As for reaching out to other supporters, a great way to do this is through social media. Network with fellow creators/consumers through sites like here on tumblr, fictionpress, wattpad/figment, fanfiction sites, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Also, if you can stand it, tell your family. No one wants to support you more than your sweet grandmother who is deep-pocketed, near-sighted, and technologically impaired.

Most importantly, establish yourself where your target audience gathers. Put out as much original content as possible. Make a name for yourself–which brings me to my next point.

5. Social Media and Writing-Adjacent Work

A lot of the sites I listed that you should establish yourself on have ways to make some change if your site gets some traffic. You can put ads on your tumblr blog (or on your fictionpress, I think), you can monetize youtube videos, and the like. You have to get a lot of traffic to make some decent money off of ads, but it’s something. And it’s always good to promote yourself anyway.

As for writing-adjacent work: on the internet, where many people live nowadays and where indie creators have the best chance of making some money, there is a lot vying for your audience’s attention. It’s good to have a shorter, more attention-grabbing service to offer that is relevant to your writing that will draw your audience to you. Basically anything that gives you authority as a creator and interests people that might also be interested in what you’re creating.

For example: create a writing advice blog, build your writerly “brand” on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, tumblr, offer freelance editing, and more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

Each of these things requires a great deal of work for a lot of initial rejection and not a lot of initial reward. However, if you pursue many or all of these things and really dedicate yourself to them, you will eventually get a payoff.

pumpkin-pixie99  asked:

The chocobros and dealing with an s/o who has a killer hangover (oy vey my head, sorry about the random posts, I'm a very affectionate drunk and I was supposed to be sleeping)

I loved it :D. Have some chocobro love to speed the hangover on its way. <3

You groaned.

Vague memories blurred through your brain.

“Did I…?” you mumbled, mouth thick and head pounding.


You woke feeling like your brain was four times too big for your skull, and with a raging thirst. There was also a pressure on your chest which was not helping at all.

You tried to push it off but it complained.

“Noct?” you croaked. “Noct, gerroff. Can’t breathe…”

He shuffled, grumbling, hugging you.

“You sound as bad as I feel,” you grunted.

Spending the morning in bed with Noctis snoozing beside you definitely helped the hangover, and when Ignis entered with some brunch at about half eleven, things definitely looked up. 


“Hey there, buddy,” Prompto chuckled, “How you doing?”

You groaned again.

“Come on, drink some water. We can do damage control afterwards.”

“Damage control?” you shriek, sitting up way too quickly. The room was still catching up with you when you squawked, “What do you mean?”

Prompto giggled.

“Prom?” you insisted, able to growl fiercely thanks to the state of your throat.

He backed off, hands up. “I’m kidding! You’re fine. You’re just a cutely affectionate drunk. And I love you.”

“Humph,” you sighed as you fell back into the pillows. “Close the curtains. It’s too bright in here.” 


You woke in the soft sheets of Gladio’s bed. Not for the first time you were glad that the shield slept with very few covers, and very little to cover him either. The sight of him, lying almost naked on his front, arms beneath his head, one leg bent, the other straight and stretched the length of the extra long bed, definitely helped ease you into the morning.

Reaching up to smudge your eyes clear of the inevitable goop that collected there overnight, you ran a hand through your hair and took a long, steady drink of water.

Gladio stirred at your movements, and looked up at you. “Morning, trouble,” he rumbled sleepily. “You ok?”

Words weren’t really happening just yet. You thought about shaking your head, attempted it, and made a noise.

“Hold up,” Gladio said, shuffling over onto his back. He lifted an arm up and patted his chest with the other hand. “C’mere,” he smiled. “Lie down before you fall down.”

You had no trouble accepting that order from him.


Something fizzed near your nose, little droplets tickling as they landed on your skin.

A soft hand squeezed your shoulder. “Here,” Ignis said as you peeked groggily at him.

“Wha-?” you grunted.

“Drink this; it will help.”

“Gee, Iggy…” you complained, allowing him to help lever you upright. “That looks…”

“Disgusting. I know. But it will help.”

And, of course, it did. It helped enough that you could get out of bed without swaying, and eat the breakfast he’d made you without feeling sick. It actually tasted good, and you felt more and more of your brain coming back online as you finished it.

“Better?” he asked as he took your plate and stroked your hair.

“Mmm, thanks.”

“I take it we’ve learned our lesson?” he asked, arching a sharp eyebrow.

You rolled your eyes.

“I will be having words with Gladio, my dear,” he said from the kitchen. “He’s supposed to look after you when you and the others go out drinking without me, not bully you into drinking contests with him.” He paused, water running as he rinsed the plates. “You know you can’t win against someone with a metabolism like his…”

“Iggy, please, I don’t need a grad-level biology lecture on the metabolism of alcohol right now…”

“No?” he asked pointedly. “Well, you deserve one…”

  • Maya: For Halloween we should dress up as Ferris, Sloane and Cameron!
  • Farkle: No.
  • Riley: Yes!
  • Farkle: No.
  • Riley & Maya: Why not?
  • Riley: Cameron is the best friend though! He's great!
  • Farkle: Obviously, you're Sloane and Maya is playing Ferris which isn't fair at all.
  • Maya: What's not fair?
  • Farkle: Ferris and Sloane are dating! Which means you two are going to be implied dating if you dress up as them! And-
  • Maya: Are you jealous?
  • Farkle: What? No! I'm just-
  • Maya: You're jealous that you can't be Ferris and be able to reenact all their lines together with Riley, am I right?
  • Farkle: Pft, no.
  • Maya: You're such a liar.
  • Farkle: You shouldn't dress up as characters who are dating if in reality you aren't! We're not entering a couple's contest or anything!
  • Maya: Oh, maybe Riley and I should. We'd win definitely.
  • Farkle: Riley and I won FAVORITE COUPLE LAST YEAR, MIND YOU!
  • Maya: How do I know you didn't just edit that in yourself? You're on the Yearbook Team aren't you? Anybody with eyes can see that we're the better couple.
  • Maya: You don't get to make that decision!
  • Riley: *awkwardly says* Hello? Guys?
  • Maya & Farkle: What!
  • Riley: We could just go as something else. You know that way nobody's feelings get hurt. I also didn't know you two care deeply about Ferris and Sloane's relationship. Do you two care that deeply on what other people think on how we're portrayed together?
  • Maya: Shit.
  • Farkle: Crap.
  • Riley: So...
  • Maya: So...
  • Farkle: I've been in love with Riley since the first grade, therefore I get to be Ferris.
  • Maya: How is that even relevant? And we should just go as something else like Riley said so no one' feelings get hurt.
  • Farkle: Are you implying that you care about my feelings or that you're backing down from getting to be the main lead because-
  • Maya: Zip it, Minkus.
  • Farkle: My feelings are out in the open. It's only fair for you to do the same.
  • Riley: Maya?
  • Farkle: Maya's in love with you Riley!
  • Maya: I'm going to kill you!
  • Farkle: Can I at least be Harry Potter instead of a Ravenclaw student?
  • Maya: I can pull off Harry Potter better than you can!
  • Farkle: I dare you to try.
  • Riley: *Says in Hermione's voice* What an idiot.
  • Maya and Farkle: Who are you calling an idiot?
  • Riley: You two are both idiots.
I have a prediction.

Yuri on ice is going to win every category of crunchyroll’s stupid anime award thing, and why?

Not because its animation is even close to mob psycho 100.

Seriously google it, look up any gif of mob psycho 100. You’ll see, unless you’re so blinded by Victor’s ass that you can’t see anything else (I understand).

But because it’s popular.

That’s it.

Poor Studio Bones.

You worked hard on making every fucking frame gorgeous and 3-D and FUCKING psychedelically colorful and lively??

Too bad, not enough sex APPEAL.

Also prediction: yuri on ice is going to trend on Tumblr for maybe two days because it won some entirely arbitrary online anime poll contest.

And not even against opponents like snk, snk, or snk.

Against opponents like…I don’t even know, haikyuu (not enough sex APPEAL), drifters (gorgeous but not popular, too violent, not gay), bungou stray dogs (decent but not gay), All Out (hot but not hot enough), and Natsume Yuuinchou (too pure, not enough ass).

But will re zero fans pull through?


So that’s my prediction for January 10th.

Yuri on ice is going to trend and ruin a few days of my life (I’ll live. I lasted an entire two months, I’m strong).

And it’s going to win every category. Even the ones it’s not entered into.

Because I know you’re clicking “other anime” and writing in yoi.

I can’t prevent it.

But I can predict it.

And that makes me feel just a little better.

anonymous asked:

i saw your reply about how grand itd be if Oikawa can defeat Ushijima somehow in college but like.. what if they end up going to the same college.. and being on the same team !!!??!?!!? thoughts?


  • Drinking contest - winner: Ushijima (he doesn’t get affected by alcohol at all; Oikawa passed out after the third shot)
  • Alien facts - winner: Ushijima (turns out he knew a lot bc he didn’t want crop circles on his farm, so he read all about them and all the preventative measures he should take to avoid aliens ruining his crops - Oikawa was stunned and almost wanted to become his friend)
  • Lifting weights - winner: Ushijima (they were neck and neck, but Oikawa accidentally saw Iwaizumi flex on the other side of the room and lost the feeling in his legs) 
  • Drawing contest - winner: Tie (neither of them have any skills in drawing apart from stick characters)
  • Eating contest - winner: Ushijima (Oikawa accidentally ate something with coconut, which he’s allergic too, and Ushijima went to the hospital with him to make sure he was okay after his face puffed out like he was a chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts)
  • Race - winner: Ushijima (Oikawa was bombarded by girls on the street where they were running - Ushijima had to inform Iwaizumi to go fetch him and Oikawa was found hiding in a stag shop he didn’t realize he entered but was too embarrassed to be found leaving from)
  • Arm wrestling - winner: Ushijima (Oikawa was sure he’d win bc he’d been practicing with Iwaizumi, only to lose and find out that Iwaizumi let him win every time bc he felt bad) 
  • Who knows the team members better - winner: Tie (while Oikawa was amazing at this, Ushijima was very perceptive of his teammates’ strengths and weaknesses too)

I think Oikawa would still hate Ushijima, but this would give him a chance to see Ushijima as a teammate for once and, perhaps, finally get a taste of winning when it comes to volleyball! Ushijima really respects Oikawa so I’m sure he’d be pretty satisfied with having Oikawa as his setter (if that’s what is decided, of course). Oikawa would probably hold his grudge over Ushijima but he might become slightly more tolerable towards him because he knows he has to get along with him if he wants to play and bring out the best in the team. I also think Ushijima would come to like Oikawa as a person because he thinks his silly challenges are entertaining and his ideas for volleyball strategies and his precept about others are very commendable. 


My friend gave me a TARDIS and I just had a lot of Doctor Who feelings yesterday and so these happened.

I’m also officially done with white and black nail polish. Never again will I buy it when I have perfectly fine acrylics that have more paint and cost less. And I won’t go through entire bottles in less than a month.